Mar. 16th, 2011

commotiocordis: (Jack/Ianto)
A rare fun post!

I ship Brittana much more than I ship Klaine on Glee. Which is probably a pretty unpopular opinion. Don't get me wrong, I love Blaine and Kurt and their adorableness and I'm so happy that's happening, but if I had to pick one or the other, it'd definitely be the girls.

Here's why.

  1. We've already done Kurt's big coming out thing. He was wavery about how to tell people, but he was pretty much 100% sure he was gay. And while Brittany is apparently cool just being fluid, I feel like Santana's just not there yet, despite all the ~feelings in "Sexy". I'm not saying she needs to get to the point where she can wave her pansexual flag through the halls in some upcoming episode, but I feel like that's not resolved.

  2. Biphobia. Kurt's nasty comments to Blaine, while probably just him being hurt and lashing out, were never really addressed. I was seriously hoping that they'd take the chance to do that in "Sexy" and actually make Kurt believe what he said, about bisexuality just being a coward's homosexuality, because then Gwyneth could have been like "Umm, no." and schooled them, leading to the promised Brittana discussions. But instead, we have Holly asking if either of the two girls thinks they might be a lesbian (a question which I felt was awkward and weird and unnecessary), and answers with a lot of "I don't know"s and not one mention of the word "bisexual". Having a bisexual character on a TV show where they actually talk about things like this (and then actually talking about things like this) could do a lot. Though I sort of feel like they missed their chance, because nobody wants it to become a public service announcement show. I think they'll have to wait a while before trying again.

  3. (and most importantly) I like to work for my pairings. When it's obvious that a pairing is going to happen (see Booth and Bones, Castle and Beckett, lately Kurt and Blaine), it might be awesome when it does, but it's kinda boring because it's expected. Obviously the particulars of how they get together and what happens, etc., aren't necessarily predictable, but I feel like there's very little that happens in these relationships that is actually a surprise. And when they're spoon-fed to you like that, there's no time to build up the emotional attachment. Klaine is awesome and I love it, but duh that's happening. I've been able to root for Brittana for two seasons now as it happens in the background, and as a result I'm much more emotionally invested in that than the considerably newer and faster-moving Klaine.

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