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A sort-of response to "An Issue in Sherlock That Annoys Me and Why", which is an essay about gifted persons and emotion, with specific reference to the eponymous character in the BBC drama "Sherlock".

This is mostly just YES THIS with a large dose of WOW MY CHILDHOOD LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT encased in a few giant, run-on paragraphs. 

Also, let me just get modesty and such out of the way: labeling yourself as intelligent is such a Not Done thing (made even worse by societal expectations of women, but that's another rant), and I hate comparing/being compared to other people because I will always zoom in on the way(s) that I fall short, so this entire thing is extremely uncomfortable to write.  But if I keep apologizing every time I refer to the fact that I consider myself part of this group of Super Screwed-Up Super Gifted Super Freaks, it will be even more uncomfortable to read.  So.  Blanket "blah blah, I don't mean that other people are dumb, blah blah my self-worth on good days approaches that of a rock covered in toothpaste blah blah".

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And okay, this has gotten too long and I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore because I'm kind of upset now, but blah.  There it is.  I'm not sure there's any meaning or even relevance in any of this wordvomit, but have some stories about me.

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I feel bad about how I'm not liking the fact that JenMo and Jesse Spencer got engaged. Because I know that I'm mostly thinking about the characters and how I really dislike Cameron/Chase. But the thing is, my dislike for Cameron/Chase stems mostly from the fact that I don't like Jesse. He's always seemed to me to be very pretentious and self-righteous. Of course, that's only what's been presented in interviews, meaning not entirely accurate, necessarily. Still, though. Everybody on the House boards is like "Yay JenMo and Jesse!" (except they don't call her JenMo, because that was a me thing) and I'm like "err, if it makes them happy, I suppose. . . ."

But I am a horrid bitch when it comes to real-life relationships. I prefer fiction. I enjoy it when I see two people breaking up in the hallway. I like watching their reactions, to see how people respond to something that's stressful and sad for them; the ending of something that they've put work and effort into. That's just my analytical people watching coming out, I suppose, but I'm really cynical when it comes to love. Especially between young people. As in, I don't so much believe in it. I enjoy it in fiction, I'm all "Ooh, OTPsoulmatesyay!" but that's fiction. Love, as the feelings that most would define it as, is a trick that nature plays to get us to reproduce, a mingling of biological and evolutionary drive and chemical signals. I don't deny that the feelings exist, and that they're pleasurable (be they romantic or platonic love), but I sort of think they're hollow.

I think that there can be an emotional and intellectual connection, and that's what makes real love. But with these random teenagers at school and such, there's not that. I don't even think you have to have -- to turn it completely in a romantic direction -- the desire to shag each other silly at all. But that's what's considered love, particularly at the young adult stage, and that's why the relationships don't last. Ever wonder why you stay "together" with your best mate a lot longer than with your boy/girlfriend? It's because there's more than a physical attraction.

I dunno. Interpersonal relationships are tricky.

Hee, this went from JenMo/Jesse eww to ragging on teenage love and the reason marriages/relationships fail. Sort of. Yay, tangents.

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