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In regards to the House season finale.

It needed to be Wilson that found House at the end. I used to love Cuddy so hard, but DNW. Not how it's supposed to go. Bros before hos. I think it would have meant more, too, because like TPTB have said before, House can only be happy for short periods of time or he's not House. The counter to that was do you think that House and Cuddy would be all rainbows and sunshine? No, that's true, but still, ancient friendship > on again/off again/mostly unrequited romance. Would have meant more.
I reallyreallyreallyreally hope they do another "all in House's head" thing just to fuck with the Huddy folks' heads. It would be hilarious. Because who cares if he didn't take the Vicodin--a brick probably fell on his head at some point! That was the first thing in my head.

Overall? Didn't like the episode. House emoting to the patient seemed artificial, the Thirteen thing got hidden by the Huddy and pt dying, the crane driver's resolution was both hidden and stupid, and I really would have liked to see more mass casualty dealings. I've got a Holmes fic idea jotted down from ages ago where Holmes basically goes "House in the clinic" on Watson's patients--that's what I wanted to see more of in this episode. What he did at the beginning to the guy who wouldn't have made it even with surgery was great. Basically, more medicine, less of this emoting shit. Because if you bring it out bit by bit, it's believable. Emoting to a patient both has been done at least twice a season and doesn't ring as anything but artificial when he sits there and monologues like that.

In regards to The Good Wife's "Hybristophilia":


Next, I liked how the sort of bumbly red haired lawyer got everything to work and got Peter off. They played it up a little bit too much with the computer thing in this episode (one or two key combination messups would have been fine, but the scene went on way too long), but it was good.

Third, Kalinda? I like this internalized homo-apathy (as a plot device, obviously, not like-like), as I decided to call it--she's not homophobic that we've seen, but definitely uncomfortable. The pilot script calls her bisexual, but I'm not seeing that. I'm seeing maybe someone who's telling herself she's bisexual because she thinks maybe that's easier (which it's totally not, thanks to biphobia and so much misunderstanding, but the bi-now, gay-later phenomenon is real, if definitely not universal--me being case in point). She's dating/doing women behind the scenes, but girl is closeted as fuck--"I'm private" to someone who's a pretty close friend, who you've talked about love lives right and left to, is almost the same as not admitting it to yourself.

And the bit where she slept (or whatever) with that investigator guy last week or the week before? Whoa. Her conflictedness was impressive. I read that as not only is she sleeping with a guy, which isn't her preference, she's doing it to maintain this work connection. And though she uses her body all the time to pretend to be other people or flirt or whatever to get information, this was the first time she'd crossed *that* line (though maybe it was helped out by her being all "Oh, I'm so bisexual. See, watch me do a guy! I'm not *totally* gay" to herself). If they threw in that once-over of the female bartender to show that she's bisexual, TPTB are doing it wrong, because that was almost wistful and thus invalidated any and all belief we may have had that she was walking off with that guy because that's the way she swings--summary? Kalinda is gay.

It makes me wonder if Alicia had asked if Kalinda was bisexual, would she have answered? I kind of think maybe. Kalinda's holding on to this bisexuality as an intermediate step in figuring herself out, and it might have been less of a shock that Alicia asked, thus not causing her to recoil completely into the non-answer answer of "I'm private".

Away from Kalinda, I'm not looking forward to more of the will she/won't she of Alicia and Will. I don't like Will. He's not pretty enough for her, and he seems to have very little consideration of the impact of whatever they're doing together on her, sort of pulling her into it selfishly. Do I think she should stand by her man? Not necessarily. But she does have kids, and leaving their father is one thing, leaving their father to fool around with some other guy is another. I mean, do him or don't do him, but even though I really care about Alicia, I don't care enough about Will for this debate to mean anything to me, and thus it feels like it's gone on way too long. They should resolve it once and for all this season finale, because we're not invested enough in both parties for it to have much of a suspenseful impact (unlike, say, House and Cuddy).
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Re: the House season 4 finale.

If ever I begin to question why I watch this show (as with most of the Tritter arc, large bits of season 4, etc.), this is the answer.

I can't begin to describe how much I loved it. I mean, "3 Patients" may have just been replaced as the best episode. (Excuse to rewatch 3P to find out, LOL.) The acting was great, the complexity of the relationship issues was dealt with understatedly enough that it didn't annoy you, the parallels to old school House episodes were funny, RSL just. . . *is floored*, the Huddy, the House/Wilson, the Thirteen, the Kutner!fail at being anything that makes me like him at all.

Too many points to pick out the good stuff, really, so we'll just look at some of the odd moments. And bits towards the end, because that's what I remember.

Spoilage. I was keeping it vague at the beginning, so the main bits aren't spoiled, but the Remy situation is, because I couldn't talk about that without, you know, talking about it. )
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I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID NOT TRY TO WATCH HOUSE ON THE TREADMILL. Like I usually do when there's something good on, because it makes me stay on the treadmill the entire time, you know? But Tyler and the parents were fighting loudly for pretty much all afternoon/evening, Tyler feeling the need to stand at the back of the hallway (right by my bedroom door) to do so, meaning I got virtually no sleep. (And as the afternoons are my normal sleeping time--I haven't been able to sleep more than an hour or so at night lately, which is horrid because I've been running on the 3-5 hours I catch between getting home and getting up to go to the gym and only catching up on weekends--this contributes to a very tired me.)

So yes. I kept trying to go back to sleep, kept getting woken up, and stayed in bed through House, going to the gym closer to 9:30.

I'm watching it now, and I just got to the REMY REVELATION OF WINNAGE.

And I am fully confident that I would have fallen off of the treadmill (because I go fast and on the steepest incline it'll do, which means you've got to hold on) if I had been walking on it when that part came up.
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Twas 72F degrees this morning/afternoon. I had to strip off while driving not only my coat but my stylish jackety thing and roll down the window.

Twas 13 with a wind chill of -4 on the way home from the gym this evening. Had to put coat back on and crank up the heat in the car (which frustrated me by not really working until I realized that the window was still open).

Plus, the wind was some 59 mph and blowing my car all over the road. This little thing I drive is way too light to stand up to that kind of beating--it already needs realignment, but just keeping it going in a straight line was a struggle.

Um, weather, whutisthis?

And on the tooth front. It fractured just below the gum line, so I'm missing about 1/4 of the tooth (the endodontist poked it twice or so with a random tool thing and then just popped it up with tweezers), but that means that there's still a pretty good chance of getting the crown on successfully. It's hard to say, though, because though they can do it if it's below the gum line a bit, this looks pretty far under to me (though it's still swollen from the infection, so we can't tell at this point).

Re: House. I admit, I did not get the prostitute/Mary thing with the clinic patient. My understanding level was prolly hindered by my being on the treadmill at the time (you don't quite pay as close attention when you're trying to avoid getting sweat in your eyes), and I was flipping channels on commercials and missed quite a bit, though, which was not cool. It's impossible to guess when the show'll be back anymore. There was one really long stretch with no commercials, and then like a 5 minute commercial break, and after that each break was only one minute or so. Oddness.

And my pears are ripe! Win. Except now I've eaten three of them today because I don't want them to go to waste, and so managed to go way over my calorie allotment for the day, which is lose.
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Re: House.

I'm liking how they're trying to get back to normal type episodes again. Though it wasn't terrific, IMO, because they had a bunch of stuff going on right after they were like "Oh, that's impossible!" and then didn't explain it at all. Didn't explain anything, really. It's like on the real medical shows on Discovery Health where they try to pass a plebeian explanation off on the viewers for whatever because if they went any more complicated, the dumb people wouldn't get it, but don't realize that their dumb explanation (while satisfying the people who don't know anything/don't try to actually make sense of it) makes no sense to the people who have passed basic high school biology.

*Refrains from blabbing exactly what happened.* Let's just say that if you are a fan of any of three very popular (het, of course *growls*) ships, you're going to be ecstatic, either from the episode itself or the previews for the next one. I, on the other hand? Guh. Though there were some good lines. "You're the person here I'm least likely to fall in love with." LOL at that one, because it made me happy. Mostly because this means that Cuddy ranks higher than Chase on Cameron's fall-in-love list.

And, umm, I think Cameron forgot how bad the sex was with Chase. That was the funny thing about their whole encounter, how he was like "I know bad sex, and this wasn't it," and Cameron's like *refrains from comment*. And then later, with the whole needing a sperm sample from the patient and Cameron being all "Too bad it isn't you we need the sample from. We'd be done by now." That made me assume that the sex sucked. And now this? Evidently the meth makes her memory fuzzy after more than a few months.

What was with Cuddy's date analyzing her like he knows her? Umm, no. And Lisa E? Sorry, hun, but you've really got to keep your club kid/valley girl crap out of the actual episodes, because your odd delivery screwed up a couple of lines this ep.

Foreman's kinda a whore. Being mean to Cameron again. *pokes him.*

I don't deny that the interpersonal stuff and lines resulting thereof in this ep had me out of my seat several times. Back and forth from eww to yay, but still.

Next episode is exciting me, though. What could House's secret be that Wilson knows and Cameron finds out that would make Cuddy and Cameron do that?

Yeah, I just realized that the end of that last sentence makes the ep sound much more interesting/exciting than it will actually be, if you catch my drift. They're doing separate 'that's. Unfortunately.

And random curses at the writers for Jossing me a bit. Valentine's Day night fic where they're stuck covering the ER? Kinda the basis for the one I started at volleyball on Sunday. Though they were only there for like the first two minutes. Still.

But umm, in conclusion? Valentine's Day doesn't mean that they had to try to satisfy every shipper of every het ship possible over this and the next episode. Though were they to try to satisfy every shipper of every ship, I'm thinking I'd be fine with it.
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So. Didn't see all of the House (missed the intro and the last 15-20 minutes) because I was at the gym and we left early because my left hip gave out on the treadmill and my dad was having low blood sugar. But from what I have seen, I'll say this much:

House, you just try being mean to Cuddy again. I'll jump through the fucking screen and break your other leg. *comforts Cuddy with cuddling and hair stroking and sex*

This is probably my new favorite episode because of the Cuddy. Snarky!Cuddy, administrator!Cuddy, mommy!Cuddy, self-sacrificing!Cuddy, wet!Cuddy. . . . The beginning was all funnylike (I was all *gigglesnort handovermouth* so as not to draw attention from the people on the treadmills around me) but then House just started pissing me off. Even at the beginning, he was all "laser pointer on boobs, lol" and I was saying under my breath "kick his ass, Cuddy. Go do it. Pull him away from the windows so your moneygiver types won't see, and sock him one.

Though I couldn't stop my laughing at "It's never lupus". I almost fell off the treadmill.

SVU wasn't that interesting except for Casey's bitching at Olivia. What was up with that? *coughsexualtensioncough* After the ep, though, they were all " online live chat with the Mariska" and I was all *runs to computer*. There were so many people on that the blog server was having a lot of trouble keeping up. And it said comments didn't get posted but they did, so I've got about 5 of them on there on different threads asking the same thing. I started trying to post when there were only like 30 comments on the questions thread, and by the time that it actually showed up that I had posted, they were up to like 2000. The question more or less went like this:
What was with Casey's attitude towards Olivia this episode? Her pretty much blatant hostility and personal attacks seemed off from their normally civil, if not friendly, relationship. Is there some upcoming character development that will explore this, or is it simply the clash of both of their passionate drives to get the bad guys? If the latter, how did this affect the way you acted that scene?

Because I'm interested in how she interpreted that scene, as it came out of nowhere, IMO. Though it's not going to get answered, looks like, as there's so many people that there's like no chance, plus she's only been answering more personal or general questions, not acting-related and specific episode questions. Too bad.

Somebody screwed something up on my computer so it's all in "Windows Classic" style. (I totally typed "Wilson" there. No idea why. Well, some idea.) And I can't change it back; XP style isn't a choice anymore. Going to have to do a system restore, see if that will fix it. I'm a little worried, as I loaded a downloaded game (dangerousbadbadbad) right before this and other bad random computery problem things started happening. And I don't want to have to uninstall the game.

Did english presentation. Mine was already running towards the 10 minute mark (and she cuts us off at 8) when I was practicing it and going fast, so I was cutting things out right and left during 6th hour so it would fit within the 8 minutes for presenting during 7th. I get there, it turns out that she's counting our reading of the excerpt as part of our time. Didn't tell us that. My passage was extra long because I wanted to get in this theme shift. So that was 4 minutes right there. I ended up cutting out practically every other line to get my presentation from the 8 minutes I had already trimmed it to down to 4 to fit in the time constraints. With no time to figure out what to cut, I just had to pretty much wing the entire thing up there on the podium.

And then every single flaw type missing thing she pointed out to me when she showed me my grade was in my original presentation. Didn't have good enough transitions between topics? Because I didn't have time. Not enough connections to the rest of the story? I cut them down from 6 examples to two because I didn't have time. So it's kinda not fair that the people from now on will know that they have to count their passage reading time while I know that I could have gotten a better score if I had known that and had time to actually think about how to trim down my time. (And I really wish that the presentation could have been longer, because I did have a lot of good points that I didn't get to make.)

Still, I got an A on it (the highest score so far, though I was only the 5th to go, but still in the group of the highest scores ever because the rubric they use is silly and everyone ends up getting Bs on it) and I only wrote it half last night and half during the day today and then basically threw out everything I wrote and made stuff up based my basic ideas while I was up there. So that's cool.

*uses lisa's day icon because this was so her episode*
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Point of squeeage.

Cuddy said something about House getting into a fight with his wife. My mind, as would be expected, immediately jumped to "House and Wilson are sort of fighting over this whole cop thing. So that means. . . CUDDY JUST CALLED WILSON HOUSE'S WIFE!!!" (That sort of looks like she picked up the phone and called the wife of somebody named Wilson House, but rephrasing it would take away some of the cool.) Stupid grin ensues. I turn to my mother. "Did Cuddy just call Wilson House's wife?" Her: "I don't think so." Me (in head): *shakes head* 'Mother, mother, mother. It's obviously just them being subtle so as not have their show dropped by every state south of 36° 30’ because of the evil, America killing gaydom. Though Xena did fine, so I don't know what they're so worried about.' But I wasn't quite sure, because they hadn't gotten to outright fighting yet, so I was still like "Maybe this is just my slashdar crazy symbolism stretching and not actually supposed to be what the Cuddy meant." And then they got even more frigid towards each other at the end. (Bad House. Bad. You aren't being nice to Wilson.) And I was sure.

But did anyone else pick up on the Cameron/Wilson? There was some line -- I don't remember it, I'll have to look it up when I download the ep -- that made me go "Oh, jeez. They're setting up for the big revelation that Wilson and Cameron have started going out shagging." That was a surprise. There was the requisite House/Cuddy ("I'll be your baby's father."), the requisitite House/Cameron (the sling fixing, eyeshagging scene), the requisite Cuddy taking Cameron hardandfastandhot up against the wall of her office scene, Cuddy's House/Wilson reference, but I wasn't expecting Wilson/Cameron.

I'm sort of tired of the whole Tritter thing, though. Just resolve it already, jeez. The dynamics it's bringing out in the characters are interesting, as has been the writing of late, but if they don't resolve it in next week's episode and don't do anything else to hook me back into the situation (I.E. Tritter has pictures of Cameron and Cuddy shagging that he uses as blackmail to get them to testify against House but it ends up not working because they've decided that they don't care if people know about their relationship because the sex is great they're in love.) I think that I'll start being actively bored of it.

But man, I was hoping that the dude had sarcoidosis. I was all excited when they saw all those little tumors in his brain, I was like "Finally, somebody's actually got sarcoidosis." But no. Still. Could have been. Depends on where exactly the nodules were whether they could have caused the symptoms. Though I don't remember what imagery they used to find them and I'm not sure if sarcoidosis nodules show up in all kinds of scans, so that might prove it wrong. I should look that up.

But I think I'm going to play Sims now. Because I'm really angry at my english teacher for reasons that I'm not going to get into until probably tomorrow (at which point it will be ranted about daily for about a week) and I feel like doing something fun.
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Election not looking as good for the Democrats as I had anticipated. I wonder how much of it was the Kerry thing that screwed it. Because, compared to all the stuff that the Republicans have had hit them lately, that was nothing. Yet it was really close to the election. And though people seemed to be making a big deal out of it, it was mostly through jokes about how that was going to lose the election for the Democrats, not even seriously. But polling before seemed to be much more Democrat favorable than the results that are coming in now are. I'm doubting the Democrats are going to get the senate, as it's pretty much looking certain that they're not going to get MO and out of the 5 big contested states, they could only lose one and still take control. MO is going to be the one. And the other states look pretty Republican leaning to me.

Didn't pass a couple of things I wanted passed (tobacco tax? I was a fan of that bitch), passed a whole bunch of stupid crap changing the town charter for my municipality basically giving the aldermen unlimited power, and my district is stuck pretty heavily republican House-wise. Which is dumb, as I pretty much live in the ghetto. Though I suppose the district probably incorporates the rich people on the other side of the town too.

So yeah. Worked at the fakey kids elections today for like 7 hours. Craziness. Talked quite a bit with this law student from SLU, though, who was cool. Got a headache again, so didn't go to the liberal union meeting. I think that makes two in a row I've missed. Bad.

I've had really really bad headaches for the past four days or so, and they're getting really annoying as I can do even less work. I'm thinking they're yet another stress manifestation. I'm not even trying to do anything anymore. I can't. I was feeling better but now I'm not and as it stands, I don't even know if I'm going to pass this quarter because I've been doing so badly and really don't see being able to do any better, as I'm just sinking farther and farther under.

So. To recap. Election: bad. Headache: bad. Me not doing work and never going to get in to college: bad. House episode: good.

Speaking of. OMG, House slipped up. Now Cameron knows. She doesn't believe it was just a joke. No way. I think she can figure it out. She knows now. Which is yayyayyay for Cameron/Cuddy shippers como yo. So is Cuddy yelling at House and then finding out it was Cameron who really did it and that Cameron had a good explanation and then looking like she was fighting to keep the disapproving face on just for show but was really proud that Cameron stood up to her like that. When Hugh said the line something like "Because I can't come up with any more amusing things to say", he totally slipped up at the end and started laughing. I wonder why they used that take. A little quirky smile would be like House, but that was a little too much of a laugh. Were I the director, I would have reshot that scene.

Yeah, and I watched House because my little sister had her parent-teacher conferences so both of my parents had to go to that and couldn't take me downtown for the tour of the medical school. Because even though I didn't really care about the lectures today (this time I actually wasn't interested, not just apathetic, as they were glaucoma and diabetes and I don't care about glaucoma and I know diabetes), I really wanted to go on the tour. So I'm rather pissed about that, seeing as how it was probably the one of the extra minimed things that I wanted to do most and they both didn't really have to go to her conference. So good in that I got to watch House, bad in that I didn't go on the tour. And bad that there was no SVU because of stupid elections.

Also bad? The 6 million emails I had yesterday and today from all these different people reminding me to vote for their endorsed candidates. And I really want to know who's got my name and is giving it to everybody, as I'm getting regular mail every day from random stuff I don't care about. Such as yesterday's letter from the Cheech and Chong fan club. Or some kind of marijuana people. Personally? I'm not a fan of drugs. So you're just wasting your mail on me.

Oh, oh, oh! Ha! Perhaps not as bad as I thought, the elections. The Republican (Talent) has some 60,000 more votes than the Democrat (McCaskill), but the 53% reporting is only hickville MO, it appears. They just mentioned vaguely that St. Louis and Kansas City haven't reported in yet. What, both urban with some 8 universities between them? Meaning young people and African-Americans have pretty much not been counted yet, so there's still a chance. I was wondering why they weren't just calling it as he's got a 4 or 5% lead. This is why. I still don't hold out a whole lot of hope, as MO has been pretty Republican in the past bunch of elections, but it's not as far gone as I had thought.

So yes. Cautiously optimistic seems to be the phrase of the day. Call me cautiously pessimistic.
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When Cameron goes "'Cause I'm hitting that. And it's totally hot," I just noticed that Chase looks to Foreman like "Is she kidding?" Like he seriously wasn't sure. Which naturally leads to the conclusion that Chase either knows that she's got a thing for the ladies or wouldn't put it past her.

Read some good stuff Thursday night while I wasn't doing anything I should have been doing. Pornish Angel/Spike, mostly. One from the ancient and all historical Angelus/William the Bloody time (I'm not up on my Buffyverse lingo; I'm not sure if it has a specific name.) that was cool.

Read some really great fics tonight, too. One of which being this West Wing CJ/Carol one, "Playing with Matches".

I might have a Mock Trial meeting tomorrow, but I don't know as I missed the first meeting (I really hope the teacher/coach lady will still let me in). I'm going to have to wake up early and try to call someone and find out if it's this week. And I really want to go see Shakespeare's R & J at some point this weekend (meaning Saturday, as the Sunday matinee won't be over until after I need to leave for volleyball and I won't be done with volleyball until the night show's already started) so I've got to figure that out, as Sunday night's the last show.
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House episode? Oh my god.

This was so far up with the gay that I had this stupid smile on my face the entire time that I kept trying to hide so my family wouldn't ask why I was grinning like a loon.

It had freaking everything. House/Wilson out the wazoo, Cameron/Wendy, House/Chase, Chase/Wilson. Cameron/Cuddy would have made it better, of course, but OMG, Cameron/Wendy. That was the biggest smile thing. Because I love love love snarky cynical sarcastic Cameron. Snarky cynical sarcastic gay Cameron is even better. I was hoping that we wouldn't find out if anyone was really with Wendy, because she and Cameron so could have been were getting it on. I mean, Cameron says her line, I don't remember the exact phrasing but it was something like "I'm hitting that. And it's hot." and then we don't see her for several more scenes. There were quite a few times when it was just House and the boys talking. Cameron, where art thou? Hanging out in Peds, perhaps?

(And speaking of that, please, Fox, give the captioning job to someone who knows something about medical stuff like me. The shortening is generally not spelled 'Peeds'.)

Poor husband boy. That would be hard to get over, though. Still, Foreman was right, they're not siblings really. I don't know if I'm just very sexually liberal, but since they weren't raised together, I figure that that sort of cancels out the incest thing. As as long as they don't have kids (and like Foreman said, even if they do there isn't a big chance of things getting screwed up) they should be okay. Theoretically. I highly doubt that anyone could make it work even if they both wanted to because of the huge incest taboo our society has.

Cuddy in bathroom = sad. I love my Cuddy. Though I don't think I really want her to have a baby. I didn't think she was actually trying, though. Interesting. (Stupid brother on the computer. Somebody beat me to changing my last edit on her wikipedia article to mention the pretty definitive evidence from this episode.)

Anyway. Must download.
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Wrote this yesterday, but internet still wasn't working, so posting it now.

House episode on Tuesday? (3.04 "Lines in the Sand") One of the best in a while, IMO. Mostly because of all the slashy goodness.

Loads of random comments in mostly chronological order. )
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*Looks at House's leg*

Oh, my. Evidently not only does Ketamine heal atrophied tissue, it completely regrows all lost muscle and leaves no trace of scar tissue. Those medical people should look into that, as that's not in all the research regarding Ketamine. /sarcasm
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Eek! I always forget how funny TwoP is.

From "Maternity" in season one.

The lesbians grasp the TEDDY BEAR OF DEATH DEATH DEATTTHHHH in their hands. Wilson and Cameron enter in slow motion and without sound. Not like we need to
hear anything, since Cameron once again chokes and isn't able to tell the parents the bad news. As slow, sad music plays, Wilson mouths an "I'm sorry." The Moms lose it. This scene is so heart-wrenching... must... resist... making... Law and Order... "is this because I'm a lesbian?" quote... joke. Well, I tried.

I didn't at all see them being lesbians. *gasps from the audience. Alexandria missed even the smallest bit of potential subtext?* Because at the beginning, I seem to remember the woman holding the baby and discussing names with only the dad in the room. Wouldn't you think that the other mother would be there too? So I think she's wrong. But it is still funny.

And the poll for the same episode:

Why is Wilson the oncologist always hanging around the infectious disease department?<tr>
- There is no cancer today<tr>
- The hospital is really small, so it's easy to run into people you know</td></tr>
- He can't resist the dangerous allure of infectious disease treatment</td></tr>
- He can't resist the dangerous allure of House</td></tr>

(And look, I made it look just like the actual poll, even though you can't vote on this page. Pretty damn cool.) Edit: Or, you know, it looked right under preview but is not looking right now. So it's not going to look like a poll anymore.

The results as of today?

#1- 16%
#2- 2%
#3- 6%
#4- 76%

It's just like the Bones poll on one episode, asking which pair of people did you think were going to get together first. The highest, by an overwhelming margin, Zach and Jack.

Oh, you say I have only talked about half of the things I mentioned in the subject line? Okay. Well. The girl in my chem class looks kinda like Tina Fey. That's really all there is to it.

But for the sake of not doing my english paper, I'll elaborate. When she has her glasses on (which look really good on her), she kinda peers over them sometimes and every once and a while I see it. I told her as much. She laughed. I told her, hey, Tina Fey is hot. And then mentally smacked myself for continuing to flirt with her. Her being the girl, not Tina Fey.
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Okay. I need tonight's NCIS episode caps. Because Ziva and Jen were just too cute.

I was thinking about this whole thing about the Gibbs asking Ziva if she was really with him. I'm figuring that he's unsure whether she will follow him in his frequent episodes of disobaying the director. Because he knows they've got a really deep connection from the whole saved life thing (and the fact that they're so obviously sleeping together) and he's pretty sure that Ziva's alliance is probably to Jen.

And Gibbs' dinner with Jen? So to figure out what's going on between her and Ziva.

And I love that Tony was like "she gave in first". And when Jen went to sit down, Ziva just smiled.

And!!!!! (Big 'and'. I was excited when I thought of this.) In the scene when the gang went in to Jen's office, we only saw Gibbs, Tony, and McGee actually walk out of the door. Then, we cut to the outside of the door, and it's Gibbs, Tony, McGee, all about 2 steps apart, and then Ziva. Three or four steps behind.

I'm thinking she stopped for a quick kiss after the guys left. Just a short one, she was only a second behind. But a kiss all the same.

But yet again, I missed the first half of the show. Because my sister was watching some crap on channel 11. (and because I was asleep, but we'll just blame it on her.)

I watched the last half-hour of American Idol, and heard this song (just during the recap of everyone who performed and their numbers for the voting), and I wanted to look it up for the lyrics, but all I could remember was the one line, "I like the way you move." I could sing the tune of that line too, but that doesn't help me google it. All I kept getting was some rap song.

House on the Monday before last? I forgot to mention something. Did Cameron steal that shirt from Cuddy's closet? Because, honestly, I'm leaning towards that explanation. (It could have been nice, if paired with another outfit. But it just didn't work.)

I was reminded by the TwoP line Cameron marches into Cuddy's office, full of purpose and not even afraid of getting in trouble with Cuddy for having stolen her favorite frilly neck adornment.

I was reading the review because my mom likes to flip the channel during commercials and I often miss stuff. Like the whole plot line about the clinic and the "pregnant" guy. I saw a shot of him once, looking all labor pained. But other than that, I missed the entire subplot.

Ryan (in my US History class and Mock Trial) was talking to me about the episode after class today and he mentioned the guy flashing his manboobs for the camera (which I didn't see) and whether they would get in trouble for that. (Because we were discussing the FCC in class.) I don't know, but yesterday when I was watching Cops (absolutely nothing else is on Monday late morning/early afternoons) they arrested some transsexual in New Orleans (Mardi Gras edition) for having no top on and showing. . . cleavage. So you can get arrested for it, but you can show it on TV with no problem. Weird.

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