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I think the only reason I didn't cry at Harry Potter was because of my anti-depressants. And while it's nice that I'm not, you know, seriously contemplating suicide because now I have nothing else to live for, I sort of feel . . . cheated. I've been upset/anxious/wary/sad/excited about this for months now, and then nothing. It was sad, but the only part where tears even threatened to spill down was the moment the credits began to roll. During the actual film, my favorite characters were dying left and right and I was just like "oh."

Basically, I cried much much much harder at the book. I'm not sure whether that's a flaw in the translation of the book to the screen or a flaw in my personal emotional response, but judging by how much everybody else seemed to find the movie appropriately upsetting, I think it has to be the latter.
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Deathly Hallows, you make my semi-annual Bellatrix costume difficult!

The one that looks possible to get recognizably close to is a) definitely from part 2 b) actually Hermione wearing it. Which wouldn't be horrible if it actually was Bellatrix's outfit, except I'm looking through the book and nowhere does JKR explain how Hermione got these clothes.  I can't really believe she nabbed them on the way out of Malfoy Manor or anything (though that would lend credence to my theory about the off-camera non-con in that scene I mean what), which makes them probably Fleur's (at which I LOLOLOLOL), spelled into gothtasticness.

Also, like I said, movie two.  Depending on whether they're cutting this before or after Malfoy Manor (and I keep hearing before), the total time of Bellatrix on screen in movie one is going to be something like 5 minutes max--the opening Death Eater meeting, plus maybe the fight in the air if we even actually get to see faces during that are are all we can possibly see of her in movie one.  Even if I could get a good thing going of an outfit from part 1 from the one promo poster and the one picture from the meeting I can find of her, with her only on screen for five minutes, it's almost preferable to go with the classic OotP dress with the detached sleeves, as that's going to be much more recognizable. 

But on the other hand, I think I'd rather make a DH costume that I can wear both times (and that I know I can make large parts of without having to go buy a new dress, like I would for the OotP outfit) than go backwards. I really really really want pictures of the final battle so I can see what she's wearing then and go for that, but I kind of have the feeling they'll be keeping a lid on those, at the very least until we get closer to part 2's release.

Thoughts?  Offers to borrow hot gothy clothes?  Thrift stores I should check out that have cheap things?  (I only know the DAV down in Springfield, and a bunch more that are not actually thrift stores because they're ridic expensive.)

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None Returning

Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius. Spoilers through Half Blood Prince. 200 words. 1 May 2010.

Harry Potter double drabble in response to the prefacing exchange in Half Blood Prince. I could go into a long treatise on how of course Remus didn’t share his grief about Sirius with Harry openly for fear if he let it out, he’d never be able to resurface under its weight, but I think between the line at the end of Order of the Phoenix (“Lupin turned away from the archway as he spoke. It sounded as though every word was causing him pain.” OotP p808) and the drabble-inspiring bit from the end of HBP, good old JK told us herself.

Also, the title is from The Final Problem, by Arthur Conan Doyle (which also makes my heart ache): “Two lines of footmarks were clearly marked along the farther end of the path, both leading away from me. There were none returning.”

As usual, apologies for the author’s notes being longer than the fic. It’s always a struggle to keep myself short-enough winded as to be intelligible. Forcing myself to write things in drabble/doubledrabble format both keeps me from going on too long and ensures that something actually gets done (have I mentioned there are seriously 80 unfinished fics and fic fragments on my hard drive right now? *hangs head*).

“Ron — Dumbledore’s dead,” said Ginny.
“No!” Lupin looked wildly from Ginny to Harry, as though hoping the latter might contradict her, but when Harry did not, Lupin collapsed into a chair beside Bill’s bed, his hands over his face. Harry had never seen Lupin lose control before; he felt as though he was intruding upon something private, indecent.
--HBP 514

There was no doubt in his heart which had hurt more—Sirius, by an order of indescribable magnitude—but the force with which the news hit him was surprisingly painful. It wasn’t the cold nothingness that had set upon him in the bowels of the ministry, leaving the shell of his body to watch over the Death Eaters and to make his way unconsciously back to Grimmauld Place before collapsing on the bed that they had shared; wanting nothing more than to forget this place, this war, this man, this . . . -–Sirius-- entirely and retreat to the solitude of his hidden flat. But Remus knew the Order needed him—in the greater scheme of everything but his heart, this, relatively speaking, changed very little—so he fought. He choked back the tears that wouldn’t even attempt to fall for weeks filled with shock and more attacks. He stood up.

No, at Ginny’s words, it was not grief that wracked the werewolf’s already-broken body. Remus sank down into the chair because for the first time in the course of two wars, this single man’s death had imparted in him the overwhelming, real fear that they were going to lose.
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Okay. After sleeping on this, I'm no less moved by it, so it's getting the epic epic review I promised on Twitter. Problem is, I don't want to ruin any part of it, but the main premise is introduced all of 30 seconds into it, so I think I can get away with that.

Vagueness over.

First, this is a different fic than the one I'm talking about above, but just to make sure it gets seen, I actually went back and edited my post of "A Fool's Game", the Holmes/Watson fic I posted the other day to link to "Partings" by Daylyn. I read that last night as well, and if I didn't know better I might have thought hers was for the same [ profile] sherlockkink prompt as mine, if not mine having actually been written as a prequel to hers. It's exactly how I imagined the morning and days after my telling of Sherlock's actions on Watson's wedding eve, and therefore highly recommended.

And now, the other one.

I don't often remember the first fic I read in a fandom.

What I do remember is the first fic in a fandom to make me really cry.

In Harry Potter, it was Mapmakers (Making Moony Laugh: The Suicide is Painless remix), which I cannot recommend enough, because it still manages to make me cry every time I read it even though it's been probably 5 years.

In Sherlock Holmes, it was "Living With Ghosts". I'd read fics that gave me a sniffle, maybe even a tear or two, but this was the first Sherlock Holmes story that really, truly made me cry.

"Living With Ghosts" is an end-of-life retelling of the entire span from Holmes' return post Reichenbach Falls until Watson's death. It takes a premise done not-infrequently in post-"Friend In Need" Xena fics--one living partner, one dead one that follows and assists as spirit/ghost--and, just like in Xena fandom, manages to make it instead of campy or farcical, extremely sad. Holmes and Watson had never expressed anything deeper for each other--never had the chance--pre-Holmes' untimely death at the hands of Colonel Moran, the air-gun bullet having found its target in the wax bust but Moran pulling a knife in the ensuing struggle and Holmes exsanguinating in Watson's arms. We follow Watson through his grief; assuming he's mad when Holmes reappears; the joy in solving cases again together and keeping Holmes' memory alive by fictionalizing the cases into ones solved by a corporeal Holmes with Watson assisting; the frustration and utter tragedy when they finally realize their feelings for each other and can't touch; and the all-encompassing, heart-wrenching, soul-squeezing grief when, after Watson is injured by Killer Evans, Holmes decides he can't lead his partner into danger anymore and disappears for the rest of Watson's life.

I'm a sucker for end-of-life type stories as a whole, because they're sad, but in a happyending type way because THEY GET TO BE TOGETHER AGAIN YAY. Pure angst I can read all day long with no problem, but this entire thing was so beautiful--hopeful in the middle part of the interspersed ghost!Holmes and Watson solving mysteries together, but the happy was tempered in your stomach by the fact that you know that Holmes is really dead, and they can't touch, and Watson can't talk to him like he'd like to for fear of being shipped off to Bethlehem Hospital, and Holmes is pressuring him to get on with his life, to get married, and then Holmes leaves and you know it ends with Watson dying alone from the bordering and intermittent snips of him in hospital, and it's so. . . *tears*.

If you want to know the ending before you start, the quote I've blacked out below is, I'm sure, the line entirely responsible (you know, in conjunction with the PMS, but I'm still not easily weepy, so don't take that as any kind of a diminishment of the beautiful tragedy that is this fic) for the fact that my weepiness persisted a good 10 minutes after I finished it. And the resurgence of heavy-blinking to dispel eyewatering just now when I tried to explain this fic to my sister. I mean. . . oh my god. I cannot, cannot cannot recommend a fic more than something that makes me cry just thinking about it the next day. That, my friends, is writing.

This line is probably not nearly as powerful if you haven't just spent the last 30 pages in the emotional wringer that is this fic, but nevertheless:
“After all these years you waited to come back to me at my death?” I did not know if I was grateful or resentful of that fact. I just knew that I wanted him close to me.

“You held me as I died, Watson,” he murmured as he reached out to stroke my face. “I felt that I could do nothing less than return the favor.”

I fear that my review is not nearly as eloquent as I would wish to do justice to this magnificent work. I've been working my way through all of the fics more or less systematically, and I haven't stumbled across a bad fic yet. Indeed, most are worthy of my bumbling praise, but this one has the dubious honor of being one of the few that I have a feeling will stick in my mind for a very long time to come. Read it. Have tissues handy.

And in case anybody was curious how I did the blackout thing (as I had to look it up):
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Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe gives major donation to The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is "the only nationwide, around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention helpline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth", among other related services.

I still say this manchild is a gay. Not that being an ally means you're a homo, obvs, but because he sort of just feels like it to me. Idk. Claiming to like only "older women", and he's so polite, stuff like that. Maybe just because he's cute with guys in my head.

I'm interested to know what made him choose this organization to donate to. I hope it's not because he has a friend or somesuch who has benefited from such services, because that is sad. Also sad is that he will probably feel the need (or his publicist will) to make several high-profile appearances with a "female acquaintance" to temporarily stop rumors that he is gay.

Back from the DMV--totally forgot I needed to renew my license (didn't actually run out until September 19th, but I'm fairly sure I won't be back on a weekday before then and idk if I can renew it in a different county). Ran around all morning trying to find appropriate proof of residence. My name's not on any of the utility bills or other government documents with my parents' address. They say you can just bring one of the parents' items, but that you might need a signed statement or something as well (saying what they don't specify, natch), and I know I've never had a problem with it before, but the last time I was at the DMV was when I was actually getting my license for the first time, so Dad was with me. Also had to find the birth certificate, remember that my social security card was actually in my wallet from when I was looking into donating plasma and they had to have your card for whatever reason, etc. etc.

Want to guess what the lady asked me for? My old license. That was it. Last time, even just to get my actual license I think all I needed was the birth certificate and to tell them my social. I've decided that the entire purpose of the new "Show Me Proof" Missouri bring-a-bunch-of-crap-to-get-your-license-renewed program is just to intimidate people into not trying to renew your license if. . . idk, you've somehow un-naturalized in the interim or something.

Got the glasses restriction taken off my license, though, just to prove the guy at the Lenscrafters wrong (and, you know, because I went to the gym at 8 this morning to watch The West Wing and went by the DMV straight from there without grabbing my glasses like I'd intended to just in case I couldn't pass the eye test). This eye doctor man a few days ago was giving me the third degree about whether I wear my glasses driving or not (90% of the time, not; usually only going to and from Springfield and often not even then)--I told him yes, but for some reason he didn't believe me (perhaps because I didn't bring them and he didn't realize that my mom was his next patient and therefore, natch, I didn't drive). I swear, he was about to try a citizen's arrest or something. All "you know that's illegal!" I was like "yeah, but I'm pretty sure it's not a felony." I always figured that if somebody pulled me over and actually looked at that and cared, I could just claim contacts (and the once that the guy of non-turnlane-usage hit me, I don't remember if I was wearing them but I doubt it because I was on the way to the gym, and the officerchick didn't say anything).

Anyway, I'm only 10 past the limit (it's 20/40, I'm 20/50 or something), so I just faked it on the little machine thing. I was totally shaking afterwards, though, because I knew I got a bunch of them wrong--I focus really slowly, but usually if I stay there long enough, my eyes can get there. So I was on the the third set of letters (I think it was a second distance set at a different depth, while the middle was near) when the first distance set popped into focus, and I was like "oh, shit. She's going to call me on it," but I hadn't wanted to go slowly because then I'd arouse suspicion. (I'd already tried to get away with just reading the middle set, but was told to read all the way across). Nope. There was nobody in there, really, and everybody was all laid back, and it was fine. The picture wasn't even too bad though my Chinese food-induced vomiting yesterday caused, as usual, the petechial hemorrhages around my eyes that made me look like I'd been socked in the face.
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Evidently people on the interwebz are seriously freaking about Torchwood.

Because I think Rachel still hasn't finished watching them. )

Also. This (CoE spoiler-free) interview with John Barrowman has given me a huge hankering for John/Gareth RPS. They flirt and kiss all the time? My poor heart cannot take this kind of stimulation, sirs!

Also also? Kaci and I hit the Half Blood Prince preview screening in kickass Spinner's End costume as Cissy and Bella, like I think I mentioned, but no pictures were taken by us, which is a sadness. Folk did, though--one lady taking the tickets who said she was going to have to send it to the studio (whut?! Pretty sure she means whichever one she worked for, but still), and another that was taking pictures mostly of the chess team playing, both professional types, so I'm hoping I can find one. My costume was better this year, though the hair and makeup were worse-- I couldn't find that temp black hairspray type dye for under $7 (OMFG.) so it was up but still red, and we were trying to get there really early to get good seats and I was planning to makeup when I got there, but the directions we got were to the wrong theatre and so I had to drive forever in one direction and then forever back in the other direction because the lady at the first theatre gave crap directions (though she did try, so thanks for that--it was a combination of her not knowing what direction to go on the highway and my not knowing the area at all to pick up on the "near such and such" she was trying to give me), so by the time we got there they were already seating and the theatre was pretty dark so I didn't get a chance. I thought the seats would be horrid, though, as we were in the lower level on one side, but we were the uppermost row of the lower level and the centermost two seats of the side, and I think the side view helped us not have to crane our necks so much.

Final "also", for serious? Got a copy of Portal finally, after hearing "the cake is a lie" around the webs and reading the Wikipedia article and finding the whole idea amusing. Took me forever to finagle the video settings to work on the laptop (I'm well above the minimum specs and the game recommended settings in the middle of its range based on my hardware, so it was rather confusing)--still not quite sure what I finally did that made it work, but it never actually didn't work so much as when you started the level, everything would look normal but the background would fade to a bright blue. You'd move and it'd be neon and flashy shapes and colors, but not really intelligible as a game map. Fixed now, though; I think part of it was that it didn't like being windowed (even though that's an actual in-game setting and not just something I rewrote stuff to make happen, like with Sims 3)
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From an interview with Emma Watson:

"We’ve just done this amazing scene in the forest, we’re being chased by the Slashers."

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. *runs after the trio*
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There is an advert banner for Torchwood on BBC America above my email and it almost made me cry again. Seriously, this hormonal!weepy needs to stop.

Thing that makes it almost better that TW and I are splitsville?

I won tickets to the Harry Potter screening. On Monday evening. So, erm, WOO!!1one!!eleven!!! Rest of the fam's seeing it on Wednesday at midnight, so that's wicked. Except the contest people want some kind of affidavit signed with my social security number on it, which is not cool. I'm going to call them and find out why, because I don't like that.
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I am so much in love with Lucy Saxon. Her character in Doctor Who has just totally captivated me. I mean, she's so conflicted and just. . . bloody interesting And I thought so even before my dad pointed out her picking up the ring at the end--the way they framed that shot, it looked like one of the Doctor's flashbacks or something to me at first, so I didn't really pay attention. That just makes her so much fun to play with. (Perhaps even more so if you take into account the commentary that says perhaps she=Rani. Which doesn't mean a whole lot to me except AWESOME TIME LORD BABE that forces timecocksquared to work together in the past, since I've only read the wiki article, but still.) She's almost your classic victim of intimate partner violence there at the end--you see marks and such on her that I'm pretty sure we're meant to think are the Master hitting her when he doesn't get enough of messing with the Doctor and the Joneses and killing Jack. Explains why she said the Doctor's name with everybody, but then sort of came back to him by picking up the ring from the funeral pyre.

But why wouldn't that be enough for the Master, the Joneses and the Doctor and killing Jack and making everybody else watch while he kills Jack just to freak them out, etc? It makes you ponder the Master as well, because he gets to kill Jack as much as he wants. He's wiping out the human race mostly because for whatever reason, they're the ones that the Doctor likes (if the Doctor had latched on to Raxacoricofalipatorious, that'd be the one that the Master was destroying, all just to mess with him, methinks). And yet he still beats up on his wife? Sure, he's all about control through violence, but that seems. . . idk, below the level of the--admittedly, insane--evil genius that he is. It's like you've just pulled off some giant, carefully orchestrated serial killing spree and can go back and do it again whenever you want and yet you detour and take the long way home just to kick the puppy on the third street over. There's no style. Like the Doctor kept saying, "He has a wife!", like. . . why? In the grand scheme of things, everybody else is so much more fun to play with, so why bother with a human?
I'm kind of not satisfied with that explanation just based on the Master's character and how I've puzzled out things thus far. Sure, he picks up Lucy, shows her around the universe enough to addle her brains a bit, tries out the whole human companion thing, uses her respectability to help establish himself on Earth, but as soon as he's got the Doctor, it feels like he should have dropped her like a bad habit. So much of everything that he did was for the Doctor to watch, to mess with his head, and beating Lucy doesn't really hurt the Doctor beyond the amount that seeing any unnecessary violence does, especially because until the end it's not like any of the gang has any excessive sympathy for her.

<-- A while ago, as per usual.

Just got an email from school's financial aid department with the subject line "PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP RENEWED FOR 2009-2010"

A. Yeah, because if it weren't, I'd have to march down there and choke a bitch, all the work and stress I put into making sure that was so after microbiology asshattery debacle of fail.
B. When you send all-caps headers like that, my email's (and my) tendency is to send it straight into the spam bin. Srsly? Credibility < 0. If it were "OMG UR SCHOLARSHIP IS GONES!", perhaps caps would be warranted to make sure you took notice. "U DIDN'T FUCK THINGS UP TOO BADLY YET" isn't so much the capslock worthy, IMO.

Oh, and ALEXANDRIA'S FRUGALITY, HERE IS A STORY OF IT. This is making me happy atm. The localish chain grocery Shop N Save (localish in that they are only in a few regions, but are still big enough to be publicly traded and such) had an anniversary thing on Saturday before last with free sodas and hot dogs and chips and such. Which I meant to go to but didn't. But I was in there either that evening or the next, and they had a bunch of coupons from said event still on their customer service counter for 55 cents off of a 12 pack of their brand of soda cans. Grabbed. Not as many as I would have liked, but I didn't want to just nick the whole stack since it was right in front of the store and thus very conspicuous for me to be grabbing a bazillion even though it was late enough that nobody was there. But they figured most people would use them that week Too much explanation for not that good of a story. I grabbed coupon, saved it until the next week when the 12 packs were $2 each, and thus got 12 cans of fake Diet Dr. Pepper for $1.45. And a two-liter of diet orange soda for 60 cents that I'm guzzling atm (though that has nothing to do with the coupon).

I've also been working on a really awesome International Day of Femslash icon, but it's intense because I'm putting little bitty pictures of different fandoms and I've got to get shots that work enough when smallified (100x42) that they're recognizable, you know? I'm afraid that as it stands, I can tell who the pictures feature only because I know who's in them and that everybody else is going to need captions. I'm also rather miffed because I just realized that since I had yet to play with the font of the words (trying to do the main stuff of the pictures and all first and the fiddly bits later), it could have ended up allowing more than 42px on the height. No way I'm going back and redoing every picture, though, because it'd be a matter of recropping all of them--I guess there aren't that many, but the ones that are in there already are in there because they work at 100x42.

Other notes. JULY IS GOING TO BE THE MONTH OF WIN. Torchwood audio dramas on the 1-3rd, Harry Potter movie on the 15th (be prepared for another several page analysis of the suck), Torchwood Children of Earth on the 20th 6th (I thought original plans were to air them on BBC and BBC America on the same days, because it did even better over here in the states than over there. Turns out it's starting the 6th for BBC actual instead, which is a mistake, because those of us in the OMG TORCHWOOD camp will have seen it two weeks before, chances are. Though earlier = better, I know how important ratings are, so I at least would wait two extra weeks if it meant the show killed enough viewership-wise to ensure loads and loads more.)

Sidetrack to watching featurettes on BBC America (since I can't see the ones on BBC actual, fail). The description of one of the bits of an interview: John Barrowman discusses the many powerful tools on Jack's desk and how the impact of these tools is more far-reaching than some of Torchwood initially realize.
Did any one else go OMG TIME AGENT SEX TOYS. Because office/desk shagging is probably the most popular thing in TW fandom, thanks to that little bit in series 2 that made it canon. And I've been reading too much Doctor/Master fic and trying to suppress the urge to go IS IT CAN BE TIMECOCK TIEMS NAO when I get to the good bits.

Gareth David-Lloyd talks (really quietly--you can hear Eve Myles in the background almost louder than him!) in this interview about how we're going to see Ianto's sister and about how Ianto's worried about how his family's going to react because this is his first relationship with a man. He mentions that the fam is almost more okay with it than he is, and I just got this image of the scene: Ianto's all fumbling for the words to introduce Jack to the sister and she just goes "Oh, is this your bloke then, Yan? God, finally!"

Interesting personal note? 48 hour sleep cycle. Seriously, WTF? I'm up for 36 hours, then asleep for about 12. I'm on the third 36 awake through now, and I don't have a problem with it (though if the 12 asleep was 10pm to 10am instead of the other way around it'd make the awake 36 more productive).
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Harry Potter V VI movie trailer. (LOL, didn't think.)

No strong feelings yet, except to question their choice of font for the text-over bits. Maybe that's just me, but using the book's font (that's been used to death, subsequently, in every HP related thing) in that size made the text look kiddish and almost fanvid-esque. It has to do with the properties of the font itself--it's just not conducive to being used large.

Though, is it just me, or did the Harry putting his face into (presumably) the pensive bit differ dramatically from how it was presented in previous movies? I'll have to rewatch the old ones, but it definitely struck me as odd--if it's inconsistent from the previous movies, that's going to suck majorly. And with different directors, it's a possibility.

More, upon rewatching. This might be a characteristic stemming from it being edited for the trailer, but the Dumbledore + young!Tom scene was much more. . . dark than I would have made it. I would have preferred the suspense to be more subtle, and coming from the fact that we know that he's the darkest wizard of all time, so as to better justify Dumbledore's response in the negative when asked whether he knew. Now, it's like "Well, how could you not have, sir? There were dark and creepy shadows and menacing pauses and an ominous lack of music!"
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And a meme:

1. Go to
2. Seach in Harry Potter fanfiction for summaries with your name in them.
3. Post. Try not to snicker.

There are actually 21 of them. And commensurate snickering. )
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A large thumbs down for the trash men coming TWO HOURS EARLY lately. Yeah. I'm sitting here, trying to find some epic Remus/Sirius fic I've not read, and I can't quite place the loud noise coming from the street. And then. . . "Shit!" And because my brother missed it last week (because it's been so early), I had to take 4 big cans packed full (I swear I did something to my back on the third one, that bitch was heavy) from the carport down to the curb at full speed, as they were only two houses down when I walked out the front door.

And I stepped into the plastic cover of this huge (like one of those commercial kinds you'd see in businesses) rectangular fan we were pitching while I was trying to squeeze around the van (because it was parked too close to the cans), and now my foot is dead.

Except for that was at about 7:30 this morning, and I forgot to hit post, LOL.

But to add more. My brother has yet to read DH, and so he's been trying to catch me off guard and make me accidentally spoil something, so he could get my dad to holler at me for it (because he'd undoubtedly tell dad too, which would rain down a world of hurt upon me). And I was looking at this picture of Remus and Sirius as Moony and Padfoot, and my brother's all "Why are there two dogs?"
Me: "It's Sirius, keeping Moony in check (read: frolicking) during the full moon when they're at school or Grimmauld place or something."
Me: ". . . that was book 5. Sirius is dead."
Him: "Oh. But you just spoiled that he doesn't come back!"
Me: "I said nothing of the sort."
Him: "Oh, so he does come back!"
Me: barely spoiler ) *to him* "But then you've got to decide which of your guesses is right. (A minute before he had asked and I refused to confirm or deny if Tonks and Remus got married spoiler again )) Remus can't get married to Tonks if Sirius is still alive!"

And then I lolololol'd. Because I didn't mean to say that. As that only works with my Remus/Sirius shipper logic.

And just now he tripped on the vacuum coming into the kitchen (and I was already laughing just from that because all I could think of was Tonks), and then straightens back up and tugs on his shirt, like to straighten it. I declared that "Ace." I have no idea where that came from, but it made me smile almost more than his doing the Picard Maneuver, because all I could think of was Arnold J. "Ace" Rimmer ("Ace-Hole, you mean") from Red Dwarf.
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Dear Ms. Tena.

If you make out with one (or more) of the girls in one (or both) of the next two Harry Potter movies, I'll send you 10 real American dollars by post. With box large enough for return post of self.

Love, Alexandria. And Sam.
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My internet is acting all fail like.

And my email is eating my LJ comments. I just got the past 3 days of comments lumped in there at once. They just showed up a few minutes ago.

I've taken to going with my parents everywhere they go (when I'm awake, which is not often, as I got really into a story last night and stayed up until 8am) and whenever I see somebody reading/buying Deathly Hallows (and this was my mum's idea, which is hilarious all in itself), I strike up a loud conversation with whichever parent/sibling is closest about howfake spoiler ) Because I'm not quite evil enough to really spoil people.

I may be going to volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign on Friday morning. Early morning. Like, we have to leave by 6:30am, early. Gah. Still, she and Obama and I can't remember who else are all coming to speak that day, which is really the only reason I want to volunteer; volunteering will get me in, as otherwise, it's the National Urban League conference and I'm just about as white as they come.
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Had alternating/combined toothache and migraine all day today. Oddly enough, they both stopped right about at 11pm. I'm maintaining that it's because I refuse to be miserable on my birthday.

Found DH on the internets last night, read up to chapter 33 (I've been timing myself on this one and I've been reading it killer fast, which is interesting, because I'm doing the opposite of skimming; I'm doing the voices for everything in my head for most bits). Stopped, though, because I had realized that reading it on the computer was making it less real. I had resolved as soon as I started looking for a computer copy that I was going to stop when I got to the end and read the last chapter in the actual paper book, but then I decided to change back earlier (actually, around chapter 27, but as I was carrying the laptop back to the front room, I got hooked into the next chapter and had to read more). I had to remind myself several times that it was the actual book I was reading, and not just some excellent epic-length fic, which is when I finally made myself stop reading (earlier it wouldn't have been as much of a problem, but when we got into the action, it became nearly impossible to put down).

Nat Tena in the behind-the-scenes interview clips in the OotP computer game (whenever you get certain amounts of "discovery points", you can go into this room and watch interview bits) is hotsecks. Her hair makes me lol because it's all spiky and fun (and she's not in costume or anything; it's just her hair). She looks her actual age there; idk why, but in the movie I think she looks a lot older than she is, which is what actually made me not crazy about her in the beginning, because Tonks was supposed to be really young.

I got a new watchband. Because the one on the big clunky watch I inherited from my dad had the little crossband that you slip the extra length through broken off a few months after I got it. I kept using it like that forever, though, with different cords and rubber bands and tape working as makeshift band-holder-downer things and sometimes nothing at all, letting the extra band length flop freely beyond the buckle. But dad came home with one on Friday, and then fussed with it because it was a little too wide for the watch (involving scissors and a multitude of matches to burn closed the cut part of the acrylic so it didn't unravel) until he got it on. V. nice of him, I thought. I'm only thinking about it now because it's bugging me a bit, though. The edges are rather rough. I'll have to take a picture of it, though, because it will take me ages to try and make up the words to describe it. It's quite odd, suffice it to say.

A giant spider just crawled across the wall behind the computer monitor. Odd. Not giant so much as. . . thick, I suppose.

I must find the cord for the camera and put up pictures from the Deathly Hallows release. The camera got accidentally left at home, sadly, as I had planned to take it to the bookstore with me, but we had gotten a couple of the three of us before we left. I got blackmailed, somehow, into dressing up as Bellatrix, so that was rather fun. I actually was in the top 5 of the costume contest--mostly because my hair turned out much better than I expected it to--which was hilarious, because the judges pick the top 5 but the people cheer-vote for the winner, so it becomes a how-many-people-in-the-audience-know-you contest, and as the group of people that showed up that went to my school were off in the back somewhere, I had my brother, sister, and this girl Kaylee whom I met (or who met me, rather; she came up to me when I was barely 10 feet in the door and started asking about my costume. She was quite nice, we ended up hanging out the rest of the night, though I can confidently say that I would never have been that bold myself, to just walk up to someone like that) yelling at the top of their lungs (obviously trying quite hard, though, as they were by no means the quietest bunch of voters).
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I've had The Book in my hands for all of a bit less than 2 hours total so far, so I'm only about 200 pages in. Grr at that, because if I had had it the entire time, I could def. be done by now.

People have been screwing around with the computer (the one I've not been on for most of July), so I had to fiddle around and fix everything (or as much as I could; there are still things not working). Idk how people can screw up a computer this much.

*wants The Book back*

I had just gotten to a bit that confirmed one of my theories, and had run out into the kitchen for a celebratory glass of water (well, more because I was thirsty than in celebration) and got it nabbed back by my sister (who thinks she's got sole ownership of this one, because my brother thought the same of the last, because I had had more or less possessorship of the previous ones because nobody but me read them back then).
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I just had the really odd, random impulse to snog somebody. Really heartily. Leg-kicking, pulled off your feet type snog and accompanied by a bone-crushing embrace.

Idk where that came from. Angsty Remus/Sirius fic makes me want to kiss people. Nuts, I am.
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Responses to the Esquire's midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Spoilers for the movie. )
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Okay, so I didn't go to bed right off.

But I've decided that I'm going to have to start hooking up with one of the local HP groups. Because everybody there was so much fun tonight, fooling around with their wands and flicking their capes and doing house chants and gasping and cheering in all the right places (including several that made me sure that there were more than a few Snarry fans in the crowd), and I don't really have any RL friends that do fandom offline and only a couple that'd even know what I was talking about by the word fandom, so it'd be fun. I really enjoyed the entire atmosphere there, and looking through the profiles of some of the people in the LJ group, they like some of the same ships I do, so it'd be nice to hang out and swap fanfic and such. I've been in the group for ages, but never have met up or anything due to lack of rides to places and the fact that I don't know anybody in there, but I think I'm going to have to try.

Katie and I are going to geek around for the DH release, and idk where we're going yet (though we'd talked about the library's party, because it's got pizza, and then Borders), so maybe we and the group will overlap. If not (because neither of us have bothered to get our licenses, we're slaves to the whims of whoever can give us a ride), I'll have to bully her into coming to something of one of the groups with me.
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Yay movie.

Not yay, not hiring John Williams to write the score. This guy was better than the last one, but not John Williams. (Edit: New guy, Nicholas Hooper, is working on the next one too. I'd rather it be J.W., but better than GoF's Patrick Doyle.)

I've got loads of bones to pick with the movie, both in the yay sense and the not-yay sense, but I should hit the sack.

One thing before I go.

There was so much blatant shippage in that movie I could barely stand it. Add in the fact that I was wearing most prominently my slash goggles, and I almost passed out from the yay. There's one shot towards the beginning that I just love, with Sirius and Lupin and Harry. Twas v. v. cute, and it's most definitely going to be my icon as soon as the DVDs come out.

Oh, and yeah. Tonks was cute. V. cute. (Not nearly enough of her, though.)

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