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Clicked on a featured story on the Yahoo home page (one of the mini!featured stories listed in little links under the real featured one, actually; "Designer brings pajamas to the street" below "$43,000 suit sells well during recession"). And the tab that popped up (I haven't opened it yet) says "Yamamoto brings sleepwear onto t. . . " and whatever after that. Presumably Yamamoto is the aforementioned designer. And all I could think of was "but we killed Yamamoto!" LOLOL, West Wing geekage.

Finally got around to watching all of the Face of the Enemy BSG webisodes. The Gaeta plot twist in last night's episode makes more sense now, though I'm going to watch the webisodes again because I was (as per usual) sort of half paying attention and thus wasn't clear on the whole Gaeta/Sharon/people on the planet deal.

Let's see, what else. Umm, pissed that I'm not home this weekend, because it's the weekend of the open call for extras for Clooney's On the Air that's filming in the STL. To add insult to injury, the open call's at the mall that's all of a 10 minute walk from my house. And I can't just fill out the form and send it in because they need a picture as well, and I don't have a color printer here. May try to make the family do it for me and just drop it by the casting office (right down the road from aforementioned mall) once I pick out a picture (I don't have any recent ones that make me look oldish, which I have the feeling is what they're looking for), but first I've got to figure out the answers--I spend most of my time in t-shirts and workout pants now, both because of the comfort factor and the way my weight keeps bouncing around, so I've got very little idea on my clothes' sizes, and absolutely none on a dress size (especially because I'm still quite busty, so though I'm okay in pants and shirts because I can size them individually, I might have to go up one or two from the size for the rest of my body to find a dress that'll fit my chest).

CDC's sexually transmitted infections report came out a bit ago. Still not ever going to have sex in St. Louis, kthx: #1 again in gonorrhea and chlamydia. Umm. . . at least we're not the most dangerous anymore? Though LOL, I suppose that depends on how you define "danger".

Heard some people talking at brunch this morning (meaning, erm, yesterday morning) about the inauguration (a word which I still cannot spell--I leave out the first 'u' every time) music being taped. I think they misinterpreted the story, though--thinking, I believe, of the story with the little girls in China where one sang the anthem and another lip-synched it because the first wasn't attractive enough. This is Yo Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Anthony McGill, and some pianist whose name I didn't recognize but is undoubtedly of the same caliber. There is no one else who could stand behind them and play that music while they waved their bows/fingers. It was still them, just prerecorded.

And still. Have you ever tried to play in the cold? I have, fairly often with Fiddlers. Think about how your fingers feel when they're exposed in the winter. Stiff and painful, no? Now add to that your instrument gumming up in much the same way and bitter wind blowing around while you're trying to pull a light wood-and-horse-hair bow in a smooth line across a very narrow target that will produce the optimum sound. From what Yo Yo Ma says, that's SOP for these events--they did it at Bush's goodbye thing a few days ago as well.

Oh, and so I don't forget. Was in Dillon's (grocery store down here, part of the Kroger chain, none of which we have in St. Louis) and picked up a Star Trek Magazine issue to flip through. At the end of Nana Visitor's interview, she says something about how cool it would have been to have there have been (wow--spend too long looking at those last few words and you'll really get confused) a switch between Kira and Intendant Kira that nobody knew about, so at the end, you've got everybody running off in different places leaving her in charge, and imagine all of the mischief she could have gotten up to with Ro Laren. Now I really want to write that, maybe tying it in with the Annika overthrowing her in the Dark Passions books (as the impetus for her semi-permanent defection to our realm), but I'd have to watch the 7th season again--I haven't seen most of the whole plotty section of DS9 with the war and all, just knowing it through fanon and the semi-canon of the novels. Still. Would be great.
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LOL, forgot about recording my next fic for the [ profile] house_podfic advent calendar yesterday like I meant to, so I had to end up reading one of mine because I did it all of an hour ago and didn't have time to bug anybody for consent. I find myself not wanting to ask other people (except for you, [ profile] chaosity, because there is love and you wouldn't mock me too hard), lol, in case they hear my reading and go "But whut? This is not how I meant this to sound" etc. Because that is what happens when other people read things you write--they don't put the emphasis on the same places, and sometimes it can even totally change the meaning of whatever. (LOL, theatre classes. How I've learned that whilst trying to direct one thing out of people and getting something totally horrible different.)

I've got to be up at 7:30ish tomorrow, as I've got to try and get my music for the church Christmas rehearsal back from her (she kindly helped me write harmonies for lots of the songs, which will make a difference, methinks) before the rehearsal at 9. Meaning prolly waking her up and then driving over to her house. Though I may just skive off the rehearsal, as I've been to two of the first three (like required), and will be able to stay for the ninety bazilliion hours for the dress rehearsal (whenever that is--I'll have to look it up).

Planned on going to the mall tonight. Was snowing too much and the plows were too far behind. We ran up to the grocery store because I was baking Christmas present!blueberry loaf and wanted to try to find little, individual tins to gift them in, and slid all fucking over. It was horrible. There was one hill right at the intersection to get out of the neighborhood and onto the main road and my dad was all *fiddles with gears, hits gas* . . . and we went nowhere. I found it hilarious and yet scary at the same time. Trying to go up aforementioned road after finally getting up the hill was no fun either. We were going maybe 15 mph, both out of safety concerns and because trying to go faster would just make us skid.

But FAIL, weather, in that the big snow cloud kept the sky light for-freaking-ever, and so I couldn't take my massively amazing snow pictures while it was still snowing with big flakes. Well, I could have, but it wouldn't have looked cool, because it was just about as bright as your standard overcast day, when it should have been pitch black. You need to snow again tomorrow night, sir. Or some other night. But it was perfect and the snow was deep (for here, at least), and the trees looked cool, but it wouldn't have come out right because the sky was just grey.
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Saw Les Miserables with Alyssa yesterday at the outdoor theatre. Twas interesting; I'd not seen it before (or really even known what it was about beyond "poor people in France during the revolution"). I wish they'd have turned down the sound a bit, though. I was dying any time anybody put a little more oomph into their voices, not to mention the whole gunfire scene. Also the lights? For future reference, theatre people, the audience doesn't like v. v. v. v. bright lights shined from the stage into their eyes, no matter how symbolic the guy falling into the bright light is. I liked it, though. There was nobody that I thought was bad, Jean was good, and it didn't feel that hot as the night progressed, just sticky. Which is almost as bad, but at least we weren't also dying of heat.

Katie's picking me up in a few hours to go to her aunt's house, where we're going to house/dog sit while the aunt's away. That promises to be. . . you know, idk. In all the years of knowing her, I've never spent the night with Katie before. So I really don't know what to expect. Except that I'm totally hijacking the TV when Psych comes on.

I'm sort of disappointed, though, because my family was planning on going bowling, which I like doing (even though it takes me most of the first game to get warmed up enough to be even passable at it), but because I'm leaving so early in the afternoon, I'm not going to get to go. And everybody's gone to various schools to set up classrooms and such, so I can't just say let's go now instead.

And people need to stop calling for my little sister. I swear, she's got 5 million friends that know her phone number, and none of them can ever manage to call when she's actually home.
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There was just a chemistry joke in my SVU fic. And I laughed. Mostly because there was a chemistry joke in there like it was nothing, more an author's in-joke than a laugh-out-loud funny thing.

I'm going to do that at some point. Just throw all the nerdy jokes into a fic I can.

Been crazy excited since yesterday, when somebody posted on this Star Trek Enterprise round robin that I play in that's been abandoned for more than three years. I only ever looked at it every once in a while, whenever somebody replied to a one of my topics on the forum (which wasn't often at all, as I played in the T'Pol/Hoshi section that was highly underpopulated), so I was tres surprised when I got an email saying that somebody had replied to the RR thread, and even more surprised when it was somebody that wanted to continue it. Excellence. We had a really complex story going on, which upon discussion with said replying somebody, we're going to tweak a little into a somewhat less impossible to write yet still complex storyline regarding the Temporal Cold War. Which I have to research, because most of that plotline in the show was done in the first two seasons, which I only occasionally watched.

Lion King was nice. The dancing just didn't impress me, though. I expected that to be the best part of the show, because that's what they're always talking about, but it seemed like they had to modify it down even more to compensate for the costumes. I don't think for a moment that it was easy, dancing around with lions on their heads, but it seemed like very simplistic dancing. Music was nice, costumes were excellent. There was a lot of sound trouble at the beginning, though. We could hear fine, as we were in the front and the acoustics are decent in the Fox, but I could hear the people behind us and in the balcony murmuring about how they couldn't hear. It was a good entire scene, too, at least 10 minutes. I felt bad for everybody in the back (where I'd normally be sitting). They had an 11 year old (or so, I think that was his age) playing young Simba for most of the first act, which surprised me. He was v. cute, too. He did a good job--he had a stronger singing voice than half the male leads.

Lion King, however, seems to attract the people who don't know basic theatre etiquettes. Meaning, in this case, don't bring your infant to a show starting at 8pm. If they're too young to talk, they're probably too young to appreciate the show, Lion King or not, and are also too young to be up that late. And also, you don't clap at every animal that parades by in the aisles. ESPECIALLY WHEN PEOPLE ARE SINGING ONSTAGE. These people clapped at the drop of a hat. Just like during Shakespeare. Somebody really needs to just add "Do not clap during songs/dialogues" to the "turn off your cell phones" announcement at the beginning.

And I got the impression that Austin's parents suggested me when they gave him the extra ticket. Just in that he didn't seem overly. . . enthused that I was there. We were both v. polite, but most of my conversation was with his sister and parents when we met them later, and everything with him was initiated by me.

Edit: I just found my Tropico CD. I am a happy girl. I dunno if it plays anymore, as I've had it for probably 4 years and it's gotten considerably scratched up in that time, but I've really wanted to play it recently. Considering I got it for free (one of those 'free after rebate' things at the CompUSA), tis excellent.

EditEdit: IT DOES PLAY. Trufax excellent.
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This is why Babylon 5's Sheridan/Ivanova doesn't work:

Ivanova is a lesbian. Trufax canon.

Edit: And you know what else annoys me? Okay, call her bi, whatever. She still did the horizontal lesbian mambo with Talia. Or didn't, depending on how you look at that night, but was def. muy muy in love with her. So, erm, don't say that she hasn't been with anyone in the past 3 years. Because that's a lie.

Anyway. That's my frustration at not being able to find any more Susan/Talia.

Going to the theatre tonight to see The Lion King. Should be nice. Though I'm going with he-who-was-the-co-perpetrator-of-all-that-is-the-quartet-debacle. He just called out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to go because his parents weren't and they gave him the extra tickets. I dunno if this is apology or bribe or *shudders* date, but I'm not one to look gift theatre tickets in the mouth.

*waves to [ profile] thenaughtydingo and [ profile] xx_housecat_xx in N-freaking-Z!*

My theatre tag has switched from being theatre class to plain theatre. Hee.
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So. Evidently somebody got all hacktastic on LJ recently. I've only heard about it, not seen anything (save the posts worrying about it on [ profile] xfiles), but I figure I was planning to change my password anyway to something not so ridiculously easy--when they made it that you had to have numbers in your password, my good password got scrapped into something I could remember easily, but it's now also the same as a bunch of other things, which is badbadbad--so I figure might as well do it now.

I crashed the orchestra banquet yesterday (well, not so much crashed as was invited and came, but still, I was afraid it would be weird because I wasn't in orchestra this year). Caught myself looking around more than was quite necessary to see where Michelle was/if she was there yet/what she was doing, but I spent most of my time hanging out, which was nice.

And there were the best freaking brownies there. Seriously. We named them the orgasm brownies. Because they were like an orgasm in your mouth, trufax. But then we shortened them to the ORG brownies, because Alyssa's little brother was hanging around. And then when he asked what that stood for, his mum (who totally knew what we meant by it and laughed and tasted them and agreed) told him it meant Oh Really Good. So they're the orgasm/ORG/Oh Really Good brownies. I seriously want the recipe, but though a couple of people guessed, nobody knew who actually brought them for sure.

And then we played on the playground. That stuff is a lot bigger when you're young. I want to make an adult-sized playground because it made me sad that I couldn't really climb up this cool/odd climbing thing because it only took me two steps. And that I couldn't do the monkeybars because my feet hit the ground.

But the swings were fun, though they were prolly the shortest swings I've ever seen. Less than knee height. You had to either keep your legs straight out (save maybe a second of pumping them back at the pinnacle of the backswing) or sort of split them out sideways at the knees when you passed over the ground or your feet would drag. And I was wearing my sexyboots, so it was worse, because that was an added 4 inches. I tried to take them off mid-swing, which ended up being a bad idea. I sort of locked one leg straight out and propped the other across it at the knee and got the one off, but I was so surprised that I actually managed it and/or distracted because the couple of my mates that were on the swings with me were talking that I forgot about the having to move the legs funny thing right as I was ready to toss it off to the side and as I came back, my left foot (the one still with the boot) planted straight onto the ground and I flew backwards. Not fun. My butt was totally off the swing, I was hanging backwards by my knees (and I was going a decent speed/height, so I'm trying to recover at a rather high velocity), and I had caught the chain on my left arm--there's a rather satisfying bruise there now (though it's nowhere near as bad as it feels) that, if you squint, resembles a section of chain--so I slowed the swing down to a sufficient dismounting velocity and just fell down laughing. Because I nearly fell off a swing. Which is really funny, if you think about it. (Though painful.)

I think LJ's being a whore to me. There's another tag that's not mine, and I could have sworn that I already had an orchestra tag, but it appears that I don't. Oddness.

No school tomorrow/today/whatever, which is nice (and why I'm still awake and not moaning about how I should be asleep/working/whatever). Going over to the house of a girl in my theatre class for our latke party. Because potatoygoodness is love. Not sure how I'm going to get there/where it is, though. I thought she was going to call, but perhaps not. Must investigate.

And I want to switch out my icons. I've played with a couple recently, but I really want a Battlestar Galactica one next, as I've not had one of those yet. The picture I really want, though, is like a bazillion pixels by a million, so it looks horrible when I shrink it to icon size. I'm going to have to try to find a smaller version.
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So. Definitely wasn't planning to be sick all weekend. Lo and behold, I was. No surprise there. But the kicker is that I had a paper due on Monday, and hadn't had time to do it until the weekend, when naturally I was too sick to move. You know how your mother always told you not to procrastinate because something like that would happen? It seems to happen to me an unfair proportion of the time.

Stayed home Monday figuring I could do it then (and because I had started coughing up blood and didn't want to share that with everyone), but ended up not-sleeping most of the day -- you know, when you're exhausted because you're sick but miserable enough that you can't sleep -- and though I was feeling better this evening, my throat's starting to get nasty again and I can't stay up and finish this thing if I want to be even semi-productive tomorrow.

So it's going to be two days late.

I'm just having a horrible time trying to find the time to do much. I don't know where all my time has gone lately, because I haven't studied for finals or written any of these papers or read the play I was supposed to or updated my theatre portfolio/journal thing, etc. And not helping it is that since last Sunday at the Earth Day thing when I got the uber sun exposure I've had the most messed up sleep cycle. I'm totally thrown off. It's horrible.

Yes. So. This is me writing this and not writing my paper or doing anything else productive because I'm still too sick to think. Going to have to go to school tomorrow no matter what because I've already exceeded the maximum days absent that you can still get credit for the class in most of my classes by 2 and will have to make those up probably this week (as though I don't have time really this week, my having even less time begins next week as we start 3 weeks of finals).

And umm, 92 degrees today? WTF? It's not even May for crying out bloody loud.
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So, when this theatre thing says "approximately 3000 words in length", am I going to get knocked off for it being much closer to 4000? Because this is even without a lot of the stuff that I had intended to put in there; it's maybe 2/3 of all the stuff I wrote over the semester and a half so far.

Edit: Well, damn. You know it's late when I was somehow thinking that I was only 100 words over, and not 1000. That is way too much. *starts trimming*

Ah, bugger it. I've been actually working on it for about 3 hours, more or less straight, so that's impressive. Because a lot of what I first wrote was rambly as I was writing about the rehearsal I was observing as it was going on and such, so I had to not only type a bazillion pages worth of crap but fix and rewrite it all too.

Now onto the math. Grr. As I don't know how I'm supposed to do this thing as it gives us a bunch of data and I know the type of equation I'm supposed to extrapolate (it's half-life of a malaria drug), but my calculator won't do that. So, umm, I'm just going with the best thing the calculator can give me. Because I still have a lot of history to learn (as he didn't frakking teach anything, as usual), a bio lab to finish, and a 3 paragraph english thing to write after that. The only one that actually might get done tonight (as it has to) being the math, however. Everything else can be done shittily in the morning or during the day.

Last day before spring break, though, yay for that. After this, it's mostly all review for finals and such in my harder classes, and all the major paper type things are done save one more in English, I think. Good.

Staying awake purely thanks to the power of Diet Dr. Pepper and slightly stale popcorn. (It shouldn't be stale as I only made it last night and this stuff lasts forever because it's made in the actual popcorn machine type thing, but it rained late last night and was horridly humid both inside and out and that killed it slightly. Still tastes good, just have to chew it longer.)
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Question. If I've got to type up this journal thing of my responses to stuff we've done in theatre class, is it good to use the exact phrasing I used in the journal if the typed up version's getting sent off to some international place to be graded? The phrase I'm questioning is "drunken teenage frat-boy contingent". Not sure if I want to change that or not. Leaning towards not.

Every once in a while I get this whiff of what smells like pig preservative from the fetal pig dissection we've been doing in bio while I'm sitting here on the couch. Kinda grossing me out, because it's not coming from my hands, which means that I probably got something on either my shirt or my hair. And I'm thinking hair, because there was a strand of it I was noticing in Spanish that looked all odd and dirty when it shouldn't have. But when I actually try to smell for it, I can't find it. Gross.
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Quote of the Day:

"Don't let faux Klingons send real Americans to war."
David Wu (D-Oregon), 10 January 2007 address to US House of Representatives.

Yeah. Made me laugh. Found the bit of his speech on youtube; he starts off referencing those books that call Bush's support the Vulcans, and ends up saying that they're Klingons, not Vulcans, and fake Klingons at that.

Had a nightmareish thing Friday night. There was a bunch of stuff in it and for some reason a lot of it was set in my old elementary school, but the basic deal was that I didn't have my 20 minute speech prepared for theatre on Monday. Well, it's not looking good in real life.

I had planned to work on it on Saturday, but I've been sick all of a sudden and so I didn't feel well and then we went TV shopping and when I got home on Saturday I was too tired to do much. Friday was spent finishing reading the damn play, finishing watching the movie of said damn play (because we've been taught so little that I've got no idea how to express what I want on stage and I hoped that the movie would help me out in that area a bit), moping around feeling sick and watching DS9 episodes while sprawled out in bed, and then working. Now I'm back, just finished finishing watching the play, but am really too tired to do anything. Problem is that even though I'm legitimately sick enough to not show up tomorrow, this is a one day, no extensions, no nothing type of deal that gets recorded and sent off to wherever to be graded as part of the eighty-someodd dollars I spent as registration (the money being for said grading, truly). Man, this is definitely the most expensive class I'm taking this year. No kidding. I've spent (or should have spent, a couple of times I managed to get in free somehow), not counting the registration money, more than $30 going to see plays and such.

Back to the TV shopping. My mum bought some entertainment center thing (which I always used to think meant TV and stereo and DVD player and such, but really is just the cabinet for some dumb reason) and mixed up our entire front room, and me being so vehemently anti-change freaked out and told her that it looked horrid (it makes the whole room off center as the TV's now way off to the left and the new focal point of the room is this patch of bare wall in the middle where the molding at the bottom was ripped off right after everything got moved in order to replace it for some reason) and she yelled at me for being so negative (true, but it really did look bad) and completely irrationally and mostly because I was pissed at my mum, I then refused to go into the front room for a day and a half (or really just 20 hours or so, excepting the couple of times I averted my eyes as I had to go through to get a drink or something). We get to Saturday and my brother brings home two disks of the Deep Space Nine season two DVDs, and I'm trying to get them to play, but the TV just has fuzz on the input channel when it should be playing them. I fiddle with the cords, trying every combination, but neither DVD nor VHS input is working. My brother phrases something poorly and mum jumps on me for blaming her (when I hadn't even said a bloody thing, where's the fair in that), and I go back into my room to start reading some of the Beckett crap I got from the library. Later, I hear that shortly after that the whole TV display went out; it quit working for regular TV too, not just input things. So my dad and I then spend nearly two hours between CompUSA (as they're moving all the stores out of our city and as such we figured they might have cheapy TVs, and they were all 15% off, but they only had big flat screen things that were hugely expensive to begin with, so we moved on) and Best Buy, end up getting one from the latter. Which was no easy task, as we finally find a good and semi-reasonably priced one, but then they can't find the one that they've supposedly got in stock. Turns out that they don't have one, but then I ask if we could get the display one, because I really liked that one and it was the only one that had decent picture and would fit in said new entertainment center cabinet and wasn't a bazillion dollars. They say yes, but then they can't find a remote and don't have a box, so we're fiddling around with that, finding out if universal remotes will work (they said only one brand would, but luckily we brought it home and found out they were wrong and the cheapy kind we have does) and such. Da talks them down like $50, which was impressive (though half of it was in gift card form, annoyingly). He's really good at that, because he worked in retail for a while and just always asks. Most people have no idea that you can do that, or at least I figure my entire generation doesn't, but he says that there's always a lot of wiggle room with price and most of the time if you're looking at the right stuff you can get them to knock it down a little, especially if it's the last one in stock and there's no remote/box/documentation like with the TV. Anyway. Oh, and the guy selling it to us was rather nice looking and called my dad Sir. I love that.

We bring this TV home and plug it in and it's nearly 10:30, but I start watching the "Endgame" movie before going to bed. Wake up this morning and mum's bitching about how it takes like 5 seconds to change channels. Which it does, which is annoying as hell. She wants it taken back now, though, as supposedly TVs are like 2/3 or half that price around Christmas. I'm all "So, we're supposed to not have a TV until Christmas?" *shakes head* I dunno. Odd stuff, my mum lately. I decided this time that it's some odd Freudian shit. She's subconsciously afraid that I'm going to challenge her for her position as alpha-female, and as such is pre-emptively striking at me out the wazoo. That or she's just PMSing. I'm wagering it's a combo of the two. But my da says that his mum and sisters did the same thing, which is what makes me go towards the former. Even though I think Freud is a chauvinist pig, I do see where he gets his ideas.

Anyway. A good 30 minutes or so wasted typing this that I could have spent figuring out what the hell I'm going to talk about for 20 minutes tomorrow. I'm prolly going to make most of it up on the spot. Whatever. I was all uber, uber depressed Friday and to a slightly lesser extent (meaning that I wasn't actively thinking about how I wanted to kill myself, but still just as bad all the same) on Saturday, and right now I've now got the 'still really depressed in general but at this present moment in time closer to apathy than wrist-slitting' thing going on. Which suggests to me that dumb medicine isn't working, but on the off chance it is, I started the new pack today instead of waiting until Wednesday because I didn't feel like being miserable if it could be helped.

I'm probably going to go to sleep now if I can (I had a horrid time going back to sleep after I woke up after aforementioned nightmare on Friday just because I was thinking about how I might not get it prepared well; without having it prepared really at all at this point I dunno if I'll be able to sleep, but we can hope). I'm gonna set my alarm for a few hours from now, wake up and try to work on it then when I'm not just thinking about how tired I am. Hopefully my stupid stomach won't be bugging me as much then.

Oh, and if any of you haven't read yet and get the chance to read "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you totally should. I love the writing style of it, all circular and reporter-like and fun. Plus, the story is really good--you've got honor and murder and religion and apathy and all those fun things (I'd explain more, but I don't know how to talk about the interesting bit of the story without giving stuff away). I really want to at some point try to write something styled like that (shorter, though, as it's basically a sorta small novel) because it's such an interesting form. This is probably the thing that I've had to read for school that I've enjoyed the most all year. Even though I've still got like 30 pages to go in it, actually, now that I think about it. I should finish that. Ha, but I won't be in english class tomorrow because I've got to do the theatre thing, so I don't have to try to get through it tonight. Like I'd do it tonight anyway.
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Just finished (well, decided it was good enough to call finished) my theatre paper. God, and I thought I could be in bed by two. Nice going. Man, it's hard to prop yourself up in bed enough to use a laptop for extended periods of time when you've got to hunch so your hair doesn't get caught in the metal holding up the top bunk. I'm sore like nobody's business.

My dad's off camping for the next couple days, so I figure I can pretty much just hijack this laptop full time until then, provided my mum and sister don't want it (though I bet they will, because they've been playing Text Twist on it nonstop lately). Not technically supposed to have it, though, so. . . *hides laptop under towel and stack of books on floor by bed*

I hope I don't step on it in the morning.

On second thought, *moves laptop someplace more secure*.
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I was reading Endgame, by Samuel Beckett, today in theatre, and I kinda really wanted to write apocalypse fic. Of the SG-1 persuasion, actually. Just because that's what popped into my head after the House idea that made no sense and had a plausibility level of zero. And the SG-1 idea wasn't horrid, actually, though I'd never be able to pull it off as I still don't know the fandom that well (I haven't had time to go back to trying to watch the DVDs of late, I'm still in the middle of season 4) and can't really write things of that sort that would get across the deepness that I'd like.

So. Evidently Teryl Rothery is credited as being the ISN reporter in the newest, yet to be released item in the Babylon 5 saga. And she's credited pretty high up on the IMDB list, she's third after only Sheridan and Lochley. Cool. That's another show I'm behind in. I'm all crazy about the beginning, but once it gets into the war, it doesn't interest me as much. I'm still right where I was at the end of the summer, the first disk of season four.

Must bed. I couldn't fall asleep last night for the life of me even though I didn't take a nap or anything (and usually even if I do nap, it's not ever a problem) due to coughing specifically and I don't know why but I'm assuming stress generally, so hopefully tonight will be better.
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I set a package of shredded cheese out on the counter to thaw (because it was being stored in my freezer) a hour and a half ago. It's still lots frozen. Which means that I still haven't had dinner. And it's 10:30. Grr. And now it's too late to eat, really, so grr again. Not that that will stop me from making a salad as soon as it thaws, but still.

We had this theatre showcase thing on Friday, with the Chekhov plays and such. It went okay, I guess. We needed more work. I didn't get to see any of the bits, though, that I wasn't in, and I've heard they didn't go as well as the two I did. Which is nice/somewhat flattering to think about, that the people liked/understood mine better than the others. I have heard from audience types, however, that the actors weren't so much doing what I directed in the one scene as not. Which is sad.

There were prop issues, namely that in two scenes, people forgot to bring out/bring over the water glasses that were needed. The time I did it, it screwed things up because the lines assumed water was there and though I had the presence of mind to change the blocking to make it look like I was directing somebody towards the water instead of pouring it down their throat, I only slightly changed the wording when there was a way I could have made it make better sense by changing the lines more. But it was on the spot and such, so I didn't think it was too bad. The other time was in the scene that I directed, but it was fine because the only real mention was one actor's line "Give me some water?" and the other one was just like 'Urm, sorry, don't have any.'

And the light girl kinda sucked it up a lot and missed cues and such. Which was bad for us because it was like "And. . . scene. Lights off now. No, now. No lights. And we're still frozen here. Lights off!" etc. And between the second and third scenes, she didn't turn the lights up at all for set change, so I bumped into things. Twice. It was embarrassing. Made me more nervous than I was before, because I was all rattled from stumbling.

And lol at the communal white shirt. There was one white shirt that got passed between three of us for a bit of costume. Which was funny, because you've only got a tiny bit of time between scenes, so we've got the shirt tucked in while we're on stage, but everything that you couldn't see was unbuttoned because as soon as you got offstage (we were using the local middle school's stage because it was small and cute, so 'backstage' was really just the teacher's room that adjoined it) it was like *strips* *passes shirt*.

There was improvyness, which made me happy. In the first excerpt from the Seagull, there's this twisted love thing going on. Trigorin (me) is with Arkadina (Katie). Arkadina sort of flirts with the doctor (Kerry), and so at that bit, I'm all "Um, no. Back off, old doctorman. She's mine." And then Nina (Melissa) comes on and Trigorin's all "Umm, yeah. I'll hit that," and very flirty with his hand on her arm, and then Arkadina comes down between them and is like "Yeahno." And at that part? Best line delivery of the entire show, IMO, on Katie's part. She does the splitting Nina and Trigorin up thing, and is all very fake forced civil to Nina with her "Oh, don't talk like that. When you embarrass him-" and it gets even more forced and obviously angry and she turns to Trigorin "he wishes he could simply disappear." And she hit the last two words with a "Oh, you are so not getting any for the next week for that little stunt," thing and this look that was just amazing. I heart my Katie.

Hee, cheese is more or less thawed. *eats salad*

The director of that scene totally didn't figure any of that out; the whole bit about there being this love quadrangle and how we needed to play it up because it's funny was me. Which made me smile, because people got it and laughed. But at one part, I had mentioned earlier in a rehearsal that I wanted Trigorin to do/say something to Nina (or vice versa) as she's leaving, but the director (being just one of the other people in the class, as we all took turns directing a scene) sorta just blew me off (she's kinda annoying in that manner). And I figured out sort of what I wanted to do and so then when Arkadina's like "Oh, dear, Nina, someone must take you home, darling!" I (being Trigorin, he-who-wants-to-hit-that) was all *steps towards her in a 'oh yes, please let me take you home, sweet!' manner*. And then Katie (being Arkadina, she-who-is-hitting-Trigorin-and-not-liking-Trigorin's-flirting-with-Nina) grabs my arm and pulls me back by her and gives me another look. The first thing that popped into my mind was 'OMG. She just broke character like whoa in order to tell me that I wasn't supposed to exit then or something.' But then I was like 'No, Katie wouldn't do that, she must have just gotten what I was trying to do and played along.' So I was happy that our brains worked together like that because that bit ended up being really funny.

And then there were pictures and I was like "umm, no. I'm wearing a dress. And said dress is sorta tight. Meaning I'm not into the whole 'let's have photographic evidence of how Alexandria has no waist to speak of and annoyingly large boobs' thing" Because even though I had been a man for the second to last scene, I had to give the communal white shirt of doom to somebody else for the last one (the final scene being the one I directed and as such wasn't in), and as such needed to put something back on for curtain call and it would look strange if I was wearing my costume pants and a t-shirt. And I was carrying everything off stage while everybody else (meaning the other five) was talking with friends and stuff in the audience (which kinda really annoyed me, because it was my sister and I who got it all carted to the dressing room/backstage/german classroom.) But then Katie was like "Oy! My da wants pictures." And I was like fine, only because I love you. So there are pictures of me in a dress floating around somewhere. I doubt they're good, because I managed to not bring makeup because I was sick that day. And all week, really, but I actually stayed home on Friday because I had been not getting sleep because of the sick and I knew my acting would be all suck if I tried to make it through an entire school day and stay after until 9:30 (meaning being away from home and not sleeping and instead doing schoolwork and prop carting work and dumb stuff for like 15 hours straight) when I hadn't had more than one hour of unbroken sleep all week. But back to the makeup. I didn't bring any, so I ended up using Katie's for the foundation and rouge and lip stuff (because with the stage, you know, you're all washed out and not fun and so yay stage makeup), which is fine because her foundationy makeup is exactly my color (twins, I say) but I didn't have any eye stuff and I'm already rather pale, so I imagine from the back it was like "Oh, look, there's some floating lips. And rouged cheeks. But no eyes." So I dunno if the pictures are any good because of weird no-makeup on eyes, makeup on rest of face thing. But maybe. We'll have to see when they get developed/whatever.

But I managed to leave both my school ID and my glasses there, I think. Which is sucksucksuck. Because we used my backpack bag thing as a prop, and as such I dumped everything out from the main section at home, but my glasses and ID were still in little front pouches and so they got taken out (or in the case of the ID, fell out) and I didn't realize it and they're still there. (The ID usually is in a different spot where it wouldn't have fallen out of, but I moved it to a bigger holdermajiggy right before the show because you could sorta see the edge of the card in its actual pocket.) Bad because I had to take one of those big standardized test things the next morning, and I didn't have my school ID, so I couldn't. Even though I'd already paid and everything. And then, I go and find out today that since it was at my school, if one of the proctors had ever taught/known me (which would be likely, as there would be several there and I've been at that school for like forever) they could just have identified me and let me in. I didn't know that, so I didn't go, because I figured it'd be a waste of gasoline because they wouldn't let me in. Also found out today? Of the four times that a girl in my english class has taken it, this was the easiest version. And I missed it. Unnecessarily. Damn. $40 someodd bucks down the drain because my dumb ID card fell out of the pouch it was in.
And then my glasses were there too (which is what I'm more worried about) and so I had to borrow my sister's to do volleyball (as we have virtually the same prescription and all) but she had to have them for school, so I couldn't see anything all day today. Like math notes. Or chem notes. Or bio notes. (Though bio is dumb and easy.)

So yeah. Had a dream a week ago or so that basically made me go "Huh. So, whatever crack I was doing in my sleep that night was a bad idea." It involved two people from my school, a sesame street muppet in military clothing, and Bill O'Reilly. Yeah. I'll have to talk about that one later.

Hee at me starting writing this two hours ago. That's what I get for writing three things at once. I jump back and forth and it takes hugely long to finish any of them.

(Hee again at new icon. The coloring is weird because as I don't have that episode, I capped it from a scene in a fanvid. But it makes me smile. I've been all into the Star Trek of late, particularly the guyslash, which is rare for me.)
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I think I'm going to die.

This really good source for my theatre paper? Yeah, sometime between 4th hour when I last was there (about 11am or so) and now, the page has disappeared. It can no longer be found. No bloody way.

Okay. . . evidently you can get to this page through a yahoo search, but if you just click on a link (like the one I emailed to myself), it doesn't work. Oh well. At least I've got it now.
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But yeah. So, power came back on late Tuesday afternoon. I mathed it, it ended up being like 120 hours without power. Twas cold. Still cold in my bedroom.

Random stuff: Couple of days ago I was talking to Katie about Star Trek pairings and I was telling her about Troi/K'ehleyr and how in the first episode that K'ehleyr was on, she was all "I'm a half-breed! *angsts*" And Troi was like "So am I. *counsel, counsel, counsel, snuggle*" Except minus the snuggling. At least, not on screen. But I said it exactly like that, and with hand motions like flashing lights sending beams of counseling for counsel and it was funny. Yeah. I guess you probably had to be there.

Everybody in school pretty much had the giggles on Friday. It was entertaining. Our entire Spanish class just was constantly laughing.

My teacher told me if I rocked the chemistry test on Friday, I could get an A for semester. I think I kicked that test's butt. Hopefully. *Is cautiously optimistic.*

Yay for last meeting of dumb republican congress. Yay, Nancy Pelosi. I'm a fan. LOL at the congresspersons only working like 104 days all year. Which is like the least working congress days in 60-someodd years. Makes me laugh. Slackers.

Quartet gig last night. Everybody forgot to tell me that this was a 3 hour gig, as I had planned to go see Urinetown for theatre class right after. Nope, couldn't. So I've got to find somebody else to work for me at volleyball tonight so I can hopefully go then.
And I'm completely and totally sick of the song "Here Comes Santa Claus". They made us vamp that over and over while the dumb Santa guy went around to each of the hundred someodd people and handed out candycanes and such. Was nearly 15 minutes. And I can play for 15 minutes with no problem, but when you're playing the same thing over and over (about 30 times, we estimated, as it was a short song), you don't get any variation of arm movement (though in trying to vary up the arm movement, I think I played that song in every shifting position possible) and not only is it killer boring, it makes you really sore. Grr for that.
And the chairs slanted backwards. Which is badbadbad. Because you're leaning extra far forward (even though you're already on the edge of the seat) to compensate and your back starts hurting really quickly.
Got paid, though, which is nice. Finally. As I didn't get paid for the last 4. Nor have I gotten paid for the last two weeks of volleyball. Grr at that also. *needs money*

First violin was rather a bitch at quartet last night.
She was like "Oh, I'm going to be on pit and so is this other kid and nobody else even has a chance because we're the best." I really wish Alyssa had been there, because she's one of the few that actually realizes that aforementioned violin is nowhere near as good as she thinks she is and we could have shared significant glances and sniggers. She's especially not very good on viola, which is the instrument she was talking about being in pit on. She just has a two thousand dollar viola, so whatever she does sounds good. She depends completely on this expensive instrument to make her sound good; she's played mine and she sounds so much worse that I do on it.
But that pissed me off because I really wanted to be on pit for Sound of Music but I knew that I never had a chance because the orchestra teacher really doesn't like me. It has nothing to do with how good she is, it has to do with the fact that she's a suck up to the director and I never joined the director's little strolling strings group.
Grr at Anne for constantly insulting me. All the time. And I don't even think she knows that she's doing it. The replacement second violin for last night's thing asked me where I got my viola, and she made some comment about probably from the trash, because it's so bad. And she's done that multiple times before.
She insults me by grabbing my viola when I was trying to tune it like I've got no idea how to tune an instrument. And then she unwound my C string and put it back on, which made the rest of my strings go out constantly for the first hour we were playing. I was like 'Thanks a lot'. And she still couldn't tune my viola in any kind of short amount of time. I had to grab it back from her so there was a chance of getting it in tune before we had to start playing. She acts like she's all superior when it comes to anything music and she can't accept that she's not.
And at the end, I mentioned something about how my mom's taken on this project of cleaning out the laundry room in the basement, and she goes "So now there'll be one room in your house that you can walk in." I'm like urm, Anne? You've been in my house, what, twice? And both of those times only for a few minutes and only into the front room. And I know for a fact that neither time was the room messy, because once was before my birthday party and I had cleaned it up that afternoon and the other time . . . it just wasn't. So, yeah. Aside from me maybe mentioning that my room is a mess, I have no idea where you got that except out of your ass so you could make fun of me in front of people.
And these just after I was really nice to her on Thursday when she was upset about getting a bad grade on that dumb english presentation. So yeah. Guess what. I'm done. She's finally pissed me off too much.

Word is not letting me paste things in it. Don't know why. It just freezes up when I try to paste things. Not always, but things from email and things from livejournal posts tend to be the ones that are all of a sudden being bitches. Not nice. I'm pasting things to Word Perfect (which I actually like better, but hasn't been working right on the computer in different ways for half a year now) and pasting them from there to Word. Annoying.

Being forced to go to church. Also tres annoying. Grr.

So. Is back from church. Was about to go to the theatre to go see that dumb musical, but then my dad reveals that he has no idea where the theatre is even though I told him what it was by. And there's no time to look up directions as I was already going to be late, so I'm down to one showing that I maybe might be able to go see. And if I had gone to this one at 2, I might not have even had to miss work. And now I definitely will, which is sad. If there even are any tickets. And there's no way that there's going to be any. Because that would be too handy. I'm going to end up not seeing this one. Not like I care. Theatre teacher told us that we would have to go see two or three plays this year. Year's not even half way done and this is number three. I don't have the money to shell out for all of these tickets. She needs to get over herself. And maybe consider teaching something once in a while. There's no teaching going on in that class. Of the two performance things we did before this big directing one, we got feedback on neither. So we've got to do this big one with no idea whether what we've been doing for other plays so far is any good. And the meddling she does in our scenes just screws us up. Of the three male characters I play in this latest performance/directing thing, the one for whom the dialogue is most manly is the one that the teacher made us turn into a female. He/she's the only one who seems even slightly male; the other two have nothing written in to even suggest that they might be of the male persuasion save who they're in love with. Grr. So we're having to change every line from father to mother and your late wife to your late husband (the latter change which completely removed the joke from the rest of that line) and the rest of it still doesn't make sense because it's so un-female.

Knees hurt. And back/neck. And the spot on my shoulder where my viola was digging my bra strap in. And the bruise/hickey on my neck. Not yay for pain.
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So. Grr at the Broncos for fouling twice and screwing our (at that point) tiny chances during the extra point kick a minute ago.

Yay for the referees calling bazillions of things on San Diego and giving us yardage and clock stops so that we've got a bit more of a chance now. (32 yards and 23 seconds.)

Oh, but nevermind. Plummer got sacked. 14 seconds left at the 50. And the clock kept running. So the game's over. But the San Diego guys were pushing our guys. That's not nice. This was a dirty game. Tons of penalties.

Sadness. Also sadness for this laptop being a whore and neither battery working. The batteries drain in like 20 minutes. One goes in 10 or 15, the other in 30. Which means there's probably something wrong with the computer, not the batteries. Though it could be that just both batteries are broken. But that would be sad.

Saw Lysistrata at the community college. That was the worst travesty of a literary work that I have ever seen in my life. My dad went with me, and he says that that was the worst travesty he's ever seen in his life, and he's seen a lot of theatre. It was crude and people couldn't act and didn't know their lines and the chorus wasn't in sync and it was just horrible. And there was an extremely lewd pre-show video thing that was just an excuse to flash lots of lights and play stupid crunk music and show clips of naked dancing girls and use bad grammar in the captions that flashed in the middle of the screen and make dumb references to incest and erections and other general stupid teenage boy humor. That's what the whole thing was, the play and the video, dumb teenage humor that can only be appreciated if you're drunk, high, or a stupid teenage boy. I was thinking about how I should have auditioned for that play, as I'm better than most of the people that were in it. And then I thought about how I would be so embarrassed to have been in that production. I don't think that I could ever face anybody after doing that because it was so bad. I know the guy who graduated from our school last year or the year before who was in it (and one of the very few who had some kind of skill) was asking some of his friends that mentioned going not to go because it was so bad. I feel bad for him; our theatre teacher made us go or we wouldn't have after we heard from people that went opening night how bad it was.
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I really would love to go to the Burbank Xena con this year, but as expected, it would pretty much bankrupt me. That's the same with all these cons; I really wanted to go to one of the 40th anniversary Star Trek ones too, but they're all hugely expensive. They're so commercial. Isn't it supposed to be about meeting other fans? I get that there are booths to sell things and such, but can't the convention recoup their money from booth fees and keep the convention ticket prices down? Even charging for autographs and tickets to Lucy's concert and such, I get that (though autographs should be free, IMO), but the only way you can even walk in the door as far as I can see right now is the $279 ticket thing. That's crazy high.

The problem is that there's a convention company. That's where all the money is going. It needs to go back to people organizing them, or at least a smaller company that doesn't need to up their profit margin so much. I mean, they want volunteers (which I so am planning to do at some point at the miniconvention here, though it never has had anybody good since Chase Masterson and Andreas Katsulas in 1997. Edit: And Mira freaking Furlan in 2007. I'm so signing up.), so it's not like they even have to pay people to work at it.

It's not that I really had much of a chance of being able to go anyway; I'd have to take off probably 3 days of school (though I could call two of them a college visit and it wouldn't count for attendance days) and drive all the way down there myself, which there's no way I'd be comfortable doing seeing as how that's only a couple of months from now and as it stands I refuse to drive on streets where there are more than two lanes on each side, much less highways. Or fly, and then I could take off only two days, but that's an extra bunch of hundred dollars. And honestly, it wouldn't be fun (or safe) not knowing anybody. So I'd have to get one of my parents to take me, which means they'd be off work (though that'd fix the driving thing) and I'd have to pay for their ticket. So never going to happen. But minus the price, it might be worth it. I've never been to any convention before and I'd really like to, just to have that experience.

So. That's my no-sleep-yet-again-tonight story that doesn't really make any sense except to say that these conventions are just money-making opportunities for The Man and have lost sight of the purpose of it all. I actually slept for a long time (meaning like 3 hours) during the day today, but I didn't sleep well and woke up almost more tired than when I went to sleep. It's all rainy and windy which is stirring up the leaves that have started to decompose so the air is all moldy and my allergies are like grr, which is probably why my sleep wasn't productive. That's bad. So I don't have my blocking done for Seagull yet again today, but I'm just sort of going to make it up as I go along as the teacher isn't there to knock me down for not being all prepared.
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When Cameron goes "'Cause I'm hitting that. And it's totally hot," I just noticed that Chase looks to Foreman like "Is she kidding?" Like he seriously wasn't sure. Which naturally leads to the conclusion that Chase either knows that she's got a thing for the ladies or wouldn't put it past her.

Read some good stuff Thursday night while I wasn't doing anything I should have been doing. Pornish Angel/Spike, mostly. One from the ancient and all historical Angelus/William the Bloody time (I'm not up on my Buffyverse lingo; I'm not sure if it has a specific name.) that was cool.

Read some really great fics tonight, too. One of which being this West Wing CJ/Carol one, "Playing with Matches".

I might have a Mock Trial meeting tomorrow, but I don't know as I missed the first meeting (I really hope the teacher/coach lady will still let me in). I'm going to have to wake up early and try to call someone and find out if it's this week. And I really want to go see Shakespeare's R & J at some point this weekend (meaning Saturday, as the Sunday matinee won't be over until after I need to leave for volleyball and I won't be done with volleyball until the night show's already started) so I've got to figure that out, as Sunday night's the last show.
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Caught some kind of 24 hour food poisoning from the oatmeal raisin cookies at the mini medical school thing. And there's absolutely no irony in that!

So I wasn't at school today. (Meaning Wednesday. Which is no longer today, but still.) Which sorta sucked. Because now I've got to go pay to see the school play to do my analysis of it for theatre class, instead of going to the dress rehearsal for free. And I've now got to make up a chemistry quiz, a bio test, and take a math test all tomorrow/soon. And read a whole bunch of chapters in that stupid Canadian history book and the stupid Latin American history book. By Friday. Which isn't going to happen. Honestly. Nothing good happened in Canada. Ever. They film some good Sci-Fi TV shows there. That's it. I'm appreciating the Latin America book more and more because the Canada one is just so horrible. I'm going to try to find a kiddie Canada book at the library tomorrow, read that instead so I actually have some idea of what to write on the essay for the quiz on Friday.

No Bones on tonight, and the stupid baseball game it was canceled for got rained out and so wasn't even on. Curses.

I was going to go outside (You're all thinking 'Her? Sun? No way'. It was 6:30 at night. So not much sun. And I had sunscreen on.) and play soccer with my sister tonight, but just as we were about to go out the door, it started with the raining. Sadness. Kaci was angry.

The lady running for state representative for my district talked to my liberal union thing, and was all with the praising of me (she mentioned it quite a few times) for this ally week thing that I'm organizing that she heard about at the beginning of the meeting. Yay for that. I was all *blush*.

Somebody broke the screen part of my back door. You know how there are two doors sometimes, a wooden one and a glass/screen one? The spring thing that makes the screen bit close again after you open it isn't there anymore (actually, I think it is there, just hanging off of the door), and so if you open the door, it just swings all the way open (farther than it should open, it just goes until it hits the side of the house) and you've got to manually close it.

There's that wintry smell out. I don't know how else to describe it, just that crisp smell of winter. It's supposed to get down close or right below freezing tonight, and only be slightly above it by the time in the morning I go to school. That's going to be fun, as I can't so much bring a coat because I share my locker with two other people and we won't be able to fit all of our stuff in there with coats too. But I love the cold, so it's okay.

Lisa E. doesn't know command form in Spanish. (Is there another name for that? That and imperative is all we ever called it.) I know command form. Yay for Spanish lip kissing. (Bésame Ud. en los labios, Lisa!) The spanish translations for the subtitles were wrong, at least at one point. Lisa's like "She did come back" and the subtitles said that she did not. And there was a use or two of the vosotros form when the director guy was just talking to Hugh. Yay, me catching spanish mistakes. But really just mistakes in what was happening.

So I'm not getting all of the House Unplugged thing, but some. Which is good. (I just caught 'my whore'. Yay, whore. Cuddy wishes she was is my whore.)

Dubbing is funny. Stacy's dubber for the bit I just saw of her talking to Cuddy sounds majorly like somebody from one of those overly dramatic spanish soap operas. The inflections and all. And in the "House, you are. . . as God made you" bit, the fake!Wilson was laughing. But not sad, cynical laughing, real laughing. RSL acted that bit well, and dubberman ruined the mood of the scene. And the part where Wilson sawed through House's cane and House falls, there's all this grunting and gasping in the dub (LOL, dirty mind) that Hugh didn't do.

Did RSL say that he thinks that Wilson enjoys House? I think so. Awesome word choice.

It's so hard to pick things out when they've got Lisa talking in english, the dub of her on top of it, a dubbed clip going on in the other corner, and "Hallelujah" playing on top of it all. Give us non-spanish speakers a break here! I really wish they'd redo this in english, because even a translation of what's being said takes away so much of it, because it's a translation of a translation, and when the first translation isn't all that precise. . . .

(Ignore the fact that this is probably not right at all. I just found it entertaining that when I was watching the Unplugged thing and writing in here, I switched to writing in spanish without noticing at first. Then I just decided to continue for fun.)
Lisa paga la mujer de la pelo a decir que ella es bonita. Por qué necesita pagar una persona? Quiero decirla gratis!
Lisa no bebe el alchohol? Eh, Cuddy bebe (cuando ella dijo que Vogler necesitó salir, y House y los 'ducklings' estuvieron celebrando, y ella bebió todo la bebida rapidamente), no es una problema para mi historia.
(Hey, does anybody know if the quiero decirla thing is right? That's not how I was going to say it; I had it in future tense, but I checked on some website online to make sure I was conjugating it correctly, and they said to use querer + infinitive instead for having the willingness to do something. I wonder if this is specific to certain areas of the world or something.)

How would you say 'fuck-me shoes' in spanish? Los zapatos de Lisa que se llaman los "fuck-me shoes"? Well, I know what I'm going to spend my spanish class looking up. Hope that's in the dictionary. (But the shot when people were taking pictures of them and Lisa did the eyebrow thing? Yeah, era calor.)

Grr. Internet down. Really, probably my arsehole of a father turned it off again. And it's not even that late, not even 11pm on Wednesday. So must post this later. And I don't have my history stuff finished yet. I need to look up some more stuff for the background for a project that I missed the first day of working on. Lovely. Fucker.

So yeah. Ignore the fact that I haven't checked my email in so long that I've got bazillions of messages. Because I've only been getting on every couple of days for any substantial period of time lately. Which is not with the making of me happy.

But the entire internet (okay, maybe just my friends list) speaks/writes like me, which is entertaining, because they're all up with the crazy convoluted "not with the making of me happy" and "And that's my story" and my extremely overused "yay!"s.
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Watching NCIS 1.11 "Eye Spy".

Kate: I golf left handed, but I bat and I throw right handed.
Tony: So you go both ways.
Kate: *glare*
Me: LOL, yes, duh!

Had a theatre writing assignment/test over a play that I hadn't yet read. Ouch. Not only that, but I got called down to the office, so I missed like the first 10 minutes of class. Had to skim through the play and make up as much as I could in shorter time than everyone else. And I misread a character's name, so my entire thesis bit for one of the questions is invalid, because I thought that the same person was saying these two things, but it wasn't, so *is screwed*.

My chemistry teacher. Grr. She gave us grades today. In which there is no math. No math involved at all. I go to talk to her, and I'm like "Show me the working." (Hee, House outtake quoting. That phrasing, for some reason, was the first thing to pop into my head when I was talking to her.) And it's just bad. Horrible. Like, if she did this right, my grade would be something like 6% higher, and that's still with tests and quizzes and class participation all being worth the same, which is crap.

Didn't do as badly on my spanish preterite vs. imperfect test as I had thought. With curve, ended up at a 90%. So that's pretty much okay. I missed like 6 in a row, though, because I got totally lost in the story there. I was like "The people were sitting down by a dead deer and then there was this guy out of nowhere and something was illegal and they had to walk more because the police were looking for aforementioned man and . . .?" Which was not right. Had the teacher explain that bit, and I get what they were going at, but the story still makes no sense. That and I missed the entrance of the man early on who gave them a ride, which made me all confuzzled when I got to the deer part.

Going to organize an Ally Week thing. Mentioned it to the liberal union teacher sponsor, and she's going to talk about it at the meeting tomorrow. I sort of wanted to do it myself, though.

I feel so bad for Lisa E.'s character on Ally McBeal. She's all sad. Because people are whores. I'd still do her. Got one more part to watch, but internet is off right now (typing this anyway because I started it back when the internet was working and can just save it for when it comes back on) so I can't finish the downloading. Ally looks like the one who's the man, though, her cricoid cartilage sticks out so far it looks like an adam's apple. She's really not attractive at all, IMO.

NCIS 1.12 "My Other Left Foot"
Tony: Abs. Do you know where Kate has her tat?
Abby: (all slightly cocky and 'I know something that you never will') Yep.

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