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Just testing out the "post from email" option.  For the third time, as it's not liking me.  Perhaps it's on a lag, and because I just set it up a few hours ago it takes a while for LJ to acknowledge that this email is an accepted post-from venue.  Or they're all backed up in LJ and will all post at once.  Either way, some three-plus copies of this will probably show up at some point, LOL.

Third time failed, and thus we're posting from Semagic as usual. Don't know why that's not working, but the above reasons are probably at least part.

So, Psych on Friday? Not a fan. Really just wasn't very funny, IMO. The whole Lassiter scene was quite touching, but we'd all called it from the very beginning and his lovey speech didn't really fit with the overall tone of the show. I kept asking myself where the joke was.

Did not get to watch Dollhouse, but my worries from the beginning about how it didn't sound that good are being reinforced by the vague reviews I'm hearing from others that did see it. Showed Dr. Horrible to the mother yesterday, who enjoyed it quite a bit (though she wasn't crazy about how it just ended), so weekend Joss fix = accomplished.

I'm at home atm for the long weekend. I should be leaving around 4 tomorrow to get back for a mock trial meeting Monday night, but I don't think that's happening, as BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY IS COMING TO SPEAK HERE. And since he's kinda one of my favorite guys of all time (you should hear me quote things like "Science rules" or burst into giggle fits anytime anyone says "Consider the following"), it wins. Must come up with a good excuse for not being able to come to MT, though I really shouldn't have to as I could make every single other meeting we've ever even proposed having. Still not looking forward to that in general. I'm sticking with the distancing myself plan, as then I can resist taking over and rewriting everyone's everything and can brush it off when since I didn't rewrite stuff, we get our asses kicked in two weeks.

Had lobster for the first time yesterday. Yum. It wasn't even good lobster (so says my dad; naturally I have no comparison), but I'm a huge fan of the richness (which is actually what Dad says was lacking in this one, so I can't wait to taste a good one). And scallops, though I think I've tasted them before. Fan of both, but the lobster more; I liked the scallop but it wasn't really anything new, delicious but not different from other seafoods like the lobster was in its richness. That's what my parents did for Valentine's Day, LOL, Dad bought lobster and Mom bought scallops and they cooked them up just in the kitchen and ate them at the table. I'd make a recession joke, but that's always what they've done, really, because they like homemade food. I trust nobody noticed my switching to my ancient, made because of a challenge I misread the rules for and so never actually entered it into, Valentine's NCIS icon, which was my only concession to the day.

[[There was at one point a whole huge thing here that I went back and added after finishing the rest of the post where I segued into Valentine's Day being my paternal grandmother's birthday and the whole situation with her and my dad and her health and such, but it became too long for this post and not the right attitude to then jump back to my sister being a socialite, so that will come in a separate post.]]

My sister is quite the social animal, I'm realizing. I mean, I knew that, but sort of forgot as with other people's vacations and such there wasn't much of it over Christmas. I come home Friday and she's having a Friday the 13th party with some 5 preteen girls (interestingly enough, two-maybe-three of whom have parents who teach in our school district; one of them math at the high school who actually recognized me despite my not ever having him nor spending more than one hour a day in the math building and none last year nor even ever having a conversation with the man, I don't think, which was somewhat weirding, though less so as he was quite nice). She spent Saturday afternoon out somewhere, and spent today making plans for people to go with her to BILL NYE OMG tomorrow. I mentioned to Mom, "Aren't you glad that you managed to skip this with your first two?" She responded with an emphatic yes.

I'm kind of jealous, though. Not of the socialization, as I tend to find that tiring, but idk, of the happiness she gleans from it? I do remember a time in elementary school when I loved going to parties and such, but it seems like people don't just get together and have fun just for the sake of it anymore. Since. . . hell, probably 8th grade, there was either a reason (a birthday or event) or (usually 'and') alcohol involved. Since none of my friends drank (most not at all, and never around me), it was like we didn't have that reason to get together that "mainstream teenagers" did, so we just didn't.

Or maybe they did all through high school and just didn't invite me. Tis a distinct possibility, as it's pretty easy to admit that Katie was the only person I was really close to. Which is why it really sucks that we aren't really talking anymore. I made some reference to something we used to do, one of our many collective quirks, and Mom asked if I'd talked to her recently, and I sort of scoffed and said no. Mom was like "What, are you mad at each other or something?" and I was really sort of idk, proud that I was able to say "Well, I am, idk about her." Because you know what? I am pissed that I made an effort to stay in touch and I wasn't getting any help with it, and I'm damn well allowed to be (/part of Alexandria's "not everything is your fault, Ms. Self Esteem Fail" campaign). She was always the more social of our pair, so she knows that my making the effort was an especial stretch for me, and yet I haven't heard from her since probably September. Mom says that she and my Aunt Beth didn't talk for most of college, and yet got back together enough that she's my godmother (though idk how much they've talked beyond notes in Christmas cards in the last few years).

And in completely different news, I'm pissed off that my dad/I didn't go ahead and buy NFL swag off of this Fox Sports website that was having this killer sale, as sometime today the sale died. It was killer. $2.50 hats, $7 shirts, $12 jerseys? We're talking easily 75% off. I would have worn Denver stuff every day (and actually bought a coat that fit me--as much as I lovelovelove my Denver Broncos coat, a good part because it was my Dad's and is huge and comfortable and you can settle down in it for the winter, because it was my dad's and is huge it doesn't trap body heat especially well when the wind blows like it does in Springfield because there's just too much air between you and it to try to keep warm under the bitter onslaught.

Figured out in a burst of figureoutedness (finding the word I want fail) that the headaches I've had all weekend are from caffeine withdrawal, LOLOL. At school, I've got a glass of soda (invariably at least 18oz, usually closer to 24+) with both lunch and dinner every day, unless I'm trying to be good and abstain, which usually lasts all of a day at most. Come here, and practically nothing. I was really pleasantly surprised that taking a Tylenol worked, though; I've got it in my head that NSAIDs don't work on me, which I think is the case because I take them so rarely, usually only when I'm actually in the midst of a full-out illness (and usually not even then unless I've got to suck it up to make it through school, as I'm of the mind to try to fever things done with quicker), so they can't relieve all the sick. When it was just a medium-strength headache and I grabbed some just because they were right next to me and I figured what the hell (and also "oh god, oh god, please do not be the beginnings of a migraine" as I've had surprisingly few lately *knock on everything solid within reach* and feel like I'm due), Tylenol could do it.

I really want a soda, LOL. Or anything, I suppose, but there's an empty can of Diet Coke over near me and the caffeine monster WANTS THAT and not the lukewarm last bits of a water bottle next to it.

/test of the emergency broadcast system email posting. Chances are this will have to be cleaned up as idk if it will handle coding or anything, but I'm hopeful. Could be handy, as I tend to log in to my email on any computer I'm on for more than a few minutes (in a computer lab or something), but logging into LJ is rarer and that extra step is a deterrent from posting. Though the fact that oddly, the Firefox built in spellcheck doesn't appear to be working right now is similarly a deterrent. Idk what's up there.
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I am LOLOLOL hormonal right now, which is entertaining being as it is February 14th and such. Valentine's Day has not been anything worth anything to me since the requisite elementary school parties, but the Yahoo home page's little chickyloveguys had me all a-cutsified. I'm sort of. . . into it this year, even though as a dateless person, I could blink and I'd miss it for all the influence it's having on my life. Still. Alexandria's hormones bid you a happy V-Day, because yay, hearts and chocolate and pink and red and flowers and chocolate and such.

Must get to bank today because I've got to close my accounts (there bees weirdness going on with this place's policies with my credit card that I'm not cool with). Does not know when that is going to happen, however, as the parentals are still all co-signed and thus methinks father has to accompany me. Cannot decide whether to go to the gym in the afternoon (as in, right after school) and then be able to get home and go to the bank right then (as Dad'd prolly be home by then), or get a little bit of a nap, wake up, go to the bank, go back to napping, go to the gym, do work, go back to sleep. The first one's looking a lot better now that I write it, though it's a bitch to try and find a parking space in the afternoon. I've got too much work to do today to mess around with not being able to fall asleep on command--I was exhausted yesterday, but ended up lying there awake because I was too concerned with "Must wake up in 1 hour and 15 minutes exactly!" type things, and there are significantly more opportunities for said time wasting to occur with this split-nappage.

And I started making a new icon a few days ago and never finished it. Tis being a fail, because it's animated and thus is hell to try to shrink into the acceptable sizes. And fix up, because it needs brightened and such, but my Photoshop Elements (being as it is mini!PS) refuses to do all of the frames at once. But yes, there is no point to this portion of my update except that I noticed that I've only got 14/15 icons uploaded and felt like reminding myself to fix that. OHOHOHOHBUT! I have a Valentine's Day icon! . . . at home. Curses. But also on my Photobucket! Which means that it is now here. Ace.
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I need to make a ShopN'Save run for some lettuce, as the family took it camping and I'm left with nothing to eat that's not. . . erm, gross or uber hi-cal. But I'm reluctant to do it until the sun comes up, LOL, even though they're open. I do not like the darkness driving stuff.

Dumb sleeping. I SHOULD NOT BE AWAKE AT THIS TIME. I was trying to get back on track last night, but at 4pm or so I just was too tired. And I seem to lack the willpower to get out of bed even when I wake up and acknowledge that I should not be sleeping.

You'd think I'd be feeling really good, because I've actually been getting some 8 hours of sleep a night, but the weird night/morning switch has taken away any benefit because I just feel weird.

AND MY EMAIL IS NOT WORKING, THE WHORE. I am like "But LJ comments?" and it is like "No." I don't know where they're going, or if I'm getting them, because I've caught a couple when I happened to go back and check the post, but they are not hitting the emailz.

Oh, and FYI. Do not be eating the vegetarian canned chili, thinking that since it doesn't have meat, it shouldn't be highly caloric. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I nearly cried when I typed it all into the internet counter thing yesterday morning. I managed to go over my calories for the day AT 5:30 IN THE MORNING.
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Dear LJ,

Why are you being a whore?


Seriously. Is anybody else having these problems where you cannot even look at a page with comments anymore? Anything with more than a couple and I can't even open the page--usually it just gives me a blank screen after several minutes of waiting. I can click on the "post a comment" link and read the main pages of all journals, but when I do post a comment and it's supposed to go to the whole page of comments (and zooms in on the one you just posted), I get the blank page again instead. I can't click on LJ-cuts, on "read comments", anything. I also can't follow links to comment threads at all.

It's really frustrating, especially because I can't reply to one of my comments or even be sure that it posted. And it's happening with both Firefox and IE and on three different computers (with three different internet connections) I've tried it on, so that makes me think it's not just on my end.

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I got on here to do something, I know.

I think it was to read my f-list. I AM SORRY, ALL OF YOU WHOM I SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING TO RECENTLY. [ profile] scans_daily STOLE MY BRAIN. (Well, not for the past however long it's been since I've been on here--that's been other stuff--but still.)

IH how it's 2:20 and I'm not tired. Second night in a row. I ended up skiving off school yester/today mostly for the same reason (I was sick, but not sick enough for it to be worth it by itself), because it was 4:30 and I just couldn't get to sleep. Between this and this chronic stomach crap I've been putting up with for weeks now, I'm probably going to have to actually hit the doctor if it doesn't get better. (Though that last clause is always the sticker--by the time I finally decide "Okay, enough is enough, let's call the doctor," the next day I'm feeling better. Cycle repeats, and it never happens.)
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Y'all may want to read this.

[ profile] violet_quill sent in a support request regarding a question not answered from the open letter (full story here), and the reply back stated that (contrary to previous policy) now linking to objectionable content elsewhere on the web is a bannable offense.

I hope that whoever answered her question didn't know what the fuck they were talking about.

So another letter, from me to whoever this was.

Dear LJ Support Person or Persons.
You used "effect" incorrectly in your response to [ profile] violet_quill.
- Alexandria.
p.s. WTF?
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I have been knitting a hat. Sort of making it up as I go along, though. It's in this pretty yarn I got for free, though--all multicolored, though it sort of ends up all together purpleish if you look at it like a blur. I stopped, though, because I can't decide what to do next, whether to put in another little stitch-stripe thing or not.

This is big for me, though, as usually I just knit with no destination in mind, and more often than not just experiment and then rip it all out and play with the same yarn again (resulting in the outermost bunch on the ball of most of my yarns being all sort of untwistedlike). Though sometimes I turn what I've made into something (I've got a really pretty purse type thing I made with just plain knit stitch something like 3 or 4 years ago that I should take a picture of sometime), usually not. So I hope this works. (Though I think it may be too small for my head, as my needles aren't long enough to carry that many stitches, so I may end up giving it to my sister.)

ANDANDAND I found this "Where In Time is Carmen Sandiego" book from ages and ages ago in my basement. It's sort of a choose your own adventure type thing, but it's bits hard to play without the cards from the middle of the book that got ripped out and lost ages and ages ago, because you have to use the descriptions of the suspects that the people you talk to give you to pick the right person who stole whatever (because it's not always Carmen, as she has bitches to do whatever she doesn't want to do), and the dossiers of her V.I.L.E. Henchmen (I can't believe I remembered that that's what they're called) are on the cards. Still. CARMEN.

I had this Carmen Sandiego plotbunny a while ago that just popped back into my head. It was Carmen Sandiego/Jean Grey (from X-Men), and Carmen stole all the X-Men's powers, so Jean has to sex her to get her all vulnerable so she can steal them back. Because you know how in the show/games/books they always steal impossible stuff? It's like that. I think I must write that. I'll prolly have to enlist Katie in the caper, though, because she knows the X-Men universe, and though this isn't going to be close to/rely on/even look like it's ever gotten near canon, it's going to have to take place more or less in the X-Menverse, and I only remember about 1/3 of what she tells me about it and the people therein.


Edit: There is a raccoon or sommat on my freaking roof. It just bounced really hard on it. I shake my fist at you, random mammal, as you are loud and startling.
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Speaking of wacky email. )

Idk why mine keeps screwing up like this. Yahoo doesn't like my "Unreplied LJ Comments" folder.

Or my email in general, for that matter, as it's no longer allowing me to search within emails (it says "no results found" even when I know that there are results).
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When it's this thin, how are we supposed to read it? Really?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Edit: I figured it out. For some reason, my filter just disappeared. Completely. Erm, no. What is this, Yahoo?

EditEdit: I added the filter again, but some of them are still going to my inbox. WTF?
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More LJ Strikethrough nonsense.

From the TOS:

Should any Content that you have authored be reported to LiveJournal as being offensive or inappropriate, LiveJournal might call upon you to retract, modify, or protect (by means of private and friends only settings) the Content in question within a reasonable amount of time, as determined by the LiveJournal staff. Should you fail to meet such a request from LiveJournal staff, LiveJournal may terminate your account.

So there's one thing. And then later:

Without limiting the foregoing(!!!!!!!!), LiveJournal and its designates shall have the right, but not the obligation, to remove any content that violates the TOS or is otherwise objectionable...

But then you've got this:

If LiveJournal determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that any user is in violation of the TOS, LiveJournal retains the right to terminate such user's account at any time without prior notice.

Don't those seem pretty contradictory in wording?
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I've done some more research, and this appears to be what's being sent out in the form letters people whose communities/journals have been suspended are getting. (Source)

"We have been advised that listing an interest in an illegal activity must be viewed as using LiveJournal to solicit that illegal activity."

I wanted to pass this along so all of you will look closely at your interests and consider cleaning them up if necessary. I don't want to lose anybody! I've heard that the deletion is still going on, so make sure you're safe from this.
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You've all undoubtedly heard about the latest uproar to hit fandom, so if you just want to skip over this, it's prolly the same things everyone is saying, just with an Alexandria-ranty touch.

There are too many people using LJbook right now for anything to go through. And I'm having to refresh 4 or 5 times on JournalFen and GreatestJournal per page change to get anything to load. That, more than the multitude of posts talking about this is what made me realize how much this LJ Strikeout shit is affecting everybody. So many people are trying to back up their journals for fear of getting deleted that these three sites' bandwidths are being hugely overtaxed. People are terrified without really having any reason to be because of the seemingly indiscriminate deletion.

How far will it go?

I, honestly, wouldn't have a problem with them taking down the communities that do, indeed, violate their TOS (though I've heard that's been changing lately to fit their actions; remind you of any president you know?) by discussing in a promotional way such events. If you're going to make a community where you talk about how you do/plan to/enjoy molesting little girls, you're damn right I think you should go to hell, and if 6A and LJ don't want them on here, I'm all for their right to kick them off.

But, and I'll use this word again, it's the indiscriminate deletion that is absolutely not right.

They've messed up. They acknowledged the possibility of their deleting comms/journals incorrectly in their message to the news (going to CNET instead of us, yet another thing that has me pissed -- as of a few minutes ago when last I checked, no one with authority has posted anything on official LJ comms explaining this), but limited it to perhaps a dozen. Well, that's a dozen comms gone. Let's say that they got an average of 3 posts a day, and they'd been online each for 3 years. That's 39420 posts gone. Add 5 comments off of each post and that's 236520.

Yes, community owners are getting tools to help download the posts on the community, but what are they going to do? Email copies of every post and comment back to the person who wrote it? People are going to end up losing material, plain and simple.

And I don't fault the LJ Abuse team at all, this is obviously a decision from higher up, but what are they going to do about that?

I've come to the conclusion that the whole thing has been mishandled.

As a few of the other posts have said, the news that this Warriors for Innocence (in case some of you haven't heard this, DO NOT GO TO THEIR WEBSITE. It's got spyware up the wazoo.) place is going after LJ has been up for months. People who had a genuine reason for concern are well underground by now.

Legally, LJ/6A are well within their rights. There is no guarantee of free speech on a corporate site like this, and it's in their TOS both that they can get rid of anybody they want for any reason they want and that they can change their TOS at any time. But if they wanted to do this, it's common courtesy to the people who support their site to be a little more careful. Delete the sites that violate the TOS, but determine which sites these are carefully.

There are fandom groups down (which appears to be what's causing the most fuss, since we fandomy types are so interconnected and thus all stick together), I think the biggest name one being [ profile] pornish_pixies(which I read fics on regularly), but more strikingly, by doing this purge they've knocked out survivor journals and communities that support victims of such abuse. I didn't frequent any of these, I can't even name any of them, but I think that's horrific. By attempting to remove pedophiles from LJ, they're removing support from the people victimied by them.

We support their site with our traffic, our paid and plus accounts, and yet we're being totally ignored in this. People have called the LJ PR rep to be assured that they're working on a statement that will be up immediately. Well, the first post regarding that was hours ago. They seem to have had no trouble making a statement to the news, yet no word to the people that actually make this site what it is. That, rather than any particular loss on my part (because minus losing a group with some pretty good fanfiction, I haven't been particularly impacted as of yet) is why I'm supporting and working with everybody to get some answers in this case. They bungled it. I want an explanation, and I want them to admit that they handled this incorrectly, and I want an apology to those incorrectly deleted.

Most of all, I want an assurance that they're not going to start catering to the interests of whatever corporate sponsor comes along.

I think the scariest thing for LJ as a whole is that LJ/6A caved to this external pressure of the WfI site. There had to have been finances at work; threatened loss of ad money or some such.

What's next? Focus on the Family says they're going to target Livejournal, threatens to have all their supporters pull their ads, and all of a sudden any group having anything to do with homosexuality or extramarital sex in any way is gone? Well, that's most of fandom right there (when did the last fic you read have the two characters wait until they were married to have sex?). The Pittsburgh Steelers say that they're going to pull their ads unless anyone supporting another American football team has the corresponding interests deleted?

It's a slippery slope. I'm working against it.
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Did the plus account thing again, this time for a while so I can get my 10 free moocards thing. I dunno why I want them, but it's free stuff. So I uploaded a bunch of pictures to put on there. I'm enjoying the extra icon space, though. I might just find some free ad-blocker (I think there was a thing in PC Magazine for a good free one this month, I must look) and keep it.

Meem! (Decided not to waste my backspace key changing it when it's funnier this way.)

From the [ profile] xx_housecat_xx:

Erm, I don't remember the handy lead-in thing, so just answer the questions.

1. Your Middle Name:
2. Age:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song or Album:
6. Favorite Band/Artist:
7. Dirty or Clean:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:
9. Do we know each other outside of LJ?
10. What's your philosophy on life?
11. Is the bottle half-full or half-empty?
12. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?
13. What is your favorite memory of us?
14. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
15. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
16. You can have three wishes (for yourself, so forget all the 'world peace etc' malarkey) - what are they?
17. Can we get together and make a cake?
18. Which country is your spiritual home?
19. What is your big weakness?
20. Do you think I'm a good person?
21. What was your best/favorite subject at school?
22. Describe your accent
23. If you could change anything about me, would you?
24. What do you wear to sleep?
25. Trousers or skirts?
26. Cigarettes or alcohol?
27. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
28. Will you repost this so i can fill it out for you?
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So. Evidently somebody got all hacktastic on LJ recently. I've only heard about it, not seen anything (save the posts worrying about it on [ profile] xfiles), but I figure I was planning to change my password anyway to something not so ridiculously easy--when they made it that you had to have numbers in your password, my good password got scrapped into something I could remember easily, but it's now also the same as a bunch of other things, which is badbadbad--so I figure might as well do it now.

I crashed the orchestra banquet yesterday (well, not so much crashed as was invited and came, but still, I was afraid it would be weird because I wasn't in orchestra this year). Caught myself looking around more than was quite necessary to see where Michelle was/if she was there yet/what she was doing, but I spent most of my time hanging out, which was nice.

And there were the best freaking brownies there. Seriously. We named them the orgasm brownies. Because they were like an orgasm in your mouth, trufax. But then we shortened them to the ORG brownies, because Alyssa's little brother was hanging around. And then when he asked what that stood for, his mum (who totally knew what we meant by it and laughed and tasted them and agreed) told him it meant Oh Really Good. So they're the orgasm/ORG/Oh Really Good brownies. I seriously want the recipe, but though a couple of people guessed, nobody knew who actually brought them for sure.

And then we played on the playground. That stuff is a lot bigger when you're young. I want to make an adult-sized playground because it made me sad that I couldn't really climb up this cool/odd climbing thing because it only took me two steps. And that I couldn't do the monkeybars because my feet hit the ground.

But the swings were fun, though they were prolly the shortest swings I've ever seen. Less than knee height. You had to either keep your legs straight out (save maybe a second of pumping them back at the pinnacle of the backswing) or sort of split them out sideways at the knees when you passed over the ground or your feet would drag. And I was wearing my sexyboots, so it was worse, because that was an added 4 inches. I tried to take them off mid-swing, which ended up being a bad idea. I sort of locked one leg straight out and propped the other across it at the knee and got the one off, but I was so surprised that I actually managed it and/or distracted because the couple of my mates that were on the swings with me were talking that I forgot about the having to move the legs funny thing right as I was ready to toss it off to the side and as I came back, my left foot (the one still with the boot) planted straight onto the ground and I flew backwards. Not fun. My butt was totally off the swing, I was hanging backwards by my knees (and I was going a decent speed/height, so I'm trying to recover at a rather high velocity), and I had caught the chain on my left arm--there's a rather satisfying bruise there now (though it's nowhere near as bad as it feels) that, if you squint, resembles a section of chain--so I slowed the swing down to a sufficient dismounting velocity and just fell down laughing. Because I nearly fell off a swing. Which is really funny, if you think about it. (Though painful.)

I think LJ's being a whore to me. There's another tag that's not mine, and I could have sworn that I already had an orchestra tag, but it appears that I don't. Oddness.

No school tomorrow/today/whatever, which is nice (and why I'm still awake and not moaning about how I should be asleep/working/whatever). Going over to the house of a girl in my theatre class for our latke party. Because potatoygoodness is love. Not sure how I'm going to get there/where it is, though. I thought she was going to call, but perhaps not. Must investigate.

And I want to switch out my icons. I've played with a couple recently, but I really want a Battlestar Galactica one next, as I've not had one of those yet. The picture I really want, though, is like a bazillion pixels by a million, so it looks horrible when I shrink it to icon size. I'm going to have to try to find a smaller version.
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*has fixed nothing regarding history situation*

I've got to go learn equilibrium and acid/base stuff for big chemistry exam tomorrow morning. Grr. I've been so stressed about other stuff that I haven't studied for this exam, which is prolly the most important one of all of them this year. And it's not like I just learned all the stuff either, as this was a 2 year course and it's comprehensive. And it's not like the teacher has taught it all either, because I'm looking through the review stuff and there's some stuff that I should know that I don't, but there's other stuff that I've never heard of.

Hard drive is fucked again. I don't understand this. Now it's something with the power/data connection. I've got to have it propped up so the cord is being pulled up while the drive is being pushed down for it to connect right. It lost connection in the middle of my downloading something, though, and my entire fandoms folder corrupted. Which freaked me out because though I've started backing up all my harddrive stuff onto the main computer, I hadn't done it recently and had just started a couple of new stories and worked a bit on another that I didn't have anywhere else. But if you reboot the computer, windows can fix stuff like that automatically sometimes, when it's not a hardware problem (as it was with my first drive) making the files inaccessible. And it did, and I backed stuff up and am now in the process of burning off all my episodes of Battlestar Galactica in case it screws up again.

And I found this meebo place that lets you IM online without downloading anything (because my main computer is crazily full because of my backing up of stuff) so I'm now prolly going to occasionally be on LJ talk if you want to hit me up there. Or maybe other places if I play with it more--I'm not really looking at it as I'm working on figuring out this new Nero thing instead.
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Oh, and just randomly, the patch of sunburn on my left forearm was really swollen all day yesterday and most of today. Like visibly so. It's gone down mostly by now, but not completely. It was quite odd. And fun to poke when I'd nothing better to do. And other randomness: I have a huge bruise on my right elbow. The top of my arm at my elbow, to be precise. It's been hurting since Friday like it was bruised, but only yesterday did the bruise pop up. And it already looked several days old, like it had been there since Friday and was wearing away. But I know it wasn't there before, because I spent a long time trying to figure out why my arm hurt so badly when there was no bruise there or anything. Weirdness, I say.

Still more tags on my Semagic tag list thing that I've never used. Odd. I know they're from one of my communities, I recognize them, but I've got no idea why they (and just a couple of them, not even the whole list) are in here.
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Worked at the Earth Day festival today. Twas fun. I did the kids' art booth thing, so it was all cutting ribbon (because the kiddy scissors sucked, but we couldn't very well leave out the sharp ones when there were really little kids there) and helping them find things and refilling glue trays and handing out cardboard bases. It's a pretty wicked thing that they do, just letting the kids play around and make whatever they want. I would have loved to have the time to sit down and make something up myself because there were 90 bazillion different types of junk there to mess with. But we didn't have the tent cover thing that there was two years ago, so it was 3 hours standing in the sun. My hips were screaming by the end of my timeslot.

But I got lunch there, which was pretty good, though the people weren't going to give it to me at first. The volunteers get this thing for $5 at any of the food booths, so I wait in line and get up to the front of this place and they tell me they don't take those. Umm, it specifically says on there that it's good at any booth. So I got their booth number and went up to the volunteer/information booth and asked them if there were some that took it and some that didn't, because I didn't want to waste time waiting in line again to find out the same thing somewhere else. They told me that they had to take it, so I went back there and made them give me food. Twas pretty good too. Expensive, but good. Walked around a bit after that, wasn't anything really impressive there this year IMO (though I missed most of the show type things, which might have been good. I really wanted to do Tai Chi with the people, but everybody that was doing it was doing crazy fast complicated two person maneuvers that they all seemed to already know), saw Carol (a friend of ours), hung around a little bit waiting for her daughters and grandbaby to come back (because Isaiah is tres adorable) but then left because everybody else was already waiting by the car. (But then it turned out that they weren't by the time we got there, so then we waited in the car for a bit.)

But evidently I'm not so good with the sunscreen application. It was pretty old sunscreen anyway, so it didn't work well and now I'm disgustingly tanish even though I put it on a bazillion times, but I also missed about 2.5 inches right before my wrist on both arms and so that area and another 2.5 or so inches of my hand right below that are horrendously red. It makes me laugh because it's two really defined rectangles on my right arm because my watch was in the middle. The left isn't burned as badly, but there's still the white spot along my wrist where my bracelet was. That and the back of my neck because I had my hair down when I was sunscreening (and so didn't cover it), but the wind was bad so it ended up being in a ponytail for most of the time. Still. I didn't know you had to sunscreen your hands. (Tells you how much I go out in the sun, no?)

The sun screws me up like whoa, though. I've never been able to figure out why, but every time I'm out there for more than a while, I get really sick. And I've gone over everything; I wasn't dehydrated, I wasn't over-hydrated, it wasn't too hot, and yet I'm sick just like if I were. I've never really thought about it before, but I wonder if subconscious avoidance of that sick feeling is why I abhor the sun? Because I can remember the same thing happening every time I am outside long enough.

And just now I was looking at my friends' page and went "Hmm. Didn't I already read that fic?" I then figured that the person just crossposted it to another community or something and that's why I was seeing it again. Then I scrolled down and found the picture of [ profile] thenaughtydingo she posted a while back and was a bit confused. For some reason, the latest entry on my flist was April 8. Oddness. Looked at my computer clock: March 21. Perhaps the problem lies therein? Oui, tis fixed. I dunno who's been playing around with the time on the computer.

Burned a sponge today. It smelled all moldy and I asked my dad if I could pitch it, and he said to throw it in the microwave so it would dry out and kill the germs or whatever. Evidently, he didn't mean for 3 minutes. I come walking back in from the back of the house and am all "Man, now the whole house smells like sponge." Twas because it was on fire. Not like huge flames, but smoking and burning all the same. The smell didn't really become burnt sponge until dad grabbed it out and threw it in the sink. So in my trashcan in the kitchen at this moment are a blackened ex-purple ex-sponge and a paper plate with a large burn hole in the middle. That was fun.
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So. I haven't been on here in like forever. Or it feels like it. I post on occasion, but I haven't really talked to anybody in what feels like ages. I've not been on the computer much save when watching the occasional Battlestar Galactica episode or the odd day in which I decide I really need some good fanfiction (which is every day, but the days I actually try to find some have become somewhat less common). And as a result, I've got comments in my email from forever ago that I've not yet replied to and people I haven't talked to in months, starting LJ entries to update people on stuff and never finishing them, etc.

Yeah. My life hasn't exactly been going the way I want it to lately, I've been feeling sick a lot (I'm thinking it's the medicine), sleeping a lot but not well, etc. I've been really withdrawn lately, I'm starting to notice, from everybody. Not that good. And so I could blame the fact that I've been not doing stuff that used to make me happy on that, but I think that they're all symptoms, not the cause. Anyway.

Here I am. Socialize me. I feel bad, because I luff you all and I feel like I haven't been being a good friend.

Oh, and because I feel like sharing one of the things that falls into that category of LJ entries I've started but not finished typing for some reason or another. . .
My mock trial team got 2nd in the state!

I was going to wait to say anything until I finished typing up the whole big long thing that was all suspenseful and kept you guessing about how well we did until the very end, but that's already like 2.5 pages long and I'm nowhere near done yet, and I figured I might as well say something before I forget to even mention it. Hopefully I can be all up with the picspamming at some point, but I'm relying on everybody else to email them to me because I managed to not bring my camera for any of the three days I was down there, so I've got no idea if that will happen ever.

So. Uber cool with that, we lost 2 to 1 in the championship, the deciding ballot by 4 points (out of nearly 100). Which was fine with us, because winners have to learn a completely new case and drive down to Texas for the national competition in like a month. Which a lot of us couldn't make due to exams right around then and the fact that we didn't exactly have the cash to drop everything and drive 10 hours down there and get a hotel for what could possibly be only two trials before driving back if we got paired against really good teams at the start. Therefore, though it would have been nice to have the title of first, we did as well as we wanted to.

Anyway. I've got more crap to do about nuclear deterrence and its efficacy as a Cold War strategy (if anyone knows ways I can prove that it was effective, I'm all ears). And I think an entire play I was supposed to have read by today but haven't. Dad just offered for me to take his laptop back to my bedroom (as it got nicked out of there by my sister a few days ago) and type there, so I'm off.
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It seems that random tags are appearing in the tag section of my Semagic client. Ones I've never used. Two of them are simply tags in all caps for things like LJ and ER that I always use in lowercase. LJ's been there for a while, but ER and a few others like "-drama-" and "-sci-fi-" that I've seen used in comms I'm in, but have absolutely never used them in my journal. Freaky.

Holy fucking shit.
I just about had a heart attack.
My front door started making funny noises. Like, the screen door is being opened, noises. And like somebody was trying to force open the wood door. I was like *ducks down low behind counter.* *peeks head over.* *ducks head back down.* I looked (from the kitchen about 6 meters away during aforementioned peeking. I'm not getting closer in any case, kthx) and didn't see anyone outside, though, so I assume that it's just the continuing bad weather we've had today.

But it's still going on. And I'm about to die. Because I'm pretty sure it's just the wind, but the screen door on the outside is definitely being opened and closed. And this last time it sounded like somebody knocked after the forcing-down-the-door banging. Every time it happens, my heart is all "OMGWTF*dies*". I won't be able to get to sleep for hours with the amount of adrenaline going through me right now.

OMG. And now I just heard a car drive away/past/something. It could be just a loud one on the highway, but I'm not taking chances. Screw this. *checks back door and all windows.* I'm going to bed so I'm not freaking out anymore. And locking my bedroom door.

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