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I don't write fics often, but when I do, any recognizable characters are the property of their respective owners. Story lines, etc. and all other writings/posts are mine.

And just as a warning to anybody who friends me: I don't post every day (not even close lately), but when I do post, I'm liable to throw out three, four posts in a few hours, so your f-list might occasionally get clogged up with me.

My fandoms. (Because the list was getting too long)

FYI, I'm "CrashCart9" virtually everywhere (save here, obviously, and Ebay--whoever took my name? Grr.), so you can look me up on Twitter,, wherever and be pretty certain it's me. I latched on to that name when I was. . . idk, 11 or so, and it's just stuck. If I had the choice, I'd switch it to "asystole", which is the other name I've used, but that one was taken in most places already (including DW, sadly), so CrashCart9 I often am.

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