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Well, shit. Panel warns biological attack likely by 2013 Self-fulfilling prophecy? Please to not be being in effect. Because this is the Armageddon scenario--back before cars and affordable (well, you know) plane flights and people jetting back and forth every day, we might have been able to survive it, but these days? Get something airborne and contageous enough and it's everywhere before anyone realizes it's out there. Nuclear weapons can't touch this. Add that to the report from the CDC that came out today stating that their pandemic drills revealed major supply issues, and let's face it. We're screwed.

"The United States should be less concerned that terrorists will become biologists and far more concerned that biologists will become terrorists," the report states.

Yeah. You know it, United States. That means you better work harder at keeping me happy. Federal government, I think that's going to take making me a tax-exempt entity, giving me an honorary BS so I can skip on to medical school (which you will then pay for), and hooking me up with a senior adviser position in the Obama administration. Now, bitches. LOL.

I keep hearing the old cellphone I use as an alarm giving me it's "I'm really, really close to dead" tone, but I can't find it. Argh.

A day (or maybe two, idk) later:

Jeeze, I'm backing up on posts. I've got one still half-written in my draft folder from Saturday, this one from Tuesday or so. Fail.

Note to self: Thursday, 12/4/08 = another uber!sensitive face allergy attack thing. Definitively noticed around noon, itching (not just pain this time) got really bad at 1. Around 4am, put on Duac gel, entire face. Also wearing 10% wool sweater (since about 7:30). Wore acrylic yarn knit hat in morning. Took Dipenhydramine 25mg at 3:20, shower (made redness worse, prolly because used the hard, chlorinated spray of warm water on face instead of scratching), then another Dipenhydramine at 3:55.

So of course this happens on the day of the initiation dinner to the pre-law frat, as well as the trivia night in the student union. Plus, I've not yet gymmed. Meaning that of course, it doesn't happen on a day where all I do is go to the dining hall and then the gym (or even a day when I'm home and just leave to hit the gym), but one of my 8-4 (3, this time, as the genetics lab final was quick) classes days where I have three separate semi-social outings afterwards and have to walk around the whole time with this mostly bright freaking red face. No kidding here, we're not talking a bit pink and irritated--my face is red. With the occasional white blotch of normal skin--two that I noticed when I glanced in the mirror as I passed, about quarter-sized on the right and dime on the left cheek (and they're not even symmetrical, to add insult to injury).

Date: 2008-12-04 11:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
12/12/12, anyone?

I'm sorry about your face, but you're still being trivial tonight, right? Please, please, please?

Date: 2008-12-05 02:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Of course! Rachel watches Supernatural at 8, so we might be a minute or two late as we therefore prolly won't start walking until 9. The antihistamine really cut down on the inflammation tons, and now the red is just from where I clawed the crap out of my skin, I think, so it's better. Minus the fact that I'm halfway unconscious from the meds, I'm good.

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