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  • Wake up at 3am.

  • Play violin viola.

  • Laugh over how EVERYTHING I DO seems to cement my theory that I am actually a dumb Sherlock Holmes.

  • Decide to clean room.

  • Take some trash out and step in cat puke.

  • Get something like 6 loads of laundry ready.

  • Don't judge me, I just wear all the clothes I own and then do huge amounts of laundry like once every few months.

  • Find these grey trousers that used to be my fat pants. Sob over how they're a size 5.

  • Take a load of laundry out to the washer.

  • Step in cat puke.

  • Do the dishes while waiting for the washer to fill up.

  • Put in clothes.

  • Finish cleaning the kitchen.

  • Go back to my room to keep cleaning. Step in cat puke.

  • Take off skirt so it can go in the laundry and put on a pair of jeans instead that are clean because I haven't worn jeans in >2 years.

  • They're a size 11/12.

  • Consider killing self.

  • Seriously, I've been losing weight lately, but apparently I was right when I said it all came from my boobs. What the actual fuck, I'm pretty sure I wore that size when I weighed like 15-20 pounds more than I do atm.

  • "Chances" comes on laptop music shuffle. Decide today is for sobbing over "Vincent and the Doctor" and possibly alcohol.

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Dear Torchwood.

Spoilers in the nature of my reaction to part 4 of Children of Earth. Lots of generalized inarticulate reaction (note how nice and careful I'm being to not indicate in what direction that reaction may go), but also includes a quite nice directorial rewrite of the last scene, if I may say so myself. )


Now I am for serious going to bed. As my alarm goes off in two hours. Fuck me. Maybe I'll make it three hours and just shower really fast, though that's all but impossible since I reallyquick henna'd just the top of my head since it'd been forever--actually more than 6 months, I think--since last time and though it blended and tapered really well from the lighter several inches of roots to the dark red length and looked pretty darn natural, I figured why not because I had tons of energy after getting back from the gym at, you know, 12:40. Dyed hair, watched a West Wing with Kaci, and then watched Torchwood. And then came these last fourteen hundred words of reaction and my not being in the mood to sleep even though I'm so tired my fingers are failing at wordtyping.

Blech. Plus, this orchestra thing means get there at 10 (leave at 9), be there until 5. Seriously? Seriously? I'm going to have to steal a laptop (as mine still has the screen issues) from one of the familia, because there's no way on earth that I can be there that long and still be sane at the end of it, much less awake if I've got nothing to do.
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Further updates.

Christmas eve I did that playing at mass thing. Which went well, after I ended up having to skip out on my first solo because I couldn't get my goddamned instrument in tune. (And then, lol, because nobody wrote anything down, the solo-y bit where I was supposed to do a fun intro for "Angels We Have Heard On High" just got skipped, but ehh.) The real problem, like always, is that they want to use the stand mikes for the singers, but what would be best for me is the overhead hanging ones. Balancing a stand with music and a stand mike is all but impossible if you want to be picked up, so basically, the only time you could hear me was if I was the only one playing. Which ticked me off a little bit, because if we had actually played with the balance at all or took into consideration the fact that the whole congregation would be there, that would have been picked up on.

Oh, and we didn't have room for chairs and had to sing/play too often to go sit in the pew (that's supposed to be reserved for us anyway), so I stood up, holding my viola in the clunky boots that I love but have recently started giving me nasty blister-esque things on one spot on one foot, for two hours. Straight. It wasn't as bad as I suspected simply because we were playing so often that you're too busy to notice (though my sister--who nicked my shoulder rest and had been using it without me noticing--has done something to its. . . idk, configuration that makes it hit my neck in a painful way. This could easily be because I don't play very often anymore, but I'm thinking, due to sheer amount of hurt, that when I flipped it back to fit my size viola--it's adjustable, which is wicked--I didn't get it back to my normal setting), but my feet complained afterwards. As did my neck. I meant to take a picture of it, because it was lovely and pinkishpurple and matched my shirt and many of you don't know the actual dangers of playing a stringed instrument. Speaking of shirt. I didn't get to wear my red dress--even though GAH I lost tons of weight and it actually looks pretty good now--because they had a color scheme of black and purple. Whut? Is this not bruise color? Idk. But as it happens, mum had bought me a purple shirt for Christmas that she made me try on the day before, and so that's what I wore. And my now-way-too-big black pants that I still love but dislike stepping on the ends of even in heels.

Vaguely miffed, however, at how when I got home, it was just "Huh. We couldn't hear you except for a few bits" and not "Good job".
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LOL. I just found the sheet music for "Meditation on Thais", and on the website (8notes), it's labled as hard. I think I played that in 7th grade. Admittedly, a different arrangement, but there's nothing in this one that I couldn't have handled back then. (Edit: Okay, maybe some massive shifts. I would have just brought it down, though.) This is just reinforcing my conviction that my middle school honored teacher for this award thing has to be my orchestra teacher. She was made of so much win.

ANDANDAND! I just found the music for the unaccompanied Prelude from Suite no.1 in G Major for cello. On the free site. IN ALTO CLEF. I was resigned to having to transpose it myself, probably after I would have to buy it, BUT NO. WINWINWIN. IL that song.
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So. Wednesday? Fail.

I guess I've got to start out with the night before, which I spent staying up way later than I should have considering I had a cold, only half a root in one of my teeth, massive drugs pumped into me to keep me from noticing that I only had half a root in one of my teeth, etc. I had biology, and I thought I had english (turns out it wasn't due until today, though), and I had to write this campaign speech/essay thing for my econ class's representative to the marketing club spot (a short one, but I have heaps of trouble writing things that are self-promoting already so it actually took me the longest, added to by the fact that I was on pain killers). I finally finished everything but the english, realized it wasn't due until Thursday, and went to bed. Around 2:30 or so, I guess.

I'm still in pain from this whole root canal escapade, so in the morning, I took one of the vicodin that the dentist prescribed. A whole one again this time (I took a whole to get me through the night, but before I was doing halfs every three hours).

After a little while? ('Bout half way through first hour, I'd guess.) Started noticing it. Like, in a "Oh, I think this means that I'm high" way. While I was trying to get some work done. Not very conducive to that. Twas also when I realized that for the second chapter in a row, I'd forgotten one of the huge biology assignments at home. Which is a huge point dock that I can't afford.

2, 2.5 hours after taking it (and right in the middle of Spanish class) I started getting both v. v. hot and nauseous. So I'm sitting there, trying to get my mind to cut through the nausea long enough to come up with the answer to whatever he's asking (because he hadn't called on me in a while, which meant that I was coming up) plus possibly how to ask if I could go to the bathroom/nurse (both easy when I'm not high/sick, but when I am, almost impossible), all while breathing like I'm back on the nitrous to try and quash the nausea.

Next class, english: the hotness hadn't gone away but the nausea had gone down a bit. I get called down to the office for them to ask me if I'd done my make up hours for last year yet. Erm, yeah. In fact, I turned them in the second day of school. I was in fact complemented by the principal for being the first person to turn them in this year. Not only that, but they'd called me down at least twice before so far this year to ask the same question (and caught me and asked when I was in another office working on getting a parking pass). My answer has always been yes, guys. If you lost the papers, let me know and I can get a new set. (I handed them right to you while you were sitting at the computer you could enter them into, but whatever.) Because I'm hanging out in a teacher's room when I'm not scheduled to be on campus, I'm actually working two of them off a day. Considering I only had four to make up to begin with, I've actually got a surplus of about 30 hours or so. So I'd appreciate if you would quit disturbing me, because it's pissing all my teachers off. A bit later, I (and a bunch of other people this time, but still) get called down from the same class for pictures for this award thing. One of the worst days to take pictures of me, I'd think, as if I felt anything like I looked, it was pretty bad. Though TCAB gave me this look/smile thing that made the elementary school girl-esque part of me blush trufax hard and the more adult side spend the entire walk back to class analyzing it.

And then right about noon, the vicodin had completely worn off. *headdesk* A mate offered me half of her peanut butter sandwich, and I forgot and bit it with my left side, and I think my head practically exploded.

12:40 or so, I take some of the acetaminophen (I had re-stolen from my siblings) before economics. Which then sucked. Not only did it turn out I made a bunch of stupid mistakes on the exam the day before by not reading the questions (it asks "which one isn't", and I mark the first one that is without reading the rest of the choices, stuff like that), but the whole class representative thing (that I signed up for only because I figured it'd look good on the resume, but still) was being postponed. The teacher said she didn't remember announcing to the class that you needed to write said essay and get it to her before 7:30 (even though she did announce it) after the other girl that had declared her intention to run for the spot spent the first 10 minutes of class arguing with the teacher about how she didn't "understand why you'd need to tell people why they should vote for you, why can't they just vote?" and about how "1/2 page is so long for something they don't even need!"

And this other girl? The popular whorish type. Basically, my only chance was for her not to actually turn in the essay (which she didn't), but instead of my just automatically winning (like happened with the secretary and social chair positions), the teacher decided they had another day to turn them in. So, since she's giving us the extra day, what if I decided that I wanted to run for secretary? No, those didn't get pushed back because. . . I don't fucking know. I told the teacher that that was bloody unfair, and she tried to justify it (saying that she didn't think she'd announced it, Katie and I told her she did, she said oh well), and then actually managed to track me down to my next class and call me in there (I have no idea how she did it, as I'm not even supposed to be on campus then, but I hang out in one teacher's room anyway so I can take the bus home, which is not on my schedule) to try and "justify" herself some more. I don't even know what exactly she said (though I know it was more of the same and nothing she didn't mention in class), because I was pissed off and in pain and stressed out and damn near tears because of everything.

So yes. Then I just hung out on the computer until the end of the day, working on application stuff, and then I had to go practice with quartet (and sucked, because I hadn't rosined my bow in like evar and didn't think about it to borrow somebody else's because I used to use such strong rosin that I didn't need to more than every few weeks). And then had to leave that early for this conference call because I was on the grant reviewing panel for this Youth Service America organization.

And so I was running around, trying to find a telephone that's not somewhere where siblings will be loud and that actually works (ruling out like all of them), and I finally gave up and got ready to use the main one and just hope nobody decides to turn up the TV when I ran my tongue over my tooth again and decided "Huh. Maybe I should figure out why that feels weird all of a sudden." *looks in the mirror* ZOMGWTF. "MOM, WE'VE GOT TO GO TO THE DENTIST NOW!" The temp filling they gave me? Gone. (Once dad explained to me what it really was, how they expected that to stay for a month until my next appointment baffled my mind. I mean, it's the same stuff marketed in drugstores to fix things until you can get to an emergency dentist appointment, meaning maybe a day at the most.) There's just a gigantic hole in the middle of that tooth.

So I call the dentist, and it's about 5:15 and they're about to close. The nice tech lady from the day before got put on the line (she actually remembered me, which made me feel special, though it was prolly because I was something like the youngest patient to get a root canal evar), and I explained what was wrong, and she was all "When do you go to school?" and I told her, and it was too early to get me in the next day, but since it had to be done, she's all "Do you think you can get here in the next 10 minutes?" And I did (she actually recognized me right when I walked through the door, which made me smile), and everybody else was packing up and leaving, but she stayed and scraped all the old fakeyfilling out (makes me think she's perhaps more of a nurse type than a tech, but idk how the dentistry chain of command works) and put in new stuff (the real kind this time, so it should actually stay, though they'll have to drill it out in October). PLUS SHE ACTUALLY ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS AGAIN, SO I HEREBY APPOINT HER DENTIST AND TELL THE OTHER PEOPLE TO GO AWAY. Another tech/nurse/whatever lady stayed and helped her too, which was nice. And then I didn't have to pay anything (which surprised me, because medicalish places always try to tack on as much stuff as they can--I remember last time my mum was in to have a baby it was all "Adhesive bandage. $7. Pain reliever. $14." for a band-aid and a couple of Tylenol, respectively). I totally missed the panel call, though, which I feel horrid about. I was the only person on the panel that didn't actually work for the organization, and I was pretty excited about doing it.

I got home around 6, and by this time the cold that I'd thought I'd gotten over (that's been coming back and going away repeatedly over the last few days) was back in full swing, plus I'd only gotten a couple hours of sleep the night before, so I went to take a nap. Woke up when I had set my alarm for, around 10:30 so I could get my dad's help on this Shakespeare thing I had to do for english, felt even worse (fever was back), and so decided to just go back to sleep when I still could (you know how you have that grace period sometimes for a few minutes after you wake up and you know that you won't be able to go to sleep if you don't right then?). Woke up this morning in tooth pain plus sore throat/headache/runny nose/the works and, randomly, a stomach ache (prolly from the cold, though, and drainage or whatnot), having had nothing done the night before and the prospect of facing all the crap today, and so decided to stay home.

And that's my story. /lol.
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You know that *shivergaspwow* thing you do when you read a really powerful fic? Yeah. That makes my day better. As it kinda sucked.

I definitely managed to find out that I'd been replaced in our quartet. Umm, WTF? Here's me, fiddling with my viola at home and waiting for the other quartet people to tell me when our next practice was, and they're off practicing without me.

Yeah. So, I'm really pissed off at all three of the other members right now. Austin, the cello, well, he's a pansy-arsed coward. He's the one whose decision it undoubtedly was as he's somewhat in charge of the quartet, unofficially, as his house was where we had some of the practices.

And, erm, yeah, so Austin? If you've got a fucking problem with me, with how I'm playing, whatever, you sure as hell better take it to me. You don't just conveniently not tell me when the practices are and get somebody else to play my part at the gigs.

But yeah. Found out because Anne (the first violin who's evidently moved to play viola now) kinda just told me. So, pissed off at her for being an insensitive bitch. Right before fifth hour, after I had been trying to be nice to her by inviting her to this theatre show that our class is putting on (because she had invited me to some trivia night, I figured I should reciprocate) we start talking about orchestra (because she couldn't go because she had an orchestra thing at the time of our performance) and she sort of just jumps from me mentioning one of the kids that subbed for Alyssa at the last show I was in to "I replaced you." That's literally how she said it. Of course, I've got no idea what she's talking about, so I'm like "Err, huh?" and she's all "In quartet. I'm playing the viola part now since you're not in it." Me: "Since when?" But the bell had rung a little before that, meaning I had like 15 seconds to get to class, so I was just like "Yeah, I can't fucking deal with this right now," and just went to chemistry.

Yeah, so I was angry. Kinda ruined the rest of my fucking day.

I ended up finding out that they had a gig this evening, both from somebody who had heard it from Alyssa and my sister when she came back from her choir performance that happened to be right after the quartet. So yeah. Nice. Were they expecting that I wouldn't find out? That I'd just forget it? That I'd think "Hmm, I know I used to do something on Fridays and occasional evenings/whenever gigs were. I wonder what that was? Oh well."

And then chem sucked, because we were doing this lab and the computer pH meter things were horrid and weren't giving us the results they were supposed to. So everybody else finished the lab in like 20 minutes, and my group was working until the bell at the end of class. And the one kid that has kinda tried to join my group in everything in there lately was being all annoying and I was like "Umm, can't you see that I'm really pissed off and want to stew in my anger right now? I'm really not in the mood for you screwing up this experiment more than it already is." Because he didn't know what he was doing.

But evidently Anne told Austin at lunch to watch out for me, because, to go into like triple hearsay here, I'm "out for his head." I'm like, no, that isn't really my style. I will come at you when you least expect it. I will be rather civil to you while I'm doing it, but you'll feel like a worthless specimen of humanity when I'm done that doesn't deserve the oxygen in the air.

That or I'll be too passive-aggressive and not mention it at all and just stew in my miserableness. But the latter is usually only with people that I'm close to (Katie: "What's wrong?" Me: "Well, you really pissed me off when you [did whatever]. Nothing."), and as I never really liked Austin, I think it will probably be the former.

And then in 7th hour (being the last hour of the day) my english teacher kinda redeemed herself a little in my eyes by letting me stay in her room during the pep rally (because I was not in the mood for loudness and lots of people. I almost always come out of there either very close to/having a panic attack or having my head split open by migrany pains of doom, so I was all happy about the not having to go). But then Anne decided to stay too, and I was like "Yeah, thanks." I didn't mention any of the quartet stuff because I want to lull her into a false sense of security before I strike. Yeah, or not really. Though that's what I'm planning on doing (because I'm evil and horrible and can use my mad cross-examining skills to talk at people until they cry), I really just didn't mention it because I was so pissed off that if I thought about it I think I would have cried. And so I was trying to talk to Rachel, who was also staying in, but we were talking about science fiction for some reason--oh, it was because Anne brought up the fact that she thought Star Trek was on at that time--which is something Anne likes, so she kept trying to insert herself into our conversation, and I was all grr.

Thing is, though, I know Austin's kinda an asshole. And Anne kinda has a thing for Austin, so if he told her not to say anything to me, she probably wouldn't. And I sort of doubt that she meant to hurt me by telling me that she took my spot (though it wasn't the telling that hurt so much as the doing and then the doing and not telling) because she doesn't think before she says things. Which results in her saying hurtful things a lot, which, come to think of it, might not be all that inadvertent, looking at the frequency with which she does so to me.

But Alyssa? Yeah. Thought she was my friend. I think that--after the fact that I'm out of the quartet, meaning I've now got no viola-playing going on besides whatever I fool around with at home (because, which I'm also still really angry about, nobody told me about the auditions for orchestra for next year being even earlier than last year's, meaning that I missed them and as such will not be in orchestra next year when I had wanted to only drop it for a year to take this dumb history that I needed to have, not quit completely)--that's the bit that's pissing me off the most.

So, in conclusion. The three questions presented by this entry: Why do people suck? Why has my life been crappy lately? Why do people stab you in the fucking back?

*needs cuddling*

Edit: Another question. Why does my mood theme suck? Some icons just don't show up. Such as 'pissed off', which is one that I use quite often. Odd.
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Volleyball started up again. Not yay for working, but yay for getting money.

There was somebody there that had some kind of fragrance stuff on during the last game. I was paying even less attention than normal already because I decided to throw my mp3 player in one of my ears because it's so darn boring already, and then somebody had to go and smell exactly like my first (and only serious and longlasting) crush. And because of the whole scent connected loads to memory thing, I was like *swoonangstsigh*. I only'd get a whiff of it every once and a while, and so I'd just have started paying attention to the game again when all of a sudden I'm literally looking around for Michelle. The memory is that vivid in my mind that I was actually wondering where she was before realizing that there was no way that she was actually there.

As much as I tell myself I've gotten over her. . . it hasn't happened yet.

Not doing my mock trial work. For some reason, I've been feeling like I'm going to throw up for the past hour. It's not like nausea, but like a weird lump in my throat that I can't get out.
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But yeah. So, power came back on late Tuesday afternoon. I mathed it, it ended up being like 120 hours without power. Twas cold. Still cold in my bedroom.

Random stuff: Couple of days ago I was talking to Katie about Star Trek pairings and I was telling her about Troi/K'ehleyr and how in the first episode that K'ehleyr was on, she was all "I'm a half-breed! *angsts*" And Troi was like "So am I. *counsel, counsel, counsel, snuggle*" Except minus the snuggling. At least, not on screen. But I said it exactly like that, and with hand motions like flashing lights sending beams of counseling for counsel and it was funny. Yeah. I guess you probably had to be there.

Everybody in school pretty much had the giggles on Friday. It was entertaining. Our entire Spanish class just was constantly laughing.

My teacher told me if I rocked the chemistry test on Friday, I could get an A for semester. I think I kicked that test's butt. Hopefully. *Is cautiously optimistic.*

Yay for last meeting of dumb republican congress. Yay, Nancy Pelosi. I'm a fan. LOL at the congresspersons only working like 104 days all year. Which is like the least working congress days in 60-someodd years. Makes me laugh. Slackers.

Quartet gig last night. Everybody forgot to tell me that this was a 3 hour gig, as I had planned to go see Urinetown for theatre class right after. Nope, couldn't. So I've got to find somebody else to work for me at volleyball tonight so I can hopefully go then.
And I'm completely and totally sick of the song "Here Comes Santa Claus". They made us vamp that over and over while the dumb Santa guy went around to each of the hundred someodd people and handed out candycanes and such. Was nearly 15 minutes. And I can play for 15 minutes with no problem, but when you're playing the same thing over and over (about 30 times, we estimated, as it was a short song), you don't get any variation of arm movement (though in trying to vary up the arm movement, I think I played that song in every shifting position possible) and not only is it killer boring, it makes you really sore. Grr for that.
And the chairs slanted backwards. Which is badbadbad. Because you're leaning extra far forward (even though you're already on the edge of the seat) to compensate and your back starts hurting really quickly.
Got paid, though, which is nice. Finally. As I didn't get paid for the last 4. Nor have I gotten paid for the last two weeks of volleyball. Grr at that also. *needs money*

First violin was rather a bitch at quartet last night.
She was like "Oh, I'm going to be on pit and so is this other kid and nobody else even has a chance because we're the best." I really wish Alyssa had been there, because she's one of the few that actually realizes that aforementioned violin is nowhere near as good as she thinks she is and we could have shared significant glances and sniggers. She's especially not very good on viola, which is the instrument she was talking about being in pit on. She just has a two thousand dollar viola, so whatever she does sounds good. She depends completely on this expensive instrument to make her sound good; she's played mine and she sounds so much worse that I do on it.
But that pissed me off because I really wanted to be on pit for Sound of Music but I knew that I never had a chance because the orchestra teacher really doesn't like me. It has nothing to do with how good she is, it has to do with the fact that she's a suck up to the director and I never joined the director's little strolling strings group.
Grr at Anne for constantly insulting me. All the time. And I don't even think she knows that she's doing it. The replacement second violin for last night's thing asked me where I got my viola, and she made some comment about probably from the trash, because it's so bad. And she's done that multiple times before.
She insults me by grabbing my viola when I was trying to tune it like I've got no idea how to tune an instrument. And then she unwound my C string and put it back on, which made the rest of my strings go out constantly for the first hour we were playing. I was like 'Thanks a lot'. And she still couldn't tune my viola in any kind of short amount of time. I had to grab it back from her so there was a chance of getting it in tune before we had to start playing. She acts like she's all superior when it comes to anything music and she can't accept that she's not.
And at the end, I mentioned something about how my mom's taken on this project of cleaning out the laundry room in the basement, and she goes "So now there'll be one room in your house that you can walk in." I'm like urm, Anne? You've been in my house, what, twice? And both of those times only for a few minutes and only into the front room. And I know for a fact that neither time was the room messy, because once was before my birthday party and I had cleaned it up that afternoon and the other time . . . it just wasn't. So, yeah. Aside from me maybe mentioning that my room is a mess, I have no idea where you got that except out of your ass so you could make fun of me in front of people.
And these just after I was really nice to her on Thursday when she was upset about getting a bad grade on that dumb english presentation. So yeah. Guess what. I'm done. She's finally pissed me off too much.

Word is not letting me paste things in it. Don't know why. It just freezes up when I try to paste things. Not always, but things from email and things from livejournal posts tend to be the ones that are all of a sudden being bitches. Not nice. I'm pasting things to Word Perfect (which I actually like better, but hasn't been working right on the computer in different ways for half a year now) and pasting them from there to Word. Annoying.

Being forced to go to church. Also tres annoying. Grr.

So. Is back from church. Was about to go to the theatre to go see that dumb musical, but then my dad reveals that he has no idea where the theatre is even though I told him what it was by. And there's no time to look up directions as I was already going to be late, so I'm down to one showing that I maybe might be able to go see. And if I had gone to this one at 2, I might not have even had to miss work. And now I definitely will, which is sad. If there even are any tickets. And there's no way that there's going to be any. Because that would be too handy. I'm going to end up not seeing this one. Not like I care. Theatre teacher told us that we would have to go see two or three plays this year. Year's not even half way done and this is number three. I don't have the money to shell out for all of these tickets. She needs to get over herself. And maybe consider teaching something once in a while. There's no teaching going on in that class. Of the two performance things we did before this big directing one, we got feedback on neither. So we've got to do this big one with no idea whether what we've been doing for other plays so far is any good. And the meddling she does in our scenes just screws us up. Of the three male characters I play in this latest performance/directing thing, the one for whom the dialogue is most manly is the one that the teacher made us turn into a female. He/she's the only one who seems even slightly male; the other two have nothing written in to even suggest that they might be of the male persuasion save who they're in love with. Grr. So we're having to change every line from father to mother and your late wife to your late husband (the latter change which completely removed the joke from the rest of that line) and the rest of it still doesn't make sense because it's so un-female.

Knees hurt. And back/neck. And the spot on my shoulder where my viola was digging my bra strap in. And the bruise/hickey on my neck. Not yay for pain.
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Theraflu multi-symptom thin strips are crazy. It's like $5 for only two days' worth, so I'd never buy them, but I sent my dad out for cold medicine because we didn't have any and this is what he came back with. They're those melt on your tongue things and they don't taste horribly, but they couldn't quite get rid of the medicine flavor. Still, it only takes a few minutes for it to hit you. And when it hits you, you know it. I don't know how to describe it, but I just felt weird. I started to notice it working, and then about 30 seconds later, it was like bam. My head was funny and sore like all the moisture in my body got sucked up into my skull, but I definitely lost the whole miserable aching groggyness (though it's got all the "don't drink or drive because you'll be drowsy" warnings, it also says that excitability may occur, which is strange) thing and my brain got clearer and my nose stopped running as much as it had been.

Though I'm sorta ticked because I didn't realize that the active ingredients in the Theraflu stuff and this allergy pill stuff that I considered taking (but dismissed because I didn't know if it would do the same thing) were identical. (Not the pseudoephedrine stuff, but they were both diphenhydramine. Same basic thing.) So my dad spent $5 on this Theraflu stuff when the exact same thing was right there on my counter. Still, the pill stuff wouldn't have hit me as fast as the strips did, which is good. I figure I can take the pills at home and take a couple of the strips to school as they're all individually wrapped and nice and it's hard to get to a water fountain sometimes and sneak a pill into your mouth in the middle of the hallway. Because, though I'm now medicated, I'm still pretty darn sick. Grr about that.

I was trying to figure out who gave me the cold and I couldn't come up with anybody that I hang out with that's been sick recently. Yeah. I think it was my whore of a math teacher. Why me and nobody else in the class that I know of is beyond me, as I try to stay as far away from her as I can. That or the person behind my parents at church on Saturday, though my parents managed to pass it to me without getting it themselves.

And both of my siblings and my mother are off of school tomorrow. And I've got to stay after for dumb quartet. Dumb because the person that I like the most in the quartet is not going to be there so it's going to suck. And really dumb because since she wasn't going to be there, we had earlier decided not to have practice, but I got called a few hours ago and was told to bring my viola. And I don't want to have to stay after when I'm sick. But my Spanish teacher wasn't there today and so I couldn't make up the test from Thursday; therefore I'll have to do it after school on Friday, so they can just figure out how to quartet without me. It's not like you'd notice if the viola part wasn't there anyhow; the cellist and first violinist both brought sets of really bad arrangements of Christmas music where in virtually every song the viola part is just random notes so the violist has something to do.
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The girl that plays Lucy Diamond on D.E.B.S is crazy hot. I'd hit that so fast you wouldn't even know I'd ever been anywhere but her bed. /randomuptoolatecomment. Looks rather like Danica Patrick, IMO. I didn't think it was going to be an amazing movie; it started out a little weak, but I ended up thinking that it wasn't bad. Mostly because of the Jordana Brewster hotness. (Did I really just find a picture of her with her arm around Eliza Dushku? That much hot in one picture should be illegal.)

"If You Hadn't But You Did" is a funny song. Especially when done by the Cheno. I want to be a backup violist for her. For anybody, really. T'would be cool. Get to reherse with good singing type people.

That Chinese girl on Studio 60 played the viola, and I was like "Yay." Though I understand all the "Why viola and not violin" stuff. The viola'd need to be 21 inches to be right for the wavelength of the sound that comes out to resonate right for its specific (lower) range, and "full-size" (though there isn't really a full size, it's considered more or less such) is 16 inches. So it's harder (read: more expensive) to get a good sounding viola (because you can get a really nice sounding one without it being 21", seeing as how nobody could play that, but it'd have to be a high end thing, while good violins are comparably really cheap). But she's totally right about there being a shortage of good viola players. That's why all these violin players end up playing viola, because they can't get a seat in whatever orchestra on violin because there are 600 people auditioning on violin, but there are only say 150 for viola (though the section is smaller) so you've got a better chance. I did the opposite, though. Got fed up with the crappyness that is the viola part in almost everything and taught myself to play the violin, cello, and string bass.

Enterprise episode "Stigma" doesn't suck as badly as I thought. I knew the story but missed the episode when it aired, and I figured it was going to be bad because it was the requisite AIDS episode, but it isn't horrible. I'm only about half way through, though. I do understand where the people that thought it was a cop-out are coming from, but it hasn't seemed horrible. Better than nothing, IMO. The fact that they didn't then mention that T'Pol had this progressively fatal disease for 3 more years then was pretty bad, though. (But when they did resolve it? There was much Vulcan gay in that. T'Pau was such a lesbian.)

It is making me giggle how mind melding is a metaphor for gay sex (and was treated as such back then). Because if you think about how many Vulcan mind melds there have been over the course of the many years of Star Trek and replace each instance with gay sex, it's rather entertaining. Makes a couple of my pairings explicit canon.

Line. (Paraphrased)
(random chick) Feezal: I'm a woman; that's all that matters, right?
Trip: Urm, I've got to go. (Like "Well, it does sort of matter in the fact that I dig the guys, but I'm not going to tell you this so to defuse a potentially awkward and outing situation, bye.")
Trip then goes and talks with Malcolm. Some random talk, and then:
Malcolm: You haven't given her any reason to believe . . .
Believe what? That Trip is interested in her, or that Trip is straight? It is the homosexuality/AIDS allegory episode.

Yay Trip/Malcolm. I only really started picking up on all of the Trip/Malcolm recently, as the first time through I was a bit Trip/Archer and majorly zooming in on anything Hoshi/T'Pol. 'Tis loads of gay in that there show if you know where to look.

Man, I missed Hugh on that late night show (I always get them all mixed up, Jay Leno I think it was). I thought it started 30 minutes later than it actually did, so I missed the first half. Curses.

I'm working at the voting thing (not the real voting, unfortunately, but volunteering at the fake voting for kids) tomorrow, so I'm missing all my classes. Bad, however, in that I got nothing done tonight and if I'm going to be working all day tomorrow, I'm not going to have time to get stuff done during classes like I would normally do (as we do nothing in any of them) and I've got to leave for minimed at 5 after (unless I can bum a ride home) only getting home at about 4:50 after liberal union, so no time there. Going to be up pretty late Tuesday night, it's looking, if I want to get anything done. Probably will be up late and still get nothing done, though.

My joints have been giving me hell today because it's all rainy. Bad.

There's a major eyefucking bit in the Enterprise episode "Vanishing Point" between Hoshi and T'Pol that made me happy. Okay, so T'Pol can't so much see Hoshi, but Hoshi can see her and is still staring her in the eyes for a long time. Like 30 seconds. I've got to figure out how to rip that from the DVD to make it into an icon. My brother has to return the DVD tomorrow, though, so I'll have to figure it out and then remember to get the episode again so I can do it.

My dog is moaning. This stupid whine-moan. It's annoying. It's because he wants me to play with him, and I would except for it's 12:20 am and he's big and therefore loud when he stomps around the floor right above where my father is sleeping. But I feel bad for not playing with him. If he just wanted me to pet him, that would be okay, but when I tried to he started jumping around and thrashing his tail and it took a really long time for him to calm down.

*goes back to finish watching "Stigma"*
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So. I got this idea to go down to the Fox and see how many people were in line 2 hours before the tickets went on sale. Just to judge how soon I needed to get there. So I did. And there was nobody there. At all. So I was all excited like. Until I went home and looked up the show times. Evidently, the first site that I got info from was wrong. There is no show today. So I have no idea how soon to get there.

We got a I at festival. Solid I's all the way across. Yay for that. I was worried about the sightreading, but it wasn't bad.

I'm so the best 2nd viola on the Mendelssohn (or however you spell that). They were all like "when do we come in?" and I had been playing for a measure and a half. So I kinda led them through all the entrances. Which made me happy.
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That english paper that I thought one page would be enough for? Nope. She told me to keep it and turn it in the next day with another page attached.

So, as usual, I wrote it the day after it was due at lunch.

Solo and Ensemble tomorrow today.

But first, the second part of the math test that I failed the first part of. Literally. Out of 5 multi-part problems, in all probably 10 parts, I got 3 of those right. And I don't really expect to do any better on the second part. Because for the first, I could at least use my calculator and not make any stupid math errors. This time, it's non-calculator, so if I say 2+3=8, I'm screwed.
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Okay, that's not fair. I was at 99% on one of the clips when it says the connection to the server reset. And now none of them on that page will work. (I actually tried them all this time.) So I went over the bandwidth with one byte to go.

So (writing this down for the sole purpose of letting myself know where I need to start next time) I still need to get summersgrace, surprised, twinkle and twinkle2, youcall2 through 4, and ispeech.

I've got only one page in the second part of my english paper, but I think that's going to be good enough. She's checking the individual parts, and it's worth a lot of points, but the actual paper isn't due until next week or so. And I've got 3 US History paragraphs to write on a really long document and a Psych reading quiz. But psych I can fake. Because we're on the Abnormal Psych section. And it's all about diseases and treatments. And I have most of those diseases. Plus, the whole medical thing, just like the anatomy section was, it's all kind of my field.

*Minor freakout*
We have to do our Solo and Ensemble pieces for the class on Friday. In front of a judge I can do, but in front of the class? I'm still out of tune a lot. And just generally bad at the piece. And most of my friends in orchestra are in the quartet, so it's not even a bunch of friendly faces. They're hostile and mean. (Have I mentioned that I really don't like most of the people in orchestra?)

And somebody's watch alarm just went off in the front room. I've never noticed that before. It must have just gotten set. Because I'm up at this time a lot, I think I would have heard it before. Kinda annoying. There, it shut off.

So I'm going to print my paper, email it to all my email addresses (I'm not risking not having it for 3 days in a row like last time), put my Handcuffs story on, and read the history document in bed.

But before that, I'm going to take a slight detour to mention that the stretch marks I have all over from gaining 30 pounds in a month last summer (And the same thing happened the year before. In 14 months I gained 55 pounds.) have been really dark lately. I'm hoping that doesn't mean that I'm stretching more. Because that would suck. But I've only been to the gym twice in two weeks, so I'm not exactly preventing the gain of more weight.

Edit: and before that, I'm going to make an icon. Somewhat belated, as I already did. I'm still not happy with the font, though. It doesn't fit with what I was trying to do.
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Went back and got the Circut City dvd on (last) Saturday. Was $5 cheaper, actually. So yay for that.

Was sick today. Mostly because I didn't want to go to school. Having had a lot of work I didn't get done.

I still haven't done any of it, because I discovered that 2 of the 3 assignments (chem and math) were on each class's schedule sheet for this term. Neither of which I have. And the George Eliot paragraph? Just haven't done it. It should only take like 30 minutes. So I'm probably going to do it at lunch.

But I do have a chem test tomorrow. And we are supposed to have this paper of bond angles and such memorized. I know that as of Friday, no one in my class did. And I still don't.

98 messages in my inbox. That's what happens when I don't check my mail often enough. Still, it's only been since late Friday night. And, one of the new groups I signed up for won't let me be on daily digest, even though that's what I set it as when I signed up. So I'm getting bazillions of emails that I really don't want.

And some author that is on my author alert on posted 20 chapters of various stories at once. That accounts for a lot of it. (It's mostly Discworld, which I don't read. So it's not even worth the 20 emails.)

I actually got on to "renew my library books really quickly". I'm probably going to be on for a while catching up with everything.

But first? I'm going to renew my library books. They were due today, and I can't find a couple of them. And I'm 5 cents under the limit where they cut you off until you pay. I'm a master at that. Whenever it goes above $25, I pay it to $24.95. Or I pay the lowest amount I've got on me. Which has been zero lately. Because I kinda lost the little change purse thing I was using as a wallet. I know it's in my 2nd orchestra bag. But I'm not sure where that is.

Speaking of orchestra, Solo and Ensemble is Friday. And I have to leave at like 11am. So I'm going to miss more school.

And we didn't get to practice at all this weekend. Though the piece seems really simple, the problem is the blending and tone and stuff.

I went to see the school's musical on Saturday. And... I forgot what it was called. *Goes to look it up.* Lucky Stiff. That was it.

The musical was funny. The people (singer types) weren't all that good. The pit sucked.

But it was the last show, and the last show is always the fruit show. Where the seniors bring fruit onstage. For example, last year, with Once Upon a Mattress, the girl playing the queen just walked out with a banana at one point. And the king had some pair of spherical fruits in his shirt. And there was a melon on one of the bedposts. But there was no fruit. It turns out the teacher sponsor/director type person yelled at them all and threatened big trouble (and involvement of the principal) if she saw any fruit. So it was rather dull in that aspect.

And one of my mates got totally gay-bashed on Thursday. Like shouting and pushing and stuff. And the school was like "Well, it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't stayed after school." Fucking idiots. So our school is definitely not safe. I used to think it was. But I suppose I used to think there weren't any homosexuals there either.

Urgh, my mom is yelling. She wants me off. Grr.
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VIOLA PRIDE!! I've been sketching alto clefs and stuff, but I can't get my scanner to work, or I'd upload them.

I've been taking pictures from dvd's and saving them to my computer and I want to get them on Yahoo Photos, but they only take .JPEG and the DVD captures are in .BMP and it takes a smegging long time to reformat them all. Considering I've got like 400.
It is thundering really loud, like it wasn't even raining and then all of a sudden it's like BOOM! Hee hee, I like thunder. And lightning. But not rain, the whole world gets all muggy and nasty when it rains. Plus, my joints hurt.


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