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HAHAHAHAHA, and when it rains.

It turns out I'm not going home this weekend because Dad's surgery got postponed because he apparently (for the first time ever even getting a slightly funny result) failed the chemical cardiac stress test.

Right around the same time that my mother failed a mammogram. (Which, you know, significantly less worrying, but she is around that age.)

So tomorrow, instead of surgery, Mom's got to get a spot compression mammogram and Dad's going to a cardiologist to see if he can get cleared; otherwise (and chances are) he's going to have to go on blood thinners (hahahahaha) to prevent throwing a clot (hahahahaha) and then the surgery is postponed indefinitely and they'll have to just go ahead with the chemo first.

I mean, I guess it's super good that they caught whatever (idk, probably just arterial blockage) before he was symptomatic, because his mom had her first stroke at 50 and he's what, like 56 now, but this is just kind of a lot right now.

In kitten news, this means [personal profile] sixgunsound's mom is coming down instead to pick up the kids and take them to get checked out. I guess it's going to be just see if they can hear a murmur and then maybe consider more imaging from there, because it's fucking expensive. I find that I SUPER DO NOT WANT to let them go anywhere without me right now in that bereaved parent sort of way. Also, dear self: if you could manage to not start crying again every 10 minutes, that'd be good. That headache you get from crying is a bitch.
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