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Fall break = \o/

I get home, and mom's like "hey, got a copy of dad's pet scan this time, want to see it?" I'm like "sweeeet, medical geekage." = \o/

Giant white spot in the middle of one of his lungs that wasn't there 8 months ago = /°\

Also, from the third hand info I'm getting, the guy is trying to tell them that it's totally different cancer. I'm like ya rly? Suuuuuure. Previously generally healthy (minus diabetes, but very well controlled) guy in his 50s with randomly multiple simultaneous cancers? Hahaha, no. I mean, obvs possible, but give me a fucking break. You just don't want it to count as a metastasis because then the surgeon's numbers go down (dude boasts this like high-80% cure rate after just surgery and mid-90% cure rate after surgery and radiation, and dad having had both and it still spreading means both would drop). Pics of the matching tumor genomic sequences or it didn't happen, bitch. Also, stfu "oh, it looks like it was the shadow we saw last time". I looked at the pet scan last time and there was no lung spot, so it obviously hadn't angiogenesised up, and if you thought there was a mass on the CT, why the motherfuck didn't you check?

If there's anything in the entire world that could possibly make me want to become a doctor more than I already do, it's this unending incompetence that I keep seeing with dad's health, all the way back to when he first started going to his GP for sore throats and swollen lymph nodes and stuff and just kept walking away with antibiotics when at the very least, the last time or two he went, you could have seen the tumor in his throat with a fucking tongue depressor.

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