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Shoving (healthy) food down my throat even though I’m not at all hungry because my body decided to give out on me again during my gym class. It’s so fucking frustrating. I know it’s not because I’m missing any nutrients or hadn’t eaten or anything, though; it’s definitely my heart. I can tell the difference between low blood sugar and low blood pressure, and this was the latter. The doctor has said it’s undoubtedly just idiopathic (because if it were anything serious, I probably would have died already — she blames it on anxiety, like I knew would happen as soon as I got any kind of psych label put on me, when that’s obviously not the case. If it happened when I got up in front of people or was driving to school or something, sure, but not at the gym; give me a break), but it’s still scary.

I got halfway through the lunges (which are always hard on me, but today I’d thought were going pretty well), and in the 15 seconds or whatever while switching legs, my blood pressure ~recovered (read: dropped like a rock) so much that I sort of blacked out completely. Not as in actually passed out, but as in my vision went totally black, the girl next to me actually dropped her bar because she thought she was going to have to catch me because I was super white and kind of wobbled, and I only just managed to bend down and get enough blood back to my brain to be able to see enough to make my way out of the room and sit down on the floor. (I really should have just sat down right there, but I think I would have died from embarrassment.)

UGH UGH UGH. And then it did it again when I got out of the car after driving home. I was able to just, you know, hang onto the car door until I recovered that time, so it wasn’t nearly as bad, but STILL NOT FUN.

I hate you, heart. I want to make you stronger, but that’s kind of hard when you’re working against me like this whenever I try to exercise you, huh?
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But also, there is No Time in my life when I don’t have something I should be doing. Something scholastic, usually, as my MCAT scores sucked on this self-timed practice one I did, which scared me all to fuck because my MCAT scores were what I was counting on to get me into medical school since my GPA isn’t impressive and I’m at a podunk state school (also, why does Word want to capitalize “Podunk”?).

Time management is really biting me in the ass atm. Even just trying to conceptualize what I should be doing when (not helped by the fact that the email system we switched to at school that has all my Outlook calendars I made on the old system refuses to connect to the Outlook program on my computer and give me them back).

A list of what I'm doing (or not doing) lately: )

Met with the chemistry coordinator for my orgo service thing finally today, though, which I'd been putting off finding the time to do to turn in these forms because they were already late and I'm a wuss. She was uber nice. She's pretty old (60 at least, though I'm not good at guessing anybody's age, especially older folks) and reminded me a lot of my two grandmothers combined--sort of looked like my maternal, but had a slight southern accent like my paternal. Glancing at her bulliton board, it looks like she teaches mostly chemistry for non chem majors, which could be fun. It'd be like teaching high school chemistry--you could do a lot of the fun stuff because it's not like these people are ever going to need to know how to identify 1-propyl 4-chloromethyl heptene on the spot. Not that anybody would ever need to (even if you were a chemist, I'm pretty sure you'd have a second to look it up), but still.

Kinda disappointed about the MCAT/GRE practice thing tomorrow—the gay/straight alliance at school’s having a barbeque that I wanted to go to in the afternoon. Considered just taking the MCAT and going to the barbeque, but no. Shall be responsible. Also wanted to take the LSAT again, but it's at the same time as the MCAT, which is too bad, because the MCAT is going to make me want to slit my wrists, but the LSAT and how I rock it is a decent ego boost. (Acronym translation just in case this is baffling: MCAT=medical college admissions test, the pretest for med school. LSAT=same thing but for law school. GRE=same thing but for generic graduate school; more like the undergrad college admissions tests that have english and math and writing and such.)

I'm in the library atm, plugged into the wired connection on the tablet because I haven't downloaded the wireless update since I wiped it a few days ago and reloaded XP Tablet on it instead of the XP professional I had before that wasn't giving me the tablet functionality regularly. When I tried to load XP Tablet on top of the XP-Pro, like you can do with most Windows OS, it stalled on the install, so I had to reinstall regular XP Professional which ended up with me having one XP-Pro install that worked and one that was stuck halfway through being written over by Tablet. It worked fine like that for a week or two, but eventually the whole mess of things got to where I had to boot into the second OS under safe mode to not bluescreen out and blech. It worked, but was annoying. Going to see if I can get the tech people here to decipher their own instructions for setting up the new university mail with Outlook, because they don't work. Frustrating as hell; I've tried it I don't know how many times on the tablet under various hard drives and OS installs. But because I don't have the wireless (tried to download the update, but the wire here is so freaking slow--we're talking sub-dial up speeds for some reason), I've got to get one of them to come over here, which means unplugging my computer and bringing it over to the desk or leaving it here and going to get one of them, and it's just been less work to stay here and keep typing.

Shall do now, though, as [ profile] bleakone's probably out of class in a few minutes and we'll be going home where hopefully, I can await the return of Tosh, the computer that was stolen by the fucktards at the Toshiba official repair depot for, from the day I sent it off to today, 36 days. And refused to do anything about it when I called and asked them what the fuck was up with them lying to me and saying 7-10 days. I get that it was on hold for parts for two weeks (sort of--shouldn't the official Toshiba place *have* all the Toshiba parts?) and that wasn't expected when they gave me the estimate, but 7-10 days after I sent it off they hadn't even put it on the repair desk, so that's bullshit.

ETA: Tosh is here! The screen works, the keyboard has been replaced, the fucktards wiped it like they said they wouldn't, but I backed stuff up so I'm not that pissed. What does piss me off is that they didn't replace the screen. In fact, they made the artifacting and little bruises and dead pixels worse. Idk what to do now. I think I'll call tomorrow or Monday or something and see what they say, because there's a whole circular bit in the middle of the screen where it looks like the pixels are half blue. (Most noticeable on a black screen, natch.) This was not there before. Displeased.
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Dermatologists are freaking expensive.

Went to one a while ago to try and figure something out about my face. I've got the rosacea which makes me look like somebody slapped me around for 6 hours every time I exercise, eat spicy things, get too hot, put topical stuff on it (figured out that benzoyl peroxide, the acne medicine, is one of the main/worst ones that I react to, but only sometimes, and sometimes to other things too), or sometimes just when it feels like it. I've got acne; not a horrid amount, but it's bad when it's humid at all and I get about 1 of the gigantic, sometimes-scarring cystic things a month (though it's not period related, which sucks, because at least then I'd be able to know when I should screw the facial redness and start liberally applying zit cream). And on top of all that, my cheeks and sometimes my forehead are so dry they flake, so I can't wear makeup to cover up any of the previous, as it makes me look like a lizard shedding its skin.

So that's not fun. Normally, I'd be all "oh, face stuff's not going to kill you, just use zit cream or whatever" and not bother with the copay and perscription costs and such, but I've got such an abnormal combination of the rosacea reactivity and the acne and the dryness that means that literally anything I use for one is going to irritate the other two. The guy's answer two weeks ago or so was to use topical stuff for the rosacea (which is what I'm most worried about, as mine's already worse than my mom's, and it'll only get worse as I get older) and to put me on an antibiotic pill for the acne. I said no to the pill, because I'm not crazy about antibiotics period (when I get meningitis, I damn well want to not be resistant to any of the drugs because I'd been taking them for something stupid), much less for something like a little bit of acne, so I've got another cream for the acne that doesn't have benzoyl peroxide (you'd be surprised how many of even the common prescription ones have that in them), but still will probably dry me out like nobody's business, so I've not been using that one. Actually, I've not been using any of them because the samples ran out after 2 days or so.

Which brings us to today, so 400-someodd words later, I get to the point of this story. Expensive. I mean, I've got insurance and all, and the two creams are still $50 each. My other two prescriptions (my Ritalin and a migraine pill) that I got from the pharmacy today as well were only $5 each. Must remember to mandate to all doctors that I only will accept things with a generic from now on (like I did with my GP to get the generic migraine pill instead of the couple dollars a pill that my mom and sister pay for theirs. Mom took one of mine today to see if it works, because if it does, she's def. going to switch).

And that's my story. I'm exhausted, as I had my mock trial/fake jury panel thing all day today, so I missed my twisted-up bedtime by about 4 hours already. Tis a testiment to how tired I am (especially when you add to the previous that my stupid 4 day migraine has been making my sleep less than pleasant of late) that I know there's no way I'm waking up in time to go to the gym today and I don't even really care. Tomorrow is Psych, and I always go longer than usual because I want to make sure I'm well situated on a machine with a completely working TV (I usually just treadmill rather than the more intense machines because they have better TVs, LOL) well before it starts. Even though I usually don't care about the kid intro part.
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Combination of Delicious tags I never expected to use? Femslash + Owen/Tosh. LOLOL. I'm totally digging genderswap!Owen.

I wish there was some way I could broadcast to the internets "Hay, ad guys? I already get Netflix, so you can stop making ads for it pop up in other windows I don't notice until they've been draining my resources and slowing down my webaging for ages. Especially when you come from legitimate news type sites. Then it's really annoying. Kthxbai."

"Ted is like the angle opposite the hypotenuse. He's always right."

I love Better Off Ted. I'm kind of in love with Veronica/Linda. I don't even think it's just Portia, but there's something so easily slashable about them. How Veronica's always not jealous of Ted and Linda's UST because "that would imply that she wants something she can't have". Meaning that she either knows she could have Ted Linda whenever she wants, or already, you know, has her whenever she wants. And Linda's random comforting hug, and later her inability to define her and Veronica's relationship to Veronica's father, it works.

In other news. Brother keeps causing fights because he doesn't take his meds and then steals whatever laptop is lying around and stays up all night being loud right above me. I threaten to tell, because even though before I wouldn't, when his loudness and burning of incense/candles into the vent that carries down into my room give me migraines, this is going to stop. Parents don't seem to care, because now it's me he's raging at and not them, as usual when I'm not here. It's like they want me to take over and be the mom because they step back and just let it happen, and then even though he's doing the exact same thing he does to them, they make it some sibling fight thing and blame it on me. Since I'm the one his antics bother most/first, they don't care.

More of me being an ungrateful bitch. Birthday kinda sucked. I mean, I guess it's sort of once you're an adult, you don't get stuff from your parents anymore, but since I don't really have bunches of friends or birthday parties or go out on the town or anything, it was severely anti-climactic. I always tell them that I'd rather just have money than presents unless I've been very specific about what I wanted, but I think they took that as an excuse to just give me virtually nothing. Kay, I got an ice cream maker machine that I'd been asking for, but it turns out that it was the wrong type (I wanted the kind you just plugged in and didn't have to freeze, since there's never room in the freezer so I've got no chance of being able to use it at home), so it's nobody's fault that I'm not as happy about that one as I could be. I think it was just the fact that they had the nerve to give me another copy of one of the DVD seasons (West Wing season 2) that Tyler lost/stole/destroyed/whatever (I will never forgive him for that. It was two giant cases: all of West Wing, all of Xena, all of Deep Space Nine, all of Enterprise, two seasons of ER, and probably several others that I'm not remembering. He still claims he's never had any of them, but every time somebody cleans his room, we find various loose disks, usually scratched beyond repair, from out of them. And still keeps on claiming, because he's an idiot like that).

Seriously? I sort of think that that's just something Tyler should have to buy himself and give me. First of all, I saw it on sale and Kaci told me not to buy it--it cost $6. We're not talking high dollar replacement, seeing as how that's like $15 less than what I shelled out in the first place. Idk, I feel like I'm not allowed to feel this way because it's not really like they were under any kind of obligation beyond. . . fairness to get me anything, but when Kaci gets a bunch of stuff on her actual birthday (I'll have to ask her exactly what, as I don't remember, but I know it was, you know, completely sufficient in value for birthday gifts by itself) plus the promise to go buy some brand new book a few days later when it comes out and that book alone cost more than the entire value of everything I got, it's kinda. . . disappointing.

I try to figure it as I'm technically an adult, suppose, and she's 6 years younger, but it doesn't really help. We were poor when I was her age, so I never got anything near this shit that those two get every day, just for nothing. Everybody always figures it's the oldest that gets special treatment or whatnot, but when you've got a special-needs baby born just two years after you, the attention dies pretty damn quick, and I don't think I've ever gotten over that. If I were, idk, 3 years old I could totally see myself becoming one of those kids that acts out for attention (I think the only reason I wasn't is that I've always desperately wanted people to like me too much), because the only time I get two glances from my parents is when they're telling me what a horrible person I am.

So with dentist and endocrinologist appointment fail (I tried to set one, they called and just gave me a different number to call the office, and I've been sleeping so wackily that I haven't been awake during open office hours since) and continuous self-confidence decimating (as if I had enough of that to spread around in the first place) unexplainable weight gain (I think the last 7 pounds split evenly between my stomach and breasts, the latter of which I appreciate, but would give up in an instant if it meant I'd lose the former) and the arrival of my grandmother's birthday card with pictures from the last couple of years where I didn't look like a whale to rub it in, and the fact that school is coming up and I've been more miserable than I'd like to admit lately and so can't really picture myself handling another semester very well at the moment but don't really have any other option, things kinda suck.

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Still no internets. In the basement computer lab atm. Might hit up some random stores just to have something to do. It's kind of depressing here, frankly, in that though normally I'd be fine engrossed in my computer, everybody's parents came down for the weekend and I'm all post-just having to go back to school (I could have gone back with [ profile] bleakone this weekend, but I didn't think it was worth fighting my overwhelming school anxiety to pull myself back here after only being gone a week) and menstrual and all low-self-esteemed and my computer's being an utter whore, so I'm wallowing a bit.

The computer? *#)(*$(#@!!. I don't know what its freaking problem is. The interwebs, fine. Those are working only off and on. But the freezing and slow running and near-constant hangups are getting worse and worse. The screen brightness won't change and is stuck at dull (which is a Vista control problem). Plus, the godsdamned warranty repair people still haven't gotten back to me. I'm going to call and tell them that by god, if they don't answer inquiries from their website sent IN THE MANNER THAT THEY SPECIFY IS PREFERRED, they sure as hell better hope that I don't write a letter to Toshiba and ask that they be taken off the approved warranty repair center list. In fact, come to think of it, I might do that anyway.

Speaking of writing letters, I've been using my gym membership from home to get into the gym here, right? Because they told us ([ profile] bleakone and I) that I could, and then used that to sell [ profile] bleakone a membership there. Lo and behold, we talk to somebody else when my temporary card runs out and it turns out the girl that did the selling didn't know what the fuck she was talking about, and I could only use my Club Fitness membership for a month (since it's a monthly contract thing) and would have to then buy into their contract (the minimum term for which is longer than I hope to be down here, I think) at some more than double the price per month. WTF. If we had known this, there would have been some considerable rethinking before [ profile] bleakone bought hers, as the major selling point (that the chick used to hawk the thing) was that we could both work out there. Does that not seem like a bait-and-switch out the wazoo?

I can't even describe how pissed off I was. Now, when I need the thing more than ever (the inexplicable weight gain has continued no matter what I do to try and stop it--it's to the doctor next because I'm starting to wonder about hypothyroidism as I've had those symptoms before and it matches up), I'm essentially stranded. Especially during the winter, you're waiting an hour in the gym at school for a treadmill because there are maybe 6 total in the entire sports facility (which is nothing to speak of) which has very restricted hours anyway; there's a stairmaster in the basement that I can get into anytime, but blech. This also means that there's really no reason to keep up my membership at home, but then what will I do when I go home? There was talk at one point when I was first leaving about setting it up so I was just billed for the days I'd be on break at the proportion of my monthly fee at Club Fitness, but then they decided it was too hard. I'd like to try to get them to do that, but I'm not sure if I'd need to mess with corporate (prolly, as they do the actual billing) or go through the people that I know, the latter meaning a better chance of success.

There's a VIP membership level thing that lets you bring friends as much as you want at the Ozark Fitness here that [ profile] bleakone might switch up to if it's as cheap to do so as I remember, and that would cover me down here since we drive together anyway and are going to try to find an apartment together for next year. But the "switch up to VIP for free" promotion is over, apparently, and when she asked one of the receptionists it was indicated that that would require a rewriting of the contract. What I really want to do is march up there and put all this to them; how she was sold the membership under mistaken/false pretenses and therefore they really should release her from the contract without penalty, but with a contractual membership place like this they don't give a damn about customer satisfaction because you're already paying them the money, so they could just say "to hell with you" and keep on billing.

But the combination of that and the daily billing at CF would work well. Problem is setting it all up, which is a lot of naggling and conversations (the CF ones all having to be done either through my father or over the phone, the former being difficult because he's kinda gymgoing!fail and the latter being difficult because OMGphonehate) and in the meantime, a lot of long boring stairmastering (at least the workout room in the basement of my dorm with the stair thing has a TV up close to the machine; the fitness center has TVs all the way across the room that you can't hear that are never on anything I want to watch anyway).

Not sure when I'm going places--prolly in the nowish time zone, as I've got to go work out (I've got [ profile] bleakone's pass to use the gym of customer service fail atm since she went home and is a goddess like that) and don't really want to make two trips. IH all these time restrictions--gym closes at 8, which means I've got to leave by 6:15 or so, which means I wouldn't get dinner because the dining center has shitty hours on the weekend (5-7, and being used to eating dinner anywhere from 7-12 I'm physically incapable of eating at 5), so I've got to go exercise now, but there's nothing on TV. *whine*

Oh, and the roommate's boyfriend is staying the night in our room. Not that there will be sexing or anything (I highly, highly doubt it), but just AWKWARD LIEK WOAH. And [ profile] bleakone's not even here for me to go camp on her floor. Does not want.
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Let's see. OMFG, Psych. Shawn/Lassiter? OFFICIALLY ALMOST CANON.

Spoiler of part of one line for Lassie's Done a Bad Bad Thing that's hardly worth cutting but I'll do it anyway. )

O AND. I think I may have been getting cruised by some chick at the gym for illicit gymshower sex. Chances are that I totally misread things and it's going to turn out that I'm going to find out that she kept giving me looks because I sit next to her in chemistry or something, but it's a funny story either way. Seriously, though--there was so much eye contact that if I were watching us on TV, I'd have totally been convinced that we were together (see Karen and Jules above, LOL). And when I got off the treadmill, she followed not too long after into the locker room, then she sort of, idk, meanders past into the shower area after catching my eye. Like for illicit gym shower sex. She wasn't really my type (idk what my type is--fictional, I suppose, LOL), plus I'm not the type for illicit gym shower sex, so I just sort of kept putting my sweatshirt and coat on (it's freaking cold here--wind chill's been double digits below zero a couple of times lately--so even though that was miserable for the first 10 minutes or so while I was still hot from exercising, in the long run the bundling up was worth it), and after a few minutes she came out of the shower room. As in, having gone in there for no apparent reason except illicit gym shower sex. Like I said, prolly totally misinterpreting/hyperinterpreting stuff, but I suppose you had to have been there because it's hard to describe all the signals, but I actually seriously think that this may have been what was happening. And that's my story.

IL how BSG credits are spoilers. Fail, giving the 5th Cylon his/her own whole screen on the end credits a few seconds after I pop over to check out the SG-1 on after the premiere. Just got done watching the rerunning of the premiere, though (as Psych was during the first run), but I didn't realize it was on so I still missed the first 15 minutes or so. And spent most of the episode writing an email to my brother and otherwise fiddling with the computer, so I'll really have to watch it again to get it.

Fail at how a few days after getting back, my internet is dead here. The wired box all of a sudden decided to fail--luckily, I'm on the 8th floor, the lobby of which has wi-fi, so I can catch that on and off but it's weak and crappy. And I wasn't sure what the problem was at first, so I didn't put in a work request until Friday afternoon, which means with the weekend and the backlog of more important jobs (one of the other buildings flooded in the middle of the week--as in multiple floors; fifth floor had 4 inches and everything below got soggy--so most of the maintenance people are still prolly on that) that will inevitably be there for them on Monday, I've got no idea when it'll get fixed.
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Dear Mr. Creepy Sir at the gym.
You know what we think of you when there is a whole row of 7 unoccupied treadmills on the other side of me all down one empty side of the main row of the cardio section of the gym (and a second, back section of 16 or so different-style treadmills that were empty save one person), and yet some 40-something, large (as in just big, not really fat though there was definitely some of that, but bulky huge) man comes and takes the one open treadmill between the two young women? And then just idles around for a bit without actually beginning to work out for quite some time, and then only beginning a leisurely walk? THAT YOU'RE A CREEPER, KTHXBAI.
One of the two young women you squeezed your large self in between and majorly weirded out.

Went to the gym early today so I could watch this History channel thing on sex in space only to hear them say nothing interesting. Save maybe that it might have happened because this couple was married when they went up, but they have no other reason to believe it did but the fact that they were newlyweds. It was a whole hour (though I only saw the second half) of fluff. Spec stuff that anybody could have come up with; talking to experts about how they could strap down their feet and have handholds or something, and how for space tourism there could be almost crawltube-meets-sleeping bag type things for sexitiems. Do I just label myself a creeper by saying that none of these were particular stretches of the imagination? When I first started contemplating the concept (when I first heard that the show was running and my curiosity was piqued), I came up with all of these things, thanks. So pay me instead of them.

I knitted a mini stocking today. Took the basic shaping pattern and squiggled it around a bit as I wanted it to be more stocking shaped and not Christmas-stocking shaped (as the latter is always more boot-like than stocking) and because there was no way I had the patience to knit out a quicky Christmas decoration on size 2 needles when we don't even have a tree to hang it on. (Second or third year in a row, and it's what my parents used to do when they were newly married and without kids, had no real reason to go all out--we just use the live, deciduous house-tree that we've always got in here. Things do not hang upon it well, and it's not particularly full of leaves, so outsiders prolly wouldn't think it was too Christmas-spirit-esque, but I think it's a much better embodyment than those dead ones that other people string up.) Anyway, I think I made it a bit too long in my modification, as it looks oddly skinny and stretched (but more real stocking-like, still). And the snowflake that I tried to knit into it simply didn't turn out because there weren't enough stitches to do it with, so it's like a picture that's insanely pixelated--you can't quite tell what it's supposed to be. Still. Win.

Ooh, and went to Tyler's mock trial meeting today. Not crazy about how they're going at this case, as (I think I've mentioned) it's the one where you've got the choice of going for murder or manslaughter on the prosecution, and not guilty, not guilty due to insanity, guilty but mentally ill, or (though you wouldn't actually go for this one) guilty. Problem is, you can't just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks, because you weaken your case on the other charges (to establish the mental illness needed for "not guilty due to," you have to make some concessions towards admitting that he did do it, which then blows your "not guilty" plain chances, etc.) Plus, you only get indicted on one count for each offense in real life, unless I'm wrong, so I don't see how the judge wouldn't make the prosecution pick murder or manslaughter first, and the defense files notice that they're going for an affirmative defense beforehand (or at least they do on TV), so ditto. Idk. Coach's baby was there, and he has ears that rival Barack Obama's, so that's adorable.
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Oh, and didn't mention. I'm home.

Heat blanket, how I've missed you. Except I think I may be having some kind of sensory issue, because I've noticed this several times lately: I don't feel heat. In my entire body. My mind registers the signal and cognitively knows that it's warm because I get those pinpricky bits of sweat under my eyes. But my limbs, torso, etc. are not transmitting the warm sensation. I'm not cold, but I should be quite toasty; I'm under the heat blanket (OMG, how I've missed you) that I've used and been uncomfortably warm under before (though of course there's the chance that it simply no longer works) and it's cranked all the way up and all.

The family bought cake as a sort of welcome home + sorry last time you were home it sucked (beause of the whole 'everybody being somewhere else' thing), and it's 5 pounds of chocolate deliciousness. Holy shit, this is a large cake.

Ride home was uneventful, save that I got to play with Ray's (friend of [ profile] bleakone who was along for half the ride) iPhone for a few minutes, which was cool as I'd never gotten to mess around with one before. And it was rainy and wet, so Rachel's wipers got a workout.

I left my keys in Springfield, though, so I'll have to bum a set if I wish to go anywhere. Including to the gym, which we've got to get my sister's membership to transferred to me (as dad canceled mine before we knew that I could go to the one near school, and even though he tried to un-cancel it before it technically ran out, they couldn't do it) tomorrow so I can work out. Because Alexandria on no workout? Something no one wants to see.

Got a 50/50 on my last genetics paper, which is win. Got used as the example for the class, as well (which freaked me out a bit, because he pointed out one bit as "the bare minimum, here" and I was all "OMG, IFAIL.") which is impressive--I'm all about looking good in front of this guy, as he's both my advisor and I'm fairly certain on the pre-med committee. So I'm a little less worried about the test that I took in there today, which I knew absolutely nothing on. Or, you know, in that way in which it felt okay early on, but then you mark the ones you're not sure about and then go back to those and spend the last however much of your time on the ones you absolutely can't figure out, so you leave feeling like an idiot because the hard ones are last in your mind. So idk. But from a sheer how much time I put into this section perspective, I'm going to suck. Spent Thursday night fighting off a migraine instead of studying (I was more concerned with not letting it progress into a full blown migraine that would carry over to the test the next day and thus prevent me from performing at all as I'd be too busy, you know, puking) and managed to miss 3 lectures since the last test from the residence hall conference once, getting hung up upstairs in lab once, and just being a lazyarse once; therefore, good chance it won't be pretty.
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Just (or, you know, about an hour ago) back from the gym.

Wow, my body loved that. First real, decent workout since the end of August. I was on machines working muscles that haven't moved hardly since then. I'm anticipating soreness tomorrow (my knees + hips are already not liking how I was too excited to get over to the circuit machines to stretch after treadmilling), and the sores/scars/whatever on the back of my hands between my thumb and index finger from where I lock my hands in around the TV on the treadmill are bright, nasty red just when they'd begun to fade a little bit, but I feel great. Did the whole time I was on the treadmill, too. It was weird, but it was a good temperature and I was enjoying watching the Colbert Report and my body was generally satisfied with the level of workout I was doing (less intense than usual, actually, as these only incline to 15% and supposedly the one I usually use at school does 30%; I made up for it by going almost twice as long) and the general fact that I was home and this was back to my old routine, and I just noted a particular contentment. It's a weird place to feel content, on a treadmill in a gym at 10:30 at night, but I was, and it felt nice.

This is post ER-watching, which was post trivia-nighting.

Re: ER. I don't know how I got it so completely wrong about why Abby was leaving. I had myself completely convinced that she was blind from the previews for this episode. Something about how she is all squinty to avoid the sun when she's on the roof, and then swirls around with sort of glazey eyes, not focusing on anything when she's dancing and then (especially this bit) makes sad eyes at Neela and says (what I thought was) "I'm crying, right?" So I made up this whole explanation about how it was something stemming from the explosion that didn't manifest itself on the first day but has been getting progressively worse (explaining why we haven't really seen her lately). Nope, not at all. But the good amount of Abby/Neela made me smile. And Haleh's wall had me choked up a bit, trufax.

Re: trivia-nighting. I'm just good at these things, end of story, LOL. It felt like I didn't know any of them because it was a lot of stuff for the younger crowd (I was easily the oldest, followed by my brother and then a group around his age), but I still managed to pretty much single-handedly win the thing. (Not that there weren't a bunch that Tyler and the other random kid at our table got as well, but that there were very few that I didn't also know.) Kaci decided to team up with her friends, so she missed out on $5 Borders giftcard goodness. Which I then sold to her in exchange for having to drive her right over there so she could get some Twilight poster she'd been looking at (which they didn't have, fail, but I still got my cash).

I've got several mosquito bites on my right bicep, which are not fun.

I am getting too used to being back. At the same time, it's weird; I kind of feel like a guest in my own house, all not really wanting to raid the fridge lest there be plans for the food in there or something (my desire for a really good salad won out, however; feta cheese has never tasted so good until after you've spent months subsisting on a diet almost entirely of raw veggies, mustard for salad dressing, and egg white/tofu with the occasional bits of chicken or fish thrown in there every other week or so). But I'm comfortable. Like I said before, content. And thinking about going back has me going all anxious; I want nothing more at this moment than to just completely quit school and come back here (and keep going to school up here, naturally, but be able to live back in my old pattern).

Things that also make me anxious? According to the lookup doodad on the Missouri Voter Rights Center website (a sub-thing of the Sec. State's office website), I'm not registered to vote. At least not at my home (meaning non-school, and I specifically didn't re-register down there in if-it-were-any-redder-they'd-stop-wasting-the-ink-printing-the-democrat's-name-on-the-ballot SW Missouri) address. Umm, WTbloodyF? I voted in the last election. I've got people calling and bugging me about being a pollworker again up here. I was planning to go vote either today yesterday (which didn't happen) or today anyway, and that's done down at the election commission office, so I'll go see what's going on down there. Because oh man, you don't mess with a CSPAN junkie's access to the polls. Especially when she lives in pretty much the deciding county of Missouri.
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I have been mucho pissy all day. And I know the exact reason. Dumb ass cohab types who've decided that my room is the place to hang out now. I mean seriously. I related the conversation from last night about how everybody could just keep hanging out in here playing loud YouTube videos because she only had dance in the morning. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. On top of a similar amount the night before. And now I'm ready to bite someone everyone's head off.

Doesn't help that at my genetics lab today, my "lab partner" just sat there and looked dumb for the entire thing. She'd only do something when I explicitly gave her instructions/handed her the micropipette and said "Suck. Drop." And of course, somehow even that got screwed up, because our titrations were not the right color. Too much of the serum added, we think. (Guess who did the micropipetting for that part? Not me, let's say.)

But I ran back to the room in my 30 minute gap or so before my non-West Wing class (we're finally starting to watch it next week, he says), and Chelsea's in there taking a nap. I was fucking furious. I really wanted to be a bitch and "accidentally" wake her up, but that thought only occurred to me after I'd left. She keeps me up all hours of the night (okay, not past 1 really, but kept me from getting any work done for those same hours, so I had to force myself to stay up even later for homework), saying that it's okay because she doesn't have classes, and then has the nerve to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon. When, of course, when I want to take a nap after being in class from 8 until 4, no such luck because the freaking party's back in my room.

Add that to the fact that when I got in today, she accosts me about there somehow being some of my hair on the edge of her bed. Umm, yeah. Because I decided to pull out some of my hair by the roots and rub my feet along the carpet until I'd amassed enough static cling to maliciously place the hair right there on the edge of her bed. WTF? What does she expect me to respond to that? "Umm, sorry?" is what she got. You know what, whatever. Maybe she'd get a different response if it wasn't her fault I've had maybe 7 hours of sleep over the past two days she'd get more. . . idk, sympathy (though prolly not), but for now? Fuck you, ma'am. It's not like there's even any purpose to you or your cronies (currently Breanna, one of our suitemates) being in here atm--you're not even talking to each other really, just looking at people's Facebooks. Don't you have homework? God knows I do, and I can't fucking get any of it done when I'm having to live my life by your goddamned social schedule. I knew I loved it when she left for the weekend like she's done twice so far, but I didn't really realize how much until she came back this week. It's pretty obvious the roommate honeymoon has worn off.

Must remember to bring my gym class pre-test lab worksheet by the grad student teacher guy's mailbox, as I'm losing points for forgetting it on Wednesday. I meant to bring it by that day, but didn't. I've still got to find the thing, actualmente.

Stupid weightgainage means mucho leg pains of late. Hips, mostly. And now my left pinky, though probably unrelated--it only started when I began typing this, so I think I'm just holding it strangely.
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LOL at how there's a Sarah Palin dig in one of the Jay Nixon for Missouri governor ads. There's a reference to the "bridge to nowhere". It's a good idea--capitalize on the fact that everybody's already heard that phrase from the higher-budget national campaign ads so that Nixon, who doesn't have bazillions of dollars, can get the same message across without having to spend precious airtime explaining the reference. Plus, it makes the DNC happy because it's reminding everybody that the bridge was a fail!project, and making the DNC happy means more national committee resources on this race. Not to mention that when it came on, I wasn't paying attention at all because it was your generic regional political ad--just talking without even the passionate elocution of Obama to make you tune in--until my ears caught that familiar phrase, which made me look (because it seemed out of place in a state campaign ad). It's the same with some company (I can't remember which) that I've seen adverts for quite a bit down here--it's just the company's website on the screen with a TV-static background accompanied by that same fuzzy TV-static noise, which makes you pop your head up and try to figure out why your set's on the fritz. That's seriously one of the smartest ads I've seen in my entire life because no matter how many times I've seen it (it's been at least 3), I still look up every time.

So the TV's broken in a few times saying "turn to channel 4 for info on a flash flood warning" and I've just ignored it. It's been raining all evening, but hell, it's been raining for the past few weeks, and this place is underwater if it drizzles for 5 minutes. But I looked out the window a moment ago (as I thought I heard rush week kids screaming from across the street again--I swear, that I'm on the eighth floor and across both a small parking lot and a street from a couple of the houses and can still hear when they're out there rah-rahing is just impressive--but it was the wind whistling in the window, like I think I've complained about before) and holy shit! It's hard to get a handle on how hard the rain actually is coming down, as it's (obviously, as it's 1am) dark, but as I was looking across the street, a car was driving along, and its wheels were spinning up significant amounts more water than anybody should still be driving in. Plus, every time there's a big gust of wind, the window screams at me and then there's a big splat of water on it, LOL. And now that I'm looking harder, the rain is pretty brutal. I assume we're just feeling Ike at this point.

I pulled a box out from under my bed today and the cardboard finally just gave up, so that was no fun. Especially as something (oatmeal packet, apparently) had broken in the bottom of the box, so now I've got to vaccuum at some point tomorrow before Chelsea gets back.

And I missed Tina Fey on SNL, which is sad. I saw something like the last whole hour, and none of it was really funny to me--I don't watch very often (only when people I like are on it/hosting), but SNL seems to be very hit-and-miss. Some stuff is falldown great (see Tina's "bitch is the new black", "Lazy Sunday", etc.), but the rest is either "Huh. That was vaguely amusing," or just downright ". . . move on." Wasn't Barack supposed to be on it too? And Phelps thanked William Shatner, so I'm assuming I missed whatever he did too. Looks like all the good stuff was in the beginning.

OMG. This storm is loud. It just tripled in intensity, both rain coming down and wind smacking it against my window and making the window roar. I can't imagine what it must have been like further south. My grandparents and cousin were all in the manditory evac zone in Baytown, TX, so I'm still trying to figure out how things are going down there--power's all still out, last I could figure, so no luck yet.

Looking at the forecast. HUMIDITY DECREASE, KTHX. Working out in the non-air conditioned, lame-arsed gym here is utterly impossible when none of the sweat can evaporate from your body. I'm not a sweaty type in general, but here? *dies*
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Went bowling again last night. Fun. I know I used to be better than this, though, LOL. I can't get a good balance between a ball that's light enough that it doesn't hurt me to throw (as I tend to pull things and twist things while bowling a lot) but one that's heavy enough that when I hit the pins right down the center, they actually all fall down.

I feel vaguely foolish right now, as there's nothing else on TV so I'm watching the volleyball game that's happening in another building less than 500 feet away. But also quite superior, as I'm able to watch the game (or really, listen, as I'm computering) while having the internets and air conditioning and the cocoa rice krispies that I nicked at brunch. It's a tournament, so I might go down at some point and watch one if I have nothing else to do, as I think it's all weekend. Prolly not, though, as the allure of sitting on my bed rather than on uncomfortable bleachers is too great.

It appears that I've misplaced my glasses, which is worrysome. If I knew that they were in my room somewhere, it'd be different, but as I also take them off when I work out (in a different building) and then possibly leave them in my pocket or something while I ride my bike back (meaning falling out is possible), they could really be anywhere.

Still no debit card, thanks credit union people, which means I can't yet join the pre-law frat for mock trial like I need to.

I'm 3/5 of the way to the freshman 15, which is very disturbing. And I'm feeling it, arthritis pain-wise, so we're working on curbing that. Problem is that I can't really account for it--I'd much prefer it if I had been all "LOL, caloriez!" lately, because then not only would I know why it happened, I'd know how to fix it. And as a result, I've gotten rather paranoid, all "Did they mix up the lines and maybe it's not really diet soda in the fountain?" and "Maybe that raspberry salad dressing isn't really only 15 calories!" and such.

Genetics test yesterday was not fun. There was a big long list of dates and events to memorize--some of these events had names associated with them. The instructions said to be able to match dates and events, I was able to do so. Problem was, about half of that matching section was events and names. When it gave me the event, I could tell you the year, but when that wasn't what they were asking, it did me no good. I'm not excited about the score for that exam.

Got up at 8 to take a practice L.S.A.T. (which I had to punctuate to stop spellcheck from changing to "last", grr) this morning, just for fun. I love the logic games section. In that I've always found those things fun. But man, do I spend a long time thinking about them! I'll really have to work on that. I had barely more than half the answers down before time was up on that section (though I'd worked on more problems than that, I only totally finished up/selected a final answer for 13/24). But I finished all the other sections quite early, so I marked where I was on the logic games section and went back and finished it with my extra time; I didn't know that there was no guessing penalty, so I had left the remaining 11 blank, which was quite conducive to going back.

Therefore, I've got three scores that I pulled out to look at, LOL: the score I got leaving the back 11 of the logic section blank, the score I got with the logic section completed (which required extending the time by about 12 minutes), and the score I would get assuming I guessed on the back 11 and got 3 (1/4 ish) correct. The third one is probably the most accurate, but it's the one for which I'm guessing on the actual L.S.A.T. index for (as I didn't know that guessing had no penalty until after I looked up the index for my other two raw scores--I just figured it out based on a little bit of math to find its place in the middle of the other two. Since it's bell curved, that isn't actually right, but should be close--I checked it on the raw score/index chart for another test that the two scores I had data for matched up with, so it probably varies no more than +/- 1.)

I'm satisfied. Never having seen the test before (not even knowing the structure of it, actually--I walked in completely blind) and with no prep, I got a 164 (with time, no guessing)/ 173 (without time)/ 170 (with time and guessing), 170 being my more accurate number as to what I'd actually get. Which, according to the 1998-2001 numbers (idk how much they apply now, but it's the best I can find), is the 98.21 percentile.

So, erm, damn. Might be having to go to law school. I don't anticipate scoring nearly as well on the MCATs, as they're so much more technical with the science and so. This was very verbal and logic based, which are skills of mine.
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I know who's going to win the Sri Lankan Civil War.

From the Wikipedia article.

"Apart from the LTTE, there initially was a plethora of militant groups. The LTTE's position, adopted from that of the PLO, was that there should be only one."

The Highlander reference kinda makes itself. I have no idea what that really means in context (mostly because it's 3am and I've only recently realized that I don't really have to become anything more than slightly conversant in the war to give 1/5 of a 5 minute speech on it when chances are nobody else even knows it's going on, and therefore I'm forcing myself not to bother to figure it out).

In other news, [ONOES, it's complaining tiems!] the luck of Alexandria continues. Rained like a bitch today. And it was my day of all 1 hour classes and really long rides between each one. So I pretty much only ever just began to dry before having to go back out there. Plus, construction all over makes the puddles (this school = underwater) mucky and now all the white bits (that admittedly, weren't overly white before today, but a lot closer than they are now) are this murky, rusty, red-brown. Butwaitthere'smore. Really nice, cushy bike -seat? Absorbs water. Butt = soaked even worse than the rest of me. Which is horrible-r because nobody likes soggy hair/shirt/knees-of-pants (as that's what points up whilst bike riding), but soggy underwear are even worse.

And then this "Don't Forget the Lyrics"-esque game in the evening. And it was hilarity. In that I had been joking that, on the first real elimination round, I'd know every other song in the round but the one I got. Guess what happened? Not only was I actually very familiar with every other song in the round (I think out of the 10 or so, 7 of them are currently on my MP3 player and the other three should be), it wasn't just that I didn't know the words to the song I got, but that I'd never heard it in my life. And I've got a pretty good music memory, so I'm confident in that. LOLZ.

Plus, dinner's tofu wraps were fail. I was so excited about that, and even more so when it appeared that they had spinach tortillas to go with them, but no. Twas just green flour tortillas and the tofu was blech; not cooked or anything (or even warm!) like I'd expected, but some kind of eww tomato/onion/chive flavor (that might have been good if the tofu was warm, maybe lightly stir-fried, but coldmushysoft, no).

Downloaded the software update for my TV tuner computer thing, which turned out to be freaking gigantic, and now I'm getting nasty automated emails about my being more than 75% towards my weekly bandwidth. Thanks, Pinnacle, for not only not including Vista support with your software CD, but not even just making it a patch but rather a 1.3gb full software download. Whores.

And the gym's closed pretty much all day tomorrow (from 2pm on, which doesn't do me any good as I've got class until 4) for a stupid football game. On the same note, had to do beginnings of fitness testing stuff in gym class. What happened to me, LOL? In middle/high school, they used to make us do those same types of tests, and I know that my 1 minute situp number was well into the 40s, not mid 30s. I was making sure to do the maximum range of motion on them, though (more than I actually had to, methinks), as I was partnerless and therefore having my feet held by the teacher (and therefore unable to skimp) which may explain it.

And now I'm really, really thirsty (because tortilla chips = salty), but don't want to get up and get a drink for fear of waking up Chelsea. Will anyway, though, because thirst > sleep.
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Otherwise, things went well. The weather is shitty, which makes my hips hurt, plus I hadn't eaten in a while, so I made my workout on the shorter end today, but still within my acceptable range. Had my Spanish homework done, got not only all the points but the bonus on the Spanish vocabulary quiz, peer edited somebody's paper in English that made me confident that mine was at least the second-worst in the class, and (since I didn't really have anything to do during my free periods since I won't be there tomorrow) read a lot of fic in my breaks.

When I got home, the phone was ringing off the hook, which was annoying as all get out, but it turned out to be a school about a scholarship I got (it was a bit embarrassing there, though, as she was like "So you're in, and you got our highest scholarship!" and I was all "Thanks! *recalls applying to your school but cannot remember where you are or if there was any particular reason why I did so*" and then the people from the car place telling me that I should have the car back by late Tuesday afternoon. Plus, turns out that the chicken that was in the fridge yesterday was saved for me, so I had a salad for dinner and that was good. Andplusagain, I'd asked Dad to get one kind of ice cream a few days back, which it turned out the store he went to didn't have, but he went out and bought me the fat-free minty ice cream sandwiches I wanted and picked up some caramel rice cakes at the same time yesterday, so yay for healthy non-health food.

I'm going to be at school for our awards breakfast tomorrow, then leaving for this health fair thing, which I'm excited about. On both counts. And then a dinner and awards thing (not actually awards for me, but they want our group of awardy-people to parade around for the younger persons so they can say "this is what you must be") on Wednesday night which is also cool.

And LOLOLZ, this teacher thing is hard. I just spent about an hour and a half typing up a 4-page test for my dad's class (because they added things and moved them around and such). I wanted to just scan in the bits that didn't need changed (as there were large blocks that did not), but I figured that it would take about the same amount of time fussing with the scanner as typing it. I was wrong. The formatting's the hard part. How much space do you leave for the answers? Stuff like that.

Speaking of the weather. Just a letter to the people who plow the roads:

Dear Road Plower People.
Did you decide that plowing the roads that lead to my house was for losers or something? Fail.
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I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID NOT TRY TO WATCH HOUSE ON THE TREADMILL. Like I usually do when there's something good on, because it makes me stay on the treadmill the entire time, you know? But Tyler and the parents were fighting loudly for pretty much all afternoon/evening, Tyler feeling the need to stand at the back of the hallway (right by my bedroom door) to do so, meaning I got virtually no sleep. (And as the afternoons are my normal sleeping time--I haven't been able to sleep more than an hour or so at night lately, which is horrid because I've been running on the 3-5 hours I catch between getting home and getting up to go to the gym and only catching up on weekends--this contributes to a very tired me.)

So yes. I kept trying to go back to sleep, kept getting woken up, and stayed in bed through House, going to the gym closer to 9:30.

I'm watching it now, and I just got to the REMY REVELATION OF WINNAGE.

And I am fully confident that I would have fallen off of the treadmill (because I go fast and on the steepest incline it'll do, which means you've got to hold on) if I had been walking on it when that part came up.
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No classes tomorrow, which is win. Plus, I know tonight, which makes things even winnier, because I won't have to get up in the morning at all.

Bad roads made it impossible for me to get to the gym today (as in, I wanted to go, but parentals said that there was no way in hell that I was going to drive in this weather in any car that they owned), though, and slight LOL at my not-so-slight freakout about that.

And two of the bazillion of West Wing dvds I burned don't work at all, which is sad. The burning must have just failed, but it never gave me any error message, so I didn't know that when I returned the originals. And because one is the last disk of season 6 and one's the first of season 7, I'll have to check out two seasons to get it fixed. And since they changed the maximum amount of fines you can have on your library card and still, you know, use the library from right above where my fines were to significantly below where my fines are, I've got to scrub up some cashy money before I can begin to remedy this situation.

I'm in major Commander Kate Harper love mode right now, as a result of this West Wing watching. Which is actually a result in turn of her being on constant adverts for some new show on USA and me wanting to find fun CJ/Kate bits. Which is win. Because of the whole CIA thing, she's so much fun to play with because she can have done anything. Aliens? She was probably there. Thus there should be more Kate love in fandom, because not only is she gay for CJ (thus giving you fun military+homosexuality issues to explore), she can be crossed over with anything.

And my politicy poll watching is failing me right now, because none of the polls have been updated since Edwards dropped out of the race for the democratic nomination. And thus everything is completely and totally inaccurate.
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Twas 72F degrees this morning/afternoon. I had to strip off while driving not only my coat but my stylish jackety thing and roll down the window.

Twas 13 with a wind chill of -4 on the way home from the gym this evening. Had to put coat back on and crank up the heat in the car (which frustrated me by not really working until I realized that the window was still open).

Plus, the wind was some 59 mph and blowing my car all over the road. This little thing I drive is way too light to stand up to that kind of beating--it already needs realignment, but just keeping it going in a straight line was a struggle.

Um, weather, whutisthis?

And on the tooth front. It fractured just below the gum line, so I'm missing about 1/4 of the tooth (the endodontist poked it twice or so with a random tool thing and then just popped it up with tweezers), but that means that there's still a pretty good chance of getting the crown on successfully. It's hard to say, though, because though they can do it if it's below the gum line a bit, this looks pretty far under to me (though it's still swollen from the infection, so we can't tell at this point).

Re: House. I admit, I did not get the prostitute/Mary thing with the clinic patient. My understanding level was prolly hindered by my being on the treadmill at the time (you don't quite pay as close attention when you're trying to avoid getting sweat in your eyes), and I was flipping channels on commercials and missed quite a bit, though, which was not cool. It's impossible to guess when the show'll be back anymore. There was one really long stretch with no commercials, and then like a 5 minute commercial break, and after that each break was only one minute or so. Oddness.

And my pears are ripe! Win. Except now I've eaten three of them today because I don't want them to go to waste, and so managed to go way over my calorie allotment for the day, which is lose.
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I had a whole story on here from Friday and it didn't post. This is sad. Suffice it to say, I was pissed because I waited outside for the bus in 2F degree weather for 20 minutes before finally going back into the house after Mum called for us and found out that it had broken down and would be 10-20 more before it got there. And then it came in only 5, which didn't give me sufficient time to warm up. Plus, upon getting on said bus, it decided to honk loudly at all the stops at 7 in the bloody AM to get the people who, like me, had given up on waiting in this below-freezing weather. I hoped somebody called the police. I mean, I know it's not the driver's fault that the bus broke down, but how stupid do you have to be to honk at houses as you pass through a highly-uptight residential neighborhood when many people are still trying to sleep?

Dad and Tyler fixed the faucet in the bathroom last night, as something had died and it spurted water out where it connected with the basin every time you turned the water on more than a trickle. They turned the water off, put a new one on, and that was that. It's one of those with only one knob, though, and you've got to move the handle to one side or the other for hot or cold. Those are odd to me because I think this is the first we've ever had. Plus, it's uber sensitive, so you've only got to raise it a tiny bit for full-out waterage.

But yes. You thought it was over. Woke up and went to leave for Mock Trial, and there's water all down the street. I look closer--water main break. Right in front of the house. I lolol'd at how it happened right after they messed with the water for the house, though there's almost no way that could have caused it; the pipes prolly just froze. Anyway. Street buckled, the whole bit.

This is 9am or so, I leave, get to school, we go over scores from R1 of mock trial, I end up getting parts traded so I'm now a lawyer both rounds (like I mentioned before, bad in that I have to prepare lots more stuff, good in that I don't get antsy and pissed off at the lawyers when they're screwing up and I'm on the witness bench), I come back around noon and there's nothing happening. Still water spurting out. Dad called them only a bit after I noticed it, but since the spurtage couldn't be measured in feet (the watergeyserofdoom was only maybe 4 inches bubbling up), they didn't bother to show up until quite a bit later. I still parked way down the street so they could get there.

They did show up, finally, and fixed it. Eventually. But they brought the backhoe out and dug a huge hole in our yard to do so, which is now not a pretty sight. I was afraid they'd have to go way up in the yard and mess with Mum's garden, because then she'd be uberpissed, but it stayed right below it. And they had hoses and pumps and somehow managed to make it actually geyser up quite spectacularly, and it was quite loud for most of the afternoon. I had to make a phone call to the insurance company of the guy who hit my car two weeks ago or whenever that was (it's been all but resolved: I've got to call her back and tell her if I--read: my dad--want to use one of their listed/affiliated repair shops or take their estimated money and pay for it myself wherever I choose, and then have such done, and it'll be totally over), and I kept having to repeat things. Not cool.

Seriously, though, this hole? Hufuckingmungous. I took a picture; I'll have to find the camera cord to upload it. It's from out the window, so you can't quite see how deep it is, but you can see the guy leaning over it and talking. He's talking because there's a man in the hole, but his head's about 2.5 feet below the ground, so you can't see him at all. That makes this an 8.5ish feet deep hole. And decently wide, too. Large, I say.

Twas fixed when we got back from church, though the hole's just been dumped full of dirt and is lumpy and gross. They say they'll come back and fix it up, but in 8-10 weeks because the dirt's got to settle or whatever.

And then I went to the gym, went by Big Lots to see if they had any more of the 100-calorie Wheat Thin packs that I stupidly only grabbed one of that afternoon when I went there with Dad (unfortunately, no), stopped by the farmer's market because I really wanted some pears (but they're so unripe that I won't be able to have them for a few days, sadly), came home from the gym and had a really good, really big salad for dinner. And that's my story.
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So you know how sometimes you've got a really good idea of how something's going to go, and then you find out that somehow you were totally wrong?

That was mock trial. Not my team's trial, we (to put it kindly) creamed the other guys by a good margin--90something to 60something with all three ballots for us. Which was expected, more or less, because we knew we were hitting one of that school's lower level teams. I think I got a 10 on my cross, though, which kicks ass, since it came to me around 3am last night and I spent the 30 minutes waiting for the trial to start jotting my notes down.

My brother's team. They were matched against a really good team. And somehow came out on top in 2/3 ballots by 1 and 2 points respectively. So barely, but they did.

I really want to see that trial now. We played against Tyler's team on Monday. They were not ready for it. I'm wondering if the team they hit wasn't the school's varsity team like we thought, because that's the only reasonable explanation for why they weren't killed. I mean, they try hard and mean well and some of them are good, but unless something drastically changed since Monday, I don't understand it.

Still. Yay, them.

Not yay, my going to the gym right after, dripping sweaty foundation down on my shirt, and not being able to walk as long as usual because of a major backache and then a twisted knee that still refuses to let me walk on it.
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Bio project from hell presentation was today. Went decently. But I came home, ate, slept (because I was up uber late last night waiting for one of my group members to email me the Powerpoint--which he never did, so I was up until 4 or so for nothing), went out for my mother's birthday, went to the gym, wasted time eating some more, and now have massive amounts of Spanish and AII homework to do (the former being re-learning some words for a quiz I've got to redo due to making sufficient stupid mistakes to get a 66% and some 17 pages of grammar work that I planned on starting earlier in the week but couldn't find the book for, and the former being 3 proposals for new projects when I have maybe one idea--something about a feminist perspective on birth, going into midwivery and such).

I'm not going to get it all done, this much is evident. To make up that quiz, I'm going to have to drive tomorrow (like I had to today because I missed the bus whilst trying to iron pants that I assumed wouldn't wrinkle up like the bitch they did) so I can stay after or do it during the very end of my first free hour between the bus and Spanish, which would then preclude me working on any of the other stuff then.

This bio project has killed this week for me--it's essentially all I've been doing in all of my free periods and every night at home, and now I'm really behind for everything that's due Friday. It's not like I couldn't conceivably get it done, but I'm so goddamned tired right now from being up late most every day this week for reasons unbeknownst to me (well, a lot because I've turned into a complete night eater, so I spend hours sabotaging all my weight loss efforts, but that's another story) that I really can't conceive of doing anything but going straight to bed.

I think I might have to blow off the Spanish grammar. I don't know really how he works if I don't have it the day it's due, but even if I get a zero, it's only about 15 points. I ace the next few vocabulary quizzes (like I should have done with Monday's--serious, dumbest mistakes ever. Wrote "hermano" instead of "hermoso", my "tonto" looked too much like "tento" and so was wrong--normally I'd fight that, because I know I knew the word, but even I admit that it's definitely an 'e' by every definition of the written letter--anyway, there was only maybe one word that I actually didn't know, and yet I pulled a 66%) and I'll make it up. Problem is that there aren't that many points in his class (we do mainly in-class stuff that never gets turned in--this is easily one of the highest valued assignments, probably because it's so bloody long), so it's gonna hurt me.

But no sleep hurts me more, and I'm not going to be able to beat this headache that I've been fighting off for the last hour or so (not a migraine, thank god) if I don't get to bed. I don't even have the ideas (save the one) for the AII project proposals, and hanging around awake isn't going to help that--I can make something up in the morning. I'll spend another 20 minutes on this Spanish, but I'm going to bed at 2 no matter what. *has decided*

Edit: And whut? Somehow this entry got backdated or timestamped from when I opened the edit window and not from when I hit post, because 20 minutes from 1:05 is definitely not 2am. Oddness.

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