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Re: Battlestar Galactica.

Not excited about Caprica. Don't plan to watch that one as of now, unless something changes.

But "The Face of the Enemy"? OMGYAY.

Relationship spoilers )

Got my first issue of Latina magazine today. And the ads are almost all in Spanish, which really rocks my world. I've gotten virtually no practice since I'm not in a Spanish class anymore, but to be able to still read the blurb about why you should vaccinate your daughter with Gardasil makes me quite pleased. The main content is all in English, though, which is disappointing. Still good.
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I was going to talk about going to Cinco de Mayo on Saturday. It was an extra credit thing for Spanish, to go and then write up a page on it. But while writing up the thing for class, I ended up turning it into vaguely an LJ entry of its own (as it was just a "where'd you go, what'd you do?" kind of report) and going significantly past the 1 page (double spaced) requirement because there were certain things I wanted to get in there, so it's getting posted by itself. Except you'll have to run it through Google Translator, LOL, I've already spent too much time to Englishify it. It won't be pretty, as I didn't realize that it had been due yesterday and thus it's in fairly simple structure as I had to get it out quickly during the day, and some bits that I know are right don't translate well when run through the online things (and some that are prolly wrong, too), but hey. I've been LJ-update fail lately even though I've got a bunch of things written out already/that I know I want to talk about, so to at least have something:

En sábado, el 3 de mayo, mi familia fue a la celebración de Cinco de Mayo en la calle de Cherokee. No supe que hay una comunidad hispánica distinta en nuestra ciudad, pero era obvio que el lugar fue elegido para su proximidad a muchas tiendas y edificios hispánicos. En la sección donde las diversiones principales estaban, había muchas tiendas, pero también una oficina de abogacía. La abogacía era notable porque funciona específicamente para los hispanos y trabaja con todos aspectos de la ley; de problemas que todo el mundo los tiene como divorcio o (desafortunadamente) actos criminales hasta asuntos más comunes para la comunidad hispánica o inmigrante como deportación y el proceso de obtener visas. Un poco mas lejos de la calle en la fila de inmuebles, un templo budista apareció muy extraña entre los edificios empapelados con anuncios en español.

Muchos de las tiendas de Cherokee tenían pequeñas casetas fuera de su edificio para la celebración. La mayoría de estos eran para los estómagos de los celebrantes, como El Chico panadería y otros restaurantes con comida variando desde tacos, tamales, y enchiladas hasta dulces como churros y empanadas. Pero también, había representación de una ropería atlética—específicamente el fútbol--y una caseta fuera de una tienda de videos. Las otras casetas eran de la clase típica para cualquier festival en la ciudad—para el periódico, unas con regalos baratos, etcétera. La música en los dos escenarios cuando yo asistí la festival no era notable; los músicos en el escenario principal tocaban bien, pero la música no nos apareció particularmente mexicano, y los que tocaban en el secundario nos sonó horrible.

Para la mayoría del tiempo, entramos varias tiendas hispánicas. Anticipé que las tiendas que se llamaba “carnecerías” tendrían carne solamente, o posiblemente carne y un poco de comidas relatadas—y la variedad de la selección de carne disponible en las muchas carnecerías era sorprendentemente grande—pero los dos que nosotros visitamos tenían otras cosas muy variadas. El primer tenía un cuarto con la carnecería actual que era casi secundario al más gran cuarto de entrada que se apareció una tienda de conveniencia. El segundo—mucho más grande—que se anunció de carnecería, El Capral, pareció desde fuera como cuatro tiendas en uno. La tienda ocupó una esquina, y tenía cuatro puertas a lo largo del edificio debajo de cuatro señales diferentes; una de “carnecería”, una para un supermercado general, una para una cafetería, y una para una gran colección de cosas para vaqueros. El último me sorprendió, pero la tienda—los partes de que eran conectados por dentro sin puertas interiores—tenia un colección amplio de botas y otras cosas de cuero.
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Otherwise, things went well. The weather is shitty, which makes my hips hurt, plus I hadn't eaten in a while, so I made my workout on the shorter end today, but still within my acceptable range. Had my Spanish homework done, got not only all the points but the bonus on the Spanish vocabulary quiz, peer edited somebody's paper in English that made me confident that mine was at least the second-worst in the class, and (since I didn't really have anything to do during my free periods since I won't be there tomorrow) read a lot of fic in my breaks.

When I got home, the phone was ringing off the hook, which was annoying as all get out, but it turned out to be a school about a scholarship I got (it was a bit embarrassing there, though, as she was like "So you're in, and you got our highest scholarship!" and I was all "Thanks! *recalls applying to your school but cannot remember where you are or if there was any particular reason why I did so*" and then the people from the car place telling me that I should have the car back by late Tuesday afternoon. Plus, turns out that the chicken that was in the fridge yesterday was saved for me, so I had a salad for dinner and that was good. Andplusagain, I'd asked Dad to get one kind of ice cream a few days back, which it turned out the store he went to didn't have, but he went out and bought me the fat-free minty ice cream sandwiches I wanted and picked up some caramel rice cakes at the same time yesterday, so yay for healthy non-health food.

I'm going to be at school for our awards breakfast tomorrow, then leaving for this health fair thing, which I'm excited about. On both counts. And then a dinner and awards thing (not actually awards for me, but they want our group of awardy-people to parade around for the younger persons so they can say "this is what you must be") on Wednesday night which is also cool.

And LOLOLZ, this teacher thing is hard. I just spent about an hour and a half typing up a 4-page test for my dad's class (because they added things and moved them around and such). I wanted to just scan in the bits that didn't need changed (as there were large blocks that did not), but I figured that it would take about the same amount of time fussing with the scanner as typing it. I was wrong. The formatting's the hard part. How much space do you leave for the answers? Stuff like that.

Speaking of the weather. Just a letter to the people who plow the roads:

Dear Road Plower People.
Did you decide that plowing the roads that lead to my house was for losers or something? Fail.
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Bio project from hell presentation was today. Went decently. But I came home, ate, slept (because I was up uber late last night waiting for one of my group members to email me the Powerpoint--which he never did, so I was up until 4 or so for nothing), went out for my mother's birthday, went to the gym, wasted time eating some more, and now have massive amounts of Spanish and AII homework to do (the former being re-learning some words for a quiz I've got to redo due to making sufficient stupid mistakes to get a 66% and some 17 pages of grammar work that I planned on starting earlier in the week but couldn't find the book for, and the former being 3 proposals for new projects when I have maybe one idea--something about a feminist perspective on birth, going into midwivery and such).

I'm not going to get it all done, this much is evident. To make up that quiz, I'm going to have to drive tomorrow (like I had to today because I missed the bus whilst trying to iron pants that I assumed wouldn't wrinkle up like the bitch they did) so I can stay after or do it during the very end of my first free hour between the bus and Spanish, which would then preclude me working on any of the other stuff then.

This bio project has killed this week for me--it's essentially all I've been doing in all of my free periods and every night at home, and now I'm really behind for everything that's due Friday. It's not like I couldn't conceivably get it done, but I'm so goddamned tired right now from being up late most every day this week for reasons unbeknownst to me (well, a lot because I've turned into a complete night eater, so I spend hours sabotaging all my weight loss efforts, but that's another story) that I really can't conceive of doing anything but going straight to bed.

I think I might have to blow off the Spanish grammar. I don't know really how he works if I don't have it the day it's due, but even if I get a zero, it's only about 15 points. I ace the next few vocabulary quizzes (like I should have done with Monday's--serious, dumbest mistakes ever. Wrote "hermano" instead of "hermoso", my "tonto" looked too much like "tento" and so was wrong--normally I'd fight that, because I know I knew the word, but even I admit that it's definitely an 'e' by every definition of the written letter--anyway, there was only maybe one word that I actually didn't know, and yet I pulled a 66%) and I'll make it up. Problem is that there aren't that many points in his class (we do mainly in-class stuff that never gets turned in--this is easily one of the highest valued assignments, probably because it's so bloody long), so it's gonna hurt me.

But no sleep hurts me more, and I'm not going to be able to beat this headache that I've been fighting off for the last hour or so (not a migraine, thank god) if I don't get to bed. I don't even have the ideas (save the one) for the AII project proposals, and hanging around awake isn't going to help that--I can make something up in the morning. I'll spend another 20 minutes on this Spanish, but I'm going to bed at 2 no matter what. *has decided*

Edit: And whut? Somehow this entry got backdated or timestamped from when I opened the edit window and not from when I hit post, because 20 minutes from 1:05 is definitely not 2am. Oddness.
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LOL. I am finally, finally done with this independent investigations stuff. (Edit: Though sources on this leftover paper I did tonight? Cited they are not. A lot of it is anecdotal, and what's not I detailed the source of in the text, so I shouldn't get away with it but I might.) Save printing out the bits I did today and putting it all together, that is, as I've got no paper at the moment and need to find a hole puncher capable of doing 60-65 pages not one at a time. The LOL was for my cheapness, as I've been passively pondering how to put this together without using an actual binder (which is what its size warrants, unfortunately). I was planning on using one of those translucent covers with the hard plastic binding bit that you slip over the end to hold it all in, but no such luck on the fitting aspect. Plus, I've got to redo my table of contents, as the paper I'd yet to do ended up exceeding the two pages I allotted for it, and all the page numbers (especially if I decide to take out the big section of notes on the INTP personality type--they're not mine, and really just are serving to bulk up the portfolio--as that's at the beginning). Though the latter's only in pencil, so that won't be bad.

The bad bit? I've yet to study for Spanish. This final paper for AII and the backlog of progress-reporting journal entries that I had to do tonight took far more time than I expected.

I've yet to even find the paper that tells me what's on this Spanish final. I know there's history (which I only vaguely know--though he might have mentioned something about using notes on that bit that I may or may not have grasped as it was in Spanish and I only heard it in passing; that would make that aspect a whole lot better) and something over the play we read, plus grammar and vocab, the latter being the only one of all the topics that I know the specifics of (as I've got two pages of the possible words).

Gah. Took an uberlong nap (like nearing actual nighttime sleep length--4 hours in one block, then maybe two more later when I was bored and fell asleep while playing this handheld Slingo game that's captured me in its mindlessness lately) though, so I should be okay. Not exactly of my own free will, as I've been so damn tired lately and didn't exactly mean for it to be that long, but it should definitely pay off when I've got to take these two finals tomorrow and don't expect being able to go to bed.
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Holy. Shit.

Big bio freakout a while back? The 13%? I was feeling shitty and decided that I might as well figure out what my grades are because it really couldn't make me feel any worse, so I logged on and opened them up. Turns out, with what I've got right now, I'm at a B- for quarter. Fuck yes.

And that's with the 7 huge zeros. Not even on the small stuff, no, these are two labs (both done but never turned in because I'm a wussy), two sets of workbook pages (see previous), and a couple of random little assignments from in class on days I wasn't there (that I didn't have the nerve to go ask about).

I'm turning in one of the labs tomorrow. (LOL, if I get it done--just opened up the file I've got and this one doesn't have the conclusion or evaluation, though I'm pretty sure I did those at one point. Grr for having to stay up later.) That should help it even more. Basically, I don't bomb this, I've got a B for semester, which is way better than I expected.

English (essay over Emily Dickenson) and Biology (hence the lab turning in) finals are tomorrow. Not excited about either one as we've really done no work to prepare for either. Well, tons of work on the Dickenson, but none in such a way that I feel prepared to write an essay over it. He threw us into the deep end on this one, as all of us that didn't have him last year have never really critiqued poetry before and have been essentially making it up the whole time.

More grade examinations. Shit, 81% in Spanish. (Hmm. Evidently failed to make up a quiz in there at some point.) And the final in there is a big chunk, too. I've really got to do well on that one. The english grades bit isn't working so much as not--he's got it set up differently and as I don't know what things are weighted and there's no final score, I don't know what I've got in there. Everything else is decent, I suppose.

LOL, grades. I hate these babies. If I play my cards right, no Cs this semester, but it really kills me to know that if I just turned in/made up my damned work, I'd prolly have As all the way across.
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Got the big bits of my AII project done, finally. LOL, naturally, the morning they're due. There are some questions on the personality survey bits that I left blank, because I was a bit uncomfortable answering them, so I'll have to ask the teacher if I've got to have them all answered or not. I think I've got until the end of the hour to finish it, so if she says yes, I can bs something for that. I would have done it already but I was trying to keep this thing honest, since it's actually supposed to be all introspective and helping me, and the selective honesty I applied to most questions ("What are some reasons that you may not have performed as well as you could have in school" being one of those) wouldn't really cut it. Things like the worst times of my life, etc. And ones that I just couldn't come up with an answer for, like the best times of my life one.

LOL, just looked through the binder and I've actually got a whole bunch of questions on this article (that I thought I finished back in. . . September or so) left to go. Those'll get thrown out sometime quickly tomorrow.

At least the papers are done. I'm a little worried that because I didn't exactly fulfill all the prescribed curricula -- the job shadowing, to be specific, as the contacts there never panned out (though I've found a new lead that I may be able to hook up for next semester; too late for the project, but fine for my personal enrichment/enjoyment), as that's one of the five major parts of the second (the portfolio) half of the project. I've done a lot of medical exploring in hospital settings (the lab with my intellectual!girlcrush Lara last year, the NICU this year) that I could write up as semi-job shadowing, but the documentation form requires the supervisor to sign and describe activities and such, which I obviously never got done.

I'm at that stage where I know I should be tired and I know I need to go to bed (the undoubtedly numerous instances of odd phrasing and--hopefully fixed--typos in aforementioned writings should attest to that), but I'm some two Ritalin (because they weren't the extended release kind, thus one covered this morning and one this evening) and one giant Diet Dr. Pepper (from around 6pm, when I finally got out of the endodontist's) past sleepy. I would be all of that plus one gym trip, but I couldn't find the goshdarned keys with the passes again. IH how they always manage to get lost (though I think this time it was actually my fault, as I had them last when I went on Wednesday). I didn't really have the time to go anyway, as seen by the fact that I'm still technically not done with my AII project, plus there was nothing good on TV, but the fact that I'm lol!stress gaining weight (only a tidge--less than a pound, but it's more the fact that I stopped losing it even though I should be, my suckarse metabolism and all) as we approach the holidays and finals (both major stressors, but the former probably more than the latter, actually) and the restarting of the birth control kicking in does not happy make me.

Even though it's not really possible to do it healthily, I really want to drop 5 pounds or so before Christmas. That playing the viola for mass thing's got me up in front of the entire congregation (plus all the fakey Catholics who need to give my family their seats, LOL), and I've got this sparkly red dress (two of them that are almost exactly the same, though one's long sleeved and one short, actually) that I've worn maybe twice that I'm thinking about wearing because it's an excuse to look pretty, you know? And I want to actually look good in it. Idk if it's anywhere close to fitting, but it's pretty and sparkly and I can wear my holiday fishnets with it and I'm damn sure going to try to fit into it.

Though if it were green, it'd win. Green works so much better with my hair. I really want a nice, dark green sweater, as I have none. The one I've been wearing lately (because it fits really well and was part of that bunch of free clothes I got from the rummage sale they were cleaning out from my volleyball court) is red, and though it looks nice, my hair sort of blends in. Not blends in, but doesn't stand out and look all pretty like it does with a good forest green.

LOL, digression. If my paper on how to become an emergency department physician reads anything like this, I'm in trouble. Back to the paper/portfolio-y thing. I want to take it back this weekend and pretty it up some more, which idk if I can do, as it's technically due today. The teacher said that we could keep it over the weekend in order to prepare our presentations take two (this time to the class--meaning my friend Alyssa, plus probably the kids in there for study hall, meaning a bunch of freshmen and Katie--during the final), but I don't know if prettification is allowed. Prettification, probably, I guess, but fixification, no? I'm going to do it anyway. I had to return some of my book sources (and some I just cited from memory of pertinent memoirs and such I've read over the years, shh), so I've got literally no page numbers in my citations. Normally I'd just make them up, which I might still do, as a lot of it was general information either mentioned a few times or carried in attitude, but I'd like to at least get the chance to try and flip through and find where they referred to what I need.

I can even realize that I'm making no sense.

AHH! Spanish quiz to make up (from Monday, when I did/didn't have the medical terminology final in the morning and missed class) sometime today. Meaning the tail end of my first open hour, as I don't want to stay after and that's the only time I can catch him during the day when neither of us have class. (In fact, I was thinking about driving today so I could leave when I was done with economics and most definitely not stay after, but my temporary parking pass that I got for Monday's field trip to present my then-non-existent AII project to 5th graders ran out, meaning I'd have to park the mile or so down the road and hike in the near-freezing weather. Plus I'm getting towards being out of gasoline and have no cashy money for more. And it's prolly not a good idea to be driving too much in the slippreryish dark in less than 3.5 hours.) Meaning I've got to learn those words between now and said tail end of my open hour before Spanish. Thus cutting down on the time I've got to write answers to questions about the article I thought I finished. *headdesk* The bed is thus not happening ATM.
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LOL. Spanish version of "The L Word", titled (in translation, obviously) "Girl Looks For Girl". I would pay money if we got to watch this in Spanish class.

Chica Busca Chica
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Spanish has too many tenses.

A special conjugation for "will have been"? For "will maybe have been going to be" Edit: (lol, makes more sense this way) "might have been"?

I mean, what? I was wibbling for several minutes whilst trying to wrap my head around future-conditional-perfect's "will maybe have been going to be" and the three times you'd ever need that tense.

And this Spanish homework that I meant to start yesterday is far too long for one night.

That is all.
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LOL.  These words for types of birds in Spanish are harder to learn than I anticipated.  Idk any of them, nor have I had time (like I had planned after learning the words) to look over the reading we were also supposed to do.  Fail.  Usually I can learn them in my open hour before, but these just aren't sticking.

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Man, this is unfair.  I realized this morning that this Spanish project type thing was due -- I think -- today.  No problem, I thought, as I could probably whip it up in the morning.  But I can't find the paper that tells me what I'm supposed to do.  *headdesk* 

Edit:  Except win.  It's due tomorrow.  We were supposed to read part of this play for today, which I didn't do, but in our 3 minutes for questions at the beginning, I managed to scan enough of it (plus everybody managed to ask the right questions) to make it through.

I am scared of this dentist appointment.  I've decided that I'm going to finish my chili this afternoon instead of waiting until dinner like I had planned, because I want to eat it while I still have all my teeth.
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LOL, time budgeting.

I've got a Spanish test, an English test, an economics quiz, a biology test that was evidently yesterday (I thought it was today) that the teacher might make me make up in class today, and my midterm paper due for my Advanced Independent Investigations course that I've got two pages left to write for.

And no time to study (for the first)/learn from scratch (second through fourth)/write (fifth).

I've pretty much given up, though, because beyond the Spanish, anything else I've got to do today is just going to automatically be shit. Spanish I may have a chance on, though I've not studied, as I more or less know the material. I can pull a C at least. And I've got lunch to quickly read over the economics (that evidently she taught yesterday? Idk, but we really haven't learned anything since the last test, so what it's over is beyond me), though I don't know what exactly to read and would have to just guess. And I suppose there's the tiniest chance in the world that I can BS 2 pages of AII paper if she lets me turn it in after school (though I'd almost rather not turn it in and just take a grade bump, because I really like this teacher and don't want her to see the shitty, sickness-fueled, frantic writing that is what I have so far and the extent of what I'd be able to pull off during the day). Let's be realistic. I couldn't finish two pages of the AII paper even if I didn't have all this other stuff to study for/do. Bio? No chance. English? Still haven't reread that book. If he makes me finish the essay (it's a two day test thing) after school, I'm screwed. If I can make the second day of the essay be Monday, I may have a chance to figure out what to say over the weekend.

To add insult to injury, sometime while I was sleeping last night, I pulled a muscley-type-something in the groinish area of my left leg. IH how I manage to injure myself even in my sleep.
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So. Wednesday? Fail.

I guess I've got to start out with the night before, which I spent staying up way later than I should have considering I had a cold, only half a root in one of my teeth, massive drugs pumped into me to keep me from noticing that I only had half a root in one of my teeth, etc. I had biology, and I thought I had english (turns out it wasn't due until today, though), and I had to write this campaign speech/essay thing for my econ class's representative to the marketing club spot (a short one, but I have heaps of trouble writing things that are self-promoting already so it actually took me the longest, added to by the fact that I was on pain killers). I finally finished everything but the english, realized it wasn't due until Thursday, and went to bed. Around 2:30 or so, I guess.

I'm still in pain from this whole root canal escapade, so in the morning, I took one of the vicodin that the dentist prescribed. A whole one again this time (I took a whole to get me through the night, but before I was doing halfs every three hours).

After a little while? ('Bout half way through first hour, I'd guess.) Started noticing it. Like, in a "Oh, I think this means that I'm high" way. While I was trying to get some work done. Not very conducive to that. Twas also when I realized that for the second chapter in a row, I'd forgotten one of the huge biology assignments at home. Which is a huge point dock that I can't afford.

2, 2.5 hours after taking it (and right in the middle of Spanish class) I started getting both v. v. hot and nauseous. So I'm sitting there, trying to get my mind to cut through the nausea long enough to come up with the answer to whatever he's asking (because he hadn't called on me in a while, which meant that I was coming up) plus possibly how to ask if I could go to the bathroom/nurse (both easy when I'm not high/sick, but when I am, almost impossible), all while breathing like I'm back on the nitrous to try and quash the nausea.

Next class, english: the hotness hadn't gone away but the nausea had gone down a bit. I get called down to the office for them to ask me if I'd done my make up hours for last year yet. Erm, yeah. In fact, I turned them in the second day of school. I was in fact complemented by the principal for being the first person to turn them in this year. Not only that, but they'd called me down at least twice before so far this year to ask the same question (and caught me and asked when I was in another office working on getting a parking pass). My answer has always been yes, guys. If you lost the papers, let me know and I can get a new set. (I handed them right to you while you were sitting at the computer you could enter them into, but whatever.) Because I'm hanging out in a teacher's room when I'm not scheduled to be on campus, I'm actually working two of them off a day. Considering I only had four to make up to begin with, I've actually got a surplus of about 30 hours or so. So I'd appreciate if you would quit disturbing me, because it's pissing all my teachers off. A bit later, I (and a bunch of other people this time, but still) get called down from the same class for pictures for this award thing. One of the worst days to take pictures of me, I'd think, as if I felt anything like I looked, it was pretty bad. Though TCAB gave me this look/smile thing that made the elementary school girl-esque part of me blush trufax hard and the more adult side spend the entire walk back to class analyzing it.

And then right about noon, the vicodin had completely worn off. *headdesk* A mate offered me half of her peanut butter sandwich, and I forgot and bit it with my left side, and I think my head practically exploded.

12:40 or so, I take some of the acetaminophen (I had re-stolen from my siblings) before economics. Which then sucked. Not only did it turn out I made a bunch of stupid mistakes on the exam the day before by not reading the questions (it asks "which one isn't", and I mark the first one that is without reading the rest of the choices, stuff like that), but the whole class representative thing (that I signed up for only because I figured it'd look good on the resume, but still) was being postponed. The teacher said she didn't remember announcing to the class that you needed to write said essay and get it to her before 7:30 (even though she did announce it) after the other girl that had declared her intention to run for the spot spent the first 10 minutes of class arguing with the teacher about how she didn't "understand why you'd need to tell people why they should vote for you, why can't they just vote?" and about how "1/2 page is so long for something they don't even need!"

And this other girl? The popular whorish type. Basically, my only chance was for her not to actually turn in the essay (which she didn't), but instead of my just automatically winning (like happened with the secretary and social chair positions), the teacher decided they had another day to turn them in. So, since she's giving us the extra day, what if I decided that I wanted to run for secretary? No, those didn't get pushed back because. . . I don't fucking know. I told the teacher that that was bloody unfair, and she tried to justify it (saying that she didn't think she'd announced it, Katie and I told her she did, she said oh well), and then actually managed to track me down to my next class and call me in there (I have no idea how she did it, as I'm not even supposed to be on campus then, but I hang out in one teacher's room anyway so I can take the bus home, which is not on my schedule) to try and "justify" herself some more. I don't even know what exactly she said (though I know it was more of the same and nothing she didn't mention in class), because I was pissed off and in pain and stressed out and damn near tears because of everything.

So yes. Then I just hung out on the computer until the end of the day, working on application stuff, and then I had to go practice with quartet (and sucked, because I hadn't rosined my bow in like evar and didn't think about it to borrow somebody else's because I used to use such strong rosin that I didn't need to more than every few weeks). And then had to leave that early for this conference call because I was on the grant reviewing panel for this Youth Service America organization.

And so I was running around, trying to find a telephone that's not somewhere where siblings will be loud and that actually works (ruling out like all of them), and I finally gave up and got ready to use the main one and just hope nobody decides to turn up the TV when I ran my tongue over my tooth again and decided "Huh. Maybe I should figure out why that feels weird all of a sudden." *looks in the mirror* ZOMGWTF. "MOM, WE'VE GOT TO GO TO THE DENTIST NOW!" The temp filling they gave me? Gone. (Once dad explained to me what it really was, how they expected that to stay for a month until my next appointment baffled my mind. I mean, it's the same stuff marketed in drugstores to fix things until you can get to an emergency dentist appointment, meaning maybe a day at the most.) There's just a gigantic hole in the middle of that tooth.

So I call the dentist, and it's about 5:15 and they're about to close. The nice tech lady from the day before got put on the line (she actually remembered me, which made me feel special, though it was prolly because I was something like the youngest patient to get a root canal evar), and I explained what was wrong, and she was all "When do you go to school?" and I told her, and it was too early to get me in the next day, but since it had to be done, she's all "Do you think you can get here in the next 10 minutes?" And I did (she actually recognized me right when I walked through the door, which made me smile), and everybody else was packing up and leaving, but she stayed and scraped all the old fakeyfilling out (makes me think she's perhaps more of a nurse type than a tech, but idk how the dentistry chain of command works) and put in new stuff (the real kind this time, so it should actually stay, though they'll have to drill it out in October). PLUS SHE ACTUALLY ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS AGAIN, SO I HEREBY APPOINT HER DENTIST AND TELL THE OTHER PEOPLE TO GO AWAY. Another tech/nurse/whatever lady stayed and helped her too, which was nice. And then I didn't have to pay anything (which surprised me, because medicalish places always try to tack on as much stuff as they can--I remember last time my mum was in to have a baby it was all "Adhesive bandage. $7. Pain reliever. $14." for a band-aid and a couple of Tylenol, respectively). I totally missed the panel call, though, which I feel horrid about. I was the only person on the panel that didn't actually work for the organization, and I was pretty excited about doing it.

I got home around 6, and by this time the cold that I'd thought I'd gotten over (that's been coming back and going away repeatedly over the last few days) was back in full swing, plus I'd only gotten a couple hours of sleep the night before, so I went to take a nap. Woke up when I had set my alarm for, around 10:30 so I could get my dad's help on this Shakespeare thing I had to do for english, felt even worse (fever was back), and so decided to just go back to sleep when I still could (you know how you have that grace period sometimes for a few minutes after you wake up and you know that you won't be able to go to sleep if you don't right then?). Woke up this morning in tooth pain plus sore throat/headache/runny nose/the works and, randomly, a stomach ache (prolly from the cold, though, and drainage or whatnot), having had nothing done the night before and the prospect of facing all the crap today, and so decided to stay home.

And that's my story. /lol.
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So. Definitely wasn't planning to be sick all weekend. Lo and behold, I was. No surprise there. But the kicker is that I had a paper due on Monday, and hadn't had time to do it until the weekend, when naturally I was too sick to move. You know how your mother always told you not to procrastinate because something like that would happen? It seems to happen to me an unfair proportion of the time.

Stayed home Monday figuring I could do it then (and because I had started coughing up blood and didn't want to share that with everyone), but ended up not-sleeping most of the day -- you know, when you're exhausted because you're sick but miserable enough that you can't sleep -- and though I was feeling better this evening, my throat's starting to get nasty again and I can't stay up and finish this thing if I want to be even semi-productive tomorrow.

So it's going to be two days late.

I'm just having a horrible time trying to find the time to do much. I don't know where all my time has gone lately, because I haven't studied for finals or written any of these papers or read the play I was supposed to or updated my theatre portfolio/journal thing, etc. And not helping it is that since last Sunday at the Earth Day thing when I got the uber sun exposure I've had the most messed up sleep cycle. I'm totally thrown off. It's horrible.

Yes. So. This is me writing this and not writing my paper or doing anything else productive because I'm still too sick to think. Going to have to go to school tomorrow no matter what because I've already exceeded the maximum days absent that you can still get credit for the class in most of my classes by 2 and will have to make those up probably this week (as though I don't have time really this week, my having even less time begins next week as we start 3 weeks of finals).

And umm, 92 degrees today? WTF? It's not even May for crying out bloody loud.
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Worked at my dad's school all afternoon on Tuesday for some competition for all the middle school gifted students in the district. I didn't actually get to see any of them compete, though, which was somewhat disappointing as it sounded like a pretty cool thing -- they wrote skits a while back, memorized them, etc, and when they got to the competition they were given a character, a prop, and a line that they had to work in somehow and they only had a few minutes to figure out how. I believe that may have only been one part of the competition, though, as there seemed to be a lot of different categories that didn't quite seem to fit with what he had told me they did when Dad was announcing the awards. That and his kids (or at least one group of them, I'm not sure how many there were or how it exactly worked) won, so I imagine they were pretty good at it. Problem was that it took a while -- he said we'd be home around 6, we didn't get back until 7:40 at the earliest. And I hadn't gotten much sleep Monday night and had been standing up making popcorn and running things around for hours Tuesday afternoon, so when I got home I decided to take a nap. Nothing strange there. Until I didn't wake up until 3:30am. Ouch. And then I looked at my watch, figured screw it, and went back to sleep. So I didn't have anything done for classes today. Not that I would have done anything anyway, but I had to take two Spanish quizzes over parts of the play I hadn't read (one because I was planning to read it Tuesday night and one because I thought we didn't have to have it read until Thursday but probably would have started Tuesday night anyway had I been awake).

So I missed NCIS and House and everything. Not fun there. I'll have to get those some time.

Tonight we went to our credit union's annual members' meeting thing. Twas at some banquet center thing and I expected thusly the food to be quite good, but it was merely passable. Not bad, but nothing to brag home about. Still. You walk in the door and they give you one of those plastickyacrylic drawstring tote bag things and a magnetic memo board, then they feed you, then they talk for a bit (but it wasn't that long, thankfully), then they introduce everybody, then they do a trivia contest and draw door prizes. We were in first on the trivia the entire time until the music category (which you'd think I'd be good at, but it was all really old popular stuff; they'd give you a line and you'd have to give the next one without even having been given the song or artist) where we ended up down by one and got beaten in the STL Landmarks category (because it was all downtown, where I never go. Seriously, it's sad. I've lived here all my life and I know Chicago better).

Funny thing was, I had been joking the entire time about how the door prizes should have been cash instead of stuff at the credit union meeting (it was totally random-- some wine basket, a garden hose, potpourri and dish, fancy lotion, a container with a bunch of snacks, etc.), and then the trivia prizes were cash. So I made $5 for getting second, which was especially nice considering I knew virtually none of the questions (usually I'm passable, but these were obviously geared for the older crowd; after me and some of the younger bank teller types that worked there, the next youngest was easily my mom, followed by my dad, and besides them I doubt there was anybody under 60) and was of little help at all. That and two muffin tins and a box of blueberry muffin mix from the door prize. So. Five bucks, a bag and memo board, and muffins; I'd say that was a good haul.

Talked to my old US history teacher today and asked him if he knew of any political cartoons that I could use for this dumb research paper I've got to do for history. Because he always had cartoons to illustrate stuff (because that was what was on all the tests and he wanted to prepare us. Which he did well. Looking back, he was probably my favorite teacher that year for sheer volume of stuff learned) and I was having trouble finding a good one. As my teacher of this year strongly suggested that we have one as part of our bazillion required sources. The whole assignment is crap. It wouldn't bother me so much if he didn't insist on calling it a Document Based Question, which implies an essay with 5-8 sources given to you which you use to support your given topic that you should be able to write in about 50 minutes (as it was on the US History test and will be on the History of the Americas test), and not a research paper with a given topic and 5-8 sources we've got to go find. When he calls it a DBQ it makes it sound like it's okay that he assigned this big, high point valued paper to be done in a week right before the huge finals start.

On that note. Looked at my calendar thing today and freaked out. Evidently my math tests are only in a week and a half and chemistry in two. Holyfuck. I had no idea. I've been trying to keep my head above (as these next two or three weeks are frakking hell every year in every class) in my non-hugeassfinals classes and not really reviewing at all for the ones with said finals. So I'm going to go die now.
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So. I'm really stressing about this mock trial thing tomorrow today. Because I don't have my stuff memorized. And I really need to, because evidently I got docked big time for using notes first round. Umm, it's specifically in the rules that you can't dock for using notes, but they do it anyway, which pisses me off.

School is probably more stressing right now. I'm behind in everything, but the quarter ends Friday, so all the time that I thought I had to gather courage and ask teachers to be able to make up work is gone. And even if they agreed to let me, between mock trial Tuesday and Thursday, preparing for it tonight and Wednesday, I have no evenings to do this work. My report card's going to suck, I'm not going to be able to bring my grades up for semester at all, and I'm going to be right back where I used to be, with straight Bs and prolly a couple of Cs at the rate I'm going. It's totally different from previous years, though, because back then it was more "Oh, I do just what I need to to get by", but now I can't force myself to work. At all. I stress and get sick whenever I think about it, so I don't work, trying to avoid said stress, but really just cause more by not doing the work. I've said this all a thousand times, but it's never helped me.

Mock trial coach lady yelled at us on Sunday for bitching about the team combination thing. I was going to defend myself (because she made it seem like we were defaming the personal qualities of the people on the team while that was not the case; we simply discussed how their skill wasn't up to par and mainly how we disagreed with the policy. With the skill bit, it's the same way that you would say "Yeah, so and so's not good at math, really.") and explain that we're simply in disagreement with her decision to select the team in that manner, but the group she was bitching at was comprised halfly of people who weren't involved at all, so were I to start talking back, it would drag them into it and I didn't want to do that. She wants me to wear this suit jacket thing of hers, though, which is pretty much too small. I'm like "Okay, but I can't so much button it as not." She's like "Yeah, that's fine". I'm not crazy about it, honestly, I'm a fan of my mostly unbuttoned red long sleeved dress shirt and low cut black tanktop underneath when we're going against co-ed and guys' schools. Kidding, but it's more comfortable than trying to smush a tight jacket on top of that.
Speaking of, I've got to go find my pants. They were in the bathroom for a while, but I finally threw them down the laundry chute a few days ago. So they're in the laundry room in the basement somewhere. Which means that they're undoubtedly wrinkly (even though these pants are really good at staying unwrinkled, there's only so much they can take) so I'll have to get up early and iron them. Grr. Though not, I guess, because I'm pretty sure I'm going home before trial like I usually do (for just an hour or so, but I can't stand being away from home for 16 hours like that without time to sit down and relax).

English journal conferences this week. Realized I haven't been doing my journal at all this quarter. I have maybe four pages of it. Shit. And my grade is hugely riding on this thing. I heard one girl had one zero and it brought her down to a 79%. My one zero in that class is for a huge thing. I've got to be practically failing.

Spanish test tomorrow also. Same with bio. Both grades also riding on these tests. Got a 73% on the last Spanish test (I, along with more than half the class, got one entire conjugation section wrong for some reason) and I never do well on the vocab quizzes, so I doubt I've got higher than a B- in there at the moment. Bio is easy, but I don't know this stuff that well (as he really didn't teach it, grr) and it's all diagrams and such to draw and essays. Multiple choice I can get, because those tend to be easy, but I have to diagram from scratch a bunch of stuff. Grr.

Started a book Sunday evening, finished it this afternoon: Trial by Journal by Kate Klise. It's a kids' book, really, but I thought it was entertaining. It's a quick read, something to do while you're lounging around and want to do something easy but fun for two hours. Twas cute. I had started going back through and rereading the Everworld books, but I can't find my copy of book 3, so I stopped until I can locate it (I'm not one for reading out of order when I've not read the books for several years) and my sister really loves the Klises' books, and this was lying around, so I picked it up.

So. I'm going to finish this fic I'm reading and then go to bed. Because yay, sleep. I've been doing that a lot lately. Ish. I'm waking up every 2 hours or so, more and more frequently as it gets closer to morning. I'm falling asleep for 15 minutes and then waking up as it nears 6:30. So I'm having to sleep for longer periods to counter the fact that I'm not getting good sleep. I've given up on the whole stay up to do work thing. I don't do the work anyway, so why the hell am I staying up? It's odd, though, if I go to bed at 10ish and get up at 6ish (like I did Sunday night), you'd think I wouldn't always be as tired as I am. My mum makes these comments about how I spend all my time sleeping, and I'm like "But I don't--I can't sleep most of the time!" I get really defensive about it, for some reason. An odd one, I am.
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Still sick. Up too late doing absolutely nothing because I've been sleeping a lot because of the sick, but am not tired yet because due to the sleeping late, I didn't wake up until like 9:30 this morning. Therefore, quizspam. )

My hands are cold. They get so quite often when I'm up late. No other part of my body, just my hands. Probably because they're away from the rest of the body because they're on the keyboard and such. Interesting. /way too much cough medicine

Joined a Harry Potter femslash Yahoo group/list thing. In Spanish. That's pretty wicked. I'm excited. I hope fics get posted loads. (If only my Spanish teachers knew what I was doing with what they have taught me.)
I'm flipping through the files for saved fics. And then throwing them into Babelfish just so I can scan through quickly and get an idea if I'll like it or not. The one I've got open right now looks really good, even through the botched altavista translation. I'm sort of reluctant to read it because it looks so good and I know that the botched translation that I'll get out of it, though much better than babelfish, won't do it justice. I already know that I'm going to need a dictionary to read it because just looking at the fakeyenglish, I'm seeing words that I know I don't know the Spanish for. Still going to try. I can just see it, though.
Me: "Señor, qué significa la palabra [some slangy type thing invariably connected to lesbian sex]?"
Him: (surprised) "Donde encontraste éste palabra?"
Me: "En una historia."
Him: "Qué tipo de historias lees?"
(Translationish: Sir, what does [some slangy type thing invariably connected to lesbian sex] mean? / Where did you come across this word? / In a story. / What kind of stories do you read?)

I kept putting off reading the Femslash Advent Calendar entries and putting them off and putting them off that I got on the computer tonight and realized that I only had like 2 hours to read as many as I could. So I did so. Which was great. I didn't read all of them before the voting deadline (I stopped 10 minutes before midnight to make sure that the form got sent in on time) and I skipped about 4 that were not in fandoms that I even vaguely knew, but I've since read all but the one that was part one of a bunch (because it wasn't in a primary fandom or a pairing that I ship and I didn't really want to spend a long time reading it) and the ones from fandoms I didn't know. And it turns out that I managed to have read all the best ones (and voted for them) before the voting; I didn't finish reading the rest and go "Oh, man, I wish I had voted for this one" or anything, which was nice. Except I almost did for one. But it was close. So I'm cool.

Found an ER fic that I'm almost positive I remember reading way back when. Not that far way back when, but probably two and a half years or so. Tis good.

Made some icons a few days ago. Because I spent lots of the entire weekend (including when I stayed home sick on Friday) watching my Xena dvds. Man, I love those girls. Haven't decided which icon/s are going to go so I can exercise the new one/s yet. Or, as evident by my repeated use of "/s", how many I'm going to swap out. Edit: Has since swapped. One from "Been There, Done That" for my hughsday/lisasday icon. Yay, Xena.

Noticed an increase in spam lately, so I took my email addy off of my profile page. If you need to know it and don't already, hit me up on here (though it's not hard to figure out).

Speaking of staying home sick on Friday. Somebody kept calling me. Freaked me out. This guy with a really heavy middle eastern (I think Indian, though I'm not as good at pinpointing location by accent in the middle east) accent kept calling on Wednesday and Thursday and though I didn't pick up the phone, my sister says he called again Friday, I assume trying to sell me something. And so I thought it was him calling and hanging up a few seconds after the answering phone picked up, but it was too often to be a telemarketer.
And the one time I picked up, I hear these voices in the background and nothing in the foreground, but I'm like okay, it's probably mum or dad and they put the phone to their chest to yell at their students or something, but then I say hello again and I swear, the guy goes "hello, sexy". So I freaked and hung up the phone. It was after this that he/it/whoever called back at least eight times (I'm assuming it was the same guy, but really no idea) and hung up after the answering machine kicked on.
But imagine it. I'm sick, home alone, pretty tired as I haven't gotten much good sleep at all lately though I'm in bed a lot because it's hard to sleep with a cold, and somebody keeps calling me. I was all like *Checks locks. Grabs katana. Keeps katana by side until others come home.* (Yeah. *has swords.* *is cool like that.* Though technically I suppose the real ones are my dad's. Still.)
I've got no idea who it could be; I don't hang out with the kind of person at school that would do that for a joke. I suppose anybody could have gotten my number from the phonebooks or whatever (though I think we might be unlisted, so that might be out), or possibly got it from a friend of a friend of a friend or something (which, if it were somebody that I knew/vaguely knew/could have known, I think is the most likely explanation), but still, what I keep coming back to as most likely is someone that I don't know at all. And that just . . . *shivers.*
I really wish I had caller id, because I would be all *looks up non-emergency number for the police. calls.* I considered doing it anyway, but without anything concrete or more than just a "hello sexy" and with no phone number or anything, I figured I'd just be wasting their time.

Just remembered that I've got more homework than I thought I had. Shit. I'm going to be up all frakking night. (Edit: Since I wrote this at 2am or so, I have been up all frakking night. Already. And have done nothing of the homework. Nice job. *pats self on back*)
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So. Was making cookies. I was like "Okay, let's give people cookies for Christmas." Yeah, no. They didn't cook right. Twas my fault, though, as they said 10-12 minutes and they weren't done then, so I put them back in for another 10 minutes and they still weren't done, so instead of going short increments, I stuck them in for another 10 and then they got too dry.

And then my dad was like "Oh, you can microwave them too." And he put one in, but we have two microwaves, see (no idea why) and he put it in the newer, stronger one, so it burned really badly. As in, that was almost 10 minutes ago and I can still barely breathe even though we've got the microwave sucker fan thing going that sucks the air to the outside.

Spanish final tomorrow. Not nearly as worried about that as I think I should be. Math is what's going to kick my ass. Haven't studied for any of them, though.

Still don't know when we're leaving for Texas. Looks like Saturday morning. My grandma wanted mum to just pull me out of Friday school and go down then, but I was like "Yeah, says right here that if you miss a final and don't have a note from the appropriate medical or legal authority, you get a zero. Not happening."
Though my last two finals are bio and chemistry; I only really need to put my name on the test of the former to get an A (because I've got like a 97% and this final combined with the midterm that I got a 98% on only make up 10%, meaning that even if I don't answer anything, I've got a 92%) and the teacher of the latter said that as long as we pass the final, it really doesn't count. So they're easy. But not missable.

Been reading fics to myself lately, which makes me smile. Especially because some of the really long ones are impossible to do in one take straight through so I'm merging bits together and the program I've got to do so (Sony's Acid Express) is pretty darn cool and I feel accomplished every time I make a seamless transition thing from one clip to another. The reads aren't great because I'm doing them while lying on my stomach on my bed into my Mp3 player and usually doing them in one take unless they're over 10 minutes or I majorly screw up. Like fumble on a page turn or something. That's happened a couple of times. It's like *pause, paper crinkle* and, next page. I tend to just restart from the beginning, though.
And has anyone else ever tried to do dialogue switching back and forth from a British accent to Southern US and back all quickly? That's hard. I can do both accents relatively well on their own, but trying to also man them up (because it was Reed and Trip from Enterprise, both men) and do them quickly was majorly challenging. Didn't sound terribly accurate.
Grr at me a bunch of times screwing up and deleting the wrong file from the player. I try to delete the one that I just recorded, but it doesn't always start on the delete menu with the most recent one, sometimes it goes from the one before or from the beginning and it doesn't tell me how many tracks are on there, so I just have to guess what number I was on and I've been wrong at least twice and deleted complete, good, one-take reads.

But if anyone else has/knows of places to get good fics in recognizable fandoms on audio, I'd like to see them. I've got a couple that I really want to listen to, but I'm forcing myself to save them for the trip, and that's only a few.
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But yeah. So, power came back on late Tuesday afternoon. I mathed it, it ended up being like 120 hours without power. Twas cold. Still cold in my bedroom.

Random stuff: Couple of days ago I was talking to Katie about Star Trek pairings and I was telling her about Troi/K'ehleyr and how in the first episode that K'ehleyr was on, she was all "I'm a half-breed! *angsts*" And Troi was like "So am I. *counsel, counsel, counsel, snuggle*" Except minus the snuggling. At least, not on screen. But I said it exactly like that, and with hand motions like flashing lights sending beams of counseling for counsel and it was funny. Yeah. I guess you probably had to be there.

Everybody in school pretty much had the giggles on Friday. It was entertaining. Our entire Spanish class just was constantly laughing.

My teacher told me if I rocked the chemistry test on Friday, I could get an A for semester. I think I kicked that test's butt. Hopefully. *Is cautiously optimistic.*

Yay for last meeting of dumb republican congress. Yay, Nancy Pelosi. I'm a fan. LOL at the congresspersons only working like 104 days all year. Which is like the least working congress days in 60-someodd years. Makes me laugh. Slackers.

Quartet gig last night. Everybody forgot to tell me that this was a 3 hour gig, as I had planned to go see Urinetown for theatre class right after. Nope, couldn't. So I've got to find somebody else to work for me at volleyball tonight so I can hopefully go then.
And I'm completely and totally sick of the song "Here Comes Santa Claus". They made us vamp that over and over while the dumb Santa guy went around to each of the hundred someodd people and handed out candycanes and such. Was nearly 15 minutes. And I can play for 15 minutes with no problem, but when you're playing the same thing over and over (about 30 times, we estimated, as it was a short song), you don't get any variation of arm movement (though in trying to vary up the arm movement, I think I played that song in every shifting position possible) and not only is it killer boring, it makes you really sore. Grr for that.
And the chairs slanted backwards. Which is badbadbad. Because you're leaning extra far forward (even though you're already on the edge of the seat) to compensate and your back starts hurting really quickly.
Got paid, though, which is nice. Finally. As I didn't get paid for the last 4. Nor have I gotten paid for the last two weeks of volleyball. Grr at that also. *needs money*

First violin was rather a bitch at quartet last night.
She was like "Oh, I'm going to be on pit and so is this other kid and nobody else even has a chance because we're the best." I really wish Alyssa had been there, because she's one of the few that actually realizes that aforementioned violin is nowhere near as good as she thinks she is and we could have shared significant glances and sniggers. She's especially not very good on viola, which is the instrument she was talking about being in pit on. She just has a two thousand dollar viola, so whatever she does sounds good. She depends completely on this expensive instrument to make her sound good; she's played mine and she sounds so much worse that I do on it.
But that pissed me off because I really wanted to be on pit for Sound of Music but I knew that I never had a chance because the orchestra teacher really doesn't like me. It has nothing to do with how good she is, it has to do with the fact that she's a suck up to the director and I never joined the director's little strolling strings group.
Grr at Anne for constantly insulting me. All the time. And I don't even think she knows that she's doing it. The replacement second violin for last night's thing asked me where I got my viola, and she made some comment about probably from the trash, because it's so bad. And she's done that multiple times before.
She insults me by grabbing my viola when I was trying to tune it like I've got no idea how to tune an instrument. And then she unwound my C string and put it back on, which made the rest of my strings go out constantly for the first hour we were playing. I was like 'Thanks a lot'. And she still couldn't tune my viola in any kind of short amount of time. I had to grab it back from her so there was a chance of getting it in tune before we had to start playing. She acts like she's all superior when it comes to anything music and she can't accept that she's not.
And at the end, I mentioned something about how my mom's taken on this project of cleaning out the laundry room in the basement, and she goes "So now there'll be one room in your house that you can walk in." I'm like urm, Anne? You've been in my house, what, twice? And both of those times only for a few minutes and only into the front room. And I know for a fact that neither time was the room messy, because once was before my birthday party and I had cleaned it up that afternoon and the other time . . . it just wasn't. So, yeah. Aside from me maybe mentioning that my room is a mess, I have no idea where you got that except out of your ass so you could make fun of me in front of people.
And these just after I was really nice to her on Thursday when she was upset about getting a bad grade on that dumb english presentation. So yeah. Guess what. I'm done. She's finally pissed me off too much.

Word is not letting me paste things in it. Don't know why. It just freezes up when I try to paste things. Not always, but things from email and things from livejournal posts tend to be the ones that are all of a sudden being bitches. Not nice. I'm pasting things to Word Perfect (which I actually like better, but hasn't been working right on the computer in different ways for half a year now) and pasting them from there to Word. Annoying.

Being forced to go to church. Also tres annoying. Grr.

So. Is back from church. Was about to go to the theatre to go see that dumb musical, but then my dad reveals that he has no idea where the theatre is even though I told him what it was by. And there's no time to look up directions as I was already going to be late, so I'm down to one showing that I maybe might be able to go see. And if I had gone to this one at 2, I might not have even had to miss work. And now I definitely will, which is sad. If there even are any tickets. And there's no way that there's going to be any. Because that would be too handy. I'm going to end up not seeing this one. Not like I care. Theatre teacher told us that we would have to go see two or three plays this year. Year's not even half way done and this is number three. I don't have the money to shell out for all of these tickets. She needs to get over herself. And maybe consider teaching something once in a while. There's no teaching going on in that class. Of the two performance things we did before this big directing one, we got feedback on neither. So we've got to do this big one with no idea whether what we've been doing for other plays so far is any good. And the meddling she does in our scenes just screws us up. Of the three male characters I play in this latest performance/directing thing, the one for whom the dialogue is most manly is the one that the teacher made us turn into a female. He/she's the only one who seems even slightly male; the other two have nothing written in to even suggest that they might be of the male persuasion save who they're in love with. Grr. So we're having to change every line from father to mother and your late wife to your late husband (the latter change which completely removed the joke from the rest of that line) and the rest of it still doesn't make sense because it's so un-female.

Knees hurt. And back/neck. And the spot on my shoulder where my viola was digging my bra strap in. And the bruise/hickey on my neck. Not yay for pain.
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LOL at "The Wilson House". It's the birthplace of the guy who co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous that's now supposed to be "a living memorial [sic] a place where people can come to visit and give thanks to God for their new lives and to give thanks for God working through Bill to give them the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and the fellowship of the Program."

Still. The website is That's worth a laugh.

My dad made some good pumpkin bread today, though it's a bit too sweet. Still, it's got like no sugar in it because he used Splenda instead and applesauce instead of oil, so it's got very few calories in it. Which is good.

And he bought me some dark chocolate, so that's nice. Because I had a coupon for a free bar of Hershey's dark chocolate and I asked him to pick it up for me but they didn't have any, so he bought me Dove dark chocolate. Which is very different from the really good kind that I got addicted to dark chocolate through, but it's good.

My bedroom/bed was really cold last night, though, so I had a really hard time going to sleep and then I kept waking up during the night. Ended up taking a really long nap today, but I'm still sort of tired as I didn't sleep well during the day either. Kinda odd. I wonder why. Though it doesn't really matter if I'm up late tonight (though I'll be miserable during school tomorrow and have to take a spanish quiz and a history test over things that the teacher, as usual, hasn't really at all taught when I'm tired) as I don't have to stay after and it's the last day of school this week. So I hope I can start get this english paper finished soon because if I'm not going to sleep well again, I want as much time of bad sleep as possible.

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