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I'm benching for the moment the issue that I will probably at some time need to broach in more detail regarding how I've royally fucked my life by somehow cutting my average microbiology test score in half on the last exam, turning my grade from just-a-few-more-points-till-an-A to if-I-drop-a-few-more-points-I'll-have-a-D which in turn will have the drastic effect of there being a very good chance I won't be back in the fall as I'll lose my scholarship.

So I wrote this paper for abnormal psych that's basically a mini case report on a fictional character. I did Olivia Benson, and really wish I'd had more time and more pages (I hit 10 already, LOL, when I think most people were closer to 4, though admittedly I had two pages of cleverly doctored [rather brutally with Paint, as I don't have Photoshop installed on my new hard drive yet] images of Olivia's psychological test results) to delve more into her character. As it was, I ended up missing microbiology (yeah, I know; in my defense, this was prior to seeing my last test score) and being late to psych today (yesterday, I suppose) morning finishing it up because I started out trying to do the episode research and double check every fact I remembered about her background because the paper-writing-fiend in me felt like I needed citations (none of which actually got saved into the final paper because I didn't want to break character, of sorts, as the therapist).

Also taking up more time than I expected to spend on the paper was the fact that I sort of changed where in SVU canon I was setting the fake therapy sessions--I put it vaguely after the "PTSD" episode, saying that she'd really realized there was a problem then and that her passive participation in group wasn't going to cut it and approached Huang for a referral for more intense help. In my big page of notes I'd already done way back in February or so (why I thought that this would take an hour, two at the most), I didn't take into account the "PTSD" epsisode much and put more emphasis on her reticence to open up due to perceiving the evaluating psychologist as a threat to her job (which I mentioned, but only shortly and accompanying the notation that she requested the referral on her own behalf).

But all of it. . . idk, I just feel like I could have explained my analysis of her behavior and reactions and such so much better. Not within the format he gave us, really, but if I'd had more leeway to add in notes from fictional individual sessions or something. The biggest part I felt that I got in there but didn't express/explain very well was the whole issue of how though she can objectively acknowledge that she was a victim of a sex crime, she was sort of cavalier about needing help, not taking the group therapy she was doing prior to "PTSD" seriously because she sees so many attacks that are so much more brutal every day and can dissociate and reflect on her symptoms and what she should be feeling but doesn't let herself actually *feel* them because so much of her identity is as a helper, not a victim.

I was very proud, however, of how many references to her unresolved issues with Alex I managed to work in, LOL. Again, I would have put that in there so many more times had I not been short on time (compounded by the forced delay caused by the asshole who decided it would be a fun April Fools' prank to grease the staircases and pull the fire alarm at 3am) and working from a given outline. I think somehow I lost a paragraph somewhere, though, because I was flipping back through it this afternoon and couldn't find the bit I swore I wrote (maybe just imagined and planned to write but never got around to?) where I explained more explicitly the halving of Olivia's social network (meaning Alex and Elliot) caused by Alex's entry into the WPP and her feelings of rejection due to the fact that not only did Alex abandon her but then not even try to reconnect upon her return to be bureau chief. Still, I got decidedly more explicit with my HoYay references as the paper progressed to the point that at the end, I came out and said in the case outcome bit that "a joint session with ADA Cabot made significant inroads into resolving mutual feelings regarding their relationship". Perceivable as platonic, yes, but in a Xena subtext way more than an SVU HoYay way, if that makes sense to anyone but me.

As it's vaguely like a fic, I'll prolly post it just for fun, but the reason I started typing this post up was to lead into the fact that while doing research for it, Google sent me to a really good (really long--I finished the parts 1-5 block a bit ago and that was 70 pages in itself, and I think it goes to 26 or so) SVU fic called "Conflict of Interest", in which a reference to the statute of limitations for rape sent me back to Google to find out what said limitations were for the different states. I found this chart (PDF) and started reading through it only to be caught up short on Arizona. Rape is a class 2 felony (without modifying circumstances, a first offense punishable by 5 years, OMGWTF). Marital rape? Class 6. First offense punishment is one year. Holy shit. Spousal rapists are required to register as sex offenders, though, which is better than I expected, but still. That's horrid. I wish to move to Arizona just to campaign against this bullshit.

Assume similar indignation for all the other states and their criminally short statutes of limitation/lengths of incarceration/ludicrous determinations that some rapes aren't as bad as others because you know the perp. Shall go back to reading through it now, because though I was really tired right after dinner (meaning when I got back to my room a bit before midnight), the combination of this good fic and the potential for learning, OMGYAY, has popped me pretty darn awake. Plus, Chelsea was snoring.

One last thing. OMG ER FINALE TOMORROW. And I'm really supposed to go to the pre-law fraternity meeting during the first hour of it, but I think not because I'm not missing this. I'm kinda sad because I've been watching it forever and it's the one through which I discovered the miracles of internet fandom, and it's ending, but it is time--I still watched it only really out of the afore-insinuated feelings of loyalty to it; though it always has its moments of really kickassery, it frankly hasn't been that good for a while now, especially when you're comparing it to how good the beginnings were. Still. There might be tears.
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Watching this week's ER episode.

DOCTOR COBURN FTW. I love her anytime, but when she gave that look to the intern that asked if she was sure that it wasn't a twin? Priceless. And idk if it's just me, but something about her hair or makeup or whatever and she looks even prettier than usual. I wish to read Coburn slash. Come to think about it, I think I wrote the beginnings of a Coburn/Cuddy fic pre-first hard drive crash. Ahh, techfail.

Also, Kirsten Vangsness and Paget Brewster are friends on Facebook. LOL. That's far more fun than it should be, looking at who celebrities are friends with. Allison Janney and Melissa Fitzgerald (Carol on WW), for example, as well as not only Janel Moloney but her sister Meegan (who's an LA lawyer, I've found). And how Joshua Malina's profile picture is a comic.

And now I'm watching the Psych Christmas episode (again) rather than study for my 3:45 polisci final. (Seriously? Saturday final? At least mine's not at 8, like my roommate's was. Jeeze.)
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Just (or, you know, about an hour ago) back from the gym.

Wow, my body loved that. First real, decent workout since the end of August. I was on machines working muscles that haven't moved hardly since then. I'm anticipating soreness tomorrow (my knees + hips are already not liking how I was too excited to get over to the circuit machines to stretch after treadmilling), and the sores/scars/whatever on the back of my hands between my thumb and index finger from where I lock my hands in around the TV on the treadmill are bright, nasty red just when they'd begun to fade a little bit, but I feel great. Did the whole time I was on the treadmill, too. It was weird, but it was a good temperature and I was enjoying watching the Colbert Report and my body was generally satisfied with the level of workout I was doing (less intense than usual, actually, as these only incline to 15% and supposedly the one I usually use at school does 30%; I made up for it by going almost twice as long) and the general fact that I was home and this was back to my old routine, and I just noted a particular contentment. It's a weird place to feel content, on a treadmill in a gym at 10:30 at night, but I was, and it felt nice.

This is post ER-watching, which was post trivia-nighting.

Re: ER. I don't know how I got it so completely wrong about why Abby was leaving. I had myself completely convinced that she was blind from the previews for this episode. Something about how she is all squinty to avoid the sun when she's on the roof, and then swirls around with sort of glazey eyes, not focusing on anything when she's dancing and then (especially this bit) makes sad eyes at Neela and says (what I thought was) "I'm crying, right?" So I made up this whole explanation about how it was something stemming from the explosion that didn't manifest itself on the first day but has been getting progressively worse (explaining why we haven't really seen her lately). Nope, not at all. But the good amount of Abby/Neela made me smile. And Haleh's wall had me choked up a bit, trufax.

Re: trivia-nighting. I'm just good at these things, end of story, LOL. It felt like I didn't know any of them because it was a lot of stuff for the younger crowd (I was easily the oldest, followed by my brother and then a group around his age), but I still managed to pretty much single-handedly win the thing. (Not that there weren't a bunch that Tyler and the other random kid at our table got as well, but that there were very few that I didn't also know.) Kaci decided to team up with her friends, so she missed out on $5 Borders giftcard goodness. Which I then sold to her in exchange for having to drive her right over there so she could get some Twilight poster she'd been looking at (which they didn't have, fail, but I still got my cash).

I've got several mosquito bites on my right bicep, which are not fun.

I am getting too used to being back. At the same time, it's weird; I kind of feel like a guest in my own house, all not really wanting to raid the fridge lest there be plans for the food in there or something (my desire for a really good salad won out, however; feta cheese has never tasted so good until after you've spent months subsisting on a diet almost entirely of raw veggies, mustard for salad dressing, and egg white/tofu with the occasional bits of chicken or fish thrown in there every other week or so). But I'm comfortable. Like I said before, content. And thinking about going back has me going all anxious; I want nothing more at this moment than to just completely quit school and come back here (and keep going to school up here, naturally, but be able to live back in my old pattern).

Things that also make me anxious? According to the lookup doodad on the Missouri Voter Rights Center website (a sub-thing of the Sec. State's office website), I'm not registered to vote. At least not at my home (meaning non-school, and I specifically didn't re-register down there in if-it-were-any-redder-they'd-stop-wasting-the-ink-printing-the-democrat's-name-on-the-ballot SW Missouri) address. Umm, WTbloodyF? I voted in the last election. I've got people calling and bugging me about being a pollworker again up here. I was planning to go vote either today yesterday (which didn't happen) or today anyway, and that's done down at the election commission office, so I'll go see what's going on down there. Because oh man, you don't mess with a CSPAN junkie's access to the polls. Especially when she lives in pretty much the deciding county of Missouri.
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IT'S THE COMMOTIO CORDIS EPISODE OF ER. Winwinwin. I love that baby! (And that means I have seen these episodes at some point.)
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Whoa. New arrangement for the CSI: NY theme. Ehh. I prefer the original; it's closer to the real song.

(I can't believe I don't already have a CSI tag. Odd.)

And the next day.

I'm half watching an SVU (7.09 "Rockabye") right now when I wrote this while waiting for ER to come one, and Donnelly was about to try a case and Casey was talking her out of it for political reasons, and Liz says "Playing politics with the law. You're heading down a slippery slope, Casey." LOL, foreshadowing.

And the next day. Seriously, fail posting.

Last night was terrific success in not sleeping. It was inching on 1am and I was bedding down when Jason X (with both Lexa Doig and Lisa Ryder from Andromeda) came on. I hate movies like that, but for the sake of those two, I'd always looked at the copy of it on the shelf at the library but never actually checked it out (because I hate horror movies). It was the most ridiculous thing ever (though admittedly, I was only paying 1/2 attention as I figured out how to window my computer!TV screen and my Sims 2 screen and get them both going at once, which makes me very happy)--beyond the unbelievable plot and hackslashkilling where people lose arms by falling machetes and just walk around, etc., because I know Lisa Ryder as Beka Valentine, it was really hard to be anything but really annoyed at the chirpy robot chick. But after that, Rat Race came on, which I also watched. And then it's like 5:45am. So I ended up not going to Genetics (even though I was up, I just didn't feel like it), but that's no big loss as we talk about nothing of interest in that class. I'll have to get the review sheet for the next test at some point, as he said he'd hand that out today, but that's it.

AND I GOT THE MOCK TRIAL CASE. Have yet to read it, but I got my hands on a copy (we're still waiting for the money to go through to register our team for an official login, so this is wicked).

Bowled again today. This is prolly the 4th week in a row, and I think I'm definitely improving. Decided to start keeping track of our scores, so table o'recordage to follow in separate post.

And I might be going to the Denver game on Sunday. It was a bigger might be ("can get tickets, but how to get there without making Dad go three hours out of the way to pick me up"), and then a no (as it's 3 hours from him to Kansas City, and three hours from me to KC, but 6 hours from him to me to KC because fail!triangle is formed, and he's got to work Monday morning), and now it's a "Dad's coming down tomorrow, so it depends on my getting a ticket in time" maybe. Excitement.

Edit: tickets are bought and paid for. And decent seats. The two of us for less than $100, and we're in the 20th row in the lower level. 25 yard line, which isn't preferable (I wanted the $70 ticket in the first row close to the 50, but there was only one), but still win. (And since they switch sides at the half, it'll be good for half the game. Though it depends on how the game goes which half is good.)

Stargate Atlantis is screwing with my head. Robert Picardo and Jewel Staite just had a scene together talking about the gate, and my brain went "ONOES, too many sci-fi shows blending!"

Oh, and forgot to mention. Picked up ER season 5 from the library today, so yay for that. The beginning of 5 is one of the few sections of episodes I've never seen (or not seen in so long that I've completely forgotten), so this is win. Plus, no cohabs this weekend, so it's medical drama funtiems.

Might take another L.S.A.T. tomorrow morning depending on whether I feel like missing brunch or not (and whether I wake up). Food times on weekends suck here--it's 10:30-1:30 and then 5-7, which is crazy restrictive especially when you consider that it's even more packed than usual for whatever reason.
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I can't decide if it was a joke or if they just outed Madeline on Shark.

Also, last week's Bionic Woman (which I'm only now getting around to watching) ended with Recoil, by Ani DiFranco. Yay!

No Katee, though. This show's continuity is weirding me sometimes. I mean, idk if I missed something there, but at the end of one episode, Sarah poisons Jamie's little sister. Good guys rush in, show ends. Next episode, no mention. We assume the good guys fixed her, because she's obviously okay, but she doesn't even mention it? No reference to how they explained it to little sis? No connection between Jamie mysteriously running off places all the time and the fact that she got poisoned by weird blonde chick? Assuming little sis has no memory at all about the poisoning, not even a question as to why Sarah doesn't appear to be living in their apartment building anymore/at all?


More random TV stuff:

Dr. Coburn was on last week's ER! YESSS. And Dr. Kayson, which is win. Between those two and Timmy, I'm wondering if they're winding down the show after this year, because this seems to be becoming the season one reunion. But because she's Abby's sponsor (which I don't think we knew as Janet's so rarely on the show--in fact, I wrote her in as an OB now in New Jersey in a fic I lost during on of the hard drive debacles because we hadn't seen her in a while), I'm thinking she's going to be back. Which is yay. Everybody knows how IL the little characters in a show, and Coburn's no-nonsense running of the OB department makes her one of my yay!strong-women types. Plus, she and Bradley Whitford have acted together in two different NBC shows, ER and West Wing, which makes me smile.
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Random: I just found Maggie Doyle/Doris Pickman ER fanfiction. My reaction went something like this: "Holy fuck!" *sits up* "No way!" *excited arm thrashing* *elbow cracks* "Ow."

Anyway. Don't you love that excitement when something like that happens? Doris is this random paramedic who's been on ER since season one in every couple of episodes and is snarky and fun and one of my favorite characters on the show for some bizarre reason, and Maggie was the gun-toting, vegetarian, lesbian doctor whom Carter kept hitting on (played by Jorja Fox). And nobody really knows/pays attention to the former and the latter was only on for a bit before leaving for West Wing, thus I've never found fic for the two of them. Not that I was particularly looking for fic with the two of them, but still. Doris fic.

About an hour before I've got to go start getting ready for mock trial. Gah. Still, nothing like femslash to keep a girl's mind off of having to waste a Friday evening (and having to return early Saturday morning) in a courthouse.
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Oh. And stuff that is just random and not related at all to anything and some of which is quite possibly too much information. Being on the subject of dreams.

I've been having dreams lately. Usually I don't have them except for very rarely, and I've gotten 4 in just like two weeks. And they're odd. Some of them have been, for lack of a better word, sex dreams. Which is interesting. Only one of them, the one about a week or two ago, was actually all with the explicit sexing that I can remember (but then it turned out that that was really just a plot device for the rest of the dream, being that my mum found out and refused to ever let me stay home from school again because she figured that was what I was doing when I was home alone), but it was freaking threesome sex. Weirdness. Het-ish, too. Not so much me with the het, as I was more over the other chick in the few short seconds of actual sexing I can remember, but the chick was all with the shagging of Charlie, from Numb3rs. Who's cute, I admit. I'd probably do him. Still. Kinda my first dream that had actual explicit sexing (I can only remember like a 3 second flash of it) in it, which is interesting.

Then there was the one where there was a play being put on, but I wasn't in it, and it was somewhere weird, not any kind of place/stage/location that I could identify. The situation (not the play, but all the actors and where we were) had a lot to do with the military, and there was a tone of me being the doctor who shouldn't really be out in the field with them (if it was so dangerous that I needed protected, why they were putting on a play I don't know) because there were enemies about or some such. But both the director type of the play and my self-assigned protector was totally Kara Thrace, from Battlestar Galactica (yeah, TV people show up a lot in my dreams. I had watched the season 3 bloopers again that night just for fun, which I assume was the reason it was her). And there was obvious sexual tension between Kara and I. I don't remember if it was a we're obviously going to get together thing or a we're already together thing, but it was nice. I remember that she made me feel protected and such. Which was nice.

And then there was the other one the same night (actually, morning, after I went back to sleep after waking up at like 5:30) that was also quite odd. It was elevator weirdness. There were creepy/odd lift malfunctions going up and down some building. And there was more threesome sex, but it was completely implied, I think (I don't have any memory of explicitness like I do in the Numbers one) and all women, one of whom was Abby Lockhart from ER. And I got the impression that it was a bit hurt/comfort sex, that Abby was angsting for some reason and (I'm pretty sure that I knew the other one was Susan Lewis, from the same show, but it really didn't look like her very much) Susan was a bit also, but not as much, and we were all sort of *deangsts each other through elevator sexing*. And I don't know if I'm combining this with another weird elevator dream (they seem to be in my dreams a lot, and nearly always screwing up in some capacity) but just as I was typing this I got this memoryflash thing of one of the floors the lift went to that was towards the bottom of whatever building and had some big sunken in/in ground/whatever it's called hot tub thing (though large enough to be a small swimming pool and could be used as such). But I seem to think that's from a different time. I don't remember anything else for definite about the h/c elevator one from Monday morning except that that the lift acted all funny, particularly loosing gravity at some point. Which was odd.

I just realized that I said I'd talk more about my muppet dream from a few weeks ago, and never did. Might as well make this a compendium dream post. This was on the Sunday night, I believe, before my theatre performance. It was a musical, in the beginning, of sorts, in the style of BtVS's "Once More With Feeling" rather than a real stage musical. There was a muppet female in a military dress uniform (I don't remember noticing what branch) and she was singing with Doug, who is in my bio class (and various other classes in years past). They were in love, and she was being deployed to Iraq and was all sad. I remember one of her lines was something like "I'm an officer, they shouldn't have to rip me away from you," because she was all not with the wanting to go because of love, but duty, country, yadda yadda and she had to. But that was in like the hallway of the mall right outside a bookstore. They're still outside working stuff out, Doug and the muppet (whom I originally decided to call Zoe, even though she didn't look like the Zoe on Sesame Street, because that's the name that popped into my head when trying to describe her, but in retrospect, she looked more like Rosita), and I go into the bookstore and see my friend Rachel at a table in there. I go up to her, and sort of glance down at what she's doing and she's got her assignment/date book (though it wasn't the one she actually uses because my dream took a little artistic license as it needed to have a calendar in there) and my theatre performance thing is marked down for the Saturday. (And it took me until halfway through history class the day after I had the dream to realize that the date was wrong, as the theatre thing was actually going to be on Friday.) And I'm about to say something about how it's cool/flattering/whatever that she marked it down, when I notice that there are motivational quotes jotted down on the Saturdays. Which is probably because a) the calendar date book things that the school gives us have them in there and b) the guy that does the announcements has started sticking one or two (often really long) ones in there every day. But anyway. I thought that was interesting. Then, Bill O'Reilly comes over. Yeah, no idea where that came from. He's the owner of the store, and for some reason I had started to walk away a bit, to look at a rack of books, but then I hear that Rachel (dunno how they got to that point, as it was only a few seconds of me being in only semi-earshot) is about to explain her theory of life to him. I edge back over because I want to listen. But then I woke up, and I remember being quite sad because I wanted to know what her theory of life was. When I told Rachel this, she was disappointed also, because she said she would have liked for me to let her in on her theory of life.

So. Though only explicit sex in one of them and only for a moment and pretty much just as a plot device, the more recent three have all had sex/romance/whatever in them. I dream so rarely that it's odd enough that I've had this many this recently, and though it's not odd that there are undertones of romance (my Kara Thrace implied relationship thing is relatively common) it is different that I actually knew that there was sexing going on in the two of them.
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Still sick. Up too late doing absolutely nothing because I've been sleeping a lot because of the sick, but am not tired yet because due to the sleeping late, I didn't wake up until like 9:30 this morning. Therefore, quizspam. )

My hands are cold. They get so quite often when I'm up late. No other part of my body, just my hands. Probably because they're away from the rest of the body because they're on the keyboard and such. Interesting. /way too much cough medicine

Joined a Harry Potter femslash Yahoo group/list thing. In Spanish. That's pretty wicked. I'm excited. I hope fics get posted loads. (If only my Spanish teachers knew what I was doing with what they have taught me.)
I'm flipping through the files for saved fics. And then throwing them into Babelfish just so I can scan through quickly and get an idea if I'll like it or not. The one I've got open right now looks really good, even through the botched altavista translation. I'm sort of reluctant to read it because it looks so good and I know that the botched translation that I'll get out of it, though much better than babelfish, won't do it justice. I already know that I'm going to need a dictionary to read it because just looking at the fakeyenglish, I'm seeing words that I know I don't know the Spanish for. Still going to try. I can just see it, though.
Me: "Señor, qué significa la palabra [some slangy type thing invariably connected to lesbian sex]?"
Him: (surprised) "Donde encontraste éste palabra?"
Me: "En una historia."
Him: "Qué tipo de historias lees?"
(Translationish: Sir, what does [some slangy type thing invariably connected to lesbian sex] mean? / Where did you come across this word? / In a story. / What kind of stories do you read?)

I kept putting off reading the Femslash Advent Calendar entries and putting them off and putting them off that I got on the computer tonight and realized that I only had like 2 hours to read as many as I could. So I did so. Which was great. I didn't read all of them before the voting deadline (I stopped 10 minutes before midnight to make sure that the form got sent in on time) and I skipped about 4 that were not in fandoms that I even vaguely knew, but I've since read all but the one that was part one of a bunch (because it wasn't in a primary fandom or a pairing that I ship and I didn't really want to spend a long time reading it) and the ones from fandoms I didn't know. And it turns out that I managed to have read all the best ones (and voted for them) before the voting; I didn't finish reading the rest and go "Oh, man, I wish I had voted for this one" or anything, which was nice. Except I almost did for one. But it was close. So I'm cool.

Found an ER fic that I'm almost positive I remember reading way back when. Not that far way back when, but probably two and a half years or so. Tis good.

Made some icons a few days ago. Because I spent lots of the entire weekend (including when I stayed home sick on Friday) watching my Xena dvds. Man, I love those girls. Haven't decided which icon/s are going to go so I can exercise the new one/s yet. Or, as evident by my repeated use of "/s", how many I'm going to swap out. Edit: Has since swapped. One from "Been There, Done That" for my hughsday/lisasday icon. Yay, Xena.

Noticed an increase in spam lately, so I took my email addy off of my profile page. If you need to know it and don't already, hit me up on here (though it's not hard to figure out).

Speaking of staying home sick on Friday. Somebody kept calling me. Freaked me out. This guy with a really heavy middle eastern (I think Indian, though I'm not as good at pinpointing location by accent in the middle east) accent kept calling on Wednesday and Thursday and though I didn't pick up the phone, my sister says he called again Friday, I assume trying to sell me something. And so I thought it was him calling and hanging up a few seconds after the answering phone picked up, but it was too often to be a telemarketer.
And the one time I picked up, I hear these voices in the background and nothing in the foreground, but I'm like okay, it's probably mum or dad and they put the phone to their chest to yell at their students or something, but then I say hello again and I swear, the guy goes "hello, sexy". So I freaked and hung up the phone. It was after this that he/it/whoever called back at least eight times (I'm assuming it was the same guy, but really no idea) and hung up after the answering machine kicked on.
But imagine it. I'm sick, home alone, pretty tired as I haven't gotten much good sleep at all lately though I'm in bed a lot because it's hard to sleep with a cold, and somebody keeps calling me. I was all like *Checks locks. Grabs katana. Keeps katana by side until others come home.* (Yeah. *has swords.* *is cool like that.* Though technically I suppose the real ones are my dad's. Still.)
I've got no idea who it could be; I don't hang out with the kind of person at school that would do that for a joke. I suppose anybody could have gotten my number from the phonebooks or whatever (though I think we might be unlisted, so that might be out), or possibly got it from a friend of a friend of a friend or something (which, if it were somebody that I knew/vaguely knew/could have known, I think is the most likely explanation), but still, what I keep coming back to as most likely is someone that I don't know at all. And that just . . . *shivers.*
I really wish I had caller id, because I would be all *looks up non-emergency number for the police. calls.* I considered doing it anyway, but without anything concrete or more than just a "hello sexy" and with no phone number or anything, I figured I'd just be wasting their time.

Just remembered that I've got more homework than I thought I had. Shit. I'm going to be up all frakking night. (Edit: Since I wrote this at 2am or so, I have been up all frakking night. Already. And have done nothing of the homework. Nice job. *pats self on back*)
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Re: ER.


Yeah. I really don't know what, if anything, is going to keep me watching anymore.

Pretty entertaining, I would imagine, though, if you were sitting in my living room when I was watching it. My jaw was halfway to the floor literally for the entire last scene.

That was a good ending for her, that speech, though. I am a little worried now that they just showed next week's previews and she's still there, because I just know that the real goodbye thing is not going be as poetic as tonight's was. (Read: it's going to suck. Like with Carter and with Susan the first time and with Ross and with Susan the second time and pretty much everybody but Carol, because the episode when she goes to be with Ross is pretty much one of my favorites ever because it's so much love.) Though she hugged Abby and nobody else, which made me smile. And I think they showed her hugging Abby in next week's eppy too. Which also made me smile.

But seriously. The medicine is gone (what was that, two, three cases in the entire episode this week?), all the original characters I fell in love with way back when are gone. Though I do admit that it has gotten better this season, I've just got no interest in most of the newest (meaning after season 10 or so) characters. Out of who's left from before then, Abby I like, Neela I like, but Pratt I never really liked and Luka made me angry back in his dangerousslut!Luka stage after he broke up with Abby the first time (and killed that guy by bashing his head into the concrete? Yeah, he kinda freaks me out.) and I've never really started liking him again after that. (And he was much better looking when he was younger.)

I liked Kerry. She was freaking House before House was House. I mean, gimpy, cane using, snarky, gay doctor. He is her before she came to terms with her gayness and they made her soften up a little. She was my favorite out of the ones left. And I'd wager that one of the reasons they wrote Laura's character off is the original reason that Kerry was leaving--she's been there too long and is getting paid too much.

This means that my thing about the person that's the "and [name]"--the last one listed in the credits--being the one to leave next is still holding true.

Honestly, even though like I said the show has gotten better this season than it has been for the last couple of years, after this, they're really going to have to do something big to keep me interested. I think I'll probably watch it still simply out of loyalty and because I do like Abby and Neela and Haleh and Shirley (yay, surgical nurses. Again, just like on House, she was Nurse Brenda before Brenda was Brenda and I love it. In fact. . . she reminds me a lot of Brenda. *looks up who they are* Okay, so they're not the same person. Point of coincidence, though, they're both in this movie called "The Happiest Day of His Life", which entertains me) but I'm pretty incensed about this.

I'll say again, though, it was a pretty nice scene when she left in this episode. Didn't expect it at all, though. Totally thought they were going to work it out.

Why the bloody hell didn't they just work it out? *hugs Kerry*
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Does it seem to anybody else like they're going to make that TV reporter on ER become Kerry's new Kim/Sandy? From the very first time she came on the show and was like "Who was that?" about Kerry, my femslashdar was pinging, but now since Kerry decided to do the TV bits even though that seems like something she would never do and was originally very against, I'm thinking we're moving into the realm of canon. Good. We haven't seen Henry in a long time also, point of fact. Abby's baby Joseph and Henry need to meet. That would be cute. Because Kerry/Abby has grown on me since season 9 or so. With the whole Abby helping her through the miscarriage thing and then Abby holding Kerry as she cried after Sandy died and Abby agreeing to take Henry if something happened to Kerry during her surgery and Kerry being up there when Abby was in OB and Joseph was in the NICU for them thing. They've got a nice friendship, IMO, one that nobody really would have seen coming. I know my mom still hates Kerry because she was such a bitch in the earlier seasons, but her character was so one-dimensional when she was just a guest star and since it's gotten fleshed out, she's become more and more of a human, a character that I actually really like.

And what's with Pratt going to talk to Kerry in the previews for this week? It seemed like "Hey, my brother's gay, so let's go talk to the resident lesbian on the show for advice." But this is not to be the first time, I belive, that we've seen that Pratt has had homophobia problems, which makes me think a bit that he's on the down low or denying his sexy mandreams or something.

Edit: Oh, and I totally missed the scene with the reporter in it in the last episode. Just watched the 2 minute replay (as for some reason the entire episode isn't up) and it was the first big scene in the replay, which makes it seem like it's going to be really important in the future. No doubt in my mind now. They're getting together. "A glass of wine and a hot bath." "Sounds good to me." Like it was an invitation. No, Kerry isn't inviting you to share her bathtub. Yet. Maybe next week.

And so that's my story about ER femslash (that I wrote while I'm not starting my english paper over again because my thesis was too deep for the teacher and instead of proving specific things, I need to just talk about how O'Connor uses religion in her stories or how the "moments of grace" differ between stories. Dumb, general, too broad stuff. And though we only have to have the first part read by next Monday, we've got to have an excerpt picked from Sula by tomorrow that we can talk about and tie in the rest of the story to. Which makes no sense, as we've then got to have read the entire thing to find a passage that has enough stuff to talk about and can be connected well to the entire book. And first presentations start in less than a week.)


Mar. 12th, 2006 10:01 pm
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The ER promo makes me happy-like inside.

After the voiceover guy says the thing about not being able to take the antidote because Abby's preggers, there's a really nice shot of Abby and Neela looking at each other all concerned.


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