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There was just a chemistry joke in my SVU fic. And I laughed. Mostly because there was a chemistry joke in there like it was nothing, more an author's in-joke than a laugh-out-loud funny thing.

I'm going to do that at some point. Just throw all the nerdy jokes into a fic I can.

Been crazy excited since yesterday, when somebody posted on this Star Trek Enterprise round robin that I play in that's been abandoned for more than three years. I only ever looked at it every once in a while, whenever somebody replied to a one of my topics on the forum (which wasn't often at all, as I played in the T'Pol/Hoshi section that was highly underpopulated), so I was tres surprised when I got an email saying that somebody had replied to the RR thread, and even more surprised when it was somebody that wanted to continue it. Excellence. We had a really complex story going on, which upon discussion with said replying somebody, we're going to tweak a little into a somewhat less impossible to write yet still complex storyline regarding the Temporal Cold War. Which I have to research, because most of that plotline in the show was done in the first two seasons, which I only occasionally watched.

Lion King was nice. The dancing just didn't impress me, though. I expected that to be the best part of the show, because that's what they're always talking about, but it seemed like they had to modify it down even more to compensate for the costumes. I don't think for a moment that it was easy, dancing around with lions on their heads, but it seemed like very simplistic dancing. Music was nice, costumes were excellent. There was a lot of sound trouble at the beginning, though. We could hear fine, as we were in the front and the acoustics are decent in the Fox, but I could hear the people behind us and in the balcony murmuring about how they couldn't hear. It was a good entire scene, too, at least 10 minutes. I felt bad for everybody in the back (where I'd normally be sitting). They had an 11 year old (or so, I think that was his age) playing young Simba for most of the first act, which surprised me. He was v. cute, too. He did a good job--he had a stronger singing voice than half the male leads.

Lion King, however, seems to attract the people who don't know basic theatre etiquettes. Meaning, in this case, don't bring your infant to a show starting at 8pm. If they're too young to talk, they're probably too young to appreciate the show, Lion King or not, and are also too young to be up that late. And also, you don't clap at every animal that parades by in the aisles. ESPECIALLY WHEN PEOPLE ARE SINGING ONSTAGE. These people clapped at the drop of a hat. Just like during Shakespeare. Somebody really needs to just add "Do not clap during songs/dialogues" to the "turn off your cell phones" announcement at the beginning.

And I got the impression that Austin's parents suggested me when they gave him the extra ticket. Just in that he didn't seem overly. . . enthused that I was there. We were both v. polite, but most of my conversation was with his sister and parents when we met them later, and everything with him was initiated by me.

Edit: I just found my Tropico CD. I am a happy girl. I dunno if it plays anymore, as I've had it for probably 4 years and it's gotten considerably scratched up in that time, but I've really wanted to play it recently. Considering I got it for free (one of those 'free after rebate' things at the CompUSA), tis excellent.

EditEdit: IT DOES PLAY. Trufax excellent.
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*has fixed nothing regarding history situation*

I've got to go learn equilibrium and acid/base stuff for big chemistry exam tomorrow morning. Grr. I've been so stressed about other stuff that I haven't studied for this exam, which is prolly the most important one of all of them this year. And it's not like I just learned all the stuff either, as this was a 2 year course and it's comprehensive. And it's not like the teacher has taught it all either, because I'm looking through the review stuff and there's some stuff that I should know that I don't, but there's other stuff that I've never heard of.

Hard drive is fucked again. I don't understand this. Now it's something with the power/data connection. I've got to have it propped up so the cord is being pulled up while the drive is being pushed down for it to connect right. It lost connection in the middle of my downloading something, though, and my entire fandoms folder corrupted. Which freaked me out because though I've started backing up all my harddrive stuff onto the main computer, I hadn't done it recently and had just started a couple of new stories and worked a bit on another that I didn't have anywhere else. But if you reboot the computer, windows can fix stuff like that automatically sometimes, when it's not a hardware problem (as it was with my first drive) making the files inaccessible. And it did, and I backed stuff up and am now in the process of burning off all my episodes of Battlestar Galactica in case it screws up again.

And I found this meebo place that lets you IM online without downloading anything (because my main computer is crazily full because of my backing up of stuff) so I'm now prolly going to occasionally be on LJ talk if you want to hit me up there. Or maybe other places if I play with it more--I'm not really looking at it as I'm working on figuring out this new Nero thing instead.
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Worked at my dad's school all afternoon on Tuesday for some competition for all the middle school gifted students in the district. I didn't actually get to see any of them compete, though, which was somewhat disappointing as it sounded like a pretty cool thing -- they wrote skits a while back, memorized them, etc, and when they got to the competition they were given a character, a prop, and a line that they had to work in somehow and they only had a few minutes to figure out how. I believe that may have only been one part of the competition, though, as there seemed to be a lot of different categories that didn't quite seem to fit with what he had told me they did when Dad was announcing the awards. That and his kids (or at least one group of them, I'm not sure how many there were or how it exactly worked) won, so I imagine they were pretty good at it. Problem was that it took a while -- he said we'd be home around 6, we didn't get back until 7:40 at the earliest. And I hadn't gotten much sleep Monday night and had been standing up making popcorn and running things around for hours Tuesday afternoon, so when I got home I decided to take a nap. Nothing strange there. Until I didn't wake up until 3:30am. Ouch. And then I looked at my watch, figured screw it, and went back to sleep. So I didn't have anything done for classes today. Not that I would have done anything anyway, but I had to take two Spanish quizzes over parts of the play I hadn't read (one because I was planning to read it Tuesday night and one because I thought we didn't have to have it read until Thursday but probably would have started Tuesday night anyway had I been awake).

So I missed NCIS and House and everything. Not fun there. I'll have to get those some time.

Tonight we went to our credit union's annual members' meeting thing. Twas at some banquet center thing and I expected thusly the food to be quite good, but it was merely passable. Not bad, but nothing to brag home about. Still. You walk in the door and they give you one of those plastickyacrylic drawstring tote bag things and a magnetic memo board, then they feed you, then they talk for a bit (but it wasn't that long, thankfully), then they introduce everybody, then they do a trivia contest and draw door prizes. We were in first on the trivia the entire time until the music category (which you'd think I'd be good at, but it was all really old popular stuff; they'd give you a line and you'd have to give the next one without even having been given the song or artist) where we ended up down by one and got beaten in the STL Landmarks category (because it was all downtown, where I never go. Seriously, it's sad. I've lived here all my life and I know Chicago better).

Funny thing was, I had been joking the entire time about how the door prizes should have been cash instead of stuff at the credit union meeting (it was totally random-- some wine basket, a garden hose, potpourri and dish, fancy lotion, a container with a bunch of snacks, etc.), and then the trivia prizes were cash. So I made $5 for getting second, which was especially nice considering I knew virtually none of the questions (usually I'm passable, but these were obviously geared for the older crowd; after me and some of the younger bank teller types that worked there, the next youngest was easily my mom, followed by my dad, and besides them I doubt there was anybody under 60) and was of little help at all. That and two muffin tins and a box of blueberry muffin mix from the door prize. So. Five bucks, a bag and memo board, and muffins; I'd say that was a good haul.

Talked to my old US history teacher today and asked him if he knew of any political cartoons that I could use for this dumb research paper I've got to do for history. Because he always had cartoons to illustrate stuff (because that was what was on all the tests and he wanted to prepare us. Which he did well. Looking back, he was probably my favorite teacher that year for sheer volume of stuff learned) and I was having trouble finding a good one. As my teacher of this year strongly suggested that we have one as part of our bazillion required sources. The whole assignment is crap. It wouldn't bother me so much if he didn't insist on calling it a Document Based Question, which implies an essay with 5-8 sources given to you which you use to support your given topic that you should be able to write in about 50 minutes (as it was on the US History test and will be on the History of the Americas test), and not a research paper with a given topic and 5-8 sources we've got to go find. When he calls it a DBQ it makes it sound like it's okay that he assigned this big, high point valued paper to be done in a week right before the huge finals start.

On that note. Looked at my calendar thing today and freaked out. Evidently my math tests are only in a week and a half and chemistry in two. Holyfuck. I had no idea. I've been trying to keep my head above (as these next two or three weeks are frakking hell every year in every class) in my non-hugeassfinals classes and not really reviewing at all for the ones with said finals. So I'm going to go die now.
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Whoever invented daylight savings time should diediedie. I just started actually getting into some kind of a rhythm where I actually went to sleep at night (though I was still waking up 20 times a night, at least I was going to sleep at a quite early but reasonable hour) and wasn't grotesquely tired in the morning. Well, that's gone.

Not only did I have to get up an hour earlier today (same on Sunday, but it wasn't as bad as I only was up at 7:45ish, meaning it felt like 6:45, which is a bit after when I normally wake up for school), but I had gone to bed only about an hour before that. Miserable. Plus, I didn't have my glasses because I couldn't find them in the morning, so it was impossible to pay attention (I notice that because I can't focus on the teacher or the board or whatever, my ears stop working also), meaning I was even more about to fall asleep. Had to take a bio test this afternoon, probably bombed that as we ended the unit almost a week ago and I hadn't looked at anything since. Definitely did bomb the first half of the chem test, which I know as we graded it in class. I was making stupid mistakes on things I knew the answers to, which was sad for me and indicative of the effect that the bad sleep has on my body.

So. Theatre class hell week is this one and the next. Paper was due Monday, oral presentations (20 minutes, gah!) for how to directorially bring this Beckett play to life on stage are next Monday, portfolio things are due sometime this week or the beginning of next, plus she gave us a new play and wants that read by the beginning of next week. Still not talking to the teacher, anyway, after the whole losing my paper and lying about it and then giving me no credit when I tried to give her another copy thing.

Mock trial. Still have to talk about that at some point, because I want to, and I've got two trials to complain about. Had a meeting Monday, but I couldn't go due to said bio test. Evidently, both my witness for my prosecution direct examination and my lawyer (from regionals, not my original lawyer) when I'm a witness can't go to state.

Did I mention that? We're going to the state competition. Which is cool. But I'm sort of tired of the case by now. It would be much more enjoyable if I didn't hate the case, but by now, I pretty much just want it to be over. Anyway.

State starts the Friday of spring break, right before we come back. People are out of town. And as such can't go. So if I have to train a new witness and a new lawyer (as I had to do once already for the latter), these weeks and the actual trials (we're going to get killed, we know it, as we've practiced maybe eleven times, counting practice trials, total and the kinds of teams we're up against meet every day all year working on these things) are going to be not enjoyable at all. I know we're going to get kicked out right away, I'm totally realistic about that, but I don't want to lose simply because we're doing the third recasting this season.

Yes. So. I have chemistry to learn for this test, math to learn because I totally was caught off guard by both the fact that we had a quiz Monday and everything on said quiz, and a whole lot of english to do--it's a quadruple assignment for this novel: read all 150 pages of the bitch (okay, it's shortish, but annoying), annotate the play (not an unreasonable directive, but I have the feeling that she's the type that wants something written for every sentence, which is), do a journal entry for it analyzing the style and themes and stuff (which she undoubtedly expects to be an exhaustive analysis of the thing), and fill out a worksheet that's essentially just another journal entry. And she expects the two hours of class to be sufficient for all of this work. Moron. I'm not even going to finish reading it, there's no chance. I'm barely forcing my way through the sparknotes right now. Going to finish that (meaning the sparknotes, I'm not messing with anything else) and then go to bed, as yet again, it somehow ended up being almost 4 in the morning without me realizing it.
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Actually tried to go to bed at like 9:30, setting my alarm for 1 to get up and do some studying before going back to sleep. Didn't happen. This week I haven't been sleeping normally. (Normal for me, I mean. Normal is relative.) So I spent 2 hours back in bed trying to fall asleep, but feeling too lazy/tired to actually get up and do the studying then (humongo chem test tomorrow and Friday, on dumb Equilibrium covering like 4 chapters of material which I still haven't really gotten). Finally dragged myself up because my throat was starting to get sore, got water and an asprin, then decided to pluck my eyebrows. They weren't bad or anything, especially because they're essentially blonde, so I never really have to (and usually don't) but I did. No idea why. And then I painted my left hand's fingernails. Haven't gotten around to the right yet, because I'm right handed and so it's going to look horrible and this nail polish sucks. I bought it because I needed new black, and this said it was black, but in practice, it's more gray. It takes you either lumping it on or a bazillion coats to make it look black. Therefore, it's taking a long time to dry. It's dry enough that I can type (because my nails are so short that it's not like they get anywhere near anything I touch), but were I to actually touch the nail, it would get all fingerprinty and bad.

Yeah, typed that about an hour and a half ago, and then got to doing other stuff. So now I have 8 nails painted. I really hope there's nail polish remover in the house somewhere, because the polish is all over my hands. I'm so bad at this.

Well, er. Meme. Two, actually. Nicked from the journal of somebody from my Star Trek RPG site that I casually knew back when I was starting on there. I stumbled across her blog site (I don't remember what host it was) while trying to put a name to her user id, because I haven't talked to her for 2.5ish years and forget things like that.

Dumb memish type things. )
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You know that *shivergaspwow* thing you do when you read a really powerful fic? Yeah. That makes my day better. As it kinda sucked.

I definitely managed to find out that I'd been replaced in our quartet. Umm, WTF? Here's me, fiddling with my viola at home and waiting for the other quartet people to tell me when our next practice was, and they're off practicing without me.

Yeah. So, I'm really pissed off at all three of the other members right now. Austin, the cello, well, he's a pansy-arsed coward. He's the one whose decision it undoubtedly was as he's somewhat in charge of the quartet, unofficially, as his house was where we had some of the practices.

And, erm, yeah, so Austin? If you've got a fucking problem with me, with how I'm playing, whatever, you sure as hell better take it to me. You don't just conveniently not tell me when the practices are and get somebody else to play my part at the gigs.

But yeah. Found out because Anne (the first violin who's evidently moved to play viola now) kinda just told me. So, pissed off at her for being an insensitive bitch. Right before fifth hour, after I had been trying to be nice to her by inviting her to this theatre show that our class is putting on (because she had invited me to some trivia night, I figured I should reciprocate) we start talking about orchestra (because she couldn't go because she had an orchestra thing at the time of our performance) and she sort of just jumps from me mentioning one of the kids that subbed for Alyssa at the last show I was in to "I replaced you." That's literally how she said it. Of course, I've got no idea what she's talking about, so I'm like "Err, huh?" and she's all "In quartet. I'm playing the viola part now since you're not in it." Me: "Since when?" But the bell had rung a little before that, meaning I had like 15 seconds to get to class, so I was just like "Yeah, I can't fucking deal with this right now," and just went to chemistry.

Yeah, so I was angry. Kinda ruined the rest of my fucking day.

I ended up finding out that they had a gig this evening, both from somebody who had heard it from Alyssa and my sister when she came back from her choir performance that happened to be right after the quartet. So yeah. Nice. Were they expecting that I wouldn't find out? That I'd just forget it? That I'd think "Hmm, I know I used to do something on Fridays and occasional evenings/whenever gigs were. I wonder what that was? Oh well."

And then chem sucked, because we were doing this lab and the computer pH meter things were horrid and weren't giving us the results they were supposed to. So everybody else finished the lab in like 20 minutes, and my group was working until the bell at the end of class. And the one kid that has kinda tried to join my group in everything in there lately was being all annoying and I was like "Umm, can't you see that I'm really pissed off and want to stew in my anger right now? I'm really not in the mood for you screwing up this experiment more than it already is." Because he didn't know what he was doing.

But evidently Anne told Austin at lunch to watch out for me, because, to go into like triple hearsay here, I'm "out for his head." I'm like, no, that isn't really my style. I will come at you when you least expect it. I will be rather civil to you while I'm doing it, but you'll feel like a worthless specimen of humanity when I'm done that doesn't deserve the oxygen in the air.

That or I'll be too passive-aggressive and not mention it at all and just stew in my miserableness. But the latter is usually only with people that I'm close to (Katie: "What's wrong?" Me: "Well, you really pissed me off when you [did whatever]. Nothing."), and as I never really liked Austin, I think it will probably be the former.

And then in 7th hour (being the last hour of the day) my english teacher kinda redeemed herself a little in my eyes by letting me stay in her room during the pep rally (because I was not in the mood for loudness and lots of people. I almost always come out of there either very close to/having a panic attack or having my head split open by migrany pains of doom, so I was all happy about the not having to go). But then Anne decided to stay too, and I was like "Yeah, thanks." I didn't mention any of the quartet stuff because I want to lull her into a false sense of security before I strike. Yeah, or not really. Though that's what I'm planning on doing (because I'm evil and horrible and can use my mad cross-examining skills to talk at people until they cry), I really just didn't mention it because I was so pissed off that if I thought about it I think I would have cried. And so I was trying to talk to Rachel, who was also staying in, but we were talking about science fiction for some reason--oh, it was because Anne brought up the fact that she thought Star Trek was on at that time--which is something Anne likes, so she kept trying to insert herself into our conversation, and I was all grr.

Thing is, though, I know Austin's kinda an asshole. And Anne kinda has a thing for Austin, so if he told her not to say anything to me, she probably wouldn't. And I sort of doubt that she meant to hurt me by telling me that she took my spot (though it wasn't the telling that hurt so much as the doing and then the doing and not telling) because she doesn't think before she says things. Which results in her saying hurtful things a lot, which, come to think of it, might not be all that inadvertent, looking at the frequency with which she does so to me.

But Alyssa? Yeah. Thought she was my friend. I think that--after the fact that I'm out of the quartet, meaning I've now got no viola-playing going on besides whatever I fool around with at home (because, which I'm also still really angry about, nobody told me about the auditions for orchestra for next year being even earlier than last year's, meaning that I missed them and as such will not be in orchestra next year when I had wanted to only drop it for a year to take this dumb history that I needed to have, not quit completely)--that's the bit that's pissing me off the most.

So, in conclusion. The three questions presented by this entry: Why do people suck? Why has my life been crappy lately? Why do people stab you in the fucking back?

*needs cuddling*

Edit: Another question. Why does my mood theme suck? Some icons just don't show up. Such as 'pissed off', which is one that I use quite often. Odd.
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Got grades finally. Grr at those. I'm still rather angry that I got a B on the Spanish final thus leaving me with a B+ for semester because I conjugated a section of verbs into the wrong tense. The wrong tense correctly, but not the tense he wanted. The suckiest bit is that I'm really good at the tense he wanted--I've been using it with no problems for years when everybody else only really learned it this year. C in math, which I expected after the whole test/quiz fiasco earlier in the quarter. Pulled an A for semester in chemistry, though, which is nice seeing as how she doesn't like me and resorted to her non-math to keep me at a B for all of last year and first quarter this year. Also especially nice seeing as there's looking like no way that I can get one for this quarter, for the reason detailed below.

Big science project is due tomorrow today. I really hope that the files that I pulled off of one of the group members' school account for some of the written stuff isn't his final copy. It fits what we were originally going to do, but it was like he didn't pay attention to anything we actually did so that the planning writeup bits don't fit our project at all. So I'm rewriting those. Before, I was just like "Fine. I'll just go with what they've got." But I didn't know it was going to be this bad.
And I'm on the laptop and it doesn't havae Microsoft Office, so I can't check the powerpoint presentation thingie (which I know is the latest/final version) to see if it's as royally fucked up as the writeup.

And you know, I was so laid back about the whole thing. I figured I'd trust what the other members did (which is something that I tend to not be able to do unless they're my friends and I trust their intellegence) because they are some of them are reportedly somewhat intellegent. Evidently rumors of their (really, I'm just talking about the one who did the writeup) intellegence were greatly exaggerated. If this is the kind of shit that's going to get turned in with my name on it, I don't know what I'm going to do. There's no way that I can redo the project, as it's already half past one in the morning and I'm nowhere near done what I've been working on so far. I've got to get off of this computer and switch to the other one so I can input some last minute data into a spreadsheet thingie, which I wanted to do really quickly and throw into the powerpoint so I could talk about it and show people the table, but the two unintellegentest (totally a word) ones decided that what they had was fine (so totally not) and so I'm going to get asked why the stuff I'm talking about isn't in the presentation and I'm just going to point my fingers at them because I freaking did everything I was supposed to. And I did it well. After conceeding to their idiotic idea for a project just because we had to start something or we wouldn't get anything done at all and then fixing aforementioned idiocy into a somewhat workable project more or less by myself and devising a formula to calculate the stuff by myself and then telling them that evidently they didn't get what I was saying and the project wasn't going to work the way they had it, and then changing it, and then doing the data figuring, and doing more than half of the powerpoint. . . .

Whatever. Did some stuff, didn't do the rest of it. I've done my part.
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Random excitement. New printing of Blayne Cooper and TNovan's Madam President and First Lady novels is happening sometime this month. Yay for that. If the books weren't so darn expensive, I would have bought them already. Because I tend not to spend money on books unless I've already read them or others by that author and liked it, it's pretty much high praise that I want to buy them. Though, not if they cost a lot. I refuse to pay more than like $5 for a paperback book, because anything more seems kinda outrageous to me, being all with the thrifty and such. But Madam President was everywhere listed online for like $50 because it went out of print and I guess there weren't many copies, and I was like "yeah, like that's gonna happen." The reprint is listed to be $20, which is still more than I'll pay, but I'm hoping that this will maybe stick a whole bunch more used copies into the used copy market, and as such I'll be able to find a cheap copy somewhere.

Really tired. Got home and took like a 4 hour nap because I didn't sleep last night. 4 hours doesn't really cut it, however. Got so much work to do for this science project, I'm really nutting out over it (and yet still not actually working). *tries to drag self back to work*
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So. Was making cookies. I was like "Okay, let's give people cookies for Christmas." Yeah, no. They didn't cook right. Twas my fault, though, as they said 10-12 minutes and they weren't done then, so I put them back in for another 10 minutes and they still weren't done, so instead of going short increments, I stuck them in for another 10 and then they got too dry.

And then my dad was like "Oh, you can microwave them too." And he put one in, but we have two microwaves, see (no idea why) and he put it in the newer, stronger one, so it burned really badly. As in, that was almost 10 minutes ago and I can still barely breathe even though we've got the microwave sucker fan thing going that sucks the air to the outside.

Spanish final tomorrow. Not nearly as worried about that as I think I should be. Math is what's going to kick my ass. Haven't studied for any of them, though.

Still don't know when we're leaving for Texas. Looks like Saturday morning. My grandma wanted mum to just pull me out of Friday school and go down then, but I was like "Yeah, says right here that if you miss a final and don't have a note from the appropriate medical or legal authority, you get a zero. Not happening."
Though my last two finals are bio and chemistry; I only really need to put my name on the test of the former to get an A (because I've got like a 97% and this final combined with the midterm that I got a 98% on only make up 10%, meaning that even if I don't answer anything, I've got a 92%) and the teacher of the latter said that as long as we pass the final, it really doesn't count. So they're easy. But not missable.

Been reading fics to myself lately, which makes me smile. Especially because some of the really long ones are impossible to do in one take straight through so I'm merging bits together and the program I've got to do so (Sony's Acid Express) is pretty darn cool and I feel accomplished every time I make a seamless transition thing from one clip to another. The reads aren't great because I'm doing them while lying on my stomach on my bed into my Mp3 player and usually doing them in one take unless they're over 10 minutes or I majorly screw up. Like fumble on a page turn or something. That's happened a couple of times. It's like *pause, paper crinkle* and, next page. I tend to just restart from the beginning, though.
And has anyone else ever tried to do dialogue switching back and forth from a British accent to Southern US and back all quickly? That's hard. I can do both accents relatively well on their own, but trying to also man them up (because it was Reed and Trip from Enterprise, both men) and do them quickly was majorly challenging. Didn't sound terribly accurate.
Grr at me a bunch of times screwing up and deleting the wrong file from the player. I try to delete the one that I just recorded, but it doesn't always start on the delete menu with the most recent one, sometimes it goes from the one before or from the beginning and it doesn't tell me how many tracks are on there, so I just have to guess what number I was on and I've been wrong at least twice and deleted complete, good, one-take reads.

But if anyone else has/knows of places to get good fics in recognizable fandoms on audio, I'd like to see them. I've got a couple that I really want to listen to, but I'm forcing myself to save them for the trip, and that's only a few.
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Kicked that chemistry test's ass. As hoped. Needed a 63 or 65 or something to get an A, I got a 79. Wicked.

Only got 80% or so on the math test, which sucked. There's a very obvious difference between the first day of the test and the second on almost everybody's (mine's a 72 on day one and 87 on day two) because we all tried to do it for a really long time without the calculator before we all sort of picked our heads up at once and told the teacher that it was impossible. Which was entertaining, because it was like telepathy or something, it was literally everybody at the same time. So we only got the calculator for the last 10 minutes or so, which wasn't enough time. I stayed after for a few minutes to try and finish it, but I knew that I couldn't be late again or theatre teacher would have my ass, as I had been late the day before for another test also. So I sucked the first part up, as did everyone.

Was passing fics around today. Made me laugh. In math, I was reading a page and then passing it to Cy, who sits next to me. Through almost the whole story. Except I was missing a page, which saddened me. I had to just tell him what happened on that page. And Katie borrowed my other one to read during her math, which is same hour, different class. Yay for the sharing of the femslash love.

History teacher compounded review assignments, which made me scowl. He assigned one on Thursday due the coming up Thursday (that nobody worked on on Thursday because that was the day before part of our paper was due) and assigned another one today that's due at the end of class tomorrow. Grr. And I've got to revamp my summary of evidence because for some reason he still has a zero for me on that, which has me at like a D for quarter which is badbadbad, but due to my dumb thing, I don't want to give it to him and in doing so remind him that it's a zero. Even though I'm pretty sure I gave it to him way long ago, I might not have, and I don't like drawing attention to what could be my mistake.

So. Week before finals. Tis always a bitch. Got 5 hours of sleep total the week before finals last year. I don't remember if that was winter or spring finals, but I'm thinking spring. Luckily, though, the spanish, biology, and chemistry finals look to be (in order of mention) easy, ridiculously easy, and inconsequential this year. Math is going to suck, as it's 26% of our semester grade and won't bring me up really significantly, but has the power to pretty much fail me if I bomb it. History is going to suck because I don't know shit about it. As he hasn't taught shit about it. I was supposed to have a quiz today in that class--he replaced it with this dumb review assignment which I suppose is better, but annoying--and I realized last night that I had no idea what it was over. None whatsoever. I could not tell you anything we covered since the last quiz. Something about Canada. And John A. MacDonald. And Mounties. I remembered the Mounties. That was it. But then he had us read about Latin America in the book (which I couldn't find and must locate over break) and never talked about that at all, so I was worried that the Canadia stuff was in the last section and the Latin America was all that this quiz was over. Still don't know what it was supposed to be on. Though I really should be working on the dumb due-tomorrow review.

That's another thing. I've noticed that just this year, just these last few months, my procrastination has been taken to another level. It started with me doing things all the day before they were due. Okay. I'm cool with that. Then it became me doing them the night before they were due. Now it's more like me doing them at 4:30 the morning they're due. Or during classes before the class that it's due for, more likely. I've always done that, but it's become more and more, bigger things than just math homework or spanish pages.
And I'm pushing the turning things in late thing as far as it will go. It was a joke among my friends that they'd always say "Oh, Alexandria's not going to be at lunch Wednesday. We've got a paper due tomorrow," because I'd be writing the english papers at lunch. Not really writing, persay, but finishing, writing the last paragraphs or so. But still. I consider myself a master of estimating how long it will take me to do something and doing just enough of it to leave a manageable amount to do in the amount of time I had before class that day. Tis a skill. Don't know where I was originally going with this, so I'll stop.

Yahoo mail's been being a little whore for a week or so now. *pokes* Constantly it's giving me "cannot find server" and it's not my connection problem, as I've tried it at home and at school. And I refresh and it gives me error code 5. A lot. Quite often. Curses.

You know, this assignment wouldn't be that hard if he gave us the stuff we're supposed to compare/contrast with the few that he gave us. Like, the subject is social progress and we're given the 19th amendment for USA and have to fill in a similar event or thingie that compares or contrasts with that for each of Canada and Latin America from 1850-1920 and then define it and explain how it compares/contrasts. And there are 5 categories. Grr. If I could just come up with the stuff, it wouldn't be hard, but I've got no idea what Canada did regarding social progress. They're like us, only 50 years behind and boring. For example: we had a war over independence. Britain just didn't really want them any more and let them go. How lame is that. I would be insulted. It's like being the species that the borg doesn't want to assimilate. <- random Star Trek reference.
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But yeah. So, power came back on late Tuesday afternoon. I mathed it, it ended up being like 120 hours without power. Twas cold. Still cold in my bedroom.

Random stuff: Couple of days ago I was talking to Katie about Star Trek pairings and I was telling her about Troi/K'ehleyr and how in the first episode that K'ehleyr was on, she was all "I'm a half-breed! *angsts*" And Troi was like "So am I. *counsel, counsel, counsel, snuggle*" Except minus the snuggling. At least, not on screen. But I said it exactly like that, and with hand motions like flashing lights sending beams of counseling for counsel and it was funny. Yeah. I guess you probably had to be there.

Everybody in school pretty much had the giggles on Friday. It was entertaining. Our entire Spanish class just was constantly laughing.

My teacher told me if I rocked the chemistry test on Friday, I could get an A for semester. I think I kicked that test's butt. Hopefully. *Is cautiously optimistic.*

Yay for last meeting of dumb republican congress. Yay, Nancy Pelosi. I'm a fan. LOL at the congresspersons only working like 104 days all year. Which is like the least working congress days in 60-someodd years. Makes me laugh. Slackers.

Quartet gig last night. Everybody forgot to tell me that this was a 3 hour gig, as I had planned to go see Urinetown for theatre class right after. Nope, couldn't. So I've got to find somebody else to work for me at volleyball tonight so I can hopefully go then.
And I'm completely and totally sick of the song "Here Comes Santa Claus". They made us vamp that over and over while the dumb Santa guy went around to each of the hundred someodd people and handed out candycanes and such. Was nearly 15 minutes. And I can play for 15 minutes with no problem, but when you're playing the same thing over and over (about 30 times, we estimated, as it was a short song), you don't get any variation of arm movement (though in trying to vary up the arm movement, I think I played that song in every shifting position possible) and not only is it killer boring, it makes you really sore. Grr for that.
And the chairs slanted backwards. Which is badbadbad. Because you're leaning extra far forward (even though you're already on the edge of the seat) to compensate and your back starts hurting really quickly.
Got paid, though, which is nice. Finally. As I didn't get paid for the last 4. Nor have I gotten paid for the last two weeks of volleyball. Grr at that also. *needs money*

First violin was rather a bitch at quartet last night.
She was like "Oh, I'm going to be on pit and so is this other kid and nobody else even has a chance because we're the best." I really wish Alyssa had been there, because she's one of the few that actually realizes that aforementioned violin is nowhere near as good as she thinks she is and we could have shared significant glances and sniggers. She's especially not very good on viola, which is the instrument she was talking about being in pit on. She just has a two thousand dollar viola, so whatever she does sounds good. She depends completely on this expensive instrument to make her sound good; she's played mine and she sounds so much worse that I do on it.
But that pissed me off because I really wanted to be on pit for Sound of Music but I knew that I never had a chance because the orchestra teacher really doesn't like me. It has nothing to do with how good she is, it has to do with the fact that she's a suck up to the director and I never joined the director's little strolling strings group.
Grr at Anne for constantly insulting me. All the time. And I don't even think she knows that she's doing it. The replacement second violin for last night's thing asked me where I got my viola, and she made some comment about probably from the trash, because it's so bad. And she's done that multiple times before.
She insults me by grabbing my viola when I was trying to tune it like I've got no idea how to tune an instrument. And then she unwound my C string and put it back on, which made the rest of my strings go out constantly for the first hour we were playing. I was like 'Thanks a lot'. And she still couldn't tune my viola in any kind of short amount of time. I had to grab it back from her so there was a chance of getting it in tune before we had to start playing. She acts like she's all superior when it comes to anything music and she can't accept that she's not.
And at the end, I mentioned something about how my mom's taken on this project of cleaning out the laundry room in the basement, and she goes "So now there'll be one room in your house that you can walk in." I'm like urm, Anne? You've been in my house, what, twice? And both of those times only for a few minutes and only into the front room. And I know for a fact that neither time was the room messy, because once was before my birthday party and I had cleaned it up that afternoon and the other time . . . it just wasn't. So, yeah. Aside from me maybe mentioning that my room is a mess, I have no idea where you got that except out of your ass so you could make fun of me in front of people.
And these just after I was really nice to her on Thursday when she was upset about getting a bad grade on that dumb english presentation. So yeah. Guess what. I'm done. She's finally pissed me off too much.

Word is not letting me paste things in it. Don't know why. It just freezes up when I try to paste things. Not always, but things from email and things from livejournal posts tend to be the ones that are all of a sudden being bitches. Not nice. I'm pasting things to Word Perfect (which I actually like better, but hasn't been working right on the computer in different ways for half a year now) and pasting them from there to Word. Annoying.

Being forced to go to church. Also tres annoying. Grr.

So. Is back from church. Was about to go to the theatre to go see that dumb musical, but then my dad reveals that he has no idea where the theatre is even though I told him what it was by. And there's no time to look up directions as I was already going to be late, so I'm down to one showing that I maybe might be able to go see. And if I had gone to this one at 2, I might not have even had to miss work. And now I definitely will, which is sad. If there even are any tickets. And there's no way that there's going to be any. Because that would be too handy. I'm going to end up not seeing this one. Not like I care. Theatre teacher told us that we would have to go see two or three plays this year. Year's not even half way done and this is number three. I don't have the money to shell out for all of these tickets. She needs to get over herself. And maybe consider teaching something once in a while. There's no teaching going on in that class. Of the two performance things we did before this big directing one, we got feedback on neither. So we've got to do this big one with no idea whether what we've been doing for other plays so far is any good. And the meddling she does in our scenes just screws us up. Of the three male characters I play in this latest performance/directing thing, the one for whom the dialogue is most manly is the one that the teacher made us turn into a female. He/she's the only one who seems even slightly male; the other two have nothing written in to even suggest that they might be of the male persuasion save who they're in love with. Grr. So we're having to change every line from father to mother and your late wife to your late husband (the latter change which completely removed the joke from the rest of that line) and the rest of it still doesn't make sense because it's so un-female.

Knees hurt. And back/neck. And the spot on my shoulder where my viola was digging my bra strap in. And the bruise/hickey on my neck. Not yay for pain.
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Ha. *Is done*

Evaluation-wise, this lab actually isn't half bad, IMO. Though the teacher will undoubtedly find something to whine about because she doesn't like me. Oh well. I like it. I think I did a good job. Yay.

And there's about 5 characters worth of computer garble at the top left of one of the pages that I just printed (I don't think that the garble just printed, though, it's probably from sometime when the printer was being dumb and it would have been stupid to throw away the page just for 5 characters). We're going to ignore it. Because I don't care at all. I used to print everything on the back of old letterhead from a business that my dad and maternal grandparents had out of our basement. They worked with orthodontics. Twas back when people weren't commonly using computers in teeth stuff, and so we were like the only people that did this, which was cool. We made computer models of the teeth so the dentist/orthodontist types could see the bad parts where they weren't lining up right and such. I say 'we' because even though I was little, I got to help by scanning in the plaster models of the teeth so the computer could do its thing. I use the binders from the old training manuals that taught the orthodontists what to do with their computer representations for school stuff too. But we're almost completely out of the paper, which sort of makes me sad, because that was the background for every paper and story and everything I ever printed out for years.

Edit: And whoever put the paper in the printer loses. Because it's scrap paper from the company intermixed with printing error sheets (probably also from the company) and they put it in upside down so the scrap side gets printed over and you can't read the words. Must reprint. Curses.

Anyway. Sidetracked. Bed. That's what I was doing. Leaving. Now. Though I don't know how much point there is in going to bed for less than 2 hours. Still going to go. Though it's going to make getting up even more hellacious than it already is because not only is my bed is warm and the air freezing (literally), I'll have to interrupt the sleepage.
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One of my old friends that I used to talk to a lot online just had a baby. Yay, Xakana! We haven't talked in a year or so, though, which makes me sad. Don't you hate that? You just sort of quit talking, and it's all *is sad*. I knew she and her husband had been trying for a baby, but I didn't even know she was pregnant until she just posted on VJB that she gave birth last Sunday to a daughter.

Anyway. *Is happy for her.*

My brother bought the Pets thing for Sims 2, so now the computer is even slower. Grr.

I've got a math quiz and a chemistry quiz, the chemistry one over stuff that I was gone both lecture days for and as such I have no idea what we're even doing. And a history project bit due Friday that I really have to find the time to do. And a chemistry lab that evidently was due today that I totally didn't realize we even had to write up. At least my teacher finally coughed up my lab book. She kept claiming that all the books she had were in the folders at the back of the room, and suddenly mine appeared by (though not in) the folders today. Hmm. I wonder. She better not bitch about my lab being late, seeing as how I had to write it all on loose leaf paper and try to keep track of all the info separately because I didn't have the book.
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Caught some kind of 24 hour food poisoning from the oatmeal raisin cookies at the mini medical school thing. And there's absolutely no irony in that!

So I wasn't at school today. (Meaning Wednesday. Which is no longer today, but still.) Which sorta sucked. Because now I've got to go pay to see the school play to do my analysis of it for theatre class, instead of going to the dress rehearsal for free. And I've now got to make up a chemistry quiz, a bio test, and take a math test all tomorrow/soon. And read a whole bunch of chapters in that stupid Canadian history book and the stupid Latin American history book. By Friday. Which isn't going to happen. Honestly. Nothing good happened in Canada. Ever. They film some good Sci-Fi TV shows there. That's it. I'm appreciating the Latin America book more and more because the Canada one is just so horrible. I'm going to try to find a kiddie Canada book at the library tomorrow, read that instead so I actually have some idea of what to write on the essay for the quiz on Friday.

No Bones on tonight, and the stupid baseball game it was canceled for got rained out and so wasn't even on. Curses.

I was going to go outside (You're all thinking 'Her? Sun? No way'. It was 6:30 at night. So not much sun. And I had sunscreen on.) and play soccer with my sister tonight, but just as we were about to go out the door, it started with the raining. Sadness. Kaci was angry.

The lady running for state representative for my district talked to my liberal union thing, and was all with the praising of me (she mentioned it quite a few times) for this ally week thing that I'm organizing that she heard about at the beginning of the meeting. Yay for that. I was all *blush*.

Somebody broke the screen part of my back door. You know how there are two doors sometimes, a wooden one and a glass/screen one? The spring thing that makes the screen bit close again after you open it isn't there anymore (actually, I think it is there, just hanging off of the door), and so if you open the door, it just swings all the way open (farther than it should open, it just goes until it hits the side of the house) and you've got to manually close it.

There's that wintry smell out. I don't know how else to describe it, just that crisp smell of winter. It's supposed to get down close or right below freezing tonight, and only be slightly above it by the time in the morning I go to school. That's going to be fun, as I can't so much bring a coat because I share my locker with two other people and we won't be able to fit all of our stuff in there with coats too. But I love the cold, so it's okay.

Lisa E. doesn't know command form in Spanish. (Is there another name for that? That and imperative is all we ever called it.) I know command form. Yay for Spanish lip kissing. (Bésame Ud. en los labios, Lisa!) The spanish translations for the subtitles were wrong, at least at one point. Lisa's like "She did come back" and the subtitles said that she did not. And there was a use or two of the vosotros form when the director guy was just talking to Hugh. Yay, me catching spanish mistakes. But really just mistakes in what was happening.

So I'm not getting all of the House Unplugged thing, but some. Which is good. (I just caught 'my whore'. Yay, whore. Cuddy wishes she was is my whore.)

Dubbing is funny. Stacy's dubber for the bit I just saw of her talking to Cuddy sounds majorly like somebody from one of those overly dramatic spanish soap operas. The inflections and all. And in the "House, you are. . . as God made you" bit, the fake!Wilson was laughing. But not sad, cynical laughing, real laughing. RSL acted that bit well, and dubberman ruined the mood of the scene. And the part where Wilson sawed through House's cane and House falls, there's all this grunting and gasping in the dub (LOL, dirty mind) that Hugh didn't do.

Did RSL say that he thinks that Wilson enjoys House? I think so. Awesome word choice.

It's so hard to pick things out when they've got Lisa talking in english, the dub of her on top of it, a dubbed clip going on in the other corner, and "Hallelujah" playing on top of it all. Give us non-spanish speakers a break here! I really wish they'd redo this in english, because even a translation of what's being said takes away so much of it, because it's a translation of a translation, and when the first translation isn't all that precise. . . .

(Ignore the fact that this is probably not right at all. I just found it entertaining that when I was watching the Unplugged thing and writing in here, I switched to writing in spanish without noticing at first. Then I just decided to continue for fun.)
Lisa paga la mujer de la pelo a decir que ella es bonita. Por qué necesita pagar una persona? Quiero decirla gratis!
Lisa no bebe el alchohol? Eh, Cuddy bebe (cuando ella dijo que Vogler necesitó salir, y House y los 'ducklings' estuvieron celebrando, y ella bebió todo la bebida rapidamente), no es una problema para mi historia.
(Hey, does anybody know if the quiero decirla thing is right? That's not how I was going to say it; I had it in future tense, but I checked on some website online to make sure I was conjugating it correctly, and they said to use querer + infinitive instead for having the willingness to do something. I wonder if this is specific to certain areas of the world or something.)

How would you say 'fuck-me shoes' in spanish? Los zapatos de Lisa que se llaman los "fuck-me shoes"? Well, I know what I'm going to spend my spanish class looking up. Hope that's in the dictionary. (But the shot when people were taking pictures of them and Lisa did the eyebrow thing? Yeah, era calor.)

Grr. Internet down. Really, probably my arsehole of a father turned it off again. And it's not even that late, not even 11pm on Wednesday. So must post this later. And I don't have my history stuff finished yet. I need to look up some more stuff for the background for a project that I missed the first day of working on. Lovely. Fucker.

So yeah. Ignore the fact that I haven't checked my email in so long that I've got bazillions of messages. Because I've only been getting on every couple of days for any substantial period of time lately. Which is not with the making of me happy.

But the entire internet (okay, maybe just my friends list) speaks/writes like me, which is entertaining, because they're all up with the crazy convoluted "not with the making of me happy" and "And that's my story" and my extremely overused "yay!"s.
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Watching NCIS 1.11 "Eye Spy".

Kate: I golf left handed, but I bat and I throw right handed.
Tony: So you go both ways.
Kate: *glare*
Me: LOL, yes, duh!

Had a theatre writing assignment/test over a play that I hadn't yet read. Ouch. Not only that, but I got called down to the office, so I missed like the first 10 minutes of class. Had to skim through the play and make up as much as I could in shorter time than everyone else. And I misread a character's name, so my entire thesis bit for one of the questions is invalid, because I thought that the same person was saying these two things, but it wasn't, so *is screwed*.

My chemistry teacher. Grr. She gave us grades today. In which there is no math. No math involved at all. I go to talk to her, and I'm like "Show me the working." (Hee, House outtake quoting. That phrasing, for some reason, was the first thing to pop into my head when I was talking to her.) And it's just bad. Horrible. Like, if she did this right, my grade would be something like 6% higher, and that's still with tests and quizzes and class participation all being worth the same, which is crap.

Didn't do as badly on my spanish preterite vs. imperfect test as I had thought. With curve, ended up at a 90%. So that's pretty much okay. I missed like 6 in a row, though, because I got totally lost in the story there. I was like "The people were sitting down by a dead deer and then there was this guy out of nowhere and something was illegal and they had to walk more because the police were looking for aforementioned man and . . .?" Which was not right. Had the teacher explain that bit, and I get what they were going at, but the story still makes no sense. That and I missed the entrance of the man early on who gave them a ride, which made me all confuzzled when I got to the deer part.

Going to organize an Ally Week thing. Mentioned it to the liberal union teacher sponsor, and she's going to talk about it at the meeting tomorrow. I sort of wanted to do it myself, though.

I feel so bad for Lisa E.'s character on Ally McBeal. She's all sad. Because people are whores. I'd still do her. Got one more part to watch, but internet is off right now (typing this anyway because I started it back when the internet was working and can just save it for when it comes back on) so I can't finish the downloading. Ally looks like the one who's the man, though, her cricoid cartilage sticks out so far it looks like an adam's apple. She's really not attractive at all, IMO.

NCIS 1.12 "My Other Left Foot"
Tony: Abs. Do you know where Kate has her tat?
Abby: (all slightly cocky and 'I know something that you never will') Yep.
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First presentation on tonight's minimed thing wasn't that great. Pretty basic if you've taken freshman biology in the past decade. But the older people seemed not to have as good of a grasp on it as we did, so that was probably the reason it wasn't horridly in depth. Had a cool discussion with the second presenter, a neurology professor, about the effects of Alzheimer's on Broca's and Wernicke's areas. And had some pretty good tea, as they give us dessert and they always have tea and coffee and soda and such along with whatever (cookies and popcorn last time, two kinds of pretzel/cheese cracker snack mixes and little candies this time) else. The lectures, a whole big binder with copies of the slides and room for notes, fancy printed up nametags, extra enrichment tour type things, and dessert. Pretty nice for $75. Not bad at all.

History teacher was pointing to the map behind Katie and me today, like he does often, (which is annoying, as it's "and now, everybody stare right above their heads") with this long 6.5 foot stick (you'd think a yard stick, but no). He was talking about how he used to have this telescoping rod thing to point with, and I go "Not a laser pointer? Who's going to take you seriously if you don't have a laser pointer?" and then laughed in my head for several minutes. Yay, House quotes. Boo, House not on this week.
On Monday, I happened to walk by these teachers and one of them mentioned a ream (of paper, I assumed) and I just giggled my way down the hall, all "Cuddy just reamed me!". Yay, Housequotefemslash.

Amnesty meeting was pretty good. Teacher sponsors still seem to not understand that Katie and I are in charge of it together. Kinda pisses me off. The main sponsor still seems surprised every time that I'm in front of the group with her.

There's this huge spider web that showed up yesterday between the screen and wooden doors at my back door. And the bottom edge of it is right at my head height, so twice now when I'm letting the dog in, my head catches it and I have to try and get spider silk out of my hair. I feel bad for the spider, though, as it's having to rebuild this thing all the time. The spider's huge, though. Huge for around my house, at least. Thing's like half a pink eraser big.

Chemistry test today/yesterday/Tuesday was one of the hardest tests I've ever taken. A lot of the stuff on the test was in the review packet, but it doesn't count. You know why? You can't review something you've never been taught. That's not a review. That's learning it all yourself because the teacher is incompetent. Going through this test, I felt literally like I had missed an entire week or two of class where she covered all of it. Turns out, nope, everybody felt that way. Hopefully that means a big curve.
One of the questions that wasn't covered in the review happened to be on the one topic that I did not get at all last year, which was v. unlucky. I didn't study it as it had nothing much to do with organic molecules. I figured she would teach it again, as it wasn't very in depth and was rushed last year. Nope. On the test.
And on Monday when we were reviewing, she was talking about heat of formation, and I was like "Did I just die or something for 3 whole chapters? I thought we were doing organic chemistry." For some reason, there was a problem on that on our test. Can't complain much about that one, though, as one much like it was in the review packet (I think she puts AP problems from old tests in the review and test even if it has nothing to do with the chapter we're on) and I think I got it.

Spanish test bad also. It's pretty darn impossible to determine between the imperfect and preterite if you've got no idea what the paragraph you're conjugating verbs for is saying. A couple of us that are all in the next hour together were talking after the test, and we were like "The guys were walking and sat down by a dead deer and saw a guy that the police were looking for and then ran for some reason?" Loads of us had no idea. Plus, half of my verb conjugation choices I would defend if given the chance, like "I took this sentence this way, and so this form works better" but I already didn't finish the whole test (thought I was making good time until 30 seconds before the bell rang and I realized that I had another whole page to go) and I don't think that he would allow me to do that anyway.
But 4 long paragraphs with a total of 70-someodd verbs to determine the correct form for from (hee, those three words are practically all the same) the context, plus two pages of 'start with this prompt and make up 3 other things that happened' was definitely way too long.

That Death of a Salesman english paper, evidently the teacher really liked it, as it was the best in all of her classes, or so she says. I don't doubt overly much that it was one of the best in all her classes, because most of the people are morons. It still wasn't that good. But I'll take my 98%s where I can get them.
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Lab I started writing up yesterday and am now finishing? We had to combine data with two other people because there wasn't enough time for everyone to do more than one trial. My percent errors are not working. Grr. Like, logically, they don't work. The answer we were supposed to get was 2 to 1. I got 1 to 1. One of my other data from somebody else was 4 to 1. But why is my percent error higher than the 4 to 1 trial? Not making any sense. I must be doing it wrong or something, but I can't figure out what the problem is. Grr.
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Note to self: Adding water to rubber cement doesn't make it sticky again.

So now I'm just playing with it. Because it's too dry to use. But the water did rehydrate it enough to make it playable.

Rachel bet me a dollar that I wouldn't do my chem homework. Because I never have. Well, I'm so going to win. I actually did it. Because I wanted a dollar. I'll go back to not doing it tomorrow.
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Went back and got the Circut City dvd on (last) Saturday. Was $5 cheaper, actually. So yay for that.

Was sick today. Mostly because I didn't want to go to school. Having had a lot of work I didn't get done.

I still haven't done any of it, because I discovered that 2 of the 3 assignments (chem and math) were on each class's schedule sheet for this term. Neither of which I have. And the George Eliot paragraph? Just haven't done it. It should only take like 30 minutes. So I'm probably going to do it at lunch.

But I do have a chem test tomorrow. And we are supposed to have this paper of bond angles and such memorized. I know that as of Friday, no one in my class did. And I still don't.

98 messages in my inbox. That's what happens when I don't check my mail often enough. Still, it's only been since late Friday night. And, one of the new groups I signed up for won't let me be on daily digest, even though that's what I set it as when I signed up. So I'm getting bazillions of emails that I really don't want.

And some author that is on my author alert on posted 20 chapters of various stories at once. That accounts for a lot of it. (It's mostly Discworld, which I don't read. So it's not even worth the 20 emails.)

I actually got on to "renew my library books really quickly". I'm probably going to be on for a while catching up with everything.

But first? I'm going to renew my library books. They were due today, and I can't find a couple of them. And I'm 5 cents under the limit where they cut you off until you pay. I'm a master at that. Whenever it goes above $25, I pay it to $24.95. Or I pay the lowest amount I've got on me. Which has been zero lately. Because I kinda lost the little change purse thing I was using as a wallet. I know it's in my 2nd orchestra bag. But I'm not sure where that is.

Speaking of orchestra, Solo and Ensemble is Friday. And I have to leave at like 11am. So I'm going to miss more school.

And we didn't get to practice at all this weekend. Though the piece seems really simple, the problem is the blending and tone and stuff.

I went to see the school's musical on Saturday. And... I forgot what it was called. *Goes to look it up.* Lucky Stiff. That was it.

The musical was funny. The people (singer types) weren't all that good. The pit sucked.

But it was the last show, and the last show is always the fruit show. Where the seniors bring fruit onstage. For example, last year, with Once Upon a Mattress, the girl playing the queen just walked out with a banana at one point. And the king had some pair of spherical fruits in his shirt. And there was a melon on one of the bedposts. But there was no fruit. It turns out the teacher sponsor/director type person yelled at them all and threatened big trouble (and involvement of the principal) if she saw any fruit. So it was rather dull in that aspect.

And one of my mates got totally gay-bashed on Thursday. Like shouting and pushing and stuff. And the school was like "Well, it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't stayed after school." Fucking idiots. So our school is definitely not safe. I used to think it was. But I suppose I used to think there weren't any homosexuals there either.

Urgh, my mom is yelling. She wants me off. Grr.

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