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So, um, don't consider this sound medical advice at all or anything, but just fyi:
  • If you have teeth coming in and they're at the point that they're stretching and rubbing little holes in your gums until they split

  • And especially if one of them is halfway in but there's still just a stupid band of gum covering the back half that food likes to get caught under

  • And all of this hurts like fuck

  • And you think "I bet I could just slit the gum right across the top of the hidden tooth and free it up a bit instead of enduring all this slow flesh-splitting misery"

  • And you have access to scalpels/really sharp microscissors/something you can sterilize

  • This is actually

  • A really good plan.

No seriously, I'd been thinking about doing it forever, and the pain finally got bad enough last night after I managed to wedge food under my gums though the tiny hole the tooth had worn away (this happens all the time with the one that was halfway in, but another just recently decided to start making an appearance so the gum was way more stretched and thus getting something under it was excruciating) that I just went for it, and it feels so much better now. Even immediately, while still spitting out gobs of blood, I was in 293487230 times less pain. Morning after, there's kind of mild achyness, but not even enough to bother taking an aspirin for and still less bothersome than the usual flesh-splitting misery; it feels more like I just bruised it a bit while messing around back there. Totally not kidding when I say that I wish I'd done it ages ago.

Only downside is that there is rather a lot of blood involved. If I'd had a 12-blade scalpel, it would have been a lot easier because I could have just stuck the curvy tip into the hole in my gums and slit straight upwards, but I only had 10-blades, so I ended up trying both sticking it in the hole and pushing laterally with the blade upwards and just pressing straight down through the gum on top of the tooth. The former method worked much better, as with the latter, you'd feel the crunch of some of the tissue splitting but not actually be making it the full thickness to the tooth (and then have to wait until the bleeding slowed down so you could see the field and try again).

/fuck yeah home surgery
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Was going to continue marathon posting, but figured that last one deserved a post of its own.


Yet again, this dentist is going to have to fix/redo 90% of the work done by the last one. Some of which (yet again) are actually errors on the first one's part. Most recent dentist before yesterday's drilled stuff without filling it, as I've bitched about before. Natch, this guy's all "hahaha, noes" and thinks it's just decay. Umm, look at the goddamned x-ray, sir. Yeah, I've got way more cavities than I should have (most of it's just odd demineralization that I was supposed to be trying to prevent with special toothpaste and then just sort of stopped messing with somewhere along the line and using whatever was around), but those look like little brown spots. These holes look like. . . holes! They're perfectly circular drill holes that she didn't want to fill because she said they were too small for a filling to stick. They also don't have dark spots of decay around them (which is a surprise, actually, because I expected those to cavity up like nobody's business, being, you know, holes). So get your gremlin head out of your ass and believe me for once. That's the biggest thing. If I tell you something, let's proceed on the assumption that I KNOW MORE ABOUT MY BODY THAN YOU DO, kthxbai.

Gremlin. Should explain that. He looks like one. Like for serious. I was trying to find a picture, but the "meet the doctor" bit on his website is suspiciously "under construction". He has a very oval face, but oval in the wrong direction. Cartoonish. Probably it's just really really round, but he also has whiskers that add to the image. I half was tempted to splash some of the mouth-rinsing water on him and see if he would sprout clones and thus get through his queue of patients faster. Or call his wife and make sure she knew he wasn't allowed to eat after midnight. Because, you know, being a tooth-brushing-inclined type of man like I'm sure he is and how you can't eat after you've done so, the issue might not actually have ever come up.

So yes. Bazillions of, not really cavities, but decay spots that he wants to drill. Many of which are erosion bits on my front teeth, mostly in between them, that I'm very reluctant to let somebody mess with. Especially after hippylesbiandentist (what we will call drilling-not-filling-ma'am when we're not calling her that) didn't take the time to match the composite filling color to my teeth well enough and left me with too-white spots on my bottom teeth that show pretty badly.

Sidenote. Point of interest: the random question hit me out of the blue while typing this up--where do you find hard toothbrushes if nobody recommends them. Googled it, and there aren't a whole lot of hits, but I did land on a study of soft vs hard in enamel erosion that found that there was no significant difference in the amount of damage caused by the brushes. Course, a lot of the problem with the hard brushes is more the damage to the gums in either their failure to bend enough to get down in between the gum and the tooth or because you force them down in there and they cut you up, but that's interesting.

I mention this because, as probably has become evident by now, I have zero faith in any dentist by this point. This one was trying to tell me that saliva erodes your teeth because it's acidic. Or, you know, "saliva contains antimicrobial components, as well as minerals that can help rebuild tooth enamel after attack by acid-producing, decay-causing bacteria." Surgeon General > dentist. Also, the hygienist was trying to tell me that the second ingredient in diet soda was sugar. Seriously? Seriously?!

So I'm pretty sure I'm going to cancel this appointment I made for next week and find somebody else for a second opinion first. Because this is a lot of work they've decided I need now less than a year since the last bunch of such work, and I can't believe my teeth are that bad. Sure, I floss all of like never, but neither did my mom, and she's what, 30 years older than me and has had maybe 1/10th of the work done that I have? Really obviously have my dad's teeth, but he's also, you know, not 19, so I don't get why mine are this bad. Plus, I'm not crazy about this guy. Nice, but I suspect his (and definitely his hygienist's) dental knowledge.

Plus plus, anybody that says "Wow, how am I going to do that one? I really have no idea," when referring to one of my cavities is not overly exciting me about his prowess. Though this one in question def. is my fault more or less--the more or less because it's in a really overlapped tooth spot, as I never got braces and I'm really crowded in the bottom, and thus it grew, but because of same crowdedness, I can see how it's going to be pretty damn hard to get in there and fill without destroying both teeth. On the bright side, destroying both teeth means he can fill it back up (though it's the canine and the one closer to the middle, so I'm thinking veneer and not fliling, maybe--that's not something I've looked into a whole lot as I just found out it was a possibility, but I'm interested) in such a way that they don't overlap and thus I wouldn't need braces, considering by the end of what he wants to do, it looks like some 70% of my exposed tooth surface will be composite filling material.

Also. Forgot this bit. Remember how I got the drill broken off in my root canal that I shouldn't have had to have, 'cept second ever dentist (who caught the 12 cavities that first ever dentist let grow, some to near-root-canal size, whilst giving me a clean bill of health over the years including at a visit just two months before all said cavities were found) screwed up and drilled too deep (yeah, she thought I didn't hear her when she said "uh oh" but I did) on the tooth that she had previously said wouldn't need one, and then broke a drill off inside? And then I had to go to a specialist way the fuck uptown four times whilst he dug and dug around in there trying to get it out? According to analysis of a suspiciously thicker looking white line in one of the canals of said tooth, THE DRILL IS STILL FUCKING IN THERE.

Gremlin dentist (yesterday's) was all "well, sometimes it's easier to explain to the patient that it's out rather than that they cleared out all around it and sealed it up and it's okay." First of all, sir, pretty sure that's why I went to the specialist and paid extra money--to get the goddamned thing out. Second of all, I'm not an imbecile nor a child. When somebody's going to be digging around in my mouth, I do my research first, plus both drill-breakage-dentist and the specialist explained my options to me.

And third of all. IT OBVIOUSLY IS NOT OKAY IF THE NEXT THING YOU'RE GOING TO TELL ME IS THAT THERE'S A MOTHERFUCKING SUSPICIOUS SHADOW AT THE BOTTOM OF THAT CANAL!!11one!!elevenhundredeleven!! For those who may not be conversant in root canal, that means bad. Means possible abscess, which would mean root canal failure, which would mean digging out all the shit they packed in there to seal it with and starting all over again.

Finally, when I brushed my teeth tonight, I was quite miffed that all the poking around in there appeared to have made me bleed more than I actually thought your entire gingival vasculature contained. And then I realized that it was probably because of the giant, gaping hole in my cheek that I'd bitten coming down the stairs minutes before. So there's that.
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This is hilarious. IL spam and how it's getting so smart. I got an ecard from somebody I didn't recognize, and normally I would have just spammed it instantly, but the email notification was from a legit ecard website, so I decided to indulge my curiosity. It's just one of the standard ecard things for Valentine's Day ("See the kisses all over this email? Now picture them all over you."), but in the personalized message bit below was this fairly stalkeresque message: )

Seriously, I want to know why tons of my spam is addressed to my mother. Because that can't be a coincidence, that all these spammers think my name is Nancy. At first, I thought it was because my mom was putting my email down for things that asked for it that seem shady, but she says no (plus, she's not so much computer savvy to be able to really tell the difference between the shady and the not, in truth). Oddness. IL how it says that the reason you need to input your debit/credit number is to validate your age. Really, does that work as validation? I had a credit card at 16; I almost wish I'd tried it on something like that (if I would have trusted my number on the interwebs, though, which is a no) just to see if it could tell that I was underage or if it was just if you have a card, you're assumed to be over.

In other news, got called off the standby list to the dentist yesterday and got the whole bottom front of my mouth drilled up. As much as I appreciate that it's now done, as there was nobody scheduled after me so she went ahead and sort of did a double appointment and knocked off both sides of the front (it was a bunch of stuff where the bottom front guys overlap, so it was scattered throughout the non-gaps in the front six or so), two hours was WAY TOO FREAKING LONG to have my mouth being worked on. I'm still in quite a bit of pain from the jaw exertion. Plus, she gouged me a bit on the lip with something (it's more like a bruise/burn, so I think it may have been some part a bit back from the business end of the drill that was still either hot or moving that rested on there for a bit), so though I can now eat stuff with sugar without dying from the pain, the part of my lip right in front of where the worst one was for the aforementioned cavity pain is now preventing me from eating anything that's even the slightest bit acidic without misery.

Mom did give me one of Tyler's anti-anxiety pills before the dentist which really helped. I expected to be sort of mentally dulled in order to remove the anxiety a la sedatives, but this was not the case--I didn't even really notice that anything was different except for vaguely registering that without it I'd probably be freaking out at the beginning (I'm usually good once things get going; it's getting me through the door and into the chair that's the problem).

And school is starting soon again. Fail anxiety is abundant. This is a shittastic semester in terms of courses--virtually all science plus one class called "Hero and Quest" about, idk, heroics in different cultures or something that I have really no interest in but it's one I need for my general education requirements and is taught by last semester's mythology teacher that I kind of liked (though am now significantly less fond of since getting a suckerpunch B in the course).
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Okay, but only if you like football. My dad and I were talking about this during the game (he gave up about halfway through the 3rd quarter, LOL)--after this year's performance following up on the last couple of years, you begin to wonder if Mike Shanahan's not losing his touch as head coach of the Denver Broncos.

And so it wasn't all that surprising to hear that he got fired today. But still surprising, as this guy's been coach for 21 years (only 14 as head, I think; before that as assistant coach). That's longer than I've been alive, he's been coaching for these guys.

I wonder if this was in the works no matter how they did on Sunday, or if it only got finalized after that bulldozing we got. I'd wager that it was the latter--it's hard to fire a coach when the team got to the playoffs, no matter how shitty their record was that got them there.

In other news, dentist appointment tomorrow. New dentist. I'm making my mother give me some of Tyler's sedative stuff (and if she won't, I'll just steal it), because I'm about to puke from the scared just thinking about it. Fail, me and my dentist phobia.
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I am laughing so hard right now.

The 5 Most Baffling Sex Scenes in the History of Fanfiction

Except I take offense to them all being slash. Umm, I'll admit that most of the weird pairage I've read has been slash, but that's because most of what I read is slash. Biased sample. There's some pretty f'd up het around too.

Mostly I take offense (and this is the whole reason I'm actually laughing) because I'VE READ THE FIRST ONE AND I LIKED IT KAYTHX!

And on a personal front. Still have nothing packed. I think I'm avoiding it because I'm scared. Cohab asked me which bed I prefer and I've got no idea, simply because I can't visualize the room setup in my mind. It does actually really matter to me, having to do with that sleeping vulnerability primal-tastic issue I've got, but I can't quite articulate the requirements (part of that being a -primal- vulnerability issue thing). I can't have my head by the door. And the other person has to be in such a position that were a mad axe murderer to enter during our sleep, she'd get killed first. (That sounds horrible, but it's not a conscious, I'm afraid of mad axe murderers thing. It's a "I can't sleep with anyone else in the room" thing, so sure as hell nobody gets to come in and surprise me.) It's pretty obviously a loltrust issue; deep down I've sort of associated sleep with vulnerability--being able to sleep in front of someone is like when your dog knows you're its master and bares its belly to you. It's exposing itself to all sorts of danger as a sign that you've dominated it. Being unconscious and vulnerable like that in front of other people is a trust level that I haven't reached--hell, that I have trouble with with my own family.

Dentist today and yesterday (and tomorrow, LOLOL). Today and yesterday were to get this cavity in the one side of my mouth that drill-breaking dentist #2 never got to before exhausting my insurance with her fraudulent-arsed billing. Because it was bugging me pretty heavily over the weekend. But they shoved the Diagnodent thing up there and poked around, and according to the fancy toy and the x-rays, neither of the cavities up there should be deep enough to be causing the pain (not even deep enough on the Diagnothingy to warrant the destruction of tooth to fill yet) and it was probably the tooth being irritated from having stitches right up the way between it and the next one that pulled down on the gums. And possibly sinus stuff. I was like "Erm, methinks not" as I'm pretty darn familiar with the various types of tooth pain, but I grabbed the explorer and poked it in the sore spots myself, and the dentist wiggled around the thing and said that yeah, it was a bigger stick than the Diagnodent indicated it would be, and that we prolly should fill it because it's bothering me, but that we could go ahead and wait until the insurance reset in October if I wanted to. Hellyes, I responded, even though it's sad because I won't be going back to that guy. Figures, I finally find a dentist (and hygenists/techs--I actually met with two of them, one yesterday when I got in so they could see if I needed OMG EMERGENCY cavity repair because it was still bugging the crap out of me and started the exam, and one this morning when I returned for the cleaning, and they were cool) that I actually really like, and he's out of network.

Tomorrow is just another checkup on the graft with the periodontist. It's really picked up in the healing, methinks. Like, it feels mostly attached now. I've been a little bit "to hell with the soft foods thing", just being careful, and there've been no problems. I managed to sneeze/stretch open the hole on the roof of my mouth a couple times over the last week and make it bleed again, which was not fun, but not lately, which makes me hope that it's finally healing up.
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My email is not a fan of Slashdot mailings. I just got the digests from the 16th-19th, 21st, 24th, 29th, and 30th a second ago.

Periodontist appointment. Evidently I've got to have three different frenum bits sliced, as well as an autodonor graft to fix the bit in front where the frenum's pulled the gum down too far to heal. Next Wednesday. Because it had to be done before I leave for school, which is the 22nd, and since it's surgery, the guy wants me in town for at least two weeks after, though usually he wants three, just in case something happens. This guy is the one that prides himself on doing everything "the right way" in that people shouldn't have to have more than a tylenol afterwards. Joy, sir. He's nice, though. Actually talks to you. Except O HALLO SIR, IF YOU ARE TO BE SCRAPING VIOLENTLY UNDER MY GUMS, PLEASE TO BE HITTING ME WITH SOME ORAJEL FIRST NEXT TIME KTHX. I swear, I've never bled that much from a dental procedure in my life. In fact, I know I haven't. This was mondo blood I kept spitting out. And all clotty and such.
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Ahh, tornado season. How I've missed you. IL how it decides to start storming like a bitch on the day I decide to ignore the parking space right in front of the building and instead opt for the one across the lot because I could pull through there (I've gotten into this hypermiling thing, and that's one of the little tricks, so you don't have to mess around shimmying out of a parking space with all the starts/stops/gear changes on a cold engine). This one, though, is supposed to be coming trufax right at us. And the storm def. was for a bit there, and then there was about a 15 minute break and it's starting to come back again, but I don't think it's ever coalesced into an actual funnel--spinnage in the storm winds and such, but no tornado. Sirens are going off and all, and the warning actually specified my little township within the county because it's (meaning the storm or the spinnage or something, I never actually heard what they were specifically referring to) coming right down the highway that's right next to my house. But my dad is from Oklahoma, which means he doesn't go down into the basement unless the funnel's already eaten your car parked in your driveway. And I figure that as long as I've got power and internets, it can't be too bad, LOL.

Had to get the car relicensed today (or, you know, Dad did while I was at work), and he spent three hours there trying to get them to fix their mistake with the licensing; they had the little 2000 Metro I drive in there as a 2006 Toyota somehow. I LOL'd, though, because evidently there was a whole to-do because to get it changed (as they didn't want to admit that it was a mistake in the initial input, I suppose, and so had to check everything a bazillion times) there was affidavit getting of the lady running the transaction and my father and notarized stuff and witnessing of him posessing the license, etc. etc. just to make sure there wasn't something nefarious going on. I mean, seriously? It'd be much more to my benefit if I had a 2006 Toyota rather than this Metro that we've already put more money into fixing than it cost in the first place. (I'd sell the Toyota, buy the Metro, and pocket the difference, LOL.) But I'd known about the weird licensing since winter, though, when I got hit by that guy and the cop ran the license stuff and went "O, erm, figure this out, because I'm being nice by not arresting you and giving you at least 6 tickets for this weirdness." Mentioned it then to Dad, and again when some paper came in about the relicensing (or maybe insurance, I don't remember) saying that we had a Toyota, but he seemed to think that it was just an insurance guy screwup and that it got fixed, if I'm recalling correctly.

And to end with something completely different: Popcorn = delicious. Popcorn kernels wedged under gums/in between every possible tooth = painful.

*chooses icon that would look best in shirt as wet as mine still is after coming in the house about an hour ago*
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OMG, my mouth. Pain. It took them ages to get the temporary crown on/to fit, and my gums were screaming the entire time.

OMG, my wallet. Empty. The crown costs almost as much as the actual root canal? W. T. F.

Didn't end up going back to school, as my 1 hour appointment ended up being two as the receptionist that told me one evidently had no idea what she was talking about, and it wasn't worth driving back and parking and getting out, etc, all for only 15 minutes of my last class. And I was in pain (Still am. Kick in already, Advil!) and already had missed the pizza luncheon that I'd been saving calories all last week for, and more importantly (*cough*bullshit*cough*--nothing is more important than pizza when you've been looking forward to it for more than a week), the points I should have gotten for recruiting somebody to go with me to learn about the marketing program, which pissed me off.

I may not have mentioned (though I think I have) that they're redoing one of the highways in my city. Whatever, it's one I don't use. Except for but. They've screwed with the rest of them to take care of the overflow, as aforementioned highway will be closed for some two years. Gah. The one right by my house is now shoulder-less and with really tiny lanes. Which is scary enough when there's a truck beside you--the news was talking once that they have some tiny number of inches of clearance on each side now, the big 18-wheelers--but is completely terrifying when you're smashed between one of said trucks and somebody pulled over on the lack of shoulder. That is how my drive home went.

But I am home slightly earlier than normal, even for a day when I drive, which is nice. And enjoying a tuna melt (you know, in the sense that it hurts to breathe, much less chew around the left side of my mouth, but I was hungry enough that I decided to do it anyway). Except some facsimile of one, as I don't actually know what a tuna melt is and thus made a sandwich out of a piece of toast, a slightly melted slice of cheese, and some tuna salad, which just sounded about right for something called a tuna melt. The cheese was a waste, though, as I couldn't taste it on there after I lumped on the tuna, which was sad, if only because it was fat-free cheese, which isn't cheap.
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The thunderstorm kicked back up again. Which is win. I'm in the library right now, in my normal spot right by the window, and the rain is really nice sounding. Except it keeps starting and then stopping again and only being loud enough to enjoy for a few minutes at a time, which is not nice. If it's going to storm and be all mushy and yuck on Super Tuesday (and the day when I have to drive to the dentist, after walking to my car, which is on the other side of campus, and after walking to my next hour, which is on a third side of campus.), I want to at least have some good rain and thunder soundage pretty consistantly, thanks.

And LOLOL at how every single campaign staffer is freaking out about the weather right now. I can just see it. Nobody votes in contests that have been being reported as having a foregone conclusion (case in point, John McCain's nomination), especially when the weather's bad. I wouldn't be surprised if we see, coming out of MO and MA and all the other poor-weathered states, far higher than expected turnout/results for everybody else. Sucks to be McCain--he's not really got that much of a lead at this point, but all the news has been reporting it like it's definitely going to be him, which means I'd bet that he's going to take the biggest hit because of this.

Random that I just remembered. I looked up my grades yesterday, and it turns out that I got a B somehow in AII. Erm, what? This pisses me off. I calculated everything according to what was on the online system right after grades were in, and I know I had an A. *Does not know what happened, but is not happy.*
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Twas 72F degrees this morning/afternoon. I had to strip off while driving not only my coat but my stylish jackety thing and roll down the window.

Twas 13 with a wind chill of -4 on the way home from the gym this evening. Had to put coat back on and crank up the heat in the car (which frustrated me by not really working until I realized that the window was still open).

Plus, the wind was some 59 mph and blowing my car all over the road. This little thing I drive is way too light to stand up to that kind of beating--it already needs realignment, but just keeping it going in a straight line was a struggle.

Um, weather, whutisthis?

And on the tooth front. It fractured just below the gum line, so I'm missing about 1/4 of the tooth (the endodontist poked it twice or so with a random tool thing and then just popped it up with tweezers), but that means that there's still a pretty good chance of getting the crown on successfully. It's hard to say, though, because though they can do it if it's below the gum line a bit, this looks pretty far under to me (though it's still swollen from the infection, so we can't tell at this point).

Re: House. I admit, I did not get the prostitute/Mary thing with the clinic patient. My understanding level was prolly hindered by my being on the treadmill at the time (you don't quite pay as close attention when you're trying to avoid getting sweat in your eyes), and I was flipping channels on commercials and missed quite a bit, though, which was not cool. It's impossible to guess when the show'll be back anymore. There was one really long stretch with no commercials, and then like a 5 minute commercial break, and after that each break was only one minute or so. Oddness.

And my pears are ripe! Win. Except now I've eaten three of them today because I don't want them to go to waste, and so managed to go way over my calorie allotment for the day, which is lose.
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So the endodontist (specialist type guy) can get me in on one day's notice, but it takes the regular dentist 3 weeks.

What. Thefuck.

Cements my assertion that the endodontist is the only competent dentist I've ever had.
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There is such a thing as low-calorie breakfast cereal. In case you were wondering.

I found some website listing the top 10 breakfast cereals for dieters, and they didn't know what the hell they were talking about. They had ones that were 160 calories (and up) per serving on there. No. This is my list, to be updated, you know, if I come up with any more.

Malt-O-Meal is a brand of off-brand cereal that we buy whenever it's the cheapest, and they seem to have pretty darn good calories on a lot of their stuff. So, just from their website, here are the best ones.

(All standardized to 1 cup for comparison purposes. And because, you know, who wants less cereal than that?)
Puffed Rice/Puffed Wheat (either/both)-- 60 kCal per cup (<- WANT.)
Honey Buzzers (like Post's Honeycomb) -- 82.5
Crispy Rice -- 104
Honey Nut Scooters (Cheerios) -- 110 (Oddly, plain scooters have 10 calories more)

Beware, however, of websites that say weird numbers. For example. Occidental College has Total Raisin Bran - 89 per cup, but I knew that couldn't be right because the bran ones always are high in calories. I looked it up on Total's website, and it's actually 160. FitDay, the food/calorie counter that I use has the Malt-O-Meal Puffed Wheat at somewhere around 43.5 per cup, if I'm remembering that correctly, which is also wrong.

Just for informational purposes. And so I remember to buy some of that stuff that was number 1.

In other news, in the past hour or so while I've not been writing the proposal for my english paper (as I can't come up with an idea for said proposal) the gum around brokentoothfromhell has tripled in size again. It had gone down quite a bit when I started taking the antibiotics and ibuprofin, but now the outside bit of it (before it was more the mouth-side of the tooth, now it's the cheek-side) is all swollen. And (LOL, TMI) when I poke it, the swelly bit moves like there's fluid inside. Lovely. *mutters* Fucking dentist.
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Called into the endodontist today, and lo and behold, he actually called me back. I've got scrips for both antibiotics (because the gum was all swelly and gross) and uberhighstrength ibuprofen (which I wouldn't have wasted a copay on if I had been the one picking up what he called in, because there's nothing different from just taking two regular ones) that I've been choking (these are horsepills, I say) down since this afternoon.

Realized in church this evening that the tooth of doom, that which has been causing the agony requiring the aforementioned medicines, is cracked all the way through. I was remarking on how it was scary that it felt like when you have a loose tooth that's barely hanging on when I pushed it with my tongue and noticed that it actually was loose.

So, to the receptionist that blew me off twice and doesn't seem to understand the concept of neither pain nor emergency (3 weeks was the soonest appointment I could get--and originally she was trying to make me wait 5), the dentists that screwed it up in the first place, and everybody who just generally seems to assume that since I'm not a dentist, I don't know my own mouth?

Screw you.

I'm looking into finding a lawyer, assholes, since with this, the bills are going to skyrocket yet again for the extraction that I'm assuming is going to ensue (and all the previous ones are once again worth nothing, as the root canal has obviously failed).

I've got to convince my parents to go along with the lawyering up thing first, though. Since I'm on their insurance and they've been paying, idk if I've got sufficient cause to bring anything up by myself save stupid distress charges and such, which I don't really hold with. They were quite reticent at first, but when the final bill comes for the extraction and such, they'll come around, methinks. I get the feeling Mum's in if I'll set things up, especially since I showed them how we can consult with a couple people for free first.
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I think I might be randomly cutting a wisdom tooth in the back of my mouth. Like I needed more dental issues, LOL. I originally thought I just cut the back of my gum with a chip or something, but it's been irritated for quite a few days now (and of course, it's on the opposite side of the painful root canaled tooth, making it hurt to chew on either side), and I looked at it in the mirror today and it looks like somebody took a knife to it. There's a deep slice across the spot where I'd assume said wisdom tooth would be coming in, and it definitely wasn't there before when it first started to hurt (because I looked).

Oddness. I really want to go poke it in the mirror some more and see if there's anything underneath. Back when I got my full mouth x-rays in July during the first appointment at the drill-breaker, I made a point to look at the wisdom teeth (because I was hoping they'd never come in--my mom only got three, so a girl could hope--but they were all there), and they were all crookedy and under my 12 year molars and definitely didn't look close enough to the surface to be breaking through in only 6 months. But idk. I've got to get an appointment to crown this tooth anyway (which has taken on slightly more urgency since I remembered what happened the last time the filling sunk into the hole like this--the tooth cracked; much more worrysome than the pain), I'll have to get it checked out. I've really got to get on that.

I think I need a "teeth" tag. But I don't feel like going back through and finding all my old dentist rants and retagging them. Maybe at some point.

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