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  • About three weeks ago, got my car inspected and had to have $500 of work done replacing the entire exhaust system. The very next trip, the check engine light came on.

  • Two weeks ago, the gold Camry has to have a whole new water pump; I'm not sure how much that cost, but Google tells me like $300.

  • Last week, Dad traded in my awesome red car (sadface -- I loved that thing -- but he says it was on its way out) plus ~$7000 for a newer, silvery Camry.

  • The middle of this week, my mother slips on the road while it's raining and totals the gold Camry on the way to work. (Not sure if we're even going to try to fix it -- going to be like $5000 of repairs and the car's maybe worth just that much.)

  • This afternoon on my car (by hand, because bonding with my dad by fixing cars ftw): changed oil, replaced oil and air filters, replaced spark plugs and spark plug tube seals and valve cover gasket and everything in that, and basically spent way more time with my head either in the hood or under the engine than I ever wanted. ~$100 plus several hours of our labor, though that's technically free.

  • And it turns out after that giant exhaust system overhaul, suddenly something's wrong with my muffler (natural conclusion from that and the check engine light: whoever "fixed" my car is a moron), and also my transmission is kind of sketch (and this is totally my fault; umm, apparently I didn't check the transmission fluid when I should have and it was pm completely dry), and basically this car should last another 50,000 miles but there's no way.

  • So after all this money and with however many thousand still needing to be put in to the van and my car, now we're down to
    • my car, which is on the opposite side of the state as my parents and needs a muffler repair and possibly a new transmission soon and the check engine light is still on for no apparent reason

    • the smashed gold Camry on the chance they decide to sink $5000 into fixing it (Mom says no, Dad says maybe, so it's probably 30:70 fix it/trash it at this point)

    • the van, which definitely needs its transmission probably entirely rebuilt because it slips terribly, which is going to be another ~$2000

    • and the new Camry, which we're still paying off

    • -- basically my parents have one working car + one that ~sort of works at this point

And so I may have to buy a new car in the next year or so, because the family obviously doesn't have another one to lend me if this one goes out (and there's probably going to come a point soon on it when it's not worth fixing). And because Dad used all his sick days and thus didn't donate any into the sick day pool last year (even though he barely used any from the pool since some bitch who just broke her ankle took an entire month off right before he got diagnosed), he gets docked every day he doesn't work. Which means even before the however much we've put into cars in the past month, we've been kind of anticipating things getting financially sketch, depending on how long Dad's out for chemo and such. Fixing the smashed car will literally wipe out their savings, which isn't cool because we know the health insurance is awesome for radiation, but who knows if it's different for chemo or if they'll refuse to cover a re-biopsy or whatever....

So instead of getting up early tomorrow and going to a car place, I really want to just see if I can figure out what's wrong with my muffler by myself, at least, because I feel like since it's just . . . umm, loose or something? I can maybe just, idk, tighten it back on, and save someodd hundred dollars?

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Got an email from my Biomolecular Interactions professor telling everybody to sign up for the online class. . . idk, document repository and grade report thing. It's still got stuff from last year up, which I'm pulling off and looking at (from fall as well as spring, which leads me to hope that he leaves at least one of them up all year for studying purposes) and this guy looks pretty awesome. I'm excited. It's my major's department, the same one as the genetics class from last fall that I loved (though a lot of that was because I love genetics as a topic), and there seems to be quite a variance in teaching methods in the syllabus. Papers, quizzes, tests, articles to bring home and read, group work (blech on that one, if only because I tend to fail at. . . making friends), some thing entitled "service project," which really intrigues me.

--thought sidetrack ("That would have been hard last year; I'll have to have a car to do any kind of service anywhere.") I do not know what (if!) car I'm taking to Springfield. Except that it's not the van nor either of my parents' cars. Which means it's the red car, which, while I love it, cannot do highways for extended periods of time. I jog from one exit by the Walmart to the next by my house sometimes on the highway just so I don't have to deal with traffic lights, and it's not happy getting up to 60. Most of that drive to school is 70, and I'll be damned if it's going to take me 8385673 hours because I have to take backroads. Plus, no cruise control. Plus, (and this is the biggest plus) no air conditioning. And I can't exactly open the windows on the highway unless I want to get negative 48 mpg.

I was rather seriously looking into if it would go on the Cash for Clunkers barely-masked-extra-auto-industry-bailout thing that I'm paying $3 billion into, but no. Even though in practical driving (I've measured) it gets comparatively shitty gas mileage (for that little thing. I wonder if something's wrong, because Dad says he's gotten mid 30s when he was driving it when we first got it, but all I get is 22), it's not shitty enough according to their records. And because of this hugely popular car trade-in program, nobody'll give me anything for it for a good while until after the program's done. Oh, and plus it's not actually my car, so it's not like the parentals would let me keep any money I got from trading it in. Details.

--end thought sidetrack. *scrolls up to read what the hell she was actually talking about*
Oh yes. Besides the fact that the lab is back to back with my organic chemistry lab (fuck. me.) adding up to my 9 to 6 or 7 school day on Mondays, it looks interesting. I'm the kind of kid that's always been fine with the straight up lecture courses if you make me interested (meaning the plethora of amazing history teachers I've had), but the stuff I really retain? Let's look at the abnormal psych course that I got some 99% in this spring without buying the book much less reading it, all because I had fun in my AP psych class 3.5 years prior. A bit less so, but ditto to 2 years ago's AP economics that I remember much more than I ever would have expected (meaning. . . more than 0. I'm not good with it, but I can tell that it would take 15 seconds of refresher to bring it all back) considering that I couldn't give a flying fruitbat about econ and was only taking it because I'd pretty much exhausted the school's offerings and it was the only prerequisite-less AP course I hadn't yet taken.

As usual, this was a few days ago. New stuff.

I met Ianto!kitten and he is adorable. [ profile] bleakone and my house is going to be a freaking menagerie. Yay for this.

I got some of the most awesome shoes ever today. AND THEY DON'T FIT. So pissed off, as that was the only size they had in the store and natch, my sister got one too and they fit her. Going to have to try to shop them around to the other branches (dad says the storelady said that there were three of the same stores within 15 miles, though he got them in the first place so I couldn't even tell you what store it was) and try to swap up. They're like Chucks or whatnot, that canvasy style, in black, BUT KNEE HIGH BOOTS. It's like 10th Doctor went through a sex change machine and all his clothes got changed as well, this is how awesome. And they're $80-something normally and he bought them for $30, which is way more than I would ever, ever spend on shoes, but Dad gets pissed off when I talk about returning things he bought for me because he thinks I don't like it rather than it's just me being obsessively cheap, so after he huffed for the first time I quickly made it seem that it was just because they didn't fit rather than because OMG$30SHOES and that they didn't fit, hence why I now have to look up where those other stores are. And hope he didn't pitch the receipt (like usual). Kind of hard to look up when I have no idea where, though, so that'll have to wait.

Also spent the better part of the last few days looking for cars on Craigslist. Emailed a couple of people, and here's a shoutout to the lady that was all honest-like and told me that the car she had wasn't for me (I mentioned that I was leaving in a few weeks) because though the part it needed replaced was a cheap replacement (which was all my googling had found me re: the problem the listing said it had), it was lodged between the engine and the transmission, so not an easy fix. I like that she told me that so much that I kind of want to show the listing+email to dad and ask him what he thinks--he fixes all of the cars everything by himself (plus the kids as his bitches, naturally), so it might not be impossible, and I think it was otherwise a decent car for like $700.

ETA: Oh, except that I deleted the email yesterday and it's not in my trash anymore. Oh well. Cheaper to just put a cruise control on the red car like I want to.

There was a millipede (or some such many-legged fellow) on my bed a moment ago. Such are the perils of living in the basement. So I caught it and stuck it in a plastic bag that was within arm's reach. And bit some air holes in the very top and set it down to show people in the morning. Only to realize a few minutes later that it turns out I didn't need the air holes anyway, as half of one side of the bag was split open. So now there's a millipede on my floor somewhere. If it crawls anywhere on my body, though, I cannot be responsible for what my reflexes do.
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Ahh, Majel Barrett Roddenberry. Science fiction TV will not be the same without thee.

In other news. Home. Cold. As per usual. People driving idiotically slowly on the highway--I promise you guys, it was just rain. And not even enough to turn my wipers on past the first notch. That doesn't deserve a 25mph slow down. It was probably the most active I've ever had to drive--usually I just stick my cruise control on and leave it, passing people when I need to in order to stay at the same speed. Nope. Constant adjustment because nobody could stay steady. It was nuts. And probably contributory to my burning a half tank of gas, which is more than I expected.
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So. Busted up my van, sort of. I'm blaming it on the stupid sporty chick in the SUV that parked next to me. Unfortunately, when it comes down to the damages, they're all on me--it was her fault, but I did the actual damaging. The bitch pulls in to the spot next to me as I'm trying to pull out of this one at a weird angle at the very end of the parking lot (all but impossible to get out of on one try backing up, even if you're in a car and not this full sized van) and she's so close to me that you literally couldn't open the passenger door. Not even just not wide enough to get out; she was maybe 3 inches max from me, way over the line. I'm halfway pulled out, but need to pull back in and re-angle because it's the odd edge spot, but can't because now she's there (I gave her the nastiest look, LOL, and she just sort of shrugged), and it's either scrape the fuck out of my car on the parking lot sign or scrape the fuck out of my car on her car and then have to pay for her car. There was no way I was getting out of there without scraping something, no possibility at all, and since I was halfway out, it's not like I could just stay there and wait for her to leave (as while I was agonizing over what to do, she'd speedily jumped out and left, so I couldn't make her move her car so I could get out). Add to that that it was dark and wet and gross, so considering the circumstances, I succeeded pretty well at trying to minimize the damage, but there's a pretty deep scrape all down the driver's side, as well as the side headlight is completely gone, both cover and light (which is amusing, considering last time I went home, I spent 2 hours out in the cold getting the inside front headlight repaired).

I was unbelievably pissed all through exercising after I got out and saw what the damage actually was. In that "Oh, shit. What am I going to do?", internalizing it into depression sort of way. No fun. But then I was like "Torchwood yay" because [ profile] bleakone and I watched an episode down in late night dining and I got engrossed in that and my chicken salad (that is not sitting well, though that's probably more due to the fact that it just now sort of hit me that I've got a final in less than 12 hours that I've not yet begun to study for) and forgot, which is good. But the father is going to be uber pissed.

Reading tons of CJ/Abbey fics all of a sudden (mostly because I started playing with a CJ/Donna Christmas fic and wanted to get into the voices and absent having episodes to watch, went to read fic; unfortunately in this circumstance, there's much more CJ/Abbey than CJ/Donna) and I got drawn in to Cj's excellent, but unfinished (!!hate!--I was so engrossed!) Repetition series.

Review. This cut is purely so I can possibly link to this later without making people read through my car woes before or my suitemate woes later, but whatever. )

And now, on another note, I was just trying to get this typed up (the car story; the fic rec was an inadvertent sidetrack caused by my trying to pick out an icon to use for the post, seeing my CJ/Abbey one, and going "Ooh, that was a great fic") so I could hop into the shower and either go to bed to get up and study in the morning or study some and then go to bed, but now I think people are hanging out in our suite area. And it's quite awkward to go in and take a shower when there are even my suitemates around, much less in the suite area, much less with people (including guys) I don't know in there.

Except now, as I kept typing up the review, they're gone. But the others are getting ready for bed, so I've got to wait a bit longer. Fail, timing.
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Oh, and didn't mention. I'm home.

Heat blanket, how I've missed you. Except I think I may be having some kind of sensory issue, because I've noticed this several times lately: I don't feel heat. In my entire body. My mind registers the signal and cognitively knows that it's warm because I get those pinpricky bits of sweat under my eyes. But my limbs, torso, etc. are not transmitting the warm sensation. I'm not cold, but I should be quite toasty; I'm under the heat blanket (OMG, how I've missed you) that I've used and been uncomfortably warm under before (though of course there's the chance that it simply no longer works) and it's cranked all the way up and all.

The family bought cake as a sort of welcome home + sorry last time you were home it sucked (beause of the whole 'everybody being somewhere else' thing), and it's 5 pounds of chocolate deliciousness. Holy shit, this is a large cake.

Ride home was uneventful, save that I got to play with Ray's (friend of [ profile] bleakone who was along for half the ride) iPhone for a few minutes, which was cool as I'd never gotten to mess around with one before. And it was rainy and wet, so Rachel's wipers got a workout.

I left my keys in Springfield, though, so I'll have to bum a set if I wish to go anywhere. Including to the gym, which we've got to get my sister's membership to transferred to me (as dad canceled mine before we knew that I could go to the one near school, and even though he tried to un-cancel it before it technically ran out, they couldn't do it) tomorrow so I can work out. Because Alexandria on no workout? Something no one wants to see.

Got a 50/50 on my last genetics paper, which is win. Got used as the example for the class, as well (which freaked me out a bit, because he pointed out one bit as "the bare minimum, here" and I was all "OMG, IFAIL.") which is impressive--I'm all about looking good in front of this guy, as he's both my advisor and I'm fairly certain on the pre-med committee. So I'm a little less worried about the test that I took in there today, which I knew absolutely nothing on. Or, you know, in that way in which it felt okay early on, but then you mark the ones you're not sure about and then go back to those and spend the last however much of your time on the ones you absolutely can't figure out, so you leave feeling like an idiot because the hard ones are last in your mind. So idk. But from a sheer how much time I put into this section perspective, I'm going to suck. Spent Thursday night fighting off a migraine instead of studying (I was more concerned with not letting it progress into a full blown migraine that would carry over to the test the next day and thus prevent me from performing at all as I'd be too busy, you know, puking) and managed to miss 3 lectures since the last test from the residence hall conference once, getting hung up upstairs in lab once, and just being a lazyarse once; therefore, good chance it won't be pretty.
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Pages from an Israeli astronaut's diary that survived the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia and a 37-mile fall to earth are going on display this weekend for the first time in Jerusalem.

Watching SNL. Can Amy Poehler get any more pregnant? LOL.

Re: Palin's "Palling around with terrorists" comments. They weren't kidding when they were talking about the gloves coming off.

Gasoline is $2.86 here. I'm thinking about buying a car. I'd want to do it back up at home so I could make Dad help me kick the tires and all, naturally, but I've been playing around on used car websites. I assumed it'd be too expensive, especially if I didn't have a job right away, but I'm so crippled down here without one (there's no public transportation to speak of) in terms of everything from actually getting a job (as my scholarship bars me from all work study stuff, so I can't get anything on campus) to going out on the weekends to simply going grocery shopping. I'm still too cheap to shell out enough money to get a decent one (read: one that does anything but sometimes run in a forward direction), though, so I don't know how/if it'll ever work out.

Bowling yesterday. We weren't in the aisle against the wall, so I had a lot of problems with how I spin too much on the followthrough and end up either shooting it way to one side or way to the other when I overcompensate. So the first round of two (we put our names down twice, sometimes thrice on each game, so we end up spreading our two free games into more) pretty much sucked, but I got better after warmup.

Updated score chart (each date line is one game, multiple names in one game -> comma'd values):


[ profile] crashcart9

[ profile] bleakone


71, 124

57, 52





56, 64

81, 67


101, 116

72, 50

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So, got one of those photo enforcement traffic ticket things. Taken at the turn right before I turn into the plaza where my job's at (this job is getting more and more expensive every day--the gas already knocked me down to take-home pay being significantly less than minimum wage; this essentially cancels out everything I've earned over two weeks of work).

I'm so going to contest it. Beyond the whole it being a kind of bullshit violation--I only slowed to 14mph to check that the intersection was clear before making a right turn on red instead of making a complete stop, which, I'll be honest, I didn't know was against the rules--that I probably would have contested anyway just because I think it'd be fun to go to court, they claim that I violated traffic code 17.07.040, when by failing to provide me with a court date or proper summons along with the request for payment, they straight-up violated 17.07.050 regulating the usage of the automated traffic enforcement cameras. Plus, on this court date (whenever I set it up), they sure as hell better be able to allow me my constitutional right to face my accuser. I'll be generous--they only have to bring the camera itself, not the whole pole-light setup.

Idk if there's really a leg to stand on there--or rather, I know there's a leg to stand on there and that it needs to be looked into further by the ACLU and such, but idk if the judge will take me seriously--but it's not like it'll cost me more if I try to fight it, and for the chance that it'll cost me $100 less, we're going for it.
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Ahh, tornado season. How I've missed you. IL how it decides to start storming like a bitch on the day I decide to ignore the parking space right in front of the building and instead opt for the one across the lot because I could pull through there (I've gotten into this hypermiling thing, and that's one of the little tricks, so you don't have to mess around shimmying out of a parking space with all the starts/stops/gear changes on a cold engine). This one, though, is supposed to be coming trufax right at us. And the storm def. was for a bit there, and then there was about a 15 minute break and it's starting to come back again, but I don't think it's ever coalesced into an actual funnel--spinnage in the storm winds and such, but no tornado. Sirens are going off and all, and the warning actually specified my little township within the county because it's (meaning the storm or the spinnage or something, I never actually heard what they were specifically referring to) coming right down the highway that's right next to my house. But my dad is from Oklahoma, which means he doesn't go down into the basement unless the funnel's already eaten your car parked in your driveway. And I figure that as long as I've got power and internets, it can't be too bad, LOL.

Had to get the car relicensed today (or, you know, Dad did while I was at work), and he spent three hours there trying to get them to fix their mistake with the licensing; they had the little 2000 Metro I drive in there as a 2006 Toyota somehow. I LOL'd, though, because evidently there was a whole to-do because to get it changed (as they didn't want to admit that it was a mistake in the initial input, I suppose, and so had to check everything a bazillion times) there was affidavit getting of the lady running the transaction and my father and notarized stuff and witnessing of him posessing the license, etc. etc. just to make sure there wasn't something nefarious going on. I mean, seriously? It'd be much more to my benefit if I had a 2006 Toyota rather than this Metro that we've already put more money into fixing than it cost in the first place. (I'd sell the Toyota, buy the Metro, and pocket the difference, LOL.) But I'd known about the weird licensing since winter, though, when I got hit by that guy and the cop ran the license stuff and went "O, erm, figure this out, because I'm being nice by not arresting you and giving you at least 6 tickets for this weirdness." Mentioned it then to Dad, and again when some paper came in about the relicensing (or maybe insurance, I don't remember) saying that we had a Toyota, but he seemed to think that it was just an insurance guy screwup and that it got fixed, if I'm recalling correctly.

And to end with something completely different: Popcorn = delicious. Popcorn kernels wedged under gums/in between every possible tooth = painful.

*chooses icon that would look best in shirt as wet as mine still is after coming in the house about an hour ago*
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LOL at this being a fail morning. Herein lies a description of morning so far. Beware of rampant tense changing.

I had to leave early today to get to a before-school mock trial practice. Urgh in itself.

But my alarm didn’t wake me up for 6 when I set it. I get up at the normalish time (closer to 6:30), and pretty much need to run out of the house right away.

I stay for a few minutes and make a quick egg sandwich for breakfast. Egg sticks to pan horribly, so the egg is more scrambled than fried simply because I had to butcher it to get it out and onto the bread.

Run out to car. Open door of car. Door swinging open bumps plate with open-faced egg sandwich. Egg sandwich, meet ground. It hit bread-down, so I pick it back up, brush it off a little bit, and eat the bits that don’t look like they are covered in pavement; mainly the biggest chunk of egg still on there (not that big due to aforementioned butchering) and whatever cheese comes up with it, but I made the mistake of trying to eat some of the bread too. It tasted like pavement.

I decide that then today is a good day to run by the gas station and use my free coupon for a breakfast sandwich there, since I only got prolly half a breakfast. But the person in front of me turning out of the neighborhood is an idiot and is trying to make a turn that is impossible when there’s traffic. (I was making the easy turn to the right, he wanted to cross 5 lanes of traffic and go left, through the line of cars for an intersection that the city stupidly put directly to the side of our exit which thus block the way more often than not.) So I wait there for a good several minutes. Finally getting to turn, I pull into the gas station (#1) on the right, intending to turn through there onto the street where the gas station (#2) with the coupon is (the layout of this area is pretty much incomprehensible). But gas station #1 has this flag out that means that their 20oz fountain sodas are only 25 cents, so I blow off gas station #2 and get a soda. Except then said soda doesn’t fit into the cup holder in the car. What is this, I ask. So I have to hold it all the way to school.

Drive is relatively uneventful, but then I have to park. I do this. I go to take the key out. No such luck. I mess with the wheel, turn the car on and off, but I can’t get the ignition to go to off—it’s stuck at the accessory setting. I finally go inside (about 5 minutes after I was supposed to be there, a good 3 of which were spent car-fiddling), and my mock trial coach (who is pregnant and didn’t bring her coat—I felt horrible) comes outside to get it out for me. Turns out that the car was acting up because of the cold and even though it said it was in park, it wasn’t. She puts it in drive and then park again, and pulls out the key. I feel like an idiot along with a horrible person for making this sick (she’s got killer, killer morning sickness—to the point of near hospitalization for such severe dehydration) pregnant woman stand out in the cold for my carfail.

We do mock trial stuff. That’s fine. I go to the library and do my Spanish homework. Also fine. Tis time for Spanish class. I go up to my locker and discover that I do not have my copy of Madame Bovary for English. Annoyance, as I took it out of my bag so I didn’t have to tote the heavy thing to the gym yesterday and it is thus sitting right there on the couch by the door. I mope about this for a few moments, but go into the class. Realize just as we’re about to start that in said moping, I forgot to grab my Spanish binder from my locker. Run out at the bell, run back a good 30 seconds late. Teacher really doesn’t care, but still. We go over said Spanish homework, which I bombed the back verb section of (because I fail at knowing the difference in usage situations between imperfect subjunctive and conditional tenses) and made a fool of myself by answering majorly incorrectly when called on for one of said verbs. Not fun.

And then more classes and more walking to classes, when I’ve managed to royally screw up my left knee (it’s the arthritis mainly, I think, though it’s been behaving like injury in its refusal to go away as it’s gotten progressively worse over the last few days) and thus am in extreme pain upon, you know, every step.

I’ve got to decide what I’m doing after school, because I’m supposed to have volleyball with Dad, but it’s one of the early release days, which means I’d have enough time to get a good amount of sleep in with the extra hour before I start on my massive quantities of homework. Usually I just use the extra hour before everybody comes home for raiding all the junk food in the house that I’d get yelled at for eating (or worse—forced to share), though, not sleeping (since that’s something that I can sort of do when other people are home, though I risk being woken up by yelling/people wanting to ask me stupid questions/etc.) but since Tyler is home because of the whole shit with him and Mum probably too, having had to bring him home, this would not happen. Plus, due to the whole me not having a car thing, I haven’t been to the last few because I couldn’t get there, and their competition is Saturday. And Dad doesn’t have a whistle because mine is in my bag (as I just keep it there so I never forget it for work). So I’m probably going to go. But then, you add in the factor that I have to pass my school on the way to Dad’s anyway, so it’s really not worth it to drive home and then back, as I am not into the buying gasoline thing.

So I’m probably going straight there. Which means I have to hang out in his classroom for a bit, but they’re doing the Constitution still, which means I can bitch about the Patriot Act and DOMA and other such constitutional bastardization. Decision made.
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Stayed in bed this morning, since I had volleyball after school (meaning I had to drive, meaning I could stay in for an extra hour).

Except not, as Dad finally took the car to the shop to get the fender fixed, so I didn't have anything to drive. Mum had to cart me up to school, which makes her uber late (seeing as her school is in the opposite direction as mine), and now I feel bad.

And this gum that I bought a bunch of a while ago (plain old Wrigley's Doublemint) and just remembered about and grabbed this morning? Disgusting. I don't understand it; I don't remember this kind being this bad. It's not because the flavor wore off either, it started immediately when I put it in. Perhaps a bad reaction with my cereal this morning, like orange juice after brushing your teeth?
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OMG, my mouth. Pain. It took them ages to get the temporary crown on/to fit, and my gums were screaming the entire time.

OMG, my wallet. Empty. The crown costs almost as much as the actual root canal? W. T. F.

Didn't end up going back to school, as my 1 hour appointment ended up being two as the receptionist that told me one evidently had no idea what she was talking about, and it wasn't worth driving back and parking and getting out, etc, all for only 15 minutes of my last class. And I was in pain (Still am. Kick in already, Advil!) and already had missed the pizza luncheon that I'd been saving calories all last week for, and more importantly (*cough*bullshit*cough*--nothing is more important than pizza when you've been looking forward to it for more than a week), the points I should have gotten for recruiting somebody to go with me to learn about the marketing program, which pissed me off.

I may not have mentioned (though I think I have) that they're redoing one of the highways in my city. Whatever, it's one I don't use. Except for but. They've screwed with the rest of them to take care of the overflow, as aforementioned highway will be closed for some two years. Gah. The one right by my house is now shoulder-less and with really tiny lanes. Which is scary enough when there's a truck beside you--the news was talking once that they have some tiny number of inches of clearance on each side now, the big 18-wheelers--but is completely terrifying when you're smashed between one of said trucks and somebody pulled over on the lack of shoulder. That is how my drive home went.

But I am home slightly earlier than normal, even for a day when I drive, which is nice. And enjoying a tuna melt (you know, in the sense that it hurts to breathe, much less chew around the left side of my mouth, but I was hungry enough that I decided to do it anyway). Except some facsimile of one, as I don't actually know what a tuna melt is and thus made a sandwich out of a piece of toast, a slightly melted slice of cheese, and some tuna salad, which just sounded about right for something called a tuna melt. The cheese was a waste, though, as I couldn't taste it on there after I lumped on the tuna, which was sad, if only because it was fat-free cheese, which isn't cheap.
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I had a whole story on here from Friday and it didn't post. This is sad. Suffice it to say, I was pissed because I waited outside for the bus in 2F degree weather for 20 minutes before finally going back into the house after Mum called for us and found out that it had broken down and would be 10-20 more before it got there. And then it came in only 5, which didn't give me sufficient time to warm up. Plus, upon getting on said bus, it decided to honk loudly at all the stops at 7 in the bloody AM to get the people who, like me, had given up on waiting in this below-freezing weather. I hoped somebody called the police. I mean, I know it's not the driver's fault that the bus broke down, but how stupid do you have to be to honk at houses as you pass through a highly-uptight residential neighborhood when many people are still trying to sleep?

Dad and Tyler fixed the faucet in the bathroom last night, as something had died and it spurted water out where it connected with the basin every time you turned the water on more than a trickle. They turned the water off, put a new one on, and that was that. It's one of those with only one knob, though, and you've got to move the handle to one side or the other for hot or cold. Those are odd to me because I think this is the first we've ever had. Plus, it's uber sensitive, so you've only got to raise it a tiny bit for full-out waterage.

But yes. You thought it was over. Woke up and went to leave for Mock Trial, and there's water all down the street. I look closer--water main break. Right in front of the house. I lolol'd at how it happened right after they messed with the water for the house, though there's almost no way that could have caused it; the pipes prolly just froze. Anyway. Street buckled, the whole bit.

This is 9am or so, I leave, get to school, we go over scores from R1 of mock trial, I end up getting parts traded so I'm now a lawyer both rounds (like I mentioned before, bad in that I have to prepare lots more stuff, good in that I don't get antsy and pissed off at the lawyers when they're screwing up and I'm on the witness bench), I come back around noon and there's nothing happening. Still water spurting out. Dad called them only a bit after I noticed it, but since the spurtage couldn't be measured in feet (the watergeyserofdoom was only maybe 4 inches bubbling up), they didn't bother to show up until quite a bit later. I still parked way down the street so they could get there.

They did show up, finally, and fixed it. Eventually. But they brought the backhoe out and dug a huge hole in our yard to do so, which is now not a pretty sight. I was afraid they'd have to go way up in the yard and mess with Mum's garden, because then she'd be uberpissed, but it stayed right below it. And they had hoses and pumps and somehow managed to make it actually geyser up quite spectacularly, and it was quite loud for most of the afternoon. I had to make a phone call to the insurance company of the guy who hit my car two weeks ago or whenever that was (it's been all but resolved: I've got to call her back and tell her if I--read: my dad--want to use one of their listed/affiliated repair shops or take their estimated money and pay for it myself wherever I choose, and then have such done, and it'll be totally over), and I kept having to repeat things. Not cool.

Seriously, though, this hole? Hufuckingmungous. I took a picture; I'll have to find the camera cord to upload it. It's from out the window, so you can't quite see how deep it is, but you can see the guy leaning over it and talking. He's talking because there's a man in the hole, but his head's about 2.5 feet below the ground, so you can't see him at all. That makes this an 8.5ish feet deep hole. And decently wide, too. Large, I say.

Twas fixed when we got back from church, though the hole's just been dumped full of dirt and is lumpy and gross. They say they'll come back and fix it up, but in 8-10 weeks because the dirt's got to settle or whatever.

And then I went to the gym, went by Big Lots to see if they had any more of the 100-calorie Wheat Thin packs that I stupidly only grabbed one of that afternoon when I went there with Dad (unfortunately, no), stopped by the farmer's market because I really wanted some pears (but they're so unripe that I won't be able to have them for a few days, sadly), came home from the gym and had a really good, really big salad for dinner. And that's my story.
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I think the accident shook me up more than I thought. I couldn't get to sleep last night at all. It's not like I kept seeing it or anything (though I replayed it in my head a scary number of times) in my dreams, but I was still more. . . idk, shaky than I let myself realize.

And now I'm avoiding leaving for school even though I'm going to be late if I don't. Fail.
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So. I was driving to the gym. This I do every day. Was planning on watching House down there whilst on the treadmill (curse you, American Idol--the TV guide keeps saying that the new House is going to be on week after week and it never is).

But then I got sidetracked a bit. When somebody turned onto the road I was driving straight on. And, you know, skipped the turn lane.

So I suppose what I mean to say is that he turned into my car.


Even though it just busted up (read: shattered) the hubcap on the front driver's side, I was pretty sure I was going to either puke or start crying there for a bit. More so when everything was on the way to being straightened out and then the cop comes back and tells me that something's wrong with both the registration and license plates on my car (as in, somehow neither of them had our name on them--my dad's looking into it, because we've got the papers that say they should) and that she's not ticketing me, but that if she did, it would be at least three tickets and more than a thousand in fines. (Which, as I've mentioned lately, we can't afford.) Didn't stop me from noticing that she was pretty hot, though. I think cops just generally are. It's something to do with the gun, because a woman packing heat has an allure that nobody can deny.

The whole system's a bit confusing, though. Since it's only minor damage that we can tell (I'm going to need a new hubcap and a realignment, but beyond a few scratches, that's about it that we could see--on the side of the road at night, however, so tomorrow things might be different, but since I drove it home with no problem beyond slightly more rightward veering than necessary, I doubt it's any more than that), there's no official report, but some kind of temporary one that only stays around for a week in the police department. Meaning everything's got to get done really fast, because there's no permanent record at this point. And the whole registration thing. The car was under "Enterprise", which makes v. little sense, as we bought it from a person (mum says that the seller must be running some kind of schemey deal thing, because she got it from the online shop/swap list at her work--meaning he's an employee of her school district--and the guy is constantly listing cars like he's working with a company or something). Plus, ermwhat? about the plates--I initially thought that they were from my mum's car when she told me the make that they were registered to, but even that's not right.

Idk. Dad's going to straighten it all out, which is good. It was pretty obviously his fault, as I was, you know, driving the speed limit down a straight road; even the cop said so, though her judgment doesn't actually mean anything because of the whole non-official report thing, so it shouldn't be too hard to get fixed up.

So that saga took about 40 minutes or so. Much of which spent standing around in the cold (it's not as bad as it was a few days ago, but still a couple of degrees below freezing) -- and to think that I almost just grabbed my jacket instead of my big coat. Went to the gym after like I'd planned, but ended up cutting my workout a bit short so the familia wouldn't freak about my being gone almost twice as long as usual. Still sort of, idk . . . shaken, but the workout helped with that.

I was planning on driving to school tomorrow, as it's an early/shortened day, which means that because of the schedule swapping around, I get to leave (about the same amount of time as usual before everybody else, but proportionally, as the classes are shorter) earlier than usual. Plus, I've got to drive to dad's school to help him with the volleyball team we're coaching (that I drove all the way out to do and hung around outside for a good 30 minutes on Monday only to find out that my idiot school didn't bother to pass on the message that it was canceled because Dad had to take Tyler to another doctor appointment).

Not so eager to now. Not even because OMGACCIDENT, but what happens if something goes wrong and I get pulled over or whatever and this time they do decide to ticket me for all this stuff that we've yet to figure out? We seriously can't afford that. Plus, should I even be driving that thing until it's inspected? It's not like I have much choice, because Dad can't do the volleyball by himself, especially considering that he's got both teams instead of the one we usually share (the other one of younger kids being taken by a different teacher). Gah.
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Finally got out and was going to do some Christmas shopping, LOL. I had wanted to go to the thrift store, but didn't wake up early enough (my sleeping's been nuts lately and I can't get it turned back around, which is frustrating). Went to the grocery store, then to Walgreens (in the same little shopping center type thing) to check for some toothpaste that I particularly wanted and because the sister wanted gum for Christmas.

We (said sister came too) got back in the car at Walgreens, and car was not amenable to starting. I am like "Ohshit. Battery." because I had left the lights on for the 5 or 10 minutes we were in the grocery store. Got more confusing when I thought about how I was able to drive from the grocery to Walgreens fine, but whatever. Gets out jumper cables, props up hood. Stands in cold rain (in a T-shirt) for a good 20 minutes, jumper cables thrown over little sister's shoulder, before somebody finally asked if we needed help. (Because lol, both of us were too shy to approach somebody and ask.) This guy--name of Tim--helps us mess with the dumb car. We try to jump it, but no such luck. After more standing in the rain (somewhere in there towards the end we discover that there are actually two umbrellas in the car and curse that we didn't look earlier), he (and his wife, mother, and daughters about Kaci's age, so it wasn't creepy) offer to drop us off somewhere, which we thank him most heartily for and take his ride the little ways down the road to church, where I knew our parents would be.

We wait a bit until mass is over, then everybody piles into the van and goes back up to Walgreens, where we mess with it some more. Still no luck. Dad and I take out the battery and take it to an auto place to get it checked, and their machine says it's taking the charge fine, which means it's the starter. Joy. We end up having to get it towed (because though we'd def. normally fix that kind of thing ourselves, the starter in that car's a bitch to find--I think you've got to take off one wheel and go from the bottom or something--and you can't exactly take your car apart in the Walgreens parking lot), and then fixed, and all of a sudden, three days before Christmas, we're out $500. Which hurt.

No shopping got done. Also a bad thing.
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LOL, forgot about recording my next fic for the [ profile] house_podfic advent calendar yesterday like I meant to, so I had to end up reading one of mine because I did it all of an hour ago and didn't have time to bug anybody for consent. I find myself not wanting to ask other people (except for you, [ profile] chaosity, because there is love and you wouldn't mock me too hard), lol, in case they hear my reading and go "But whut? This is not how I meant this to sound" etc. Because that is what happens when other people read things you write--they don't put the emphasis on the same places, and sometimes it can even totally change the meaning of whatever. (LOL, theatre classes. How I've learned that whilst trying to direct one thing out of people and getting something totally horrible different.)

I've got to be up at 7:30ish tomorrow, as I've got to try and get my music for the church Christmas rehearsal back from her (she kindly helped me write harmonies for lots of the songs, which will make a difference, methinks) before the rehearsal at 9. Meaning prolly waking her up and then driving over to her house. Though I may just skive off the rehearsal, as I've been to two of the first three (like required), and will be able to stay for the ninety bazilliion hours for the dress rehearsal (whenever that is--I'll have to look it up).

Planned on going to the mall tonight. Was snowing too much and the plows were too far behind. We ran up to the grocery store because I was baking Christmas present!blueberry loaf and wanted to try to find little, individual tins to gift them in, and slid all fucking over. It was horrible. There was one hill right at the intersection to get out of the neighborhood and onto the main road and my dad was all *fiddles with gears, hits gas* . . . and we went nowhere. I found it hilarious and yet scary at the same time. Trying to go up aforementioned road after finally getting up the hill was no fun either. We were going maybe 15 mph, both out of safety concerns and because trying to go faster would just make us skid.

But FAIL, weather, in that the big snow cloud kept the sky light for-freaking-ever, and so I couldn't take my massively amazing snow pictures while it was still snowing with big flakes. Well, I could have, but it wouldn't have looked cool, because it was just about as bright as your standard overcast day, when it should have been pitch black. You need to snow again tomorrow night, sir. Or some other night. But it was perfect and the snow was deep (for here, at least), and the trees looked cool, but it wouldn't have come out right because the sky was just grey.
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When I got up this morning, it was barely 50 degrees in the house. No wonder I managed to make myself fall asleep for another good 3 hours before getting up.

Hiking and such was fun, though I ended up having to sleep on the couch, and 5 feet of couch is insufficient for 5 feet 6.5 of Alexandria. Especially because I had taken off the cushions because it was a pullout bed, but then decided not to use the bed (I wasn't sure of its cleanliness), so I just had the little plasticky canvas frame bit and the big metal bar at one end, preventing much curling up.

I found a few sparkly rocks, which I'm a sucker for because they are the pretty. And realized that I am lolparanoid when it comes to other people getting near the edge of cliff type things, but not so much with me. And I know I wouldn't be scared if they had harnesses or whatever, but I was def. holding on to my sister's legs when she decided that she had to sit on top of the rock wall of the overlook building.

Oh and plus. Alexandria's rule to live by. If you are filling up your car with gasoline and the gas spills out a bit (it was actually hilarious that it happened, because I had spent the last 5 minutes trying to convince my mom to fill up the tank for me because I am always afraid that it would do so, though it never had for me before), run away. Far away. Like to the opposite side of the gas station. THIS IS TERRIFYING STUFF, PEOPLE. IT EXPLODES, IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL.

This made me wonder if I was being all hormone!terrified of everything, because usually I'm not this much of a scaredy cat. Though I always hate getting gasoline. If I could be guaranteed that I'd die right away if it exploded, that'd be something else, but I don't want to be in the hospital, covered with burns for weeks while waiting for my immune system to fail. Same with falling off cliffs. If it was just a straight cliff, it'd be different, but it was more of a hill with lots of trees. Dying? Not fun, but at least you're not impaled on one of said trees, stuck waiting for the medevac helicopter to fly the 30 minutes out to you.

But yes. I got home at 6pm or so last night, and then just went to sleep, because between school woes and the Sunday Chicago bus escapade (which I've yet to detail, so look for that to be backdated to Monday or so in the near future), my sleep has been difficultslashlacking. Woke up around 1am, decided that it was not worth getting up, and finally dragged my butt out of bed around 4.

This is my story.
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Just got back from the gym, and on the way back--it's only a couple of miles from my house--I passed no less than 6 police cars. It was 10:20 pm or thereabouts, and so there were nearly more police cars than regular cars on the road. Are they expecting some kind of full moon revelry? Because, if they are, point me to the revelry. I want in.

Watched the end of the Dartmouth democratic presidential candidate debate. That was interesting, though there wasn't anything really outrageous said. Some candidates I hadn't heard of before, though. The section I was watching was all rapid-fire, so they only had 30 seconds to answer (though they went over a lot), though I would have liked to have some rebuttal and back-and-forth going on, because I could tell that Clinton and Obama were just itching to reply when one of the other (new) guys started talking about how his plan was better because it was immediately possible (going to all wind power) and they were all *cough*not financially responsible*cough*. Or I was, at least, and am projecting my desire to reply to that guy onto them. Either way.

And Hillary got slammed a couple of times. If I were her, I'd totally think it was unfair that something like 3 of the questions/hypotheticals posited were from Bill Clinton (during his presidency or something, I'd say). So if she disagreed, they'd point out that it was a Bill question and be all "So what do you have to say about that?" Hillary: "he's totally sleeping on the couch tonight We'll talk." Though she's going to have to put up with a lot of that in the coming year or so, just because that's the situation (she does have the most political experience,so she's going to get slammed about everything), it does seem sort of biased.

Oh, and somehow I've managed to break the same toenail twice in two days. On the same toe that I managed to get a blister on due to improper sock positioning whilst at the gym this evening. Grr.
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Ran my first blatantly red light today. That was entertaining. I just about pulled over and called the cops on myself, I felt so bad. Didn't mean to at all, but I'd never been at that intersection before and I thought I could make it through. As persuant to my luck, it went red right as I crossed the line, thus forcing me to either stop in the middle of the intersection or keep going. Problem was that I was going relatively slowly, so it was a good two and a half seconds of red before the back of the van actually passed through the light, which was what made it so bad.

There are these tiny little bugs flitting around my monitor. I've smushed two of them already, and thus there are two spots of bug juice smearing up the screen. Annoying. They keep coming back, and I have no idea what they are.

Guilty pleasure of the day: Susan/Talia/John Babylon 5 fanfic. Namely, that by [ profile] leyenn. Found her journal through someone else's icon that went with one of her stories, and turned to the S/T/J after reading all the (well, the one) Susan/Talia she had tagged. Quite enjoyable, though I'm not really a fan of John.

Now I'm really in a Babylon 5 mood.
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Oh, and I forgot to mention that we sold our big blue van. I loved that baby, but we got more money than my dad was expecting, so that was nice. Still, I'm going to miss it. The new one is a lot smaller and doesn't drive as smoothly.

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