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  • Wake up at 3am.

  • Play violin viola.

  • Laugh over how EVERYTHING I DO seems to cement my theory that I am actually a dumb Sherlock Holmes.

  • Decide to clean room.

  • Take some trash out and step in cat puke.

  • Get something like 6 loads of laundry ready.

  • Don't judge me, I just wear all the clothes I own and then do huge amounts of laundry like once every few months.

  • Find these grey trousers that used to be my fat pants. Sob over how they're a size 5.

  • Take a load of laundry out to the washer.

  • Step in cat puke.

  • Do the dishes while waiting for the washer to fill up.

  • Put in clothes.

  • Finish cleaning the kitchen.

  • Go back to my room to keep cleaning. Step in cat puke.

  • Take off skirt so it can go in the laundry and put on a pair of jeans instead that are clean because I haven't worn jeans in >2 years.

  • They're a size 11/12.

  • Consider killing self.

  • Seriously, I've been losing weight lately, but apparently I was right when I said it all came from my boobs. What the actual fuck, I'm pretty sure I wore that size when I weighed like 15-20 pounds more than I do atm.

  • "Chances" comes on laptop music shuffle. Decide today is for sobbing over "Vincent and the Doctor" and possibly alcohol.

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This was some weird shit.

It started with me somewhere public-ish. A mall, I think, but it was relatively deserted (not for any malicious reason, just that there happened to be only a few other people passing through that section of hall at that moment). But then all of a sudden, there were all these armed swat-team types around me. Huge guns, people shouting, and the impression that they were going to either kill or take me away and lock me up in some tiny little dungeon (a la UNIT and Toshiko Sato). I still have no idea what I did, but there's the general impression overall that it's a science-related/for-your-protection thing (like I was a scientist that they were going to need later in this war that hadn't broken out yet but they knew was going to, so I just ended up sitting around and being guarded. Idk, but it was definitely not that I was a bad guy, just more that they'd rather kill me than have me fall into the wrong hands. Look at me be all self-important in my dreams, LOL).

So they're surrounding me with guns and chaos, and I'm all "I DEMAND THAT YOU TAKE ME TO THE UNITED NATIONS IN ACCORDANCE WITH GENEVA CONVENTION ARTICLE 2-point-some random number!!one!" Because I want me some civil treatment, kthx.

And then they do. Or idk. There's a jump in the dream there. And then I'm in this room; it seems like a sort of hotel room, but very small and greyish walls. It's really just a giant bed with a giant TV on the wall at the foot of it, with the door on the right side of the little strip of open floor between the foot of the bed and the wall with the TV. Definitely not guys surrounding me with guns anymore, and the treatment improves from here on in, so I have to assume I'm with the good-er guys now.

And then we get to the even weirder part. CHRIS PINE COMES IN. No lie. Don't know if he was C-Fine the actor or a character in the dream who was just being played by him in my head (I have no idea why he was allowed in my cell thing; there is no logic in this dream), but I definitely identified him as Chris even while I was asleep. Okay. Then even weirder. We're together or some such, because then begins hetsecks. I KNOW, RIGHT? My second sex dream ever, and it's not even Jude Law, who I'm nurturing this epic crush on right now, but Chris Pine (who I sekritly sort of think is goofy looking, but was hot in my dream).

So right. That happens, even if it ended sort of . . . prematurely, iykwim. I mean, there wasn’t the feeling that I was disappointed or anything; it was like that’s what I expected to happen, but there wasn’t any actual, erm, sexing. It was more of . . . oh, fuck it. I was lying back, and he straddled my legs sitting up, and I jerked him off. There. TMI? Yeah, probably, but I’m trying to get everything I remember about this one down, because I’m still not sure where it came from.

As a side note, it’s really interesting to me that my subconscious hasn’t realized that I’m bisexual. Or, to be more accurate, sexually bisexual (if that makes sense). Two dreams something like 4-5 years apart isn’t exactly a scientific sample, but it’s interesting that though I have dreams where I’m cuddly or get the feeling that I’m in a relationship with women, I’ve never actually sexed one in a dream, and this is two guys now. (ETA: Three, if you count the weird short one I had during a nap the same day as the long one! What is with me today?!)

Anyway, so after that, Chris starts flipping through the TV’s movie menu—I’ve never used PPV TV in my life, but the menu setup here was sort of like “cover flow” on mp3 players, if that makes sense. Titles and prices were listed top to bottom, and you could sort of scroll like spinning a wheel, and the title in the center was expanded for the cover shot and synopsis and runtime and stuff. I don’t recall more than the few specific titles that were mentioned, but in retrospect, they were in weird order, because there were movie series where we passed by the first early and had to scroll much farther for the 2nd or 3rd. And the prices were freaking insane. We’re talking $5,738 for The Blind Side. Older movies were cheaper—there were $68 ones (still insane, but comparatively speaking, that’s nothing). I happened to see Galaxy Quest 3 scroll by, and I hadn’t seen that before (because, you know, it doesn’t exist), so he picks that for me. I found him quite gallant, XD! But something goes wrong, and a different movie starts playing--Beauty and the Beast. (I think this one may be because 2ish weeks ago, I found this B&tB kids’ computer game I played on DOS when I was a lot younger and finally managed to beat it. Both the finding and the beating were quite exciting—there’s one minigame in it that’s hard for a kids’ program; I was playing on easy and still lost and had to start all over the first time.)

Somehow, it turns out it’s my sister’s fault. This almost-14 year old girl somehow managed to switch the movie that was going to play in this hotel-cum-cell thing. She had picked the wrong one somehow--the menu was just a menu, and selecting a movie just sent the request out and then a person had to intervene to get it playing, apparently. There was a question as to whether she misclicked or thought that was the one I wanted, but was apologetic (in that 13 year old “Gah! I’m sorry” sort of way) when I told her that we had to pay for these (why she wouldn’t know that if she was “behind the curtain” so to speak is more evidence of logiclessness).

The sister thing was apparently the segue into the fact that it turned out that we eventually (Chris was still with me) moved into my parents’ house somewhere (it wasn’t a room that actually existed, but the kitchen and back yard and stuff confirmed it as home). It was a time jump again, but control by the handler guys they had looking after us (it was obviously much more protection than anything else by now) had loosened, and I was allowed to go outside, and into my own backyard without supervision. It was an awesome day, weather-wise, and I played with our puppies. I thought about how I could pretty easily escape if I wanted to, but I’d only have at most an hour or two’s head start before they noticed I was gone because I was still under surveillance, and it was better to let them do what they wanted because it wasn’t a huge interference in my life by now anyway, and I’d rather keep it like it is than have it go back to the cellish place I was at the beginning. When I came back in, I puttered around in the kitchen and one of the handlers came up the stairs (which are right on the kitchen in my house) from the basement, thus revealing that in this latest dream!period of time, the current handlers had set up and were living in my basement.

Another time jump. Now, we’re in Springfield. There’s only one handler down there with C-Fine and I because it’s considered less of a target city (where in St. Louis, there were a bazillion and one on different shifts), but it’s time to go back up to St. Louis. We were in the airport in Springfield (which I’ve never seen, but judging as how it handles very little traffic, my brain made into a pretty cramped building with one ticket/customer service desk next to an escalator that led up to several boarding gates) trying to find out how much it would cost to get a ticket to St. Louis. Chris and I figured that we could convince the handlers that it was safer (less transit time along sometimes pretty deserted highways with only one handler/protector guy) and probably not too much more expensive. Because we figured why not try to get a flight out of this whole inconvenient deal.

And then I woke up. I’d set my alarm way earlier than I actually needed to, though, which sucked, because I would have loved to find out what happened next. I get good, memorable dreams so rarely that something like this is really awesome for me. I had another 40ish minutes I ended up trying to go back to sleep for, but only actually fell asleep for part of it and couldn’t get the dream pulled back up anyway, but I sort of expected as much.

ETA continued from above: BUT THEN. When I got back from class, I putzed around the computer and stuff, then took a nap before I had to go do my volunteerything at the hospital (apparently, my reactions to TB tests would like you to believe I’ve never so much as seen La Boheme—which I have, thankyouverymuch, but I’m so unreactive you can barely see a bit of redness where I was poked). And in said nap was ANOTHER DREAM. As this was a short nap, there was very little detail I gleamed and basically no events except for one and OMG IT WAS HORRIFYING. We were in Grimmauld Place (before we get too much further, let me admit that I’ve been reading almost exclusively Harry Potter fic in the last two or three weeks, so this one is in basic setting a bit more understandable) and I was Harry Potter. In the first, long one with Chris Pine, I was myself, so this was odd. Maybe I wasn’t him, because he was still him, but I was seeing things through his perspective (like when Harry!Nagini bit Arthur Weasley, yaknow?) or something? Whatevs. Then the weird part. I don’t remember much setup, but basically Harry got seduced by Voldemort.

And then they were kinda sexing. Or, rather, more of a prelude to it. Making out and grinding.

I KNOW, WHAT THE FUCK, RIGHT? A., I am not Harry Potter, nor (though it would be FUCKING AWESOME) are Harry Potter and I psychically connected a la Harry and Voldemort. B., Even if I were or were connected to Harry Potter, I hardly think I/he would be smexing up Voldemort. C., WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN?

That is all.
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So. Found my wallet with my school ID and gym card and such tossed in a box like I'd hoped. This is good. The house looks awesome. Also good. Ianto!cat warming up to me. Good as well. I can find my way out of the house and to school by myself (right, then right, then left), which is también bueno, porque no se las calles en la ciudad de Springfield para nada.

Things that are not good.
1. I’m out of money. Paid rent, bought my lab text for a class, bought socks and salad dressing, and that’s all my cash. Scholarship money doesn’t come in until sometime in September. I’ve got my debit card, but there’s only. . . idk, less than $100 accessible (I think minimum balance is $25 or something), and I’m very, very reluctant to dip into that for anything less than dire, dire emergencies. Plus, some of the things I still have to buy include goggles for my lab classes and gloves for one of them (which I’d already gotten and had sitting on top of one of my boxes of stuff to take down here that was sitting in the front room, but I think Mom thought it was a mistake that I was taking them and took them out on a trip to load stuff into the car), and at least for the former I’m hoping to buy a used set from the chemistry department (they sold them last year) for $5, and I highly doubt they take debit cards. Oh, and possibly my poetry (blarg) teacher’s book—the biggest bullshit ever. It’s a mix of literary forms and is therefore less than 1/3 poetry. I’m begging off having it tomorrow because she just added it to the bookstore requirements in the last week, which is unfair, since I did most of my book shopping 3ish weeks ago.

2. None of my clothes fit. Dreaded, but understandable, as Stupid Metabolism Fail has continued. But I’ve still got them all down here, and not enough hangers (something else I need to buy), so my room looks horrid with boxes and such. I did not think enough about how hard getting dressed for school was going to be when I have all of 5 pants/skirts/shorts that fit, only three of which I’m positive I packed. Plus, it’s so fucking impossible to go buy clothes without wanting to, you know, kill myself when I see the sizes. (I know I’m a whiner about this and plenty of people can go “you think you’ve got it bad”, but when you’re used to yourself in one way and then a few months later you’re 40 pounds heavier, it’s a bitch.) My making my own skirts needs to be worked on more, because then there will be no size tags, XD.

3. I’m in the computer lab at the moment because my 1pm organic lab isn’t meeting because it’s the first day of school, but por supuesto, my 4pm biomol int lab is for only 15 minutes or so. I thought about just asking if I could come to the 1pm meeting of my 4pm one, just for today, so I could get out of here, but if we got seats and lab partners and such it would be awkward to come to the next one at the right time.

And the major one.

5!!!!!. After exactly a month grace period where the bizarre computer screen fritzing stopped, last night it started up again. Began slowly, just blue jaggy lines at the bottom of the screen, spread throughout the whole thing (though you could see the background beneath it), then went to the whole screen covered with thick colored lines/blocks, but when I left it alone, it’d resolve for a bit before starting back up again. It finally decided to cooperate last night, and I turned it off and went to sleep eventually. Started it back up this morning in organic chemistry to take notes and it did the same thing, but then went to the grey of it being backlit but with a totally black screen, then went totally black. Rebooted a bazillion times, gave up. Two hours later, tried it again in biomolecular interactions (sort of biochem, I think, hereby known as “biomol int”) and it booted right up with a good screen and everything. Random. Made the mistake of letting it go to screen saver (I was running out of battery and wanted to let the screen turn off so it wouldn’t die), and when the screensaver popped up, so did the blue fritzy lines, and then it went black. That was 2.5 hours ago, and the periodic rebooting I’m doing as I sit by a desktop in the computer lab hasn’t helped.

So. Last ditch, I check out the Toshiba website again, hoping that there’s some kind of magic fix that’s been posted since the last time I looked around to try to fix it. Happen to check the warranty thing, and lo and behold, it didn’t expire in May (right around when it died the first time) like I’d thought. It expires tomorrow.

Natch, the closest warranty repair center is 3 hours back to St. Louis. At this point, I’m mentally calculating time and such to see if I can get out of my last class and drive there before they close. (Answer: probably not. Plus, seriously, I’ve been here for what, not yet 48 hours?) Shipping it to the Toshiba depot won’t work either, as that obviously takes time, but I call them up (thankfully looking like a dork on the campus phone outside the computer lab rather than on my cell as I was on hold for 90% of the 25+ minute call) hoping I can plead my case and have them start a repair ticket for me today that will work under warranty even though it expires tomorrow, and lo and behold that’s exactly how it works. They’re shipping me a box, I’ve got to call UPS and get it picked up (maybe just find a UPS store and drop it off?), and it’s 7-10 day turnaround (hopefully days days and not business days).

They’re telling me to backup my important stuff, as well. I wanted to hold on to my hard drive, you know, just in case, but the guy said that they’d do some tuneup thing too. It worries me a bit—sure, I have problems with Firefox lately I figured I’d take it), and I’m not even sure how I’m going to be able to do that since I can’t see anything to do that. I tried to plug it in to the monitors on the computers here, but no such luck as they’ve got some freaky-arsed digital plug that doesn’t fit.

That’s the suckmost sucky part of it. And why I’d never sent it off to get fixed during the summer like the idiot I am. I didn’t want to be computerless for 10 days. (Plus, I did very, very little during the summer since I slept straight through normal business hours 9 days out of 10 and mostly couldn’t bring myself to leave the house. Fail, I know.) If only I’d done it then, though, because I’ve got note taking things all set up and homework to do and tests to study for (yeah, quiz in biomol int sometime this week) and one of my textbooks is actually on the computer. Also, we have no TV hooked up yet (DVD player, yes, actual broadcast TV no) and as far as I’m aware, not even an ETA on that, so boredom central.

I kind of still want to cry, I’m so frustrated. School and being in a new place and all is stressful enough without my computer dying on me.

ETA: This is what I mean by blue lines fritzing: (picture) )
You can see my icons on my desktop underneath a bit on the left. That’s last night, when it would resolve on its own and then do it again, rinse and repeat.
Then it went to. . . idk, think of a shirt with different sized vertical blocks of color. Sometimes it looks like this:
(another picture) )
Not my computer, obviously, but similar display. It jumps around between being thin lines like that and ones thick enough that only maybe 6-10 of them fit. Of course, now it’s completely black, not even the grey of it still being backlit but with no display.

Also? The bluefritzing picture was taken with my new phone (demonstration purposes being why I didn't resize it like I did with the rest). Pretty good for a $60 (with $30 of minutes included, so more like $30) Net-10 thing, huh? They fixed a lot of my issues with the last one, like actually being able to connect it to a computer (only can access the micro SD card--not included, natch, but I pulled the one from my MP3 player that I kept audiofics on--and it can only take ones up to 2gb, but you can transfer pictures to the card fairly easily and then get to them on the computer) and taking custom ringtones. (Doctor Who theme FTW. I keep getting people to call me to test it and just not picking up so as to LOLOL.) Still can't get to the internet, just the Net-10 website, and it still charges you eight bazillion dollars to even do that when you accidentally hit the button, but you can lock the browser feature so you've got to type the code to open it, so that's saved me quite a few minutes, LOL.
(It is this one: )
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Terrell Davis had a migraine during the 1998 Super Bowl? And Shanahan kept him in to fake out the Packers for Elway to score the touchdown? That's hardcore. TD said he had such a bad aura he couldn't even see, but they had to keep him in or the Packers wouldn't believe that they were going to run a rushing play. LOL, ESPN has this Super Bowl retrospective on. According to the listings, I thought it was going to just be a rerun of the actual Super Bowl, which would have been wicked, but this behind the scenes thing is pretty cool in itself.

"Leaving Shanahan with the decision whether to try for a 51 yard field goal." What? Elam. No question. Speaking of--Prater? Fix this little "I can make anything over 50, but 40-49 and you're shafted" thing you've got going on, or Shanahan's going to look into somebody else for next season.

Shit. Studying. Must go back to this. It's the night before a drive, so naturally, I'm up with no plans on going to sleep. Stupid claustrophobia-induced habit. No packing has yet been done, but I just did laundry and didn't put my clothes away, so I might do what Rachel did and just throw my whole hamper full of clothes into the van.

"The Broncos' defense continued to punish the Packers." Oh where, oh where have those days gone?

GAH. Study. Now, bitch.

I think I'm going to puke.
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I am weirdly not tired, considering I got 2 hours max of sleep last night with my papers and shit all being due today. Probably due to it being a pretty good day (at least early on)--got my lab report done to my satisfaction, as well as the lab notebook, polisci was good (I love how Dr. Dutton says "Like in Alexandria's West Wing" every time she makes a WW reference, since I made the first one in my presented position paper; it both makes me feel like Aaron Sorkin special and really validates the show as a whole for me, because when you and your Princeton-Ph.D. political theorist professor can spontaneously and simultaneously quote an episode together to illustrate a point to the class, that says something about the caliber of the show/our geekness).

Genetics lab was pretty cool--played with PCR, which was nothing I'd never done before, but we got to use our individual DNA, so in a few weeks I'll know how many of some random (common, but I can't recall the name atm) repeat I've got on each copy of chromosome 16. And speaking of geekdom, I went and talked to the new BMS prof that needs people to fo research and he's totally cool--he was wearing a Star Trek shirt and his kids are named after DS9 characters (Kira and Ezri), and also was quite impressed that I actually did some research on his topics before coming in (I was totally freaking that he was going to semi-quiz me on the stuff to decide if he wanted me or not, but he explained it all way more than I needed).

Home now, and will be until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Which will be nice. I'm skipping more classes than I probably should--though really just genetics this Friday and PoliSci and Mythology on Tuesday, though the latter are two of the three classes that are the more vital ones attendance wise (though mythology is just a movie); the third being gym, as attendance is points there).

Listened to Torchwood podfic in the car, and now I have a real hankering to record some more of my own. Because there's still not enough in fandoms that I know. A huge proportion of it is Supernatural or SG: Atlantis. Or *shudders* boyband.

It feels like if Obama doesn't slow down the tapping of prominent Democratic senators and governors for cabinet positions, soon we'll have the kick-assiest cabinet ever but lose the senate and gubernatorial majorities! I am quite happy about Clinton, however, even if I'd be happier if Condi stayed on (idk why, but I just love that woman). And poor Mukasey. I don't have a problem with him, which is significantly more than I can say for most of Bush's other appointees.

O, and. Found my dream job. At least to do for a while (an administration or two). The Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis for the National Institutes of Health. It's politics and medicine! Not quite as kick ass as being the surgeon general (I still want that job, kthx), but since I'm not a) rich, b) from a family with prominent political ties (see a), or c) at an ivy league school making both a and b happen, the chances of that are v. v. slim. OLPA I could prolly swing.
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Oh, and didn't mention. I'm home.

Heat blanket, how I've missed you. Except I think I may be having some kind of sensory issue, because I've noticed this several times lately: I don't feel heat. In my entire body. My mind registers the signal and cognitively knows that it's warm because I get those pinpricky bits of sweat under my eyes. But my limbs, torso, etc. are not transmitting the warm sensation. I'm not cold, but I should be quite toasty; I'm under the heat blanket (OMG, how I've missed you) that I've used and been uncomfortably warm under before (though of course there's the chance that it simply no longer works) and it's cranked all the way up and all.

The family bought cake as a sort of welcome home + sorry last time you were home it sucked (beause of the whole 'everybody being somewhere else' thing), and it's 5 pounds of chocolate deliciousness. Holy shit, this is a large cake.

Ride home was uneventful, save that I got to play with Ray's (friend of [ profile] bleakone who was along for half the ride) iPhone for a few minutes, which was cool as I'd never gotten to mess around with one before. And it was rainy and wet, so Rachel's wipers got a workout.

I left my keys in Springfield, though, so I'll have to bum a set if I wish to go anywhere. Including to the gym, which we've got to get my sister's membership to transferred to me (as dad canceled mine before we knew that I could go to the one near school, and even though he tried to un-cancel it before it technically ran out, they couldn't do it) tomorrow so I can work out. Because Alexandria on no workout? Something no one wants to see.

Got a 50/50 on my last genetics paper, which is win. Got used as the example for the class, as well (which freaked me out a bit, because he pointed out one bit as "the bare minimum, here" and I was all "OMG, IFAIL.") which is impressive--I'm all about looking good in front of this guy, as he's both my advisor and I'm fairly certain on the pre-med committee. So I'm a little less worried about the test that I took in there today, which I knew absolutely nothing on. Or, you know, in that way in which it felt okay early on, but then you mark the ones you're not sure about and then go back to those and spend the last however much of your time on the ones you absolutely can't figure out, so you leave feeling like an idiot because the hard ones are last in your mind. So idk. But from a sheer how much time I put into this section perspective, I'm going to suck. Spent Thursday night fighting off a migraine instead of studying (I was more concerned with not letting it progress into a full blown migraine that would carry over to the test the next day and thus prevent me from performing at all as I'd be too busy, you know, puking) and managed to miss 3 lectures since the last test from the residence hall conference once, getting hung up upstairs in lab once, and just being a lazyarse once; therefore, good chance it won't be pretty.
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Watching the October 21, 1984 presidential debate in Kansas City, MO on CSPAN.

Reagan's talking about believing that biblical Armageddon is coming? Seriously? Wow. *cough*Palin*cough*.

Though he's using it as support for the Star Wars Missile Defense system, which I support purely because it's got a cool name.

Finishing up a lab for my genetics class. I'm required to have an addendum with my partner's lab data, and dipshit hasn't yet sent it to me. WTF. It's due in less than an hour, I'm supposed to be able to evaluate her results (as if they're wrong, that's points off of mine), and she's had not just my data but the analyzed results of my experiment since yesterday. I'm pissed.

Going home at 4 or so, though, which is going to be interesting. I'm dreading it, actually, because I know that it's going to be impossible to come back here. For as much as I bitched about home life and clashed with the family and whatever, I was satisfied with the overall situation. Here, it's an uncomfortable living situation as well as my not liking the people. And me = a failure at accepting change.
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At this moment, if the United States annexed Britain, we'd have more gold medals than the Chinese.

Yes, I'm still not packing. Nor sleeping, which would be the other acceptable option. It's safe to say that I'm subconsciously scared as hell.

But wouldn't that be a kick in irony's arse? Except we need to wait until July 2, 2026, and take them over then. For aesthetic purposes.

Another thing. This US News and World Report college rankings thing is out. And there's a section on rating schools by economic diversity. Which they define as the highest percentage of students receiving Pell Grants. Umm, no. If 75% of your students are grantees, that's not economically diverse, that's economic monotony, just in the other direction. (But LOL at how Dad's teacher college is #2 on that list. So true. Somebody died and left them a bazillion dollars or something, though, because they've tripled in size and become a university and such all in the last few years. And ditched the concertina wire on the fences. For serious, used to be there.)
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Hodogs, I was starting to get antsy. Power went out for about an hour there, and though we kept the doors and stuff closed enough that the air conditioning (that was barely on to begin with for money saving purposes, but still) stayed in so I wasn't quite to cooking temperature yet, it was starting to get bothersome. Mostly in that I was in the middle of trying to set up my birthday party (because I keep having to juggle the date around because everybody's busy) and then the internet kicks off. It's not that it was horrible or anything, but it makes me worried; if the power shuts off from people running the air conditioning (I assume; it also could have been these people a few houses down that are constructioning--loudly--pretty much every daylight hour since mid-May) this early in the year (when people aren't running it full blast because it's not hot enough for that yet), what's it going to be like later? This is just like the stupid power company--remember all those major blackouts we had last year that lasted for weeks? They just suck, to be honest, and people are really pissed off, because they pull crap like that and aren't able to get people's power up for ages and then ask for tax increases like idiots.

Ahh. Anyway, mah fan has returned to the cooling of me, and my light is back on (though lol, I actually had the main light off anyway before for temperature purposes, so it's only this little bed light thing I've got going on, but it's nice to be able to see the keyboard again), and my laptop is charging up again, and my internets now are working, and everything is right with the world. You know, to an extent.

Some more stuff.

Re: politics. OMG, POLITICS. From the Air Force guys retiring to the nomination to the bitchfests in the senate over the climate bill to the Gitmo arraignments to the Supreme Court decisions that are supposed to be coming down in fairly short order, there's some pretty major stuff going on, and I'm excited.

Re: work. Quitting, though idk when, because not only is it minimum wage for a 30 minute commute on only 4 hour shifts, now I'm being told that because I was already a member of that gym network, the free membership that I was promised won't kick in for either 60 or 90 days (boss keeps telling me different because he is fail for that and many other reasons) of a probationary thing, and now he's telling me I've got to cough up some $30 for a uniform shirt. Seeing as I'll be off at school less than 90 days from now, this means there's absolutely no reason for me to stay there. I mean, it's kinda fun working with the kids (though not fun when, in the early hours when there aren't often any kids there, I have to wipe down the machines and clean the bathrooms and answer the phones and work the front desk and such--it's the work that the front desk people/associates are supposed to be doing, only shunted down on me because I'm younger--basically, I'm doing everything they do except being able to sell memberships, which is what gets you the commission; I'm getting their shit work so they can focus more on the memberships and make more money), but there's no reason for me to not just get a minimum wage job that I can walk (or at least not drive as long) to and be actually doing what my job description says I'm supposed to be doing and not have to buy some stupid-arsed, overpriced polo shirt.

Re: Shakespeare. I haven't gone to the festival yet (though various groups of siblings/parents have--the first time they ended up leaving without me because carload 1 thought I was going with carload 2 and carload 2 thought I'd gone with carload 1, the second time I was too tired from work), and I keep trying to arrange this birthday party thing, but like I said before, people's schedules are fail. As is the weather; the schedule thing wouldn't be nearly as bad if there were more than 1 day a week that it's not supposed to rain. Seriously, the calendar has had perhaps 4 forecast non-rainy days since I started watching for a good day about a week before the end of May.
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Maybe you heard about this Kirkwood shooting last night.

Yeah. Thanks for waking me up, sirs, as every police truck and news helicopter sped past my house on the way there (as that's the division of the county I'm right on the border of). That was annoying. There comes a point where adding more police there will only cause more of a problem, wouldn't you say? I was joking at one point that it was all probably just a rumor (because the news was all "OMGWTF, but unconfirmed") set by somebody in the next city so they could go rob banks while every cop in Missouri was hanging around down there.

Watched Juno last night. Wasn't overly impressed. It was decent, but I don't think I'd pay to see it again or anything.

Took a shower in the middle of watching Juno (I was watching it at home, obviously). Because I had to go to the bathroom when I was about halfway through, and figured why bother having to go back there twice. And since my bathtub is a failure at draining the water from the shower, I was like "Well, why not just turn it into a bath" because I've been feeling shitty lately and baths are amazing for that kind of thing. And it was uber relaxing and great. Until I fell asleep, LOL. Several times. This didn't stop the relaxage in itself, but I finally had to get out when my head rolled to the side, putting my face partially into the water and I woke myself up by snorting up bathwater. That's my story of the night.

But updates on the last (or second to last? I don't remember) whiny rantage. Jackass teacher who I thought was going to stop me from getting the academic award again? Nope. Got my invitation to the award breakfast today. Which is good, because the t-shirts they're giving out this year are actually pretty cool, though idk if I can get one since they were given out last semester, but I wanted to be able to try. Plus, test for said jackass teacher? Managed to pull out not just an A, but a 100%. Which is win. Plus, big English paper that was due today is now due Monday (hence my being even semi-coherent at this hour--or even typing this at all, as I'd probably be still finishing it). Glands are still painfully swollen, though, which is confusing and not win, nor is sudden and drastic weight gain that I'm blaming on sleeping through the gym hours night before last (because, erm, I actually ate a lot less to make up for said non-gym going, so there's really no excuse). Still. Today should be good.
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I had a whole story on here from Friday and it didn't post. This is sad. Suffice it to say, I was pissed because I waited outside for the bus in 2F degree weather for 20 minutes before finally going back into the house after Mum called for us and found out that it had broken down and would be 10-20 more before it got there. And then it came in only 5, which didn't give me sufficient time to warm up. Plus, upon getting on said bus, it decided to honk loudly at all the stops at 7 in the bloody AM to get the people who, like me, had given up on waiting in this below-freezing weather. I hoped somebody called the police. I mean, I know it's not the driver's fault that the bus broke down, but how stupid do you have to be to honk at houses as you pass through a highly-uptight residential neighborhood when many people are still trying to sleep?

Dad and Tyler fixed the faucet in the bathroom last night, as something had died and it spurted water out where it connected with the basin every time you turned the water on more than a trickle. They turned the water off, put a new one on, and that was that. It's one of those with only one knob, though, and you've got to move the handle to one side or the other for hot or cold. Those are odd to me because I think this is the first we've ever had. Plus, it's uber sensitive, so you've only got to raise it a tiny bit for full-out waterage.

But yes. You thought it was over. Woke up and went to leave for Mock Trial, and there's water all down the street. I look closer--water main break. Right in front of the house. I lolol'd at how it happened right after they messed with the water for the house, though there's almost no way that could have caused it; the pipes prolly just froze. Anyway. Street buckled, the whole bit.

This is 9am or so, I leave, get to school, we go over scores from R1 of mock trial, I end up getting parts traded so I'm now a lawyer both rounds (like I mentioned before, bad in that I have to prepare lots more stuff, good in that I don't get antsy and pissed off at the lawyers when they're screwing up and I'm on the witness bench), I come back around noon and there's nothing happening. Still water spurting out. Dad called them only a bit after I noticed it, but since the spurtage couldn't be measured in feet (the watergeyserofdoom was only maybe 4 inches bubbling up), they didn't bother to show up until quite a bit later. I still parked way down the street so they could get there.

They did show up, finally, and fixed it. Eventually. But they brought the backhoe out and dug a huge hole in our yard to do so, which is now not a pretty sight. I was afraid they'd have to go way up in the yard and mess with Mum's garden, because then she'd be uberpissed, but it stayed right below it. And they had hoses and pumps and somehow managed to make it actually geyser up quite spectacularly, and it was quite loud for most of the afternoon. I had to make a phone call to the insurance company of the guy who hit my car two weeks ago or whenever that was (it's been all but resolved: I've got to call her back and tell her if I--read: my dad--want to use one of their listed/affiliated repair shops or take their estimated money and pay for it myself wherever I choose, and then have such done, and it'll be totally over), and I kept having to repeat things. Not cool.

Seriously, though, this hole? Hufuckingmungous. I took a picture; I'll have to find the camera cord to upload it. It's from out the window, so you can't quite see how deep it is, but you can see the guy leaning over it and talking. He's talking because there's a man in the hole, but his head's about 2.5 feet below the ground, so you can't see him at all. That makes this an 8.5ish feet deep hole. And decently wide, too. Large, I say.

Twas fixed when we got back from church, though the hole's just been dumped full of dirt and is lumpy and gross. They say they'll come back and fix it up, but in 8-10 weeks because the dirt's got to settle or whatever.

And then I went to the gym, went by Big Lots to see if they had any more of the 100-calorie Wheat Thin packs that I stupidly only grabbed one of that afternoon when I went there with Dad (unfortunately, no), stopped by the farmer's market because I really wanted some pears (but they're so unripe that I won't be able to have them for a few days, sadly), came home from the gym and had a really good, really big salad for dinner. And that's my story.
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I think there may be some kind of animal making noises outside of my front door. But I'm wary to actually open it and find out, as it's late and probably is just the annoying grandson of my elderly neighbor who has moved in and is taking advantage of her.
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I wasn't quite feeling with it this morning. Prolly because I didn't get much sleep yesterday. Idk.

But I got up, and got into the shower, and I couldn't figure out what felt weird.

It took me nearly 5 minutes to realize that I had left my bra on. Fail.

So that's now hanging from the towel rack to dry, LOL.
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A large thumbs down for the trash men coming TWO HOURS EARLY lately. Yeah. I'm sitting here, trying to find some epic Remus/Sirius fic I've not read, and I can't quite place the loud noise coming from the street. And then. . . "Shit!" And because my brother missed it last week (because it's been so early), I had to take 4 big cans packed full (I swear I did something to my back on the third one, that bitch was heavy) from the carport down to the curb at full speed, as they were only two houses down when I walked out the front door.

And I stepped into the plastic cover of this huge (like one of those commercial kinds you'd see in businesses) rectangular fan we were pitching while I was trying to squeeze around the van (because it was parked too close to the cans), and now my foot is dead.

Except for that was at about 7:30 this morning, and I forgot to hit post, LOL.

But to add more. My brother has yet to read DH, and so he's been trying to catch me off guard and make me accidentally spoil something, so he could get my dad to holler at me for it (because he'd undoubtedly tell dad too, which would rain down a world of hurt upon me). And I was looking at this picture of Remus and Sirius as Moony and Padfoot, and my brother's all "Why are there two dogs?"
Me: "It's Sirius, keeping Moony in check (read: frolicking) during the full moon when they're at school or Grimmauld place or something."
Me: ". . . that was book 5. Sirius is dead."
Him: "Oh. But you just spoiled that he doesn't come back!"
Me: "I said nothing of the sort."
Him: "Oh, so he does come back!"
Me: barely spoiler ) *to him* "But then you've got to decide which of your guesses is right. (A minute before he had asked and I refused to confirm or deny if Tonks and Remus got married spoiler again )) Remus can't get married to Tonks if Sirius is still alive!"

And then I lolololol'd. Because I didn't mean to say that. As that only works with my Remus/Sirius shipper logic.

And just now he tripped on the vacuum coming into the kitchen (and I was already laughing just from that because all I could think of was Tonks), and then straightens back up and tugs on his shirt, like to straighten it. I declared that "Ace." I have no idea where that came from, but it made me smile almost more than his doing the Picard Maneuver, because all I could think of was Arnold J. "Ace" Rimmer ("Ace-Hole, you mean") from Red Dwarf.

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