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Deathly Hallows, you make my semi-annual Bellatrix costume difficult!

The one that looks possible to get recognizably close to is a) definitely from part 2 b) actually Hermione wearing it. Which wouldn't be horrible if it actually was Bellatrix's outfit, except I'm looking through the book and nowhere does JKR explain how Hermione got these clothes.  I can't really believe she nabbed them on the way out of Malfoy Manor or anything (though that would lend credence to my theory about the off-camera non-con in that scene I mean what), which makes them probably Fleur's (at which I LOLOLOLOL), spelled into gothtasticness.

Also, like I said, movie two.  Depending on whether they're cutting this before or after Malfoy Manor (and I keep hearing before), the total time of Bellatrix on screen in movie one is going to be something like 5 minutes max--the opening Death Eater meeting, plus maybe the fight in the air if we even actually get to see faces during that are are all we can possibly see of her in movie one.  Even if I could get a good thing going of an outfit from part 1 from the one promo poster and the one picture from the meeting I can find of her, with her only on screen for five minutes, it's almost preferable to go with the classic OotP dress with the detached sleeves, as that's going to be much more recognizable. 

But on the other hand, I think I'd rather make a DH costume that I can wear both times (and that I know I can make large parts of without having to go buy a new dress, like I would for the OotP outfit) than go backwards. I really really really want pictures of the final battle so I can see what she's wearing then and go for that, but I kind of have the feeling they'll be keeping a lid on those, at the very least until we get closer to part 2's release.

Thoughts?  Offers to borrow hot gothy clothes?  Thrift stores I should check out that have cheap things?  (I only know the DAV down in Springfield, and a bunch more that are not actually thrift stores because they're ridic expensive.)

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Combination of Delicious tags I never expected to use? Femslash + Owen/Tosh. LOLOL. I'm totally digging genderswap!Owen.

I wish there was some way I could broadcast to the internets "Hay, ad guys? I already get Netflix, so you can stop making ads for it pop up in other windows I don't notice until they've been draining my resources and slowing down my webaging for ages. Especially when you come from legitimate news type sites. Then it's really annoying. Kthxbai."

"Ted is like the angle opposite the hypotenuse. He's always right."

I love Better Off Ted. I'm kind of in love with Veronica/Linda. I don't even think it's just Portia, but there's something so easily slashable about them. How Veronica's always not jealous of Ted and Linda's UST because "that would imply that she wants something she can't have". Meaning that she either knows she could have Ted Linda whenever she wants, or already, you know, has her whenever she wants. And Linda's random comforting hug, and later her inability to define her and Veronica's relationship to Veronica's father, it works.

In other news. Brother keeps causing fights because he doesn't take his meds and then steals whatever laptop is lying around and stays up all night being loud right above me. I threaten to tell, because even though before I wouldn't, when his loudness and burning of incense/candles into the vent that carries down into my room give me migraines, this is going to stop. Parents don't seem to care, because now it's me he's raging at and not them, as usual when I'm not here. It's like they want me to take over and be the mom because they step back and just let it happen, and then even though he's doing the exact same thing he does to them, they make it some sibling fight thing and blame it on me. Since I'm the one his antics bother most/first, they don't care.

More of me being an ungrateful bitch. Birthday kinda sucked. I mean, I guess it's sort of once you're an adult, you don't get stuff from your parents anymore, but since I don't really have bunches of friends or birthday parties or go out on the town or anything, it was severely anti-climactic. I always tell them that I'd rather just have money than presents unless I've been very specific about what I wanted, but I think they took that as an excuse to just give me virtually nothing. Kay, I got an ice cream maker machine that I'd been asking for, but it turns out that it was the wrong type (I wanted the kind you just plugged in and didn't have to freeze, since there's never room in the freezer so I've got no chance of being able to use it at home), so it's nobody's fault that I'm not as happy about that one as I could be. I think it was just the fact that they had the nerve to give me another copy of one of the DVD seasons (West Wing season 2) that Tyler lost/stole/destroyed/whatever (I will never forgive him for that. It was two giant cases: all of West Wing, all of Xena, all of Deep Space Nine, all of Enterprise, two seasons of ER, and probably several others that I'm not remembering. He still claims he's never had any of them, but every time somebody cleans his room, we find various loose disks, usually scratched beyond repair, from out of them. And still keeps on claiming, because he's an idiot like that).

Seriously? I sort of think that that's just something Tyler should have to buy himself and give me. First of all, I saw it on sale and Kaci told me not to buy it--it cost $6. We're not talking high dollar replacement, seeing as how that's like $15 less than what I shelled out in the first place. Idk, I feel like I'm not allowed to feel this way because it's not really like they were under any kind of obligation beyond. . . fairness to get me anything, but when Kaci gets a bunch of stuff on her actual birthday (I'll have to ask her exactly what, as I don't remember, but I know it was, you know, completely sufficient in value for birthday gifts by itself) plus the promise to go buy some brand new book a few days later when it comes out and that book alone cost more than the entire value of everything I got, it's kinda. . . disappointing.

I try to figure it as I'm technically an adult, suppose, and she's 6 years younger, but it doesn't really help. We were poor when I was her age, so I never got anything near this shit that those two get every day, just for nothing. Everybody always figures it's the oldest that gets special treatment or whatnot, but when you've got a special-needs baby born just two years after you, the attention dies pretty damn quick, and I don't think I've ever gotten over that. If I were, idk, 3 years old I could totally see myself becoming one of those kids that acts out for attention (I think the only reason I wasn't is that I've always desperately wanted people to like me too much), because the only time I get two glances from my parents is when they're telling me what a horrible person I am.

So with dentist and endocrinologist appointment fail (I tried to set one, they called and just gave me a different number to call the office, and I've been sleeping so wackily that I haven't been awake during open office hours since) and continuous self-confidence decimating (as if I had enough of that to spread around in the first place) unexplainable weight gain (I think the last 7 pounds split evenly between my stomach and breasts, the latter of which I appreciate, but would give up in an instant if it meant I'd lose the former) and the arrival of my grandmother's birthday card with pictures from the last couple of years where I didn't look like a whale to rub it in, and the fact that school is coming up and I've been more miserable than I'd like to admit lately and so can't really picture myself handling another semester very well at the moment but don't really have any other option, things kinda suck.

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Re: Rick Warren. What's next, James Dobson to preform next year's Red Mass? Seriously. Sure, he's not going to be doing anything official in the administration (as far as we know), but this indicates that Warren's got more than a little influence over Obama, which is not a good thing when you consider that according to Wikipedia, this guy has stated that homosexuality is an intolerable, unnatural way of life and thus not a human right, denounced evolution, and compared atheists to Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot.

Got home after exercising and spending hours between Big Lots (where I just took a while), Wal-Mart (where I stood in the express line for 20 minutes, because the cashier kept letting this guy try his denied credit card over and over and fiddling with the computer and such), and then Shop N Save. Got fat free hot dogs at the last, which I didn't realize I'd been missing until I was in [ profile] bleakone's room last week and her roommate made a veggie dog and my stomach practically did backflips with the longing (as the fat free ones taste similar, prolly because their meat content has been cut down to "has been on the same refrigerated grocery shelf as meat" levels). Reason I went to the other two, though, was looking for an electric warming throw blanket thing for my mom for Christmas. Turns out that Dad had just checked for in-store availability and didn't see that it said that they weren't in stock at our local Wal-Mart, and so assumed that they were, when really it was just that the local one wasn't listed at all because they never carry it.

Grades come out Monday, as they're all due from the teachers before 5pm, I think, Saturday. Which is why a lot of them were pushing up the finals to the week before, as that's earlier than usual for them and they didn't think they could get them all graded that quickly, I suppose. I see it with some of the more populous classes (some kind of psych 101, or my gym class, even though that was all done electronically so there was no physical grading for the final), but my mythology teacher has what, 60 students total? 19 in my class, though that's an honors section, and her other two are more specialized, upper-division (I think one's graduate) courses, so I presume that it'd be the same or less. She only pushed one of hers up, but maybe that one required a more grading-intensive final than ours (which was in the second-to-last time slot of all the finals, I'm fairly sure) did; essays or something.

Anyway, that mythology final was bad. I'm fairly pissed about that. I'd thought (and others had agreed to the point of overtly encouraging me to stop working on the older Ovid stuff during breakfast right before and study Odysseus--LOL, all of a sudden I wonder if that was purposeful) that most of the final would be over the parts of The Odyssey we hadn't been tested over yet, with 50% at most of comprehensive material. Nope. This was the third test that contained Odyssey material (1 & 2 were all Ovid, 3 was half and half, and 4 was all Odyssey and Oresteia), and yet Ovid was easily 80, maybe 90% of it. The only bits of the Trojan War stories (Odyssey, Oresteia) were in a 10 or so question matching section at the bottom of the 4th page of the test, matching names to identities and one "identify the myth in this picture" thing. And Wednesday night, what did I do but finish the Odyssey instead of studying the Ovid myths. So I used to be able to say that I was getting an A in everything but gym. Fairly sure that's no longer the case, as this was a good 25% of my grade that I'd be surprised if I pulled a C on. It's hard, because I know I know most of the stories so if you just prompted me a bit, I would be all "Oh, and then [blah]". It's tough to do the matching then, too, because you can't tell if you recognize these two items as a pair because they go together, or because you just know both stories, or because one's a family member of the name that really fits with the story and that's why you're connecting the two (because everything's intertwined somehow in Ovid--the man's king of "Oh, and speaking of" transitions), etc., if that makes any sense.

Slight oddness tonight. More in my reaction of a perception of weirdness than the actual thing. Was hanging out in the kitchen, fixing one of my newly purchased hot dogs, when I heard my dad talking to Mom's rabbit. Okay. I'm not really a fan of that animal, but whatever. I look around the little island bit that separates the kitchen from the dining room (which is in turn connected to the living room, where the rabbit's cage is), and he's down there next to the cage petting it. It's not that my dad's an unnafectionate fellow, or dislikes animals or whatnot (he championed the original adoption of Rascal as well as probably every other animal we've had in the house save the rabbit), so I'm not sure if I was just projecting my dislike for the rabbit (I'm not sure where that comes from, whether it bit me a few too many times or what, but I'm just not a fan) onto him, but it surprised me. In a very pleasant-surprise sort of way, as it was quite. . . idk, touching. He was uber gentle (I spelled that "gentile" at first, and then went "LOL, Christmas"), and yet I suppose because of his size or whatnot, the rabbit was still scared (I feel like I've written about this situation almost exactly before because I felt the same way then--shall have to peruse my tags and see if I'm not just deja vu-ing). I don't know. It was touching, okay? Something about it being a rabbit, too; I'd see him petting Rascal with no such out-of-place feeling. Maybe it was the combination of rabbit + him having to squat way down to be anywhere near where he could reach the cage on the floor + talking to it (in not a crazy way) that sort of created this dichotomy of rabbit/giant human (saving my mild, occasional feelings of paternal intimidation for future exploration, LOL) that was cool to see.

Too much analysis, way too late at night. Without classes, I've evidently shifted back to my up-all-night cycle within all of two days. CIRCADIAN RHYTHM, WHY ARE YOU BATSHITCRAZY?
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Watching Twilight.
Edward needs to stop sucking so much at keeping secrets. "Then I heard what those guys were thinking. . ." 'Oh, oops.'
So lemme get this straight. It's not cowboys vs. indians, it's vampires vs. indians?

Well, shit. I wasn't supposed to like this movie. I mean, the romance is implausible, there's very little explanation behind the vampires/weres and their abilities/feud/whatever, it's teenage sappy (slow dancing at prom? Seriously?), and half the time Bella's delivery is complete deadpan, but I'm intrigued by the universe. Kick most of the romance out ("I want you. Always." Blech.) and explain stuff better and I think I could get into it. I hear the books aren't significantly better, though, especially the last one (Publisher's Weekly says "Essentially, everyone gets everything they want, even if their desires necessitate an about-face in characterization or the messy introduction of some back story."

Other things. Playing the Sims, and some random NPC calls me up and is all "Oh, you're in the law enforcement field? I've got friends in that field, and I'm going to tell them that you deserve higher wages, Mary." Or some such, you know? Yay, right? Except for one thing. My character's name is Amy. Odd.

LOL, this has totally become one of those multi-day-long LJ marathon posts where I have a few things to say each day and then just never actually hit post. Watching the Voyager episode "Ashes to Ashes," and the ex-dead ensign chick that the alien species brought back to life is about to go fulfill #6 on her long list of things to do once she got back to Voyager--"dazzle Lieutenant Torres." Okay, first? I cannot be the only one that fortune cookied that: "-- in bed." And second, keeping it on the same note: that was number 6? Out of all the things she missed about Federation life and wanted to experience again after getting back, B'Elanna made it to number 6? Yeah. Totally in bed. Now I should prolly unpause and actually find out what she meant. But I'm almost content to just skip this next scene and go on assuming that it meant sex.

And later in that same episode:
Harry: "Are you feeling human enough for a little skating?"
Ensign Lyndsay Ballard: "I'd love to. But I already have a date." (Walks away somewhat cockily.)
Harry: "Who with?"
Lyndsay: (Same sing-songy, superior attitude.) "The captain. She's invited me to her quarters for dinner."

Marathon cont. Now Friday. 4:35am. I wanted this really great price on blank DVDs at Inkstop ($9 for 50 of a good brand), and I figured I'm still awake, so I ran out there right at 4 when they opened. Maybe 2 other people in there, another coming as I left. Not bad at all. Tiny store, so much more than that and it would have gotten cramped, but okay. But I passed Kohl's on the way there. OMG. This Kohl's has two decent sized parking lots, one in front and one in back. Together, they add up to probably a lot the size of a standard Wal-Mart's lot. At 4 in the bloody AM, there were so many people there that some people were parking at the grocery store next to it and walking over. I didn't even see anything really good in their ad, so I don't get it. I thought about stopping just out of curiosity to find out what everybody was getting, but I figured it'd be better to get home and perhaps not alert the parentals to my absence and, you know, unauthorized usage of their car and debit card for the DVD run.

Thinking about going back out at 6 for Target's House/Psych/Monk $14 season sets, but there's a dilemma there. I can download all of those. And burn them onto my fancy new DVDs. It won't have extras or cool menus, but they'll work. I decided no on the House, just because it reruns 24/7 on some cable channel or another. The parents were thinking about the Psych/Monk getting, but I don't want to wake them up at 6 to ask if I should go get them or not. I might go and buy whatever I can and just return it if they decide no, but idk what the return policy is: if it's different with Black Friday stuff, if I can only get store credit, etc.

Def. running out to Harbor Freight Tools at some point, because the DVD case there (240 slots, and with the rings so it's expandable if you buy more sheets, for $10) totally owns the the DVD case that I was planning on getting at InkStop (128 slots, non-expandable, for $10) to replace the similar one that has all my DVDs in it that Tyler lost. But they don't open until 7. I've never been into one of those stores before, so idk what to expect re: needing to get there early and such. They don't seem to have big special sale adverts on their website, so I might be safe going to sleep and just getting there whenever and seeing if they still have it. Because I'm really needing one of those guys, as I've got DVDs in 4 different cases at the moment and all of them are beyond full (meaning I've got some just stuffed into the case and the thing zipped/snapped closed with a prayer that they'll stay in without getting too scratched up).

5:30am. I've just realized that I've very nearly finished an entire 3-liter of off-brand diet coke in less than the last 5 hours. Perhaps that's why the beginnings of a headache keep nibbling at my brain.

Might as well finally hit post, LOL, as this has now expanded longer than a page.
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Because Friday, August 29th at 11pm is a great time for fireworks. WTF?

Edit: And only 3 minutes of them too. I'm really curious as to what they were for.
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Re: Pridefest.

Was pretty cool. Rained, but it wasn't miserable, and that meant that it wasn't hot. And when people group together in shelters to wait out the rain, I got to ambush them to fill out the survey (as it was either the 4.5ish hours or 50 surveys and then I was done). It ended up taking me more than the 4+ hours that it was supposed to be (and I don't think even then did I actually get the 50), but I took my time and actually looked through the booths while I was gathering responses--my tactic was to sort of trade the people at the booths. I'd sign/read/learn about whatever they had if they'd take my survey. So it took longer, but I ended up getting a bunch of people that otherwise were being ignored, as well as had time to look at stuff.

Got a massage from one of the booth places, which was nice, as the backpack that the survey people had told us to bring (that I don’t know what we were supposed to use for, as I didn’t at all) was pretty soreness-inducing after the first two or two and a half hours. And had a chiropractic evaluation that basically told me the same thing that these things always tell me: “My god, you’re screwed up”. I’m all twisted around, evidently, and standing straight up for me is significantly tilted (like, 20 more pounds on my left leg than on my right).

And there was one booth where you spun this wheel and they gave you whatever you landed on. In a bag with a gay porn catalogue. And by “gay porn catalogue”, I mean with full color picture advertisements. Of the promotional/screenshot variety. With similar promo shots of the demonstration of sex toy usage on the back cover. Suprising to find when you’re home going through your swag, to say the least.

I spun hoping for the "novelty soap", which probably would have been lewd but at least somewhat useful, but ended up getting a copy of what's supposed to be a fairly funny (if you’re into that sort of thing—none of those types of movies ever interested me) remake of "American Pie" only with gay guys and being the unrated edition (slightly worrysome, that—mostly because I don’t think any of the guys on the cover are hot enough to enjoy the nakedness that’s undoubtedly the reason for the unrated label). Not at all interested, but I'm not pitching it until I find out if I can make a few bucks off of ebay or sommat.

Thing I would change? Moar beads, LOL. I was in the wrong place during the parade—there was a meridian thing with plants between the section of people I was in and the actual parade route, so we got pretty much nothing. I did get one of the cool rainbow strands, but that was about it—I don’t care so much about the regular ones, but I’d like to get my hands on more of those multicolored funness types. Plus, no rain. Naturally. But same coolness of weather. And more parking. I was a good 30 minute walk away from the festival grounds, easily—and that was on the return trip, when I knew where I was going. And I was there a good 45 minutes before even the parade was set to begin, so you’d think I’d be able to park closer than that, but no.
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Work: Been working double shifts (8-12 and 4:30-8:30) for the past two weeks, which is brutal on my gas money because of the double commute. It's a horrible break in between--too long to stay there (though if it had been more than a temporary thing, as I'm still leaving for NY on Tuesday, I would have started just driving down the street to the downtown library and chilling out there for at least a few of the days) but not enough time to do anything once you're home, especially if I work out after the morning shift. As much as I hate a good number of the kids, I'm going to miss it, because the three of us that are there first thing in the morning are pretty cool. Might see Sara (one of said three) on Sunday when I go to Pride, though, because I had known she bartended on the side, but I found out a few days ago that she does so at the local gay bar, LOL, and she's promised to stop by and say hello. More about that below.

So I gave notice on Monday, last day is next Monday, and interviewed this afternoon and got a position as a TA for a summer gifted camp for when I get back from up north. Twas easy to get, as it was already pretty much in the bag--it's the organization that my parents teach classes for, so we've known everybody forever; the position was actually offered to me rather than solicited, which is cool. It's about St. Louis in the World's Fair era--history type stuff to first and second graders (mostly boys)--which I'm not particularly excited about (mostly not excited about the class make-up), though I'll be interested to learn. The bit that's going to make it awesome? The teacher that I'm going to be working with is a lesbian who was supposed to be working it with her partner (as the second lead teacher for that type of class that they ended up not needing due to not-as-good-as-hoped enrollment), and just had twin babies. Idk, typecasting is bad, but by sheer nature of orientation, she seems to be a forward-thinking type, which is good. This job pays significantly better, also, though the commute is just as long.

New York: Going. Leaving on Tuesday, reuinion's on Saturday, going up to aunt's house in Vermont for a bit after that, though we've got to be home by the 14th for the above camp's starting, which mom isn't too happy about, as she'd love to spend the rest of the summer up there. No idea about plans within that, though I really want to hit up NYC, as I've never been, and DC if possible because politics!squee.

Pridefest: Also going, though probably only on Sunday since I've got a shift at the gym on Saturday. Applied and was accepted to work with a multi-college research group to administer surveys about tobacco use and general health care services regarding the LGBT community. Which was supposed to pay $100 for 4 hours, is ending up being $100 for 5.5 hours, but still is way worth it. Even though it's outside in St. Louis at the end of June. Everybody's all freaked out about God-des and She playing there, but I doubt I'm going to hang around long enough to see them--after ages of sun-filled survey taking, there's only so much hanging around Pride one can do. I am taking donations, however, for the "Buy Alexandria a new wardrobe from Pride to wear up to the reunion/anniversary of the conservative, gay-hating grandparents" fund. If I can scrape the cash (idk when I'm going to get paid from the gym still).
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I was going to talk about going to Cinco de Mayo on Saturday. It was an extra credit thing for Spanish, to go and then write up a page on it. But while writing up the thing for class, I ended up turning it into vaguely an LJ entry of its own (as it was just a "where'd you go, what'd you do?" kind of report) and going significantly past the 1 page (double spaced) requirement because there were certain things I wanted to get in there, so it's getting posted by itself. Except you'll have to run it through Google Translator, LOL, I've already spent too much time to Englishify it. It won't be pretty, as I didn't realize that it had been due yesterday and thus it's in fairly simple structure as I had to get it out quickly during the day, and some bits that I know are right don't translate well when run through the online things (and some that are prolly wrong, too), but hey. I've been LJ-update fail lately even though I've got a bunch of things written out already/that I know I want to talk about, so to at least have something:

En sábado, el 3 de mayo, mi familia fue a la celebración de Cinco de Mayo en la calle de Cherokee. No supe que hay una comunidad hispánica distinta en nuestra ciudad, pero era obvio que el lugar fue elegido para su proximidad a muchas tiendas y edificios hispánicos. En la sección donde las diversiones principales estaban, había muchas tiendas, pero también una oficina de abogacía. La abogacía era notable porque funciona específicamente para los hispanos y trabaja con todos aspectos de la ley; de problemas que todo el mundo los tiene como divorcio o (desafortunadamente) actos criminales hasta asuntos más comunes para la comunidad hispánica o inmigrante como deportación y el proceso de obtener visas. Un poco mas lejos de la calle en la fila de inmuebles, un templo budista apareció muy extraña entre los edificios empapelados con anuncios en español.

Muchos de las tiendas de Cherokee tenían pequeñas casetas fuera de su edificio para la celebración. La mayoría de estos eran para los estómagos de los celebrantes, como El Chico panadería y otros restaurantes con comida variando desde tacos, tamales, y enchiladas hasta dulces como churros y empanadas. Pero también, había representación de una ropería atlética—específicamente el fútbol--y una caseta fuera de una tienda de videos. Las otras casetas eran de la clase típica para cualquier festival en la ciudad—para el periódico, unas con regalos baratos, etcétera. La música en los dos escenarios cuando yo asistí la festival no era notable; los músicos en el escenario principal tocaban bien, pero la música no nos apareció particularmente mexicano, y los que tocaban en el secundario nos sonó horrible.

Para la mayoría del tiempo, entramos varias tiendas hispánicas. Anticipé que las tiendas que se llamaba “carnecerías” tendrían carne solamente, o posiblemente carne y un poco de comidas relatadas—y la variedad de la selección de carne disponible en las muchas carnecerías era sorprendentemente grande—pero los dos que nosotros visitamos tenían otras cosas muy variadas. El primer tenía un cuarto con la carnecería actual que era casi secundario al más gran cuarto de entrada que se apareció una tienda de conveniencia. El segundo—mucho más grande—que se anunció de carnecería, El Capral, pareció desde fuera como cuatro tiendas en uno. La tienda ocupó una esquina, y tenía cuatro puertas a lo largo del edificio debajo de cuatro señales diferentes; una de “carnecería”, una para un supermercado general, una para una cafetería, y una para una gran colección de cosas para vaqueros. El último me sorprendió, pero la tienda—los partes de que eran conectados por dentro sin puertas interiores—tenia un colección amplio de botas y otras cosas de cuero.
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Places Alexandria didn't apply sunscreen before volunteering all afternoon at the Earth Day festival:

Scalp. Specifically, the part of my hair. It's a vicious shade of red right now. I mean, expecting it to blister up in the next day or so, red.

Inch and a half square area of back of left hand. There's this perfect quadrilateral dude of dark pink (nowhere near the scalp color, but still), and then some assorted splotches that come out from/near that. I had almost the exact same thing last year; it comes from holding bits of artwork and cutting out things for kids and other such hand-exposing activities. It's only on the left, though, which is interesting. That might be because I use the right more, so it's not still often enough to get burned. Or I prolly didn't wipe/wash the sunscreen off of my right hand as well (you know, like you do so your hands aren't intolerably greasy) after I applied the stuff to the rest of my body.

Spot near the corner of my left eye. That one twinges me a bit every once in a while when I blink.

Lips and area surrounding them. That one twinges me even more than a bit. . . pretty constantly. That's the only one that's causing me actual pain atm, as it's the second worst and as long as nothing touches my scalpstripe that one's okay.

Twas fun though. Felt rushed, as always (last year the sibs came at the beginning of my work time and were totally bored/done by the time I got off and so I got maybe 20 minutes to look around), because I had to get home to hit the gym and then run off to volleyball. I really want to have the time to actually go through and look at everybody's (or, you know, more people's) everything instead of just scanning the booths and hitting the ones that have samples, LOL.

And OMG, so many people were there. Put it this way. Normally, getting from the exit on the highway into the park and into a parking space and then into wherever in the park you're going is going to take you a little bit if you're going on a nice day and weekend, simply in the parking space-finding, and then perhaps a short walk if you couldn't park right up close portion of the time. Not, however, more than an hour. 30 minutes of which were spent trying to go about 5 blocks down the road before even getting into the park. This is when the below-mentioned weather got brutal--hiking up and down the hills of the park about 3x as much as was needed on the way there (because I had to park really far away and then didn't know which way the festival was, so ended up retracing my steps several times) and (though in a straight line this time, thankfully) with a massive bag of binders and other miscellaneous items I rescued from the recycled art booth I was working at on the way back.

Weather was gorgeous, though. A bit warm in the sun, but that's to be expected. In the shade, though. . . this would be a day I point to when asked what would be the ideal weather for my wedding or sommat.
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Giving people presents for their anniversaries. Odd, no? I mean, when we're talking a friend of a couple giving them this gift. And for only a 6-month dating anniversary, which doesn't even count as that much of a real thing, IMO (though I don't deny that that's probably a while in the world of datage, I don't have much to base that on/compare it to, so idk).

This is the conversation topic that I overheard on the way to lunch. Someone had done such a thing, presumably, because another friend in the group who were congregated more or less in my way as I attempted to gather my things stated that now she felt bad that she hadn't and was now going to have to go get them something belatedly.

Umm, what? I mean, I understand people within the couple giving each other gifts. And perhaps relatives; my parents are hitting the big 25 years in May, and that means I prolly have to get them something (though more often in our family, the other parent chooses/buys/finances the gift with "help" from the chitlins), and I know that we got my maternal grandparents something (bought into a big screen TV, methinks, with several other of Mum's siblings) when they hit 50 years a bit ago (actually, 5 years ago--a group of overzealous aunts and uncles have begun to plan the 55th party for this summer, last I heard, which the remaining aunts and uncles aren't so much looking forward to as not as that means having to buy a more expensive present for the anniversary on top of traveling somewhere for the party, since nobody's in the same geographical region anymore).

But friends buying other friends anniversary gifts? This seems stupid. Is this the custom now? Have I just been missing out because most of my friends don't date? A 6-month dating anniversary, while probably a big thing to the couple, seems to deserve a pat on the back and a "Congratulations" more than a gift from everyone else.

In other news. I was up late last night because I was in a Spring-y mood. I was looking for bright and fun and Springish clothing--prolly inspired by the fact that I hit up Goodwill yesterday afternoon and tried on a couple of Spring/Summer-y dresses just because they were there and in my size and pretty (one that was striped pastel blue and green, and floor-length with a good amount of slink but still not overly formal; the other was green paisley/ivy/floral patterns on a white, spaghetti-strap halter that hit just above the knees). I really wanted an excuse to buy the first one--I was seriously considering getting it to wear to church on Easter like you do when you're little, but I didn't have enough money neither on me nor to justify buying a dress (though it was only like $5) that I would only wear once.

But yes. Lunch just ended, so postus interruptus yet again. Fail.

I had spent most of the evening re-reading La Dama del Alba for the Spanish test over it today, so I got to the gym really late, so I got back really late (pushing midnight, actually, after I stopped at the grocery store because I’ve got coupons that are pushing the expiration date but then turned it into a worthless trip when I decided not to buy anything yesterday since it’s $10 off of $50 day today and I can make the parentals use the coupons for veggies and such and lump it in with enough other things to get the extra discount) , and then I messed around trying on clothes, and then I made dinner, and then I messed around with more clothes. And watched Canterbury’s Law. While painting my nails to matchish the shirt I decided on (the “hippy on acid” shirt). Which was hard, because I fail at nail painting simply because I don’t think I’d need my toes to count the number of times I’ve done it since. . . elementary school. Plus, the nail-biting makes it harder still, because you’re all like “Oh, but this is not nail but rather finger.” But they’re this shiny pastel blue color that has purple glimmery bits that you see when it hits the light. With a purple failstripe (I spent so long trying to make them even sized, but the purple nail polish was that gooey kind of old that makes it impossible to do anything but gunk it on) down each thumb for fun. Makes me smile, anyway.

But then I look at the clock and realize that I’ve managed to just totally lose track of time because it’s 3:30 or so in the morning and I’ve still got to clean up stuff from dinner and the popcorn I made after eating dinner (hard to reach into a bag of popcorn with wet nails, btw). So I didn’t hit bed until a good 4am. Which hurt me in English today, because we were just reading an pseudo-epic poem aloud, thus not very engaging, thus sleep provoking. And now I’m just bored, because my econ quiz took all of 3 minutes (literally—and then the next person didn’t finish for another 7 minutes or so, which freaked me out a bit in that “did I skip a page?” kind of way) and now we’re doing nothing (they’ve turned on one of the college basketball games, and as basketball is one of those sports that I care absolutely nothing for, as with collegiate sports in general, the all-but-three in the class male population’s enthusiasm is extremely annoying), and as I have nothing after this, there’s no purpose in my being here and not being home eating my last grapefruit and getting ready for nappage goodness.

I really want that grapefruit now. The econ teacher’s got popcorn out that she said we could have, but it’s that kind that comes in a bag like a bag of chips and is fake!greasycheesybuttery and not worth the calories, so I’m not hitting that.

They’re shouting about the basketball game again. *le sigh*
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I am LOLOLOL hormonal right now, which is entertaining being as it is February 14th and such. Valentine's Day has not been anything worth anything to me since the requisite elementary school parties, but the Yahoo home page's little chickyloveguys had me all a-cutsified. I'm sort of. . . into it this year, even though as a dateless person, I could blink and I'd miss it for all the influence it's having on my life. Still. Alexandria's hormones bid you a happy V-Day, because yay, hearts and chocolate and pink and red and flowers and chocolate and such.

Must get to bank today because I've got to close my accounts (there bees weirdness going on with this place's policies with my credit card that I'm not cool with). Does not know when that is going to happen, however, as the parentals are still all co-signed and thus methinks father has to accompany me. Cannot decide whether to go to the gym in the afternoon (as in, right after school) and then be able to get home and go to the bank right then (as Dad'd prolly be home by then), or get a little bit of a nap, wake up, go to the bank, go back to napping, go to the gym, do work, go back to sleep. The first one's looking a lot better now that I write it, though it's a bitch to try and find a parking space in the afternoon. I've got too much work to do today to mess around with not being able to fall asleep on command--I was exhausted yesterday, but ended up lying there awake because I was too concerned with "Must wake up in 1 hour and 15 minutes exactly!" type things, and there are significantly more opportunities for said time wasting to occur with this split-nappage.

And I started making a new icon a few days ago and never finished it. Tis being a fail, because it's animated and thus is hell to try to shrink into the acceptable sizes. And fix up, because it needs brightened and such, but my Photoshop Elements (being as it is mini!PS) refuses to do all of the frames at once. But yes, there is no point to this portion of my update except that I noticed that I've only got 14/15 icons uploaded and felt like reminding myself to fix that. OHOHOHOHBUT! I have a Valentine's Day icon! . . . at home. Curses. But also on my Photobucket! Which means that it is now here. Ace.
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Christmas day. Yay, presents. Some which I must model at some point, LOL, so I will not give them away. And because my dad is cool like that, instead of packing my stocking with the normal trashy food (though I got that too), he gave me two boxes of Weight Watchers dessert things, one of chocolate with chocolate icing that I've not tried and one of carrot cake with real cream cheese icing that's amazing. You sort of expect them to be just trashy tasting to save (a little, LOL, they're still 80) on the calories, but they're not; they're smaller--about Twinkie sized--but excellent. And, he said he would have gotten me the blueberry muffins because I'm a muffin whore, but they cost more, which is cool with me. Got lots of yarn (though I'm wanting to move away from the acrylic trashy stuff that's cheap and thus what I always get because it's rather itchy to wear, but still, since I'm on my toy-knitting kick, it's perfect), that kit with all the different sized needles and cables and such which I'm v. excited to get to play with, a couple of books mostly from the sibs.--one of those comic collections of Harley and Ivy, lol, and one Star Trek that's supposed to be loads about Q, but not in the first 40 pages or so. Though I'm actually going to take the H&I one back, because while reading it, I noticed that the pages are kinda killed--like somebody somehow managed to try to take a hole-puncher to the middle 6 pages or so--and it was too expensive/collectors item-y to let that stand. One of the Kathy Reichs books too, though I don't remember which one. And a 2gig micro SD card for my MP3 player (which is why I spent the last hour digging through everything for my CD case with my episode CDs so I can load some on for the trip). And $40. Which was prolly the best, as I'm always asking for them to just give me money because of my whole uber!frugality thing. Plus the normal clothes, etc. Mostly ones that I tried on along with the purple shirt, which is win, because that means they definitely fit.

LOL at how I wrote this several hours ago and forgot to hit post. Anyway, to end. Should be leaving in a few hours for Oklahoma for visiting with the grandmother. I'm not usually one for the random trips to OK (like we seem to be doing a lot lately), but it's just me, dad, and Kaci (Tyler doesn't want to risk Grandma not. . . being herself because of the strokes and the bits of old-people senility, which I understand). But I cannot find, like mentioned above, CD case with episode CDs on there, because I want to load up some West Wing for the trip and I'm pretty sure I've got season 4 in there. It got stolen by Tyler over the Thanksgiving fake!camping trip, and I have not seen it since. Is not in my room (though OMG, do I have to do about 12 loads of laundry when I get home), this I am certain. I'm trying to download a couple really quickly, but the really quickly part isn't happening, and so more than an hour later I'm not even done with one. One of these days I really am going to call up SBC and bitch at them about how we're getting less than half the speed we're supposed to.

So yes. Real packing? None of this. Trip junk finding (Xena season 5 or 6, that is the question, LOL) is the name of the game.

Happy days to all. Should be back Fridayish? Saturday at the latest.
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I am far too tired to still have done none of my homework for the day.

I spent today running around, like I mentioned yesterday, to 70 bazillion places. More than I intended, actually, as some bitch cut me off and forced me onto the highway on the way to my dad's school, which meant I had to go two exits past nowhere in order to turn around due to construction. And I had to stop by and make up a test for medical terminology. Final was this evening, though, after being rescheduled from this morning (which I had forgotten about last night, and was why I missed the first two hours of school today--okay, first one. The second was just me being a horrible horrible person and not wanting to go yet--until I found out that it got changed due to it being in a weird time in the first place or the ice or something), which means it's over now. Ahh, ridiculously easy class where I got to read fanfiction whilst keeping one ear open as the teacher talked about things that I mostly already knew. I shall miss thee.

I think next semester I'm going to take physics over the internets (coming in on 4 or 5 Saturdays for labs and tests), but the one that's online is marked "consider not taking this online if you didn't get at least a C in algebra". As in, you can still take it, but do the regular class instead of the distance one. The "engineering physics" class is labeled calculus-level, which probably means that that's what I should take (minus the engineering part--I think it just denotes that it's higher level, but idk), but I think it's only offered during the day, so I can't. I'm a little wary about the first class, "college physics", though, because it specifically says all over that there are no make-up labs, and that essentially, if you miss one of the Saturdays, you're going to have a damn hard time passing the class. Plus, there's this Saturday medical program that I'm applying for that I have to look up the dates for to see if they conflict (and, like the physics, that thing says that you won't be accepted if you have to miss any of the dates), and that's minimum two mock trial meetings I'm going to have to miss. Edit: Or maybe not on the latter, as I forgot we just changed our meeting times to earlier in the morning. I'd have to skip out a tad early, but methinks it wouldn't be a problem.

Plus, the book is goddamned expensive. IH college in that regard.

Re: Mock Trial. I'm half witnessing again. I'm both happy and not with that. Happy because it's pretty fun when you get a good crosser on your back to, putting it delicately, kick the living snot out of them, but not because it was so damn hard for me last year to have to sit there on the witness bench as my team missed and flubbed objections that I knew the response to. I get. . . idk. I'm like the kid who doesn't like to share the ball because they're afraid the other kids will make them lose, and now that I've made that connection I feel horrible, but it's somehow different (and yet not) because it's an intellectual pursuit? I don't know. I'm a bad person, hell, I've poached objections from people before because I knew that they didn't know what they were doing (though semi-legitimately, because it was a rules-debate and I was both more or less captain and more affected by the decision than the person whose examination it was raised during) but I'm really good at mock trial and speaking extemporaneously and such, and though that doesn't mean anything and normally I'm content to sit and maybe slip a note to a fellow lawyer if there's something they're missing, but it hurts me when it's simply because they don't know the rules. LOL, control issues.

And I've been meaning to fix my Criminal Minds icon. I didn't realize that the border was left transparent and not white, and though it looks fine on my journal because of the white background, on others' it does not.

Plus, I need suggestions for Christmas gifts. Both for myself and for my friends (particularly Katie, my plans for which fell through and now must be started from scratch).

Mini 4-sentence cut for prolly TMI about acne. )

And to conclude this lovely 20 minute extension of my several hour procrastination, alkdhgfiouqwjenadflkj KEYBOARD HATE. Start working better, sir. (Points to keyboardmash. Notice how there are no 's's in that? THIS IS MY DILEMMA.)
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So. Some thoughts on Christmas.

I was raised Catholic, as you probably know, and I still go to church with my parents even though I'm more agnostic than anything because it's their "family thing". Though I resent the intrusion into my life more often than not, during the Christmas season, with the trees and the lights and the advent wreath and the singing of the carols instead of the traditional hymms? Catholic mass gets really beautiful around Christmas. I think, even though I wouldn't call myself Catholic in any sense of the word (save that I've been baptized and confirmed and such), I'm going to have to bring my children to Christmas season masses (you know, when/if I have them) just for the whole ambiance.

Though Christmas-Catholics tick me off. Just because we never get out of the house on time on Christmas for church, so we're always squished in the back until midway through the first reading when they finally manage to seat us all, etc. Here's what I say. I'm a bloody agnostic, and still I've been to church the other 51 weeks of the year, so you better damn well let me have the seat and you stand in the back, Mr. and Mrs. "Oh we're such great Catholics because we bring our kids to church (on Christmas and Easter)".

Oh yeah, and last week I signed up to play the viola with the choir for the Christmas mass, which should be cool. I did it before, maybe 5 years ago, so it'll be nice to do it again. If the lead guy would email me the music like he said he would last Sunday. I really wanted it earlier, seeing as how it's all vocal, maybe a piano part that I've got to transpose and work out what I actually should play, which--considering it's been two years or so since I've really had to sight-read another clef and 3 months or so since I've seriously played--could take more than a minute or two.

I've got lots of homework to do tomorrow, which will not be fun. I spent today at mock trial, then helping a friend pick out a dress (we finally just got the final two choices so she could decide later and return one, as I needed to get out of there to get to church) for a dance--btw, I had no idea malls were so packed around Christmas. It took us literally more than 25 minutes just to get out of the parking lot--then church, then dinner, then trying to go to the gym, then not finding the keys with the passes to the gym, then finally finding the keys but realizing that by now the gym closes in 30 minutes and it's not worth the drive, then watching the Christmas Psych special (no Chief Vick? What kind of special is this?), now in bed with the nicked laptop used to watch Psych. How's that for a recap?

Oh, and update on the illness saga. Better, but not well. Curse you, bugs who infest iceberg lettuce.

I really wish to write fic now (oddly enough, though Karen/Jules was my first idea, the vague twitchings of a plot bunny popped in for Kirsten Nelson/Maggie Lawson, their RPF counterparts), but I can't because if I'm actually writing something, that's time that could be spent writing these papers, while just surfing the interwebz/reading doesn't have as much direct similarity to what I should be doing and thus isn't plagued with quite as much guilt.

Final random question. Anybody know what's up with [ profile] femslash_today? It hasn't been updated in a while now.
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When I got up this morning, it was barely 50 degrees in the house. No wonder I managed to make myself fall asleep for another good 3 hours before getting up.

Hiking and such was fun, though I ended up having to sleep on the couch, and 5 feet of couch is insufficient for 5 feet 6.5 of Alexandria. Especially because I had taken off the cushions because it was a pullout bed, but then decided not to use the bed (I wasn't sure of its cleanliness), so I just had the little plasticky canvas frame bit and the big metal bar at one end, preventing much curling up.

I found a few sparkly rocks, which I'm a sucker for because they are the pretty. And realized that I am lolparanoid when it comes to other people getting near the edge of cliff type things, but not so much with me. And I know I wouldn't be scared if they had harnesses or whatever, but I was def. holding on to my sister's legs when she decided that she had to sit on top of the rock wall of the overlook building.

Oh and plus. Alexandria's rule to live by. If you are filling up your car with gasoline and the gas spills out a bit (it was actually hilarious that it happened, because I had spent the last 5 minutes trying to convince my mom to fill up the tank for me because I am always afraid that it would do so, though it never had for me before), run away. Far away. Like to the opposite side of the gas station. THIS IS TERRIFYING STUFF, PEOPLE. IT EXPLODES, IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL.

This made me wonder if I was being all hormone!terrified of everything, because usually I'm not this much of a scaredy cat. Though I always hate getting gasoline. If I could be guaranteed that I'd die right away if it exploded, that'd be something else, but I don't want to be in the hospital, covered with burns for weeks while waiting for my immune system to fail. Same with falling off cliffs. If it was just a straight cliff, it'd be different, but it was more of a hill with lots of trees. Dying? Not fun, but at least you're not impaled on one of said trees, stuck waiting for the medevac helicopter to fly the 30 minutes out to you.

But yes. I got home at 6pm or so last night, and then just went to sleep, because between school woes and the Sunday Chicago bus escapade (which I've yet to detail, so look for that to be backdated to Monday or so in the near future), my sleep has been difficultslashlacking. Woke up around 1am, decided that it was not worth getting up, and finally dragged my butt out of bed around 4.

This is my story.
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The first Criminal Minds episode I really watch now that I've decided that it's my new fandom?

All up with the gay. Ace. Femslashyest couple (possibly femslashyest on TV) that not many people seem to have caught on to? JJ/Emily.

Plus, I find myself really liking Morgan/Garcia. Because I love Garcia, and Morgan is hotsauce. Plus, it's the weird hunky guy/nerdy girl pairing that would so rarely happen in real life that you can't help but root for it, you know?

And in other news, I need to stop downing so much water when I sit here at the computer right by the faucet. I hate having to stop what I'm doing to run to the bathroom. And I drink so much, just because why not, so it's seriously like twice an hour. Gah.

Going out to this cabin we rented for the weekend at a state park a bit aways from our house, so probably won't be back until lateish Friday (lol, weekend that is not, but I've got too much work to not do to stay the entire time). Happy Thanksgiving to those that have it, and gorge yourself anyway to those that don't.
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Just got out of the shower.

I forgot how much it hurts to get shampoo in your eyes. And how you can't get it out, so it's still hurting ages later after you've tried every eye-flushing trick in the book. My eye's all red in a little quarter-circle right around my iris, and it's not looking to go away.

I remembered that I dug out a jumpsuit last year, and have now decided what I'm going to be for halloween (if I can find said jumpsuit). Kay Winnit Lee Fry! The jumpsuit isn't quite right (grey instead of the greenishtan for one), and idk how much I'll be able to make it work as it's actually my dad's and is thus man-sized and possibly non-cut-up-able. But still.

Now I need to find a neighborhood not my own so I can actually trick or treat (or, you know, just use mine, as I know very few people beyond the ones I babysit for and so probably wouldn't have a problem with people being all "OMG, OLD"). And possibly some temporary way to shrink both height and chest so they'll give me candy. Not that I actually want the candy, as I always have ended up giving most of it away, but I want the option to not have to bum the good candies off of siblings when they leave their bags unattended.

Perhaps I'll see if my sister and whichever friend/s she's going with need supervision. Might even be able to get money out of that deal if whichever mom's turn it is really doesn't feel like going and wants to call it babysitting.

Edit: Idk what to tag my shower story as. Suggestions?
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I just noticed.

That's my story.

And now I'm going to go do the dishes so I can eat vegetarian hot dogs and lots of junk food and listen to the fireworks (because quite often we can hear somebody's from our house) and/or watch them on TV (which isn't as cool, but still pretty) and prevent the dog from gnawing off his leg (because morons threw firecrackers at him when he was little, so he's terrified of fireworks/thunder/other similar stuff).

And I only have one more day to finish reading all the FSAC: DD07 fics so I can vote before the deadline! It's so hard, because it's a ranking system this year, so you can't just pick the best, but rather have to order all of them, which is pretty impossible.
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Got an anti-valentine from Amanda. Yay. Makes me laugh. I went to the website, and some of them are pretty entertaining. She sent me the one about the uprooted, overpriced plant life. Los anti-valentines. (<- You see that? Masculine definite article. You know why? Because I freaking said so.)
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Hee, Valentine's Day presents! Umm, sort of.

It snowed today, which was yay. When I looked outside last night/this morning/at like 3 or whenever and thought it was just raining? Yeah, well evidently it was cold enough to stick to the ground. Yay, icy roads. Because they mean no school. Which was greatgreatgreat. Here's how my morning went after my dad heard that I was still up at 3:30 or so and turned the internet off:

3:40ish--Finishes playing around with stuff on computer. Reading fics that I still had open and such.
3:55--Puts the finishing touches on english paper (read: writes last two paragraphs) that was my original reason for being on.
4:15--Goes to bedroom. Starts Spanish homework. Does two pages of spanish homework in about 5 minutes (out of 20 someodd pages--gah!) and decides to finish it in morning/during other classes.
4:20--Puts homework down, turns off light, sets alarm for 5:30 to get up and work on more spanish, tries to sleep.
4:40--Watch alarm goes off. Had been set Sunday night for my mid-paper writing nap, forgot to unset it. Was almost asleep. Became completely awake.
5:30--Still hasn't fallen asleep. Alarm goes off, gets up, thinks about working on homework. Looks out window. No snow. Realizes no chance of reprieve by means of snow day. Re-sets alarm for 6am and actually goes to sleep.
6:00--Wakes up. Considers getting up, decides it's too cold and stays in bed. Doesn't fall back asleep, however. Nor works on Spanish homework. Hears mother's bedroom door open, figures it's a bathroom trip, ignores it.
6:20--Gets up, gets dressed, crawls back in bed (because the call of the electric heating blanket is just too strong for a mere mortal like me to resist).
6:40--Gets up again, puts on shoes, packs stuff in backpack. Finds brush, brushes hair.
6:46--Leaves bedroom. Whole house is dark. Is confused. Thinks that maybe there's no school. Dismisses thought--the universe is not that kind.
6:48--Opens mother's bedroom door. Asks why nobody is up. Mother looks at watch, I (mis)interpret facial expression as "Oh, shit. We're all late." Mother speaks: "There's no school." Me=flabbergasted. "Somebody could have told me that." Mum: "I didn't want to wake you up to tell you that you didn't have to wake up." Me (mumbled as walking away): "But I've been up for an hour trying to stop myself from falling back asleep."
6:49--Turns on TV in front room. Must see for self.
6:52--School's name flashed with the word "closed" next to it. Does silent victory dance. Gets drink, returns to bedroom. Puts pajamas back on.
6:55--Due to reaction to the words "Snow Day" embedded in every person on their first day of kindergarten, is too excited to go back to sleep. Looks out window, sees snow actually beginning.
7:00--Fact that I had been up all night wins out over snow day adrenaline phenomenon. Passes out. Is awakened several times by siblings, but even when awake, refuses to leave bed until 13:00.

So, yeah. All times are approximate, but still. And I think I changed tense/subject conjugation in that like three times. Oops.

And then I went outside. And took pictures. Thus being my possession of random Valentine's Day presents of joy. In a way.

(Edit: They're bigger than I thought--I trimmed them down, but evidently not enough--so watch out.)
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