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Random fantastic post of whining that was originally a tweet but I kept typing and hahahaha.

Laptop managed to get trojans that deleted its ability to network and I may have screwed it up more trying to fix it before I knew it was malware-caused (because stupid AVG said everything was fine like a moron) and there are somehow no system restore points on the laptop so no easy fix. It theoretically works totally fine minus the inability to network, but I HAVE SPENT THE LAST WEEK fucking with all the computers to set the server back up so this is Not Okay.

And I need to print off my resume so I can finally turn in this application but I can't print it from the laptop because aforementioned deleted ability to network and I haven't installed Word on the desktop computer yet. (Doing right now, but it takes a long time.)

And I need to go to the gym because that makes things better when things = wanting to put my fist through computers and the universe, but my stomach hurts and I'm too fat to leave the house and I don't want to go to the gym without this goddamned job application again I've been holding on to it for like a week.

And apparently my mom wants me to come home but I don't want to leave without turning this job application in because Important which is why I leave for home yesterday like I should have. Theoretically job more important but let's not kid ourselves I won't get called back for it I was ridiculously qualified for the last two jobs I applied for and got excited about and n o p e not even an email to say they'd filled the position nothing.

So by not turning in this goddamned application like last week and going home days ago when I could have I'm probably fucking up whatever plans she has but that's okay because I would hate them anyway because I am horrible and rotten and ungrateful.
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The basics. I wanted to make myself an arc reactor for mah chest, but didn't get a chance to find the lights I wanted to use, *sadface*. Dressed up like Natalia/Natalie/Black Widow instead, by which I mean I wore almost exactly what I would have otherwise worn (though it was kind of a cross between Natalie and Black Widow, because I was going to wear sort of tight fitting long sleeved/pants stuff like her BW costume, but it was going to be hot, so I pulled out the black skirt and fishnets instead). PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN, so [ profile] bleakone and I worked on our balancing the camera on the cat tower technique and got some.

ETA: Not-hilariously enough, I managed to have this computer bluescreen with one of those extortion viruses (a fake virus scanner pops up and won't let you open any programs, saying they've been infected) some 4 times between when I wrote most of this out and had to scramble to try and find it (as I'm writing it right in Semagic to post). When you open in safe mode, the automatically saved draft isn't there--Semagic can't find it, and if you go into the folder where the drafts are normally saved, you can't see it there either, but after a few reboots and one finally into normal mode, it came back! I thought it was totally lost, and there was no way I was writing it all up again because most of the desire to gush about a movie is sated by the typing, whether people read it or not, so yay!

So, I wanted to go to the IM1 IM2 double feature, but wasn't planning on it because it cost the same as my entire family is going to pay to go see IM2 on Saturday at the mall theatre and I had these three papers to write (down to just the one by now, though, thankfully) before the morning. But I was very, very pleased with having (I'm 85% sure) resolved the computer system not dropping my chem class issue (their system went down right after I did it, and I think they maybe restored from a recent backup or something and somehow lost that I put through the drop) that was otherwise going to drive me to suicide because I was so fucking angry with going to fail a class just because I quit going after I DROPPED IT.

Anyway, we went for the 9:30/12 back to back Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2 show.

"They say that the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the weapon you only have to fire *once*."

Spoilers and stuff. And gushing over how I have a massive girl!hard-on for Tony Stark. )

Overall? <3. Awesome. Hurt me a little to pay $16 for a movie that was already bootlegged out on the internet and another movie that I had on DVD, but it was great. Spectacular action fun, Rubber Ducky Junior being flooringly cool, tons of humor, good music, terrific.

Only minimally resized me picspam. )
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I wish my Twitter feed thing would update weekly or something. The only reason I have it going to my LJ is just to have a record, I guess--some of the stuff I say is LOLarious at least to me in retrospect, and I blather about TV as I watch it, etc., but when it's been more than whatever, 20 days since I've actually posted (which is usually), you can't see that I use the journal at all for anything beyond the Twitter feed. Which is sad. Idk. May play with that, but I've got whinging and lots of homework and then probably more whinging to do.

(Excuse to use new Merlin icon? Yes, I think so. Hells yes, this fandom, guys. Hells yes. I'm so in love with it.)
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But also, there is No Time in my life when I don’t have something I should be doing. Something scholastic, usually, as my MCAT scores sucked on this self-timed practice one I did, which scared me all to fuck because my MCAT scores were what I was counting on to get me into medical school since my GPA isn’t impressive and I’m at a podunk state school (also, why does Word want to capitalize “Podunk”?).

Time management is really biting me in the ass atm. Even just trying to conceptualize what I should be doing when (not helped by the fact that the email system we switched to at school that has all my Outlook calendars I made on the old system refuses to connect to the Outlook program on my computer and give me them back).

A list of what I'm doing (or not doing) lately: )

Met with the chemistry coordinator for my orgo service thing finally today, though, which I'd been putting off finding the time to do to turn in these forms because they were already late and I'm a wuss. She was uber nice. She's pretty old (60 at least, though I'm not good at guessing anybody's age, especially older folks) and reminded me a lot of my two grandmothers combined--sort of looked like my maternal, but had a slight southern accent like my paternal. Glancing at her bulliton board, it looks like she teaches mostly chemistry for non chem majors, which could be fun. It'd be like teaching high school chemistry--you could do a lot of the fun stuff because it's not like these people are ever going to need to know how to identify 1-propyl 4-chloromethyl heptene on the spot. Not that anybody would ever need to (even if you were a chemist, I'm pretty sure you'd have a second to look it up), but still.

Kinda disappointed about the MCAT/GRE practice thing tomorrow—the gay/straight alliance at school’s having a barbeque that I wanted to go to in the afternoon. Considered just taking the MCAT and going to the barbeque, but no. Shall be responsible. Also wanted to take the LSAT again, but it's at the same time as the MCAT, which is too bad, because the MCAT is going to make me want to slit my wrists, but the LSAT and how I rock it is a decent ego boost. (Acronym translation just in case this is baffling: MCAT=medical college admissions test, the pretest for med school. LSAT=same thing but for law school. GRE=same thing but for generic graduate school; more like the undergrad college admissions tests that have english and math and writing and such.)

I'm in the library atm, plugged into the wired connection on the tablet because I haven't downloaded the wireless update since I wiped it a few days ago and reloaded XP Tablet on it instead of the XP professional I had before that wasn't giving me the tablet functionality regularly. When I tried to load XP Tablet on top of the XP-Pro, like you can do with most Windows OS, it stalled on the install, so I had to reinstall regular XP Professional which ended up with me having one XP-Pro install that worked and one that was stuck halfway through being written over by Tablet. It worked fine like that for a week or two, but eventually the whole mess of things got to where I had to boot into the second OS under safe mode to not bluescreen out and blech. It worked, but was annoying. Going to see if I can get the tech people here to decipher their own instructions for setting up the new university mail with Outlook, because they don't work. Frustrating as hell; I've tried it I don't know how many times on the tablet under various hard drives and OS installs. But because I don't have the wireless (tried to download the update, but the wire here is so freaking slow--we're talking sub-dial up speeds for some reason), I've got to get one of them to come over here, which means unplugging my computer and bringing it over to the desk or leaving it here and going to get one of them, and it's just been less work to stay here and keep typing.

Shall do now, though, as [ profile] bleakone's probably out of class in a few minutes and we'll be going home where hopefully, I can await the return of Tosh, the computer that was stolen by the fucktards at the Toshiba official repair depot for, from the day I sent it off to today, 36 days. And refused to do anything about it when I called and asked them what the fuck was up with them lying to me and saying 7-10 days. I get that it was on hold for parts for two weeks (sort of--shouldn't the official Toshiba place *have* all the Toshiba parts?) and that wasn't expected when they gave me the estimate, but 7-10 days after I sent it off they hadn't even put it on the repair desk, so that's bullshit.

ETA: Tosh is here! The screen works, the keyboard has been replaced, the fucktards wiped it like they said they wouldn't, but I backed stuff up so I'm not that pissed. What does piss me off is that they didn't replace the screen. In fact, they made the artifacting and little bruises and dead pixels worse. Idk what to do now. I think I'll call tomorrow or Monday or something and see what they say, because there's a whole circular bit in the middle of the screen where it looks like the pixels are half blue. (Most noticeable on a black screen, natch.) This was not there before. Displeased.
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Computer woes aplenty. Some of my Twitter updates may have covered this, but a brief overview, as I've been putting off updating LJ because the mass of things I want to talk about is so large and that just makes things worse.

Thursday of the first week down here, I hooked up the internet with my mad wiring skills and about 30 seconds after getting it hooked up, the UPS lady came to pick up my Tosh!thecomputer and take it to the repair folks. Second weekend I was down here (meaning a few days after internets), Dad brought down the tablet on his way to pick up his parents' old desk in Tulsa so I could use it while Tosh was being fixed. By the way, Toshiba people told me 7-10 days and we're now on day 19. V. pissed on that regard.

So yes. Had the tablet, but then after a few days, we lost internet in the house again. They came out to bury the cable and screwed it up somehow. The next weekend it was magically back on because they came out to fix it on Sunday, which was awesome, because we were afraid that nobody'd be out until Tuesday because it was Labor Day weekend. Not awesome that we had to do without it again for several days, but still.

And then a few days ago my hard drive randomly crashed on the tabet. I had dropped the thing off of the counter while making lunch the day before, but it worked all that night and during all my classes the next day. It ran out of juice in my last class and hibernated itself, except by hibernated I mean died. The drive started clicking upon reboot, it was giving me media test failure messages, etc. etc. So I took the drive apart because why not, as there was no chance of me getting it to work again with its clicking and rattling and such, and there was a loose bit that I'm still not sure where the proper place for was as I couldn't find it on any of the pictures I looked at.

Happened to have handy my spare backup IDE drive and its usb connectors and such, so about 9 hours later (had to download an OS as well, as I didn't have any of the recovery disks for it, and then I couldn't get it to install) I lost quite a bit of stuff, I'm afraid, off of the backup drive, but I have a working computer again.

Sort of. I got it up to where I didn't have wireless or tablet functionality (which sucks out loud, because that was the awesome thing about having the tablet; it was amazing for organic chemistry and biochem and drawing molecules and such), and then dad found the disk and mailed it (fail mail sorting down here means that he paid extra to overnight it on Saturday, meaning I should have gotten it on Monday, but it didn't come until Thursday morning because a bunch of my stuff had been delivered to somebody else) but I think it was the wrong disk or something. It's definitely *a* Gateway laptop disk, and it got me wireless and all, but it didn't have Tablet XP on it like I needed for the tablet support. It just tried (and failed for some reason for many times over about 6 hours) to install XP Professional again. Still is locked up in the middle of an install with that disk; I had to reinstall XP Pro from the first disk I used to set everything back up, so now there are two Windows folders on my hard drive taking up mucho space.

So yes. No tablet and internet is funky (it tends to disconnect randomly on the wireless a lot, but when I'm on the couch I just plug into the box and it's fine) and Tosh is 9 days past their range of turnaround time and still marked "on hold--parts" on the status update thing. Fail.
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So. Found my wallet with my school ID and gym card and such tossed in a box like I'd hoped. This is good. The house looks awesome. Also good. Ianto!cat warming up to me. Good as well. I can find my way out of the house and to school by myself (right, then right, then left), which is también bueno, porque no se las calles en la ciudad de Springfield para nada.

Things that are not good.
1. I’m out of money. Paid rent, bought my lab text for a class, bought socks and salad dressing, and that’s all my cash. Scholarship money doesn’t come in until sometime in September. I’ve got my debit card, but there’s only. . . idk, less than $100 accessible (I think minimum balance is $25 or something), and I’m very, very reluctant to dip into that for anything less than dire, dire emergencies. Plus, some of the things I still have to buy include goggles for my lab classes and gloves for one of them (which I’d already gotten and had sitting on top of one of my boxes of stuff to take down here that was sitting in the front room, but I think Mom thought it was a mistake that I was taking them and took them out on a trip to load stuff into the car), and at least for the former I’m hoping to buy a used set from the chemistry department (they sold them last year) for $5, and I highly doubt they take debit cards. Oh, and possibly my poetry (blarg) teacher’s book—the biggest bullshit ever. It’s a mix of literary forms and is therefore less than 1/3 poetry. I’m begging off having it tomorrow because she just added it to the bookstore requirements in the last week, which is unfair, since I did most of my book shopping 3ish weeks ago.

2. None of my clothes fit. Dreaded, but understandable, as Stupid Metabolism Fail has continued. But I’ve still got them all down here, and not enough hangers (something else I need to buy), so my room looks horrid with boxes and such. I did not think enough about how hard getting dressed for school was going to be when I have all of 5 pants/skirts/shorts that fit, only three of which I’m positive I packed. Plus, it’s so fucking impossible to go buy clothes without wanting to, you know, kill myself when I see the sizes. (I know I’m a whiner about this and plenty of people can go “you think you’ve got it bad”, but when you’re used to yourself in one way and then a few months later you’re 40 pounds heavier, it’s a bitch.) My making my own skirts needs to be worked on more, because then there will be no size tags, XD.

3. I’m in the computer lab at the moment because my 1pm organic lab isn’t meeting because it’s the first day of school, but por supuesto, my 4pm biomol int lab is for only 15 minutes or so. I thought about just asking if I could come to the 1pm meeting of my 4pm one, just for today, so I could get out of here, but if we got seats and lab partners and such it would be awkward to come to the next one at the right time.

And the major one.

5!!!!!. After exactly a month grace period where the bizarre computer screen fritzing stopped, last night it started up again. Began slowly, just blue jaggy lines at the bottom of the screen, spread throughout the whole thing (though you could see the background beneath it), then went to the whole screen covered with thick colored lines/blocks, but when I left it alone, it’d resolve for a bit before starting back up again. It finally decided to cooperate last night, and I turned it off and went to sleep eventually. Started it back up this morning in organic chemistry to take notes and it did the same thing, but then went to the grey of it being backlit but with a totally black screen, then went totally black. Rebooted a bazillion times, gave up. Two hours later, tried it again in biomolecular interactions (sort of biochem, I think, hereby known as “biomol int”) and it booted right up with a good screen and everything. Random. Made the mistake of letting it go to screen saver (I was running out of battery and wanted to let the screen turn off so it wouldn’t die), and when the screensaver popped up, so did the blue fritzy lines, and then it went black. That was 2.5 hours ago, and the periodic rebooting I’m doing as I sit by a desktop in the computer lab hasn’t helped.

So. Last ditch, I check out the Toshiba website again, hoping that there’s some kind of magic fix that’s been posted since the last time I looked around to try to fix it. Happen to check the warranty thing, and lo and behold, it didn’t expire in May (right around when it died the first time) like I’d thought. It expires tomorrow.

Natch, the closest warranty repair center is 3 hours back to St. Louis. At this point, I’m mentally calculating time and such to see if I can get out of my last class and drive there before they close. (Answer: probably not. Plus, seriously, I’ve been here for what, not yet 48 hours?) Shipping it to the Toshiba depot won’t work either, as that obviously takes time, but I call them up (thankfully looking like a dork on the campus phone outside the computer lab rather than on my cell as I was on hold for 90% of the 25+ minute call) hoping I can plead my case and have them start a repair ticket for me today that will work under warranty even though it expires tomorrow, and lo and behold that’s exactly how it works. They’re shipping me a box, I’ve got to call UPS and get it picked up (maybe just find a UPS store and drop it off?), and it’s 7-10 day turnaround (hopefully days days and not business days).

They’re telling me to backup my important stuff, as well. I wanted to hold on to my hard drive, you know, just in case, but the guy said that they’d do some tuneup thing too. It worries me a bit—sure, I have problems with Firefox lately I figured I’d take it), and I’m not even sure how I’m going to be able to do that since I can’t see anything to do that. I tried to plug it in to the monitors on the computers here, but no such luck as they’ve got some freaky-arsed digital plug that doesn’t fit.

That’s the suckmost sucky part of it. And why I’d never sent it off to get fixed during the summer like the idiot I am. I didn’t want to be computerless for 10 days. (Plus, I did very, very little during the summer since I slept straight through normal business hours 9 days out of 10 and mostly couldn’t bring myself to leave the house. Fail, I know.) If only I’d done it then, though, because I’ve got note taking things all set up and homework to do and tests to study for (yeah, quiz in biomol int sometime this week) and one of my textbooks is actually on the computer. Also, we have no TV hooked up yet (DVD player, yes, actual broadcast TV no) and as far as I’m aware, not even an ETA on that, so boredom central.

I kind of still want to cry, I’m so frustrated. School and being in a new place and all is stressful enough without my computer dying on me.

ETA: This is what I mean by blue lines fritzing: (picture) )
You can see my icons on my desktop underneath a bit on the left. That’s last night, when it would resolve on its own and then do it again, rinse and repeat.
Then it went to. . . idk, think of a shirt with different sized vertical blocks of color. Sometimes it looks like this:
(another picture) )
Not my computer, obviously, but similar display. It jumps around between being thin lines like that and ones thick enough that only maybe 6-10 of them fit. Of course, now it’s completely black, not even the grey of it still being backlit but with no display.

Also? The bluefritzing picture was taken with my new phone (demonstration purposes being why I didn't resize it like I did with the rest). Pretty good for a $60 (with $30 of minutes included, so more like $30) Net-10 thing, huh? They fixed a lot of my issues with the last one, like actually being able to connect it to a computer (only can access the micro SD card--not included, natch, but I pulled the one from my MP3 player that I kept audiofics on--and it can only take ones up to 2gb, but you can transfer pictures to the card fairly easily and then get to them on the computer) and taking custom ringtones. (Doctor Who theme FTW. I keep getting people to call me to test it and just not picking up so as to LOLOL.) Still can't get to the internet, just the Net-10 website, and it still charges you eight bazillion dollars to even do that when you accidentally hit the button, but you can lock the browser feature so you've got to type the code to open it, so that's saved me quite a few minutes, LOL.
(It is this one: )
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Updates. Because it's been forever. Short and significantly less detailed than I have words to say, but that's the only way it'll get done at all because I keep putting off updating this baby because it feels so daunting because there's so much to say, and then it never happens. You know, procrastination FTW.

Microbiology thing (recap: professor was a douche, I got the highest grade of those that took test version #2 for the third exam and it was a 44% and he said tough shit when I suggested that he curve it at least even up to the test #1 average).
Debated whether to drop it or not. If I got a C (I was sitting at a 79.6% coming into the last lab test and the lecture final), it'd kill my average and look like shit on all med school apps, but as long as I kept As in everything else (like I was on track to do), my scholarship would be okay. Within 1% of not okay, but safe. Mom said that it wasn't worth the gamble to stay in in case something happened with one of the other classes or some such catastrophy that would cost me some $37,000 over the remaining years. But if I dropped, I'd have to find some way to stay and take summer classes because that was my big 5 hour course and therefore would put me below the renewal credit hour requirements, and I'd have to find a place to stay and pay for both that and the credits themselves because my scholarship doesn't work during the summer (which is dumb, and I hear they're talking about changing it now). Plus, I looked at the last units for both lab and lecture and it turned out that it was a lot medical, and I'd never gotten worse than a B on any of the legitimate tests, so I decided to go for it because medicine's my thing, and I pulled those high enough to get the B in the class. Still not what I want people to see for such an integral class on my med apps, but better than a C and I don't have to put my entire next semester's schedule on hold to retake it like I would if I dropped.

Chemistry thing.
This one is new and very scary because it was last minute. I blanked on a formula for the last test, which brought my average to some 0.17% below the "you don't have to take the final" cutoff. And I was stressing about the micro finals, so didn't really do a whole lot of studying for this one, especially because he was giving us a formula sheet. [ profile] bleakone and I did anyway, but we were missing one of the tests to study from. Yeah, guess which chapter's formula section on the final was blank? Natch, the one we didn't study. So that one test managed to bring me down to an 89.6 or .7%, which I thought was an A. But I wasn't sure, so I went to check. He seemed to be indicating that no, that was a B. Which would fuck me over in terms of scholarship, and after I went to all that work with the micro to keep it. But it turned out (and I had worked out and brought all this math up there with me just in case, because I was moving back home the next day and didn't have time to screw around) that there was an extra credit thing that, to make a long story short, he had screwed up and I had pointed out to him back before when I thought that I was getting out of the final but he never changed because it turned out that it brought me up to the 0.17% below but he was going to be a dick and not roun3d up that little bit so it didn't matter. So I moved from having a high enough grade to almost get out of the final to walking away with a 90% even. Holy shit, was that close.

Computer thing.
Meanwhile, my computer died one night in the middle of finals. The screen just went grey. The computer was on, and the screen would dim like normal when it was on battery and get brighter when plugged in like it was supposed to, and if I'd had a spare monitor (as I'm doing now), I could have hooked it up fine, but nope. So that sucked. Know what else. Pretty sure that was THE FUCKING DAY AFTER my warranty expired. I haven't looked it up because it'll just make me sad. I haven't done anything with it yet mostly because it still sort of works now and I don't know if I can bear leaving it for however long. Which is bad. This week, I swear. I'm going to take it to the warranty place and if they tell me they can't do anything, I'll make Dad order the new LCD and we'll get to work putting it in.

In other news. I painted my fingernails two days in a row this week. Well, Kaci did it yesterday in a dark, denimy blue, and then I had been messing with my cuticles and ended up exposing a whole bunch of unpainted nail as well as chipping off some of it, so I put this awesome shimmery money-green on top. This is a once-every-two-or-so-years thing, so it's notable. I also have watched a lot of 30 Rock and SVU on the Roku/Netflix box since moving back home, as well as "Marley and Me" (at which Kaci cried, which means I almost cried because I'm reactive like that) and "Yes Man" tonight, played a lot of Sims, reread some 1600 pages of a Birds of Prey fic series, and did a couple of crossword puzzles. I'm casually looking for a job, but again, not so casually starting now. It's hard, as the computer I was using didn't have internet, and then the one that did doesn't have my CV on it because that's on the harddrive that crashed a few days ago (this one's def under warranty, though, as it's barely a few months old, so I've just got to get around to sending it off). And my thing at the gifted kids camp isn't going to work out because their enrollment is way down due to the economy and they've got a bunch of actual teachers that need to do their gifted practicums and so are taking my job (prolly because they don't have to pay them), and nobody else wants somebody just for the summer because there aren't that many jobs to begin with so it's not worth training somebody that's going to leave in 3 months. I could probably flip burgers or something, but I really need to do something I can put on my resume because this shit is important--hell, Harvard has "what you did with your summers" as a specific category on its list of things it looks at for med school. Not that I haven't blown my Harvard chances all to hell by getting a B in micro going to a podunk state school because it was free instead of the decent places my kickass test scores and all around geniosity (j/k) meant I should have gone if we weren't, you know, living off of teachers' salaries. But still. I'd like to go to Wash U at least, which is not exactly in the bottom 10, if you know what I mean.
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Catching up more on this season's NCIS via the Roku box at home.

OMG, Tony talking to the hooker in 6.18 - "Knockout" where he asks what "services" she was providing for the guy, and she responds "Same as you do for your boss." I just about died. Of course, like I expected, it turned out to be just a very long ellipse, but the following bit was just as good--"Whatever he wants". Tony/Gibbs ftw. I'm not an active shipper of those two, but I've listened to a couple of audiofics for them

Now the hooker's hitting on Ziva. Or, you know, is just being overly sexual with everyone so we know that she's an escort. I like the former.

For this being the "make us care about Vance" episode, I think having him be all secretive and shady wasn't the way to do it. I love him with the kids and stuff, but I'm kind of like "erm, not only are you keeping things from your A-team, you're maybe misusing the powers of the office for your own investigation? Didn't we learn from this kind of thing when, idk, Jenny died?" It was okay when she did it, because we already liked her and sort of knew what she was up to.

My internets keep shutting off from this thunderstorm. I'm trying to figure out why I can't get my copy of Star Trek: Elite Force 2 to work--it's giving me this "OpenGL" error that the interwebs tell me is a video card driver incompatibility with Vista (what else is new--same story with the Sims people stretching silliness), but the one person on a message board that has my same video card and found a solution just says that he used "Catalyst", which is a driver thing for this card, but I've already got that and I'm not sure what/how to fix the settings so it works. And with the nets fritzing, it's even more frustrating.

Oh, and Padma Lakshmi? I want her tongue in my mouth. Which of us it belongs to is fungible. Holy shit, is this food porn.
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Requisite daylight savings time fail story: I forgot that I'd already set my clocks the night before, so I was adjusting unnecessarily all morning and ended up going to breakfast an hour later than I'd planned.

I'm still counting down until Tuesday's SVU with large quantities of excitement. But added in a mini!countdown of excited until Castle on Monday because it sucks that Nathan Fillion keeps getting his shows prematurely canceled.

Also marathoning Conviction episodes in preparation for the SVU. Watching, erm, the 7th episode and I've rewound it twice to the part where Caruso's bitching at the basketball game on TV at the bar, and they definitely dubbed in "fuck" over the original "shit". It caught my ear the first time because that's not something you hear on primetime TV, you know. Why on earth? It's not even like you can't see his lips, he's facing the camera and it's obviously not what he said. It's noticeable because it never would have been let on network TV and if you're looking when you hear it, it's obviously dubbed over, so it's just stupid.

And working on my CV/resume. It's hard because all of my good activities and leadership stuff is in high school, which I don't think I'm really allowed to talk about much anymore. I'm still sneaking in as much of it as possible. Anything from spring on, at least.

Oh, did I mention I bowled a 148 on Friday? Win.

^^ As usual, this was ages ago. The laptop cord is completely broken now (the head bit that goes into the computer comes fully out from the cord), so I'm using it as little as possible because I don't know when it'll be when it finally decides not to charge at all.

Got an email to do a survey about some Harlequin ad, and out of curiosity, googled around to see if there were any gay Harlequin novels.

I was drawn in by one hit's tagline "Like a gay harlequin novel for political geeks", which sounds perfect for me, right? The page was a preview of NJ Governor McGreevey's memoirs, and began with a quote:

"We undressed and he kissed me. It was the first time in my life that a kiss meant what it was supposed to mean — it sent me through the roof," he wrote. "I was like a man emerging from 44 years in a cave to taste pure air for the first time, feel direct sunlight on pallid skin, warmth where there had only ever been a bone-chilling numbness."

"I pulled him to the bed and we made love like I'd always dreamed: a boastful, passionate, whispering, masculine kind of love"

And then continued with:

For those yearning for more McGreevey revelations, you'll have to wait until The Confession is released on September 19. When you arrive at your local retailer, McGreevey's book will be that one political memoir that starts out as a softcover, but becomes fully hard around chapter 4.

Best book preview last sentence ever.
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In mock trial now. OMG, I hate this girl. She comes in and is all I IZ DOMINANT AND A KICK ASS MOCK TRIALER and she's not. She had the nerve last week to say something about us electing a captain, and I was all O HELLS NO, I have been trying to get this team off the ground since fucking September, and even after you joined you missed some 4 meetings because your schedule is "too hectic", so you don't even get to think about that.

It's pretty funny, when we do objections when going through this. If she called it, she keeps fighting it right until she knows she's going to lose, and then goes "Oh, let's just move on," once she realizes I've got her. And tried to do the entire plaintiff case first, not just the case in chief--she was trying to cross one of the defense witnesses before they'd been directed. That or she thought that the witness selection order carried over to witness calling order, even though I'd clarified that already last week and she evidently wasn't listening. She keeps telling the other lawyer to make these bullshit objections every three seconds if the witnesses answer is more than two words on direct or it's what she thinks is a leading question, which fails because she doesn't know what a leading question is, she keeps using the wrong justification for objections and just jumbling about and reiterating the "pursuant to Midlands Rule of Evidence (some random number that's wrong)" bit and not citing an actual rule, and she's overall just. . . not my guys from high school. Basically, her theory of working things is starkly different from mine; I'll just go ahead and say here that we have either beaten her team in HS or beaten someone who beat them, so I'm fairly certain that I've got at least a bit of an idea what I'm fucking talking about. I would take such pleasure in kicking her witness's ass in cross and objecting the fuck out of her direct if this was high school and she was on the other team.

Anger. Seriously. At least I can accept when somebody else points out a good objection. And don't try to point out bullshit ones when I don't know the justification for them or cheat my way out of being deemed wrong. That's the biggest thing. If she was trying to sneak in and steal control because she's. . . idk, an actual lawyer, that's different. Perfect example of a little bit of knowledge being a horrible, horrible thing.

That's this weekend. My witness, who I'd thought would be pretty good when we were going through some questions, looks like she's just going to memorize the script she wrote. Yet again, I need our witnesses back. Fucking dream team, we were. I'm really hoping she polishes it up and goes completely off script, because just like every time a script is written, she's really canned.

<-- That was all Monday. The witness who was supposed to meet me didn't actually show up--I think we may have mistakenly agreed on different days to meet, because according to the only-semi-annoying lawyer (so called because he tends to listen/ask the *less experienced* bitchface rather than me about some things, but that's semi-understandable because he actually knows her. Plus, his boyfriend walked by and kissed him once while we were meeting, and I had to restrain myself from "awww"ing) that like I her, she couldn't find me on the day.

Now it's Wednesday. My life sucks. More MT and Judith making my time of it a bitch. First, why today in particular sucked so hard. Starting at 7:40 or so I was in class until 5:50 (not even extracurricular lab, but lab-lab that took way too long because we had to keep redoing stuff because our results kept being shit), then back to plug in my laptop and putter around looking for the library Torchwood dvd I'd misplaced; never even got to take off my shoes before down to dinner and then the gym and then straight back up to my room to grab my mock trial binder for a no-notice MT meeting. It's almost 11 and I've been in my room a grand total of one hour since waking up.

I want to kill her. I really do.  She's now got Sahara (the president of the frat who DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO GO) being the president, but at least it's not her, because I would have straight up vetoed that.  But it's supposed to be me.

I've got this reoccurring dream/worry/fantasy that she's going to give the closing argument once (out of 4 trials) and suck, and I'm just going to have to be "No.  You're not doing it anymore.  I'm taking over, role limits be damned."

It's going to be a while before I can do these three pages of reflection stuff for Hero and Quest (summary of the weeks' readings, which I only ever did the first 1/6th of the entire book, summary of the class discussion, which is hard as I'm an idiot and never put dates on my notes, and a reflection bit; doesn't seem hard, and yet is so much more difficult than the bazillion-page microiology practice test I should be doing instead because you've got to make it sound good) because otherwise it'd be WARWARWARDIEDIEDIE HE'S (Henry Flemming from Red Badge of Courage) FAIL FOR RUNNING BECAUSE THEY NEED TO ALL BE DED KTHXBAI. 

I'm letting her make me loathe going to MT because it's something I'm frankly really fucking good at and she's taking it away from me.  She took my closing already, which I was fine with at first if it meant I'd just have more time to coach the other lawyer and witnesses who'd never done anything before, but she knows them all through the frat, so they all went "Oh, she's got debate experience and her little podunk town school did MT, so let's talk to she who DOESN'T FUCKING KNOW WHAT A LEADING QUESTION IS OR THAT PLAINTIFF CAN'T CROSS THE DEFENSE WITNESSES BEFORE THEY HAVE TESTIFIED." (Seriously? That second part? I don't think you need to have any experience with law save having seen two episodes of Law and Order to know that the lawyer on the other side asks their questions right after the lawyer whose witness it is asks theirs. Supposedly she just got confused between the order for pre-trial witness selection and calling the witnesses in the actual case, but you know what that tells me? She didn't really read the rules, and yet she's constantly trying to point them out to other people.) Oh, and the kicker. As this is pretty much the entire basis of the case. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A BITCH TO SOMEONE TO SHOW ACTUAL MALICE. RECKLESS DISREGARD WORKS TOO AND IS THE EASIER TO PROVE. W. T. F.

Yeah.  I'm not an overly roll-over-and-take-it person in general, especially in an area that I've got some standing in, but I tried so fucking hard not to just go in and write everything for everybody because I knew that since it was so late that I was finally getting people to stick that we didn't have time to be good, and I'd rather people learned for next year than sucked a little less this year. So when she came in to the picture a few weeks ago (versus me, who's the reason this team exists as I've been working on getting it up and going since September through probably 3 whole teams worth of people committing and then dropping out), I was already being too laid back with the team (whoever I could drum up and keep in for more than a week, with people refusing to commit or change their schedules, as I've bitched about before). Most of it's probably that they all know her. Idk. I've gotten this massive complex, now. She wants me to put this stupid-arsed "haste makes waste" into my opening and I can't do it. I won't, frankly, because sure, a theme works well, but one as stupid and singsongy as that isn't memorable as anything but stupid and singsongy, plus the defense can wipe it out with a couple of easy comments regarding the responsibility to the people to get news out on TV asap after it happens (backed up by the expert witness).

Gah. And I don't have anything memorized yet, and I've got those Hero and Quest journals to do tonight which are going to take a long time like always, and I've got two tests to make up when I get back--the microbiology one I could technically take on Friday as we're not leaving until 9 and it's my 8 o'clock, but I'd do a halfassed job on prepping for both mt and the test, and I can't afford to fuck this test up as I've got an 85% in there after that lab one I had to take after missing the follow up on the three labs before due to carfail (because idk when that'll ever get written--car died 2 hours out of STL, 1 hour from school, just on the side of the highway in nowheresville on Tuesday. Got it towed to a place [that I think was the only one within god knows how many miles], turns out it was a fatal dying, [ profile] bleakone had to come pick me up because the car's trash; missed everything that Tuesday which happens to be two of the three classes where attendance counts the most). Add the stress of Judith (aka bitchface) and how much I hate losing like I know we will and even worse, having to sit there and have other people screwing up and not being able to object on their behalf or rephrase their answers or something (see MT state semifinals and finals 2007 where I swear I took years off of my life restraining myself from shouting out the response to the objection from the witness bench while my team made a couple of stupid and critical mistakes). And having to fucking open for the plaintiff (never fun, as that's the absolute first thing to happen in the trial) and then direct the first plaintiff witness (the first actual exam to happen in the trial, which is dangerous because you can't get the feel for the judge or the other team's objection strategy before you have to just go--I'm well aware that the person with that job tends to get the lowest scores for that reason, which makes everything worse because it feels like everyone else will think that that's some kind of affirmation that Judith's better than I am if she scores higher when I know she's not). I'm breaking out like nobody's business (as per usual in preparation for the ONE DAY A YEAR I actually put on makeup and dress up and stuff) and having mini panic attacks about compounded stress and the prospect of driving 1.5hrs in a car packed with three four? other people (I don't know what I'm going to do there. I need to be either knocked out with megadoses of Dramamine or allergy medicine or something, which would not give me enough time to recover, or be able to completely zone out and meditate the fuck out of that car--for all seriousness, I'm freaking out just thinking about the prospect--both of which would prevent the rehearsing we should be using the time for.)

GAH. An hour later and I've been just writing this and catching up on the news and such and not doing the homework. Fucking fail. Midnight and I've got hours left of work to do. I need to learn to make these things as short and easy as they're supposed to be. I'm fairly sure I'm overthinking.

I'm also fairly sure I'm close to the border of incoherent from fatigue (not tiredness, really; though that's there to a not-pleasant extent as I woke up some ninetybazillion times during the night last night, it's mostly just exhaustion from the bitch of a day this has been) as seen by the worse my typing is getting. Though point of interest, Chelsea (primary cohab) was listening as she was going to sleep a bit ago to me rock out this keyboard and she asked how fast I type "because sometimes I listen and you're going at it like a ninja", and I guessed like 40wpm or something because that seemed like a number I'd seen before, but evidently if I'd seen that number before and not just pulled it out of the top of my head, it was from maybe 6th grade when I had to take typing class because I took some random online test just now and pulled an 80-95wpm range. That should afford me some kickass job somewhere paying lots of money until I get my MD and make tons more money, I think.
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"I'm a PC and I'm seven years old." Seriously? That commercial just sort of makes me laugh. I mean, the point is that the photo merging stuff is so easy a caveman 7 year old could do it. And I spent the last two days working on [ profile] bleakone's computer using residual DOS skills from when I was that age. That shit is hard--you've got to memorize the commands or be constantly looking everything up, phrase everything in the right syntax, there's no pretty visual interface, etc. Kids these days have it easy.

I still haven't seen that PC commercial with who I swear is Ianto again. Anybody know when Torchwood is coming back? I can't seem to find any info on that.

Watching this week's BSG without having watched the last yet, which doesn't make me happy but it's either watch this one now and watch last week's later online or watch them both in order online, the latter using up huge amounts of my weekly bandwidth. Random thought--if the Tighs are more or less Adam and Eve of the Cylons, does that make Saul Tigh/Caprica Six the new crazy space incest? But aww, I <3 Bill and Saul. You don't quite slash them as in. . . sex (LOLOL, Kaylee) because they're kinda oldandgross, but they're definitely sort of an intimate bromance OTP. Vaguely like Xena and Gabrielle minus the subtext.

Psych was ehh. Enjoyable, but I'm not running to my computer to download it to watch again. And the new Dollhouse right before (another one of which I watched one episode before the one preceding it) was also ehh. Killer fun for Eliza Dushku to play, but that seems to be entirely what it is--an excuse for her to play a different fun character every week. But Mark Sheppard, seriously, that man is in every show that I watch. Dollhouse, Burn Notice (which I don't really watch on purpose unless there's going to be someone I like on it, but caught his episode of), Battlestar Galactica, NCIS, In Plain Sight, Shark, Bionic Woman, Medium, and of course Firefly, with either reoccurring or big parts on each one.

Because this is looking to be an entirely TV-based post instead of me talking about my ADVENTURE OF DOOM AND DEATH on Tuesday and other such RL activities (I've been postponing writing that up because it's going to be a long one), I might have to start watching How I Met Your Mother after showing my mom Dr. Horrible over the long weekend and rewatching part of Neil Patrick Harris's SNL that I recorded on my laptop (while trying to find out WTF this gigantic, oddly named file on my computer was) because I think I love him crazy much.

Oh, Monday's House? THE CAMERON/CUDDY, I THANKS YOU FOR IT. Seriously. Got to download that one and icon it, because those shots at the end totally could be taken out of context (as per how we slashers work) to look like them holding their baby. Reminds me of a set of fics I started writing pre-first hard drive crashdown--it was some "5 Ways Cuddy Doesn't Have a Baby (And One She Does)" thing, remember when that was going around? Most of them were more Cuddy character study, one without Cameron at all, one with her only playing a supporting (supportive, actually) role, but the "one she does" was clear femslash. I wish I still had those, as I seem to remember kinda liking them--the "does" one was kinda unbelievably fluffy, but then I think it kept getting longer and started developing more plot and then naturally, it never got finished (as that's what happens to fics I don't write all in one sitting).

I also forgot. Criminal Minds. The gay is abounding. Surely it can't be just me after the scene at the beginning of 4.14 (I think two weeks ago?) where Emily's horoscope says the moon was going to screw things up romantically and put her in a shitty mood and then we see JJ's baby ring and cut immediately back to Emily's pissed off face after it's revealed that the father of the baby has a matching one.
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Still no internets. In the basement computer lab atm. Might hit up some random stores just to have something to do. It's kind of depressing here, frankly, in that though normally I'd be fine engrossed in my computer, everybody's parents came down for the weekend and I'm all post-just having to go back to school (I could have gone back with [ profile] bleakone this weekend, but I didn't think it was worth fighting my overwhelming school anxiety to pull myself back here after only being gone a week) and menstrual and all low-self-esteemed and my computer's being an utter whore, so I'm wallowing a bit.

The computer? *#)(*$(#@!!. I don't know what its freaking problem is. The interwebs, fine. Those are working only off and on. But the freezing and slow running and near-constant hangups are getting worse and worse. The screen brightness won't change and is stuck at dull (which is a Vista control problem). Plus, the godsdamned warranty repair people still haven't gotten back to me. I'm going to call and tell them that by god, if they don't answer inquiries from their website sent IN THE MANNER THAT THEY SPECIFY IS PREFERRED, they sure as hell better hope that I don't write a letter to Toshiba and ask that they be taken off the approved warranty repair center list. In fact, come to think of it, I might do that anyway.

Speaking of writing letters, I've been using my gym membership from home to get into the gym here, right? Because they told us ([ profile] bleakone and I) that I could, and then used that to sell [ profile] bleakone a membership there. Lo and behold, we talk to somebody else when my temporary card runs out and it turns out the girl that did the selling didn't know what the fuck she was talking about, and I could only use my Club Fitness membership for a month (since it's a monthly contract thing) and would have to then buy into their contract (the minimum term for which is longer than I hope to be down here, I think) at some more than double the price per month. WTF. If we had known this, there would have been some considerable rethinking before [ profile] bleakone bought hers, as the major selling point (that the chick used to hawk the thing) was that we could both work out there. Does that not seem like a bait-and-switch out the wazoo?

I can't even describe how pissed off I was. Now, when I need the thing more than ever (the inexplicable weight gain has continued no matter what I do to try and stop it--it's to the doctor next because I'm starting to wonder about hypothyroidism as I've had those symptoms before and it matches up), I'm essentially stranded. Especially during the winter, you're waiting an hour in the gym at school for a treadmill because there are maybe 6 total in the entire sports facility (which is nothing to speak of) which has very restricted hours anyway; there's a stairmaster in the basement that I can get into anytime, but blech. This also means that there's really no reason to keep up my membership at home, but then what will I do when I go home? There was talk at one point when I was first leaving about setting it up so I was just billed for the days I'd be on break at the proportion of my monthly fee at Club Fitness, but then they decided it was too hard. I'd like to try to get them to do that, but I'm not sure if I'd need to mess with corporate (prolly, as they do the actual billing) or go through the people that I know, the latter meaning a better chance of success.

There's a VIP membership level thing that lets you bring friends as much as you want at the Ozark Fitness here that [ profile] bleakone might switch up to if it's as cheap to do so as I remember, and that would cover me down here since we drive together anyway and are going to try to find an apartment together for next year. But the "switch up to VIP for free" promotion is over, apparently, and when she asked one of the receptionists it was indicated that that would require a rewriting of the contract. What I really want to do is march up there and put all this to them; how she was sold the membership under mistaken/false pretenses and therefore they really should release her from the contract without penalty, but with a contractual membership place like this they don't give a damn about customer satisfaction because you're already paying them the money, so they could just say "to hell with you" and keep on billing.

But the combination of that and the daily billing at CF would work well. Problem is setting it all up, which is a lot of naggling and conversations (the CF ones all having to be done either through my father or over the phone, the former being difficult because he's kinda gymgoing!fail and the latter being difficult because OMGphonehate) and in the meantime, a lot of long boring stairmastering (at least the workout room in the basement of my dorm with the stair thing has a TV up close to the machine; the fitness center has TVs all the way across the room that you can't hear that are never on anything I want to watch anyway).

Not sure when I'm going places--prolly in the nowish time zone, as I've got to go work out (I've got [ profile] bleakone's pass to use the gym of customer service fail atm since she went home and is a goddess like that) and don't really want to make two trips. IH all these time restrictions--gym closes at 8, which means I've got to leave by 6:15 or so, which means I wouldn't get dinner because the dining center has shitty hours on the weekend (5-7, and being used to eating dinner anywhere from 7-12 I'm physically incapable of eating at 5), so I've got to go exercise now, but there's nothing on TV. *whine*

Oh, and the roommate's boyfriend is staying the night in our room. Not that there will be sexing or anything (I highly, highly doubt it), but just AWKWARD LIEK WOAH. And [ profile] bleakone's not even here for me to go camp on her floor. Does not want.
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Let's see. OMFG, Psych. Shawn/Lassiter? OFFICIALLY ALMOST CANON.

Spoiler of part of one line for Lassie's Done a Bad Bad Thing that's hardly worth cutting but I'll do it anyway. )

O AND. I think I may have been getting cruised by some chick at the gym for illicit gymshower sex. Chances are that I totally misread things and it's going to turn out that I'm going to find out that she kept giving me looks because I sit next to her in chemistry or something, but it's a funny story either way. Seriously, though--there was so much eye contact that if I were watching us on TV, I'd have totally been convinced that we were together (see Karen and Jules above, LOL). And when I got off the treadmill, she followed not too long after into the locker room, then she sort of, idk, meanders past into the shower area after catching my eye. Like for illicit gym shower sex. She wasn't really my type (idk what my type is--fictional, I suppose, LOL), plus I'm not the type for illicit gym shower sex, so I just sort of kept putting my sweatshirt and coat on (it's freaking cold here--wind chill's been double digits below zero a couple of times lately--so even though that was miserable for the first 10 minutes or so while I was still hot from exercising, in the long run the bundling up was worth it), and after a few minutes she came out of the shower room. As in, having gone in there for no apparent reason except illicit gym shower sex. Like I said, prolly totally misinterpreting/hyperinterpreting stuff, but I suppose you had to have been there because it's hard to describe all the signals, but I actually seriously think that this may have been what was happening. And that's my story.

IL how BSG credits are spoilers. Fail, giving the 5th Cylon his/her own whole screen on the end credits a few seconds after I pop over to check out the SG-1 on after the premiere. Just got done watching the rerunning of the premiere, though (as Psych was during the first run), but I didn't realize it was on so I still missed the first 15 minutes or so. And spent most of the episode writing an email to my brother and otherwise fiddling with the computer, so I'll really have to watch it again to get it.

Fail at how a few days after getting back, my internet is dead here. The wired box all of a sudden decided to fail--luckily, I'm on the 8th floor, the lobby of which has wi-fi, so I can catch that on and off but it's weak and crappy. And I wasn't sure what the problem was at first, so I didn't put in a work request until Friday afternoon, which means with the weekend and the backlog of more important jobs (one of the other buildings flooded in the middle of the week--as in multiple floors; fifth floor had 4 inches and everything below got soggy--so most of the maintenance people are still prolly on that) that will inevitably be there for them on Monday, I've got no idea when it'll get fixed.
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Holy shit. Doing some routine computer cleanup, and I went through and got rid of temporary files, recycle bin stuff, hibernation files, etc. The recycle bin evidently had a bunch of crap in it, though I don't recall what a bunch of old Sims neighborhoods and such--I figure I don't ever play more than a family or two at a time anyway, I don't need everything else. And the hibernation backup stuff was a good 3 gigs or so (what, does it play like system restore and keep the last 10 hibernation points or something? It's not like I ever need more than the last one, as I've never seen an option to reboot back to an earlier hibernation point!). But what really killed me? The system restores. I need to look at how often it's backing them up, because I'm now TWENTY ONE GIGS (!!11!one!1eleven!!1!) freer than I was a few minutes ago. Minus the 4.27 that were the normal disk cleanup stuff, and we're still talking almost 17 gigs of pure system restores. I repeat: holy shit.
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From Jerry Brown asks California Supreme Court to void gay-marriage ban

Voters are allowed to amend other parts of the Constitution by majority vote, but to use the ballot box to take away an "inalienable" right would establish a "tyranny of the majority," which the Constitution was designed, in part, to prevent, [California Attorney General Brown] wrote.
. . .
In an interview, Andy Pugno, the lawyer for Protect Marriage, called Brown's argument "an astonishing theory."

Bullshit. That's nothing astonishing. That's an argument I made in PoliSci 101. (Actually, it's 110, but whatever.) That's an argument that 90% of the rest of my mostly-oblivious PLS class could have come up with as well. You know why? Because it's basic and it's true.

Oh, and in computer news? CD drive doesn't work. I don't remember if I mentioned that. I'm pissed.
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Did I seriously just see Ianto on a PC commercial saying "I make coffees"?! Because for serious, if I wasn't already a PC girl, I'd be out buying Windows atm.
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I know who's going to win the Sri Lankan Civil War.

From the Wikipedia article.

"Apart from the LTTE, there initially was a plethora of militant groups. The LTTE's position, adopted from that of the PLO, was that there should be only one."

The Highlander reference kinda makes itself. I have no idea what that really means in context (mostly because it's 3am and I've only recently realized that I don't really have to become anything more than slightly conversant in the war to give 1/5 of a 5 minute speech on it when chances are nobody else even knows it's going on, and therefore I'm forcing myself not to bother to figure it out).

In other news, [ONOES, it's complaining tiems!] the luck of Alexandria continues. Rained like a bitch today. And it was my day of all 1 hour classes and really long rides between each one. So I pretty much only ever just began to dry before having to go back out there. Plus, construction all over makes the puddles (this school = underwater) mucky and now all the white bits (that admittedly, weren't overly white before today, but a lot closer than they are now) are this murky, rusty, red-brown. Butwaitthere'smore. Really nice, cushy bike -seat? Absorbs water. Butt = soaked even worse than the rest of me. Which is horrible-r because nobody likes soggy hair/shirt/knees-of-pants (as that's what points up whilst bike riding), but soggy underwear are even worse.

And then this "Don't Forget the Lyrics"-esque game in the evening. And it was hilarity. In that I had been joking that, on the first real elimination round, I'd know every other song in the round but the one I got. Guess what happened? Not only was I actually very familiar with every other song in the round (I think out of the 10 or so, 7 of them are currently on my MP3 player and the other three should be), it wasn't just that I didn't know the words to the song I got, but that I'd never heard it in my life. And I've got a pretty good music memory, so I'm confident in that. LOLZ.

Plus, dinner's tofu wraps were fail. I was so excited about that, and even more so when it appeared that they had spinach tortillas to go with them, but no. Twas just green flour tortillas and the tofu was blech; not cooked or anything (or even warm!) like I'd expected, but some kind of eww tomato/onion/chive flavor (that might have been good if the tofu was warm, maybe lightly stir-fried, but coldmushysoft, no).

Downloaded the software update for my TV tuner computer thing, which turned out to be freaking gigantic, and now I'm getting nasty automated emails about my being more than 75% towards my weekly bandwidth. Thanks, Pinnacle, for not only not including Vista support with your software CD, but not even just making it a patch but rather a 1.3gb full software download. Whores.

And the gym's closed pretty much all day tomorrow (from 2pm on, which doesn't do me any good as I've got class until 4) for a stupid football game. On the same note, had to do beginnings of fitness testing stuff in gym class. What happened to me, LOL? In middle/high school, they used to make us do those same types of tests, and I know that my 1 minute situp number was well into the 40s, not mid 30s. I was making sure to do the maximum range of motion on them, though (more than I actually had to, methinks), as I was partnerless and therefore having my feet held by the teacher (and therefore unable to skimp) which may explain it.

And now I'm really, really thirsty (because tortilla chips = salty), but don't want to get up and get a drink for fear of waking up Chelsea. Will anyway, though, because thirst > sleep.
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In the Philadelphia airport right now. LOL at how I've not been posting all the stuff before this that I've been meaning to write up, so nobody has any idea why I'm in PA. Went to Corning NY for the reunion, then up to Rutland(ish) VT for the aunt's house staying (where she'd lost the password for the wireless internets, so virtually no access for me at all there--add that to the no air conditioning and me having to sleep on the couch, which would be fine if the aunt hadn't been getting up ungodly early every day, thus waking me up at same ungodly hour, and scenery or not, I'm happy to be out of there), and this morning we drove down to Albany for me to catch a flight here (Philadelphia) to get a connector back to St. Louis. At 6:30, gah. I tried to get them to switch me up to the 4:45 one here, but since I had a checked bag, I couldn't. I was like "I could run back and get the bag like everybody else and recheck it on the new plane!" but no, because they would have been done unloading by then.

Got here rather surprisingly early--I assumed that planes left when they were scheduled to leave or later, not earlier, but we were up in the air a good 12 minutes pre-scheduled departure and touched down right at 2:50 (Eastern time--I finally got all my watches and computers and such switched perhaps day before yesterday only to have to switch it all back when I get home). So I have to hang out for the next 3 hours or so, but I found a spot with a power plug (not my terminal, but who's really going to check that?) and the airport has free wireless, so I'm content. Not so content in that flight sickness has not quite subsided, however. I should have figured that I'd be sickly, but I didn't realize how much dipping and bobbing and majorslantage (that seriously OMGfreaked me out the first time--when I thought about it, I immediately knew that the plane had to do that to turn, but it didn't stop the pre-thought OJEZUSWE'REGOINGDOWN shudder). I took a bunch of pictures out the window and such, but I don't think I have the cord or I'd stick them on right now. Perhaps, we will check when I finish typing.

First flight plane was seriously the smallest ever. See pictures to eventually (hopefully) be attached. Nine rows of seats, pairs on each side of the aisle with the last (9th) being a bench at the back of five seats. No bathroom either, which is funny, because we (mum, Kaci, and aunt Anna who all rode the hour and a half or so down to Albany with me) were listening to NPR on the way over, and they had their "We give you three news stories and you tell us which one's real" bit and it was about airplanes/airlines, and one of the two fakes (that we all thought was the real one) was about one airline possibly taking out bathrooms from their planes on flights less than 2 hours. Looks like it's already happened--THIS MEANS I WAS RIGHT, ANNA. I was supposed to be in seat 8D, but there was only one lady for the whole back bench, so I asked her if she'd mind me sneaking back there with her. She did not, and thus I was able to get a couple of out-of-window shots too without squishing the woman I was supposed to be sitting next to. And got essentially 2.5 seats to myself, as it was window-emptyseat-her-empty-me-empty-window. I really hope that some sort of the same situation will be possible on flight 2, as that's the one where I'll be in the air around sunset time, which is really when I want to be able to get the out-of-window pictures.

Wicked good timing with the flights, though. We bought the ticket on the 7th, and if we had waited until the 9th, I would have had to cough up $15 to check a single bag. And since it's before methinks August 1st, I still got a free Diet Coke on the plane.

Gah, stomach, stop being queasylike. You're on the freaking ground, what the hell?

Cool things about this airport. The food. They've got an A Bon Pain, which I'd been wanting to try out because of their whole menu of < 200 calorie foods. They have a smoothie place with < 100 calorie smoothies, too, which is win. I might end up trying both at some point, as no lunch was had (due to driving to and then being on a plane), though admittedly the breakfast happened around 10am, and thus the hunger has not returned (killed by the airsickness?). And it's all guaranteed to be street price, which means it's not going to kill my wallet (or, you know, will anyway because Philly's street price can't be cheap, but at least it's not going to be hugely more).

So sadness about the not getting on the 4:45 flight back to STL, but I have stuff to do, so it's cool. And I'm still getting home significantly sooner than the 13 hours of driving that it would have taken were mum ready to go home (I've got to work on Monday doing this teaching assistant gig for a summer camp for gifted 1st and 2nd graders, she loves Vermont too much to leave after only 5 days) or the 25+ hours of Greyhound bussing or train that was the second choice (Anna found the flight, thank god, and it was only like $20 more than the by-then sold out train and actually less than the bus). Though AIR CONDITIONING, PHILLY, WOULD BE NICE. It's probably just warm because I'm in the terminal area, where they've got the connectors to the outside and all, but it's 88 degrees in the outdoors and not a whole lot cooler in here.

O LAPTOP PLZ STOP THAT. It just had a popup thing telling me that Windows Media Player found somebody else's (the lady sharing this outlet with me, permaybehaps?) computer and can share files with her. NO THANKS, LAPTOPPY SIR. This unsecured network thing does not happy make me, especially since my Norton Anti-Virus trial that came with the computer ran out a few days ago. Scary.
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Allergies today and migraine yesterday have made the last few days not so much fun as not. Especially because it was one of those freakish migraines (that I prefer to the "normal" kind I used to get more often, but still) where I have no or very little headache, and just the major nausea/dizziness/sensitivity to everything/etc. Good in that there's a diminished level of head-splitting ouchage, bad in that since they're weird and, though more common lately, not the kind I got first, it always takes a significant amount of time before I recognize it as a migraine and take the appropriate actions/medicine. Also bad in that they don't give me the aura warning thing like the ones with the actual head pain. I was at a friend's graduation party when it hit, and it came on so debilitatingly so quickly that I had to get out of there with the excuse of having to be at work the next day at 6am (the girl I work with did; I was only there at 8) because I had mentioned working early before and the more words I had to use to explain things would mean the longer my mouth was open, which is not so much the best idea when fighting not to puke. Driving home then was a bitch also, because you're torn between pulling over so you can wait out this major wave of nausea or because you have to throw up and not pulling over so you can get home faster. I compromised by holding one of those gigantic soda fountain cups in my lap just in case I couldn't make it all the way home first. Two Compazines (that I still have from the major, all night LJ posting session that was the first one of these that I had that really puzzled me--I think they work, so I'm not complaining, though I usually figure it out fairly soon after I take it and chase it down with one of my mum's migraine pills, so it's hard to isolate which one does the working), a MaxAlt (generic migraine stuff), a nap, and a smack to my sister who decided to illustrate some concept she didn't like whilst explaining it to me with pantomimed emesis, and I was almost better by morning. Better enough to go to work, which is what matters, I suppose.

Work was fun. In that I and the other babysitter type (who weren't supposed to be doing desk/other stuff work anyway, or at least weren't explained to that this would be the case when we signed up) were the only people there in the morning, and we were never taught how to do the membership sales stuff (or how to do the other, drink/towel/whatever sales stuff or ring people in, for that matter, but I had figured that out earlier in the week when I was watching the desk) and there was a membership appointment bungled because nobody had it down in their book and our boss showed up an hour late (later on, I see him look at the clock-in computer and curse; me: "You never clocked in, huh?" him: "Yeah. But I was here, they know that." me: "Yeah. *Bullshit.*"). The lady was pretty cool about it, but I totally wouldn't have been; we kept her waiting around for an hour for somebody to show up who could hook her up with a membership. And it pisses me off, because I could have done it; I've looked at the forms and such before when things were slow, and it's all self-explanatory, but we haven't been "trained" to do it and never will because it's a commission thing and part of our position, like I said before, is that we pick up the scut work for the front desk people (even though they're supposed to be on the same level as us) so they can sell memberships. LOL, though, at how boss was like, later in the day, "Let me show you how to do this paperwork stuff and use the computer system," and I was like "Bitch, plz. Where have you been; I've been doing this shit since Monday. And all morning, thanks to you."

Only about 5 kids today, though, which was nice, because they were good ones. Self-entertaining to an extent, some of them, so I did a sudoku while holding one of the little ones. Kept having to force myself to stay awake, though, because of the whole migraine the night before thing, which made working out afterwards hard (plus, the Compazine always screws with my balance, so treadmilling takes more effort than usual).

And I was supposed to go to the Dave Matthews Band concert tonight with Amnesty International to table for them, but after having volunteered and been accepted and then emailing twice over the past few days and never getting any specifics about when and where and what I needed to do, I didn't waste the gas driving down there to try and figure it out (because the place is far too big to try and find people when I don't even know how to get them to let me in, as I was ticketless).

Stupid computer that has Photoshop on it is still not working, which ticks me off, as I'm supposed to have made these cards to send out to the familia something like a few weeks ago. And I just found out today that the disk that I'd been looking for to install it on a different computer was thrown away a while ago by my father because it had gotten too scratched up. Gah.

Edit: Oh, and Clinton suspending her campaign? Doesn't that sound like something you do when you're, idk, planning on picking it back up again later? Just saying, odd choice of words.
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So, my brother got a girlfriend... Tuesday or Wednesday or so. This, methinks, is his second or third girlfriend, which puts him squarely beyond me irt: dating experience despite my being older, which I'm sure should be more bothersome to me than it is. (He hasn't realized that yet, thankfully, or all the advice I have been giving him about where to go/what to do would be completely ignored, which is not really something he could afford, LOL). Thing that is bothersome? She just came by for the first time to pick him up for a date (as neither yet drive), so I only just now got to see her. And she's so far past way too hot for him that it's not even funny. Except it actually is really funny.

It's just odd. My brother's oddly charming in that dorky, rumpled teenage kind of way, and he does clean up well, but she's hot .

I'm entertained, And further entertained by the fact that I've written this whole post on a tablet PC that my dad borrowed from somebody to test out as a prelude to possibly buying it. As cool as it is to have handwritten all of this--and if I slow down my writing a bit and do it significantly bigger than I normally would, I don't even have to make that many corrections--I type like nobody's business. A single correction takes several pen clicks, and I'm pretty sure that I type faster than my standard, scribbly chicken scratch note-taking handwriting anyway, much less the bigger, clearer writing I've got to do on here, anyway. Add that to the fact that it's a pretty lacking laptop in all the more technical aspects (1.40 GHz, 1.24GB of RAM, only a 30 GB hard drive), and I'm not really impressed. Fun to play with, but it wouldn't cut it as the kind of laptop I need for next year.

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