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Fic Recs!

I read two really fabulous longfics in a couple of my older fandoms (okay, '09 Sherlock Holmes isn't that old, but it seems its fandom has all been replaced by BBC nowadays, despite the ridiculously adorable filming shots coming out of RDJ and Judesie) yesterday AND THEY WERE BRILLIANT OKAY LET ME SHOW YOU THEM.

Involuntary Commitment is a House fic by Ignaz Wisdom (I feel like she has a different LJ name that I probably would have been able to tell you in '06/'07, but oh well) set in season 3, just after the Tritter arc. NC-17, around 42,000 words.

It's a direct sequel to A Modest Proposal (also NC-17, 55,500 words), wherein in an attempt to stop House from going to jail as a result of the Tritter hullabaloo, House and Wilson get married to invoke spousal privilege. The author says it's not totally required to read the first one first, as all you really need to know beyond the show plot of that season (prescription forging, Tritter's vendetta, etc.) is 1) fake marriage 2) and then they done sex 3) they thought they were off the hook but 4) House agreed to go to rehab anyway. Still, that one's highly recommended as well (it's even been podficced!)

Anyway, her House voice is just immaculate. His biting wit had me gasping with laughter more than once, but his emotional deflections are really layered; the couple of times there are actual breakthroughs in his therapy/relationships/whatever, you really grasp how novel and how massively much progress that is for him. Wilson feeling empty-handed while House is in rehab makes you want to wring your hands along with him; despite their sexing being relatively brand new, their relationship is not, so you get the feeling that he would have been feeling/acting the same way with or without all the steamy gay buttsex they were having (as House takes joy in filling everyone in on their ~relations). Speaking of, look forward to the phone sex scene--it's hilarious.

Also, just like in A Modest Proposal, I found myself sincerely liking her OCs. In the previous, the one that comes to mind is their lawyer, Howard (who makes a token appearance in this fic as well). In Involuntary Commitment, there are two of note: the therapist working with both House and later Wilson, who is able to hold her own with the former while relating to the latter, and a purple-haired young fellow rehab-ite called Sugar Ray who becomes a confederate of House's. House's team (the originals) and Cuddy also make more than a few appearances in the hijinks, often occupying Wilson with cases or dinners or assistance in jailbreaking, minor things like that ;P

The only criticism I could possibly find was more one of formatting--there aren't any warnings in the tags or notes on AO3, and IC contains a vivid description of withdrawal that includes self-injury. The medicine is in general extremely realistic, which (as a medical type person) gives it all the more points in my book, and includes such events as an accidental medication overdose and an adverse reaction, both very serious (I don't know how you'd warn for that, or if you would, but whatever).

Basically, every few paragraphs I had to turn to [personal profile] sixgunsound and say "you seriously have to read these. Are you reading these yet? Read them." And that's pretty much what I'm trying to say here to the internet at large. She may have taken 3 years to tap out this sequel, but it's well worth the wait. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT
< / too much pbs as a child; sorry I'm broken >
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Okay, so totally called it. That was easy.

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"It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick." Matthew 9:12

Umm, duh? I hope that's a misquote or something, because otherwise I can't get it to make sense. I do want to incorperate it into some deep, introspective, character study type of House fic, though.

On a completely unrelated note (I forgot that I had jotted down the above in here earlier to remember), I HAS PRESENT. For [ profile] bleakone. And because I needed an excuse to reinstall Photoshop on this machine. Happy sort of half birthday (I started it on the day, therefore it totally counts; also, it's still the 4th in parts of the continental US even, so I win). I'm also not mentioning it, because I want to see how long it takes/if you find it, just for fun. Because it's more of a surprise that way.

It's more colorweird than I would like, but considering I pulled it off of Youtube, I think I managed to fix up the quality of the colors and such pretty nicely, comparatively speaking. Because Youtube rippers evidently are epic fail. My amazing lip-reading skills to the rescue, though; somehow when I was saving it and converting it around between file formats a few times (I had a video-to-gif thing I wanted to try, but it turns out it watermarks it all up, so I went back to the brute force screencapping + photoshop way making it turn out that any and all converting was unnecessary), the audio got ripped off of the clip, so I had to find the spot by watching Jared's mouth.

Anyway. It's uploaded in my scrapbook on here, so you should be able to pull it off to put it in your userpics, should you so desire (and I hope so, as I'd feel sort of odd using it myself since it's not one of my fandoms. Yet).

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"I'm a PC and I'm seven years old." Seriously? That commercial just sort of makes me laugh. I mean, the point is that the photo merging stuff is so easy a caveman 7 year old could do it. And I spent the last two days working on [ profile] bleakone's computer using residual DOS skills from when I was that age. That shit is hard--you've got to memorize the commands or be constantly looking everything up, phrase everything in the right syntax, there's no pretty visual interface, etc. Kids these days have it easy.

I still haven't seen that PC commercial with who I swear is Ianto again. Anybody know when Torchwood is coming back? I can't seem to find any info on that.

Watching this week's BSG without having watched the last yet, which doesn't make me happy but it's either watch this one now and watch last week's later online or watch them both in order online, the latter using up huge amounts of my weekly bandwidth. Random thought--if the Tighs are more or less Adam and Eve of the Cylons, does that make Saul Tigh/Caprica Six the new crazy space incest? But aww, I <3 Bill and Saul. You don't quite slash them as in. . . sex (LOLOL, Kaylee) because they're kinda oldandgross, but they're definitely sort of an intimate bromance OTP. Vaguely like Xena and Gabrielle minus the subtext.

Psych was ehh. Enjoyable, but I'm not running to my computer to download it to watch again. And the new Dollhouse right before (another one of which I watched one episode before the one preceding it) was also ehh. Killer fun for Eliza Dushku to play, but that seems to be entirely what it is--an excuse for her to play a different fun character every week. But Mark Sheppard, seriously, that man is in every show that I watch. Dollhouse, Burn Notice (which I don't really watch on purpose unless there's going to be someone I like on it, but caught his episode of), Battlestar Galactica, NCIS, In Plain Sight, Shark, Bionic Woman, Medium, and of course Firefly, with either reoccurring or big parts on each one.

Because this is looking to be an entirely TV-based post instead of me talking about my ADVENTURE OF DOOM AND DEATH on Tuesday and other such RL activities (I've been postponing writing that up because it's going to be a long one), I might have to start watching How I Met Your Mother after showing my mom Dr. Horrible over the long weekend and rewatching part of Neil Patrick Harris's SNL that I recorded on my laptop (while trying to find out WTF this gigantic, oddly named file on my computer was) because I think I love him crazy much.

Oh, Monday's House? THE CAMERON/CUDDY, I THANKS YOU FOR IT. Seriously. Got to download that one and icon it, because those shots at the end totally could be taken out of context (as per how we slashers work) to look like them holding their baby. Reminds me of a set of fics I started writing pre-first hard drive crashdown--it was some "5 Ways Cuddy Doesn't Have a Baby (And One She Does)" thing, remember when that was going around? Most of them were more Cuddy character study, one without Cameron at all, one with her only playing a supporting (supportive, actually) role, but the "one she does" was clear femslash. I wish I still had those, as I seem to remember kinda liking them--the "does" one was kinda unbelievably fluffy, but then I think it kept getting longer and started developing more plot and then naturally, it never got finished (as that's what happens to fics I don't write all in one sitting).

I also forgot. Criminal Minds. The gay is abounding. Surely it can't be just me after the scene at the beginning of 4.14 (I think two weeks ago?) where Emily's horoscope says the moon was going to screw things up romantically and put her in a shitty mood and then we see JJ's baby ring and cut immediately back to Emily's pissed off face after it's revealed that the father of the baby has a matching one.
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O. M. F. G.

Marburg hemorrhagic fever, imported case, UNITED STATES

LOL at how they retrospectively diagnosed it, though.

Atm, I'm in the first floor of the biomedical sciences building while my gel runs upstairs because I've got a shitload of work and no time to do it. I've been getting maybe 4 hours of sleep each of the last three days, which doesn't make me happy as with my 8 and 9 am classes, I was trying to be in bed by midnight. Yeah, that worked until I got, idk, actual homework.

And now I'm swamped, between the lab and mock trial right now. The former is new and weird. Though this is only my third day working in there, so it's understandable, and I am really getting the hang of things because I know what I'm doing, just not where everything is, LOL; keeping the notebook is the hard bit--I'm not sure how much/what to write out. As there's a large continuum of detailedness in procedure, especially since it's all written out for me already as standards and I only really have to mark down changes I make (different buffers, annealing temperatures for the PCR, etc.) And I'll definitely have enough to actually write it up when I'm done, but I'm not sure how much the supervisor wants in terms of that kiddish bullshit regarding actually enumerating every item you ever even think about touching in the materials section, etc.

MT is. . . interesting. We're just prepping every witness just in case, which is what I'd been advocating forever, but now we have enough people to do it. I'm pretty much pissed at most of the people, though, as they just jumped in on Sunday so they could get to go with us to Columbia for the competition. And worried, as I've never heard any of them do anything mock trial-y. And one of them not even talk, really. I'm worried about him the most, as he's not even in Phi Alpha Delta (the pre-law fraternity that's sponsoring the MT team) and. . . doesn't really strike me as intelligent. I mean, at all. But as a result of this last-minute thing, we don't have an overall case strategy, nobody's working with each other to coordinate examinations (because sometimes you've got to make sure somebody says something earlier so you can get in what you want later), etc. So we're pretty much going to get our asses kicked, which I severely dislike. Because I'm good at this mock trial stuff, but I'm having to spend all my time just trying to get everybody (or even some of everybody) in the same room at the same time. We had both of the other lawyers and one of my two definitely-going-to-be-used witnesses not show up to the meeting on Sunday, so I can only hope that they didn't just quit on me or something. I don't understand why people here think they don't have to make any kind of comittment--it's only since the president of PAD intervened for me and started browbeating people that anybody would show up, since I've got no incentive/disincentive to enforce to ensure attendance. But seriously? Nobody seems to get that you've got to make the meeting times fit, you can't just say "oh, I've got work, can't show"--it's called asking off, seeing as how MT'll be over in a few weeks, it's not like it's going to be forever.

And I've got my microbiology test tomorrow that I'm going to fail since I still can't get the book (they're out at the bookstore; they offered to order me one, but I'll be damned if I'm paying the new price much less also the "having to ship it in" fee that I've heard they tack on)

And a psychology test that I'm going to spend all of 5 minutes looking over stuff for because I'm fairly certain I can take this class's final right now and pull at least a 97% but still adds to the stress

And chemistry lab (and thus in-lab quiz and writeup) tomorrow.

And journal entries due for Hero and Quest reflecting over material I haven't actually read all of. These being that which I was up until 1 and then from 3:30-6ish doing two weeks worth of last night (and it actually did take me that long, because of both the ADD from hell that's decided to be a bitch this semester simply because my doctor moved to Wisconsin so I've got no way of getting my meds for it reupped again), but it turns out that even though we didn't have class at all the third week, we've still got to do one.

And to add insult to injury, I was all excited about lunch today because it was some French theme and one of the counters was going to be fruit and cheese dessert. Which I thought might mean decent fruit (berries and such instead of the standard apple/orange/pear/banana/grapefruit rotating selection they've got of fresh, and nasty mushy sugary frozen/canned other fruits). With no interest in dinner (chicken strips and mashed potatoes/macaroni and cheese in both dining halls, blech--since they're for some reason killer popular, that's all it would have been at all the counters and in both places on the same day, which just seems stupid to me), that was going to be it for me for the day, but no. That dining place has a power outage.

And the chairs that I'm in in the computer lab have the most worthless backs in the history of chairs. Which would be okay if you just didn't use them, like stools; painful but doable. But no. The seat is slanted backwards so as to tip you back towards the back, which then leans so far back that I'd probably fall asleep if I stayed that way for more than a few seconds.

On a less-whiny (okay, still whiny, but different topic) note, House last night. How long after all the hoopla was that last scene supposed to have taken place? They didn't establish any kind of time passage, I think, which is fail. Because really? Not so much with the sexing after all that medical shit goes down. (Plus, erm, not really a fan of the 14.)
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Oh, your roommate is asleep so you assume you can just come in and hang out in my room? Umm, no. It's 11:30, you don't think that I might be wanting to go to sleep as well? Gah.

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Is it just me, or is it pretty weird that the old ducklings are still on House's opening credits while the new ducklings are not?

Idk. I'm feeling really lazy physically today, but my brain's being all "Waa!" over having too much work to do, so I'm not going to get to watch more than a few minutes of the episode while I finish eating before I run off to try and get caught up on everything. Between working with Character Council for that tour/visit and being sick last week, I'm majorly, majorly behind in several classes. I was in class in Econ literally 3 times for the whole last unit, the middle one of which was just for a quiz over the stuff I'd missed for the days before. Add to that the fact that I'm supposed to be studying/relearning stuff for finals that start next week and that I've got an entire project on historical trends in childbirth practices that I've really only been casually reading up for, and I'm way too screwed to be fooling around like I am right now. *le sigh*

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