Mar. 6th, 2012

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So, um, don't consider this sound medical advice at all or anything, but just fyi:
  • If you have teeth coming in and they're at the point that they're stretching and rubbing little holes in your gums until they split

  • And especially if one of them is halfway in but there's still just a stupid band of gum covering the back half that food likes to get caught under

  • And all of this hurts like fuck

  • And you think "I bet I could just slit the gum right across the top of the hidden tooth and free it up a bit instead of enduring all this slow flesh-splitting misery"

  • And you have access to scalpels/really sharp microscissors/something you can sterilize

  • This is actually

  • A really good plan.

No seriously, I'd been thinking about doing it forever, and the pain finally got bad enough last night after I managed to wedge food under my gums though the tiny hole the tooth had worn away (this happens all the time with the one that was halfway in, but another just recently decided to start making an appearance so the gum was way more stretched and thus getting something under it was excruciating) that I just went for it, and it feels so much better now. Even immediately, while still spitting out gobs of blood, I was in 293487230 times less pain. Morning after, there's kind of mild achyness, but not even enough to bother taking an aspirin for and still less bothersome than the usual flesh-splitting misery; it feels more like I just bruised it a bit while messing around back there. Totally not kidding when I say that I wish I'd done it ages ago.

Only downside is that there is rather a lot of blood involved. If I'd had a 12-blade scalpel, it would have been a lot easier because I could have just stuck the curvy tip into the hole in my gums and slit straight upwards, but I only had 10-blades, so I ended up trying both sticking it in the hole and pushing laterally with the blade upwards and just pressing straight down through the gum on top of the tooth. The former method worked much better, as with the latter, you'd feel the crunch of some of the tissue splitting but not actually be making it the full thickness to the tooth (and then have to wait until the bleeding slowed down so you could see the field and try again).

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