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"I'm a PC and I'm seven years old." Seriously? That commercial just sort of makes me laugh. I mean, the point is that the photo merging stuff is so easy a caveman 7 year old could do it. And I spent the last two days working on [ profile] bleakone's computer using residual DOS skills from when I was that age. That shit is hard--you've got to memorize the commands or be constantly looking everything up, phrase everything in the right syntax, there's no pretty visual interface, etc. Kids these days have it easy.

I still haven't seen that PC commercial with who I swear is Ianto again. Anybody know when Torchwood is coming back? I can't seem to find any info on that.

Watching this week's BSG without having watched the last yet, which doesn't make me happy but it's either watch this one now and watch last week's later online or watch them both in order online, the latter using up huge amounts of my weekly bandwidth. Random thought--if the Tighs are more or less Adam and Eve of the Cylons, does that make Saul Tigh/Caprica Six the new crazy space incest? But aww, I <3 Bill and Saul. You don't quite slash them as in. . . sex (LOLOL, Kaylee) because they're kinda oldandgross, but they're definitely sort of an intimate bromance OTP. Vaguely like Xena and Gabrielle minus the subtext.

Psych was ehh. Enjoyable, but I'm not running to my computer to download it to watch again. And the new Dollhouse right before (another one of which I watched one episode before the one preceding it) was also ehh. Killer fun for Eliza Dushku to play, but that seems to be entirely what it is--an excuse for her to play a different fun character every week. But Mark Sheppard, seriously, that man is in every show that I watch. Dollhouse, Burn Notice (which I don't really watch on purpose unless there's going to be someone I like on it, but caught his episode of), Battlestar Galactica, NCIS, In Plain Sight, Shark, Bionic Woman, Medium, and of course Firefly, with either reoccurring or big parts on each one.

Because this is looking to be an entirely TV-based post instead of me talking about my ADVENTURE OF DOOM AND DEATH on Tuesday and other such RL activities (I've been postponing writing that up because it's going to be a long one), I might have to start watching How I Met Your Mother after showing my mom Dr. Horrible over the long weekend and rewatching part of Neil Patrick Harris's SNL that I recorded on my laptop (while trying to find out WTF this gigantic, oddly named file on my computer was) because I think I love him crazy much.

Oh, Monday's House? THE CAMERON/CUDDY, I THANKS YOU FOR IT. Seriously. Got to download that one and icon it, because those shots at the end totally could be taken out of context (as per how we slashers work) to look like them holding their baby. Reminds me of a set of fics I started writing pre-first hard drive crashdown--it was some "5 Ways Cuddy Doesn't Have a Baby (And One She Does)" thing, remember when that was going around? Most of them were more Cuddy character study, one without Cameron at all, one with her only playing a supporting (supportive, actually) role, but the "one she does" was clear femslash. I wish I still had those, as I seem to remember kinda liking them--the "does" one was kinda unbelievably fluffy, but then I think it kept getting longer and started developing more plot and then naturally, it never got finished (as that's what happens to fics I don't write all in one sitting).

I also forgot. Criminal Minds. The gay is abounding. Surely it can't be just me after the scene at the beginning of 4.14 (I think two weeks ago?) where Emily's horoscope says the moon was going to screw things up romantically and put her in a shitty mood and then we see JJ's baby ring and cut immediately back to Emily's pissed off face after it's revealed that the father of the baby has a matching one.
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Clicked on a featured story on the Yahoo home page (one of the mini!featured stories listed in little links under the real featured one, actually; "Designer brings pajamas to the street" below "$43,000 suit sells well during recession"). And the tab that popped up (I haven't opened it yet) says "Yamamoto brings sleepwear onto t. . . " and whatever after that. Presumably Yamamoto is the aforementioned designer. And all I could think of was "but we killed Yamamoto!" LOLOL, West Wing geekage.

Finally got around to watching all of the Face of the Enemy BSG webisodes. The Gaeta plot twist in last night's episode makes more sense now, though I'm going to watch the webisodes again because I was (as per usual) sort of half paying attention and thus wasn't clear on the whole Gaeta/Sharon/people on the planet deal.

Let's see, what else. Umm, pissed that I'm not home this weekend, because it's the weekend of the open call for extras for Clooney's On the Air that's filming in the STL. To add insult to injury, the open call's at the mall that's all of a 10 minute walk from my house. And I can't just fill out the form and send it in because they need a picture as well, and I don't have a color printer here. May try to make the family do it for me and just drop it by the casting office (right down the road from aforementioned mall) once I pick out a picture (I don't have any recent ones that make me look oldish, which I have the feeling is what they're looking for), but first I've got to figure out the answers--I spend most of my time in t-shirts and workout pants now, both because of the comfort factor and the way my weight keeps bouncing around, so I've got very little idea on my clothes' sizes, and absolutely none on a dress size (especially because I'm still quite busty, so though I'm okay in pants and shirts because I can size them individually, I might have to go up one or two from the size for the rest of my body to find a dress that'll fit my chest).

CDC's sexually transmitted infections report came out a bit ago. Still not ever going to have sex in St. Louis, kthx: #1 again in gonorrhea and chlamydia. Umm. . . at least we're not the most dangerous anymore? Though LOL, I suppose that depends on how you define "danger".

Heard some people talking at brunch this morning (meaning, erm, yesterday morning) about the inauguration (a word which I still cannot spell--I leave out the first 'u' every time) music being taped. I think they misinterpreted the story, though--thinking, I believe, of the story with the little girls in China where one sang the anthem and another lip-synched it because the first wasn't attractive enough. This is Yo Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Anthony McGill, and some pianist whose name I didn't recognize but is undoubtedly of the same caliber. There is no one else who could stand behind them and play that music while they waved their bows/fingers. It was still them, just prerecorded.

And still. Have you ever tried to play in the cold? I have, fairly often with Fiddlers. Think about how your fingers feel when they're exposed in the winter. Stiff and painful, no? Now add to that your instrument gumming up in much the same way and bitter wind blowing around while you're trying to pull a light wood-and-horse-hair bow in a smooth line across a very narrow target that will produce the optimum sound. From what Yo Yo Ma says, that's SOP for these events--they did it at Bush's goodbye thing a few days ago as well.

Oh, and so I don't forget. Was in Dillon's (grocery store down here, part of the Kroger chain, none of which we have in St. Louis) and picked up a Star Trek Magazine issue to flip through. At the end of Nana Visitor's interview, she says something about how cool it would have been to have there have been (wow--spend too long looking at those last few words and you'll really get confused) a switch between Kira and Intendant Kira that nobody knew about, so at the end, you've got everybody running off in different places leaving her in charge, and imagine all of the mischief she could have gotten up to with Ro Laren. Now I really want to write that, maybe tying it in with the Annika overthrowing her in the Dark Passions books (as the impetus for her semi-permanent defection to our realm), but I'd have to watch the 7th season again--I haven't seen most of the whole plotty section of DS9 with the war and all, just knowing it through fanon and the semi-canon of the novels. Still. Would be great.
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Spoilers for 1/23's BSG )

I've really got to pay better attention to these. I think my ADD has progressively gotten worse, as TV's just something I can't do anymore. I'm always also checking my email and playing a game and eating a bowl of oatmeal, etc., etc. and with shows like BSG, you really need to be watching closer than that. It works fine for stuff like Psych, but I find that even with House or ER, people (or the characters) wi'll mention something that happened last week and I won't know what they're talking about even though I just watched it.

Spoilers for Psych )

Beta'd some fic recently. That was fun. Yet always agonizing--I always want to point out as many things as I think I can help with, but I don't want to make it seem like the fic is bad or make too many suggestions because I think it's worded awkwardly or something that are changing things that are just part of their style. It was (presumably--I just sort of assumed as the author writes femslash and the main characters appeared from the first chapter I read to be these two) Kim/Olivia of SVU, which I've never seen. Frankly, I was so pissed with the casting of Kim (the actress is barely old enough to have feasibly graduated from law school, much less worked in DC and then be assigned to Manhattan's elite Special Victims' Unit) that I haven't paid much attention to her character, but I'll definitely have to now, especially if my betaing skills are retained past that first chapter. (I may have scared her away.)
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Let's see. OMFG, Psych. Shawn/Lassiter? OFFICIALLY ALMOST CANON.

Spoiler of part of one line for Lassie's Done a Bad Bad Thing that's hardly worth cutting but I'll do it anyway. )

O AND. I think I may have been getting cruised by some chick at the gym for illicit gymshower sex. Chances are that I totally misread things and it's going to turn out that I'm going to find out that she kept giving me looks because I sit next to her in chemistry or something, but it's a funny story either way. Seriously, though--there was so much eye contact that if I were watching us on TV, I'd have totally been convinced that we were together (see Karen and Jules above, LOL). And when I got off the treadmill, she followed not too long after into the locker room, then she sort of, idk, meanders past into the shower area after catching my eye. Like for illicit gym shower sex. She wasn't really my type (idk what my type is--fictional, I suppose, LOL), plus I'm not the type for illicit gym shower sex, so I just sort of kept putting my sweatshirt and coat on (it's freaking cold here--wind chill's been double digits below zero a couple of times lately--so even though that was miserable for the first 10 minutes or so while I was still hot from exercising, in the long run the bundling up was worth it), and after a few minutes she came out of the shower room. As in, having gone in there for no apparent reason except illicit gym shower sex. Like I said, prolly totally misinterpreting/hyperinterpreting stuff, but I suppose you had to have been there because it's hard to describe all the signals, but I actually seriously think that this may have been what was happening. And that's my story.

IL how BSG credits are spoilers. Fail, giving the 5th Cylon his/her own whole screen on the end credits a few seconds after I pop over to check out the SG-1 on after the premiere. Just got done watching the rerunning of the premiere, though (as Psych was during the first run), but I didn't realize it was on so I still missed the first 15 minutes or so. And spent most of the episode writing an email to my brother and otherwise fiddling with the computer, so I'll really have to watch it again to get it.

Fail at how a few days after getting back, my internet is dead here. The wired box all of a sudden decided to fail--luckily, I'm on the 8th floor, the lobby of which has wi-fi, so I can catch that on and off but it's weak and crappy. And I wasn't sure what the problem was at first, so I didn't put in a work request until Friday afternoon, which means with the weekend and the backlog of more important jobs (one of the other buildings flooded in the middle of the week--as in multiple floors; fifth floor had 4 inches and everything below got soggy--so most of the maintenance people are still prolly on that) that will inevitably be there for them on Monday, I've got no idea when it'll get fixed.
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Re: Battlestar Galactica.

Not excited about Caprica. Don't plan to watch that one as of now, unless something changes.

But "The Face of the Enemy"? OMGYAY.

Relationship spoilers )

Got my first issue of Latina magazine today. And the ads are almost all in Spanish, which really rocks my world. I've gotten virtually no practice since I'm not in a Spanish class anymore, but to be able to still read the blurb about why you should vaccinate your daughter with Gardasil makes me quite pleased. The main content is all in English, though, which is disappointing. Still good.
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In the Battlestar Galactica David Eick video blog for "One More Photo Op".

Given this first statement:

Katee: This is going to be a really interesting photo shoot because the only people that didn't go out and party last night are myself and Tricia.

Is my struck-through addition to this second statement not the natural progression of logical thought?

Katee: I was always taught never to go out on a school night, so I was home in bed with Tricia.

I still have not seen "The Hub", so this must be fixed. Why it is not up on, I don't know.
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From here.

In the miniseries and the first few episodes, it is shown that Cylon spines glow during sex. However, this was officially retconned by producers when it was pointed out that Dr. Baltar would then have a 100% accurate Cylon detector.

In his pants.

LOLOLOL. DID YOU KNOW THAT I THOUGHT OF THAT? Except I wanted it to be Starbuck!Cylondetector, because all we'd really seen were hot chick models so far. And Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer are madeofpretty.
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Remember the post where I asked if all the gay between Starbuck and Cain would continue in the Battlestar Galactica TV movie focusing on the Pegasus? And, idk if this was the same post, said that I really hoped they actually did what all the fans thought and made there be a relationship between Gina and Cain?

Moderate spoilers that everybody saw coming for the BSG movie 'Razor'. )
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Fic rec. Two this time. Both guyslash, actually. I've been reading a bit more of that lately, simply because I've read much of what I can find of my main femslash pairings already. Don't be fooled by the fact that the second one's rec is longer; that's only because I copied down my review to the author as well.

Mapmakers (Making Moony Laugh: the Suicide Is Painless Remix)
Remix Author: Casira
Original Story: Making Moony Laugh by Raven
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: Discovering just who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are brings up even more questions for Fred -- and when fate takes another of them away, it's time to go back to the source for some answers.

Number one is a remix, the original of which I've yet to read (but the person who linked me to this one says that the original is one of her favorite fics too), and simply lovely. Sad, though; I'll admit my eyes were more than a little welled up at the end. It's Harry Potter, bits pre-Order of the Phoenix and bits post, and very Fred Weasley centered. Yeah, that's right, not Fred and George, Fred. Which sets it quite apart to begin with. Overall, it's Remus/Sirius, but though that's essentially the underlying drive for the entire story, she manages to yet focus it almost entirely on Fred. I've read so much excellent stuff in the last few days that I'm loath to say this for fear I'm forgetting something, but this is easily in my top 5 of this past week's fics, and I'd never give all-time numbers but this one is up there, especially for HP fandom.

Author: Tafkar
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Deep Space Nine, Battlestar Galactica
Summary: Baltar finds a unique way to disarm an imminent threat.

Number two. I've been going through all the Multiverse 2005 fics for the past bunch of hours, and this one makes me smile. As do quite a few of them, but still. I got about half-way through this one and realized that I had to pass it along.

This is the pairing that everyone's always expecting, yet the first fic for it that I've seen.

Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Gaius Baltar/Julian Bashir. Trufaxyeah.

It's almost like Star Trek Mirror Universe porn (because Ezri/MU!Ezri and Kira/Intendant Kira are just too mindfucky hot for words), but sadly without the porn. But with the mindfuck. Literally, when you consider Six's role in the entire escapade.

Just because I have it on hand (meaning still on my copy-clipboard because I brought it over to be spellchecked), this was how I reviewed it. Not very technical or in-depth (it's much what I've already said), but in case it clarifies/further confuses things:

"Lovely. A mate of mine and I have been discussing the perfectness that is Baltar/Bashir since I first rediscovered BSG a bit more than a year ago, yet this was the first I've seen, so you can imagine my excitement when I realized that this was going to fit into that mold. Your Baltar is perfectly characterized, and I loved the bits with him trying to hide things from Six. When sending this to aforementioned mate, I described it as a little like Star Trek/Mirror Universe slash (because I've got a particular soft spot for the ST characters/their MU counterparts)--a little kinky, a dash of subterfuge and deception, and a lot of mindfuck inherent in the whole double/resemblance bit. I think this fits the mold quite well, as you capitalized on their physical similarities. I would have liked to see more about their mental similarities purely due to interest regarding how you'd write their reaction to such realization of deeper similarities, but as this is so early in their relationship, it's very much understandable that you kept to the physical.
Anyway, very much enjoyed. I'm glad others see the (what we think are) blatant similarities between the two, and that you have decided to thus exploit these for the purpose of this excellent piece of work."

Most of my love for this fic was due simply to the pairing, but it's also well written. I'd love to see it expanded into a longer series. (And I apologize to the author, because I think I sent you my review twice. How was I supposed to know that after you hit send, it doesn't give you any kind of feedback, and simply refreshes the page and blanks the form?)
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A somewhat unrelated search (I was looking for Doc Cottle) brought up this marvelous example of the best of the internet.

*Guh.* They shouldn't be allowed to do this to me.

Jamie is teh manpretty. )
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"Why is 'Battlestar Galactica' Ending?"

Umm, Yahoo, don't do that to me. I see that on the Yahoo main page and my stomach drops. Me: "What? No Pegasus minimovie? No more Admiral Cain? No more Starbuck? No more Admiral Cain being gay with Starbuck? No more kickass President Roslin? No more Baltar/Gaeta slashygoodness? No more bloody gorgeous Apollo? *is sad*"

And then it wouldn't let me click on it, because I had already clicked on "Eiffel Tower: Scuba Hotbed" (which is quite odd), so I had to wait for that one to load before I could go back and find out that they meant after season 4. (*whew*)

I'm memorytripping down 90s music lane, LOL. There's nothing like bopping on your computer chair to the Spice Girls (and everybody else) at 3am.
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Dear Michelle Forbes,

I was just wondering if there was a reason for all the gay between you and Katee Sackhoff in season two of Battlestar Galactica. And if perhaps there would be more of the gay in this Battlestar Galactica TV movie thing that's supposed to be hugely about you, because that would be great. Thanks.
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So. Evidently somebody got all hacktastic on LJ recently. I've only heard about it, not seen anything (save the posts worrying about it on [ profile] xfiles), but I figure I was planning to change my password anyway to something not so ridiculously easy--when they made it that you had to have numbers in your password, my good password got scrapped into something I could remember easily, but it's now also the same as a bunch of other things, which is badbadbad--so I figure might as well do it now.

I crashed the orchestra banquet yesterday (well, not so much crashed as was invited and came, but still, I was afraid it would be weird because I wasn't in orchestra this year). Caught myself looking around more than was quite necessary to see where Michelle was/if she was there yet/what she was doing, but I spent most of my time hanging out, which was nice.

And there were the best freaking brownies there. Seriously. We named them the orgasm brownies. Because they were like an orgasm in your mouth, trufax. But then we shortened them to the ORG brownies, because Alyssa's little brother was hanging around. And then when he asked what that stood for, his mum (who totally knew what we meant by it and laughed and tasted them and agreed) told him it meant Oh Really Good. So they're the orgasm/ORG/Oh Really Good brownies. I seriously want the recipe, but though a couple of people guessed, nobody knew who actually brought them for sure.

And then we played on the playground. That stuff is a lot bigger when you're young. I want to make an adult-sized playground because it made me sad that I couldn't really climb up this cool/odd climbing thing because it only took me two steps. And that I couldn't do the monkeybars because my feet hit the ground.

But the swings were fun, though they were prolly the shortest swings I've ever seen. Less than knee height. You had to either keep your legs straight out (save maybe a second of pumping them back at the pinnacle of the backswing) or sort of split them out sideways at the knees when you passed over the ground or your feet would drag. And I was wearing my sexyboots, so it was worse, because that was an added 4 inches. I tried to take them off mid-swing, which ended up being a bad idea. I sort of locked one leg straight out and propped the other across it at the knee and got the one off, but I was so surprised that I actually managed it and/or distracted because the couple of my mates that were on the swings with me were talking that I forgot about the having to move the legs funny thing right as I was ready to toss it off to the side and as I came back, my left foot (the one still with the boot) planted straight onto the ground and I flew backwards. Not fun. My butt was totally off the swing, I was hanging backwards by my knees (and I was going a decent speed/height, so I'm trying to recover at a rather high velocity), and I had caught the chain on my left arm--there's a rather satisfying bruise there now (though it's nowhere near as bad as it feels) that, if you squint, resembles a section of chain--so I slowed the swing down to a sufficient dismounting velocity and just fell down laughing. Because I nearly fell off a swing. Which is really funny, if you think about it. (Though painful.)

I think LJ's being a whore to me. There's another tag that's not mine, and I could have sworn that I already had an orchestra tag, but it appears that I don't. Oddness.

No school tomorrow/today/whatever, which is nice (and why I'm still awake and not moaning about how I should be asleep/working/whatever). Going over to the house of a girl in my theatre class for our latke party. Because potatoygoodness is love. Not sure how I'm going to get there/where it is, though. I thought she was going to call, but perhaps not. Must investigate.

And I want to switch out my icons. I've played with a couple recently, but I really want a Battlestar Galactica one next, as I've not had one of those yet. The picture I really want, though, is like a bazillion pixels by a million, so it looks horrible when I shrink it to icon size. I'm going to have to try to find a smaller version.
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Just watched Resurrection Ship part 2 (BSG 2.12), and I've realized that I've developed quite a Cain/Thrace kink. It's interesting, because I can say that I completely never expected that. I was a Roslin/Thrace girl even before I started really watching the show, after I had only seen the miniseries and the two or three episodes towards the end of season one that they broadcast on network to try and hook people in, and though I've read other stuff, Roslin/Thrace is pretty much what I've considered my femslash OTP for Battlestar since the beginning. The Cain character is so freaking amazing, though, that she's hard to pass over. Michelle Forbes did some interview about playing her and mentioned how it's not that she's insane or psychotic or anything like that, she's just lost perspective trying to keep her people alive, she lost her sense of judgment, etc. Which is totally how I saw the character from the beginning. It's the perfect conflict: in fighting these Cylons, she's lost what makes her human simply in trying to survive in those conditions. And Forbes = great at it.

I loved Cain and Gina/Six's last lines of the episode. Cain: "Frak you." Gina: "You're not my type." Cain: *Yeah, honestly, you're not butch enough for me, either. Starbuck, though, I would hit that.*

I really wanted to find some kind of crossover between Star Trek and BSG that takes Ro Laren (played by Michelle Forbes, same actor as Admiral Cain) and somehow explains her being in the BSG universe, getting rid of the nose to fit in, etc., and (and this is the most important and thus naturally the most difficult part) how she went from guerrilla fighter with a cause to seemingly morally bankrupt and working for pure survival. Now that I've seen 2.12, though, it seems a lot easier to connect the two because now we know she's not the completely heartless bitch that she appeared to be in earlier episodes.

Though I realized my Cain/Thrace kink before she actually turned out to not be said completely heartless bitch. The revelation just helped allow me to see whatever relationship they had going on as more than Cain being infatuated (as even without my femslashy radar, it really was kinda odd Cain's trusting and baring of intimate stuff after not that long of Kara working for her) and Kara sort of just going along with it out of a combination of Stockholm syndrome and self-preservation. I think Kara totally would have done her after the attack out of relief for the distinct lack of planned executions of fellow battlestar commanders committed. Because she sensed that Cain was planning the same thing, methinks, during the odd phone calls. And relief makes you suggestible and Cain's totally got an eye for blondes, ergo frakking.

So. Was planning to only watch that one episode and then go to sleep, as I've got to take out the trash in the morning and make up a bio quiz before my history class, but now I've got to see if I can find any Cain/Thrace. Because the more I think about it, the more I'm loving the pairing.
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Oh. And stuff that is just random and not related at all to anything and some of which is quite possibly too much information. Being on the subject of dreams.

I've been having dreams lately. Usually I don't have them except for very rarely, and I've gotten 4 in just like two weeks. And they're odd. Some of them have been, for lack of a better word, sex dreams. Which is interesting. Only one of them, the one about a week or two ago, was actually all with the explicit sexing that I can remember (but then it turned out that that was really just a plot device for the rest of the dream, being that my mum found out and refused to ever let me stay home from school again because she figured that was what I was doing when I was home alone), but it was freaking threesome sex. Weirdness. Het-ish, too. Not so much me with the het, as I was more over the other chick in the few short seconds of actual sexing I can remember, but the chick was all with the shagging of Charlie, from Numb3rs. Who's cute, I admit. I'd probably do him. Still. Kinda my first dream that had actual explicit sexing (I can only remember like a 3 second flash of it) in it, which is interesting.

Then there was the one where there was a play being put on, but I wasn't in it, and it was somewhere weird, not any kind of place/stage/location that I could identify. The situation (not the play, but all the actors and where we were) had a lot to do with the military, and there was a tone of me being the doctor who shouldn't really be out in the field with them (if it was so dangerous that I needed protected, why they were putting on a play I don't know) because there were enemies about or some such. But both the director type of the play and my self-assigned protector was totally Kara Thrace, from Battlestar Galactica (yeah, TV people show up a lot in my dreams. I had watched the season 3 bloopers again that night just for fun, which I assume was the reason it was her). And there was obvious sexual tension between Kara and I. I don't remember if it was a we're obviously going to get together thing or a we're already together thing, but it was nice. I remember that she made me feel protected and such. Which was nice.

And then there was the other one the same night (actually, morning, after I went back to sleep after waking up at like 5:30) that was also quite odd. It was elevator weirdness. There were creepy/odd lift malfunctions going up and down some building. And there was more threesome sex, but it was completely implied, I think (I don't have any memory of explicitness like I do in the Numbers one) and all women, one of whom was Abby Lockhart from ER. And I got the impression that it was a bit hurt/comfort sex, that Abby was angsting for some reason and (I'm pretty sure that I knew the other one was Susan Lewis, from the same show, but it really didn't look like her very much) Susan was a bit also, but not as much, and we were all sort of *deangsts each other through elevator sexing*. And I don't know if I'm combining this with another weird elevator dream (they seem to be in my dreams a lot, and nearly always screwing up in some capacity) but just as I was typing this I got this memoryflash thing of one of the floors the lift went to that was towards the bottom of whatever building and had some big sunken in/in ground/whatever it's called hot tub thing (though large enough to be a small swimming pool and could be used as such). But I seem to think that's from a different time. I don't remember anything else for definite about the h/c elevator one from Monday morning except that that the lift acted all funny, particularly loosing gravity at some point. Which was odd.

I just realized that I said I'd talk more about my muppet dream from a few weeks ago, and never did. Might as well make this a compendium dream post. This was on the Sunday night, I believe, before my theatre performance. It was a musical, in the beginning, of sorts, in the style of BtVS's "Once More With Feeling" rather than a real stage musical. There was a muppet female in a military dress uniform (I don't remember noticing what branch) and she was singing with Doug, who is in my bio class (and various other classes in years past). They were in love, and she was being deployed to Iraq and was all sad. I remember one of her lines was something like "I'm an officer, they shouldn't have to rip me away from you," because she was all not with the wanting to go because of love, but duty, country, yadda yadda and she had to. But that was in like the hallway of the mall right outside a bookstore. They're still outside working stuff out, Doug and the muppet (whom I originally decided to call Zoe, even though she didn't look like the Zoe on Sesame Street, because that's the name that popped into my head when trying to describe her, but in retrospect, she looked more like Rosita), and I go into the bookstore and see my friend Rachel at a table in there. I go up to her, and sort of glance down at what she's doing and she's got her assignment/date book (though it wasn't the one she actually uses because my dream took a little artistic license as it needed to have a calendar in there) and my theatre performance thing is marked down for the Saturday. (And it took me until halfway through history class the day after I had the dream to realize that the date was wrong, as the theatre thing was actually going to be on Friday.) And I'm about to say something about how it's cool/flattering/whatever that she marked it down, when I notice that there are motivational quotes jotted down on the Saturdays. Which is probably because a) the calendar date book things that the school gives us have them in there and b) the guy that does the announcements has started sticking one or two (often really long) ones in there every day. But anyway. I thought that was interesting. Then, Bill O'Reilly comes over. Yeah, no idea where that came from. He's the owner of the store, and for some reason I had started to walk away a bit, to look at a rack of books, but then I hear that Rachel (dunno how they got to that point, as it was only a few seconds of me being in only semi-earshot) is about to explain her theory of life to him. I edge back over because I want to listen. But then I woke up, and I remember being quite sad because I wanted to know what her theory of life was. When I told Rachel this, she was disappointed also, because she said she would have liked for me to let her in on her theory of life.

So. Though only explicit sex in one of them and only for a moment and pretty much just as a plot device, the more recent three have all had sex/romance/whatever in them. I dream so rarely that it's odd enough that I've had this many this recently, and though it's not odd that there are undertones of romance (my Kara Thrace implied relationship thing is relatively common) it is different that I actually knew that there was sexing going on in the two of them.
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Yeah, um, if what Katee Sackhoff said in the bloopers about who's going to die and who's going to be revealed as a cylon is true, I'm going to be sad. (The picture was fuzzy, though, I assume that was Katee.)

*is already saddened that Lucy's character is off*
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*is not so pissy today*

I went outside and took more pictures of the snow. Yayyayyay, snow. They're not quite as pretty as the ones I took at the beginning of December, because there were ice drops all over the trees which made them glitter and such, but they're still pretty cool.

My mouse is using a cutting board as a mousepad. It's a little one, not very thick at all, and it works really well, so yay for that.

The Battlestar Galactica season 3 bloopers are making me laugh like whoa. Cuz, um, there's lots of gay. Like Sharon fixing Kara's bra. And Six/Three. And the actual canon Six/Three/Baltar shot.
The perv tape is here: in case you cared. (Yeah, you're gonna have to watch it to get the perv tape bit. It's worth watching just for that. Even though I've only seen bits of season one, much less any of season three, it's still fun.)

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