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*points to Bush countdown clock on profile*

OMIGOD. OMIGOD. /end excitement.

Seriously? I'm not that excited. Guess what, guys--a couple of days from tomorrow, a week? I still won't be able to get a decent part time job because more qualified people are ahead of me in the unemployment line. I'll still be paying taxes on my scholarship money and for my textbooks. I'll still be going to a state school because I couldn't afford any of the more prestigious ones that I was admitted to, even though they gave me their top scholarships. Things are different, but they aren't that different. Things don't change overnight because somebody else is sitting in that chair--he's got to make the right choices to get us back on the right track, and that's not going to be easy. And frankly, when things happen like his pegging Rick Warren for the prayer at the inauguration, I begin to question exactly how many of these expectations we've laid upon him Obama's actually going to keep. I mean, think about it--how much has he promised really, and how much have we just assumed is going to change? I think we'll find that there's a lot of the latter. Sure, a lot of the former as well, but a lot of the latter.

I really do hope my clock implodes, though. (Side note also from the Colbert Report? The rerun I watched this afternoon [Edit: and this one] was sponsored by Canadian whiskey. IS THIS A JOKE, STEPHEN?!)

I can't decide whether to get up and eat something or not. I'm not particularly hungry (I think I am brain-wise, which is why this is such a dilemma, but not to the stomach-rumbling yet), but I only ate lunch (sort of two lunches, actually, at 11ish and 3ish, but the first was more like a snack) and I sort of feel like I should. If I don't, I'm afraid I'll fall asleep, and though I doubt of the 10 quizzes we have in my microbiology lab we'll have two in a row, I can't chance not knowing what's going on for a second quiz in a row. As I didn't expect the first one as I hadn't yet bought my lab manual (zomgwtf $55 used) and thus had zero idea of what the answers were on that one. But I can't find where to find out what lab we're even doing tomorrow, and I've been looking for quite some time and it's really starting to piss me off. How hard is it to just put it on your faculty page, or on the Blackboard course page? There's nowhere else I can think of to look. So perhaps to bed it just will be, and I'll just skim the stuff when I get there and actually know what it is I'm supposed to be reading.
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Maybe you heard about this Kirkwood shooting last night.

Yeah. Thanks for waking me up, sirs, as every police truck and news helicopter sped past my house on the way there (as that's the division of the county I'm right on the border of). That was annoying. There comes a point where adding more police there will only cause more of a problem, wouldn't you say? I was joking at one point that it was all probably just a rumor (because the news was all "OMGWTF, but unconfirmed") set by somebody in the next city so they could go rob banks while every cop in Missouri was hanging around down there.

Watched Juno last night. Wasn't overly impressed. It was decent, but I don't think I'd pay to see it again or anything.

Took a shower in the middle of watching Juno (I was watching it at home, obviously). Because I had to go to the bathroom when I was about halfway through, and figured why bother having to go back there twice. And since my bathtub is a failure at draining the water from the shower, I was like "Well, why not just turn it into a bath" because I've been feeling shitty lately and baths are amazing for that kind of thing. And it was uber relaxing and great. Until I fell asleep, LOL. Several times. This didn't stop the relaxage in itself, but I finally had to get out when my head rolled to the side, putting my face partially into the water and I woke myself up by snorting up bathwater. That's my story of the night.

But updates on the last (or second to last? I don't remember) whiny rantage. Jackass teacher who I thought was going to stop me from getting the academic award again? Nope. Got my invitation to the award breakfast today. Which is good, because the t-shirts they're giving out this year are actually pretty cool, though idk if I can get one since they were given out last semester, but I wanted to be able to try. Plus, test for said jackass teacher? Managed to pull out not just an A, but a 100%. Which is win. Plus, big English paper that was due today is now due Monday (hence my being even semi-coherent at this hour--or even typing this at all, as I'd probably be still finishing it). Glands are still painfully swollen, though, which is confusing and not win, nor is sudden and drastic weight gain that I'm blaming on sleeping through the gym hours night before last (because, erm, I actually ate a lot less to make up for said non-gym going, so there's really no excuse). Still. Today should be good.
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Holy. Shit.

Big bio freakout a while back? The 13%? I was feeling shitty and decided that I might as well figure out what my grades are because it really couldn't make me feel any worse, so I logged on and opened them up. Turns out, with what I've got right now, I'm at a B- for quarter. Fuck yes.

And that's with the 7 huge zeros. Not even on the small stuff, no, these are two labs (both done but never turned in because I'm a wussy), two sets of workbook pages (see previous), and a couple of random little assignments from in class on days I wasn't there (that I didn't have the nerve to go ask about).

I'm turning in one of the labs tomorrow. (LOL, if I get it done--just opened up the file I've got and this one doesn't have the conclusion or evaluation, though I'm pretty sure I did those at one point. Grr for having to stay up later.) That should help it even more. Basically, I don't bomb this, I've got a B for semester, which is way better than I expected.

English (essay over Emily Dickenson) and Biology (hence the lab turning in) finals are tomorrow. Not excited about either one as we've really done no work to prepare for either. Well, tons of work on the Dickenson, but none in such a way that I feel prepared to write an essay over it. He threw us into the deep end on this one, as all of us that didn't have him last year have never really critiqued poetry before and have been essentially making it up the whole time.

More grade examinations. Shit, 81% in Spanish. (Hmm. Evidently failed to make up a quiz in there at some point.) And the final in there is a big chunk, too. I've really got to do well on that one. The english grades bit isn't working so much as not--he's got it set up differently and as I don't know what things are weighted and there's no final score, I don't know what I've got in there. Everything else is decent, I suppose.

LOL, grades. I hate these babies. If I play my cards right, no Cs this semester, but it really kills me to know that if I just turned in/made up my damned work, I'd prolly have As all the way across.
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It is hard to type the notes for this presentation that I should have written weeks ago when my keyboard is being a whore. The 's' and spacebar are being the worst, and it's really quite frustrating, because I've got to pry up the spacebar every time I want to hit space again, and that's only if it hasn't stayed spacing the entire time. Which happens.


I'm pretty sure it's my fault, too, from when I knocked my water cup over on it the other day. Which makes it worse. I already pried up both keys in question and tried to clean out some of the dog hair and smeg underneath, which helped for a while, but it went right back to sticking.

And I made the mistake of telling my bio teacher that I could make up the test 1st hour today (instead of 7th), which means I don't have my normal first open period to get all my notes in order.

I have the feeling that most of this presentation is going to be done extemporaneously.
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LOL, time budgeting.

I've got a Spanish test, an English test, an economics quiz, a biology test that was evidently yesterday (I thought it was today) that the teacher might make me make up in class today, and my midterm paper due for my Advanced Independent Investigations course that I've got two pages left to write for.

And no time to study (for the first)/learn from scratch (second through fourth)/write (fifth).

I've pretty much given up, though, because beyond the Spanish, anything else I've got to do today is just going to automatically be shit. Spanish I may have a chance on, though I've not studied, as I more or less know the material. I can pull a C at least. And I've got lunch to quickly read over the economics (that evidently she taught yesterday? Idk, but we really haven't learned anything since the last test, so what it's over is beyond me), though I don't know what exactly to read and would have to just guess. And I suppose there's the tiniest chance in the world that I can BS 2 pages of AII paper if she lets me turn it in after school (though I'd almost rather not turn it in and just take a grade bump, because I really like this teacher and don't want her to see the shitty, sickness-fueled, frantic writing that is what I have so far and the extent of what I'd be able to pull off during the day). Let's be realistic. I couldn't finish two pages of the AII paper even if I didn't have all this other stuff to study for/do. Bio? No chance. English? Still haven't reread that book. If he makes me finish the essay (it's a two day test thing) after school, I'm screwed. If I can make the second day of the essay be Monday, I may have a chance to figure out what to say over the weekend.

To add insult to injury, sometime while I was sleeping last night, I pulled a muscley-type-something in the groinish area of my left leg. IH how I manage to injure myself even in my sleep.
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So. Wednesday? Fail.

I guess I've got to start out with the night before, which I spent staying up way later than I should have considering I had a cold, only half a root in one of my teeth, massive drugs pumped into me to keep me from noticing that I only had half a root in one of my teeth, etc. I had biology, and I thought I had english (turns out it wasn't due until today, though), and I had to write this campaign speech/essay thing for my econ class's representative to the marketing club spot (a short one, but I have heaps of trouble writing things that are self-promoting already so it actually took me the longest, added to by the fact that I was on pain killers). I finally finished everything but the english, realized it wasn't due until Thursday, and went to bed. Around 2:30 or so, I guess.

I'm still in pain from this whole root canal escapade, so in the morning, I took one of the vicodin that the dentist prescribed. A whole one again this time (I took a whole to get me through the night, but before I was doing halfs every three hours).

After a little while? ('Bout half way through first hour, I'd guess.) Started noticing it. Like, in a "Oh, I think this means that I'm high" way. While I was trying to get some work done. Not very conducive to that. Twas also when I realized that for the second chapter in a row, I'd forgotten one of the huge biology assignments at home. Which is a huge point dock that I can't afford.

2, 2.5 hours after taking it (and right in the middle of Spanish class) I started getting both v. v. hot and nauseous. So I'm sitting there, trying to get my mind to cut through the nausea long enough to come up with the answer to whatever he's asking (because he hadn't called on me in a while, which meant that I was coming up) plus possibly how to ask if I could go to the bathroom/nurse (both easy when I'm not high/sick, but when I am, almost impossible), all while breathing like I'm back on the nitrous to try and quash the nausea.

Next class, english: the hotness hadn't gone away but the nausea had gone down a bit. I get called down to the office for them to ask me if I'd done my make up hours for last year yet. Erm, yeah. In fact, I turned them in the second day of school. I was in fact complemented by the principal for being the first person to turn them in this year. Not only that, but they'd called me down at least twice before so far this year to ask the same question (and caught me and asked when I was in another office working on getting a parking pass). My answer has always been yes, guys. If you lost the papers, let me know and I can get a new set. (I handed them right to you while you were sitting at the computer you could enter them into, but whatever.) Because I'm hanging out in a teacher's room when I'm not scheduled to be on campus, I'm actually working two of them off a day. Considering I only had four to make up to begin with, I've actually got a surplus of about 30 hours or so. So I'd appreciate if you would quit disturbing me, because it's pissing all my teachers off. A bit later, I (and a bunch of other people this time, but still) get called down from the same class for pictures for this award thing. One of the worst days to take pictures of me, I'd think, as if I felt anything like I looked, it was pretty bad. Though TCAB gave me this look/smile thing that made the elementary school girl-esque part of me blush trufax hard and the more adult side spend the entire walk back to class analyzing it.

And then right about noon, the vicodin had completely worn off. *headdesk* A mate offered me half of her peanut butter sandwich, and I forgot and bit it with my left side, and I think my head practically exploded.

12:40 or so, I take some of the acetaminophen (I had re-stolen from my siblings) before economics. Which then sucked. Not only did it turn out I made a bunch of stupid mistakes on the exam the day before by not reading the questions (it asks "which one isn't", and I mark the first one that is without reading the rest of the choices, stuff like that), but the whole class representative thing (that I signed up for only because I figured it'd look good on the resume, but still) was being postponed. The teacher said she didn't remember announcing to the class that you needed to write said essay and get it to her before 7:30 (even though she did announce it) after the other girl that had declared her intention to run for the spot spent the first 10 minutes of class arguing with the teacher about how she didn't "understand why you'd need to tell people why they should vote for you, why can't they just vote?" and about how "1/2 page is so long for something they don't even need!"

And this other girl? The popular whorish type. Basically, my only chance was for her not to actually turn in the essay (which she didn't), but instead of my just automatically winning (like happened with the secretary and social chair positions), the teacher decided they had another day to turn them in. So, since she's giving us the extra day, what if I decided that I wanted to run for secretary? No, those didn't get pushed back because. . . I don't fucking know. I told the teacher that that was bloody unfair, and she tried to justify it (saying that she didn't think she'd announced it, Katie and I told her she did, she said oh well), and then actually managed to track me down to my next class and call me in there (I have no idea how she did it, as I'm not even supposed to be on campus then, but I hang out in one teacher's room anyway so I can take the bus home, which is not on my schedule) to try and "justify" herself some more. I don't even know what exactly she said (though I know it was more of the same and nothing she didn't mention in class), because I was pissed off and in pain and stressed out and damn near tears because of everything.

So yes. Then I just hung out on the computer until the end of the day, working on application stuff, and then I had to go practice with quartet (and sucked, because I hadn't rosined my bow in like evar and didn't think about it to borrow somebody else's because I used to use such strong rosin that I didn't need to more than every few weeks). And then had to leave that early for this conference call because I was on the grant reviewing panel for this Youth Service America organization.

And so I was running around, trying to find a telephone that's not somewhere where siblings will be loud and that actually works (ruling out like all of them), and I finally gave up and got ready to use the main one and just hope nobody decides to turn up the TV when I ran my tongue over my tooth again and decided "Huh. Maybe I should figure out why that feels weird all of a sudden." *looks in the mirror* ZOMGWTF. "MOM, WE'VE GOT TO GO TO THE DENTIST NOW!" The temp filling they gave me? Gone. (Once dad explained to me what it really was, how they expected that to stay for a month until my next appointment baffled my mind. I mean, it's the same stuff marketed in drugstores to fix things until you can get to an emergency dentist appointment, meaning maybe a day at the most.) There's just a gigantic hole in the middle of that tooth.

So I call the dentist, and it's about 5:15 and they're about to close. The nice tech lady from the day before got put on the line (she actually remembered me, which made me feel special, though it was prolly because I was something like the youngest patient to get a root canal evar), and I explained what was wrong, and she was all "When do you go to school?" and I told her, and it was too early to get me in the next day, but since it had to be done, she's all "Do you think you can get here in the next 10 minutes?" And I did (she actually recognized me right when I walked through the door, which made me smile), and everybody else was packing up and leaving, but she stayed and scraped all the old fakeyfilling out (makes me think she's perhaps more of a nurse type than a tech, but idk how the dentistry chain of command works) and put in new stuff (the real kind this time, so it should actually stay, though they'll have to drill it out in October). PLUS SHE ACTUALLY ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS AGAIN, SO I HEREBY APPOINT HER DENTIST AND TELL THE OTHER PEOPLE TO GO AWAY. Another tech/nurse/whatever lady stayed and helped her too, which was nice. And then I didn't have to pay anything (which surprised me, because medicalish places always try to tack on as much stuff as they can--I remember last time my mum was in to have a baby it was all "Adhesive bandage. $7. Pain reliever. $14." for a band-aid and a couple of Tylenol, respectively). I totally missed the panel call, though, which I feel horrid about. I was the only person on the panel that didn't actually work for the organization, and I was pretty excited about doing it.

I got home around 6, and by this time the cold that I'd thought I'd gotten over (that's been coming back and going away repeatedly over the last few days) was back in full swing, plus I'd only gotten a couple hours of sleep the night before, so I went to take a nap. Woke up when I had set my alarm for, around 10:30 so I could get my dad's help on this Shakespeare thing I had to do for english, felt even worse (fever was back), and so decided to just go back to sleep when I still could (you know how you have that grace period sometimes for a few minutes after you wake up and you know that you won't be able to go to sleep if you don't right then?). Woke up this morning in tooth pain plus sore throat/headache/runny nose/the works and, randomly, a stomach ache (prolly from the cold, though, and drainage or whatnot), having had nothing done the night before and the prospect of facing all the crap today, and so decided to stay home.

And that's my story. /lol.
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So, when this theatre thing says "approximately 3000 words in length", am I going to get knocked off for it being much closer to 4000? Because this is even without a lot of the stuff that I had intended to put in there; it's maybe 2/3 of all the stuff I wrote over the semester and a half so far.

Edit: Well, damn. You know it's late when I was somehow thinking that I was only 100 words over, and not 1000. That is way too much. *starts trimming*

Ah, bugger it. I've been actually working on it for about 3 hours, more or less straight, so that's impressive. Because a lot of what I first wrote was rambly as I was writing about the rehearsal I was observing as it was going on and such, so I had to not only type a bazillion pages worth of crap but fix and rewrite it all too.

Now onto the math. Grr. As I don't know how I'm supposed to do this thing as it gives us a bunch of data and I know the type of equation I'm supposed to extrapolate (it's half-life of a malaria drug), but my calculator won't do that. So, umm, I'm just going with the best thing the calculator can give me. Because I still have a lot of history to learn (as he didn't frakking teach anything, as usual), a bio lab to finish, and a 3 paragraph english thing to write after that. The only one that actually might get done tonight (as it has to) being the math, however. Everything else can be done shittily in the morning or during the day.

Last day before spring break, though, yay for that. After this, it's mostly all review for finals and such in my harder classes, and all the major paper type things are done save one more in English, I think. Good.

Staying awake purely thanks to the power of Diet Dr. Pepper and slightly stale popcorn. (It shouldn't be stale as I only made it last night and this stuff lasts forever because it's made in the actual popcorn machine type thing, but it rained late last night and was horridly humid both inside and out and that killed it slightly. Still tastes good, just have to chew it longer.)
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Question. If I've got to type up this journal thing of my responses to stuff we've done in theatre class, is it good to use the exact phrasing I used in the journal if the typed up version's getting sent off to some international place to be graded? The phrase I'm questioning is "drunken teenage frat-boy contingent". Not sure if I want to change that or not. Leaning towards not.

Every once in a while I get this whiff of what smells like pig preservative from the fetal pig dissection we've been doing in bio while I'm sitting here on the couch. Kinda grossing me out, because it's not coming from my hands, which means that I probably got something on either my shirt or my hair. And I'm thinking hair, because there was a strand of it I was noticing in Spanish that looked all odd and dirty when it shouldn't have. But when I actually try to smell for it, I can't find it. Gross.
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Whoever invented daylight savings time should diediedie. I just started actually getting into some kind of a rhythm where I actually went to sleep at night (though I was still waking up 20 times a night, at least I was going to sleep at a quite early but reasonable hour) and wasn't grotesquely tired in the morning. Well, that's gone.

Not only did I have to get up an hour earlier today (same on Sunday, but it wasn't as bad as I only was up at 7:45ish, meaning it felt like 6:45, which is a bit after when I normally wake up for school), but I had gone to bed only about an hour before that. Miserable. Plus, I didn't have my glasses because I couldn't find them in the morning, so it was impossible to pay attention (I notice that because I can't focus on the teacher or the board or whatever, my ears stop working also), meaning I was even more about to fall asleep. Had to take a bio test this afternoon, probably bombed that as we ended the unit almost a week ago and I hadn't looked at anything since. Definitely did bomb the first half of the chem test, which I know as we graded it in class. I was making stupid mistakes on things I knew the answers to, which was sad for me and indicative of the effect that the bad sleep has on my body.

So. Theatre class hell week is this one and the next. Paper was due Monday, oral presentations (20 minutes, gah!) for how to directorially bring this Beckett play to life on stage are next Monday, portfolio things are due sometime this week or the beginning of next, plus she gave us a new play and wants that read by the beginning of next week. Still not talking to the teacher, anyway, after the whole losing my paper and lying about it and then giving me no credit when I tried to give her another copy thing.

Mock trial. Still have to talk about that at some point, because I want to, and I've got two trials to complain about. Had a meeting Monday, but I couldn't go due to said bio test. Evidently, both my witness for my prosecution direct examination and my lawyer (from regionals, not my original lawyer) when I'm a witness can't go to state.

Did I mention that? We're going to the state competition. Which is cool. But I'm sort of tired of the case by now. It would be much more enjoyable if I didn't hate the case, but by now, I pretty much just want it to be over. Anyway.

State starts the Friday of spring break, right before we come back. People are out of town. And as such can't go. So if I have to train a new witness and a new lawyer (as I had to do once already for the latter), these weeks and the actual trials (we're going to get killed, we know it, as we've practiced maybe eleven times, counting practice trials, total and the kinds of teams we're up against meet every day all year working on these things) are going to be not enjoyable at all. I know we're going to get kicked out right away, I'm totally realistic about that, but I don't want to lose simply because we're doing the third recasting this season.

Yes. So. I have chemistry to learn for this test, math to learn because I totally was caught off guard by both the fact that we had a quiz Monday and everything on said quiz, and a whole lot of english to do--it's a quadruple assignment for this novel: read all 150 pages of the bitch (okay, it's shortish, but annoying), annotate the play (not an unreasonable directive, but I have the feeling that she's the type that wants something written for every sentence, which is), do a journal entry for it analyzing the style and themes and stuff (which she undoubtedly expects to be an exhaustive analysis of the thing), and fill out a worksheet that's essentially just another journal entry. And she expects the two hours of class to be sufficient for all of this work. Moron. I'm not even going to finish reading it, there's no chance. I'm barely forcing my way through the sparknotes right now. Going to finish that (meaning the sparknotes, I'm not messing with anything else) and then go to bed, as yet again, it somehow ended up being almost 4 in the morning without me realizing it.
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So. I'm really stressing about this mock trial thing tomorrow today. Because I don't have my stuff memorized. And I really need to, because evidently I got docked big time for using notes first round. Umm, it's specifically in the rules that you can't dock for using notes, but they do it anyway, which pisses me off.

School is probably more stressing right now. I'm behind in everything, but the quarter ends Friday, so all the time that I thought I had to gather courage and ask teachers to be able to make up work is gone. And even if they agreed to let me, between mock trial Tuesday and Thursday, preparing for it tonight and Wednesday, I have no evenings to do this work. My report card's going to suck, I'm not going to be able to bring my grades up for semester at all, and I'm going to be right back where I used to be, with straight Bs and prolly a couple of Cs at the rate I'm going. It's totally different from previous years, though, because back then it was more "Oh, I do just what I need to to get by", but now I can't force myself to work. At all. I stress and get sick whenever I think about it, so I don't work, trying to avoid said stress, but really just cause more by not doing the work. I've said this all a thousand times, but it's never helped me.

Mock trial coach lady yelled at us on Sunday for bitching about the team combination thing. I was going to defend myself (because she made it seem like we were defaming the personal qualities of the people on the team while that was not the case; we simply discussed how their skill wasn't up to par and mainly how we disagreed with the policy. With the skill bit, it's the same way that you would say "Yeah, so and so's not good at math, really.") and explain that we're simply in disagreement with her decision to select the team in that manner, but the group she was bitching at was comprised halfly of people who weren't involved at all, so were I to start talking back, it would drag them into it and I didn't want to do that. She wants me to wear this suit jacket thing of hers, though, which is pretty much too small. I'm like "Okay, but I can't so much button it as not." She's like "Yeah, that's fine". I'm not crazy about it, honestly, I'm a fan of my mostly unbuttoned red long sleeved dress shirt and low cut black tanktop underneath when we're going against co-ed and guys' schools. Kidding, but it's more comfortable than trying to smush a tight jacket on top of that.
Speaking of, I've got to go find my pants. They were in the bathroom for a while, but I finally threw them down the laundry chute a few days ago. So they're in the laundry room in the basement somewhere. Which means that they're undoubtedly wrinkly (even though these pants are really good at staying unwrinkled, there's only so much they can take) so I'll have to get up early and iron them. Grr. Though not, I guess, because I'm pretty sure I'm going home before trial like I usually do (for just an hour or so, but I can't stand being away from home for 16 hours like that without time to sit down and relax).

English journal conferences this week. Realized I haven't been doing my journal at all this quarter. I have maybe four pages of it. Shit. And my grade is hugely riding on this thing. I heard one girl had one zero and it brought her down to a 79%. My one zero in that class is for a huge thing. I've got to be practically failing.

Spanish test tomorrow also. Same with bio. Both grades also riding on these tests. Got a 73% on the last Spanish test (I, along with more than half the class, got one entire conjugation section wrong for some reason) and I never do well on the vocab quizzes, so I doubt I've got higher than a B- in there at the moment. Bio is easy, but I don't know this stuff that well (as he really didn't teach it, grr) and it's all diagrams and such to draw and essays. Multiple choice I can get, because those tend to be easy, but I have to diagram from scratch a bunch of stuff. Grr.

Started a book Sunday evening, finished it this afternoon: Trial by Journal by Kate Klise. It's a kids' book, really, but I thought it was entertaining. It's a quick read, something to do while you're lounging around and want to do something easy but fun for two hours. Twas cute. I had started going back through and rereading the Everworld books, but I can't find my copy of book 3, so I stopped until I can locate it (I'm not one for reading out of order when I've not read the books for several years) and my sister really loves the Klises' books, and this was lying around, so I picked it up.

So. I'm going to finish this fic I'm reading and then go to bed. Because yay, sleep. I've been doing that a lot lately. Ish. I'm waking up every 2 hours or so, more and more frequently as it gets closer to morning. I'm falling asleep for 15 minutes and then waking up as it nears 6:30. So I'm having to sleep for longer periods to counter the fact that I'm not getting good sleep. I've given up on the whole stay up to do work thing. I don't do the work anyway, so why the hell am I staying up? It's odd, though, if I go to bed at 10ish and get up at 6ish (like I did Sunday night), you'd think I wouldn't always be as tired as I am. My mum makes these comments about how I spend all my time sleeping, and I'm like "But I don't--I can't sleep most of the time!" I get really defensive about it, for some reason. An odd one, I am.
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I knew that having yesterday off was just too good to be true. Calm before the storm, it was.

Ugh. I had a headache towards the end of school today, and I took a nap when I got home (as I wasn't in bed until like 4:30 yesterday, bad Alexandria) and woke up with a sore throat. Damn it.

The day kinda really started out sucky. I couldn't get my paper printed before school, my bio teacher said we were doing a lab so I couldn't go meet with these people about this med school program (and it wasn't a lab really at all. It was setup for one. Something that I could have had somebody else do for me and be no worse off). I forgot about my bio workbook pages until the last 5 minutes of history (bio being immediately after; usually I just do them in history, but that morning I totally forgot that they had been due Tuesday, and thus were due instead today. I was walking up the stairs to bio and one strap of my backpack/bag thing fell off. I grab it by the handle, growl, and try to fix it as I keep walking. I clip it back on, put the bag back over my shoulder, and then the other strap falls off. I gave up. I was like "No. I am done." We were on the second floor landing, and I just stopped walking in give-up-ness. Katie then grabs my bag for me and hauls it up the last flight of stairs, handing it back to me once we pass my bio room, like the crazynice she is, but then it took me a bit to fix it once in the room, when I then realized that I had forgotten another bio page that I had missed a few days back. Grr for that. And then we start messing with e. coli in bio. I was just like "Okay. With the way my day has been going, I'm going to catch e. coli. I might as fonging well just drink the test tube and cut out the middleman of somebody getting it on my math book or something. Not even waste the time." I didn't drink the test tube because it prolly would have tasted nasty, but still. At lunch, after the bit in the middle that I'm going to talk about in a minute, I realize that I hadn't done all of the stuff for Spanish that I was supposed to (we had to do the work for the whole chapter, I thought it was just the first 3/4 of the chapter that was about the stuff we had talked about), so I'm scribbling that down, end up copying it from somebody at my lunch table, and still don't finish the last set of exercises. And then in Spanish I had the wrong answer when he called on me, which I hate (but it was freaking definite articles. Of the irregular persuasion. Meaning you really just have to memorize whether they're masculine or feminine. Especially when the masc. means one thing and the fem. means another. How was I supposed to know?) and is embarrassing as all get out to me. As I'm pretty good in Spanish generally. And then I got my headache in there about half way through, which carried through to english, which carried through until I got home.

But in the middle of all that, I ended up spending like an hour and a half in the counselor's office today. We were talking about my scheduling and such, but then somehow I ended up basically crying on her shoulder (except for not actually on her shoulder so much as in the chair across from her) and telling her about how I've been all screwed up lately. Man, I love her so much. She undoubtedly had so much to do after the snow day yesterday, trying to catch up with the people who signed up for meetings on Tuesday and didn't get to see her because of the no school and all, and yet she lets me stay in there for the second half of calc, the first 2/3 of theatre, and then again for the first 2/3 of chem. And between fourth and fifth, she was just talking to the honors coordinator guy about how we were going to work my schedule. So basically, for her, it was like 3 hours of Alexandria. Enough to drive anybody mad. And I'm all "I'm really sorry. Here I am crying over your box of tissues, and you've got other stuff to do." And she's like "Umm, no. You don't have to apologize. Ever." And I'm like *loves her*.

So that's pretty great. I had teachery people that I could talk to back at my old school (I could show up whenever at my counselor's office and she'd just let me sit in there with her if I needed to. And ditto with Michelle. They'd both pretty much drop everything if I needed to talk, which was amazingly lucky on my part.), but nobody really at this one, and I think that was bugging me. So I'm glad that she sorta knows what's going on and I can come in there if I need to.

And then there was some good V-day Seven/B'Elanna fic for this using the letters of Valentine's Day as the first letters of your paragraphs/limericks challenge thing (which was a great idea and I'm going to have to try it for the next holiday). And [ profile] xx_housecat_xx told me I was a good beta. Which made me all happy like whoa.

So in conclusion, happy end of Valentine's Day to everyone. (Because it's pretty much a lot better when it's over.)
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So. Was making cookies. I was like "Okay, let's give people cookies for Christmas." Yeah, no. They didn't cook right. Twas my fault, though, as they said 10-12 minutes and they weren't done then, so I put them back in for another 10 minutes and they still weren't done, so instead of going short increments, I stuck them in for another 10 and then they got too dry.

And then my dad was like "Oh, you can microwave them too." And he put one in, but we have two microwaves, see (no idea why) and he put it in the newer, stronger one, so it burned really badly. As in, that was almost 10 minutes ago and I can still barely breathe even though we've got the microwave sucker fan thing going that sucks the air to the outside.

Spanish final tomorrow. Not nearly as worried about that as I think I should be. Math is what's going to kick my ass. Haven't studied for any of them, though.

Still don't know when we're leaving for Texas. Looks like Saturday morning. My grandma wanted mum to just pull me out of Friday school and go down then, but I was like "Yeah, says right here that if you miss a final and don't have a note from the appropriate medical or legal authority, you get a zero. Not happening."
Though my last two finals are bio and chemistry; I only really need to put my name on the test of the former to get an A (because I've got like a 97% and this final combined with the midterm that I got a 98% on only make up 10%, meaning that even if I don't answer anything, I've got a 92%) and the teacher of the latter said that as long as we pass the final, it really doesn't count. So they're easy. But not missable.

Been reading fics to myself lately, which makes me smile. Especially because some of the really long ones are impossible to do in one take straight through so I'm merging bits together and the program I've got to do so (Sony's Acid Express) is pretty darn cool and I feel accomplished every time I make a seamless transition thing from one clip to another. The reads aren't great because I'm doing them while lying on my stomach on my bed into my Mp3 player and usually doing them in one take unless they're over 10 minutes or I majorly screw up. Like fumble on a page turn or something. That's happened a couple of times. It's like *pause, paper crinkle* and, next page. I tend to just restart from the beginning, though.
And has anyone else ever tried to do dialogue switching back and forth from a British accent to Southern US and back all quickly? That's hard. I can do both accents relatively well on their own, but trying to also man them up (because it was Reed and Trip from Enterprise, both men) and do them quickly was majorly challenging. Didn't sound terribly accurate.
Grr at me a bunch of times screwing up and deleting the wrong file from the player. I try to delete the one that I just recorded, but it doesn't always start on the delete menu with the most recent one, sometimes it goes from the one before or from the beginning and it doesn't tell me how many tracks are on there, so I just have to guess what number I was on and I've been wrong at least twice and deleted complete, good, one-take reads.

But if anyone else has/knows of places to get good fics in recognizable fandoms on audio, I'd like to see them. I've got a couple that I really want to listen to, but I'm forcing myself to save them for the trip, and that's only a few.
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There's an ad for House above my email box! You know with Yahoo how you've got "Yahoo Mail" and then a little banner ad and then the main email thing with "Mail, Addresses, Calendar, Notepad" and so forth on down the page? That's where it is. Yay for adverts for tonight's ep. Which I won't get to see for several days due to the fact that I'm going to make somebody take me up to mini medical school this week. But the lecture's going to be about ethics in medicine, which is cool.

Ahh. Studying. Yeah. Going now. Both of these are really important as the bio teacher told us that this is the biggest whore of a test this semester and my grade in math, as previously reported, sucks arse.

Ooh, next week Denver is playing San Diego in football. Nice. I think we might lose, though. As they seem to be sort of better. Though we've been tied in standings most of the season. So maybe.
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So. That math test that I predicted I could get no more than a C- on? 71%. C- exactly. I'm so pissed. Because not only did she not let me study after springing the test on me with no warning (and I get these things really fast, it would have taken me two minutes and I would have remembered the formulas for 15 points worth of questions, bringing me up to an 86%) but I realized that I had one of the formulas wrong completely in my head; like I thought I had it right (though I realized that it didn't make sense, I was almost positive that was what was in my notes) but I didn't.

I took two quizzes and a test with these formulas wrong, and since I didn't get the first quiz back before I took the test or either of those back before I took the second quiz, I had no idea I was doing it wrong. Got the test back today right after I finished the second quiz (which was actually from a while ago that I didn't know I and several other people had missed) and realized that I majorly fucked them all up. I had copied all the formulas onto a different sheet of paper to get them all from different pages in my notes onto the same place, and copied that one (which was needed on somewhere from 3 to 6 different problems on each of the test and two quizzes) down wrong. And pretty much majorly wrong, as I substituted an 'X' for the 'U' and the 'U' for a '1', so I had two variables, which didn't make sense at all, but that was all I could come up with. I knew the U was the variable, but I couldn't figure out where I got the X from. That, and I hadn't studied the formulas that I knew I didn't know for the quiz because I figured she already screwed me over on the test and there was no point, as I had no idea there was going to be a quiz.

Don't you think that the point of quizzes is to figure out what you're doing wrong before the test?

So pretty much I'm now stuck with a C for semester no matter what I do.

And it's stupid stuff. I'm good at math. She docks points for stupid shit. Like missing all the points of a problem for things that other teachers would take off one or one-half for. I can figure out ways to do things when I can't remember the way we were taught to do them (or, in this teacher's case, not taught). Did that on this test, got the answer for the problem completely right, but got no credit because evidently she wanted it done a different way. I have no idea what that different way was. You know, sometimes you remember something being talked about, know you should know it, but don't remember? I didn't recognize this at all.

So yeah. I was really angry. I've got no idea what I've got in there right now, but it's probably close to a D+ because the test and quizzes are pretty much all we've got on there and the quizzes were almost completely based on those formulas.

Got an 83% on the last bio test because we were doing the same unit in chemistry and they sort of contradict each other and evidently I went too in depth with my answers. How do you go too in depth? And I didn't know we had to do anything in our lab manuals and so when he told us to put them on the table so we didn't have to carry them around, I figured that that was the reason we were putting them there, not to be graded. Got a zero on that. Still haven't handed in that history thing because I keep forgetting and even when I don't forget, I've got this craziness that I'd rather never remind the teacher that I haven't yet turned it in/made it up/whatever and take a zero than remind them for points, but have to face them when I hand it in late. Which is bad. Haven't done my math homework in a while, got a Bio test tomorrow that I've not studied for (and don't really plan to), English test tomorrow over two short stories that I don't even have copies of because I wasn't there when they handed them out, and nowhere to go at lunch because the teacher that I usually hang out with isn't going to be there. I'm getting farther and farther behind while I'm waiting for this random wave of really bad depression to pass, which is making me even more depressed.

And then I was telling this to Katie and she gave me a hug and I managed to start sobbing my arse off in her arms in the middle of theatre class because everything has just been so fucked up for me in the past months and I'm pretty much to the point where I can't take it anymore.

Yeah. That's my story.

Edit: And I think my dog is outside playing with a rat. Eww. Lovely.

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