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Sometimes, taking my ADD meds makes things even worse.

They make it so I can only concentrate on one thing at once, somehow, which would be okay if I hadn’t spent 20+ years training myself to live with horrible, horrible ADD by OMG MULTITASKING ALL THE TIME.

Also, Ritalin is kind of a fantastic (if temporary) antidepressant, and one of the side effects of that is this IMMA DO THIS AND FIX THIS AND KNIT A HAT AND STUDY FOR THIS TEST AND PLAY THIS GAME AND ALSO DO THIS THING I’VE BEEN PUTTING OFF AND THAT ONE AND GO TO THE GYM AND SAVE THE WORLD mentality. So I try to multitask like normal on a highly increased number of tasks and nothing gets done.

Basically, I’m normally a 2.2ghz hyperthreading, quad-core processor, and Ritalin turns me into a 4.6ghz single-core processor. Because of the extra speed, you feel like you can open more programs at once, but this is not the case.
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I don't think I've quite wrapped my mind around how my chances for The Only Thing I've Ever Wanted My Entire Life are hovering right around zero.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be alive if that were the case.

It's going to be hilarious when I have to take the senior seminar class next year. "What are your post graduate plans if you don't get into medical school?" "Suicide."

Scheduling for next semester made me calculate my GPA and science GPA and that sort of thing and holy shit are those bad. *sigh* Basically, I could maybe go to the Caribbean or something, on a stretch a DO school (which aren't really out of the realm of possibility, I guess, but I've romanticized the MD too much to settle for that, I think), and that's about it. No more "oh, I'll bring my GPA up" or any of that shit, because that's no longer possible.

Pretty much, because I played the game to try and keep this free education by taking too many super hard classes a semester, and dropping things to stay above the GPA limit, and bringing down my GPA by frantically taking classes to meet the required number of hours, and then dropping retaking whatever classes to bring my GPA back up, etc, I've been fucked out of medical school.

Now I'm stuck with no debt, but a degree I can't do anything with and a near-zero chance of getting into a graduate program that doesn't suck, much less actually medical school.

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I'm benching for the moment the issue that I will probably at some time need to broach in more detail regarding how I've royally fucked my life by somehow cutting my average microbiology test score in half on the last exam, turning my grade from just-a-few-more-points-till-an-A to if-I-drop-a-few-more-points-I'll-have-a-D which in turn will have the drastic effect of there being a very good chance I won't be back in the fall as I'll lose my scholarship.

So I wrote this paper for abnormal psych that's basically a mini case report on a fictional character. I did Olivia Benson, and really wish I'd had more time and more pages (I hit 10 already, LOL, when I think most people were closer to 4, though admittedly I had two pages of cleverly doctored [rather brutally with Paint, as I don't have Photoshop installed on my new hard drive yet] images of Olivia's psychological test results) to delve more into her character. As it was, I ended up missing microbiology (yeah, I know; in my defense, this was prior to seeing my last test score) and being late to psych today (yesterday, I suppose) morning finishing it up because I started out trying to do the episode research and double check every fact I remembered about her background because the paper-writing-fiend in me felt like I needed citations (none of which actually got saved into the final paper because I didn't want to break character, of sorts, as the therapist).

Also taking up more time than I expected to spend on the paper was the fact that I sort of changed where in SVU canon I was setting the fake therapy sessions--I put it vaguely after the "PTSD" episode, saying that she'd really realized there was a problem then and that her passive participation in group wasn't going to cut it and approached Huang for a referral for more intense help. In my big page of notes I'd already done way back in February or so (why I thought that this would take an hour, two at the most), I didn't take into account the "PTSD" epsisode much and put more emphasis on her reticence to open up due to perceiving the evaluating psychologist as a threat to her job (which I mentioned, but only shortly and accompanying the notation that she requested the referral on her own behalf).

But all of it. . . idk, I just feel like I could have explained my analysis of her behavior and reactions and such so much better. Not within the format he gave us, really, but if I'd had more leeway to add in notes from fictional individual sessions or something. The biggest part I felt that I got in there but didn't express/explain very well was the whole issue of how though she can objectively acknowledge that she was a victim of a sex crime, she was sort of cavalier about needing help, not taking the group therapy she was doing prior to "PTSD" seriously because she sees so many attacks that are so much more brutal every day and can dissociate and reflect on her symptoms and what she should be feeling but doesn't let herself actually *feel* them because so much of her identity is as a helper, not a victim.

I was very proud, however, of how many references to her unresolved issues with Alex I managed to work in, LOL. Again, I would have put that in there so many more times had I not been short on time (compounded by the forced delay caused by the asshole who decided it would be a fun April Fools' prank to grease the staircases and pull the fire alarm at 3am) and working from a given outline. I think somehow I lost a paragraph somewhere, though, because I was flipping back through it this afternoon and couldn't find the bit I swore I wrote (maybe just imagined and planned to write but never got around to?) where I explained more explicitly the halving of Olivia's social network (meaning Alex and Elliot) caused by Alex's entry into the WPP and her feelings of rejection due to the fact that not only did Alex abandon her but then not even try to reconnect upon her return to be bureau chief. Still, I got decidedly more explicit with my HoYay references as the paper progressed to the point that at the end, I came out and said in the case outcome bit that "a joint session with ADA Cabot made significant inroads into resolving mutual feelings regarding their relationship". Perceivable as platonic, yes, but in a Xena subtext way more than an SVU HoYay way, if that makes sense to anyone but me.

As it's vaguely like a fic, I'll prolly post it just for fun, but the reason I started typing this post up was to lead into the fact that while doing research for it, Google sent me to a really good (really long--I finished the parts 1-5 block a bit ago and that was 70 pages in itself, and I think it goes to 26 or so) SVU fic called "Conflict of Interest", in which a reference to the statute of limitations for rape sent me back to Google to find out what said limitations were for the different states. I found this chart (PDF) and started reading through it only to be caught up short on Arizona. Rape is a class 2 felony (without modifying circumstances, a first offense punishable by 5 years, OMGWTF). Marital rape? Class 6. First offense punishment is one year. Holy shit. Spousal rapists are required to register as sex offenders, though, which is better than I expected, but still. That's horrid. I wish to move to Arizona just to campaign against this bullshit.

Assume similar indignation for all the other states and their criminally short statutes of limitation/lengths of incarceration/ludicrous determinations that some rapes aren't as bad as others because you know the perp. Shall go back to reading through it now, because though I was really tired right after dinner (meaning when I got back to my room a bit before midnight), the combination of this good fic and the potential for learning, OMGYAY, has popped me pretty darn awake. Plus, Chelsea was snoring.

One last thing. OMG ER FINALE TOMORROW. And I'm really supposed to go to the pre-law fraternity meeting during the first hour of it, but I think not because I'm not missing this. I'm kinda sad because I've been watching it forever and it's the one through which I discovered the miracles of internet fandom, and it's ending, but it is time--I still watched it only really out of the afore-insinuated feelings of loyalty to it; though it always has its moments of really kickassery, it frankly hasn't been that good for a while now, especially when you're comparing it to how good the beginnings were. Still. There might be tears.
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Because I don't feel like retyping this, situation update re: the allegedly molesting teacher at our middle school through a letter to an aunt.

A common math teacher of ours at the middle school got arrested a few days ago under suspicion of sexual misconduct with a student after an investigation since October. Tyler commented on the online news reporting article (with nothing profane or anything; I don't remember exactly what he wrote because nothing in it struck me as anything controversial, but it supported the girl doing the accusing and not the teacher) using his whole name as the username for the comment, and did it during his study hall (which the school thinks gave them jurisdiction, I guess). I feel bad, because I told him afterwards (he emailed me right after he did it) that it was a great thing to do, signing your name to what you write, very grown-up to stand by your comments, but it appears to have gotten him screwed. They deemed it "blogging on a sensitive topic" and kicked him out for the two days before finals (which, as I'm sure you know, are fairly important).

I just think they sure better do the exact same thing to the members of the Free Mr. Wilder (the teacher) group on here that has posts besmirching the girl's character up one wall page and down the other, to the point of one girl saying that they should "cut her head off with a kite string". (I reported that to both Facebook and the principal yesterday morning, because I seriously wonder if the child is going to be safe; only just as of about an hour ago is the group gone, and I'd bet nobody actually got in trouble outside of school. Hmm, I wonder why?)

*Whew.* And the day of my giving an entire presentation to a communications class about the rules/precedent governing expression rights in newspaper opinion sections. I get passionate about free speech, if you couldn't tell, so this just blows my mind.

Suspended. I'm unbelievably pissed. Normally, I'd assume that there was more to the situation than that, but knowing the situation, I doubt it. He wrote a comment on a news article. The only thing I can think that he did that they didn't like (besides just overall supporting the girl and not the teacher) would be to refer to the teacher's last name in his comment. So did a bunch of people, but his comment was on the first page. Still, suspend them too! Or better yet, actually teach your students the etiquette behind news reporting and commenting--that it's not usually done to identify persons involved in a sex crimes investigation, particularly if one's a minor and no charges have been filed. But that justifies the KSDK website removing and disabling the comments on that story, not school discipline.

Do I think I'm holding a double standard by condemning the teacher-supportive group's comments and standing by my brother's? No. If his had any kind of an incitement to violence, they'd be right along there with them. You also have to consider the subject--grown man vs. 16 year old girl. He can take the "he's a mean, horrible teacher" that my brother threw at him (and knowing how Wilder teaches, I knew that that was exactly what Tyler'd think of him years before he was in his class--he's the teasing, "fun" type that makes most people like him, but he tends to pick on kids to entertain the others, so some of them will come out hating him; my brother, being one of the more sensitive ones, would be in the latter group), but 'lying slut that needs her head cut off with a kitestring'? Totally different ballpark.
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News blurbs.

A Young Life Changed Forever by Iraq War

Really? Just one? Total fluff piece. I mean, not fluff like it's a happy subject, but come on. Human interest piece, I suppose, is the phrase.

Thing that annoys me? Top Chef commercial claiming that NY invented the ice cream cone. Uh, bitchplease. That's ours. According to, you know, every Missouri history lesson every MO child has had to sit through for all 13 years of their public schooling career (as confirmed by Wikipedia), in the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, they were out of bowls at the ice cream booth or whatever, and the waffle guy whose booth was next door was like "Oh, let me iron a waffle into a cone shape and let you put your ice cream in there!" Or something. Whatever; it was ours. QED.

In other news, my 6th grade math teacher (the one who sent me out into the hallway for saying that the Rams weren't going to win the Super Bowl--I very nearly cried, because he was serious, and I had to sit out there with the other teachers thinking I was in real trouble for the rest of the period--but otherwise I remember thinking he was cool) got arrested for "innapropriate contact" with a student. I've known about the situation for a while now, as Tyler's friends with the girl in question, but he got arrested during the school day yesterday.

On the one hand, I think it was unfair for the police to take him away at the school. That was unnecessary; they've been investigating since October, they could avoid making a scene in front of a whole bunch of middle schoolers. It's not like he'll ever work in education again whether he's convicted or not, but that's still not something that needed to happen. If they were worried about the safety of a student right then, sure, but for god's sake, since October.

On the other hand, I've got the girl's back. People aren't believing it because he's a popular teacher, and they're bashing her, which is bullshit. If she were some student of his who found out she's failing his class, yeah, I'd be suspicious. She's 16. It's been happening for years (he's the high school track coach, so he's up there enough). There's no immediacy there that I know of, no overt motive apparent, and she had the strength to come forward anyway. People are spreading all kinds of rumors about her reputation re: truthfulness, so idk what's going on there, because there are also comments condemning them as rumors, but whether she's spread attention-seeking info in the past, I'm pretty sure that the police usually wait until, you know, they've got enough evidence to try a case before arresting somebody.

So guess what. Every single member of the "Free Mr. Wilder" Facebook group? You disgust me. Yeah, you may have liked him. Yeah, he was a good track coach and a personable guy. Yeah, the girl in question has a reputation (at least according to a couple of FB posts on that group) for not being the most truthful. But this is the reason that more girls don't come forward when they're being sexually assaulted. I've got a friend who recently also spoke out after being molested, and she's having a bitch of a time of it, frankly. It's hard, and you're not making it any easier by posting messages like "how does this girl live with herself. . . he's the most awesome guy ever" or even the most disgusting "What's the chick's name? We should all go cut her head off with a kite string!!!".

The more rational ones are stepping above it, asking "Is this what he would want us to do?" which I appreciate. Though it sort of makes him sound like Jesus, LOL, the way they're putting it. Still. I leave with this: you don't know. There are two people who know what really was happening, and until he's proven guilty or not, don't discourage people from coming forward by ostracizing those who do.

Still. The girl who posted the kite string comment? You make me sick, and I sure as hell hope somebody takes that to the principal and gets your ass suspended. Has the Megan Meier case just a few miles from where this is going down taught us nothing about the power of internet speech? If you don't care about being a bitch, care that you could get hauled into court and taken for all your parents' money. (Though that's something else about which it seems I'm the only one who cares.)
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I am weirdly not tired, considering I got 2 hours max of sleep last night with my papers and shit all being due today. Probably due to it being a pretty good day (at least early on)--got my lab report done to my satisfaction, as well as the lab notebook, polisci was good (I love how Dr. Dutton says "Like in Alexandria's West Wing" every time she makes a WW reference, since I made the first one in my presented position paper; it both makes me feel like Aaron Sorkin special and really validates the show as a whole for me, because when you and your Princeton-Ph.D. political theorist professor can spontaneously and simultaneously quote an episode together to illustrate a point to the class, that says something about the caliber of the show/our geekness).

Genetics lab was pretty cool--played with PCR, which was nothing I'd never done before, but we got to use our individual DNA, so in a few weeks I'll know how many of some random (common, but I can't recall the name atm) repeat I've got on each copy of chromosome 16. And speaking of geekdom, I went and talked to the new BMS prof that needs people to fo research and he's totally cool--he was wearing a Star Trek shirt and his kids are named after DS9 characters (Kira and Ezri), and also was quite impressed that I actually did some research on his topics before coming in (I was totally freaking that he was going to semi-quiz me on the stuff to decide if he wanted me or not, but he explained it all way more than I needed).

Home now, and will be until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Which will be nice. I'm skipping more classes than I probably should--though really just genetics this Friday and PoliSci and Mythology on Tuesday, though the latter are two of the three classes that are the more vital ones attendance wise (though mythology is just a movie); the third being gym, as attendance is points there).

Listened to Torchwood podfic in the car, and now I have a real hankering to record some more of my own. Because there's still not enough in fandoms that I know. A huge proportion of it is Supernatural or SG: Atlantis. Or *shudders* boyband.

It feels like if Obama doesn't slow down the tapping of prominent Democratic senators and governors for cabinet positions, soon we'll have the kick-assiest cabinet ever but lose the senate and gubernatorial majorities! I am quite happy about Clinton, however, even if I'd be happier if Condi stayed on (idk why, but I just love that woman). And poor Mukasey. I don't have a problem with him, which is significantly more than I can say for most of Bush's other appointees.

O, and. Found my dream job. At least to do for a while (an administration or two). The Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis for the National Institutes of Health. It's politics and medicine! Not quite as kick ass as being the surgeon general (I still want that job, kthx), but since I'm not a) rich, b) from a family with prominent political ties (see a), or c) at an ivy league school making both a and b happen, the chances of that are v. v. slim. OLPA I could prolly swing.
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If anybody feels like doing me a favor, I've got to write a paper on a disease for genetics. Problem is, most of my good choices (I wanted Huntington's, as that one's freaked me the hell out ever since I first heard of it when I was. . . prolly in elementary school) have been taken as I made the mistake of wanting to do some prelim research first to figure out what would be a good candidate to write on and thus letting half the class sign up before me. It's basically a summary of recent genetic research for your chosen disease "or recently discovered human gene" and only 2-4 pages, so not hard at all.

I kind of want to write about homosexuality, because that's a really interesting one to look at the genetic research for. But I'm not crazy about the implied label of disease, you know, especially down here where half the students would probably agree with said label? Opinions?

Anyway, any suggestions of fun ones that aren't on the below list? Anything you've got or know someone who's got that there is -- and this is the biggie -- enough genetic research on to allow me to write a decent paper?

The list of taken diseases. It's annoying and caps-locked and with several typos because I copy/pasted it from the teacher's list, and he apparently can't figure out how to turn caps-lock off--the entire syllabus is the same way. )
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Best Facebook group ever I've joined today.
Let's say "That's Republican" instead of "That's gay/retarded/stupid."
And the good part: the tag line.
Because you can't help it if you're gay, retarded, or stupid, but if you're a Republican, that's your own goddamn fault.

Sucked in some spit down the windpipe whilst walking on the treadmill this evening and I'm still v. uncomfortable in that "must cough and get it out" kind of way. Suckage.

Primary cohab is out at a frat party. For srs. Makes me laugh because though I was afraid she (and the other two) were going to be the type, primary is the least of the three that I would expect it from. But she admits that it's out of character and she's really just going for the experience. Which I admit I probably would do too, if just to be able to say that I went to a frat party within a week of starting school, LOL.

Got the schedule switched. I'm freaking psyched up for this Classical Mythology class. How cool is that? It ruins my T/Th system of 8-9:15 am class, 9:30-10:45 am class, go to gym, go to lunch, 1pm class, on Thursdays 2-4 pm lab, go home. Which is not nice, as now gym can't happen (lunch still can, but it's only a 45 minute free block and not worth the bike trip + locking the bike + two flights of stairs + swiping the card + fighting for one of the few treadmills for only half a workout) but I'll put up with it for fabtastic mythology goodness.

Speaking of 8am T/Th class, almost was significantly late for that today. Woke up in the middle of the night because I had to pee, and then ended up checking my email and being up for a good 45 minutes or so, which though seeming quite small a duration was evidently enough to set me off sleep-wise, because I didn't wake up until 7:45 when somebody's alarm went off. Hooray for the bike, tis all I can say. I totally would have been right on time if I didn't have to lock the thing up, but as it was, I was only a minute or two late. Ace for that. Considering it's not an inconsiderable ride, plus I had to get dressed and find my shoes and grab my helmet and wheel the bike out of my room down 8 floors in the elevator first, I'm quite impressed.
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The people at school that do the scheduling are going to kill me. I think this is switch #4 or 5 by now.

The story behind this latest class switching: computer class teacher guy (whose class I was taking the internet section of anyway because I figured that was the easiest way to get this stupid required course out of the way while doing a minimum of busy work for crap that I already know all of) says drop the class and take the exemption test at some point. That's what I had been planning to do anywayEven if I don't pass the test (which I should, judging by what he says is on there), worst case scenario I just sign up for the class again the same internet way next time. New class is another one of those gen eds that I will need that's now open. Idk if they'll let me switch, though, because it'd make a third honors course when they only were letting people have the one. But Marcia (honors lady at school) said that that was only until they knew if they had space, so perhaps will work? Idk.

Dumb health center had me on hold for 15 minutes trying to get an appointment for the amphetomenical goodness so I can actually do this homework stuff. I finally hung up--I bet what they did was left early and just put the phone on hold so they could pretend they were still there, as it was 15 minutes before they closed when I called. And I haven't gotten around to complain about money/food plans yet (how I think they've got me on the wrong one) and won't until at least Friday, as Thursday is my classes-from-dawn-until-dusk day. But I definitely don't want to switch up to the 19 that the scholarship pays for because I've still got like 10 after dinner tonight; schedule-wise, I just don't pass by places during the 2 hour block they've got things open. I totally figured that dining hall was something like a constantly open buffet, but no.

Went to the BiGala GSA type thing meeting this afternoon, which was pretty cool. We were huge. As in, had to leave the original room because we were over fire code with something like 89 people. Nothing really big done the first meeting, naturally, but intros and then one of those "get people to sign your paper in the box whose requirements they can satisfy" things. And the intros were v. enlightening. In that it really was a lesson in how you can't assume anything. You had to stand up and say name, year in school, major, and preferred pronoun. There was only one person that said something other than I would have expected (though some of the intros went before I got there, and I wondered about a couple of them) for pronoun, but he was obviously biologically female and not at all androgenous-looking, IMO; very femme. So that was cool.

The really, really cool thing? The two older women in the back (it's a community-wide thing, not just students, though mostly) got to stand up and introduce themselves and I just about squeed my pants. The one gave her name, introduced the other as her partner and gave her name (neither of which I can remember, sadness), and then "and we're your friendly, local--" and her partner chimed in with her "--lesbian librarians!" I already was planning on making sure I met one of the librarians who I ran into during random Facebook surfing because she shares tons of my TV shows, now there are three that are wicked awesome.

And to end. OMG THE HEAT. Today I biked to the gym before class where there is no air conditioner, worked out for about 40 minutes, went to my gym lab where we walked on the track for a mile (totally was the only one that understood "brisk--it's got to be under 15 minutes to really work"--I beat everybody by a good 1:15 and was the only one under 15 because they are fail.), biked to my genetics course which is 65 people in a freaking tiny room and on the opposite side of campus, biked back to a third side of campus for a 125 person lecture class, biked to first side for remainder of gym time, biked back to fourth (zeroth?) side to the dorm. Heat. Fail.
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Bidding on things I need for school on Ebay. There's this clicker-type response pad thing that's basically teaching for lazy people (both my parents lololol'd when I showed them the presentation for teachers on how to use it in your classroom, followed by a very serious "So, pretty obvious that they are working on training apes to replace us.") because you don't even have to call on the students or grade tests or pay attention at all to who's participating in class, etc. It's understandable, perhaps, for a very large lecture course, but they you'd think that the school could give you a lender as chances are you're never going to need it again.


Anyway, I bid on one on Ebay this afternoon. A few hours later, I get an email telling me I've won it. Whut? It had something like 5 days left! I check, and the sale price was $0.01. It's all legit Ebay emails, and the Ebay system thinks I've won this thing in legitimate rounds of bidding, but I'm naturally very skeptical. The seller had to have stopped the sale early. Why would they do that with only one bid at one cent? I checked to see if it was all in the shipping markup, but s/h is only about $4. Which is def. on the high side for the size of this thing, but not bad.

I IZ CONFUZED. Ebay's got me logged in as the winner and therefore supposed to be all with the handing over of dinero, but I don't really want to pay this guy until I find out what his game is. Going to email the seller and ask what's up. Because the cheapness is excellent, but it feels like a scam.
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So, Alexandria needs to learn to stop writing when she's finished with her essay. Idk, I tend to do that a lot on these big tests (just got out of English Language and Composition, but did the same on the Lit test last week); I'll start winding down the essay/that paragraph/whatever, but then either come up with something I've got to get in there or realize that I've got significant amounts of time left and should probably keep going just so I can show off my impressive verbiaging (YES LIKE THAT) some more, and wind back up again. It'd be no problem if I got to use a computer, as I could just cut the wind-down bit and paste it back on again at the end, but when you don't get that option, it ends up sounding a bit strange; you don't want to cross off large bits of writing because that feels like a waste and it does still fit, but it's not what you'd like to have there.

Another reason I want a computer on these things? Writing is messy. My hands are covered in pen. Somehow I managed to get marks (mostly tiny ones, but a couple substantial, looks like I was trying to cross out my own fingerprints type) on 7 out of 10 fingers, plus a large smudge in between two of them that crosses halfway down my palm, LOL. Plus, though I've never actually timed it, I'm pretty sure I type faster by quite a bit.

The biggest reason? Since we've been typing everything since pretty much elementary school, my spelling has become fail, thanks mostly to Word/Word Perfect's auto-correct. At least when you had to go back and change it yourself, you got to see it pulled out at you as wrong and the correction presented. Now, half the time you don't even notice it change. I'm really good at noticing when something doesn't look right, but when it changes it for you, you don't learn how it really is spelled. It's the worst on the easy words where you're just not quite sure about the order of letters or whether there's a silent something in there, because they're the most often autocorrected by the word processing software and you look the stupidest when you get them wrong on an English language essay.

But yes. Now my back and hand hurts from scribbleage. That was tiring. Especially because none of the group of us that didn't take the Lang class really knew what to expect on that. The essay topics were decent; the passage analysis one was easy just because it was straightforward English class stuff, and the two persuasive-y ones were very ACT/SAT-esque: specific topics (and both pretty politicy-related, which let me go to town), provided backup in the form of either the question intro or the documents in the document-based-question one. I liked them a lot more than the stupid minor-character-as-foil prompt on Lit.

The physics homework (really, extra credit, but still; I needed it, and thus it counts as homework) saga last night was not fun, though. Professor had graded our Saturday finals and had the grades up Monday morning, so I expected to be able to find out how many of the stupid busy work assignments (summarizing in one single-spaced page each the chapters of the textbook--for only one point each, fail--seems like the single most pointless assignment in history, no?) I had to do on Monday morning and then I'd have Monday and Tuesday to do them before they were due by 11:55pm Tuesday night. But no. I spent Monday fighting with the professor because he lost my lab calculation sheet and was trying to give me a 40% on one and a 60% on the other, and I was like OHELLNO, SIR. He finally got back to me telling me that he found it, but by now it was Tuesday and I had 10 to get done. I did the first two during the day only to find out that the outline form I was doing them in wasn't acceptable and I had to write it all out prose-style. Gah. After school I had a doctor's appointment, then a picnic for points for my Econ class, so by the time I got home at 5 or so, I still had essentially 10 of these things to go. Did them. For hours. (Got my mum to transform the outline ones into prosyness for me, though, which was nice. I had to go back through and fix bits, since some bits didn't make sense because she didn't know what she was talking about, and one of them was a bit short because she was just adding the barest amount of words possible to un-outline it when it needed flowered up to hit the 1 page mark, but it saved time.) Finally finished right about 11pm, emailed them to him, ran to the gym for an aborted workout (as they close at 12), got home, cooked dinner even though I was already exhausted because I'd gone to bed really late Monday night and got no nap during the day due to all the workage (because doctor's running bloodwork I've got to get stuck for on Saturday or so and I've got to appear semi-healthy on that), ate dinner, then started studying for today's Lang test. Gave up studying, set the alarm for 5:50am so I could do some of it in the morning, work up at 6:30, ate breakfast, ran out the door, got to school, took test. And here I am. Endsaga.
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Is it just me, or is it pretty weird that the old ducklings are still on House's opening credits while the new ducklings are not?

Idk. I'm feeling really lazy physically today, but my brain's being all "Waa!" over having too much work to do, so I'm not going to get to watch more than a few minutes of the episode while I finish eating before I run off to try and get caught up on everything. Between working with Character Council for that tour/visit and being sick last week, I'm majorly, majorly behind in several classes. I was in class in Econ literally 3 times for the whole last unit, the middle one of which was just for a quiz over the stuff I'd missed for the days before. Add to that the fact that I'm supposed to be studying/relearning stuff for finals that start next week and that I've got an entire project on historical trends in childbirth practices that I've really only been casually reading up for, and I'm way too screwed to be fooling around like I am right now. *le sigh*
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My allergies have been kicking my butt lately. They’ve been bad for a week or two now, but mostly in the headache plus scratchy throat accompanied by the occasional sneezing bout and uncontrollable runny nose kind of way. Which, now that I list it all, sounds like a lot, but still. And then my chest was kinda tickly all last night, like I had to cough. Woke up this morning with full-out massive chest congestiony symptoms. Not the goodish kind where you can actually cough and make yourself feel better by getting something out—it doesn’t feel like I’m actually clogged up at all, I just have the cough tickle and the sort of labored breathing, you know?

Fail, I say. I was afraid this morning that it was because I was getting sick and not just allergies, but as it hasn’t really gotten worse throughout the day, I’m assuming not. Which is good, because I’m tripping down to Columbia (‘bout 2 hours away) on a bus with the fakey!minimed people for another leg (the last one, thankfully) of the program.

Which should be interesting. It’s all day Sunday and Monday morning. Which doesn’t make me happy in itself, because I’m only going because a) it’s free and b) we’re shadowing doctory people on Monday, but the doctoryshadowing is only a few hours. The longest part (the Sunday bits) are almost all going to be me vs. the idiots (I’m sorry that sounds pretentious and snotty and horribly bitchtastic, but they’re so dumb) on some fictional case study they’ve got going on.

That, and the schedule is really weird. Meaning I’m worried about my nutso sleeping and the food stuff. I’m afraid that every meal is going to be shitty and unhealthy and pizza and such (at least one of them is pizza, another is something else in a food court-esque place, etc.) not to mention provided at times where I’m not at all hungry, and I’m going to end up not being able to eat all weekend. I planned on bringing some soup and veggies and other healthy food type things along, since the hotel we’re in has both a microwave and a fridge in every room (it’s freaking swank—we’re talking more than $100 a night standard rates for this place) but it turns out we’re only going to actually get to the hotel for the first time after 9:30pm on Sunday and leave again (presumably not to return) really early on Monday to go do more stuff. Which restricts what I can bring along with me, because that means we’re probably leaving our clothes and stuff on the bus while we do most of the stuff, meaning I’d have to lug whatever food I wanted to bring for the day on Sunday around with me. Along with whatever food they provide that I decide to stash in my bag for later rationing/sharing/saving until I’m hungry—necessary because I’ve been eating my biggest/highest caloric meal around 2am lately because I’m fail like that, and when I screw with my system too drastically I get migraines, which would really manage to ruin the weekend in a lickedysplit type manner.

But yes. Yay for that in a not-so-much-yay type of way. The shadowing will hopefully make up for it, providing I got matched with somebody in the emergency department. If I’m chasing around somebody from the path lab, I’m going to be pissed. Because I have to call my boss today (I’ve been putting it off because I feel bad because I know I’m really leaving him in the lurch) and tell him that sorry, I can’t work on Sunday night because I’m going to be out of town, and since I don’t have anybody who can cover for me . . . sosorry. I want him to just call the coaches of the volleyball teams and ask them if we can cancel Sunday and tack another day on the schedule at the end, because that way I still get paid, but idk if that’ll happen. He’ll prolly either get one of his daughters to sit up there and just keep score (since I’m pretty sure none of them can ref) or try to do it himself. Still. Prefer, I would, the money.

Got free tickets from school to a baseball game for Tuesday evening, which might be nice. I’m not interested in baseball, really, but just going out to the thing is most of the fun. It’s for the Character Council (promoting character education, blah, blah) thing I’ve been sort of taking the lead on this year. Which I’ve been really enjoying, actually. I’ve developed a quite nice relationship with one of the administrators (Mr. S.) that is in charge of the program because of it—he really recognizes both the work I’ve been doing and that I’ve got interest in doing it and has been seeking me out for other leadershippy things, both related and not, which makes me rather proud. Plus, he’s just a pretty awesome guy all around—I was in his office yesterday on a conference call to give feedback on a panel/conference on cyber bullying that I went to back in October through the Council, and afterwards we were talking about everything from school policy on things to his personal history; he reminds me a bit of my dad—managed to turn things around from a poor family where nobody went to college and barely graduating high school (him)/having to drop out of college to work (my dad) to having several degrees and working in education and co-owning a swanktastic French restaurant (this is where my dad diverges, because unfortunately, this is not a possession of ours, LOL) and such. And we (there was another girl in there for the feedbacking too; actually the daughter of my theatre teacher of previous years, point of interest) were talking about religious stereotypes—she’s Southern Baptist, which people hear and go “OMG, conservative”, as with my Catholicism; Mr. S.’s grandparents were Orthodox Jews but were unexpectedly really cool with him marrying a Gentile, etc. And he bought us sodas afterwards, which was the cementer him into the winnage column.

But Character Council leadershippyness continues, as we’ve got some kind of national character award evaluator people coming in week after next and I’ve been fingered to be one of the two smarmy, lead them around type people, which is a big deal because most of their information about us and what we do is thus going to end up coming from me and my choices of places to take them to see “character in action”. Kinda high-pressure when I think about it. Which is why I’ve been choosing not to as of yet.; Mr. S.’s going to take me through a bit of what they want to hear, what it’s going to be like, that kind of thing on Thursday, methinks--after we have the discussion period on Wednesday that we’re going to part-reproduce/part-critique when the guys come the week after. The day the national people are coming is the day of the all-day Special Olympics thing that I’ve done for the past couple of years, though, which makes me sad, because I really like doing that and I’m going to have to miss it. I don’t think I got to do it last year either because of some big test I had that day, so doublesuckage.

Indeed. I’ll be leaving for home in a few minutes, then it’s callage of the volleyball boss, then to Shop N’ Save to return the nectarine that they shafted me on; $1.07 for one piece of fruit, which is frakking outrageous in the first place, but then it was totally worthless because it had been frozen and had that nasty, ex-frozen, mealy texture—no way I wasn’t taking that back. When I went by last night, though, the lady couldn’t give me my money back because it was after the hours that the customer service/cashbox desk was open and policy was to not give any cash back then (why she couldn’t slip me a freaking dollar out of the register, idk) and they didn’t have any new nectarines to swap it with (not that I’d really want to anyway—when one’s frozen, chances are the whole batch has been exposed to the same conditions). Should be a new batch today, she said in between being bitchtastic (it’s always the same lady when I go there after going to the gym, and she’s always got this huffy, exasperated attitude that really pisses me off), so I might just swap the fruit out, but idk if I want to chance having to do the whole thing again if this one’s bad too.
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Blood donation. This was a fun saga. I got asked to do it by the teacher that runs the Saturday Scholars (fake!minimed) because the people that were supposed to did a crap job of promoting it and so practically nobody was signed up. Plus, I asked my econ teacher about these “professional development” points we had to have (50 per quarter—I’ve never even gotten close to that number, but last quarter I only got 15, which hurt my grade, so I’m trying to make up for it this quarter) and she said she’d give us 5 for donating. Never hurts to ask was the lesson there, even if it is only 5 out of the . . . 85 or so that I need to cover this quarter’s number and last quarter’s deficit (because I think we can do that—I know you can pay points forward, I’m not sure if it works the same way backwards, but methinks it should).

Anyway, I was planning to go during English class (because I forgot we had weirdo triple reading over the weekend and barely finished—even though I totally half-assed the second half of it—the uberlong double helping of To The Lighthouse, totally forgetting that he’d tacked on “Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown”), but Character Council had a meeting then, so I got out of English anyway. Got to talk for a bit in there about the abortion protesters that were outside the school on Friday and sort of set people straight—whatever I may feel about the issue, and however poorly they may have chosen to present their side (they had posters with graphic dead, cut-up babies on them outside a school), they were perfectly within their rights to do so. They were careful to stay on public land, and from everything I saw were perfectly respectful to everybody—which is much, much more than I can say for everyone towards them. Was tagged to be one of the people that helps when the national character evaluator peoples come around in April because the asst. principal in charge of it knows/likes me, which is cool. And the head principal (who came to the Saturday Scholars presentations over the weekend, which was nice of him) pulled me forward for having done that and made everybody clap, which was not necessary but smile-worthy all the same.

So that was that. Worked on this econ project in AII, almost finishing that up (because I didn’t know how much my partner ended up planning on doing, so I just did everything I could for it in the time that I had—we ended up partially doubling on one thing, but most of the project hadn’t been done until I did it, so twas a good thing).

Then biology. We were just finishing a lab I’d already gotten done (with much time to spare) last week, so that wasn’t a big deal. Though I think we may have a test tomorrow, so must ask about that. Anyway. This is when I went to do the blood donating stuffs.

I get down there, sign in, wait around a bit, spell my name, tell the lady my weight, give her my social security number, etc. We move on to pulse. She takes it. Calls another lady over to check. Evidently, mine was too low. This is weirdness, but I feel it and she’s right. I sort of pump it up a little bit with my mind, and it’s up enough to be okay by the time the second lady takes it, so we’re past that hurdle. Still. Idk how to feel about having a resting pulse of 48 (and not even that resting—I’d been sitting for a few minutes, but before that had walked across campus through the nastycoldwet that is the current weather); I don’t think my workouts are enough to make my heart that good, LOL.

She found my blood pressure to be significantly higher than the last two times I’ve taken it (though admittedly, I was about to get blood sucked out of my arm, so perhaps with reason), but I wasn’t so sure about the number she got. You can feel the point when your artery opens and closes and the blood flow is stopped/resumes, you know? And I was looking at the sphygmo, like I always do, and I don’t think it was that high when I felt it. Plus, with the issues that later came to light, it made even less sense. (Note how I totally avoid spoiling you here in order to maintain the suspense.)

Now comes the finger-prick float test for hemoglobin. This is the one that I was most worried about failing, because I don’t get a whole lot of iron in my regular diet. Red meat’s got too many calories for my comfort—I’m a fish and poultry kind of girl when it comes to meat, but egg whites if you give me a choice of protein, so not much there. I’d been stocking up, though; Mum donates platelets all the time, so she’s got iron pills that she takes for a few days before she goes, and I’d been doing the same. The lady had some trouble getting me to bleed enough (portent #1) and had to do much squeezage of the finger to get enough blood up the little tube to drop it in the solution, but when she did, it dropped like a rock. Well, not quite like a rock. It was still kind of slow, but it went straight down (none of this “within 15 seconds” stuff) and didn’t come back up. I was impressed with myself.

And then there is movage to the little cot. Where I hang out. It’s the period in which everybody takes their lunch (which I missed entirely due to this endeavor, so I’m significantly peckish right now) so we’re shuffling blood-taking people around and going on breaks and such. It took a while there. They didn’t like the antecubital on my right arm, and though they were going to try to stick it anyway, I could tell that the (different) lady didn’t think she could make it, so I sucked it up and gave her my left, which has a better AC. More waiting, preparation stuff, the stick (which wasn’t that bad). Wiggling of the needle, bad. But then it was taped on and I was good. Except I kept trying to cross my legs, which evidently is not allowed. And that the lady was a bitch—she explained nothing about what I was supposed to be doing/what was going on (the latter being something which I think we’ve established I’ve got problems with), and then sniped at me when I moved my arm around too much after she marked the vein (scraping my arm hard enough with the pen to draw blood while doing so, btw) and later when I wasn’t or was squeezing the ball when I was/wasn’t supposed to. I was all “Okay, then how about you tell me what you want me to do rather than have me guess at it all?”

This is le part one. The busses are here, so tis time to be with the leaving for home (and lunch). Will resume later (prolly evening, because I was up too late with the dog last night trying to get him to shut up and take his medicine and not pee on the floor and thus need significant quantities of nap).
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LOL at this being a fail morning. Herein lies a description of morning so far. Beware of rampant tense changing.

I had to leave early today to get to a before-school mock trial practice. Urgh in itself.

But my alarm didn’t wake me up for 6 when I set it. I get up at the normalish time (closer to 6:30), and pretty much need to run out of the house right away.

I stay for a few minutes and make a quick egg sandwich for breakfast. Egg sticks to pan horribly, so the egg is more scrambled than fried simply because I had to butcher it to get it out and onto the bread.

Run out to car. Open door of car. Door swinging open bumps plate with open-faced egg sandwich. Egg sandwich, meet ground. It hit bread-down, so I pick it back up, brush it off a little bit, and eat the bits that don’t look like they are covered in pavement; mainly the biggest chunk of egg still on there (not that big due to aforementioned butchering) and whatever cheese comes up with it, but I made the mistake of trying to eat some of the bread too. It tasted like pavement.

I decide that then today is a good day to run by the gas station and use my free coupon for a breakfast sandwich there, since I only got prolly half a breakfast. But the person in front of me turning out of the neighborhood is an idiot and is trying to make a turn that is impossible when there’s traffic. (I was making the easy turn to the right, he wanted to cross 5 lanes of traffic and go left, through the line of cars for an intersection that the city stupidly put directly to the side of our exit which thus block the way more often than not.) So I wait there for a good several minutes. Finally getting to turn, I pull into the gas station (#1) on the right, intending to turn through there onto the street where the gas station (#2) with the coupon is (the layout of this area is pretty much incomprehensible). But gas station #1 has this flag out that means that their 20oz fountain sodas are only 25 cents, so I blow off gas station #2 and get a soda. Except then said soda doesn’t fit into the cup holder in the car. What is this, I ask. So I have to hold it all the way to school.

Drive is relatively uneventful, but then I have to park. I do this. I go to take the key out. No such luck. I mess with the wheel, turn the car on and off, but I can’t get the ignition to go to off—it’s stuck at the accessory setting. I finally go inside (about 5 minutes after I was supposed to be there, a good 3 of which were spent car-fiddling), and my mock trial coach (who is pregnant and didn’t bring her coat—I felt horrible) comes outside to get it out for me. Turns out that the car was acting up because of the cold and even though it said it was in park, it wasn’t. She puts it in drive and then park again, and pulls out the key. I feel like an idiot along with a horrible person for making this sick (she’s got killer, killer morning sickness—to the point of near hospitalization for such severe dehydration) pregnant woman stand out in the cold for my carfail.

We do mock trial stuff. That’s fine. I go to the library and do my Spanish homework. Also fine. Tis time for Spanish class. I go up to my locker and discover that I do not have my copy of Madame Bovary for English. Annoyance, as I took it out of my bag so I didn’t have to tote the heavy thing to the gym yesterday and it is thus sitting right there on the couch by the door. I mope about this for a few moments, but go into the class. Realize just as we’re about to start that in said moping, I forgot to grab my Spanish binder from my locker. Run out at the bell, run back a good 30 seconds late. Teacher really doesn’t care, but still. We go over said Spanish homework, which I bombed the back verb section of (because I fail at knowing the difference in usage situations between imperfect subjunctive and conditional tenses) and made a fool of myself by answering majorly incorrectly when called on for one of said verbs. Not fun.

And then more classes and more walking to classes, when I’ve managed to royally screw up my left knee (it’s the arthritis mainly, I think, though it’s been behaving like injury in its refusal to go away as it’s gotten progressively worse over the last few days) and thus am in extreme pain upon, you know, every step.

I’ve got to decide what I’m doing after school, because I’m supposed to have volleyball with Dad, but it’s one of the early release days, which means I’d have enough time to get a good amount of sleep in with the extra hour before I start on my massive quantities of homework. Usually I just use the extra hour before everybody comes home for raiding all the junk food in the house that I’d get yelled at for eating (or worse—forced to share), though, not sleeping (since that’s something that I can sort of do when other people are home, though I risk being woken up by yelling/people wanting to ask me stupid questions/etc.) but since Tyler is home because of the whole shit with him and Mum probably too, having had to bring him home, this would not happen. Plus, due to the whole me not having a car thing, I haven’t been to the last few because I couldn’t get there, and their competition is Saturday. And Dad doesn’t have a whistle because mine is in my bag (as I just keep it there so I never forget it for work). So I’m probably going to go. But then, you add in the factor that I have to pass my school on the way to Dad’s anyway, so it’s really not worth it to drive home and then back, as I am not into the buying gasoline thing.

So I’m probably going straight there. Which means I have to hang out in his classroom for a bit, but they’re doing the Constitution still, which means I can bitch about the Patriot Act and DOMA and other such constitutional bastardization. Decision made.
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Otherwise, things went well. The weather is shitty, which makes my hips hurt, plus I hadn't eaten in a while, so I made my workout on the shorter end today, but still within my acceptable range. Had my Spanish homework done, got not only all the points but the bonus on the Spanish vocabulary quiz, peer edited somebody's paper in English that made me confident that mine was at least the second-worst in the class, and (since I didn't really have anything to do during my free periods since I won't be there tomorrow) read a lot of fic in my breaks.

When I got home, the phone was ringing off the hook, which was annoying as all get out, but it turned out to be a school about a scholarship I got (it was a bit embarrassing there, though, as she was like "So you're in, and you got our highest scholarship!" and I was all "Thanks! *recalls applying to your school but cannot remember where you are or if there was any particular reason why I did so*" and then the people from the car place telling me that I should have the car back by late Tuesday afternoon. Plus, turns out that the chicken that was in the fridge yesterday was saved for me, so I had a salad for dinner and that was good. Andplusagain, I'd asked Dad to get one kind of ice cream a few days back, which it turned out the store he went to didn't have, but he went out and bought me the fat-free minty ice cream sandwiches I wanted and picked up some caramel rice cakes at the same time yesterday, so yay for healthy non-health food.

I'm going to be at school for our awards breakfast tomorrow, then leaving for this health fair thing, which I'm excited about. On both counts. And then a dinner and awards thing (not actually awards for me, but they want our group of awardy-people to parade around for the younger persons so they can say "this is what you must be") on Wednesday night which is also cool.

And LOLOLZ, this teacher thing is hard. I just spent about an hour and a half typing up a 4-page test for my dad's class (because they added things and moved them around and such). I wanted to just scan in the bits that didn't need changed (as there were large blocks that did not), but I figured that it would take about the same amount of time fussing with the scanner as typing it. I was wrong. The formatting's the hard part. How much space do you leave for the answers? Stuff like that.

Speaking of the weather. Just a letter to the people who plow the roads:

Dear Road Plower People.
Did you decide that plowing the roads that lead to my house was for losers or something? Fail.
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Maybe you heard about this Kirkwood shooting last night.

Yeah. Thanks for waking me up, sirs, as every police truck and news helicopter sped past my house on the way there (as that's the division of the county I'm right on the border of). That was annoying. There comes a point where adding more police there will only cause more of a problem, wouldn't you say? I was joking at one point that it was all probably just a rumor (because the news was all "OMGWTF, but unconfirmed") set by somebody in the next city so they could go rob banks while every cop in Missouri was hanging around down there.

Watched Juno last night. Wasn't overly impressed. It was decent, but I don't think I'd pay to see it again or anything.

Took a shower in the middle of watching Juno (I was watching it at home, obviously). Because I had to go to the bathroom when I was about halfway through, and figured why bother having to go back there twice. And since my bathtub is a failure at draining the water from the shower, I was like "Well, why not just turn it into a bath" because I've been feeling shitty lately and baths are amazing for that kind of thing. And it was uber relaxing and great. Until I fell asleep, LOL. Several times. This didn't stop the relaxage in itself, but I finally had to get out when my head rolled to the side, putting my face partially into the water and I woke myself up by snorting up bathwater. That's my story of the night.

But updates on the last (or second to last? I don't remember) whiny rantage. Jackass teacher who I thought was going to stop me from getting the academic award again? Nope. Got my invitation to the award breakfast today. Which is good, because the t-shirts they're giving out this year are actually pretty cool, though idk if I can get one since they were given out last semester, but I wanted to be able to try. Plus, test for said jackass teacher? Managed to pull out not just an A, but a 100%. Which is win. Plus, big English paper that was due today is now due Monday (hence my being even semi-coherent at this hour--or even typing this at all, as I'd probably be still finishing it). Glands are still painfully swollen, though, which is confusing and not win, nor is sudden and drastic weight gain that I'm blaming on sleeping through the gym hours night before last (because, erm, I actually ate a lot less to make up for said non-gym going, so there's really no excuse). Still. Today should be good.
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No classes tomorrow, which is win. Plus, I know tonight, which makes things even winnier, because I won't have to get up in the morning at all.

Bad roads made it impossible for me to get to the gym today (as in, I wanted to go, but parentals said that there was no way in hell that I was going to drive in this weather in any car that they owned), though, and slight LOL at my not-so-slight freakout about that.

And two of the bazillion of West Wing dvds I burned don't work at all, which is sad. The burning must have just failed, but it never gave me any error message, so I didn't know that when I returned the originals. And because one is the last disk of season 6 and one's the first of season 7, I'll have to check out two seasons to get it fixed. And since they changed the maximum amount of fines you can have on your library card and still, you know, use the library from right above where my fines were to significantly below where my fines are, I've got to scrub up some cashy money before I can begin to remedy this situation.

I'm in major Commander Kate Harper love mode right now, as a result of this West Wing watching. Which is actually a result in turn of her being on constant adverts for some new show on USA and me wanting to find fun CJ/Kate bits. Which is win. Because of the whole CIA thing, she's so much fun to play with because she can have done anything. Aliens? She was probably there. Thus there should be more Kate love in fandom, because not only is she gay for CJ (thus giving you fun military+homosexuality issues to explore), she can be crossed over with anything.

And my politicy poll watching is failing me right now, because none of the polls have been updated since Edwards dropped out of the race for the democratic nomination. And thus everything is completely and totally inaccurate.
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I am dying for a peanut butter and pickle sandwich right now. But I'm out of skinnybread (meaning the 35 calorie kind) and, well, peanut butter isn't exactly the most diet friendly, LOL.

Not doing more work I put off until the last possible moment. But my only day with two real finals was yesterday, so even though Spanish and economics are probably my two hardest, things shouldn't be bad.
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Slept most of the weekend. Took a bazillion hour bath tonight because I was feeling like shit (wasn't supposed to be a bazillion hours, lol, but I made the mistake of putting my MP3 player in a plastic bag and taking it in there so I could read fic that I saved onto it, and then just never left) and to try to get rid of the weird petechia things all over my face/around my eyes imposed by random coughing fit earlier tonight. You are random, sirs, and I do not like it. LOL at how their placement makes them look like the kind that indicate death by asphyxiation. If I died right now from something totally unrelated, the CSIs would be all WTF, and I would laugh.

OH AND. Dumb wrist. My left one. Twisted/sprained/carpel tunnel'd it, idk, but it's a bitch. I think I mentioned it before, but it sorta progressed from where I couldn't hold anything if any of the weight was pulling on my wrist in a side-to-side way (like you'd normally hold a cup to bring it to your mouth) to pain on any kind of pressure/resistance, to pain upon movement, to just constant pain this morning during church. I tried really hard all day not to move it and it's back to the pain upon resistance kind, which is good. I was worried there for a bit, as Christmas choir concert thing requires such wrist movement.

But the original point of this poast. I've got to drive tomorrow because I'm coaching a boys volleyball team at my dad's school (and if I took the bus, I wouldn't get to his school before it was over), and it's going to be cold. And I'm going to be tired, which is why I'm not going to stay up and pretend I'm going to do anything. Pretty shitty weekend in that I did nothing that I should have, got into a horrid fight with my mother right before she went to bed, and then just moped around the internet, not having the energy/willpower to actually due any of the homework I've got, most being due ages ago. I'm just going to go to bed at this point whilst feeling horrible about how I got an entire weekend extension for this two page thing and still managed to sleep my time away and not get it done.

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