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So. Found my wallet with my school ID and gym card and such tossed in a box like I'd hoped. This is good. The house looks awesome. Also good. Ianto!cat warming up to me. Good as well. I can find my way out of the house and to school by myself (right, then right, then left), which is también bueno, porque no se las calles en la ciudad de Springfield para nada.

Things that are not good.
1. I’m out of money. Paid rent, bought my lab text for a class, bought socks and salad dressing, and that’s all my cash. Scholarship money doesn’t come in until sometime in September. I’ve got my debit card, but there’s only. . . idk, less than $100 accessible (I think minimum balance is $25 or something), and I’m very, very reluctant to dip into that for anything less than dire, dire emergencies. Plus, some of the things I still have to buy include goggles for my lab classes and gloves for one of them (which I’d already gotten and had sitting on top of one of my boxes of stuff to take down here that was sitting in the front room, but I think Mom thought it was a mistake that I was taking them and took them out on a trip to load stuff into the car), and at least for the former I’m hoping to buy a used set from the chemistry department (they sold them last year) for $5, and I highly doubt they take debit cards. Oh, and possibly my poetry (blarg) teacher’s book—the biggest bullshit ever. It’s a mix of literary forms and is therefore less than 1/3 poetry. I’m begging off having it tomorrow because she just added it to the bookstore requirements in the last week, which is unfair, since I did most of my book shopping 3ish weeks ago.

2. None of my clothes fit. Dreaded, but understandable, as Stupid Metabolism Fail has continued. But I’ve still got them all down here, and not enough hangers (something else I need to buy), so my room looks horrid with boxes and such. I did not think enough about how hard getting dressed for school was going to be when I have all of 5 pants/skirts/shorts that fit, only three of which I’m positive I packed. Plus, it’s so fucking impossible to go buy clothes without wanting to, you know, kill myself when I see the sizes. (I know I’m a whiner about this and plenty of people can go “you think you’ve got it bad”, but when you’re used to yourself in one way and then a few months later you’re 40 pounds heavier, it’s a bitch.) My making my own skirts needs to be worked on more, because then there will be no size tags, XD.

3. I’m in the computer lab at the moment because my 1pm organic lab isn’t meeting because it’s the first day of school, but por supuesto, my 4pm biomol int lab is for only 15 minutes or so. I thought about just asking if I could come to the 1pm meeting of my 4pm one, just for today, so I could get out of here, but if we got seats and lab partners and such it would be awkward to come to the next one at the right time.

And the major one.

5!!!!!. After exactly a month grace period where the bizarre computer screen fritzing stopped, last night it started up again. Began slowly, just blue jaggy lines at the bottom of the screen, spread throughout the whole thing (though you could see the background beneath it), then went to the whole screen covered with thick colored lines/blocks, but when I left it alone, it’d resolve for a bit before starting back up again. It finally decided to cooperate last night, and I turned it off and went to sleep eventually. Started it back up this morning in organic chemistry to take notes and it did the same thing, but then went to the grey of it being backlit but with a totally black screen, then went totally black. Rebooted a bazillion times, gave up. Two hours later, tried it again in biomolecular interactions (sort of biochem, I think, hereby known as “biomol int”) and it booted right up with a good screen and everything. Random. Made the mistake of letting it go to screen saver (I was running out of battery and wanted to let the screen turn off so it wouldn’t die), and when the screensaver popped up, so did the blue fritzy lines, and then it went black. That was 2.5 hours ago, and the periodic rebooting I’m doing as I sit by a desktop in the computer lab hasn’t helped.

So. Last ditch, I check out the Toshiba website again, hoping that there’s some kind of magic fix that’s been posted since the last time I looked around to try to fix it. Happen to check the warranty thing, and lo and behold, it didn’t expire in May (right around when it died the first time) like I’d thought. It expires tomorrow.

Natch, the closest warranty repair center is 3 hours back to St. Louis. At this point, I’m mentally calculating time and such to see if I can get out of my last class and drive there before they close. (Answer: probably not. Plus, seriously, I’ve been here for what, not yet 48 hours?) Shipping it to the Toshiba depot won’t work either, as that obviously takes time, but I call them up (thankfully looking like a dork on the campus phone outside the computer lab rather than on my cell as I was on hold for 90% of the 25+ minute call) hoping I can plead my case and have them start a repair ticket for me today that will work under warranty even though it expires tomorrow, and lo and behold that’s exactly how it works. They’re shipping me a box, I’ve got to call UPS and get it picked up (maybe just find a UPS store and drop it off?), and it’s 7-10 day turnaround (hopefully days days and not business days).

They’re telling me to backup my important stuff, as well. I wanted to hold on to my hard drive, you know, just in case, but the guy said that they’d do some tuneup thing too. It worries me a bit—sure, I have problems with Firefox lately I figured I’d take it), and I’m not even sure how I’m going to be able to do that since I can’t see anything to do that. I tried to plug it in to the monitors on the computers here, but no such luck as they’ve got some freaky-arsed digital plug that doesn’t fit.

That’s the suckmost sucky part of it. And why I’d never sent it off to get fixed during the summer like the idiot I am. I didn’t want to be computerless for 10 days. (Plus, I did very, very little during the summer since I slept straight through normal business hours 9 days out of 10 and mostly couldn’t bring myself to leave the house. Fail, I know.) If only I’d done it then, though, because I’ve got note taking things all set up and homework to do and tests to study for (yeah, quiz in biomol int sometime this week) and one of my textbooks is actually on the computer. Also, we have no TV hooked up yet (DVD player, yes, actual broadcast TV no) and as far as I’m aware, not even an ETA on that, so boredom central.

I kind of still want to cry, I’m so frustrated. School and being in a new place and all is stressful enough without my computer dying on me.

ETA: This is what I mean by blue lines fritzing: (picture) )
You can see my icons on my desktop underneath a bit on the left. That’s last night, when it would resolve on its own and then do it again, rinse and repeat.
Then it went to. . . idk, think of a shirt with different sized vertical blocks of color. Sometimes it looks like this:
(another picture) )
Not my computer, obviously, but similar display. It jumps around between being thin lines like that and ones thick enough that only maybe 6-10 of them fit. Of course, now it’s completely black, not even the grey of it still being backlit but with no display.

Also? The bluefritzing picture was taken with my new phone (demonstration purposes being why I didn't resize it like I did with the rest). Pretty good for a $60 (with $30 of minutes included, so more like $30) Net-10 thing, huh? They fixed a lot of my issues with the last one, like actually being able to connect it to a computer (only can access the micro SD card--not included, natch, but I pulled the one from my MP3 player that I kept audiofics on--and it can only take ones up to 2gb, but you can transfer pictures to the card fairly easily and then get to them on the computer) and taking custom ringtones. (Doctor Who theme FTW. I keep getting people to call me to test it and just not picking up so as to LOLOL.) Still can't get to the internet, just the Net-10 website, and it still charges you eight bazillion dollars to even do that when you accidentally hit the button, but you can lock the browser feature so you've got to type the code to open it, so that's saved me quite a few minutes, LOL.
(It is this one: )
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Bought one of the ugliest bras ever yesterday. It sort of fits, though, which is a plus (it's a band size up and a cup size down from what I really need, but as a result it more or less works), and it was $8.

Seriously, it's lime green with yellow. . . idk, netting over the cups. And the same netting ruffles--those are really going to bug me, but even though they feel weird, they don't bug me, (even though one side curls under funnily) and I'm afraid if I cut them off, they'll get worse.

I've got to find a picture. I really wish I had a picture of my mom's face when I showed it to her. That was priceless.

Sidenote (on topic actually, for once)--I'm on the Fruit of the Loom website looking for a picture of this thing (seriously, as a swimsuit, it might not be as bad, but for bras I prefer, you know, white/tan/black), and for some of these (presumably the front and back clasp ones), YOU CAN BUY JUST ONE CUP. That's probably actually really handy for a lot of people. The chick who plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight movies for one--I googled her naked pictures to make a point and boy, did I think I had any room at all to talk about lopsided breasts (I really don't anymore, but they were worse when I was younger). She's probably got a size difference there. It'd be especially good if you could get one in non-pushup and one that was padded and such so the bra would not only fit but even you out a bit.

Days ago <--

So. I've been wanting to go to a Xena convention since I knew what one was. Forever, when I was young (we're talking not-yet-anythingteen), I was "planning" to go to one as soon as I turned 18. Yeah, that happened. And now it's the 15th anniversary, and I'd die to be able to go for the California one because I bet everybody actor-wise will be there. (Though that's what's always been cool about the Xena folk and their conventions. The St. Louis occasional convention tries to shaft you by charging a bazillion dollars and bringing in nobody big, while the Xena cons' general admissions aren't too much higher and generally Lucy and Renee and Hudson Leick, arguably the three top billers, are almost always there.)

Just looked up prices. They've only got the top one there, the all-weekend Gold membership, but still: $474. Add in hotel and airfare (it's a school weekend, so there's no way I could spend 24 full hours each the day before and after driving) and we're talking what, $750 minimum? Seriously, if you don't live in or near Cali, how do you afford it at all? Even at the (if I remember correctly) $50ish general admission, the whole package needed to get there and stay for the weekend is just too much.

But also, here's the thing. That new Starz network show Spartacus that I've been calling Xena 2.0 because it has Rob Tapert, Sam Rami (big showrunner types), and Lucy Lawless? If that's filming, we'll lose the producers and Lucy in one fell swoop. Though I bet they'd take a weekend off and fly themselves back for the 15th, nobody but a few minors are confirmed for the con yet, so who knows?

More days ago <--

And now, I show off my icon. Because Olivia Wilde is still the most unfairly beautiful thing on two legs. And even though I haven't seen the G. I. Joe movie (interested because of 9th Doctor, but not interested enough to be bothered to see it before it comes out on DVD), the video spoof Olivia and Alan Tudyk and Hodgins from Bones and many others were in (though the character names made no sense because of the lack of seeing) was a riot.
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Got an email from my Biomolecular Interactions professor telling everybody to sign up for the online class. . . idk, document repository and grade report thing. It's still got stuff from last year up, which I'm pulling off and looking at (from fall as well as spring, which leads me to hope that he leaves at least one of them up all year for studying purposes) and this guy looks pretty awesome. I'm excited. It's my major's department, the same one as the genetics class from last fall that I loved (though a lot of that was because I love genetics as a topic), and there seems to be quite a variance in teaching methods in the syllabus. Papers, quizzes, tests, articles to bring home and read, group work (blech on that one, if only because I tend to fail at. . . making friends), some thing entitled "service project," which really intrigues me.

--thought sidetrack ("That would have been hard last year; I'll have to have a car to do any kind of service anywhere.") I do not know what (if!) car I'm taking to Springfield. Except that it's not the van nor either of my parents' cars. Which means it's the red car, which, while I love it, cannot do highways for extended periods of time. I jog from one exit by the Walmart to the next by my house sometimes on the highway just so I don't have to deal with traffic lights, and it's not happy getting up to 60. Most of that drive to school is 70, and I'll be damned if it's going to take me 8385673 hours because I have to take backroads. Plus, no cruise control. Plus, (and this is the biggest plus) no air conditioning. And I can't exactly open the windows on the highway unless I want to get negative 48 mpg.

I was rather seriously looking into if it would go on the Cash for Clunkers barely-masked-extra-auto-industry-bailout thing that I'm paying $3 billion into, but no. Even though in practical driving (I've measured) it gets comparatively shitty gas mileage (for that little thing. I wonder if something's wrong, because Dad says he's gotten mid 30s when he was driving it when we first got it, but all I get is 22), it's not shitty enough according to their records. And because of this hugely popular car trade-in program, nobody'll give me anything for it for a good while until after the program's done. Oh, and plus it's not actually my car, so it's not like the parentals would let me keep any money I got from trading it in. Details.

--end thought sidetrack. *scrolls up to read what the hell she was actually talking about*
Oh yes. Besides the fact that the lab is back to back with my organic chemistry lab (fuck. me.) adding up to my 9 to 6 or 7 school day on Mondays, it looks interesting. I'm the kind of kid that's always been fine with the straight up lecture courses if you make me interested (meaning the plethora of amazing history teachers I've had), but the stuff I really retain? Let's look at the abnormal psych course that I got some 99% in this spring without buying the book much less reading it, all because I had fun in my AP psych class 3.5 years prior. A bit less so, but ditto to 2 years ago's AP economics that I remember much more than I ever would have expected (meaning. . . more than 0. I'm not good with it, but I can tell that it would take 15 seconds of refresher to bring it all back) considering that I couldn't give a flying fruitbat about econ and was only taking it because I'd pretty much exhausted the school's offerings and it was the only prerequisite-less AP course I hadn't yet taken.

As usual, this was a few days ago. New stuff.

I met Ianto!kitten and he is adorable. [ profile] bleakone and my house is going to be a freaking menagerie. Yay for this.

I got some of the most awesome shoes ever today. AND THEY DON'T FIT. So pissed off, as that was the only size they had in the store and natch, my sister got one too and they fit her. Going to have to try to shop them around to the other branches (dad says the storelady said that there were three of the same stores within 15 miles, though he got them in the first place so I couldn't even tell you what store it was) and try to swap up. They're like Chucks or whatnot, that canvasy style, in black, BUT KNEE HIGH BOOTS. It's like 10th Doctor went through a sex change machine and all his clothes got changed as well, this is how awesome. And they're $80-something normally and he bought them for $30, which is way more than I would ever, ever spend on shoes, but Dad gets pissed off when I talk about returning things he bought for me because he thinks I don't like it rather than it's just me being obsessively cheap, so after he huffed for the first time I quickly made it seem that it was just because they didn't fit rather than because OMG$30SHOES and that they didn't fit, hence why I now have to look up where those other stores are. And hope he didn't pitch the receipt (like usual). Kind of hard to look up when I have no idea where, though, so that'll have to wait.

Also spent the better part of the last few days looking for cars on Craigslist. Emailed a couple of people, and here's a shoutout to the lady that was all honest-like and told me that the car she had wasn't for me (I mentioned that I was leaving in a few weeks) because though the part it needed replaced was a cheap replacement (which was all my googling had found me re: the problem the listing said it had), it was lodged between the engine and the transmission, so not an easy fix. I like that she told me that so much that I kind of want to show the listing+email to dad and ask him what he thinks--he fixes all of the cars everything by himself (plus the kids as his bitches, naturally), so it might not be impossible, and I think it was otherwise a decent car for like $700.

ETA: Oh, except that I deleted the email yesterday and it's not in my trash anymore. Oh well. Cheaper to just put a cruise control on the red car like I want to.

There was a millipede (or some such many-legged fellow) on my bed a moment ago. Such are the perils of living in the basement. So I caught it and stuck it in a plastic bag that was within arm's reach. And bit some air holes in the very top and set it down to show people in the morning. Only to realize a few minutes later that it turns out I didn't need the air holes anyway, as half of one side of the bag was split open. So now there's a millipede on my floor somewhere. If it crawls anywhere on my body, though, I cannot be responsible for what my reflexes do.
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Little Mariska Hargitay plays rape victim well in this episode of some old show called Adam-12 I just watched. It's neat to see her in something else; Cynthia on ER wasn't too far off of Olivia (generic professionalish woman), and she's been doing just SVU for so long that I wasn't really sure she could, you know, act anything else.

And her character needs so badly an Olivia to reassure her and an Alex to help Liv doubleteam-persuade her into testifying. The cops just let her go at the end like "Sucks to be us because rapist man is still out on the streets, but whatevs." Mah SVU gang would never have stood for that.

Note the breathalyzer that the random other chick blows into. It's like a gigantic random box of switches and dials that looks like this big toy we had when we were younger that consisted of a bunch of random switches and dials to play with. Funny to think about how you can pick one up at the drug store to test your kid with after he comes home from the prom afterparty for like $20.

Speaking of mah SVU gang. This is currently my Facebook status, but I'll reiterate it here. I'm glad (though not surprised) they did what they did on the SVU finale how they did it, because if they'd have killed off Liz Donnelly, I would have had to choke a bitch. Really should have reshot that second "You didn't hear that" after Elliot says he wants to take her to a hotel, though, and made it so she was just saying it to Liv, because that would have been both funnier and. . . more understandable. It took me the second watching to connect that to the pity it's not a social call from earlier and add it all up to Liz thinks that Elliot is a large hunk of well-hung Marine manlove. (Which is true.) Also a pity? That Liz didn't even get to experience the gloriousness that must have been the princess carry out of her house via Marinemanlovehunk because she was busy having her heart stop at the time. I'm sort of tossing around an post-ep fic in my head that will prolly never get written, but that might have to be reconciled (or at least remarked upon). "People. . . take your meds!" is going on my short list of best judge quotes ever, though (and I've got some good contenders from my mock trial years, so that's saying something).

Rent is here atm, at the Fox (meaning uber expensive and all the good tickets are gone, natch, mostly to the season ticket holders), and this tour has Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal which makes it even wickeder. I was planning on going down for the raffle, but then thanks to the soundtrack in my car all week and happening upon the DVD of the final cast's performance at the library (I totally forgot they made one of those!), I'm kind of Rent'd out, so I'm not so sure I'm going to bother.

Shakespeare in the Park's been doing Merry Wives of Windsor, which I know nothing about save that the Shagster wrote it. I keep meaning to read the thing before I go. Hence why I haven't yet gone. But tomorrow looks to be nice weather-wise, plus Thursdays are my favorite because the sign language interpreters are there and they're always fun to watch, so looks like the reading's not going to happen.

And now I'm reading all the reviews from people on who bought the home marijuana test kit (after trying to make sure you really could pick up a home alcohol testing kit for $20, because I've actually never really looked at the price due to, you know, not needing one. It's like how I failed the written driving test once, when I had to retake it after letting my old one lapse, because there were 3 questions on the points system and penalties for driving drunk and such, which I never read the section on because I didn't plan to be a fucktard and do shit like that). LOL. They're stressing about whether a faint second line is really negative, or negative enough or something.

LOLOL at the people who give their stats in their review and they read something like this: Me = White Male, late 30's, 5'8", 180 lbs not athletic. Fail. I just have this picture in my mind of a balding, probably-actually-early-40s, overweight, couch potato guy watching TV with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other while sitting on the couch he sleeps on in his mom's basement.

Actually, the guy in my head looks a lot like Judah Friedlander from 30 Rock.
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Just testing out the "post from email" option.  For the third time, as it's not liking me.  Perhaps it's on a lag, and because I just set it up a few hours ago it takes a while for LJ to acknowledge that this email is an accepted post-from venue.  Or they're all backed up in LJ and will all post at once.  Either way, some three-plus copies of this will probably show up at some point, LOL.

Third time failed, and thus we're posting from Semagic as usual. Don't know why that's not working, but the above reasons are probably at least part.

So, Psych on Friday? Not a fan. Really just wasn't very funny, IMO. The whole Lassiter scene was quite touching, but we'd all called it from the very beginning and his lovey speech didn't really fit with the overall tone of the show. I kept asking myself where the joke was.

Did not get to watch Dollhouse, but my worries from the beginning about how it didn't sound that good are being reinforced by the vague reviews I'm hearing from others that did see it. Showed Dr. Horrible to the mother yesterday, who enjoyed it quite a bit (though she wasn't crazy about how it just ended), so weekend Joss fix = accomplished.

I'm at home atm for the long weekend. I should be leaving around 4 tomorrow to get back for a mock trial meeting Monday night, but I don't think that's happening, as BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY IS COMING TO SPEAK HERE. And since he's kinda one of my favorite guys of all time (you should hear me quote things like "Science rules" or burst into giggle fits anytime anyone says "Consider the following"), it wins. Must come up with a good excuse for not being able to come to MT, though I really shouldn't have to as I could make every single other meeting we've ever even proposed having. Still not looking forward to that in general. I'm sticking with the distancing myself plan, as then I can resist taking over and rewriting everyone's everything and can brush it off when since I didn't rewrite stuff, we get our asses kicked in two weeks.

Had lobster for the first time yesterday. Yum. It wasn't even good lobster (so says my dad; naturally I have no comparison), but I'm a huge fan of the richness (which is actually what Dad says was lacking in this one, so I can't wait to taste a good one). And scallops, though I think I've tasted them before. Fan of both, but the lobster more; I liked the scallop but it wasn't really anything new, delicious but not different from other seafoods like the lobster was in its richness. That's what my parents did for Valentine's Day, LOL, Dad bought lobster and Mom bought scallops and they cooked them up just in the kitchen and ate them at the table. I'd make a recession joke, but that's always what they've done, really, because they like homemade food. I trust nobody noticed my switching to my ancient, made because of a challenge I misread the rules for and so never actually entered it into, Valentine's NCIS icon, which was my only concession to the day.

[[There was at one point a whole huge thing here that I went back and added after finishing the rest of the post where I segued into Valentine's Day being my paternal grandmother's birthday and the whole situation with her and my dad and her health and such, but it became too long for this post and not the right attitude to then jump back to my sister being a socialite, so that will come in a separate post.]]

My sister is quite the social animal, I'm realizing. I mean, I knew that, but sort of forgot as with other people's vacations and such there wasn't much of it over Christmas. I come home Friday and she's having a Friday the 13th party with some 5 preteen girls (interestingly enough, two-maybe-three of whom have parents who teach in our school district; one of them math at the high school who actually recognized me despite my not ever having him nor spending more than one hour a day in the math building and none last year nor even ever having a conversation with the man, I don't think, which was somewhat weirding, though less so as he was quite nice). She spent Saturday afternoon out somewhere, and spent today making plans for people to go with her to BILL NYE OMG tomorrow. I mentioned to Mom, "Aren't you glad that you managed to skip this with your first two?" She responded with an emphatic yes.

I'm kind of jealous, though. Not of the socialization, as I tend to find that tiring, but idk, of the happiness she gleans from it? I do remember a time in elementary school when I loved going to parties and such, but it seems like people don't just get together and have fun just for the sake of it anymore. Since. . . hell, probably 8th grade, there was either a reason (a birthday or event) or (usually 'and') alcohol involved. Since none of my friends drank (most not at all, and never around me), it was like we didn't have that reason to get together that "mainstream teenagers" did, so we just didn't.

Or maybe they did all through high school and just didn't invite me. Tis a distinct possibility, as it's pretty easy to admit that Katie was the only person I was really close to. Which is why it really sucks that we aren't really talking anymore. I made some reference to something we used to do, one of our many collective quirks, and Mom asked if I'd talked to her recently, and I sort of scoffed and said no. Mom was like "What, are you mad at each other or something?" and I was really sort of idk, proud that I was able to say "Well, I am, idk about her." Because you know what? I am pissed that I made an effort to stay in touch and I wasn't getting any help with it, and I'm damn well allowed to be (/part of Alexandria's "not everything is your fault, Ms. Self Esteem Fail" campaign). She was always the more social of our pair, so she knows that my making the effort was an especial stretch for me, and yet I haven't heard from her since probably September. Mom says that she and my Aunt Beth didn't talk for most of college, and yet got back together enough that she's my godmother (though idk how much they've talked beyond notes in Christmas cards in the last few years).

And in completely different news, I'm pissed off that my dad/I didn't go ahead and buy NFL swag off of this Fox Sports website that was having this killer sale, as sometime today the sale died. It was killer. $2.50 hats, $7 shirts, $12 jerseys? We're talking easily 75% off. I would have worn Denver stuff every day (and actually bought a coat that fit me--as much as I lovelovelove my Denver Broncos coat, a good part because it was my Dad's and is huge and comfortable and you can settle down in it for the winter, because it was my dad's and is huge it doesn't trap body heat especially well when the wind blows like it does in Springfield because there's just too much air between you and it to try to keep warm under the bitter onslaught.

Figured out in a burst of figureoutedness (finding the word I want fail) that the headaches I've had all weekend are from caffeine withdrawal, LOLOL. At school, I've got a glass of soda (invariably at least 18oz, usually closer to 24+) with both lunch and dinner every day, unless I'm trying to be good and abstain, which usually lasts all of a day at most. Come here, and practically nothing. I was really pleasantly surprised that taking a Tylenol worked, though; I've got it in my head that NSAIDs don't work on me, which I think is the case because I take them so rarely, usually only when I'm actually in the midst of a full-out illness (and usually not even then unless I've got to suck it up to make it through school, as I'm of the mind to try to fever things done with quicker), so they can't relieve all the sick. When it was just a medium-strength headache and I grabbed some just because they were right next to me and I figured what the hell (and also "oh god, oh god, please do not be the beginnings of a migraine" as I've had surprisingly few lately *knock on everything solid within reach* and feel like I'm due), Tylenol could do it.

I really want a soda, LOL. Or anything, I suppose, but there's an empty can of Diet Coke over near me and the caffeine monster WANTS THAT and not the lukewarm last bits of a water bottle next to it.

/test of the emergency broadcast system email posting. Chances are this will have to be cleaned up as idk if it will handle coding or anything, but I'm hopeful. Could be handy, as I tend to log in to my email on any computer I'm on for more than a few minutes (in a computer lab or something), but logging into LJ is rarer and that extra step is a deterrent from posting. Though the fact that oddly, the Firefox built in spellcheck doesn't appear to be working right now is similarly a deterrent. Idk what's up there.
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Re: Rick Warren. What's next, James Dobson to preform next year's Red Mass? Seriously. Sure, he's not going to be doing anything official in the administration (as far as we know), but this indicates that Warren's got more than a little influence over Obama, which is not a good thing when you consider that according to Wikipedia, this guy has stated that homosexuality is an intolerable, unnatural way of life and thus not a human right, denounced evolution, and compared atheists to Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot.

Got home after exercising and spending hours between Big Lots (where I just took a while), Wal-Mart (where I stood in the express line for 20 minutes, because the cashier kept letting this guy try his denied credit card over and over and fiddling with the computer and such), and then Shop N Save. Got fat free hot dogs at the last, which I didn't realize I'd been missing until I was in [ profile] bleakone's room last week and her roommate made a veggie dog and my stomach practically did backflips with the longing (as the fat free ones taste similar, prolly because their meat content has been cut down to "has been on the same refrigerated grocery shelf as meat" levels). Reason I went to the other two, though, was looking for an electric warming throw blanket thing for my mom for Christmas. Turns out that Dad had just checked for in-store availability and didn't see that it said that they weren't in stock at our local Wal-Mart, and so assumed that they were, when really it was just that the local one wasn't listed at all because they never carry it.

Grades come out Monday, as they're all due from the teachers before 5pm, I think, Saturday. Which is why a lot of them were pushing up the finals to the week before, as that's earlier than usual for them and they didn't think they could get them all graded that quickly, I suppose. I see it with some of the more populous classes (some kind of psych 101, or my gym class, even though that was all done electronically so there was no physical grading for the final), but my mythology teacher has what, 60 students total? 19 in my class, though that's an honors section, and her other two are more specialized, upper-division (I think one's graduate) courses, so I presume that it'd be the same or less. She only pushed one of hers up, but maybe that one required a more grading-intensive final than ours (which was in the second-to-last time slot of all the finals, I'm fairly sure) did; essays or something.

Anyway, that mythology final was bad. I'm fairly pissed about that. I'd thought (and others had agreed to the point of overtly encouraging me to stop working on the older Ovid stuff during breakfast right before and study Odysseus--LOL, all of a sudden I wonder if that was purposeful) that most of the final would be over the parts of The Odyssey we hadn't been tested over yet, with 50% at most of comprehensive material. Nope. This was the third test that contained Odyssey material (1 & 2 were all Ovid, 3 was half and half, and 4 was all Odyssey and Oresteia), and yet Ovid was easily 80, maybe 90% of it. The only bits of the Trojan War stories (Odyssey, Oresteia) were in a 10 or so question matching section at the bottom of the 4th page of the test, matching names to identities and one "identify the myth in this picture" thing. And Wednesday night, what did I do but finish the Odyssey instead of studying the Ovid myths. So I used to be able to say that I was getting an A in everything but gym. Fairly sure that's no longer the case, as this was a good 25% of my grade that I'd be surprised if I pulled a C on. It's hard, because I know I know most of the stories so if you just prompted me a bit, I would be all "Oh, and then [blah]". It's tough to do the matching then, too, because you can't tell if you recognize these two items as a pair because they go together, or because you just know both stories, or because one's a family member of the name that really fits with the story and that's why you're connecting the two (because everything's intertwined somehow in Ovid--the man's king of "Oh, and speaking of" transitions), etc., if that makes any sense.

Slight oddness tonight. More in my reaction of a perception of weirdness than the actual thing. Was hanging out in the kitchen, fixing one of my newly purchased hot dogs, when I heard my dad talking to Mom's rabbit. Okay. I'm not really a fan of that animal, but whatever. I look around the little island bit that separates the kitchen from the dining room (which is in turn connected to the living room, where the rabbit's cage is), and he's down there next to the cage petting it. It's not that my dad's an unnafectionate fellow, or dislikes animals or whatnot (he championed the original adoption of Rascal as well as probably every other animal we've had in the house save the rabbit), so I'm not sure if I was just projecting my dislike for the rabbit (I'm not sure where that comes from, whether it bit me a few too many times or what, but I'm just not a fan) onto him, but it surprised me. In a very pleasant-surprise sort of way, as it was quite. . . idk, touching. He was uber gentle (I spelled that "gentile" at first, and then went "LOL, Christmas"), and yet I suppose because of his size or whatnot, the rabbit was still scared (I feel like I've written about this situation almost exactly before because I felt the same way then--shall have to peruse my tags and see if I'm not just deja vu-ing). I don't know. It was touching, okay? Something about it being a rabbit, too; I'd see him petting Rascal with no such out-of-place feeling. Maybe it was the combination of rabbit + him having to squat way down to be anywhere near where he could reach the cage on the floor + talking to it (in not a crazy way) that sort of created this dichotomy of rabbit/giant human (saving my mild, occasional feelings of paternal intimidation for future exploration, LOL) that was cool to see.

Too much analysis, way too late at night. Without classes, I've evidently shifted back to my up-all-night cycle within all of two days. CIRCADIAN RHYTHM, WHY ARE YOU BATSHITCRAZY?
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Well, Black Friday? That was fun. Same time next year?

Got Psych season 2 (as they didn't have one on sale, for whatever reason), and Monks 2-6. The latter definitely isn't staying, but like I said, idk which ones the parentals want, so I just grabbed them all. Got there at about 10 till 6 and stood in line for a bit. Didn't take too long to get in there and out once 6 hit--I was worried when everybody was headed towards the electronics, but I'd forgotten that DVDs and CDs and such in Target are across the aisle from the electronics proper, so as everybody went for the cameras and mp3 players and whatnot over there, I was able to grab one of everything and be on my way out before the mob turned towards the DVDs. (Which they most definietely did. It was interesting, right as I was walking away, I looked back and the area had filled up. Maybe when the people waiting to get into the hard electronics section realized that hey, there bees dealz over in this here area we're waiting in, too.)

Went to Wal-Mart after that, as they're right next to each other here and it was only 10 after or so and Harbor Freight didn't open until 7. Found some nice jeans for only $8, but I wanted to try them on (as my #(*&^@*%&* weight gain of late makes jean sizes even harder to guess than before) and they didn't have that open that early, and then the line stretched from the checkouts to kingdom come. I had to fight just to get to the jeans because the clothing is right across the main aisle from the checkouts and people were all woven in and out of the racks just for the few self-serve checkouts. The main checkout line (one line that was feeding the bunch of registers) was all the way to the back of the store. So I put those back. I don't even wear jeans that often, anyway, because I'm too lazy--between PE class and working out, it's just easier to stay in my workout type pants.

Left there, hit Shop N' Save to replace the unopened 3-liter that I nicked around 2 and is just about gone now, and then waited outside the Harbor Freight for only about 6 minutes (they opened up early), walked around inside there for quite a while looking for the DVD case, finally asked and found out that they hadn't gotten them in and wouldn't until Tuesday (raincheck? I has it. Though what good it will do me is anyone's guess, as idk if there are any in Springfield, which is where I'll be on Tuesday.) and was back in bed by 10 after 7. But then decided to type this up, so it's a bit later than that now.

Argh, 3 liters of soda. I love you, but now I wish to sleep and you're making my brain all not happy. Because my body is like *le dead*, and my headache is worse, and my significant quantities of spelling errors that I will have to go back and correct on this post testify to the fact that the brain isn't all there either, but I don't feel like I'd actually be able to go to sleep if I lied down.
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Watching Twilight.
Edward needs to stop sucking so much at keeping secrets. "Then I heard what those guys were thinking. . ." 'Oh, oops.'
So lemme get this straight. It's not cowboys vs. indians, it's vampires vs. indians?

Well, shit. I wasn't supposed to like this movie. I mean, the romance is implausible, there's very little explanation behind the vampires/weres and their abilities/feud/whatever, it's teenage sappy (slow dancing at prom? Seriously?), and half the time Bella's delivery is complete deadpan, but I'm intrigued by the universe. Kick most of the romance out ("I want you. Always." Blech.) and explain stuff better and I think I could get into it. I hear the books aren't significantly better, though, especially the last one (Publisher's Weekly says "Essentially, everyone gets everything they want, even if their desires necessitate an about-face in characterization or the messy introduction of some back story."

Other things. Playing the Sims, and some random NPC calls me up and is all "Oh, you're in the law enforcement field? I've got friends in that field, and I'm going to tell them that you deserve higher wages, Mary." Or some such, you know? Yay, right? Except for one thing. My character's name is Amy. Odd.

LOL, this has totally become one of those multi-day-long LJ marathon posts where I have a few things to say each day and then just never actually hit post. Watching the Voyager episode "Ashes to Ashes," and the ex-dead ensign chick that the alien species brought back to life is about to go fulfill #6 on her long list of things to do once she got back to Voyager--"dazzle Lieutenant Torres." Okay, first? I cannot be the only one that fortune cookied that: "-- in bed." And second, keeping it on the same note: that was number 6? Out of all the things she missed about Federation life and wanted to experience again after getting back, B'Elanna made it to number 6? Yeah. Totally in bed. Now I should prolly unpause and actually find out what she meant. But I'm almost content to just skip this next scene and go on assuming that it meant sex.

And later in that same episode:
Harry: "Are you feeling human enough for a little skating?"
Ensign Lyndsay Ballard: "I'd love to. But I already have a date." (Walks away somewhat cockily.)
Harry: "Who with?"
Lyndsay: (Same sing-songy, superior attitude.) "The captain. She's invited me to her quarters for dinner."

Marathon cont. Now Friday. 4:35am. I wanted this really great price on blank DVDs at Inkstop ($9 for 50 of a good brand), and I figured I'm still awake, so I ran out there right at 4 when they opened. Maybe 2 other people in there, another coming as I left. Not bad at all. Tiny store, so much more than that and it would have gotten cramped, but okay. But I passed Kohl's on the way there. OMG. This Kohl's has two decent sized parking lots, one in front and one in back. Together, they add up to probably a lot the size of a standard Wal-Mart's lot. At 4 in the bloody AM, there were so many people there that some people were parking at the grocery store next to it and walking over. I didn't even see anything really good in their ad, so I don't get it. I thought about stopping just out of curiosity to find out what everybody was getting, but I figured it'd be better to get home and perhaps not alert the parentals to my absence and, you know, unauthorized usage of their car and debit card for the DVD run.

Thinking about going back out at 6 for Target's House/Psych/Monk $14 season sets, but there's a dilemma there. I can download all of those. And burn them onto my fancy new DVDs. It won't have extras or cool menus, but they'll work. I decided no on the House, just because it reruns 24/7 on some cable channel or another. The parents were thinking about the Psych/Monk getting, but I don't want to wake them up at 6 to ask if I should go get them or not. I might go and buy whatever I can and just return it if they decide no, but idk what the return policy is: if it's different with Black Friday stuff, if I can only get store credit, etc.

Def. running out to Harbor Freight Tools at some point, because the DVD case there (240 slots, and with the rings so it's expandable if you buy more sheets, for $10) totally owns the the DVD case that I was planning on getting at InkStop (128 slots, non-expandable, for $10) to replace the similar one that has all my DVDs in it that Tyler lost. But they don't open until 7. I've never been into one of those stores before, so idk what to expect re: needing to get there early and such. They don't seem to have big special sale adverts on their website, so I might be safe going to sleep and just getting there whenever and seeing if they still have it. Because I'm really needing one of those guys, as I've got DVDs in 4 different cases at the moment and all of them are beyond full (meaning I've got some just stuffed into the case and the thing zipped/snapped closed with a prayer that they'll stay in without getting too scratched up).

5:30am. I've just realized that I've very nearly finished an entire 3-liter of off-brand diet coke in less than the last 5 hours. Perhaps that's why the beginnings of a headache keep nibbling at my brain.

Might as well finally hit post, LOL, as this has now expanded longer than a page.
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So I read an article in the NY Times this morning. 1 in 4 Americans think that the US enjoys too much freedom of speech and the press. (I can't find the actual article online as of yet, will have to check.) Nice job, America. I hereby declare that 1/4 of you are morons.

Oh, breaking news! Watching CSPAN, and one of the Democrats (Betty McCollum, D-MN) is now bitching that a Republican (Virginia Fox, R-NC) called Democrats anti-American. In form of a "parlimentary inquiry", whatever that means. Nothing, evidently, as nothing happened. She basically went "OMGZ, did you hear that, Speaker? She totally called us a bad name." And the Speaker was all "Umm, whatever. I'm not the referee. I'd like to remind all parties that all comments should be directed towards the Speaker and not to each other." And that was it; Fox just went back to talking after re-getting the floor.

The Speaker's fed up with the Republicans. Or at least their interruptions on stupid stuff. It was a nothing resolution (honoring Constitution Day, I'm assuming), and somebody stood up and said "OH NUH-UH! No quorum here, so that vote didn't count, kthx." And when she stood up to be recognized, the speaker had this "Oh, not again" tone of voice. It was really funny.

Quorum calls are boring. The Senate's been doing nothing the entire time I've been watching.

Back to the House. Noise mitigation re: airports near schools. You know, I've been thinking about this Federalist/Anti-Federalist issue that I've got to take a side on for a polisci position paper, which is hard for a bicameralism fan like myself. But when it comes to things like this, I start thinking that I'm a big anti-federalist fan. This issue, at least. I mean, come on. How many schools across the nation are near enough to airports to have this issue? Seriously? I understand that since the issue is using FAA funds (the F, federal, being the sticking point), it's got to be done on the federal level, but it seems like a big waste of time for something that could be handled with state legislative time.

And we switched to naming some place (North Platt?) in Nebraska "Rail Town, USA". And have been discussing that FOREVER. And now (name!fail) Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) is blathering about how DC is "Railtown, USA" because of politicing about the energy bill. Shut up and let them pass this waste of my tax dollars-paid time.

Except this was this afternoon, and I fail at posting when I'm actually writing things. Roomtypes are watching Youtube videos of old "So You Think You Can Dance" routines. (Edit: more than an hour later, still going. How many dances are there to watch, for crying out loud?) I wish to go to sleep. Not happy.

Walked to Walgreens (sort of--rode the shuttle about halfway, then walked all the way back) just a bit ago with [ profile] bleakone. OMG, Oreo Cakesters for $0.10 each. Like, those packets of three? $0.30. I ended up getting 5 because I wanted to use up the end of my moneys gift card thing--if I just left like $0.50 on there, it'd never get used.

Edit: I just caught from the cohabs "And we don't have to go to bed until 12:30 in the morning" "Don't you have your 8:30 class tomorrow?" "Yeah, but it's just dance." No mention of the other person in the room who has an 8am class tomorrow that's not something stupid like dance and is instead the hard-to-stay-awake-on-the-best-of-days polisci lecture. Grr.
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My thoughts upon opening the Diva Cup I bought so I don't have to mess around with shelling out bazillions of dollars for tampons at school.


And a random thought regarding gas prices. Why, oh why, right before I go off where I won't be driving at all, do you suddenly decide to drop like a rock. Not all last year when I was driving back and forth to the gym and work, but next year, when I'll be off at school and biking everywhere. Also, point of interest, the cheapest gas in St. Louis is a place I pass on the way to the gym--$3.37 a gallon. In Chicago, the cheapest in the entire city (and this is in the suburbs) is more than 50 cents higher. The highest, in the actual city, is more than $1.20 per gallon higher. And to think that I wanted to go to school there. I suppose I wouldn't be driving in Chicago anyway, as CTA is kickass, but still. Ouch.
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Bidding on things I need for school on Ebay. There's this clicker-type response pad thing that's basically teaching for lazy people (both my parents lololol'd when I showed them the presentation for teachers on how to use it in your classroom, followed by a very serious "So, pretty obvious that they are working on training apes to replace us.") because you don't even have to call on the students or grade tests or pay attention at all to who's participating in class, etc. It's understandable, perhaps, for a very large lecture course, but they you'd think that the school could give you a lender as chances are you're never going to need it again.


Anyway, I bid on one on Ebay this afternoon. A few hours later, I get an email telling me I've won it. Whut? It had something like 5 days left! I check, and the sale price was $0.01. It's all legit Ebay emails, and the Ebay system thinks I've won this thing in legitimate rounds of bidding, but I'm naturally very skeptical. The seller had to have stopped the sale early. Why would they do that with only one bid at one cent? I checked to see if it was all in the shipping markup, but s/h is only about $4. Which is def. on the high side for the size of this thing, but not bad.

I IZ CONFUZED. Ebay's got me logged in as the winner and therefore supposed to be all with the handing over of dinero, but I don't really want to pay this guy until I find out what his game is. Going to email the seller and ask what's up. Because the cheapness is excellent, but it feels like a scam.
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My allergies have been kicking my butt lately. They’ve been bad for a week or two now, but mostly in the headache plus scratchy throat accompanied by the occasional sneezing bout and uncontrollable runny nose kind of way. Which, now that I list it all, sounds like a lot, but still. And then my chest was kinda tickly all last night, like I had to cough. Woke up this morning with full-out massive chest congestiony symptoms. Not the goodish kind where you can actually cough and make yourself feel better by getting something out—it doesn’t feel like I’m actually clogged up at all, I just have the cough tickle and the sort of labored breathing, you know?

Fail, I say. I was afraid this morning that it was because I was getting sick and not just allergies, but as it hasn’t really gotten worse throughout the day, I’m assuming not. Which is good, because I’m tripping down to Columbia (‘bout 2 hours away) on a bus with the fakey!minimed people for another leg (the last one, thankfully) of the program.

Which should be interesting. It’s all day Sunday and Monday morning. Which doesn’t make me happy in itself, because I’m only going because a) it’s free and b) we’re shadowing doctory people on Monday, but the doctoryshadowing is only a few hours. The longest part (the Sunday bits) are almost all going to be me vs. the idiots (I’m sorry that sounds pretentious and snotty and horribly bitchtastic, but they’re so dumb) on some fictional case study they’ve got going on.

That, and the schedule is really weird. Meaning I’m worried about my nutso sleeping and the food stuff. I’m afraid that every meal is going to be shitty and unhealthy and pizza and such (at least one of them is pizza, another is something else in a food court-esque place, etc.) not to mention provided at times where I’m not at all hungry, and I’m going to end up not being able to eat all weekend. I planned on bringing some soup and veggies and other healthy food type things along, since the hotel we’re in has both a microwave and a fridge in every room (it’s freaking swank—we’re talking more than $100 a night standard rates for this place) but it turns out we’re only going to actually get to the hotel for the first time after 9:30pm on Sunday and leave again (presumably not to return) really early on Monday to go do more stuff. Which restricts what I can bring along with me, because that means we’re probably leaving our clothes and stuff on the bus while we do most of the stuff, meaning I’d have to lug whatever food I wanted to bring for the day on Sunday around with me. Along with whatever food they provide that I decide to stash in my bag for later rationing/sharing/saving until I’m hungry—necessary because I’ve been eating my biggest/highest caloric meal around 2am lately because I’m fail like that, and when I screw with my system too drastically I get migraines, which would really manage to ruin the weekend in a lickedysplit type manner.

But yes. Yay for that in a not-so-much-yay type of way. The shadowing will hopefully make up for it, providing I got matched with somebody in the emergency department. If I’m chasing around somebody from the path lab, I’m going to be pissed. Because I have to call my boss today (I’ve been putting it off because I feel bad because I know I’m really leaving him in the lurch) and tell him that sorry, I can’t work on Sunday night because I’m going to be out of town, and since I don’t have anybody who can cover for me . . . sosorry. I want him to just call the coaches of the volleyball teams and ask them if we can cancel Sunday and tack another day on the schedule at the end, because that way I still get paid, but idk if that’ll happen. He’ll prolly either get one of his daughters to sit up there and just keep score (since I’m pretty sure none of them can ref) or try to do it himself. Still. Prefer, I would, the money.

Got free tickets from school to a baseball game for Tuesday evening, which might be nice. I’m not interested in baseball, really, but just going out to the thing is most of the fun. It’s for the Character Council (promoting character education, blah, blah) thing I’ve been sort of taking the lead on this year. Which I’ve been really enjoying, actually. I’ve developed a quite nice relationship with one of the administrators (Mr. S.) that is in charge of the program because of it—he really recognizes both the work I’ve been doing and that I’ve got interest in doing it and has been seeking me out for other leadershippy things, both related and not, which makes me rather proud. Plus, he’s just a pretty awesome guy all around—I was in his office yesterday on a conference call to give feedback on a panel/conference on cyber bullying that I went to back in October through the Council, and afterwards we were talking about everything from school policy on things to his personal history; he reminds me a bit of my dad—managed to turn things around from a poor family where nobody went to college and barely graduating high school (him)/having to drop out of college to work (my dad) to having several degrees and working in education and co-owning a swanktastic French restaurant (this is where my dad diverges, because unfortunately, this is not a possession of ours, LOL) and such. And we (there was another girl in there for the feedbacking too; actually the daughter of my theatre teacher of previous years, point of interest) were talking about religious stereotypes—she’s Southern Baptist, which people hear and go “OMG, conservative”, as with my Catholicism; Mr. S.’s grandparents were Orthodox Jews but were unexpectedly really cool with him marrying a Gentile, etc. And he bought us sodas afterwards, which was the cementer him into the winnage column.

But Character Council leadershippyness continues, as we’ve got some kind of national character award evaluator people coming in week after next and I’ve been fingered to be one of the two smarmy, lead them around type people, which is a big deal because most of their information about us and what we do is thus going to end up coming from me and my choices of places to take them to see “character in action”. Kinda high-pressure when I think about it. Which is why I’ve been choosing not to as of yet.; Mr. S.’s going to take me through a bit of what they want to hear, what it’s going to be like, that kind of thing on Thursday, methinks--after we have the discussion period on Wednesday that we’re going to part-reproduce/part-critique when the guys come the week after. The day the national people are coming is the day of the all-day Special Olympics thing that I’ve done for the past couple of years, though, which makes me sad, because I really like doing that and I’m going to have to miss it. I don’t think I got to do it last year either because of some big test I had that day, so doublesuckage.

Indeed. I’ll be leaving for home in a few minutes, then it’s callage of the volleyball boss, then to Shop N’ Save to return the nectarine that they shafted me on; $1.07 for one piece of fruit, which is frakking outrageous in the first place, but then it was totally worthless because it had been frozen and had that nasty, ex-frozen, mealy texture—no way I wasn’t taking that back. When I went by last night, though, the lady couldn’t give me my money back because it was after the hours that the customer service/cashbox desk was open and policy was to not give any cash back then (why she couldn’t slip me a freaking dollar out of the register, idk) and they didn’t have any new nectarines to swap it with (not that I’d really want to anyway—when one’s frozen, chances are the whole batch has been exposed to the same conditions). Should be a new batch today, she said in between being bitchtastic (it’s always the same lady when I go there after going to the gym, and she’s always got this huffy, exasperated attitude that really pisses me off), so I might just swap the fruit out, but idk if I want to chance having to do the whole thing again if this one’s bad too.
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Don't you hate it when your brain fights itself?

Re: clearanced boxes of Easter snack cakes. "They've got 170 calories each!" "But a box of 8 is only 39 cents!"

The latter won. I got four, LOL.
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Giving people presents for their anniversaries. Odd, no? I mean, when we're talking a friend of a couple giving them this gift. And for only a 6-month dating anniversary, which doesn't even count as that much of a real thing, IMO (though I don't deny that that's probably a while in the world of datage, I don't have much to base that on/compare it to, so idk).

This is the conversation topic that I overheard on the way to lunch. Someone had done such a thing, presumably, because another friend in the group who were congregated more or less in my way as I attempted to gather my things stated that now she felt bad that she hadn't and was now going to have to go get them something belatedly.

Umm, what? I mean, I understand people within the couple giving each other gifts. And perhaps relatives; my parents are hitting the big 25 years in May, and that means I prolly have to get them something (though more often in our family, the other parent chooses/buys/finances the gift with "help" from the chitlins), and I know that we got my maternal grandparents something (bought into a big screen TV, methinks, with several other of Mum's siblings) when they hit 50 years a bit ago (actually, 5 years ago--a group of overzealous aunts and uncles have begun to plan the 55th party for this summer, last I heard, which the remaining aunts and uncles aren't so much looking forward to as not as that means having to buy a more expensive present for the anniversary on top of traveling somewhere for the party, since nobody's in the same geographical region anymore).

But friends buying other friends anniversary gifts? This seems stupid. Is this the custom now? Have I just been missing out because most of my friends don't date? A 6-month dating anniversary, while probably a big thing to the couple, seems to deserve a pat on the back and a "Congratulations" more than a gift from everyone else.

In other news. I was up late last night because I was in a Spring-y mood. I was looking for bright and fun and Springish clothing--prolly inspired by the fact that I hit up Goodwill yesterday afternoon and tried on a couple of Spring/Summer-y dresses just because they were there and in my size and pretty (one that was striped pastel blue and green, and floor-length with a good amount of slink but still not overly formal; the other was green paisley/ivy/floral patterns on a white, spaghetti-strap halter that hit just above the knees). I really wanted an excuse to buy the first one--I was seriously considering getting it to wear to church on Easter like you do when you're little, but I didn't have enough money neither on me nor to justify buying a dress (though it was only like $5) that I would only wear once.

But yes. Lunch just ended, so postus interruptus yet again. Fail.

I had spent most of the evening re-reading La Dama del Alba for the Spanish test over it today, so I got to the gym really late, so I got back really late (pushing midnight, actually, after I stopped at the grocery store because I’ve got coupons that are pushing the expiration date but then turned it into a worthless trip when I decided not to buy anything yesterday since it’s $10 off of $50 day today and I can make the parentals use the coupons for veggies and such and lump it in with enough other things to get the extra discount) , and then I messed around trying on clothes, and then I made dinner, and then I messed around with more clothes. And watched Canterbury’s Law. While painting my nails to matchish the shirt I decided on (the “hippy on acid” shirt). Which was hard, because I fail at nail painting simply because I don’t think I’d need my toes to count the number of times I’ve done it since. . . elementary school. Plus, the nail-biting makes it harder still, because you’re all like “Oh, but this is not nail but rather finger.” But they’re this shiny pastel blue color that has purple glimmery bits that you see when it hits the light. With a purple failstripe (I spent so long trying to make them even sized, but the purple nail polish was that gooey kind of old that makes it impossible to do anything but gunk it on) down each thumb for fun. Makes me smile, anyway.

But then I look at the clock and realize that I’ve managed to just totally lose track of time because it’s 3:30 or so in the morning and I’ve still got to clean up stuff from dinner and the popcorn I made after eating dinner (hard to reach into a bag of popcorn with wet nails, btw). So I didn’t hit bed until a good 4am. Which hurt me in English today, because we were just reading an pseudo-epic poem aloud, thus not very engaging, thus sleep provoking. And now I’m just bored, because my econ quiz took all of 3 minutes (literally—and then the next person didn’t finish for another 7 minutes or so, which freaked me out a bit in that “did I skip a page?” kind of way) and now we’re doing nothing (they’ve turned on one of the college basketball games, and as basketball is one of those sports that I care absolutely nothing for, as with collegiate sports in general, the all-but-three in the class male population’s enthusiasm is extremely annoying), and as I have nothing after this, there’s no purpose in my being here and not being home eating my last grapefruit and getting ready for nappage goodness.

I really want that grapefruit now. The econ teacher’s got popcorn out that she said we could have, but it’s that kind that comes in a bag like a bag of chips and is fake!greasycheesybuttery and not worth the calories, so I’m not hitting that.

They’re shouting about the basketball game again. *le sigh*
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This is how my evening has failed.

First, I spilled my soup on my lap. Was still in exercise clothing, so I just changed into my pyjamas and that was the end of it. Later, I spilled cereal on the laptop (it was on the floor, I was in the process of sitting down and the bowl tipped). Cleaned it up. Put laptop on lap, resumed eating cereal, spilled it again on said laptop and this time also on lap.

Found pants for mock trial today at Goodwill, which was good. They aren't amazing on me, but they fit better than the ones I was planning on wearing, which are several sizes too big (though still much, much cooler than these new ones). Haven't yet gone over the case like I'd planned, nor memorized my examinations as well as I should have (I've never even tried to do it without the deposition in front of me, which is dangerous as that's not allowed at actual trial), which is not good. Must still shower and put away dishes (though probably in the opposite order) before bed.
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Finally got out and was going to do some Christmas shopping, LOL. I had wanted to go to the thrift store, but didn't wake up early enough (my sleeping's been nuts lately and I can't get it turned back around, which is frustrating). Went to the grocery store, then to Walgreens (in the same little shopping center type thing) to check for some toothpaste that I particularly wanted and because the sister wanted gum for Christmas.

We (said sister came too) got back in the car at Walgreens, and car was not amenable to starting. I am like "Ohshit. Battery." because I had left the lights on for the 5 or 10 minutes we were in the grocery store. Got more confusing when I thought about how I was able to drive from the grocery to Walgreens fine, but whatever. Gets out jumper cables, props up hood. Stands in cold rain (in a T-shirt) for a good 20 minutes, jumper cables thrown over little sister's shoulder, before somebody finally asked if we needed help. (Because lol, both of us were too shy to approach somebody and ask.) This guy--name of Tim--helps us mess with the dumb car. We try to jump it, but no such luck. After more standing in the rain (somewhere in there towards the end we discover that there are actually two umbrellas in the car and curse that we didn't look earlier), he (and his wife, mother, and daughters about Kaci's age, so it wasn't creepy) offer to drop us off somewhere, which we thank him most heartily for and take his ride the little ways down the road to church, where I knew our parents would be.

We wait a bit until mass is over, then everybody piles into the van and goes back up to Walgreens, where we mess with it some more. Still no luck. Dad and I take out the battery and take it to an auto place to get it checked, and their machine says it's taking the charge fine, which means it's the starter. Joy. We end up having to get it towed (because though we'd def. normally fix that kind of thing ourselves, the starter in that car's a bitch to find--I think you've got to take off one wheel and go from the bottom or something--and you can't exactly take your car apart in the Walgreens parking lot), and then fixed, and all of a sudden, three days before Christmas, we're out $500. Which hurt.

No shopping got done. Also a bad thing.
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LOL, forgot about recording my next fic for the [ profile] house_podfic advent calendar yesterday like I meant to, so I had to end up reading one of mine because I did it all of an hour ago and didn't have time to bug anybody for consent. I find myself not wanting to ask other people (except for you, [ profile] chaosity, because there is love and you wouldn't mock me too hard), lol, in case they hear my reading and go "But whut? This is not how I meant this to sound" etc. Because that is what happens when other people read things you write--they don't put the emphasis on the same places, and sometimes it can even totally change the meaning of whatever. (LOL, theatre classes. How I've learned that whilst trying to direct one thing out of people and getting something totally horrible different.)

I've got to be up at 7:30ish tomorrow, as I've got to try and get my music for the church Christmas rehearsal back from her (she kindly helped me write harmonies for lots of the songs, which will make a difference, methinks) before the rehearsal at 9. Meaning prolly waking her up and then driving over to her house. Though I may just skive off the rehearsal, as I've been to two of the first three (like required), and will be able to stay for the ninety bazilliion hours for the dress rehearsal (whenever that is--I'll have to look it up).

Planned on going to the mall tonight. Was snowing too much and the plows were too far behind. We ran up to the grocery store because I was baking Christmas present!blueberry loaf and wanted to try to find little, individual tins to gift them in, and slid all fucking over. It was horrible. There was one hill right at the intersection to get out of the neighborhood and onto the main road and my dad was all *fiddles with gears, hits gas* . . . and we went nowhere. I found it hilarious and yet scary at the same time. Trying to go up aforementioned road after finally getting up the hill was no fun either. We were going maybe 15 mph, both out of safety concerns and because trying to go faster would just make us skid.

But FAIL, weather, in that the big snow cloud kept the sky light for-freaking-ever, and so I couldn't take my massively amazing snow pictures while it was still snowing with big flakes. Well, I could have, but it wouldn't have looked cool, because it was just about as bright as your standard overcast day, when it should have been pitch black. You need to snow again tomorrow night, sir. Or some other night. But it was perfect and the snow was deep (for here, at least), and the trees looked cool, but it wouldn't have come out right because the sky was just grey.
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Oh, and funny story.

My dad and I work out together, as you know, and we were there tonight when, right before we left, I told my dad to get on the squat machine thing because I was curious as to how much weight he could do. He sits down, leaving the machine right where the setting was when we walked over (290 lbs), and does a few reps.

He then dares me to. I figure, no way. I do 50 reps of 150 on that thing every (or almost every--sometimes I wimp out and go for 130) day I go, but that's nearly double what I normally do.

I sit down, and to my surprise, I had very little problem with it. I stopped after 5 reps simply because my back was being pressed into the seat so hard by the pushing force that it was quite uncomfortable, but my legs were barely feeling anything.

This is huge. I mean, that's a tiny bit less than twice my weight. I feel strong now.

I'm wearing one of the 6 or so sweaters I got on Sunday when the school that works out of my church (some independent thing) was in the process of tearing down the leftovers from a garage sale in the gym (where volleyball is) , and said that whatever was left was free. Sadly, most all of the nice pants and shoes didn't fit me, but I grabbed all the sweaters I could. Because though they're normally not my style (as most tend to be baggy in all the wrong places and generally not flattering, plus I'm usually warm anytime I'm out somewhere), I'll make an exception for free clothing. The one I've got on is knitted out of this beautiful mixed blue and green yarn and is probably my favorite just for that reason, even though the sleeves are all baggy.

And I'm not sure if I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow or not. Because I'm scheduled to, but according to whatever statement (or some such document) we just got, the insurance hasn't been updated to cover us yet and is only on my mum. So idk. I like the glasses I have so much that I don't really want to go in there and have them say that I need a totally new prescription (which I'm pretty sure is going to happen) and make the old ones worthless. I wouldn't mind new frames, since with the insurance they'll be virtually free (when mum went, she only paid for the fact that she got those Transitions sunglass/regular glass lenses and no-line bifocals) and it'd be nice to have a spare, so it'd be okay if they were only a little different. I'd consider just putting new lenses in the old frames, but technically speaking, the old ones have been broken since I got them--the holes for the screws that hold the earpieces in have been stripped out since the day I got them, resulting in wobbly ear pieces and no real way to fix it. So yes. I don't know if I'm even going, because if the insurance isn't on, I don't really need new ones.

Idk how I'm going to fit everything in tomorrow, though. I've got the eye doctor (possibly), I've got to read Heart of Darkness (because I've been scraping through english on the fact that I read it ages ago, but I've got to write an in-class essay on Thursday, so I desperately need to reread it), I'm supposed to go volunteer at the Democratic party office downtown, and I need to start my midterm paper for AII that's due Friday, as MiniMed prevents me from doing much on Thursday without being miserable and up all bloody night. And at some point I should hit the gym, because I've been trying to go every day (as much as I can, with class and minimed and work and such) lately, and Wednesday is one of my usual days from even before the every day thing. Ahh, life around midterms. Why do you enjoy breaking my head so?
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I slept funny and now I can't raise my left arm very much. Which is sad. And v. painful if I forget and decide to try.

I found the perfect bra at Value City today. Except it was two sizes too small. We actually were there on a trip to buy my sister sneakers, and she couldn't find anything decent either, so we then went to Target. Where I found another great bra. That was (supposedly) in my size. But then I tried it on. And it wasn't. And naturally, they didn't make them in the next size bigger that I would thus need to move up to.

I hate dumb bra shopping. They've never got any that fit me. (Or if they do, they're $20-25, which I'm not spending on undergarments.) I thought about looking online because there'd be a bigger selection, but there's such variance in sizes (you'd think there shouldn't be, but it's nuts) that I'd end up wasting my money on something that'd never fit.
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Quote of the Day:

"Don't let faux Klingons send real Americans to war."
David Wu (D-Oregon), 10 January 2007 address to US House of Representatives.

Yeah. Made me laugh. Found the bit of his speech on youtube; he starts off referencing those books that call Bush's support the Vulcans, and ends up saying that they're Klingons, not Vulcans, and fake Klingons at that.

Had a nightmareish thing Friday night. There was a bunch of stuff in it and for some reason a lot of it was set in my old elementary school, but the basic deal was that I didn't have my 20 minute speech prepared for theatre on Monday. Well, it's not looking good in real life.

I had planned to work on it on Saturday, but I've been sick all of a sudden and so I didn't feel well and then we went TV shopping and when I got home on Saturday I was too tired to do much. Friday was spent finishing reading the damn play, finishing watching the movie of said damn play (because we've been taught so little that I've got no idea how to express what I want on stage and I hoped that the movie would help me out in that area a bit), moping around feeling sick and watching DS9 episodes while sprawled out in bed, and then working. Now I'm back, just finished finishing watching the play, but am really too tired to do anything. Problem is that even though I'm legitimately sick enough to not show up tomorrow, this is a one day, no extensions, no nothing type of deal that gets recorded and sent off to wherever to be graded as part of the eighty-someodd dollars I spent as registration (the money being for said grading, truly). Man, this is definitely the most expensive class I'm taking this year. No kidding. I've spent (or should have spent, a couple of times I managed to get in free somehow), not counting the registration money, more than $30 going to see plays and such.

Back to the TV shopping. My mum bought some entertainment center thing (which I always used to think meant TV and stereo and DVD player and such, but really is just the cabinet for some dumb reason) and mixed up our entire front room, and me being so vehemently anti-change freaked out and told her that it looked horrid (it makes the whole room off center as the TV's now way off to the left and the new focal point of the room is this patch of bare wall in the middle where the molding at the bottom was ripped off right after everything got moved in order to replace it for some reason) and she yelled at me for being so negative (true, but it really did look bad) and completely irrationally and mostly because I was pissed at my mum, I then refused to go into the front room for a day and a half (or really just 20 hours or so, excepting the couple of times I averted my eyes as I had to go through to get a drink or something). We get to Saturday and my brother brings home two disks of the Deep Space Nine season two DVDs, and I'm trying to get them to play, but the TV just has fuzz on the input channel when it should be playing them. I fiddle with the cords, trying every combination, but neither DVD nor VHS input is working. My brother phrases something poorly and mum jumps on me for blaming her (when I hadn't even said a bloody thing, where's the fair in that), and I go back into my room to start reading some of the Beckett crap I got from the library. Later, I hear that shortly after that the whole TV display went out; it quit working for regular TV too, not just input things. So my dad and I then spend nearly two hours between CompUSA (as they're moving all the stores out of our city and as such we figured they might have cheapy TVs, and they were all 15% off, but they only had big flat screen things that were hugely expensive to begin with, so we moved on) and Best Buy, end up getting one from the latter. Which was no easy task, as we finally find a good and semi-reasonably priced one, but then they can't find the one that they've supposedly got in stock. Turns out that they don't have one, but then I ask if we could get the display one, because I really liked that one and it was the only one that had decent picture and would fit in said new entertainment center cabinet and wasn't a bazillion dollars. They say yes, but then they can't find a remote and don't have a box, so we're fiddling around with that, finding out if universal remotes will work (they said only one brand would, but luckily we brought it home and found out they were wrong and the cheapy kind we have does) and such. Da talks them down like $50, which was impressive (though half of it was in gift card form, annoyingly). He's really good at that, because he worked in retail for a while and just always asks. Most people have no idea that you can do that, or at least I figure my entire generation doesn't, but he says that there's always a lot of wiggle room with price and most of the time if you're looking at the right stuff you can get them to knock it down a little, especially if it's the last one in stock and there's no remote/box/documentation like with the TV. Anyway. Oh, and the guy selling it to us was rather nice looking and called my dad Sir. I love that.

We bring this TV home and plug it in and it's nearly 10:30, but I start watching the "Endgame" movie before going to bed. Wake up this morning and mum's bitching about how it takes like 5 seconds to change channels. Which it does, which is annoying as hell. She wants it taken back now, though, as supposedly TVs are like 2/3 or half that price around Christmas. I'm all "So, we're supposed to not have a TV until Christmas?" *shakes head* I dunno. Odd stuff, my mum lately. I decided this time that it's some odd Freudian shit. She's subconsciously afraid that I'm going to challenge her for her position as alpha-female, and as such is pre-emptively striking at me out the wazoo. That or she's just PMSing. I'm wagering it's a combo of the two. But my da says that his mum and sisters did the same thing, which is what makes me go towards the former. Even though I think Freud is a chauvinist pig, I do see where he gets his ideas.

Anyway. A good 30 minutes or so wasted typing this that I could have spent figuring out what the hell I'm going to talk about for 20 minutes tomorrow. I'm prolly going to make most of it up on the spot. Whatever. I was all uber, uber depressed Friday and to a slightly lesser extent (meaning that I wasn't actively thinking about how I wanted to kill myself, but still just as bad all the same) on Saturday, and right now I've now got the 'still really depressed in general but at this present moment in time closer to apathy than wrist-slitting' thing going on. Which suggests to me that dumb medicine isn't working, but on the off chance it is, I started the new pack today instead of waiting until Wednesday because I didn't feel like being miserable if it could be helped.

I'm probably going to go to sleep now if I can (I had a horrid time going back to sleep after I woke up after aforementioned nightmare on Friday just because I was thinking about how I might not get it prepared well; without having it prepared really at all at this point I dunno if I'll be able to sleep, but we can hope). I'm gonna set my alarm for a few hours from now, wake up and try to work on it then when I'm not just thinking about how tired I am. Hopefully my stupid stomach won't be bugging me as much then.

Oh, and if any of you haven't read yet and get the chance to read "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you totally should. I love the writing style of it, all circular and reporter-like and fun. Plus, the story is really good--you've got honor and murder and religion and apathy and all those fun things (I'd explain more, but I don't know how to talk about the interesting bit of the story without giving stuff away). I really want to at some point try to write something styled like that (shorter, though, as it's basically a sorta small novel) because it's such an interesting form. This is probably the thing that I've had to read for school that I've enjoyed the most all year. Even though I've still got like 30 pages to go in it, actually, now that I think about it. I should finish that. Ha, but I won't be in english class tomorrow because I've got to do the theatre thing, so I don't have to try to get through it tonight. Like I'd do it tonight anyway.

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