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"A vaccine was used to protect humans from a version of swine flu in the US in 1976. However, it caused serious side effects, including an estimated 500 cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome. There were more deaths from the vaccine than the outbreak."
Health Q&A: What is Swine Flu

This? Why I've never gotten a flu shot. I've never seen numbers before, though, I just thought it was a mild possibility and that in my non-immunocompromised situation, sucking it up with the flu for two weeks was better than any chance at something like that. Really puts it into perspective.

Man, thank god it's nearly summer here, though. Schools will start closing for break soon, which will mitigate any danger if we decide to close them in certain places. Personally, I think that if they do start closing things, colleges should be the first to do so (and not just because I'm at one). Most of them will be done in the next few weeks anyway, but you're in even closer contact than with school-aged kids because of the dorms. You might not have as fragile an immune system (though approaching finals time, I'd bet poor nutrition + no sleep puts us all close), but if it spreads, it'd spread fast. Dining halls? They're hardly the most sanitary of places. I have no illusions that people don't pick up two forks and then put one back, things like that. We would all die lickety split.

A totally random thing because I was looking at the grocery ad online: why do they say "Advertised special" in the advertisement? Aren't they all, by definition, if they're in there, advertised specials?

Some more Swine Flu talk.

WHO to stop using term 'swine flu' to protect pigs after Egypt started slaughtering all of theirs yesterday. Seriously, guys, are you really that stupid that you wouldn't, idk, ask somebody first if the pigs were actually dangerous? Rather sad, however, is that it's a pretty blatantly racist move. Who is hurt by their mass slaughter? The farmers, yes, and the Christians. Most of Egypt doesn't eat pork. Do you think that if they did, they would have been so hasty?

But WHO? I think that ship has sailed. Influenza A just doesn't have that porcine ring to it.

They're even trying to make a big deal about some White House staffer who, along with his family, all have it. Seriously, guys, it's just a different type of flu. It's weird that it's spreading all crazy like, but unless there's something else going on with your immune system, it's just going to make you feel like dying. Last theory I heard (possibly in a practitioners' update from the NIH?) was that there was some other virus in that town in Mexico where all the deaths happened that was synergistically making them more susceptible to the flu.
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Catching up more on this season's NCIS via the Roku box at home.

OMG, Tony talking to the hooker in 6.18 - "Knockout" where he asks what "services" she was providing for the guy, and she responds "Same as you do for your boss." I just about died. Of course, like I expected, it turned out to be just a very long ellipse, but the following bit was just as good--"Whatever he wants". Tony/Gibbs ftw. I'm not an active shipper of those two, but I've listened to a couple of audiofics for them

Now the hooker's hitting on Ziva. Or, you know, is just being overly sexual with everyone so we know that she's an escort. I like the former.

For this being the "make us care about Vance" episode, I think having him be all secretive and shady wasn't the way to do it. I love him with the kids and stuff, but I'm kind of like "erm, not only are you keeping things from your A-team, you're maybe misusing the powers of the office for your own investigation? Didn't we learn from this kind of thing when, idk, Jenny died?" It was okay when she did it, because we already liked her and sort of knew what she was up to.

My internets keep shutting off from this thunderstorm. I'm trying to figure out why I can't get my copy of Star Trek: Elite Force 2 to work--it's giving me this "OpenGL" error that the interwebs tell me is a video card driver incompatibility with Vista (what else is new--same story with the Sims people stretching silliness), but the one person on a message board that has my same video card and found a solution just says that he used "Catalyst", which is a driver thing for this card, but I've already got that and I'm not sure what/how to fix the settings so it works. And with the nets fritzing, it's even more frustrating.

Oh, and Padma Lakshmi? I want her tongue in my mouth. Which of us it belongs to is fungible. Holy shit, is this food porn.
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"I'm a PC and I'm seven years old." Seriously? That commercial just sort of makes me laugh. I mean, the point is that the photo merging stuff is so easy a caveman 7 year old could do it. And I spent the last two days working on [ profile] bleakone's computer using residual DOS skills from when I was that age. That shit is hard--you've got to memorize the commands or be constantly looking everything up, phrase everything in the right syntax, there's no pretty visual interface, etc. Kids these days have it easy.

I still haven't seen that PC commercial with who I swear is Ianto again. Anybody know when Torchwood is coming back? I can't seem to find any info on that.

Watching this week's BSG without having watched the last yet, which doesn't make me happy but it's either watch this one now and watch last week's later online or watch them both in order online, the latter using up huge amounts of my weekly bandwidth. Random thought--if the Tighs are more or less Adam and Eve of the Cylons, does that make Saul Tigh/Caprica Six the new crazy space incest? But aww, I <3 Bill and Saul. You don't quite slash them as in. . . sex (LOLOL, Kaylee) because they're kinda oldandgross, but they're definitely sort of an intimate bromance OTP. Vaguely like Xena and Gabrielle minus the subtext.

Psych was ehh. Enjoyable, but I'm not running to my computer to download it to watch again. And the new Dollhouse right before (another one of which I watched one episode before the one preceding it) was also ehh. Killer fun for Eliza Dushku to play, but that seems to be entirely what it is--an excuse for her to play a different fun character every week. But Mark Sheppard, seriously, that man is in every show that I watch. Dollhouse, Burn Notice (which I don't really watch on purpose unless there's going to be someone I like on it, but caught his episode of), Battlestar Galactica, NCIS, In Plain Sight, Shark, Bionic Woman, Medium, and of course Firefly, with either reoccurring or big parts on each one.

Because this is looking to be an entirely TV-based post instead of me talking about my ADVENTURE OF DOOM AND DEATH on Tuesday and other such RL activities (I've been postponing writing that up because it's going to be a long one), I might have to start watching How I Met Your Mother after showing my mom Dr. Horrible over the long weekend and rewatching part of Neil Patrick Harris's SNL that I recorded on my laptop (while trying to find out WTF this gigantic, oddly named file on my computer was) because I think I love him crazy much.

Oh, Monday's House? THE CAMERON/CUDDY, I THANKS YOU FOR IT. Seriously. Got to download that one and icon it, because those shots at the end totally could be taken out of context (as per how we slashers work) to look like them holding their baby. Reminds me of a set of fics I started writing pre-first hard drive crashdown--it was some "5 Ways Cuddy Doesn't Have a Baby (And One She Does)" thing, remember when that was going around? Most of them were more Cuddy character study, one without Cameron at all, one with her only playing a supporting (supportive, actually) role, but the "one she does" was clear femslash. I wish I still had those, as I seem to remember kinda liking them--the "does" one was kinda unbelievably fluffy, but then I think it kept getting longer and started developing more plot and then naturally, it never got finished (as that's what happens to fics I don't write all in one sitting).

I also forgot. Criminal Minds. The gay is abounding. Surely it can't be just me after the scene at the beginning of 4.14 (I think two weeks ago?) where Emily's horoscope says the moon was going to screw things up romantically and put her in a shitty mood and then we see JJ's baby ring and cut immediately back to Emily's pissed off face after it's revealed that the father of the baby has a matching one.
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LOL at how there's a Sarah Palin dig in one of the Jay Nixon for Missouri governor ads. There's a reference to the "bridge to nowhere". It's a good idea--capitalize on the fact that everybody's already heard that phrase from the higher-budget national campaign ads so that Nixon, who doesn't have bazillions of dollars, can get the same message across without having to spend precious airtime explaining the reference. Plus, it makes the DNC happy because it's reminding everybody that the bridge was a fail!project, and making the DNC happy means more national committee resources on this race. Not to mention that when it came on, I wasn't paying attention at all because it was your generic regional political ad--just talking without even the passionate elocution of Obama to make you tune in--until my ears caught that familiar phrase, which made me look (because it seemed out of place in a state campaign ad). It's the same with some company (I can't remember which) that I've seen adverts for quite a bit down here--it's just the company's website on the screen with a TV-static background accompanied by that same fuzzy TV-static noise, which makes you pop your head up and try to figure out why your set's on the fritz. That's seriously one of the smartest ads I've seen in my entire life because no matter how many times I've seen it (it's been at least 3), I still look up every time.

So the TV's broken in a few times saying "turn to channel 4 for info on a flash flood warning" and I've just ignored it. It's been raining all evening, but hell, it's been raining for the past few weeks, and this place is underwater if it drizzles for 5 minutes. But I looked out the window a moment ago (as I thought I heard rush week kids screaming from across the street again--I swear, that I'm on the eighth floor and across both a small parking lot and a street from a couple of the houses and can still hear when they're out there rah-rahing is just impressive--but it was the wind whistling in the window, like I think I've complained about before) and holy shit! It's hard to get a handle on how hard the rain actually is coming down, as it's (obviously, as it's 1am) dark, but as I was looking across the street, a car was driving along, and its wheels were spinning up significant amounts more water than anybody should still be driving in. Plus, every time there's a big gust of wind, the window screams at me and then there's a big splat of water on it, LOL. And now that I'm looking harder, the rain is pretty brutal. I assume we're just feeling Ike at this point.

I pulled a box out from under my bed today and the cardboard finally just gave up, so that was no fun. Especially as something (oatmeal packet, apparently) had broken in the bottom of the box, so now I've got to vaccuum at some point tomorrow before Chelsea gets back.

And I missed Tina Fey on SNL, which is sad. I saw something like the last whole hour, and none of it was really funny to me--I don't watch very often (only when people I like are on it/hosting), but SNL seems to be very hit-and-miss. Some stuff is falldown great (see Tina's "bitch is the new black", "Lazy Sunday", etc.), but the rest is either "Huh. That was vaguely amusing," or just downright ". . . move on." Wasn't Barack supposed to be on it too? And Phelps thanked William Shatner, so I'm assuming I missed whatever he did too. Looks like all the good stuff was in the beginning.

OMG. This storm is loud. It just tripled in intensity, both rain coming down and wind smacking it against my window and making the window roar. I can't imagine what it must have been like further south. My grandparents and cousin were all in the manditory evac zone in Baytown, TX, so I'm still trying to figure out how things are going down there--power's all still out, last I could figure, so no luck yet.

Looking at the forecast. HUMIDITY DECREASE, KTHX. Working out in the non-air conditioned, lame-arsed gym here is utterly impossible when none of the sweat can evaporate from your body. I'm not a sweaty type in general, but here? *dies*
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LOL, I was looking at my friends page, and one of the ads at the bottom asked "Are you Morena Baccarin?" It was some "take the quiz, get spammed up, see what random celebrity we pull out of the ether for you" thing, but it still made me laugh. No, I'm pretty sure I am not Morena Baccarin, thanks.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This makes me lolololol. Private MI? Wouldn't you rather have a very public MI? I mean, yes, possibly the embarrassment factor could be high, but also the greater chance of there being a doctor/someone who knows CPR around factor would be high, thus tilting it over into the YESPLZ column.

I have no idea what it really is, and I don't care to find out, really. Twas above my email in that ad bar they've always got up there. It also said something about "completely cancellable". LOL, if only. We'd then put most of the cardiologists out of business.
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Anybody else seen those Las Vegas tourism commercials with the "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" slogan? Caught the tail end of the latest one to hit my airwaves--two giggly women stepping covertly into or out of (I wasn't quite sure from across the room, the shot was quick) a swanky hotel bathroom. Together. In a we-just-shagged/we're-about-to-shag kind of way. Umm, hee! I haven't yet heard any uproar about this from the bible belt, people boycotting Vegas, anything, which is surprising to me (and makes me think I may have just thrown my slashgoggles on without realizing it and they weren't really supposed to be having girlsecks). I'm going to have to see if I can find the commercial on youtube or something now (which is hard, because it's still not working on my computer; I have to find one I think might be it from searching and then download the file to watch it, as I can't watch it online because it says I need the flash player, even though I download it every time) because it makes me laugh.

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