Jan. 20th, 2011

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We got so much less snow than even the little we were predicted that school hasn't even bothered to post their usual mocking banner on the site that says
"We know some people have school canceled BUT NOT YOU MUAHAHAHAHAHA."

AGH THIS IS TWICE ALREADY THIS YEAR that pretty much every school everywhere is closed while there somehow manages to be a giant weather-hole around mine. (I'll concede that cancellation isn't deserved today, but I almost lost my car to a telephone pole just trying to get out of my neighborhood last time they didn't call it off, so I'm a trifle wary.)

SCHOOL WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO US.  Nefarious plot to steal our tuition money and then make us so miserable (and/or dead from driving on roads that apparently the city can't be arsed to plow) that we drop out I SEE WHAT UR DOING HERE.

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Fic Recs!

I read two really fabulous longfics in a couple of my older fandoms (okay, '09 Sherlock Holmes isn't that old, but it seems its fandom has all been replaced by BBC nowadays, despite the ridiculously adorable filming shots coming out of RDJ and Judesie) yesterday AND THEY WERE BRILLIANT OKAY LET ME SHOW YOU THEM.

Involuntary Commitment is a House fic by Ignaz Wisdom (I feel like she has a different LJ name that I probably would have been able to tell you in '06/'07, but oh well) set in season 3, just after the Tritter arc. NC-17, around 42,000 words.

It's a direct sequel to A Modest Proposal (also NC-17, 55,500 words), wherein in an attempt to stop House from going to jail as a result of the Tritter hullabaloo, House and Wilson get married to invoke spousal privilege. The author says it's not totally required to read the first one first, as all you really need to know beyond the show plot of that season (prescription forging, Tritter's vendetta, etc.) is 1) fake marriage 2) and then they done sex 3) they thought they were off the hook but 4) House agreed to go to rehab anyway. Still, that one's highly recommended as well (it's even been podficced!)

Anyway, her House voice is just immaculate. His biting wit had me gasping with laughter more than once, but his emotional deflections are really layered; the couple of times there are actual breakthroughs in his therapy/relationships/whatever, you really grasp how novel and how massively much progress that is for him. Wilson feeling empty-handed while House is in rehab makes you want to wring your hands along with him; despite their sexing being relatively brand new, their relationship is not, so you get the feeling that he would have been feeling/acting the same way with or without all the steamy gay buttsex they were having (as House takes joy in filling everyone in on their ~relations). Speaking of, look forward to the phone sex scene--it's hilarious.

Also, just like in A Modest Proposal, I found myself sincerely liking her OCs. In the previous, the one that comes to mind is their lawyer, Howard (who makes a token appearance in this fic as well). In Involuntary Commitment, there are two of note: the therapist working with both House and later Wilson, who is able to hold her own with the former while relating to the latter, and a purple-haired young fellow rehab-ite called Sugar Ray who becomes a confederate of House's. House's team (the originals) and Cuddy also make more than a few appearances in the hijinks, often occupying Wilson with cases or dinners or assistance in jailbreaking, minor things like that ;P

The only criticism I could possibly find was more one of formatting--there aren't any warnings in the tags or notes on AO3, and IC contains a vivid description of withdrawal that includes self-injury. The medicine is in general extremely realistic, which (as a medical type person) gives it all the more points in my book, and includes such events as an accidental medication overdose and an adverse reaction, both very serious (I don't know how you'd warn for that, or if you would, but whatever).

Basically, every few paragraphs I had to turn to [personal profile] sixgunsound and say "you seriously have to read these. Are you reading these yet? Read them." And that's pretty much what I'm trying to say here to the internet at large. She may have taken 3 years to tap out this sequel, but it's well worth the wait. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT
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