Jun. 9th, 2011

commotiocordis: (Telegram)
Dream where there was some big, apocalyptic crisis going on and I am totally gay for River Song.

Olivia Wilde and Benedict Cumberbatch had to pretend (for god knows what reason) to be my parents to get us out of some sticky situation and that wasn't fair because EPIC SEXUAL FRUSTRATION. Unconscious brain was then just like "oh, that's true; here, have another awesome person for yourself". So I meet up with River Song (who was the fourth part of my Saving The World Team -- I think I might have sort of been The Doctor, because Olivia was Amy and Benedict was Rory, for sure), and there's like this instant sparky thing of attraction/recognition, because we've worked together in the past, but there was some kind of amnesia thing around that mission, so it's all fuzzy.

So then River and I were running around trying to get where we needed to go to escape it and then fix things. While holding hands and sort of flirting a lot. We were running across/out of what looked like an old military fort (I think Fort de Chartres, actually, though I've only been there once when I was 12, so I could be making that up), and just as we got out the front and were going toward the street, I turned to her and was like "do you remember the last time we did this?" (meaning run all escapy from somewhere while holding hands) and she didn't, because of that amnesia thing in that ~mission, but she was like "I wondered why this felt so right." LOLOLOLOL, PMSing Alexandria's brain is soppily romantic.

There were these cars we had to get to to take us to our next location that were sort of arriving on a cycle like a shuttle, and at one point we were walking with a bunch of people to get there, including Melissa, one of my friends from elementary/middle/high school who's really conservative (but super nice). River and I sort of fell back a step so we could hold hands again, and she turned around and looked, and I was kind of worried what she would think for a minute, but then was like "Pshh, but I am le happy, so who cares." And then Melissa sort of half-smiled and then faced front again and it was nice. COOL STORY BRO.

And then it got much less impressive because the fact that I had to pee IRL bled into the dream, so I was trying to find a bathroom but there was this like, idk, Diva Cup seminar going on in front of the bathroom in the craft store building I ducked into, and they were like "I know why you're here; have one!" and I was like "I already do, but thanks," and ended up answering some of the gathered women's questions about it first, and then I woke up because I did really have to pee. EVEN COOLER OF A STORY, BRO.

    Unanswered questions:
  • Why do I never get to have sex in my EPIC SEXUAL FRUSTRATION DREAMS.

  • Why.

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