Jul. 21st, 2011

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Walking through Six Flags and then standing up for an entire concert in the midst of a not inconsiderable allergic reaction (we're talking it hurt to breathe to the point where I'm actually, finally going to call the doctor tomorrow) outside in 110F-ish weather?

Bad idea. 

But on the up side, bed feels so nice.

Quadruple dose of Benadryl and I'm feeling tons better, though that stuff makes me so sleepy that I'm probably putting the computer up for bed as soon as I finish typing this.

Also, Darren freaking Criss.  Marry me.  He's such a good showman, interacting with the audience a lot.  Also, very good at playing instruments.  Not just oh, everybody who sings on stage can strum a few chords on a guitar; he knows the theory enough that he sort of modulated a bit of one to match the major of the train that was going by, just on the fly on the keyboard like whatevs.  Also did an impromptu drum solo during the encore wherein he sort of pushed the drummer out of the way without missing a beat.

And he played either guitar or keyboard the whole time he sang, and he sang pretty darn well for it being live and him coming straight off of another set of concerts, and my only complaint is that he didn't take his shirt off it was totally awesome.

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