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LOL, forgot about recording my next fic for the [ profile] house_podfic advent calendar yesterday like I meant to, so I had to end up reading one of mine because I did it all of an hour ago and didn't have time to bug anybody for consent. I find myself not wanting to ask other people (except for you, [ profile] chaosity, because there is love and you wouldn't mock me too hard), lol, in case they hear my reading and go "But whut? This is not how I meant this to sound" etc. Because that is what happens when other people read things you write--they don't put the emphasis on the same places, and sometimes it can even totally change the meaning of whatever. (LOL, theatre classes. How I've learned that whilst trying to direct one thing out of people and getting something totally horrible different.)

I've got to be up at 7:30ish tomorrow, as I've got to try and get my music for the church Christmas rehearsal back from her (she kindly helped me write harmonies for lots of the songs, which will make a difference, methinks) before the rehearsal at 9. Meaning prolly waking her up and then driving over to her house. Though I may just skive off the rehearsal, as I've been to two of the first three (like required), and will be able to stay for the ninety bazilliion hours for the dress rehearsal (whenever that is--I'll have to look it up).

Planned on going to the mall tonight. Was snowing too much and the plows were too far behind. We ran up to the grocery store because I was baking Christmas present!blueberry loaf and wanted to try to find little, individual tins to gift them in, and slid all fucking over. It was horrible. There was one hill right at the intersection to get out of the neighborhood and onto the main road and my dad was all *fiddles with gears, hits gas* . . . and we went nowhere. I found it hilarious and yet scary at the same time. Trying to go up aforementioned road after finally getting up the hill was no fun either. We were going maybe 15 mph, both out of safety concerns and because trying to go faster would just make us skid.

But FAIL, weather, in that the big snow cloud kept the sky light for-freaking-ever, and so I couldn't take my massively amazing snow pictures while it was still snowing with big flakes. Well, I could have, but it wouldn't have looked cool, because it was just about as bright as your standard overcast day, when it should have been pitch black. You need to snow again tomorrow night, sir. Or some other night. But it was perfect and the snow was deep (for here, at least), and the trees looked cool, but it wouldn't have come out right because the sky was just grey.
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So. Local weather people have been talking this supposedly huge winter storm up for several days now. We've got teachers counting on days off and canceling speakers that were supposed to come in to talk, the library (where I just was for a talk on Civil War medicine that was interesting, but the guy had some of his medical terminology wrong, which bugged me) telling people to call in the afternoon before the second Civil War lecture thing tomorrow evening to see if they've canceled it, etc. I totally doubt that we're going to get anything.

The pressure did drop like nobody's business; you can tell that by the fact that I'm literally limping worse than 3rd season House. When the weather gets bad, my legs decide that walking is for losers.
Temperature tomorrow morning is supposed to be 20F below what it was this morning at the same time. High was 69F today, it's going to be 40F tomorrow. That's like a 30 point drop. Whoa.

Forecasty type thing:
Tomorrow: Cloudy with rain and freezing rain expected. Thunder possible. Morning high of 40F with temps falling to near 30F.
Tomorrow night: Periods of snow, sleet or freezing rain in the evening, becoming all snow late. Windy. Low 23F. Snow accumulating 5 to 8 inches.
Friday: Winds with snow showers early. Bright sunshine later. Cold. High near 30F.

I'm a fan of this cold stuff, so that's nice. It's been unseasonably warm of late, so much so that you're uncomfortable if you're outside long or go outside after excercising or something because you've gotten used to the cold so far this half-assed winter (half-assed because it's been unseasonably warm a lot).

And I've heard something about this weather system going the wrong way or something that makes it really weird and more dangerous.

But the national weather service isn't saying it's going to be nearly as bad as the local weather people and random people around town are. And I'm more likely to side with them because they're all governmenty and have good satellites. And because of the fact that I've got 3 tests on Friday, so of course there's no chance that it's going to be bad enough to have a snow day. And because the cool weather systems alway skip over us.

Mock trial meeting. Got the case. It sucks. It's written so badly. The dialoguey bits are very un-dialoguey and stilted. There are huge numbers of just dumb mistakes written in as being done by the investigator; mistakes that would get this case completely thrown out of court in a heartbeat if it were a real case. Some amount of flaw so there's something to hit him with on cross is fine, but they wrote him as a complete moron with no crime scene investigation skills at all. There are mistakes in the actual writing/formatting of the case: there's a note on the front page that says "incorporate somewhere:" and then some stuff that obviously was supposed to be worked in to the intro to the case but the note to self was just left on the front, there are two different notary signatures on the bottoms of two different witness statements that are obviously supposed to be the same person (same ID number and notary license expiration date) but have two different (though similar) names, one witness is called by two different names (though we're unsure as to whether that's a typo or just more proof that the aforementioned investigator is incompetent, as it was in his statement), etc. And whoever wrote this decided grammar is for losers.

So. The case was . . . 17 or so days late and they still couldn't get somebody to look it over before they posted it? And 17 days, come on. The trial dates don't get pushed back because they were two and a half weeks late coming out with the case.

Got the new Artemis Fowl book. Not looking anywhere near as good as the previous ones.
I'm on page 117 and they haven't explained how Artemis knows about the People again. It's only been one year and not the several that he told Mulch to wait before giving him back the disk, so he obviously rediscovered them some other way. I'm a little confuzzled. Artemis mentions being a different person now (and is acting like it again). Yeah, he was a different person before he got his mind wiped, but Colfer showed us specifically at the end of the last book that he was back to his old criminal self.
And Holly left the LEP. Erm, I can't exactly see her doing that. There was a dumb reason given about her and the new head of LEP not meshing, but she went into private detecting (with Mulch, something else that I wouldn't so much have seen her doing) and talks about how unsatisfying it is--Holly is definitely smart enough to have been able to anticipate the difficulties in doing undercover detecting work when she's famous and anticipate her not liking it. It seems to just have been a way to get her into the secret quasi-government group (led by Commander Vinyáyá, and due to her always having Holly's back and being all friendly like and being the somebody whom Holly actually complements on things like hair that Holly'd consider trivial, I've decided they are so doing each other) to further the plot.
If he explains everything well as we go along, maybe it'll get better, but more than 100 pages in with no explanation and random stuff going on isn't endearing me to this latest installment.
But yay for there being another thingie in Gnomish along the bottom of the pages. Way back when I was translating the first one I ended up memorizing it without really trying, and though I'd effectively forgotten most of it, just looking at the first couple pages it's coming back pretty quickly. *is a dork*

Haven't yet watched the last 20 minutes of the House episode, but from what Katie tells me, I got bloody Jossed again. Not in a huge way, but two non-implants and a miscarriage was exactly what I had in mind for Cuddy when she was at this point in one of my stories. That I don't have anymore due to bloody lack of bloody hard drive, anyway, so it doesn't matter so much. Oh! *remembers* I actually do have a handwritten copy of this one. Though it's only the very very very first draft and I was happy with the last one and made so many changes between the two. Still. Must find. Because now my little scene snippet thing isn't just as much supposition, it's actually got more canon basis than I intended.
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So. Remember that big bit of the history project that is due Friday? Yeah. Not getting done. There's a story behind this.

I had quite a bit to do still, but only a few hours worth. Non-book research that I already had found? On my hard drive. I modified my topic like yesterday, put the finishing touches on said modification today, but quite a bit of what I had still applied to the new topic. Asked my brother at about 7pm to bring my hard drive to me on the couch from this (the main) computer. He grabs it by the cord. Cord unplugs from the drive, drive clunks on floor. Me=pissed. But not hugely. Yet.

I go to the gym. Come back. Plug in hard drive. Not working. The light wouldn't even come on to signal that it had power. Messed around with it. Went out and bought a new power thing as that appeared to be the problem and as the power goes through the USB normally, but there's a spot for an adapter cord (one of which did not come with the drive, unfortunately) for extra power or if your USB port on your computer won't give any/enough power, I hoped that would work. Nope. Determined at some point that power wasn't the problem. Plugged it into the other (this) computer, and the light came on. Problem solved. Nope.

Power's working, drive not. Spent a long time trying to figure out the problem. I eventually decided just to screw it and go to bed (as I'm getting sick and have been up late every night this week and was really upset that it looked like I was loosing everything on the drive) without doing the project. Mom comes back, tells me that my dad got it working. I come out. Not really. He thought he had because the computer did some kind of "you've plugged something in" thing, but it wouldn't do it again. We took the thing apart, messed with all of it. Tried to connect it to a box thing that we have that will turn a regular hard drive into an external one. No luck- the ribbon plug is just barely too big for some reason. (But the last conclusion I came to was that that wouldn't help anyway.) What kind of morons make stuff in a non-standard size? At some point (I think it was fine before) I heard the thing making funny noises like it wasn't spinning right. Somehow (involved somewhat gentle shaking and smacking) got it to make the good, spinning right sound. Still wouldn't work. Now pretty much no idea why. It's still out of the case and more or less disassembled at this point, and when you plug it in and unplug it, it was making the "duh-deh" "deh-duh"sound things. And occasionally, a box would come up over the far right of the taskbar saying "A problem occurred during hardware installation. Your new device may not function properly."

So. It's almost 1 at this point, and my dad decides to go to bed. I play with it a little bit more by disabling and (attempting) re-enabling of the device thing. Which we did once before. But before, it didn't tell us to reboot. I reboot this time. Computer doesn't reboot right- goes to the black screen on startup where it tells you about your machine specs, only loads the first few lines of text that are supposed to be on there, and stops. Bad sign. I reboot again, this time it loads properly, but the hard drive is back to making bad (even worse than before, where it was a funny badwhir + click thing, now it's just worsewhir) noises meaning that it's stopped spinning completely.

Hell. So. Yeah. I probably could have done my entire summary of evidence thing if I hadn't played with the hard drive until past 1:30. Because I didn't have horridly much on there in terms of done research, just a bunch of sources, some of which I emailed to myself from the medical library during the tour with minimed and can't get any other way than through them. And most, excepting the aforementioned articles that you've got to pay for/can't get at all except through the med library, I could find again. Had I actually gotten my arse in gear and forgotten about it.

But I'm still really really upset. This had so much stuff on it.

School work that I still need/isn't done/I use for reference. Which should probably be my biggest concern. But isn't.

It had hundreds of fics. Of which quite a few of the older ones (mostly my Enterprise collection) aren't online anywhere anymore.

And around 30 of my fics, which is what I'm most sad about, that and the other writings and work. Because of the fics, 10 or so are incomplete and only exist or are in the most complete form on there, several more have never been posted anywhere, and the remaining ones have been posted in various places, but most only to one site/list/board, which will make it difficult to try to track them all down to keep a copy. I don't have any kind of definitive list of all my stories, so it's going to be nearly impossible to make sure I've recovered all of the ones that it is even possible for me to find again (I completely forget about stories I've written only to rediscover them all the time. It's going to be a lot harder to rediscover now). And there are innumerous ideas and little bits of story jotted down in random Word Perfect/Word files for stuff I've not yet gotten around to writing, most of which I typed up so long ago that there's no chance of me remembering them.

Not to mention the videos and the episodes and the pictures and the manip work and the icons. OMG, the icons. I just realized that. Even ignoring that I don't have any of the huge numbers of them that I saved for my perusing pleasure that belonged to other people, I don't have any of my own anymore but the 6 that are currently on here. Some of my favorite ones just got switched out recently for this batch, and as such are not in existence.

Fic type stuff and other fandomy things are pretty much what I do for fun. So basically, all this stuff that is the only thing I have time to do for recreation anymore (that and read, especially medical type stuff, lots of which was also on here) is gone. I get a huge part of my enjoyment in life from this stuff, and it seems like that's been destroyed. Everything I've worked on, everything I've read and really enjoyed, everything I've done. It feels like part of my life is gone with it.

And I'm being depressivey and overreacting and stupid and weepy because I start crying again every couple of minutes when I start thinking about it again and I know it and I can't help it.

Which is why I haven't done my history thing, even yet. I could have done it, not easily, but done it. But I've just reacted so strongly to the breakage of the hard drive that I can't. And I know it's not just this, but it's everything lately put together and this just finally made me break down, and I can't force myself to do anything.

And yet I'm not in bed, where I should be taking into account my lack of sleep of late and the hour. (Thanks in part to a 52oz diet Dr. Pepper that I downed throughout the whole thing that I got after I got back from the gym when I thought that I was going to be up pretty late doing work that's keeping me up both from the caffeine and going to the bathroom every few minutes.) Nor am I studying for my Biology and English exams. I feel so completely worn out, but I don't feel like I would be able to get to sleep or really do anything save think about this and stare off into space.

Yay, breakdownage. I love stress.
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I'm missing a fic.

I handwrote most of one out a while ago, and I'm almost positive I typed it. But I can't find it. Sadness. Must keep looking. I know I've still got the hard copy, but I tend to change at least some, if not a lot of things between the written and the typed versions, and I'd really like to find it. I was working on some writing stuff last night, and that's part of my Four Ways Cuddy Didn't Have Her Baby (And One Way She Did) thing that I might actually finish some day.

Realized last night that I've got one scene that I sort of want to use with two different stories, one for the 4 ways and one slightly tweaked in a longer standalone thing. I think I am just going to use it twice, maybe call the longer thing (of course, I'll never finish it, but still) a tweaked spin-off/backstory for the one piece of the 4 ways. It's not like anybody's probably ever going to see it anyway.

Hold on. I think I remember the filename I saved it as (it was different from my usual filenaming system). Must do search.

Curses. Still can't find it. Grr.
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I give up trying to get this to 100 words. Every time I try, it takes something away. And there's not that much something there in the first place, so I'm going to leave it as it is.


Cuddy has learned to hold back her compassion – the only way to succeed as a doctor, as a boss is to suspend empathy beyond a certain point. She wouldn’t have gotten where she is taking every patient, every decision and weighing it like humanity is at stake. She tries to keep the moral high ground, but sometimes she needs to stay away, to not step in, to let something slip by her, to turn the other way. She tells herself that she is choosing her battles. But there’s a part of her that looks at Allison Cameron, at the idealistic woman she herself once was and wonders if the world would be better were there one more person still like that.
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Author: Alexandria (
Fandom: House, MD
Pairing: Cuddy/Cameron
Rating: PG-13 for suggestive content
Words: 100
Notes: Written as a response to the best (and most unexplainable) quote ever-> House (to Cameron): Use Cuddy's handcuffs. I said that the quote needed a story, and [ profile] finding_jay obliged with a short. And I wrote one back. This is that drabble. I changed some things from the first posting, mainly just bringing it from 87 words to 100.
Original post here, in case you cared.

House saw something odd when Cameron reached out to open the door. Peeking out from under her sleeve were reddish-purple marks around her wrist. He grabbed her arm and pushed the sleeve up further.

"House, what are you-?" Cameron protested, immediately jerking her arm away. She tugged her sleeve back down over her wrist.

But House had already figured it out. Just like any semi-competent doctor (or anyone who watched CSI), he could identify those bruises.

Ligature marks.

He smirked at her and raised an eyebrow suggestively. "Looks like Cuddy's gotten kinky!"

Her furious blush was his only reply.
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Author: Alexandria (CrashCart9[at]Yahoo[dot]com)
Fandom: House, MD
Pairing: Cuddy/Cameron, with bits of House/Wilson
Rating:  PG-13 for one bad word.
Written: 12/21/05
Notes: For the “Make the Yuletide Gay” challenge on LiveJournal. The prompt was “snowman”, but I tweaked it a little. I also had to use the challenge title line in the story, it was begging me to.  I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to hit 500 words, as in my head, this was only a drabble, but with a lot of crappy filling out, it made almost 700. The snowwomyn idea taken from James
Finn Garner’s “Politically Correct Holiday Stories”. Which I lost my copy of at school last week. So if anyone wants to buy me a Solstice present...
Summary: Cuddy and Cameron build a snowwomyn. And thoroughly confuse House.

House walked up to the doors of P.P.T.H. only to be stopped by a very... unusual view. And an accurately thrown snowball. He turned to the snow-covered lawn area next to the doors and walked closer to what appeared to be... No, he couldn’t be seeing that. It just wasn’t possible.

It was. Cuddy and Cameron were building a snowman. And acting like schoolgirls; all giggling and throwing snowballs. He walked up to them. “What the hell are you doing?”

“We’re building a snowwomyn!” Cameron said cheerfully. She beamed before turning back to the snow... creature that was beginning to take shape.

“You mean a snowman,” House said, raising an eyebrow and circling the thing.

He poked its base with his cane, only to have Cuddy smack him on the arm. “Patriarchal, snarky, old bastard. We’re making it, so it’s a snowwomyn. W-O-M-Y-N.”

House scoffed. “So now you’re rewriting the English language?” Cameron pelted him with the handful of snow she had been about to add to their creation. “And beating up on a cripple?”

“It’s good for hospital morale.” Cuddy rationalized.

“What, seeing the head of hospital, the woman who’s supposed to be mature and in charge, determining stuff and administrating things, frolicking in the snow with her special friend?”

Cameron had a shocked look on her face as she stepped around the mound of snow that was slowly looking more like a person. “How did you...”

House’s eyes widened. Those two? “I meant the snowwomyn.” He paused, looking from Cuddy to Cameron, and back again as he pondered this latest revelation. “Wow.”

“Yeah. Wow.” Lisa said, looping her arm around Cameron’s waist and smiling proudly.

“J-Date didn’t work out for you, so you decided to start taking my leftovers, Cuddy?”  House quipped, trying to pretend that he wasn’t completely caught off guard by the news.

Cuddy let out a short, mocking laugh. “In order for her to be ‘leftovers’, you would have had to actually date her first.”

“I did ‘actually date her’.” House swung his cane, “accidentally” knocking a chunk of the base of the snowwomyn off. Cameron kicked the cane out of his hand so it landed several feet away, and gave him a quirky little half-smirk.

“We went on one date.” Allison said rather patronizingly. “And you came straight home to Wilson.” House was taken aback by this. How did they know?

Cuddy, interpreting his expression correctly, jumped in. “It wasn’t hard to figure out. The only time you’ll take clinic hours without much of a fuss is when James has them scheduled at the same time. We’ve both called you before and had him pick up the phone. His office is practically gathering dust for all the time he spends in your department.” She smiled at Cameron and inclined her head slightly, inviting her to continue.

“You both disappeared an hour into the Thanksgiving benefit dinner, and when you came back, well, it was pretty evident what you had been doing. And on our ‘date’, you were wearing a tie. You don’t know how to tie them. That meant somebody had to have done it for you. I doubted that you’d drive all the way to Wilson’s house just to get him to help you get dressed, so he obviously was already over at your place.”

Allison knew they’d won. She gave House a teasing look right before she thoroughly kissed Lisa. When they broke away, Cuddy tilted her head and raised an eyebrow at his incredulous and still very confused expression. “We’re going to finish building this now,” she said, in a tone one would use with a small child who didn’t understand what was going on. “Your shift started 20 minutes ago. I suggest you get in there. Unless you want to bring Wilson and help us truly make the Yuletide gay.” Cameron chuckled at her lover’s choice of words.

House stared at them blankly. “Wilson’s Jewish,” he said lamely, simply in order to get in the last word, before fetching his cane and hobbling away.

Cameron and Cuddy just smiled and packed another handful of snow onto their snowwomyn.
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Not for Long
Author: Alexandria (CrashCart9[at]Yahoo[dot]com)
Fandom: House, MD
Pairing: Cuddy/Cameron
Rating: G
Words: 150
Notes: Written as the story behind one of my LiveJournal user icons.  (For those reading this not
on LJ and/or if I've taken the icon down, the picture is of House’s whiteboard with the writing GH+JW on it and him saying “Okay,
which smart-ass has been playing with my markers?”)


Lisa saw Allison looking through the rack of charts in the clinic.  “Allison?  Why are you down here?”

“Clinic duty.”

“You don’t . . .  oh.  House’s clinic duty.”  Cameron nodded.  “Why do you do it?”

“House just wants to annoy me.  And he knows I’ll tell you, that you’ll get mad, that you’ll assign him more time, and that he can use said time to catch up on his soaps and make out with Wilson.  It’s win-win for him.  I’m thwarting his plans.”  She smiled, putting the two charts already in her arms back in the rack.  Lisa grabbed her hand as they walked to the elevator.

“Do they still believe that nobody knows about them?”  Cuddy settled back into Cameron’s embrace as the elevator doors closed.

Lisa shivered as Allison’s lips almost brushed her ear when the younger doctor whispered, “Not for long.”

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Marriage Certificates
Author: Alexandria (CrashCart9[at]Yahoo[dot]com)
Pairing: Cuddy/Cameron
Rating: G
Notes: Another “Humpty Dumpty” fic.  Prequel to ‘Keys’.  Text between the ~~~~  is flashback.


House saw Cameron in the ICU room with Alfredo.  He turned to Stacy.  “Break out the marriage certificates, Dr. Cameron’s on the case.  Who do you think she’s going to try to wed this time, Cuddy or Mr. Rooftop here?” 

Stacy thought for a moment, remembering her conversation with Lisa just a few days before.


“Stacy?  I need to talk to you.”  Cuddy had come in to Warner’s office at the hospital looking rather distressed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.  Everything’s right.  That’s the problem!”  Lisa said quickly.

“Whoa, slow down.  What do you need?”  Stacy put her hand on Cuddy’s, soothingly.

“I’ve been involved with someone.  For a while.  But... they want to tell people, and I don’t know what that would do to the hospital.”

“It’s someone that works here?”  Cuddy nodded.  “That assistant?  I told you to be careful.”

Cuddy snorted.  “Not him.  Allison Cameron.”

“House’s Cameron?”  Stacy asked, incredulously.

“Yes, House’s Cameron.  She wants to let at least House and the gang in on it, because she thinks they’re getting suspicious.”

“And you’re worried because the two of you work at the hospital, because you’re her boss, or because you’re both women?”  asked Stacy.  She knew that the board of directors would probably have trouble with the first two, if not the third also.

“Yeah.” Cuddy said, shaking her head.  She put her elbow on Stacy’s desk and propped her head on her hand.  “All three.”  She looked down, fixing her eyes on a spot on the desk

Stacy reached out a hand, and with her index finger lifted Cuddy’s head up to face her own so their eyes would meet.  “Do you love her?”

Lisa smiled.  “With all my heart.”

Stacy squeezed Cuddy’s hand.  “Then we’ll cross those other bridges as we come to them.  You can tell whomever you want.  We’ll take care of it.” 

“Thank you.”  Lisa’s eyes sparkled with tears of happiness, partially at being able to please her lover, partially at her friend’s kindness.

“You know anytime you want to talk, you can come to me?  I noticed you’ve been looking positively giddy these few months.  I figured you’d found somebody.”  They both smiled, and Lisa stood up.  “I’m just mad you didn’t tell me before.  She’s gorgeous.”

“She is, isn’t she?”  Cuddy said, and left the room, considerably brighter than when she entered.


“Stacy?  You still there?”  House asked, waving a hand in front of her face.  “Who do you think?”

“Cuddy.  Definitely Cuddy.”  She smirked and left just as Cameron came running out of the patient’s room to talk to House.  She shot a glance back at the young woman just before turning the corner.  Cameron was extra worried about this patient because it meant a lot to Lisa, that was obvious.  Oh, yeah, it was definitely Cuddy.

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This makes 3 fics and 2 manips in 24 hours.  Wow!

Author: Alexandria (CrashCart9[at]Yahoo[dot]com)
Pairing: Cuddy/Cameron
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Post ep/Missing Scene for “Humpty Dumpty”.  Yes, I loved that episode.

Cameron walked into House’s office.  “How did you get into her house?”

He raised an eyebrow.  “I unlocked the door.”

“Is that why you sent me with Lisa?  So you could steal my keys to get into her house?  Well, I need them back.”

“I don’t have your keys.  Wait.  Your keys.  Cuddy’s house.  I’m missing something here.” 

Cameron blushed, realizing from House’s real confusion that House not only didn’t take her keys but didn’t know that she had a key to Lisa’s house.  She began to back away.  House noticed.

“Get back here.  You’ve got a key to Cuddy’s house?  Are you two...?”

“Are we two, what?  Tennis partners?  Communists?  Lovers?”

“The last one.”  Cameron smiled proudly and nodded, meeting his eyes.  “Then... some of that stuff was yours?”

“What, did you snoop through her underwear drawer?”  Cameron looked at his face and realized that was a stupid question.  Of course, he did.

“I didn’t think that was her shirt...” House was musing to herself, playing with his cane.  “And the tampons...”  He looked back to Cameron.  “You use Super tampons?”

If it was anyone else, Cameron would have been offended.  But she was enjoying watching House’s face as he came to all these realizations.  “No, those are hers.  But I heard you found the thong.”  His eyes widened.  “Yeah.  That was mine.”

“What, are you moving your clothing in one piece at a time?” 

Cameron smiled.  She was going to enjoy telling him exactly how her underwear got into Cuddy’s drawer.  “No.  It kinda fell in.  See, Lisa was changing when I came back to the bedroom so she had the drawer open.  She was then rather distracted by, well, me.  It didn’t get closed immediately.  When she... took it off, it got flung.  Into the drawer.  Which was subsequently closed when I pushed her back up against it and kissed her so hard it made her toes curl.”

House’s mouth was open by this point.  Allison noticed Cuddy walking by, looking rather despondent.  She thought she could use some cheering up, along with the added bonus of seeing how far she could truly shock Gregory House.  Pulling her lover into the office, she said, “It went something like this:” and proceeded to pin Lisa against the table by putting one hand on the hard surface on either side of her.  Cameron kissed her, slowly at first, letting her know that everything was going to be alright, but with increasing passion and fervor to the point that when they pulled away, they were gasping for breath. 

Allison began to walk out hand in hand with Lisa.  She stopped when she heard House speak. “Cameron?  You left them on the table.”  His voice was strained somewhat, but with good reason.

She looked back, and saw him pointing to her keys.  He was gripping his cane so hard that his knuckles were white and she grinned, grabbing them with her hand, not letting go of Lisa.  She waggled her fingers at him, quirking her mouth suggestively.  Dropping the keys in her pocket, she reached over and put her free hand on Cuddy’s arm.  She murmured, “I love you,” into her ear. 

Cuddy smiled as they left the office and walked down the hallway.  “I really don’t want to know.”

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Her Necklace
Author: Alexandria (CrashCart9[at]Yahoo[dot]com)
Rating: G
Pairing: Cuddy/Cameron
Notes: Missing scene from “Humpty Dumpty” when the girls drive back from Alfredo’s house.  I’m trying to make up for the fact that we don’t get a new episode for more than a month by writing loads.


She’s playing with her necklace again as we drive back to the hospital.

She didn’t question how I knew about Michigan, which was good, because I wouldn’t have known how to answer.  How do you tell your boss’s boss that you know everything about her?
That I know where she went to elementary school, that she was the second youngest chief of medicine, the first female one, that she graduated medical school second in her class.  That she has a crush on House like I used to (if you can call it that; it seems too childish and simple, and she’s elegant and beautiful and anything but simple), that she and Stacy joke around by flirting with each other, that her favorite color is red and her bathroom is covered in purple tile. 

She knows nothing about me, save whatever’s in my file and whatever she’s heard from House.

I may know about her, but I don’t know her.  I want to know what her favorite drink is, what her favorite character is on those soaps I’ve caught her watching when she thinks no one’s there, how she likes her tea, and what she would do if I leaned over and kissed her right now...

As if reading my mind, the car stops and she looks over.  Our eyes lock.  I’m dying to lean over and take her face in my hands, to tell her that I know what she’s feeling, that I know she thinks it’s her fault and that it’s not, to touch my lips to hers and find out if she tastes like I imagine.

But the moment’s over as the light turns green and she turns into the parking garage.  She gets out of the car, but I stay a moment, frozen in imagining what would have happened had I... 

She jolts me out of my reverie when she opens my door, offering me her hand.  I take it, and step out her car, and we’re inches apart and her hand is warm and soft and I can feel her breath on my face.  And I shiver at the sensation but also at the realization that this is the closest I’ll ever get to her.  I think she notices because our eyes lock for the second time, and she gives me a little half smile, squeezing my hand before dropping it and walking to the stairs.  

I follow a few steps behind her, watching as she raises her hand to her neck and begins playing with her necklace.  Again.

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Charity Ball
a double drabble by Alexandria (CrashCart9[at]Yahoo[dot]com)
House, MD

“I’m not going to this charity thing, Cuddy,”  House said, approaching her at the nurses’ station.

“Yes, you are, if you want a job on Monday.”  She tucked the files she was carrying under her
arm and turned to face him.  Even though they both knew he’d lose, House wasn’t the kind to
give up without a fight.

“You don’t need me there.”

“You go to this ball from six to ten, or you can spend the time in the clinic,” she threatened.

“You want clinic duty?  I doubt Cameron’s busy.”

“She can’t do it for you this time, House.  Anyway, funding your highly expensive department is
one of the main reasons for this thing.”

“So, you want someone to represent my department.  Again, doubt Cameron’s doing anything.”

Cuddy rolled her eyes.  “House, just get a date and show up.  Go with Wilson for all I care.  But
Allison can’t do it for you.  She’s already going.”

“She gets an invite?  She’s not even a department head.”

“No,” she smirked triumphantly.  “But she’s the Chief of Medicine's date.” 

Cuddy turned on her heel and walked out with Cameron, who had come to see what they were fighting about. She let her hand slide from the small of the younger doctor’s back to her butt, leaving a gaping diagnostician in her wake.

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