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Computer woes aplenty. Some of my Twitter updates may have covered this, but a brief overview, as I've been putting off updating LJ because the mass of things I want to talk about is so large and that just makes things worse.

Thursday of the first week down here, I hooked up the internet with my mad wiring skills and about 30 seconds after getting it hooked up, the UPS lady came to pick up my Tosh!thecomputer and take it to the repair folks. Second weekend I was down here (meaning a few days after internets), Dad brought down the tablet on his way to pick up his parents' old desk in Tulsa so I could use it while Tosh was being fixed. By the way, Toshiba people told me 7-10 days and we're now on day 19. V. pissed on that regard.

So yes. Had the tablet, but then after a few days, we lost internet in the house again. They came out to bury the cable and screwed it up somehow. The next weekend it was magically back on because they came out to fix it on Sunday, which was awesome, because we were afraid that nobody'd be out until Tuesday because it was Labor Day weekend. Not awesome that we had to do without it again for several days, but still.

And then a few days ago my hard drive randomly crashed on the tabet. I had dropped the thing off of the counter while making lunch the day before, but it worked all that night and during all my classes the next day. It ran out of juice in my last class and hibernated itself, except by hibernated I mean died. The drive started clicking upon reboot, it was giving me media test failure messages, etc. etc. So I took the drive apart because why not, as there was no chance of me getting it to work again with its clicking and rattling and such, and there was a loose bit that I'm still not sure where the proper place for was as I couldn't find it on any of the pictures I looked at.

Happened to have handy my spare backup IDE drive and its usb connectors and such, so about 9 hours later (had to download an OS as well, as I didn't have any of the recovery disks for it, and then I couldn't get it to install) I lost quite a bit of stuff, I'm afraid, off of the backup drive, but I have a working computer again.

Sort of. I got it up to where I didn't have wireless or tablet functionality (which sucks out loud, because that was the awesome thing about having the tablet; it was amazing for organic chemistry and biochem and drawing molecules and such), and then dad found the disk and mailed it (fail mail sorting down here means that he paid extra to overnight it on Saturday, meaning I should have gotten it on Monday, but it didn't come until Thursday morning because a bunch of my stuff had been delivered to somebody else) but I think it was the wrong disk or something. It's definitely *a* Gateway laptop disk, and it got me wireless and all, but it didn't have Tablet XP on it like I needed for the tablet support. It just tried (and failed for some reason for many times over about 6 hours) to install XP Professional again. Still is locked up in the middle of an install with that disk; I had to reinstall XP Pro from the first disk I used to set everything back up, so now there are two Windows folders on my hard drive taking up mucho space.

So yes. No tablet and internet is funky (it tends to disconnect randomly on the wireless a lot, but when I'm on the couch I just plug into the box and it's fine) and Tosh is 9 days past their range of turnaround time and still marked "on hold--parts" on the status update thing. Fail.
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Why is Yahoo Mail turning into Facebook? I do not want my contacts' Yahoo statuses showing up above my emails. Do not care. Have Facebook actual if I want to see that.

And because other entry got eaten somehow, shall copy and paste (and elaborate) from bit sent to me with a comment email.

So, it was a Twitter thing and I said this (Monday):
* 00:59:26: Grandmother died. 6 hr drive+relatives making me feel guilty that I'm not more visibly torn up = always my fav way to spend end of vacation.
* 01:02:36: My fault that I rationalize (quality of life wasn't terrific--lived@home but had ministrokes every month or so) and internalize? Hardly.
* 01:26:34: What does piss me off? She was DNR &had been down 4a while, & they brought her back so she had to die in a hospital instead of in her sleep.

Fail!aunt again. The one I bitch about every time something happens with Grandma, she's causing fuckloads of drama as per usual. The last thing my grandfather said to my grandma when he was dying was not to let fail!aunt move into the house. Yeah, that lasted all of a month. Living off of Grandma's Social Security, not helping her out, you know, at all. Especially health-wise--Grandma was in congestive heart failure, which means no salt, right? Instead of the special low-sodium Meals on Wheels we hooked her up with, Kris decides that she wouldn't like that (read: Kris wouldn't like them) and buys them takeout every night because fuck if she cares.

Latest drama. She hid the will. No kidding. Because she's not the executor, one of the brothers is, but she's claiming the will says she is and figures she can execute everything as cheap as possible (hence why another brother is doing the funeral even though he's a Lutheran pastor and Grandma was Catholic) and then pocket all the life insurance. Both my dad and the brother that's supposed to be the executor know where she's showed them it used to be, but Kris is all "Oh, huh," and sits there with this smirk on her face (Dad's words, not mine, obv., as I'm not down there yet). Kris is evidently too much of an idiot to understand that THE MONEY DOESN'T JUST GO TO HER IF THERE'S NO WILL. God. It's called Probate. Read a fucking book.

Speaking of idiot. Mom told me at one point (funneling info from Dad, who got it from Kris), that Sunday night Grandma'd had a big stroke and wasn't breathing for a really long time, but the paramedics brought her back even though she was DNR, like I said. She was comafied and had little brain activity and "blind" (though that made no sense, as how could they know if she was in a coma whether she could see or not? Then I figured out later Monday that that was just Kris being an idiot and that the doctors had probably told her that her pupils weren't reactive to light) and tubed up, which sucks royally because I'd so much rather just die in my sleep, right? Stupid, but untll they've got proof that that is the case, they can't exactly just not resuscitate somebody, so I get that. Kris calls everybody, and Dad (and several other siblings) were like "We're coming," to say goodbye and whatever. So natch, Kris goes to the doctors and is like "Hay, guys. She's got 6 other kids and a bunch of them are on their way, so can we just hang out with the tube a little longer until they get here?" Or, you know, like the dick she is, doesn't. She couldn't tell them that Grandma was DNR the first time they brought her back, but I'll be damned if that woman has a considerate bone in her body (or an intelligent one, which may be it--the last couple of times we went down there when Grandma was not doing well I had to end up doing all the doctor-interference) and so Kris just lets them extubate her before anybody could get there. Dad and Uncle John were only some 20 minutes and an hour away respectively (should have been there way before then, but there was a major traffic jam that Dad's undoubtedly really, really pissed off at) and then they have to get there and deal with all of not only that but all her moneygrabbing shit. Kris actually slipped up once, when the not-quite-as-worthless sibs were talking about paying for the funeral and flying down one of the brothers that just doesn't have the cash to make it and billing everything to the life insurance, and called it her life insurance money. Seriously, how you get like that I'm just not sure.

So we're leaving early Thursday morning for the funeral on Friday and then coming back on Saturday, presumably. My laptop gave me a scare the other day, but it's been working okay screen-wise since my birthday (I did get a birthday present!), so I'll hopefully have that. And be asleep through at least part of the first drive, hopefully--we're leaving just an hour or two after I've been fallng asleep in the early morning lately, so that plus Dramamine carsickness stuff and I shall be out. Quality of said sleep in a car may be meh, but whatever.

Okay, so since the post got deleted,then the comment that made me see it was from [ profile] bleakone, which I shall tack on here and then reply to because LJ decided to fail:

*hugs* I'm sorry about your grandmother, dear. I lost mine just over a year ago and I wasn't very demonstrative about my sadness either. The only person who made me feel bad about it was my mother, though.

My mom's already written me off as a heartless bitch. Due to the non-demonstrated sadness (like, ever) and the fact that I told her I didn't want to go to the funeral. Or, you know, was being neurotic and not looking forward to 6 hours in a car--turns out we're taking the blue van and it's just three of us in it since Tyler and Dad are already down there (left when Dad got the call that she'd stroked really badly the night before and been illegally resuscitated), so it'll be better than I thought. Plus, I don't really see the point of funerals, especially this one since it's being done by one of her sons who is one of those misogynistic Lutherans and not Catholic like my grandmother. Isn't the point of a religious ceremony to have it do whatever it does based on the deceased's religion? Plus, I'm a reactive crier like whoa. If my dad starts (which he probably will during the funeral, because he's one of those sensitive man-types despite how he looks rather like a football player), I'll be gone no matter what even though I'm not particularly sad myself, just horridly. . . Deanna Troi-esque empathetic.
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Guess what I'm reading right now.

Law and Order: SVU Twitter femslash.

No joke.

Liz Donnelly
Casey Novak
Alex Cabot

Not only that, but you want to know how I found it? One of the accounts (
Liz Donnelly) was @'d (or whatever--I still don't use it much because as I don't have a phone that will tweet, since I've got to be on my computer to update it I might as well post here or on Facebook or something), idk, referred to in that way that makes a link BY NEAL BAER. As in, you know, SVU Exec Producer. I think he has no idea what's actually going on, as he prolly didn't read far enough to catch all the Liz/Casey and Alex/Olivia references, but still. LOLOLOLOL.

Also on Twitter. People being idiots to actors. Seriously? How often do we have to have this discussion, fandom? Let's recap. We stay out of their way, they don't send us takedown notices. Diane Neal seems to get a kick out of it a little, as seen by her actually. . . responding, and I suppose the spanking reference was actually sourced in a DN comment in an interview, but still. Reminds me a bit of the Teryl Rothery "Show off the groceries" autograph situation with [ profile] geonn that was so long ago that I can't believe it would just pop into my head like that.

I wish to Twitter femslash RP. For serious, they're going at it and it looks like so much fun. My fingers are itching to just. . . idk, "@" and join in, but that's, you know, uncool, obviously. Still. Now officially a twitter stalker.
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Just testing out the "post from email" option.  For the third time, as it's not liking me.  Perhaps it's on a lag, and because I just set it up a few hours ago it takes a while for LJ to acknowledge that this email is an accepted post-from venue.  Or they're all backed up in LJ and will all post at once.  Either way, some three-plus copies of this will probably show up at some point, LOL.

Third time failed, and thus we're posting from Semagic as usual. Don't know why that's not working, but the above reasons are probably at least part.

So, Psych on Friday? Not a fan. Really just wasn't very funny, IMO. The whole Lassiter scene was quite touching, but we'd all called it from the very beginning and his lovey speech didn't really fit with the overall tone of the show. I kept asking myself where the joke was.

Did not get to watch Dollhouse, but my worries from the beginning about how it didn't sound that good are being reinforced by the vague reviews I'm hearing from others that did see it. Showed Dr. Horrible to the mother yesterday, who enjoyed it quite a bit (though she wasn't crazy about how it just ended), so weekend Joss fix = accomplished.

I'm at home atm for the long weekend. I should be leaving around 4 tomorrow to get back for a mock trial meeting Monday night, but I don't think that's happening, as BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY IS COMING TO SPEAK HERE. And since he's kinda one of my favorite guys of all time (you should hear me quote things like "Science rules" or burst into giggle fits anytime anyone says "Consider the following"), it wins. Must come up with a good excuse for not being able to come to MT, though I really shouldn't have to as I could make every single other meeting we've ever even proposed having. Still not looking forward to that in general. I'm sticking with the distancing myself plan, as then I can resist taking over and rewriting everyone's everything and can brush it off when since I didn't rewrite stuff, we get our asses kicked in two weeks.

Had lobster for the first time yesterday. Yum. It wasn't even good lobster (so says my dad; naturally I have no comparison), but I'm a huge fan of the richness (which is actually what Dad says was lacking in this one, so I can't wait to taste a good one). And scallops, though I think I've tasted them before. Fan of both, but the lobster more; I liked the scallop but it wasn't really anything new, delicious but not different from other seafoods like the lobster was in its richness. That's what my parents did for Valentine's Day, LOL, Dad bought lobster and Mom bought scallops and they cooked them up just in the kitchen and ate them at the table. I'd make a recession joke, but that's always what they've done, really, because they like homemade food. I trust nobody noticed my switching to my ancient, made because of a challenge I misread the rules for and so never actually entered it into, Valentine's NCIS icon, which was my only concession to the day.

[[There was at one point a whole huge thing here that I went back and added after finishing the rest of the post where I segued into Valentine's Day being my paternal grandmother's birthday and the whole situation with her and my dad and her health and such, but it became too long for this post and not the right attitude to then jump back to my sister being a socialite, so that will come in a separate post.]]

My sister is quite the social animal, I'm realizing. I mean, I knew that, but sort of forgot as with other people's vacations and such there wasn't much of it over Christmas. I come home Friday and she's having a Friday the 13th party with some 5 preteen girls (interestingly enough, two-maybe-three of whom have parents who teach in our school district; one of them math at the high school who actually recognized me despite my not ever having him nor spending more than one hour a day in the math building and none last year nor even ever having a conversation with the man, I don't think, which was somewhat weirding, though less so as he was quite nice). She spent Saturday afternoon out somewhere, and spent today making plans for people to go with her to BILL NYE OMG tomorrow. I mentioned to Mom, "Aren't you glad that you managed to skip this with your first two?" She responded with an emphatic yes.

I'm kind of jealous, though. Not of the socialization, as I tend to find that tiring, but idk, of the happiness she gleans from it? I do remember a time in elementary school when I loved going to parties and such, but it seems like people don't just get together and have fun just for the sake of it anymore. Since. . . hell, probably 8th grade, there was either a reason (a birthday or event) or (usually 'and') alcohol involved. Since none of my friends drank (most not at all, and never around me), it was like we didn't have that reason to get together that "mainstream teenagers" did, so we just didn't.

Or maybe they did all through high school and just didn't invite me. Tis a distinct possibility, as it's pretty easy to admit that Katie was the only person I was really close to. Which is why it really sucks that we aren't really talking anymore. I made some reference to something we used to do, one of our many collective quirks, and Mom asked if I'd talked to her recently, and I sort of scoffed and said no. Mom was like "What, are you mad at each other or something?" and I was really sort of idk, proud that I was able to say "Well, I am, idk about her." Because you know what? I am pissed that I made an effort to stay in touch and I wasn't getting any help with it, and I'm damn well allowed to be (/part of Alexandria's "not everything is your fault, Ms. Self Esteem Fail" campaign). She was always the more social of our pair, so she knows that my making the effort was an especial stretch for me, and yet I haven't heard from her since probably September. Mom says that she and my Aunt Beth didn't talk for most of college, and yet got back together enough that she's my godmother (though idk how much they've talked beyond notes in Christmas cards in the last few years).

And in completely different news, I'm pissed off that my dad/I didn't go ahead and buy NFL swag off of this Fox Sports website that was having this killer sale, as sometime today the sale died. It was killer. $2.50 hats, $7 shirts, $12 jerseys? We're talking easily 75% off. I would have worn Denver stuff every day (and actually bought a coat that fit me--as much as I lovelovelove my Denver Broncos coat, a good part because it was my Dad's and is huge and comfortable and you can settle down in it for the winter, because it was my dad's and is huge it doesn't trap body heat especially well when the wind blows like it does in Springfield because there's just too much air between you and it to try to keep warm under the bitter onslaught.

Figured out in a burst of figureoutedness (finding the word I want fail) that the headaches I've had all weekend are from caffeine withdrawal, LOLOL. At school, I've got a glass of soda (invariably at least 18oz, usually closer to 24+) with both lunch and dinner every day, unless I'm trying to be good and abstain, which usually lasts all of a day at most. Come here, and practically nothing. I was really pleasantly surprised that taking a Tylenol worked, though; I've got it in my head that NSAIDs don't work on me, which I think is the case because I take them so rarely, usually only when I'm actually in the midst of a full-out illness (and usually not even then unless I've got to suck it up to make it through school, as I'm of the mind to try to fever things done with quicker), so they can't relieve all the sick. When it was just a medium-strength headache and I grabbed some just because they were right next to me and I figured what the hell (and also "oh god, oh god, please do not be the beginnings of a migraine" as I've had surprisingly few lately *knock on everything solid within reach* and feel like I'm due), Tylenol could do it.

I really want a soda, LOL. Or anything, I suppose, but there's an empty can of Diet Coke over near me and the caffeine monster WANTS THAT and not the lukewarm last bits of a water bottle next to it.

/test of the emergency broadcast system email posting. Chances are this will have to be cleaned up as idk if it will handle coding or anything, but I'm hopeful. Could be handy, as I tend to log in to my email on any computer I'm on for more than a few minutes (in a computer lab or something), but logging into LJ is rarer and that extra step is a deterrent from posting. Though the fact that oddly, the Firefox built in spellcheck doesn't appear to be working right now is similarly a deterrent. Idk what's up there.
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This is hilarious. IL spam and how it's getting so smart. I got an ecard from somebody I didn't recognize, and normally I would have just spammed it instantly, but the email notification was from a legit ecard website, so I decided to indulge my curiosity. It's just one of the standard ecard things for Valentine's Day ("See the kisses all over this email? Now picture them all over you."), but in the personalized message bit below was this fairly stalkeresque message: )

Seriously, I want to know why tons of my spam is addressed to my mother. Because that can't be a coincidence, that all these spammers think my name is Nancy. At first, I thought it was because my mom was putting my email down for things that asked for it that seem shady, but she says no (plus, she's not so much computer savvy to be able to really tell the difference between the shady and the not, in truth). Oddness. IL how it says that the reason you need to input your debit/credit number is to validate your age. Really, does that work as validation? I had a credit card at 16; I almost wish I'd tried it on something like that (if I would have trusted my number on the interwebs, though, which is a no) just to see if it could tell that I was underage or if it was just if you have a card, you're assumed to be over.

In other news, got called off the standby list to the dentist yesterday and got the whole bottom front of my mouth drilled up. As much as I appreciate that it's now done, as there was nobody scheduled after me so she went ahead and sort of did a double appointment and knocked off both sides of the front (it was a bunch of stuff where the bottom front guys overlap, so it was scattered throughout the non-gaps in the front six or so), two hours was WAY TOO FREAKING LONG to have my mouth being worked on. I'm still in quite a bit of pain from the jaw exertion. Plus, she gouged me a bit on the lip with something (it's more like a bruise/burn, so I think it may have been some part a bit back from the business end of the drill that was still either hot or moving that rested on there for a bit), so though I can now eat stuff with sugar without dying from the pain, the part of my lip right in front of where the worst one was for the aforementioned cavity pain is now preventing me from eating anything that's even the slightest bit acidic without misery.

Mom did give me one of Tyler's anti-anxiety pills before the dentist which really helped. I expected to be sort of mentally dulled in order to remove the anxiety a la sedatives, but this was not the case--I didn't even really notice that anything was different except for vaguely registering that without it I'd probably be freaking out at the beginning (I'm usually good once things get going; it's getting me through the door and into the chair that's the problem).

And school is starting soon again. Fail anxiety is abundant. This is a shittastic semester in terms of courses--virtually all science plus one class called "Hero and Quest" about, idk, heroics in different cultures or something that I have really no interest in but it's one I need for my general education requirements and is taught by last semester's mythology teacher that I kind of liked (though am now significantly less fond of since getting a suckerpunch B in the course).
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Watching this week's ER episode.

DOCTOR COBURN FTW. I love her anytime, but when she gave that look to the intern that asked if she was sure that it wasn't a twin? Priceless. And idk if it's just me, but something about her hair or makeup or whatever and she looks even prettier than usual. I wish to read Coburn slash. Come to think about it, I think I wrote the beginnings of a Coburn/Cuddy fic pre-first hard drive crash. Ahh, techfail.

Also, Kirsten Vangsness and Paget Brewster are friends on Facebook. LOL. That's far more fun than it should be, looking at who celebrities are friends with. Allison Janney and Melissa Fitzgerald (Carol on WW), for example, as well as not only Janel Moloney but her sister Meegan (who's an LA lawyer, I've found). And how Joshua Malina's profile picture is a comic.

And now I'm watching the Psych Christmas episode (again) rather than study for my 3:45 polisci final. (Seriously? Saturday final? At least mine's not at 8, like my roommate's was. Jeeze.)
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Requisite update from last Sunday (28 Sept.): Up all night trying to get tickets to this football game after we got shafted our old ones because the brokerage didn't have their listings updated, and thus let us buy tickets that the vendor didn't actually have anymore. Since Dad already had the hotel down here, I figured I might as well try. Posted on Craigslist finally, asking about tickets by way of bitching about the brokerage, and got tons of responses overnight about people with tickets and people advising me to just show up anyway, because there would be tons of people trying to sell them around the stadium due to there being a concurrent Nascar game and everybody expecting Denver to wipe the floor with Kansas City.

So we went. Dad ended up having to fuss around trying to check out of the hotel for quite a while, so we ended up leaving about an hour later than we wanted to, so we got there halfway through the first quarter. Drove around trying to find a place to park, walked around (as we'd parked on the opposite side of the stadium from the only gate that remained open that long after kickoff), got a pair of decent seat tickets on the way for $20 each. We were in the top level (whereas the original tickets had been in the lower), but low in it (though not as low in the section as the earlier ones either) and at the 30 yard line or so. The higher was good, we decided, as you could get a good picture of the whole field. Brought the binoculars, so we got to watch Shanahan pace around a bit, and get some good close-up looks (though it was more useful to just watch the play as a whole most of the time).

But then, you know, Denver didn't bring its defensive team with them to Kansas City, so that was sort of disappointing. But I had a lot of fun with Dad. Staying up all night the night before wasn't the best idea, though, because I wanted to be able to help him drive the bits when I was there so he didn't have to drive the whole six hours by himself (back here to drop me off and then back home). But in retrospect, I'd forgotten that he doesn't like me driving--he had crazy dreams about it last time we went somewhere (I think here to school for some reason, but I might be wrong) and thus won't let me drive long distances with him, though he never enunciated it this time around. Worse, though, we didn't really get to hang out on Saturday when he came down that afternoon, just a couple of shopping runs and then dinner--he ended up going back to the hotel around 8 or so and giving Rachel and I the car to run around wherever we needed (though nothing's open to do down here on a Saturday, it appears; even the mall closes at 9)--so in the car was the only time not occupied by something else that I really got to spend with him (football games = loud), and I was struggling to stay awake (and failing quite often) for most of it.

Downloaded this SopCast software today to let me watch the Denver game today, and ended up blowing my entire week's bandwidth. So I'm running at dial-up speeds for at least the rest of the week, which sucks. Further suckage comes from the fact that the entire bandwidth usage came from the P2P reuploading--3.75 gigs of it, when the whole 2 or so hours of football watching only took 635mb. Planning to look for a way to limit that like you can with normal P2P software, but I haven't found it yet for this program. Which means I might have to find another one that works, because that's not going to be doable if it busts me every week.

But above mentioned defeat to Kansas City, though humiliating (it seems like we only can get beaten by teams with horrible reputations--first Houston, then Kansas City?), really appears to have paid off, because it humiliated them early and enough to pick it back up for this game against Tampa Bay. Today's was a defense game, and we brought it.

Just got off the phone after about 40 minutes of conversation with the parents. Talked to Mom about the VP debate and politics and such--she's pretty disenfranchised with politics in general; she's voted in every election at least since I've been alive, and I'm pretty sure that's been since she turned 18, but she definitely doesn't get into it like I do. She's of the opinion that all politicians are crooks (often true, I'll concede), but as a result, isn't locked in to one party as much as I used to think she was (as much as she used to be?) And I'm pretty sure I've got her voting for Obama as well. So that's both parents turned from almost exclusively voting Republican. Job = success. She was asking me about the whole Obama/Ayers thing, which still hasn't really been explained well, but I read to her the couple of pertenent lines from the AP article I linked to in the last post (that was mostly about Palin calling Obama a terrorist) and she was reassured a bit ("That makes me feel better about--" I assumed 'voting for him' was the next line, which made me quite happy). She likes that Biden votes for the partial birth abortion ban, as she was always pretty much a one-issue Republican (stems from the Catholic upbringing plus probably more from the shitty luck she had having kids, I would guess). Not a fan of taxes either, but who is?

So win there. Same note, on Friday got to see Kristen Bell (from Veronica Mars and Heroes) and Rashida Jones (of The Office) come talk about Obama. Got some pictures of that on [ profile] bleakone's camera that I'll have to have her email to me/nick with camera cord and put up for kicks. Mostly just went because Kaci and Mom watch Heroes and I wanted to snap a couple for them, as they didn't really say anything interesting. ("Register to vote! And then make your friends! And then vote for Obama!")

Cleaned out my email inbox on Friday night too, which took a long time. Brought it down from near 700 just in the inbox to 170 or so; my goal was enough less than 200 in the inbox that everything showed up on one page of messages even when I had some unread emails in there, which has been achieved. I'd say about half filed into my folders (that need renamed/reworked, as I combined some things and filed emails into folders that were originally for other topics, as they didn't have their own folder and I didn't feel like there were enough emails to deserve it, such as all Star Trek topic'd ones into the Voyager folder, etc.), and half deleted.

Missed breakfast and lunch (it's really just one brunch on weekends, but still) out shopping with [ profile] bleakone and her mom (LOL at how I'm officially out of cash--as in, I have something like *counts* 37 cents to my name, and I didn't even buy more than a couple of 67 cent bottles of soda, a $1 package each of vanilla wafers and Wal-Mart brand cookies, and a thing of my Wal-Mart sugar free fruit punch that I down in two-liter quantities like water), so I microwaved one of my bison patties when I got back. Fairly successful--I could have gone down and cooked it on the stove in the basement, but I was watching the Denver game, so that wasn't happening until at least after that was done, and by the time it was over it'd be time for dinner and thus pointless, so I went for it. I did the math according to some website's suggestion of 7 minutes per pound (thus about 1:30 for my 3.5 oz), but stuck it in there for only a minute at first, which was good, because it was definitely done after that. A tad too far done, actually, but still quite eatable. So yum.

Now I really want to go to sleep and just wake up early enough to finish up my lab book for genetics (I've kept it mostly caught up, I just need to locate all the random papers I'm supposed to paste in and make sure they're up to date, as they're all the spare copies of ones we turned in, and I tend to fill in one copy and forget about it until right before I've got to hand it in and then not have enough time to duplicate it for my book), but I've had something like 3.5 liters of fake!Diet Dr. Pepper and two or three glasses of Diet Mtn. Dew since 2pm (I'm a whore for the soda--it's a problem, but I'll drink whatever you give me in whatever quantities you give it to me in, thus making the two liter bottle last not even a day in most cases) so I don't think it'll happen. Even though my body is tired (and my brain sort of too), I'm hopped up.
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Moar Wikipedia learnin'.

The president of Turkmenistan's name is Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhammedow.


And when I get my Wikipedia article about me, you all have to work to make sure I stay classified as "Category:Possibly living people".
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OMG beautiful weather today. Downright chilly most of the morning--add the windchill from bike riding and I was goosebumpy through all of my polisci class. Which is interesting. The class, not the goosebumps. It's one of those ones where all the material is interesting, but you come out of it looking over your notes and wondering what exactly there is in there to be tested on. Plus, the teacher's still trying to pretend she's from Oklahoma. Seriously. I recorded part of her lecture today, so I'm going to go though that and pick out some of the strikingly not-Oklahomian bits to share.

I'm in the top floor lobby atm, and not only did (in the few minutes it took for me to run back to my room, pop a bag of popcorn, and come back) somebody take my spot in the cushy chair alcove, now two other people (boyfriend and girlfriend, I'm assuming) have come into the same alcove to powow. Idk what they're doing--the girl padded in in her pajamas, bringing two bottles of water (vodka?) and the guy came off the elevator, and now they're just talking. Nothing wrong with that, I mean, but don't you have rooms? And at 11pm?

I am quite annoyed currently with the network stuff here. They're all "don't go over your weekly bandwidth or you'll drop down to dial up speeds!1!one!!" Umm, that's what I'm getting anyway. (And still managed to get within 400mb of the limit a few days ago, LOL). It's horrible. The inconsistency is the worst part--I'll be going 80 bytes per second for a while, and then it'll jump up to over 1mb/sec for a while, then back down to where it usually hangs out at 20-30kb/s. No idea how I got the killer speed, no idea what made it go the snail speed--all on Megaupload at pretty much the same time of day, so that's not it. And it's not even the wireless--this is on the wired connection. The wireless is more consistently fast (300kb/s ish in the basement lobby) if you're actually in the wireless zone--I can pick up the wireless from my room since this lobby has it, but the connection is spotty so it's not as quick.

[Edit: later, 1:20 am ish? I'm getting between 750k/s and 1mb/s back in the room on the wired. *sigh*]

Food here still doesn't make me happy. Omlette bar days do, because they've got whole eggs that I can separate myself (LOL at how I have to do it) in the hall that's practically in my building and a bucket o' egg white in the one that's on the way to most of my classes. But due to my scheduling, I rarely get down there for breakfast, which is sad. Most other days, the only thing I can count on is the salad bar (which tends to suck at the one near my classes--wilted lettuce, still-frozen vegetables, etc.; I only hit that one on T/Th for lunch, though, as other times I'm either in class during the meal times or near the closer one) and I have to bring my own fat free italian down because they only have one fat free dressing (raspberry--it's good, but you get tired of it quickly because it's a pretty flat flavor). There's a grill with burgers and stuff every day, and then some random fried meat substance most of the time for the main course (pork fritters today, etc.), and then one random thing that's usually not something I'll eat.

Even with the good weather today, the gym has not become any more tolerable. If there's more than one other person on the tiny row of treadmills, it's too loud to hear whatever episode of something I've put on my MP3 player (I wrap the velcro arm band around the handlebar thing to sort of prop up the screen so I can see it, though I've got to keep adjusting it the entire time because it tends to flop around because I can't quite get it to velcro on tightly enough), and you can never hear/see the TV. The latter mostly because my glasses are too wide for my face, idk how, and I can't get the ear pieces to sort of go back inwards, so if my face gets at all sweaty, they start sliding down.

Speaking of TV. O HELLZ YES, DENVER BRONCOS. Thank you for Monday night, sirs. But OMG, I didn't realize that we let Elam go. The new kicker's not bad (by that I mean he didn't miss last night), but IL Jason Elam. He's 38 and still the best kicker in the league. Plus, he's been playing pretty much my entire Denver-watching career, so he's one of the names that I still know from the Elway days. I read an article talking about how that's the exact reason that all the Denver fans are up in arms about his leaving, which is prolly true. Doesn't hurt that he kicks ass, though.

Re: mock trial. So, turns out that the pre-law fraternity is trying to start up a group. Which is good--takes the pressure off of me having to try to do so (as that almost definitely wouldn't have gotten done this year, now that I've looked at how many hoops you have to jump through). Nobody on the team's got MT experience at this level, though--two of us did it in HS (I think I actually beat her in State two years ago--definitely in rankings, if not also in a physical match) and we were talking after the intro meeting about co-captaining it. Which would be cool. I've pretty much got to join the pre-law frat to captain it, though, it's seeming, as the team's being done through them rather than as a separate club. Which is pricey. And I still don't have my bank card that they were supposed to send me (the form got turned in the 2nd of September, and I already had the account, all they had to do was print me up a card). Nor do I have my Public Speaking book that I ordered more than two weeks ago (totally could have done without it, too, as I know people in that class that I could have borrowed the book from to write my "Teach a chapter of the book to the class" speech, but it was only $6 or so including shipping, so whatever). That one's ticking me off. It's getting negative shipping feedback, LOL (as though most of the delay was probably the post office, the shipping confirmation they sent me says that they didn't ship it for some 5 days after I paid, which is not speedy).

Battery is low on the computer. Must go back now. Final note? Need to find out why I'm so sick pretty much since I moved in here. Dining hall food, methinks, but it's gotten to the point where I'm actually throwing up more days than not because I'm so nauseous.
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Re: Megaupload.

Kicked me off when I was working on a big download (actually, a bazillion littler ones, but since I had them all running at once, none of them were done) this afternoon. Whatever, I said, I'll just restart it all during the happy hour big (like I had started them during the night before). Nope. Started off okay, but an hour or two into it, got booted off saying that dynamic IP addresses aren't supported. Umm, my address is not dynamic. And even if it was, nothing's changed since when it was working just a few minutes before. Kept fighting with it (turned off the toolbar to try to download regularly/non-premium, told me the same thing). It hits 2am, which is when the happy hour stops, and lo and behold, it no longer finds a problem with my IP. Of course, now I can only finish these one at a time. Whores.
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My email is not a fan of Slashdot mailings. I just got the digests from the 16th-19th, 21st, 24th, 29th, and 30th a second ago.

Periodontist appointment. Evidently I've got to have three different frenum bits sliced, as well as an autodonor graft to fix the bit in front where the frenum's pulled the gum down too far to heal. Next Wednesday. Because it had to be done before I leave for school, which is the 22nd, and since it's surgery, the guy wants me in town for at least two weeks after, though usually he wants three, just in case something happens. This guy is the one that prides himself on doing everything "the right way" in that people shouldn't have to have more than a tylenol afterwards. Joy, sir. He's nice, though. Actually talks to you. Except O HALLO SIR, IF YOU ARE TO BE SCRAPING VIOLENTLY UNDER MY GUMS, PLEASE TO BE HITTING ME WITH SOME ORAJEL FIRST NEXT TIME KTHX. I swear, I've never bled that much from a dental procedure in my life. In fact, I know I haven't. This was mondo blood I kept spitting out. And all clotty and such.
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Anybody else having Yahoo Mail's spam filter just. . . not work anymore? It's still catching most things, thank god, but before when maybe 1 or 2 messages every couple of days would slip though, it's become upwards of 20 a day. There are a couple of questions about it on the Yahoo Answers thing, so I'm assuming it's not just me--my email's not been put out anywhere new or any such thing that would cause this; it's not new, it's the same old spam that I'd see if I flipped through my bulk box for whatever reason. It started shortly after they updated the internet mail system thing--I'm still using the classic style because it loads more quickly, but they're edging the classic towards the new, it looks like, with this last update with the no-window-change flagging function and all. I don't know. Anyway, it's getting really annoying, especially because they come frequently and fast enough that they'll come into the inbox while I'm checking my mail, which means that since I just go through my messages from one to the next, I'll open up a spam message that wasn't there when I got rid of them before starting to peruse the inbox and then have to worry about viruses and such.
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When you're logging into someplace that you don't log into very often (bank stuff, residence hall stuff, etc.) , they should tell you "this password called for at least 6 characters, at least one each of lowercase, capital, and numeric" so you don't have to spend ages going through and trying every combination of passwords/passwords + numbers/passwords with capitalization you have. Grr.

Edit: So okay, I got this thing to work. Now . . . wishing I hadn't. I don't have a problem with conservative people. If you're decent, we can get along fine. Same with religious people. Three suitemates (out of three--every one of them) that list "Jesus" as one of their favorite things, however, and we may have a problem. As in, I marked on the request form that I wanted people that were okay with "alternative lifestyles", but I also requested a specific section/floor--the honors bit--of one of the dorms, and I'm afraid that the latter overrode the former. I suppose I should have anticipated this, going farther south in Missouri, but I didn't. Shit.

A bit worried there, then. Anybody down there wanna give me a different place to live?

Edit again: And LOL, two/three of them are from Peculiar, MO. (I can't find anything much on the last one. The third, the one I'm actually rooming with, is from Arkansas.) This is hilarity.

Moar: It's interesting that most of these (for lack of a better word) hickville schools don't seem to have as strict of age requirements for entering school as the more urban ones do. I've always been the youngest in my grade forever, simply because my birthday is a week before the kindergarten registration cutoff of August 1st--if you weren't 5 by then (and mum tried to get me in at 4 because I could read and do maths and communicate better than half the people who live in my city and such and they were like "Yeah, we would, but county rules say no," so this is a no-exception type thing), you had to wait another year. I think I'm the oldest of all my suitemates. Tis odd.
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Random Alexandria rule to live by.

One is not allowed to eat meat with cheese already inside. My sister and father like those things, but they are not food.

I have no objection to putting cheese on your meat. But if it's actually inside your meat, that means that either the meat is undercooked, the cheese is overcooked, or one of the two is fake. Anyway, not something you want to ingest.

That is all.


Megaupload needs to stop being a slow whore.
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My sister changed my Yahoo avatar thing, and it's disconcerting every time I log into my email because I am all "Whut? This is not me" for a bit until I remember. Because I've stayed with my original one for years, and now she decided to play around (I did let her, but I thought she was going to change it back). I like it, though, because she made it me/Barbara Gordon, in the Batgirl costume and everything (or as close as you can get on Yahoo, which is pretty close, though I don't think that Barbara ever sported actual bat wings) because she knows she is my favorite.
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Because my computer's being slow, I just spent ages and ages downloading an NCIS episode, only to open it up and find out that the link was labeled wrong and it's not the episode I wanted. Gah.

I want to stay up and get the right one, but I'm starting to get rather tired and I still have to get up early enough to take a shower (because I don't feel like doing it tonight and waking everybody up--the water is loud in the basement where my dad sleeps) and find some clothes (I swear, in the last two weeks I've worn every piece of clothing that I have that isn't too hot for this time of year. At least every piece I can find. I need to go shopping) and get everything together, so I should prolly go to bed now. I would just set it to download and leave it, but I'm on the laptop and it's all but out of disk space.

Ahh, oh well. For my own future reference, the one I really want is "Model Behavior."
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Speaking of wacky email. )

Idk why mine keeps screwing up like this. Yahoo doesn't like my "Unreplied LJ Comments" folder.

Or my email in general, for that matter, as it's no longer allowing me to search within emails (it says "no results found" even when I know that there are results).
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Edit: I figured it out. For some reason, my filter just disappeared. Completely. Erm, no. What is this, Yahoo?

EditEdit: I added the filter again, but some of them are still going to my inbox. WTF?
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Is Yahoo Mail being whoretastic for anybody else? It's refusing to let me post LJ comments. Instead of that little window that pops up that asks me if I really want to send this message to somebody other than Yahoo (that pops up no matter how many times I tell it not to), it gives me the top half of one of the "You've stumbled on one of Yahoo's temporary inconveniences", only cut off because the window is too small. Temporary my ass, it's been going on off and on for an hour now. Not temporary enough, at least.
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My internet is acting all fail like.

And my email is eating my LJ comments. I just got the past 3 days of comments lumped in there at once. They just showed up a few minutes ago.

I've taken to going with my parents everywhere they go (when I'm awake, which is not often, as I got really into a story last night and stayed up until 8am) and whenever I see somebody reading/buying Deathly Hallows (and this was my mum's idea, which is hilarious all in itself), I strike up a loud conversation with whichever parent/sibling is closest about howfake spoiler ) Because I'm not quite evil enough to really spoil people.

I may be going to volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign on Friday morning. Early morning. Like, we have to leave by 6:30am, early. Gah. Still, she and Obama and I can't remember who else are all coming to speak that day, which is really the only reason I want to volunteer; volunteering will get me in, as otherwise, it's the National Urban League conference and I'm just about as white as they come.

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