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From the Twitter Q&A with Neal Baer:

KimGreylek@NealBaer I think Liv & Alex have a few things to discuss. You did get around to that, right?
NealBaer@KimGreylek she's packing her overnight bag
Casey_Novak@NealBaer Overnight bag... Guess what? All of TwitterSVU just came a little.

I do not think I could have said it better.

Of course, god only knows if that's what Neal meant, but I can't find anything (nor, evidently, could Casey_Novak) else that he could have been responding to. We're just going to hope. Stephanie's said she's okay with it, Mariska I would have wondered about earlier in her career because she's so easily typecast as lesbian (she's made comments to that before, how people on the street would be shocked when they saw her hand in hand with a boyfriend and exclaim that they thought she was gay) but now that she's married it's not an issue in her personal life. Still veritably positive it will never happen, but I think Neal gets us enough to know that we enjoy being toyed with if that's all we can get.
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Guess what I'm reading right now.

Law and Order: SVU Twitter femslash.

No joke.

Liz Donnelly
Casey Novak
Alex Cabot

Not only that, but you want to know how I found it? One of the accounts (
Liz Donnelly) was @'d (or whatever--I still don't use it much because as I don't have a phone that will tweet, since I've got to be on my computer to update it I might as well post here or on Facebook or something), idk, referred to in that way that makes a link BY NEAL BAER. As in, you know, SVU Exec Producer. I think he has no idea what's actually going on, as he prolly didn't read far enough to catch all the Liz/Casey and Alex/Olivia references, but still. LOLOLOLOL.

Also on Twitter. People being idiots to actors. Seriously? How often do we have to have this discussion, fandom? Let's recap. We stay out of their way, they don't send us takedown notices. Diane Neal seems to get a kick out of it a little, as seen by her actually. . . responding, and I suppose the spanking reference was actually sourced in a DN comment in an interview, but still. Reminds me a bit of the Teryl Rothery "Show off the groceries" autograph situation with [ profile] geonn that was so long ago that I can't believe it would just pop into my head like that.

I wish to Twitter femslash RP. For serious, they're going at it and it looks like so much fun. My fingers are itching to just. . . idk, "@" and join in, but that's, you know, uncool, obviously. Still. Now officially a twitter stalker.
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Little Mariska Hargitay plays rape victim well in this episode of some old show called Adam-12 I just watched. It's neat to see her in something else; Cynthia on ER wasn't too far off of Olivia (generic professionalish woman), and she's been doing just SVU for so long that I wasn't really sure she could, you know, act anything else.

And her character needs so badly an Olivia to reassure her and an Alex to help Liv doubleteam-persuade her into testifying. The cops just let her go at the end like "Sucks to be us because rapist man is still out on the streets, but whatevs." Mah SVU gang would never have stood for that.

Note the breathalyzer that the random other chick blows into. It's like a gigantic random box of switches and dials that looks like this big toy we had when we were younger that consisted of a bunch of random switches and dials to play with. Funny to think about how you can pick one up at the drug store to test your kid with after he comes home from the prom afterparty for like $20.

Speaking of mah SVU gang. This is currently my Facebook status, but I'll reiterate it here. I'm glad (though not surprised) they did what they did on the SVU finale how they did it, because if they'd have killed off Liz Donnelly, I would have had to choke a bitch. Really should have reshot that second "You didn't hear that" after Elliot says he wants to take her to a hotel, though, and made it so she was just saying it to Liv, because that would have been both funnier and. . . more understandable. It took me the second watching to connect that to the pity it's not a social call from earlier and add it all up to Liz thinks that Elliot is a large hunk of well-hung Marine manlove. (Which is true.) Also a pity? That Liz didn't even get to experience the gloriousness that must have been the princess carry out of her house via Marinemanlovehunk because she was busy having her heart stop at the time. I'm sort of tossing around an post-ep fic in my head that will prolly never get written, but that might have to be reconciled (or at least remarked upon). "People. . . take your meds!" is going on my short list of best judge quotes ever, though (and I've got some good contenders from my mock trial years, so that's saying something).

Rent is here atm, at the Fox (meaning uber expensive and all the good tickets are gone, natch, mostly to the season ticket holders), and this tour has Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal which makes it even wickeder. I was planning on going down for the raffle, but then thanks to the soundtrack in my car all week and happening upon the DVD of the final cast's performance at the library (I totally forgot they made one of those!), I'm kind of Rent'd out, so I'm not so sure I'm going to bother.

Shakespeare in the Park's been doing Merry Wives of Windsor, which I know nothing about save that the Shagster wrote it. I keep meaning to read the thing before I go. Hence why I haven't yet gone. But tomorrow looks to be nice weather-wise, plus Thursdays are my favorite because the sign language interpreters are there and they're always fun to watch, so looks like the reading's not going to happen.

And now I'm reading all the reviews from people on who bought the home marijuana test kit (after trying to make sure you really could pick up a home alcohol testing kit for $20, because I've actually never really looked at the price due to, you know, not needing one. It's like how I failed the written driving test once, when I had to retake it after letting my old one lapse, because there were 3 questions on the points system and penalties for driving drunk and such, which I never read the section on because I didn't plan to be a fucktard and do shit like that). LOL. They're stressing about whether a faint second line is really negative, or negative enough or something.

LOLOL at the people who give their stats in their review and they read something like this: Me = White Male, late 30's, 5'8", 180 lbs not athletic. Fail. I just have this picture in my mind of a balding, probably-actually-early-40s, overweight, couch potato guy watching TV with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other while sitting on the couch he sleeps on in his mom's basement.

Actually, the guy in my head looks a lot like Judah Friedlander from 30 Rock.
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I'm benching for the moment the issue that I will probably at some time need to broach in more detail regarding how I've royally fucked my life by somehow cutting my average microbiology test score in half on the last exam, turning my grade from just-a-few-more-points-till-an-A to if-I-drop-a-few-more-points-I'll-have-a-D which in turn will have the drastic effect of there being a very good chance I won't be back in the fall as I'll lose my scholarship.

So I wrote this paper for abnormal psych that's basically a mini case report on a fictional character. I did Olivia Benson, and really wish I'd had more time and more pages (I hit 10 already, LOL, when I think most people were closer to 4, though admittedly I had two pages of cleverly doctored [rather brutally with Paint, as I don't have Photoshop installed on my new hard drive yet] images of Olivia's psychological test results) to delve more into her character. As it was, I ended up missing microbiology (yeah, I know; in my defense, this was prior to seeing my last test score) and being late to psych today (yesterday, I suppose) morning finishing it up because I started out trying to do the episode research and double check every fact I remembered about her background because the paper-writing-fiend in me felt like I needed citations (none of which actually got saved into the final paper because I didn't want to break character, of sorts, as the therapist).

Also taking up more time than I expected to spend on the paper was the fact that I sort of changed where in SVU canon I was setting the fake therapy sessions--I put it vaguely after the "PTSD" episode, saying that she'd really realized there was a problem then and that her passive participation in group wasn't going to cut it and approached Huang for a referral for more intense help. In my big page of notes I'd already done way back in February or so (why I thought that this would take an hour, two at the most), I didn't take into account the "PTSD" epsisode much and put more emphasis on her reticence to open up due to perceiving the evaluating psychologist as a threat to her job (which I mentioned, but only shortly and accompanying the notation that she requested the referral on her own behalf).

But all of it. . . idk, I just feel like I could have explained my analysis of her behavior and reactions and such so much better. Not within the format he gave us, really, but if I'd had more leeway to add in notes from fictional individual sessions or something. The biggest part I felt that I got in there but didn't express/explain very well was the whole issue of how though she can objectively acknowledge that she was a victim of a sex crime, she was sort of cavalier about needing help, not taking the group therapy she was doing prior to "PTSD" seriously because she sees so many attacks that are so much more brutal every day and can dissociate and reflect on her symptoms and what she should be feeling but doesn't let herself actually *feel* them because so much of her identity is as a helper, not a victim.

I was very proud, however, of how many references to her unresolved issues with Alex I managed to work in, LOL. Again, I would have put that in there so many more times had I not been short on time (compounded by the forced delay caused by the asshole who decided it would be a fun April Fools' prank to grease the staircases and pull the fire alarm at 3am) and working from a given outline. I think somehow I lost a paragraph somewhere, though, because I was flipping back through it this afternoon and couldn't find the bit I swore I wrote (maybe just imagined and planned to write but never got around to?) where I explained more explicitly the halving of Olivia's social network (meaning Alex and Elliot) caused by Alex's entry into the WPP and her feelings of rejection due to the fact that not only did Alex abandon her but then not even try to reconnect upon her return to be bureau chief. Still, I got decidedly more explicit with my HoYay references as the paper progressed to the point that at the end, I came out and said in the case outcome bit that "a joint session with ADA Cabot made significant inroads into resolving mutual feelings regarding their relationship". Perceivable as platonic, yes, but in a Xena subtext way more than an SVU HoYay way, if that makes sense to anyone but me.

As it's vaguely like a fic, I'll prolly post it just for fun, but the reason I started typing this post up was to lead into the fact that while doing research for it, Google sent me to a really good (really long--I finished the parts 1-5 block a bit ago and that was 70 pages in itself, and I think it goes to 26 or so) SVU fic called "Conflict of Interest", in which a reference to the statute of limitations for rape sent me back to Google to find out what said limitations were for the different states. I found this chart (PDF) and started reading through it only to be caught up short on Arizona. Rape is a class 2 felony (without modifying circumstances, a first offense punishable by 5 years, OMGWTF). Marital rape? Class 6. First offense punishment is one year. Holy shit. Spousal rapists are required to register as sex offenders, though, which is better than I expected, but still. That's horrid. I wish to move to Arizona just to campaign against this bullshit.

Assume similar indignation for all the other states and their criminally short statutes of limitation/lengths of incarceration/ludicrous determinations that some rapes aren't as bad as others because you know the perp. Shall go back to reading through it now, because though I was really tired right after dinner (meaning when I got back to my room a bit before midnight), the combination of this good fic and the potential for learning, OMGYAY, has popped me pretty darn awake. Plus, Chelsea was snoring.

One last thing. OMG ER FINALE TOMORROW. And I'm really supposed to go to the pre-law fraternity meeting during the first hour of it, but I think not because I'm not missing this. I'm kinda sad because I've been watching it forever and it's the one through which I discovered the miracles of internet fandom, and it's ending, but it is time--I still watched it only really out of the afore-insinuated feelings of loyalty to it; though it always has its moments of really kickassery, it frankly hasn't been that good for a while now, especially when you're comparing it to how good the beginnings were. Still. There might be tears.
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Jeri Ryan has been tapped to play a lawyer on Law & Order: SVU.

Just for three episodes, unfortunately, but I think this is the first thing she's done since Shark (wherein she kickass lawyered like nobody's business) after having her baby, so hooray for that. Like I said over and over back when Shark was on, she's got the brains to really make you believe in her as a lawyer, which is why that show was so good. That and her banter with James Woods.

Plus, it'll be during the Cabot stretch. Which could be an overload of hot blonde lawyer for me, I think.
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Requisite daylight savings time fail story: I forgot that I'd already set my clocks the night before, so I was adjusting unnecessarily all morning and ended up going to breakfast an hour later than I'd planned.

I'm still counting down until Tuesday's SVU with large quantities of excitement. But added in a mini!countdown of excited until Castle on Monday because it sucks that Nathan Fillion keeps getting his shows prematurely canceled.

Also marathoning Conviction episodes in preparation for the SVU. Watching, erm, the 7th episode and I've rewound it twice to the part where Caruso's bitching at the basketball game on TV at the bar, and they definitely dubbed in "fuck" over the original "shit". It caught my ear the first time because that's not something you hear on primetime TV, you know. Why on earth? It's not even like you can't see his lips, he's facing the camera and it's obviously not what he said. It's noticeable because it never would have been let on network TV and if you're looking when you hear it, it's obviously dubbed over, so it's just stupid.

And working on my CV/resume. It's hard because all of my good activities and leadership stuff is in high school, which I don't think I'm really allowed to talk about much anymore. I'm still sneaking in as much of it as possible. Anything from spring on, at least.

Oh, did I mention I bowled a 148 on Friday? Win.

^^ As usual, this was ages ago. The laptop cord is completely broken now (the head bit that goes into the computer comes fully out from the cord), so I'm using it as little as possible because I don't know when it'll be when it finally decides not to charge at all.

Got an email to do a survey about some Harlequin ad, and out of curiosity, googled around to see if there were any gay Harlequin novels.

I was drawn in by one hit's tagline "Like a gay harlequin novel for political geeks", which sounds perfect for me, right? The page was a preview of NJ Governor McGreevey's memoirs, and began with a quote:

"We undressed and he kissed me. It was the first time in my life that a kiss meant what it was supposed to mean — it sent me through the roof," he wrote. "I was like a man emerging from 44 years in a cave to taste pure air for the first time, feel direct sunlight on pallid skin, warmth where there had only ever been a bone-chilling numbness."

"I pulled him to the bed and we made love like I'd always dreamed: a boastful, passionate, whispering, masculine kind of love"

And then continued with:

For those yearning for more McGreevey revelations, you'll have to wait until The Confession is released on September 19. When you arrive at your local retailer, McGreevey's book will be that one political memoir that starts out as a softcover, but becomes fully hard around chapter 4.

Best book preview last sentence ever.
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Is it just me, or does this sound like they're completely retconning Conviction?

Yahoo TV Guide Summary for the next new SVU )

And more WINTASTIC generic comments from an interview last week.

From First, when asked whether Alex Cabot is returning in a relationship or not, she said, "She’s on the prowl. She’s not tied to too many people."
On whether she's going to be prowling strictly for men, March replied, "I think we haven’t determined all of it yet. I think some of it’s still a mystery."
Finally, when asked whether Alex and Olivia are in love and just not realizing it yet, March answered, "I’m not saying we’re not...I’m not saying we’re not in love."

Of course, this still means nothing's going to happen. But it seems to strongly suggest that they'll throw us a couple of tidbits along the way, which is enough to make any femslash shipper happy because it's far more than she's used to getting.
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Scientists Identify Lab-Made Proteins That Neutralize Multiple Strains of Seasonal and Pandemic Flu

Way to go, science.

On another note, I was thinking this morning about how we hadn't had a psychology test in a while. Figured it might be Wednesday or something, because though I wasn't there Friday, I know that a date had never been mentioned before that. Nope. Today.

Thankfully, it was unbelievably easy as usual. I really want to ask if I can just take the final and do the term paper and skip the rest of the class, because going is really a waste of my time. The term paper is going to be killer fun, though--it's a psychological profile of a fictional character. There are so many choices--House would be fun, but I think he'd be a pretty common one (I seem to remember the teacher mentioning him as an example), and the first person that came to mind was Olivia Benson. I think we were right in the middle of her PTSD plotline when he introduced the project, so that'd be why she popped into my head. She's got way enough issues to talk about.
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Spoilers for 1/23's BSG )

I've really got to pay better attention to these. I think my ADD has progressively gotten worse, as TV's just something I can't do anymore. I'm always also checking my email and playing a game and eating a bowl of oatmeal, etc., etc. and with shows like BSG, you really need to be watching closer than that. It works fine for stuff like Psych, but I find that even with House or ER, people (or the characters) wi'll mention something that happened last week and I won't know what they're talking about even though I just watched it.

Spoilers for Psych )

Beta'd some fic recently. That was fun. Yet always agonizing--I always want to point out as many things as I think I can help with, but I don't want to make it seem like the fic is bad or make too many suggestions because I think it's worded awkwardly or something that are changing things that are just part of their style. It was (presumably--I just sort of assumed as the author writes femslash and the main characters appeared from the first chapter I read to be these two) Kim/Olivia of SVU, which I've never seen. Frankly, I was so pissed with the casting of Kim (the actress is barely old enough to have feasibly graduated from law school, much less worked in DC and then be assigned to Manhattan's elite Special Victims' Unit) that I haven't paid much attention to her character, but I'll definitely have to now, especially if my betaing skills are retained past that first chapter. (I may have scared her away.)
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WOAH, SCIENCE FAIL. Tuesday's SVU--Fin suggests that the mom "stepped out", and that explains why a mom with type-A blood could give birth to a daughter with type B. And Elliot's all "Doctor Manning said that with her blood type, there's no way she gave birth to Heather." FAIL. Assuming the mom's heterozygous A, which in the US is common (also, point of interest, what my mother is), if the real father was B or AB, there's either a 50% or 25% chance that the daughter comes out type B depending on the dad's genotype.
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This is weird that the SVU episode on right now is partially based on that Megan Meier/myspace suicide case. Which happened, you know, fairly close to me, geographically.
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Whoa. New arrangement for the CSI: NY theme. Ehh. I prefer the original; it's closer to the real song.

(I can't believe I don't already have a CSI tag. Odd.)

And the next day.

I'm half watching an SVU (7.09 "Rockabye") right now when I wrote this while waiting for ER to come one, and Donnelly was about to try a case and Casey was talking her out of it for political reasons, and Liz says "Playing politics with the law. You're heading down a slippery slope, Casey." LOL, foreshadowing.

And the next day. Seriously, fail posting.

Last night was terrific success in not sleeping. It was inching on 1am and I was bedding down when Jason X (with both Lexa Doig and Lisa Ryder from Andromeda) came on. I hate movies like that, but for the sake of those two, I'd always looked at the copy of it on the shelf at the library but never actually checked it out (because I hate horror movies). It was the most ridiculous thing ever (though admittedly, I was only paying 1/2 attention as I figured out how to window my computer!TV screen and my Sims 2 screen and get them both going at once, which makes me very happy)--beyond the unbelievable plot and hackslashkilling where people lose arms by falling machetes and just walk around, etc., because I know Lisa Ryder as Beka Valentine, it was really hard to be anything but really annoyed at the chirpy robot chick. But after that, Rat Race came on, which I also watched. And then it's like 5:45am. So I ended up not going to Genetics (even though I was up, I just didn't feel like it), but that's no big loss as we talk about nothing of interest in that class. I'll have to get the review sheet for the next test at some point, as he said he'd hand that out today, but that's it.

AND I GOT THE MOCK TRIAL CASE. Have yet to read it, but I got my hands on a copy (we're still waiting for the money to go through to register our team for an official login, so this is wicked).

Bowled again today. This is prolly the 4th week in a row, and I think I'm definitely improving. Decided to start keeping track of our scores, so table o'recordage to follow in separate post.

And I might be going to the Denver game on Sunday. It was a bigger might be ("can get tickets, but how to get there without making Dad go three hours out of the way to pick me up"), and then a no (as it's 3 hours from him to Kansas City, and three hours from me to KC, but 6 hours from him to me to KC because fail!triangle is formed, and he's got to work Monday morning), and now it's a "Dad's coming down tomorrow, so it depends on my getting a ticket in time" maybe. Excitement.

Edit: tickets are bought and paid for. And decent seats. The two of us for less than $100, and we're in the 20th row in the lower level. 25 yard line, which isn't preferable (I wanted the $70 ticket in the first row close to the 50, but there was only one), but still win. (And since they switch sides at the half, it'll be good for half the game. Though it depends on how the game goes which half is good.)

Stargate Atlantis is screwing with my head. Robert Picardo and Jewel Staite just had a scene together talking about the gate, and my brain went "ONOES, too many sci-fi shows blending!"

Oh, and forgot to mention. Picked up ER season 5 from the library today, so yay for that. The beginning of 5 is one of the few sections of episodes I've never seen (or not seen in so long that I've completely forgotten), so this is win. Plus, no cohabs this weekend, so it's medical drama funtiems.

Might take another L.S.A.T. tomorrow morning depending on whether I feel like missing brunch or not (and whether I wake up). Food times on weekends suck here--it's 10:30-1:30 and then 5-7, which is crazy restrictive especially when you consider that it's even more packed than usual for whatever reason.
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Watched the episode of SVU that's all nature vs nurture in regards to children of rape victims (though lol, that really doesn't narrow things down a whole lot, seeing as they tend to do those about once a season to whump on Olivia--3.08 "Inheritance") where Stabler asks Huang along to translate and George is all "You assume I speak Chinese?" and there's a pause before Elliot responds "I heard you order takeout". Such a suspicious pause, was all I kept thinking. Like the answer was really going to be "Oh, last night, you were pretty incoherent but I knew it wasn't based in English".

But later was the part that I really found funny. Something about B.D. Wong's delivery when he mentions how things at the house with his traditionalist Chinese parents wouldn't have been pleasant if his sister had dated a black man made it sound totally like the sister thing was a blatant coverup for the fact that Huang did bring a black man home once and it wasn't pretty. It's like the pronoun game, only substituting your opposite-sexed sibling in for anecdotes about your own romantic exploits.

And, erm, the defense lawyer? Who read the dictionary when she was little and had a PhD in what, biochem? I want her in fic. She seemed like a cool character.

Oh, and Julia Child? I knew she was cooler than she was letting on.
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So I was at the gym, and watching this Restaurant Revamp show with Bobby Flay, right? And he's going into this restaurant in NYC to help stop it from going under, so the first thing he does is eats there to check it out. The shot is of him walking in with this woman, and it's dark and she's bundled up, but she vaguely resembles Alex Cabot. So when he begins to introduce the bit, it goes something like this:

Bobby (this bit's very paraphrased, but it was something like this): "And of course, I had assistance in my evaluation from--"
Me (jokingly): "New York's Assistant District Attorney for Special Victims, Alexandra Cabot!"
Bobby: "--my wife, Stephanie."
Me: *jawdrop*

So naturally, I kept watching that show. They kept framing shots like they were almost purposely trying not to focus on Stephanie, which irked me, naturally. I mean, I know it's Bobby's show, but there was a time or two where he asked her her opinion on something, and they kept the camera on him while she responded, which just seemed rude, even from a non-SVU fanpoint (get it? It's "standpoint," but not. LOLdork). But she did this really cute fan!mouth thing when the pizza was really hot, and was really courteous to the waitstaff (even though Bobby's narration voiceover was trying to cover it up), and was wearing one of her trademark long trenchycoat things on the way out of the last shot they showed her, and I was thoroughly more captivated by that show than I otherwise would have been. Mostly because every time I thought about changing it, I would go "but wait, what if they bring her back out to try some of the new stuff Bobby's making the restaurant do?". And/or remembered that I started watching it in the first place because there was nothing else on.

(Episode BFSP04 according to the Food Network website, in case anybody was curious. There are a bunch of upcoming repeat showtimes listed on the website, too. I didn't catch the last 5 minutes or so, but I'm pretty sure she's only in that bit at the beginning, so don't bother staying up for the rest of it.)
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I had weird chest pain all day today. That was sort of scary. It was more like that "you've broken a rib" feeling, painful when I breathed, though, than the "your heart isn't getting enough oxygen" kind. (As far as I know, I suppose, as to my knowledge I've never felt the latter.)

And I was planning to take a nap last night after SVU ended (Oliva's re-butchification? Alexandria heartily approves!) and get back up around 12:30 or so to do some work before maybe hitting the sack again around 3 or 4. The former was achieved. The latter, the getting back up? Not so much. LOL. Though I still was v. tired in the morning, because I'm still sleeping like crap. I woke up and the mattress, which is normally on the bed about a foot away from the wall, had slid partially off the frame to be actually pushed up against the wall. Indicating flailing, which makes me laugh and yawn at the same time.
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There was just a chemistry joke in my SVU fic. And I laughed. Mostly because there was a chemistry joke in there like it was nothing, more an author's in-joke than a laugh-out-loud funny thing.

I'm going to do that at some point. Just throw all the nerdy jokes into a fic I can.

Been crazy excited since yesterday, when somebody posted on this Star Trek Enterprise round robin that I play in that's been abandoned for more than three years. I only ever looked at it every once in a while, whenever somebody replied to a one of my topics on the forum (which wasn't often at all, as I played in the T'Pol/Hoshi section that was highly underpopulated), so I was tres surprised when I got an email saying that somebody had replied to the RR thread, and even more surprised when it was somebody that wanted to continue it. Excellence. We had a really complex story going on, which upon discussion with said replying somebody, we're going to tweak a little into a somewhat less impossible to write yet still complex storyline regarding the Temporal Cold War. Which I have to research, because most of that plotline in the show was done in the first two seasons, which I only occasionally watched.

Lion King was nice. The dancing just didn't impress me, though. I expected that to be the best part of the show, because that's what they're always talking about, but it seemed like they had to modify it down even more to compensate for the costumes. I don't think for a moment that it was easy, dancing around with lions on their heads, but it seemed like very simplistic dancing. Music was nice, costumes were excellent. There was a lot of sound trouble at the beginning, though. We could hear fine, as we were in the front and the acoustics are decent in the Fox, but I could hear the people behind us and in the balcony murmuring about how they couldn't hear. It was a good entire scene, too, at least 10 minutes. I felt bad for everybody in the back (where I'd normally be sitting). They had an 11 year old (or so, I think that was his age) playing young Simba for most of the first act, which surprised me. He was v. cute, too. He did a good job--he had a stronger singing voice than half the male leads.

Lion King, however, seems to attract the people who don't know basic theatre etiquettes. Meaning, in this case, don't bring your infant to a show starting at 8pm. If they're too young to talk, they're probably too young to appreciate the show, Lion King or not, and are also too young to be up that late. And also, you don't clap at every animal that parades by in the aisles. ESPECIALLY WHEN PEOPLE ARE SINGING ONSTAGE. These people clapped at the drop of a hat. Just like during Shakespeare. Somebody really needs to just add "Do not clap during songs/dialogues" to the "turn off your cell phones" announcement at the beginning.

And I got the impression that Austin's parents suggested me when they gave him the extra ticket. Just in that he didn't seem overly. . . enthused that I was there. We were both v. polite, but most of my conversation was with his sister and parents when we met them later, and everything with him was initiated by me.

Edit: I just found my Tropico CD. I am a happy girl. I dunno if it plays anymore, as I've had it for probably 4 years and it's gotten considerably scratched up in that time, but I've really wanted to play it recently. Considering I got it for free (one of those 'free after rebate' things at the CompUSA), tis excellent.

EditEdit: IT DOES PLAY. Trufax excellent.
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So. Didn't see all of the House (missed the intro and the last 15-20 minutes) because I was at the gym and we left early because my left hip gave out on the treadmill and my dad was having low blood sugar. But from what I have seen, I'll say this much:

House, you just try being mean to Cuddy again. I'll jump through the fucking screen and break your other leg. *comforts Cuddy with cuddling and hair stroking and sex*

This is probably my new favorite episode because of the Cuddy. Snarky!Cuddy, administrator!Cuddy, mommy!Cuddy, self-sacrificing!Cuddy, wet!Cuddy. . . . The beginning was all funnylike (I was all *gigglesnort handovermouth* so as not to draw attention from the people on the treadmills around me) but then House just started pissing me off. Even at the beginning, he was all "laser pointer on boobs, lol" and I was saying under my breath "kick his ass, Cuddy. Go do it. Pull him away from the windows so your moneygiver types won't see, and sock him one.

Though I couldn't stop my laughing at "It's never lupus". I almost fell off the treadmill.

SVU wasn't that interesting except for Casey's bitching at Olivia. What was up with that? *coughsexualtensioncough* After the ep, though, they were all " online live chat with the Mariska" and I was all *runs to computer*. There were so many people on that the blog server was having a lot of trouble keeping up. And it said comments didn't get posted but they did, so I've got about 5 of them on there on different threads asking the same thing. I started trying to post when there were only like 30 comments on the questions thread, and by the time that it actually showed up that I had posted, they were up to like 2000. The question more or less went like this:
What was with Casey's attitude towards Olivia this episode? Her pretty much blatant hostility and personal attacks seemed off from their normally civil, if not friendly, relationship. Is there some upcoming character development that will explore this, or is it simply the clash of both of their passionate drives to get the bad guys? If the latter, how did this affect the way you acted that scene?

Because I'm interested in how she interpreted that scene, as it came out of nowhere, IMO. Though it's not going to get answered, looks like, as there's so many people that there's like no chance, plus she's only been answering more personal or general questions, not acting-related and specific episode questions. Too bad.

Somebody screwed something up on my computer so it's all in "Windows Classic" style. (I totally typed "Wilson" there. No idea why. Well, some idea.) And I can't change it back; XP style isn't a choice anymore. Going to have to do a system restore, see if that will fix it. I'm a little worried, as I loaded a downloaded game (dangerousbadbadbad) right before this and other bad random computery problem things started happening. And I don't want to have to uninstall the game.

Did english presentation. Mine was already running towards the 10 minute mark (and she cuts us off at 8) when I was practicing it and going fast, so I was cutting things out right and left during 6th hour so it would fit within the 8 minutes for presenting during 7th. I get there, it turns out that she's counting our reading of the excerpt as part of our time. Didn't tell us that. My passage was extra long because I wanted to get in this theme shift. So that was 4 minutes right there. I ended up cutting out practically every other line to get my presentation from the 8 minutes I had already trimmed it to down to 4 to fit in the time constraints. With no time to figure out what to cut, I just had to pretty much wing the entire thing up there on the podium.

And then every single flaw type missing thing she pointed out to me when she showed me my grade was in my original presentation. Didn't have good enough transitions between topics? Because I didn't have time. Not enough connections to the rest of the story? I cut them down from 6 examples to two because I didn't have time. So it's kinda not fair that the people from now on will know that they have to count their passage reading time while I know that I could have gotten a better score if I had known that and had time to actually think about how to trim down my time. (And I really wish that the presentation could have been longer, because I did have a lot of good points that I didn't get to make.)

Still, I got an A on it (the highest score so far, though I was only the 5th to go, but still in the group of the highest scores ever because the rubric they use is silly and everyone ends up getting Bs on it) and I only wrote it half last night and half during the day today and then basically threw out everything I wrote and made stuff up based my basic ideas while I was up there. So that's cool.

*uses lisa's day icon because this was so her episode*
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Tina Fey/Stephanie March would be is crazy hot. I ended up not watching 30 Rock like I wanted to for some reason, which made me sad, because I missed the Tina. But Alex Cabot is so witness protectioned as Gretchen Thomas. I've decided that the 30 Rock character was actually Cabot in disguise. Yes. Because yay. Olivia Benson/Alex Cabot/Liz Lemon is hot also.
Hee. Liz got dumped by a girl.


Mar. 12th, 2006 08:33 pm
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Anyone else notice how the one guy (I don't know anyone's names yet) on Conviction said that line about how "She wouldn't be the first ADA to fall prey to the allure of a golden badge"? That had to have been a kickback to the A/O fans. There were several women walking around behind them that you could see through the window, any one of them could have been Alex. Which, if she heard, would then explain her bitchyness later on in the episode.
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Urgh. Bad Chenzel fic. I hate it when a pairing/fandom gets popular enough to begin attracting the badfic writers.

Getting tired now. And still feel like shit. I know all the random symptoms I keep popping up with are from stress. And now I've used all the days I can miss for the rest of the semester. Meaning, until the end of May.

Went back and started reading It's Gotta Be Love from the beginning. Since I jumped on the reading bandwagon at part 1600 and something. I'm more or less speed reading through some of it, but I want to get caught up.

I'm on part 172. So it's safe to say that I won't be caught up anytime soon.

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