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Boy at work who apparently really likes me asked me if I was bisexual today

(he had apparently either read me as queer (!! that never happens) or heard from somebody that this was the case, but been told 'no, I think she swings both ways' by other coworker)

as prelude to asking me out, I guess, because he wanted to find out if he has a chance and that I wasn't a lesbian?

that's kind of rad, that he was asking so as to rule-in hetero-attraction rather than assuming it or any of the myriad less-pleasant reasons to want that information

but I'm like "wellllllll, it's a little more complicated than that"

and he goes "what, like pan?"

I about fucking dropped a whole stack of pizzas

you go, enlightened pizzaboy from backwoods ghettoville!

he still didn't know what asexuality was but he was curious enough that I caught him asking one of other coworkers if he knew; other coworker's explanation was some version of weird sexual narcissism, though, so I had to step in there and try and fix things as best I could when I was already supposed to be out on a run, so hopefully kid goes home and Googles maybe

there was more than a little of "oh, but I'm like that too; I spend most of my time alone blah blah so is everyone", so the real test of whether this guy is a champ or not is going to be whether he gets the idea that I'm honestly not interested and backs off or decides that he wants to keep going for it because I obviously haven't had the right dick yet, but I'm hopeful.

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