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Walking through Six Flags and then standing up for an entire concert in the midst of a not inconsiderable allergic reaction (we're talking it hurt to breathe to the point where I'm actually, finally going to call the doctor tomorrow) outside in 110F-ish weather?

Bad idea. 

But on the up side, bed feels so nice.

Quadruple dose of Benadryl and I'm feeling tons better, though that stuff makes me so sleepy that I'm probably putting the computer up for bed as soon as I finish typing this.

Also, Darren freaking Criss.  Marry me.  He's such a good showman, interacting with the audience a lot.  Also, very good at playing instruments.  Not just oh, everybody who sings on stage can strum a few chords on a guitar; he knows the theory enough that he sort of modulated a bit of one to match the major of the train that was going by, just on the fly on the keyboard like whatevs.  Also did an impromptu drum solo during the encore wherein he sort of pushed the drummer out of the way without missing a beat.

And he played either guitar or keyboard the whole time he sang, and he sang pretty darn well for it being live and him coming straight off of another set of concerts, and my only complaint is that he didn't take his shirt off it was totally awesome.

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  • Wake up at 3am.

  • Play violin viola.

  • Laugh over how EVERYTHING I DO seems to cement my theory that I am actually a dumb Sherlock Holmes.

  • Decide to clean room.

  • Take some trash out and step in cat puke.

  • Get something like 6 loads of laundry ready.

  • Don't judge me, I just wear all the clothes I own and then do huge amounts of laundry like once every few months.

  • Find these grey trousers that used to be my fat pants. Sob over how they're a size 5.

  • Take a load of laundry out to the washer.

  • Step in cat puke.

  • Do the dishes while waiting for the washer to fill up.

  • Put in clothes.

  • Finish cleaning the kitchen.

  • Go back to my room to keep cleaning. Step in cat puke.

  • Take off skirt so it can go in the laundry and put on a pair of jeans instead that are clean because I haven't worn jeans in >2 years.

  • They're a size 11/12.

  • Consider killing self.

  • Seriously, I've been losing weight lately, but apparently I was right when I said it all came from my boobs. What the actual fuck, I'm pretty sure I wore that size when I weighed like 15-20 pounds more than I do atm.

  • "Chances" comes on laptop music shuffle. Decide today is for sobbing over "Vincent and the Doctor" and possibly alcohol.

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Adam Lambert concert in Springfield, MO. Be prepared for flail. It's way TL;DR, so THE HIGHLIGHTS ARE IN GLITTERTEXT, OMFG.

So, the counter protest of the WBC wasn't really organized, per se. I'd been looking at the WBC schedule a lot because I secretly hoped for an excuse to counter-protest to show Adam that Springfield isn't some podunk bible belt town. Boom, a few days ago it showed up. (Sneaky, only putting it on at the last minute.) Much Twitter discussion going on spread the word sort of virally through the Springfield and some of the Glam Nation folks, someone made a Facebook event, and someone else who apparently had FB friended the entire freaking town invited practically a million people. College kids like to party, which is basically what this was, LOL.

WBC was scared off and never showed up, even though the sketchy media accounts beforehand only vaguely mentioned that a counter protest would happen, not our numbers (which should have scared them off). I checked the morning of the show and it was up to 200, JFC, and though I didn't expect it to be anywhere near that number because of no-shows or people RSVPing that they'd be there in spirit or some such, it definitely was around that at its peak (as can be seen in numerous vids and pics and such).

ETA: Forgot to mention. My ears have been opened to the truth that is vuvuzelas are required for protesting. Ours needed more, though, because droning is more awesome the louder it gets. Also, we got water balloons thrown at us (by a jerkwad, not a legitimate opponent) from a car, and then said car got pulled over for it like 30 feet down the road by a cop on a bicycle. Hells to the yeah.

Adam came over around 8:15 or so, so many had already filed inside or away (since the protest was only scheduled to last until 8). I kid you not, 99% of the people still there (as they were mostly the ones not going to the concert) did not know who he was. But I kind of started flailing and threw out a JESUS FUCK or two of excitement, which started tipping people off.

And I think partially because I was one of the few visibly recognizing him, partially because [ profile] bleakone and I were sufficiently glittered that he could tell we were coming to the show, partially because we had the most awesome posters ever (haha, but I think it's true--they were his lyrics, so perhaps he was partial to them for that reason)


(Like, we were more or less in the middle of the crowd, and yet...) And then he asked "Any other not-ignorant people?" (or some such, exact words escape me a bit because I was flailing to death), which means HE LIKED IT OMFG LIFE IS VALIDATED. Words came out of his mouth and they sounded like rainbows and glitter. [ profile] bleakone can verify, I was totally freaking out (in a fairly quiet way, but with mild hyperventilation not aided by the omnipresent glittered corset).

He signed just a few more things, we hung out outside for a bit more, then went in to catch the end of Iraheta's stuff and play in the crowd while waiting for Adam. Now, I've watched a lot of YouTube vids and, erm, more immediate video and such of the concerts. I can easily say that of every concert I've been to/seen, we were having the most fun. There was (out of order because I'm just typing since it's 5:15am and I'm still so fucking high from this) a giant beachball being hit around that was removed by security only to be given back to us when we booed, one of our friends discoing to "Staying Alive" with a drag queen up on the mezzanine to the applause of all, a giant chorus of "Don't Stop Believing", and people blowing up balloons and letting them go so they shot up into the air and flew around our heads. I loved it and loved you all and you should all look me up on Twitter, because we were awesome. Also around this time, decided that Tommy was definitely there (we had assumed probably not) from his basses being on stage, which naturally prompted a round of flailing.

Then Adam. Where do I fucking start? Boy was on form. (Which I'm going to blame on we counter-protesters and accept all credit for.) He was feisty and into it sfm. Tons of improv vocals, new dance movies (boy can moonwalk, goddamn)

and his "SUCK IT, WESTBORO" immediately after (so I accept credit for particularly that on behalf of our gang, LOL). Fever was the only kiss; I think we were just still flailing during other songs, but there was a metric fuckton of his signature hip-level handwanking and crotch smacking and probably, idk,
We got both MW and a long WLL. You could tell he was enjoying it right from the beginning, and that made it such an amazing show (case in point--I got out most of my Kansas City flail on Twitter. This is so TL;DR because I CAN'T FUCKING STOP SMILING).

Side note: AWESOME ACOUSTICS, as expected. One downside, if anyone else goes here, is that the floor under the seats is slanted and . . . idk, made of something slick. I was rocking 6-inch stripper heels. JFC, it was hard to dance. Had to brace my thighs against the seat in front, LOL. (Because I was dancing anyway, obviously. :D)

Afterwards, Tommy and Monte and LP slooooowly walked the. entire. line. of people signing and such. Those men are so beautiful. LP kept walking around the buses and such, doing things (idk) and we'd cheer every time he came out until the point where he'd pause and turn around and wait for it, LOLOL. And Tommy making all of us thirsty people soooo jealous talking about his "apple juice" right in front of me ("What are you drinking?" "Apple juice." "Really?" "*pshhh* No.") and Liz Hill being adorable and signing stuff actually to people, asking their names (I was too far back by the time she came around, sadface, though I asked if she wanted to come riding in St. Louis and she said OMGYESWHERE! But [ profile] bleakone's horses would have been too far out of the city probably for her to trek to on a show day).

SO NOW EVERYBODY (but Cam--idk, she didn't come out) HAS SIGNED OUR POSTER. NEEDS FRAMED AFUCKINGSAP. Ages later, Adam showed up and did a quick run through, while I and a couple of of our fellow signagers (including aforementioned discoing friend) held up our signs in the background for the ambiance (later, after Adam had moved and the mob thus also shifted, Sutan came over and checked them out as well!), and we kept rocking the signage as the buses pulled away while folks (yay, awesome bus drivers) waved out the windows and honked and such.

So basically, got to protest, got recognized for said protesting by Adam Motherfucking Lambert, there were pretty boys and

and a whole lot of lewd dancing, and possibly the best audience in the history of shows, and [ profile] bleakone and I ended up hanging out with aforementioned fellow holding-up-at-buses-signagers just on the grass in that area for probably two hours and made friends, which is always fun.

Basically, I think the best part of the whole deal is that people usually think (I included, most of the time, since I came down here for school from St. Louis) that Springfield is this bible belt backwater, but we pretty much showed everybody that


(Click for the big version, and pardon our ridiculously posyness -- only so much you can do when balancing a camera on 6 books and a container of dog food atop a cat tower.)

[ profile] bleakone's left, I'm right. So, the top poster with the rainbow is the one everybody signed since nobody had silver Sharpies (totally meant to bring one!) and the one that took us the most time printing out the letters and cutting them out individually to make them stencils and then painting and then touchupping, etc. We're science majors and perfectionists with not a scrap of artistic talent, ergo it taking us something like 10 hours to get decently happy with it.

I really like how the bottom one came out all srs bsns (intentionally) because I've thought forever that this line is totally applicable to respond to the hateslew.

Closeup of the rainbow one with all signatures and such!

Pardon the shitty pictures on these last two; done with my phone just now (12:30pm day after show still having not gone to sleep, LOL) while I was too lazy to turn on a light.

Third sign we didn't actually bring up there since we got there late and were in a hurry; didn't want to juggle three, etc. It's just fun, from a tweet of Adam's from ages ago.

And the shirts we made for protesting! I've got to try to see if I can fix the fact that it decided to wrinkle really badly over my right boob, because the iron-on stuff was cheap and fail, but I've wanted to make a shirt with this on it for ages because it's such an important message (and also, for all you nerds out there, a Doctor Who reference!). Didn't actually end up wearing these either, because we wanted to be able to go right into the concert without having to change/throw them back in the car/whatever, but I'm wearing mine today!

(Also, I really, really wanted to make a "Fags are sexy beasts" sign, but I didn't know how Adam felt about that word, you know? Apparently I would have been golden, so totes making it next time, XDDDDD.)
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Clicked on a featured story on the Yahoo home page (one of the mini!featured stories listed in little links under the real featured one, actually; "Designer brings pajamas to the street" below "$43,000 suit sells well during recession"). And the tab that popped up (I haven't opened it yet) says "Yamamoto brings sleepwear onto t. . . " and whatever after that. Presumably Yamamoto is the aforementioned designer. And all I could think of was "but we killed Yamamoto!" LOLOL, West Wing geekage.

Finally got around to watching all of the Face of the Enemy BSG webisodes. The Gaeta plot twist in last night's episode makes more sense now, though I'm going to watch the webisodes again because I was (as per usual) sort of half paying attention and thus wasn't clear on the whole Gaeta/Sharon/people on the planet deal.

Let's see, what else. Umm, pissed that I'm not home this weekend, because it's the weekend of the open call for extras for Clooney's On the Air that's filming in the STL. To add insult to injury, the open call's at the mall that's all of a 10 minute walk from my house. And I can't just fill out the form and send it in because they need a picture as well, and I don't have a color printer here. May try to make the family do it for me and just drop it by the casting office (right down the road from aforementioned mall) once I pick out a picture (I don't have any recent ones that make me look oldish, which I have the feeling is what they're looking for), but first I've got to figure out the answers--I spend most of my time in t-shirts and workout pants now, both because of the comfort factor and the way my weight keeps bouncing around, so I've got very little idea on my clothes' sizes, and absolutely none on a dress size (especially because I'm still quite busty, so though I'm okay in pants and shirts because I can size them individually, I might have to go up one or two from the size for the rest of my body to find a dress that'll fit my chest).

CDC's sexually transmitted infections report came out a bit ago. Still not ever going to have sex in St. Louis, kthx: #1 again in gonorrhea and chlamydia. Umm. . . at least we're not the most dangerous anymore? Though LOL, I suppose that depends on how you define "danger".

Heard some people talking at brunch this morning (meaning, erm, yesterday morning) about the inauguration (a word which I still cannot spell--I leave out the first 'u' every time) music being taped. I think they misinterpreted the story, though--thinking, I believe, of the story with the little girls in China where one sang the anthem and another lip-synched it because the first wasn't attractive enough. This is Yo Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Anthony McGill, and some pianist whose name I didn't recognize but is undoubtedly of the same caliber. There is no one else who could stand behind them and play that music while they waved their bows/fingers. It was still them, just prerecorded.

And still. Have you ever tried to play in the cold? I have, fairly often with Fiddlers. Think about how your fingers feel when they're exposed in the winter. Stiff and painful, no? Now add to that your instrument gumming up in much the same way and bitter wind blowing around while you're trying to pull a light wood-and-horse-hair bow in a smooth line across a very narrow target that will produce the optimum sound. From what Yo Yo Ma says, that's SOP for these events--they did it at Bush's goodbye thing a few days ago as well.

Oh, and so I don't forget. Was in Dillon's (grocery store down here, part of the Kroger chain, none of which we have in St. Louis) and picked up a Star Trek Magazine issue to flip through. At the end of Nana Visitor's interview, she says something about how cool it would have been to have there have been (wow--spend too long looking at those last few words and you'll really get confused) a switch between Kira and Intendant Kira that nobody knew about, so at the end, you've got everybody running off in different places leaving her in charge, and imagine all of the mischief she could have gotten up to with Ro Laren. Now I really want to write that, maybe tying it in with the Annika overthrowing her in the Dark Passions books (as the impetus for her semi-permanent defection to our realm), but I'd have to watch the 7th season again--I haven't seen most of the whole plotty section of DS9 with the war and all, just knowing it through fanon and the semi-canon of the novels. Still. Would be great.
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Watching the Democratic National Convention.

Damn straight, it's time for a change. It's time for a change to people giving speeches at this thing that are even slightly tolerable orators. The home care lady that Barack worked with? The lady that followed her with the smile+shrug+excited intonation at the end of every phrase while telling us about her oh-so-sad childhood? Puhleeze.

Other things. I thought I was on a different meal plan than the one I'm actually under, so I spent Monday trying to figure out where some bizarre number of my meals went to, because how on earth could breakfast Monday morning knock me down to 13?

The Recycled Percussion guys were playing outside of the student union last night, which I totally forgot about. Suckage. I had been at the gym, and then I stopped by the library just because I hadn't been in there before, and when I was on my way back I heard the crazy bass. Figuring that somebody in one of the party dorms was rocking out, I ignored it, but as I got closer it clicked and I went to investigate. Seriously kick ass. They made a huge mistake putting the mixer and guitar up on the platform and the two drummers on the level below, though, because I could barely see them. And I only caught the last two songs, but in the second to last one, they had some kind of a power sander out and were sort of drumming using the sparks from that, alternating back and forth between the two drummers. Which was visually pleasing.

There was more I was going to talk about here, but fail at posting it (as I'm backdating this to the appropriate day, but twas ayer) so I don't remember. *sigh*
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Music swap. Because my selection has begun to bore me and I find I'm just skipping past most things on my MP3 player now. Semi the playlist shuffle meme, semi random songs that I've gotten recently/aren't that well known/I've been digging.

Songsss. )

So swap me! Some of you have done posts like this fairly recently, so link me there, email me something good, throw out a couple new ones of your own.
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Did anyone else break into song upon finding out that the Spice Girls actually were on for the reunion tour that's been talked about for ages now? If only they came here (and had free/cheap seats), I'd totally be there.
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On an OMGWTF note, yesterday was not so good. In that somehow I managed to eat something like 800 calories in an hour. I haven't binged that badly in a long time.

Plus, my mp3 player has been missing since Wednesday or so, which ticks me off. It's in the house somewhere, but we were cleaning and somebody moved it but nobody knows where it is now, so I'm worried that it's on the floor somewhere getting stepped on.
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Oh wow.

I just noticed I'm humming the music to the bobsledding bit of the "1994 Winter Olympics" Sega Genesis game.

That's random.
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So. Goo Goo Dolls was last night, like I mentioned about a thousand times. Twas pretty excellent. We left a bit after 7 (the show started at 8), and I thought that'd be plenty of time to get down there, as it is generally only 20 minutes to get downtown. Erm, no. Because of the whole London terrorism scare thing, they had maybe 5 blocks on all sides of the riverfront blocked off when we went down there, and the bigger streets blocked off to 10 blocks. I seriously thought that I was going to miss it, because I got dropped off a ways away, and then didn't know where I was going. But I didn't.

I got down there right when it was starting (I couldn't find where the show was at first, because I started going to the other stage, as that was the only one I'd been to before), and it was unbelievably packed. I don't know if I'd seen that many people in one place before in my life. But the good thing about being only one person is that I managed to push my way through the left side all the way down to the front. I was maybe 15 people away from the front/center spot, and as it was, I still had a pretty decent view. (And whoever came down towards the end and stood in front of the rail and was videotaping seemed to like me because I knew all the words when they had us singing bits of "Iris", which made me smile.) Though there's a big Anheuser-Busch banner thing on each side, which blocked the left third or so of the stage, which made me angry. Still, I was close enough to see John Rzeznik start shifting to avoid one of his strings after it went out of tune in the middle of a song and it was taking them a while to grab another. If I can find some kind of picture of the stage, I'll point out where I was (and perhaps even me).

Though, unfortunately, I think it was because I was so close that my mp3 player's recording of it didn't work. You can hear it, but there's nasty crackling and such on top (it sounds like you're turning cheap speakers way louder than they're supposed to go). I'm going to try to clean it up, but I don't think it will work so much as not.

There were a bunch of songs that I didn't know, a couple being new ones, which I didn't really expect. The one thing that I didn't like was when they were doing "Iris" (which is my all-time, drop down dead favorite), they had the crowd sing for bits. Which, you know, okay, because it's probably everybody else's favorite too, but it got to be way too much. Everybody is going to sing along anyway; I'd rather you guys did most of the main vocals. I think we sang most of it, honestly, and about half way through I just got annoyed, because I just wanted to hear the damn song. (Between you and me, St. Louis is flat.)

After an encore (I was bits afraid I'd blow my throat out yelling for that one), I started heading back. And then panicked, because I'm trying to get through to home to ask my dad to pick me up, and I can barely hear once the fireworks start, and the phone doesn't appear to be working. It was a new one, because mum took the one to Vermont and dad wanted me to have one for this, and I called probably 20 times to no effect. Turns out that even though where I was, where I bought the phone, and where I was calling were all in the same area code, I still had to type it in. I was more than a little freaked, though. I finally got through maybe 30 minutes after the show ended as I was walking out (I went the direction out of the stage area where the least people were, so I got out of there more quickly, but had to walk through the entire fairgrounds to get up to the street), and found out that I was on the total opposite side of everything from where I was supposed to meet him.

So some 12 blocks later (in my sexyshorthookerboots, which started killing my feet after about 20 minutes of standing in them during the concert), I stopped where I had gotten dropped off (because there was a nice fountain you could sit on the ledge of that breezed at you and cooled you down, and lights, and lots of not-scary looking people waiting around, and two cops right across the street) for an hour and twenty minutes or so, figuring that dad would just drive the 8 blocks from where he told me to meet him (because I figured he'd meant this place and just said the wrong streets). But no, because evidently, there were three blocked off blocks between the two spots. I went over to the other spot (where there was nobody else, nowhere to sit, and not much lighting), and waited there for another long while. All in all, they didn't find me until 11:20 or so, and then he had parked another 10 blocks in a different direction so he could get down there, so we had to hike those.

And then we got home around 12. And I was dead. I hadn't eaten, so I did that and watched 40 minutes of the pilot of Psych (which is going to be my new summer show if I can find it, since Becker has gotten to the episode where Reggie leaves and thus is not worth watching anymore), and was pretty much falling asleep on the couch (because for some reason I had woken up at 6:40 that morning), so I went to bed. That's my story.

Today I mixed up some henna to play with (because I don't try to use it on my skin very much as it takes the entire package to do my hair), so I'm probably going to get to that shortly (or maybe tomorrow morning; it should be okay for that long and it'd probably be easier to keep it not smudged during the day as opposed to trying to sleep with it on) as I've been letting it sit for a while now. If it turns out well, I'll probably take pictures of it or something (if it lasts long enough for mum to get home with the camera; I had forgotten she had it. Grr).

Also bought a flat-screen monitor yesterday afternoon (mum is going to kill me when she gets home for letting him do that) and set up another computer somebody had given my dad because they couldn't get it to work (we fixed it in about 20 minutes, LOL, though it still could use a new sound card). Ran out to get a wireless internet card for it yesterday too, and ended up with one of those USB plug-in ones, which makes me happy, because now we've got one that can go in any computer. So my brother's on that one now, playing some kind of first-person shooter game he bought at Big Lots today (I bought socks. See, who do you think spent their money more wisely? The answer is me, as I split the package of 10 with my dad and made him pay for it) and making lots of noise as he. . . idk what he's doing actually, I guess yelling at the people he's shooting/are shooting him.
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As I am Midwestern, I find this odd. Though I'm not the hick kind of Midwestern, so that may be why.

Your Linguistic Profile:

50% General American English

25% Yankee

15% Dixie

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

GOO GOO DOLLS IS TONIGHT. (But IDK how I'm going to get there, so my going is still an uncertain thing, sadly.)
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"Why is 'Battlestar Galactica' Ending?"

Umm, Yahoo, don't do that to me. I see that on the Yahoo main page and my stomach drops. Me: "What? No Pegasus minimovie? No more Admiral Cain? No more Starbuck? No more Admiral Cain being gay with Starbuck? No more kickass President Roslin? No more Baltar/Gaeta slashygoodness? No more bloody gorgeous Apollo? *is sad*"

And then it wouldn't let me click on it, because I had already clicked on "Eiffel Tower: Scuba Hotbed" (which is quite odd), so I had to wait for that one to load before I could go back and find out that they meant after season 4. (*whew*)

I'm memorytripping down 90s music lane, LOL. There's nothing like bopping on your computer chair to the Spice Girls (and everybody else) at 3am.
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But on a happier note, I've been a keyboard playing fool this weekend. Just picking out stuff right and left. I got (technically, the family got) this keyboard for Christmas last year or the year before and when it was in the front room, everybody played around on it a lot, but it got moved to the basement where there's no place near it to plug it, so I didn't really mess with it anymore except for occasionally. I decided that I wanted to play it because there's some commercial with just the piano into bit of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" playing a lot on TV and I wanted to learn how to play that. So I brought an extension cord thing down there to plug it in and just hummed that bit over and over (usually just in my head, but sometimes out loud) and picked it out. So I can play the intro to that and the main piano bit really well now.

And then my brother came down and heard me playing that right after I got it and challenged me to figure out the Voyager theme song. Which was really hard as I didn't know it well enough to sing it so I had to just have it on repeat on the TV. This meant that I couldn't figure out just one section at a time, but had to wait through the whole rest of the theme to get back to the part that I was working on unless I wanted to take my hands off of the keys to fast-forward and risk losing the notes. And then I would forget what I had just figured out while listening to the rest of the theme while waiting for it to get back to the spot. And I couldn't slow it down to get it like I could when I was humming the song to myself. I worked on that one for a while and got a large chunk of it, but still not all (as I didn't realize that it was getting really late and when I did, I decided to just go to bed as I'm still not quite over that cold).

And in trying to figure out the Voyager theme, I managed to stumble across the notes for the SG-1 theme, so I fiddled with that for a few minutes before going back to Voyager (because that was going to bug me until I got at least one of the themes).

And today I picked out the basic vocal/piano theme of "Seasons of Love" from memory. And played around with picking out the actual piano part, but then left to go with my parents to buy a new van. (Which is pretty nice, but there's no rear air and the monitor of the DVD player in it quit working exactly one mile away from the place we bought it after signing everything. Which I'm not standing for. As the DVD player was pretty much what sold me on the van. We're supposed to take it back to them to get it inspected on Monday and I'm going to make them fix that. Rear air I could possibly live without if both front windows and the rear vents were all the way open or the front air conditioning vents were pointed straight back at me, but jipping me on the DVD player? No, sir. Especially if my grandparents expect us to drive down to Texas for Christmas this year.)

And the van buying took a really long time (but there was a machine there that for only 25 cents gave you a cup of really good hot chocolate) but I'm glad I went because without me, they would have gotten themselves jipped on the wireless infrared headphones and DVD player remote that are supposed to come with it but weren't with the car. And might have decided to trade in this old van that we don't really drive much as it sucks gas but drives amazingly and is really big and comfortable for the nothing that they were going to give us.

So then I came back and was fiddling with Rent music again and my brother came down and popped in my Rent DVD and I just played along. Because once you get a hang of the key and get your fingers on the majorly used notes, if you know how the song goes, it's pretty easy to figure out.

Though all of this would have been so much easier on my viola. I'm so bad at figuring out what keys go with which notes. And I've got pretty rudimentary technique. Viola playing is pretty much muscle memory for me; it's become almost instinctual that this finger position is an F-sharp and so is this one on the other string and if I shift up it's this finger position and so on. While with the keyboard as I've not ever seriously played it often enough to become really good, so I'm like "Okay. I think that one's an A. *presses key, listens* Yup, that's an A. Count up one, two, three. D. There we go."

I also just practiced random arpeggios, trying to get my fingers a little better at pianoing, and I'm not atrociously slow. Though the whole left hand playing one thing, right hand playing another thing is still pretty much eluding me for anything more complex than simple chords (like no more than two notes) on one hand while the other's doing stuff.

Still. Fun.
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The girl that plays Lucy Diamond on D.E.B.S is crazy hot. I'd hit that so fast you wouldn't even know I'd ever been anywhere but her bed. /randomuptoolatecomment. Looks rather like Danica Patrick, IMO. I didn't think it was going to be an amazing movie; it started out a little weak, but I ended up thinking that it wasn't bad. Mostly because of the Jordana Brewster hotness. (Did I really just find a picture of her with her arm around Eliza Dushku? That much hot in one picture should be illegal.)

"If You Hadn't But You Did" is a funny song. Especially when done by the Cheno. I want to be a backup violist for her. For anybody, really. T'would be cool. Get to reherse with good singing type people.

That Chinese girl on Studio 60 played the viola, and I was like "Yay." Though I understand all the "Why viola and not violin" stuff. The viola'd need to be 21 inches to be right for the wavelength of the sound that comes out to resonate right for its specific (lower) range, and "full-size" (though there isn't really a full size, it's considered more or less such) is 16 inches. So it's harder (read: more expensive) to get a good sounding viola (because you can get a really nice sounding one without it being 21", seeing as how nobody could play that, but it'd have to be a high end thing, while good violins are comparably really cheap). But she's totally right about there being a shortage of good viola players. That's why all these violin players end up playing viola, because they can't get a seat in whatever orchestra on violin because there are 600 people auditioning on violin, but there are only say 150 for viola (though the section is smaller) so you've got a better chance. I did the opposite, though. Got fed up with the crappyness that is the viola part in almost everything and taught myself to play the violin, cello, and string bass.

Enterprise episode "Stigma" doesn't suck as badly as I thought. I knew the story but missed the episode when it aired, and I figured it was going to be bad because it was the requisite AIDS episode, but it isn't horrible. I'm only about half way through, though. I do understand where the people that thought it was a cop-out are coming from, but it hasn't seemed horrible. Better than nothing, IMO. The fact that they didn't then mention that T'Pol had this progressively fatal disease for 3 more years then was pretty bad, though. (But when they did resolve it? There was much Vulcan gay in that. T'Pau was such a lesbian.)

It is making me giggle how mind melding is a metaphor for gay sex (and was treated as such back then). Because if you think about how many Vulcan mind melds there have been over the course of the many years of Star Trek and replace each instance with gay sex, it's rather entertaining. Makes a couple of my pairings explicit canon.

Line. (Paraphrased)
(random chick) Feezal: I'm a woman; that's all that matters, right?
Trip: Urm, I've got to go. (Like "Well, it does sort of matter in the fact that I dig the guys, but I'm not going to tell you this so to defuse a potentially awkward and outing situation, bye.")
Trip then goes and talks with Malcolm. Some random talk, and then:
Malcolm: You haven't given her any reason to believe . . .
Believe what? That Trip is interested in her, or that Trip is straight? It is the homosexuality/AIDS allegory episode.

Yay Trip/Malcolm. I only really started picking up on all of the Trip/Malcolm recently, as the first time through I was a bit Trip/Archer and majorly zooming in on anything Hoshi/T'Pol. 'Tis loads of gay in that there show if you know where to look.

Man, I missed Hugh on that late night show (I always get them all mixed up, Jay Leno I think it was). I thought it started 30 minutes later than it actually did, so I missed the first half. Curses.

I'm working at the voting thing (not the real voting, unfortunately, but volunteering at the fake voting for kids) tomorrow, so I'm missing all my classes. Bad, however, in that I got nothing done tonight and if I'm going to be working all day tomorrow, I'm not going to have time to get stuff done during classes like I would normally do (as we do nothing in any of them) and I've got to leave for minimed at 5 after (unless I can bum a ride home) only getting home at about 4:50 after liberal union, so no time there. Going to be up pretty late Tuesday night, it's looking, if I want to get anything done. Probably will be up late and still get nothing done, though.

My joints have been giving me hell today because it's all rainy. Bad.

There's a major eyefucking bit in the Enterprise episode "Vanishing Point" between Hoshi and T'Pol that made me happy. Okay, so T'Pol can't so much see Hoshi, but Hoshi can see her and is still staring her in the eyes for a long time. Like 30 seconds. I've got to figure out how to rip that from the DVD to make it into an icon. My brother has to return the DVD tomorrow, though, so I'll have to figure it out and then remember to get the episode again so I can do it.

My dog is moaning. This stupid whine-moan. It's annoying. It's because he wants me to play with him, and I would except for it's 12:20 am and he's big and therefore loud when he stomps around the floor right above where my father is sleeping. But I feel bad for not playing with him. If he just wanted me to pet him, that would be okay, but when I tried to he started jumping around and thrashing his tail and it took a really long time for him to calm down.

*goes back to finish watching "Stigma"*
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Moped around and didn't really do anything today. Went to the hardware store, as our water heater is dying. Like, my parents don't expect it to make the week, dying. Due to aforementioned water heater problems, I didn't take a shower today though I kind of needed to, and as such, my hair feels a bit skuzzy. In retrospect, I probably should have made a point of taking a shower today while it was still working at all, but I didn't so much think of that. I'm not a fan of showers when there's a chance of the hot water dying on you right after you put the shampoo in.

But at least we've finally got the heat turned on. I was tired of waking up and trying to drag my arse out of bed when it's -4º C outside in the mornings and just about as cold inside. Pretty much impossible to get out of your warm toasty bed when it's below freezing, as I'm sure everyone knows. That stupid dust burning smell you get when you first turn the heat on each year pervaded the house for several hours when we did it yesterday, though, which was annoying. I'm always afraid that I'm going to end up getting some variant of black lung disease from the burned bits of dust.

Taco Bell annoys me. Twice in the past week I've been there (which is crazy, as those two times are the only times I've been there in more than 2 years) and both times it's sucked.
First time, it was a 7 layer burrito thing with no cheese, less than a teaspoon of each beans and rice, and about 1/3 of a cup of guacamole and easily more than 1/2 of a cup of sour cream. No other discernible ingredients. The latter two things of course being the two things that I rather disliked out of the 7 layers in question. It wasn't bad, the bites I had where you could get some of everything. Which was about one bite, as it was very layered: the beans and rice at the very front bite, and then just the goopy stuff in the whole rest of the taco. But when you've got whole bites of sour cream: yuck.
Had a cheesy bean and rice burrito tonight (as I decided that I wanted to give them another chance and was in the mood for a taco). It was supposed to be a 1/2 pound thing. Nope. Maybe a tiny bit more than 1/3 of a cup of stuff in the entire taco. On a huge tortilla. It doesn't count as 1/2 of a pound if 3/8 of that pound is tortilla.

So yeah. I'm going to send them an email complaining about that place's bad food. *has now done so*

Did some singing with my sister today, just for fun. We had her mp3 player on as loudly as it would go so we could both hear it and used my mp3 player to record us singing along. We harmonize rather well. She's quite better at singing than I thought she was if she knows the songs well enough and is trying. And though it doesn't sound like it live, when we recorded the first verse and chorus of "Angels Would Fall" she sounded just like Melissa Etheridge. I was impressed.

She tries sometimes to jump octaves like I do, though, and can't get back on the note when she does so, but she'll get better at that simply from playing the viola if she actually sticks with it. That's the reason I'm really good at it, as viola music jumps up and down octaves all the time, especially when you're in the first years of playing and don't yet know how to shift. That and from practice now when I'm too lazy to shift up or just decide to bring it down because my top strings don't sound nearly as good as my lower ones. Or when I'm making up my own part, which I do quite often as viola parts are mind-numbingly boring most of the time (I was quite notorious for doing this all the time in our fiddling group, combining the best bits of all the different instruments' parts and making up my own harmonies when none suited me). Especially the latter reasons because it's not written in and you have to do it in your head. You get good at going up and down.

Plus, I've got an octave below middle C on a good day singing-wise (though that's stretching it, on a normal day I'll only get a C-sharp or D) but though I've got a D, maybe an E an octave above, it doesn't sound as good as I do below. So in church and stuff I'll jump octaves around all the time to try and keep it towards the middle of my range, as that's where I get the best tone (like everyone does, I presume).

I'm not a terrific singer; I can't go very high (and range is what I tend to measure singing skill by, that and being able to jump large/weird intervals quickly and stay in tune, which I'm actually pretty good at) and if you want it to sound really good, you've got to give me a couple of notes between the top and bottom of my range and what we're singing, but I've got a good ear, so I know when I'm off and can fix it immediately, which is better than lots of the choir types I know. Which is handy. And I can stick with a seemingly very different harmony without being screwed up by people around me singing different stuff; it comes from my playing the melody and singing the harmony of "Amazing Grace" at the same time. Which is also nice.

And I'm talking about my singing skills. Don't know why. We'll stop that.

I had a whole long thing about Fiddlers in here where I got way off topic (Off topic? Alexandria? No way!) when I was talking about "Amazing Grace", but I'm taking it out. Because I just need to write down everything about Fiddlers. That was such a huge part of my life for years and I'm really sad to think that I might forget things about it at some point. I'd do it now, but I just looked at the clock, which currently says 3:01am and realized that it's really late. Which is bad. Because I didn't realize when my parents left for church last night so I missed it, and as such they're going to make me go today. And they've got some kind of dumb-arse rule saying that if you don't go when they go, you have to walk. Dumb. And if I go at 10:30, the mass is longer so the whole day is practically gone. So I'm going to have to go at 8. Just so it's only 45 minutes instead of an hour. Which means I've got to start walking in about. . . *looks at clock again* 4 hours and 30 minutes. Damn. I hate it when I'm not paying attention to the time.

Though I tripped and twisted my ankle something fierce last night. Which is going to make walking, though not impossible or anywhere near as bad as my arthritis on a bad day, a bitch. I might be able to squeeze a ride there and back out of my parents if I tell them that it still really hurts. Because *tests ankle gingerly* *winces* it really still does. I hoped it had gotten better, as I haven't moved much in a while like the late night losing (Whoa. Typo. *is tired* I had 'loosing' there. Almost didn't catch it, too.) track of time computer geek I am.

*hobbles to bed*
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So. Memeish type thing that I'm just making up right now because I want some cool stuff to listen to.

Give me a band/singer (preferably one you think I probably haven't heard of) and your favorite song of theirs. I listen to pretty much anything, so toss me some names and I'll listen to them if I can find them.
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I want to find out who picks the music for House. Because I love her. It's so cool, I figure they know what she's (I'm assuming she, but could be a man) doing, and are just like "whatever".

Because there are so many House/Wilson songs. All these songs that they picked presumably because they represent House have the Wilson element in them too, which makes it all with the greatnes.

Inspired because I'm listening to "Hallelujah" (the gayest and most House/Wilson song ever) and actually looking closely at the lyrics.
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All the teachers today were like "If we have a snow day tomorrow..." I'm like, yeah right. There's no way. You know why it's not going to snow? Because I'm not yet on spring break. If it snows, it will be all next week. It also isn't going to snow because I have two tests, one both of which I don't have the slightest idea what are about.

Honestly, I don't know what I've been doing in math for the past two weeks, because I have no idea how to do hyperbolas. Or circles, or elipses, or parabolas. You know what I was thinking about? Hyperbola goes with hyperbole, and parabola goes with parable. Math/English connections. Fun.

I. Need. The. Serenity. Soundtrack. End of story. I am planning on marrying the guy that wrote all that music. I am in love.

My computer has gotten better about downloads lately. All of a sudden, I don't know why. It used to be that when for some reason the download speed slowed down (like if I tried to download two things at once, or opened a page with a lot of images or something), even if I removed the slowerdowner, it would stay slow. Now it will speed back up. Not fast, but back to normal. (Which is about 3.5 KB/sec. Pretty slow.)

I found bits of the Serenity soundtrack for download on Can't Stop the Signal, but they won't download. Sadness.
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Found a download of "Let's Give Them Something To Talk About". So I'm jamming out to Bonnie Raitt.

I listened to this song like 2 years ago and mused over how perfect it was for so many fandoms. Of course, back then I only had like 3 pairings, all Star Trek. Now, though, after hearing it on American Idol right after NCIS, I'm all "Ooh, so Ziva/Jenny perfect."
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Okay. I need tonight's NCIS episode caps. Because Ziva and Jen were just too cute.

I was thinking about this whole thing about the Gibbs asking Ziva if she was really with him. I'm figuring that he's unsure whether she will follow him in his frequent episodes of disobaying the director. Because he knows they've got a really deep connection from the whole saved life thing (and the fact that they're so obviously sleeping together) and he's pretty sure that Ziva's alliance is probably to Jen.

And Gibbs' dinner with Jen? So to figure out what's going on between her and Ziva.

And I love that Tony was like "she gave in first". And when Jen went to sit down, Ziva just smiled.

And!!!!! (Big 'and'. I was excited when I thought of this.) In the scene when the gang went in to Jen's office, we only saw Gibbs, Tony, and McGee actually walk out of the door. Then, we cut to the outside of the door, and it's Gibbs, Tony, McGee, all about 2 steps apart, and then Ziva. Three or four steps behind.

I'm thinking she stopped for a quick kiss after the guys left. Just a short one, she was only a second behind. But a kiss all the same.

But yet again, I missed the first half of the show. Because my sister was watching some crap on channel 11. (and because I was asleep, but we'll just blame it on her.)

I watched the last half-hour of American Idol, and heard this song (just during the recap of everyone who performed and their numbers for the voting), and I wanted to look it up for the lyrics, but all I could remember was the one line, "I like the way you move." I could sing the tune of that line too, but that doesn't help me google it. All I kept getting was some rap song.

House on the Monday before last? I forgot to mention something. Did Cameron steal that shirt from Cuddy's closet? Because, honestly, I'm leaning towards that explanation. (It could have been nice, if paired with another outfit. But it just didn't work.)

I was reminded by the TwoP line Cameron marches into Cuddy's office, full of purpose and not even afraid of getting in trouble with Cuddy for having stolen her favorite frilly neck adornment.

I was reading the review because my mom likes to flip the channel during commercials and I often miss stuff. Like the whole plot line about the clinic and the "pregnant" guy. I saw a shot of him once, looking all labor pained. But other than that, I missed the entire subplot.

Ryan (in my US History class and Mock Trial) was talking to me about the episode after class today and he mentioned the guy flashing his manboobs for the camera (which I didn't see) and whether they would get in trouble for that. (Because we were discussing the FCC in class.) I don't know, but yesterday when I was watching Cops (absolutely nothing else is on Monday late morning/early afternoons) they arrested some transsexual in New Orleans (Mardi Gras edition) for having no top on and showing. . . cleavage. So you can get arrested for it, but you can show it on TV with no problem. Weird.

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