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Have any of you read Midnight's Children? I rather like it, and as anybody who's read some of my fic/writing/whatever knows, I'm prone to using his same stream-of-consciousness writing from time to time, but never more so than right after (meaning within half an hour or so) of trying to finish up the book. It's hilarious, simply because though I'd use that kind of writing in a fic, and probably even more often when I'm just writing notes for myself, but writing it for something I have to translate into a coherent oral presentation is just dumb, but I didn't even really realize that I was doing it.


He is the one more than three, in the crumbling tower where time seems to stop and speed up simultaneously and he is immune from the war, he’s the bomb in Bombay, separate immune above the natural rules of English of time he is one more than three, not the past present or future, but commenting detailing recording them all from his perch in this time-ignoring bubble imposed upon him by the weight of history he feels has been thrust upon him by his status as a surviving midnight’s child

I can't say that. Well, I could, and I probably would if I weren't being graded on aforementioned coherence. Ahh. To translate, go I.

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