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Yeah. It's cancer. Oropharyngeal, also in the lymph nodes.

I don't know much more than that because I was getting it from my brother. The parents wanted to call me and tell me, but I had just gotten home and was tired (I never go to bed the day before an orgo test) and didn't really want to have to deal with that. Though I know I'm just going to be all "TNM Staging! When's the surgery? Transoral or are they going to have to go in through the neck? Where's it happening? DATA DATA DATA, I CANNOT MAKE BRICKS WITHOUT CLAY," just like I was barking questions to my brother over Facebook chat, there's always the possibility that they'll say something and I'll burst into tears (because I'm on my period for the THIRD TIME IN JANUARY. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT, BODY?!).

Stupid empathy. I mean, sitting here and processing it, I'm totally fine with the whole situation. It's in his lymph nodes, but from what I gather, only the proximal ones, which means radiation after surgery will probably take care of it pretty easily. But especially with my dad--he's totes a sensitive theatre guy, LOL, but he's not often openly emotional, so more so than with my mom, I pick up on and multiply by a thousand whatever he's feeling. One of the last times his mom had a stroke is one of the last times I actually cried at something IRL, actually, because he was freaking out; even as old as I am, I'd bet it harkens back to a simple "OMG, if this is scaring my dad, it must be really really scary" childhood thing.

Anyway, looking forward to digging through his lab results and stuff (must make sure they remember to have me CC'd on stuff--for ages now, LOL, whenever I get my hands on somebody in the family's lab sheet, I fill in to have it CC'd to myself), not looking forward to finding out how he and mom are dealing with it. His dad died of cancer, so I'm going to bet that no matter what he tries to make it seem like, the answer is going to be "not well".
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